Weekly Chat #1 Dead Until Dark Ch.1-2

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Scaniano: Yeah, she did say she went to sleep.
recordcozy: Shoot. Lemme keep looking.
JustAimer: .
Lilabitblf: whoa what just happend…
joie: dang it clears the posts
Starfury: reset?
Andi: someone cleared the room’
joie: lol
Dianne: Everthing went blank
recordcozy: Yeah. Me too.
Lilabitblf: page ref would be great btw πŸ™‚
trailtroll: pao cleared the room. dangit … i was trying to catch up
Darling_Vamp: who the hell is Pao and why did they clear the freaking
Carla: i know thought it was just me
misty: Please dont clear the room. I am going to try to post the chat
on out google page.
JustAimer: me too – thought I was quiet too long
JenDoty: Anyone else having trouble?
Jenny_Ap: me too
joie: is it automatic?
Lilabitblf: y’all are back
Andi: That would be great Misty…Great idea
Jenny_Ap: That would suck!
LiteratiGirl: that was weird…
misty: No its not automatic. You have to click on a button to clear
the room.
trailtroll: who is pao??? Misty? you know? I thought only the
moderators could clear the room.
Andi: I so lost track of what we were saying
smargypants: Sam says to Sookie, “The vampire says you can’t hear
misty: I thought so too but I guess I was wrong .
Darling_Vamp: Grrr… i was readin’ the posts; Oh well, slip of the
mouse I guess they did it by accident. 😦
recordcozy: Yeah. I can’t remember when. Isn’t that when she’s upset
after she talks to Arlene?
Andi: that conversation isnt till later int he books… Sam doesn’t
talk to Bill int he first few chapters
misty: we were talking about the sam.bill implied convo & gran
Dianne: I think it’s on page 62
recordcozy: p.62
joie: okie dokie, so not in cha 1
misty: yeah its when arlene gets mad at her for hearing she might be
preg. then sam asks her to listen to him
kmrosebrock: its pg 62
recordcozy: Geez. Right when I find it.
recordcozy: He he.
smargypants: page 43 on the pdf…
Lilabitblf: y’all are good
kmrosebrock: Vampire says you can’t hear him
Dianne: toward the end of chapter 2
Andi: oh I will have to look it up… I didn’t hink they even really
looked at each other then to see the other was there
misty: Sam is the dog that Sookie sees while she is being attacked.
Lilabitblf: found it.. it was when Sam invited Sookie to read his mind
any time
Andi: yes Sam goes to Sookie allot as a dog…Untill she learns the
recordcozy: Yeah, but I think Sam must go to Bill later.
kmrosebrock: Bill and Sam had to have talked when Sookie was
recordcozy: Or the other way around.
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Dianne: She calls Sam Dean when he’s in dog form
misty: I am jsut assuming that everyone in here watched the show so I
hope we are not spoiling anything.
recordcozy: Hm.
andiegilmore: I wondered why he didn’t just show up in human form?
Seems to me it would be more helpful against the Rats than a dog..
Scaniano: She says she fell asleep after she drank Bill’s blood. Maybe
it was then.
JustAimer: “the idea of Bill & Sam having a conversation about me made
me feel very peculiar”
recordcozy: I was thinking that!
Lilabitblf: but would she trust him in human form?
misty: I will ask that no one says anything that has not been revealed
on the show until we get there in the books.
recordcozy: Like, why is a dog better? Except maybe so he wouldn’t get
Andi: Yes with a gun or something..we know fromt he show that Sam has
weapons behind the bar
kmrosebrock: Sam was probably out running and didn’t want to change in
Lilabitblf: dog… symbal… mans best friend
Dianne: I think it’s because she doesn’t know he’s a shifter yet. He’s
trying to protect her without her knowing.
andiegilmore: ah, I never thought of that
joie: brb
andiegilmore: but his trailer is right there
recordcozy: He has a bat, which would work.
Lilabitblf: (excuse the spelling and typos i will surly make)
andiegilmore: it would make sense for him to show up
misty: She also says the pavement is wet but no blood so sam must of
cleaned up.
Andi: Sam no matterwhat you would have thought would hear the fight
because of how close the trailer is
recordcozy: Yeah. I noticed that this time too. He like hoses off the
misty: I love Sam.
Scaniano: Me too.
misty: He is one hell of a guy.
Andi: yes Sam wouldn’t have wanted it known that there was a fight at
the bar
recordcozy: He’s really awesome.
Lilabitblf: Sam is good… (will reserve other comments of him for
recordcozy: Blue eyes πŸ™‚
Dianne: Sam is a sweetheart
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kmrosebrock: Seems crazy brave to me that Sookie went after the Rats
on her own
misty: I would wear him like a scruncie.
Andi: Sam is the best.. And someone that can change into any
animal..What fun could you have doing that
Carla: He is such a great guy
Pao: hi
Scaniano: One other thing I enjoyed was Sookie laughing at Bill’s name
since it wasn’t Basil or Antoine or Langford.
Lilabitblf: I dont think its crazy she went after them on her own
andiegilmore: I love the way she describes his hair too, so cute
Carla: I thought that was funny too
Andi: Yes but Sookie is not your average girl..She is country and
doesn’t think twice about things
kmrosebrock: Vampire Bill
riverdragon169: i do not see Langford as a Vampire name lol
recordcozy: Sidebar: Does it make me a bad vikingwench that I’m sad I
missed a Generation Kill clip on the Emmys?
Dianne: She sort of just dives right in to things without thinking a
lot about it until later
misty: I a surprised she laughed. Its not like vamps are a myth
anymore. you would think there would be normal named vamos evrywere.
kmrosebrock: Vampire Bill not Vampire Lestat
trailtroll: langford … me either …
Lilabitblf: I think it would have been wierd if she tried to get some
help… she has been on her own having to protect herself
JustAimer: Bill is such an ordinary name… I too would have been
surprised if I were in Sookie’s shoes!
Pao: sorry i thought i dont know how to use this, i just found out how
to writte veryy sorry for that!!!
Andi: That is just Sookie being Sookie.. You have the nieveity of
Carla: Does not make you a bad vikingwench, makes you a true alex fan
riverdragon169: Vampire Armand! πŸ™‚
Starfury: i’d be sad too cozy πŸ˜›
Lilabitblf: LOL… Armand
JustAimer: I missed it 2 recordcozy… sniff sniff πŸ˜‰
recordcozy: Good. He he.
riverdragon169: the name just rolls off the tongue!
misty: its okay Pao.Mistakes are expected the 1st time
Andi: Love all books vampire… Still reading others so it sometimes
get blurred…LOL
Darling_Vamp: No Recordcozy, it doesn’t make you bad! You’re getting
moral support for your addiction right here!
recordcozy: I like all the jokes and stuff CH puts in for Sookie.
trailtroll: thanks misty …
Lilabitblf: that is why i am taping the emmys πŸ™‚
JustAimer: I messed up Bill’s backstory with the backstory of Mick St
John from “Moonlight”
Jenny_Ap: Andi, I know what you mean!
JustAimer: LL
JustAimer: oops
Pao: ok than you! it wount happen again
JustAimer: lol πŸ˜‰
recordcozy: Like “Deal with it.” after a phrase.
Jenny_Ap: all that mythology to get straight
Scaniano: Me too, Lilabitblf.
recordcozy: Awesome.
Starfury: viking wench group huuuuug hehe
Andi: yes Sookie is one of a kind..Even in her own communtiy… You
gotta love her
trailtroll: ooo taping the emmy’s … that would have made sense. der.
trailtroll: hard to watch and type and read at the same time
kmrosebrock: Sookie always does the right thing, never the easy thing
imthegoodone: I didn’t even read book 1 cause I didn’t know about
books til a few months ago
Carla: Sookie is awesome. She doesnt take crap from anyone. Gotta love
misty: That is one of the reasons I love Sookie.
Lilabitblf: i dont know about the right thing.. but th e right thing
for Her
imthegoodone: went straight from 2-9 in less than a week
misty: And Gran. Gran def raised her right.
Elina: me too
Andi: But that is what makes her the hero… And well the books are
written from her so it makes sense for her to be in it all int he
Carla: Anyone would be lucky to have Gran raise them
riverdragon169: i wish Gran was my grandmother.. soo sweet
Lilabitblf: agree!
trailtroll: gran reminds me of my grandmother.
TheraHuni: Gran did a GREAT job with Sookie … and Jason lol
Andi: Everyone would love a Gran like that…
kmrosebrock: Jason always shows up for food
misty: I was getting hungry everytime she described Grans cooking.
recordcozy: My grandmom’s too sassy. Gran wouldn’t talk about sex as
much as my g-mom does. He he.
Dianne: And I think Jason was probably a lot to handle! LOL
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Carla: Seriously, always sounded so good
Andi: Jason is your typical male figure.. and well you can only do so
much..I bet Jason was ahandful
JustAimer: in the books – I LOVED when Sookie realizes Vamps have no
problem in the, erm, sex dept…
misty: When Jason is telling them about Maudette & gran wants all the
details. LOL
JustAimer: And then she implies it to Bill – how funny
andiegilmore: He’s still a handful LOL
kmrosebrock: And he brings up vamp prostitutes to deflect her from his
sex life
Andi: Gran must be an amazing cook… And yes a great listener.. Who
else would listen to a converstaion like the sex one and now die.
Espeically at her age
riverdragon169: I would love to have heard more about Jason and Sookie
growing up…more flashbacks
Carla: I know. I was cracking up when Gran kept inquiring
recordcozy: She’s always so shy with Bill at first. Like bashful.
recordcozy: Sookie, I mean.
EricLover1: Gran made great big lunches. LOL
misty: i always wondered if gran had any powers
recordcozy: And she grew the green beans!!!
recordcozy: Insane.
JustAimer: and yet, she asks him about sex in less than a week knowing
Bill – strong Sookie…
Carla: I would have been shy too. Plus she wasnt real experienced so
youre always nervous then
Andi: Flashbacks will be good..I do think we may get more in the books
to come as things are being revieled..But no more talk about that
imthegoodone: thats how country people are
riverdragon169: good thinking misty! i never thought about that
Dianne: I grew up in TN. That’s how southern folks are.
misty: Well in the situation she had just seen a vamp get off so it wa
in the air.
trailtroll: i don’t think gran had any powers, I think it came from
her husband
Lilabitblf: Well its true in the South… must have enough food for
anyone who drops in… and its smoothered covered or fried
recordcozy: It was in the air. He he.
Andi: That is great… But what powers does Jason have??? having the
same parents as Sookie.. Or is it a speicalized thing
recordcozy: That was the best tact ever.
kmrosebrock: And on the couch
JustAimer: It was Gran’s sexcapades with the fairy that resulted in
Sookie having the… uhm… special stuff
Lilabitblf: hehe
Dianne: I think it skipped Jason, except for her prowess with women.
recordcozy: Jason’s just really attractive.
Amanda: The ‘essential spark’ missed Jason
recordcozy: That’s his power. (Not joking.)
Elina: yeah Gran was just human it was her son who got the genes
imthegoodone: he has sexiness power
JustAimer: Gran is just human – a delightful one, but no supe in her
Jenny_Ap: Really?
misty: Hey watch it no spoilers please
Andi: yes we know he is good with the ladies..but maybe there is more
to explore there.. But we are getting ahead of the first few chapters
Lilabitblf: thank you
recordcozy: Oh, what? I thought we were re-reading.
misty: Thanks you andi.
trailtroll: jason also has “sexability”. he he
Lilabitblf: was trying to bite my tounge
JustAimer: yep yep – getting ahead of ourselves in the books… I’m a
recordcozy: Are we allowed to talk later stuff?
Andi: yes re-reading the first 2 chapters…
JustAimer: can’t type…
Darling_Vamp: Aren’t we just discussing the 1st book, some folks may
not have read all the books (I have but I’m sure others may not be up
to 9)
misty: Ok so back to chapter 2.
recordcozy: This really helps to point out important foreshadowing.
JustAimer: It’s hard once you’ve read them all to not accidentally
skip ahead
Andi: I hope we can talk more stuff later… But we were only to read
the first 2 chapters for today..That is all I re-read
trailtroll: i’ve been trying to bite my tongue or not say anything at
all.. very difficult
misty: why do you think sookie did not ask for help w/the rattrays
recordcozy: Me too. Okay. Tongue biting I can do.
Andi: Yes and I read them all together so sometimes have to stop and
think what book it was in..That is why the re-reading is good!!!
kmrosebrock: it’s challenging to reread and not get confused, plus the
TV show in your head!
JustAimer: too focused on helping Bill out I guess
misty: I mean seriously. 2 thugs one waitress doesnt add up
trailtroll: help with the ratrays … Stuborn???
recordcozy: She probably didn’t think she was in danger that bad.
Carla: I think sookie likes to take care of things herself
Dianne: I don’t think she thought there was time to ask. She felt like
she had to jump now.
Scaniano: I think she was in a bit of a tizzy and she’s never doubted
her capabilities. So I imagine she thought she could handle it.
Elina: she would have to reveal her power, since she found out what
they were through their heads
misty: or did she want to be the hero to bill?
imthegoodone: we can talk other books in google group under the
specified book
JustAimer: I don’t think she likes to rely on others for help…
Darling_Vamp: Has anyone done the audiobooks? I’ve read ’em all and re-
reading on audiobook now.
Andi: I think Sookie didn’t ask for help isshe didn’t think it would
be that bad.. She did take the chain.. And she didn’t know that Bill
would be tied up like that
JustAimer: I have some of the audio books Darling…
Darling_Vamp: The girl, Johanna Parker really does a great job w/ the
Sookie Character..
Carla: I def think part of it was trying to be the hero, to impress
Darling_Vamp: the one reading it on the audiobook that is.
Scaniano: And she did consider him ‘her vampire’.
JustAimer: I think she was sooo blinded by her vampire at that
LiteratiGirl: I dont’ think she has ever really relied on anyone for
help so it may not occur to her to ask
Lilabitblf: also what is the signifigance of the number 3 in the
book… Bill askes her 3 times what she is and she goes third time a
kmrosebrock: Sookie wasn’t gonna lose HER vampire
JustAimer: may have not even occured to her to ask for help
Andi: I just got the audio books.. Haven’t tried them yet… But will
be doing that soon
imthegoodone: brb
JenDoty: I Did the audiobooks & I loved Johanna Parker
Lilabitblf: are the audio books really that different?
Lilabitblf: or jus the voice inflection?
recordcozy: I want to answer that question with a later book line!
Darling_Vamp: Nope, if you get the unabridged it’s just them reading
the book, but it’s great
trailtroll: number threee … would be a spoiler
misty: Oh yeah I forgot he was HER vampire.
Jenny_Ap: Yeah never done audiobooks either
Darling_Vamp: She’s got a great southern voice,
Andi: Yes it is funny how she seems to thinnk of him as “her”
vampire..But when Gran mentions it to Sookie as kinda a date thing..
Sookie is taken back?
Darling_Vamp: but not overpowering, just like sookie
Amanda: I love the line “Did he show his fangs?” lol, that Gran.
Carla: So true Andi
kmrosebrock: Jason was pleased they got a vampire before the competing
town nearby
recordcozy: Oh, football kids.
misty: I was lmao of jason talking about the competing towns.
Lilabitblf: ok… Well sookie is isolated with her disability… and
he is hers because he is different too , thoughts?
kmrosebrock: So Bill was Bon Temp’s vampire
recordcozy: I’m sure he was thrilled.
Andi: yes that was a funny conversation… It must have given BT a
standing to have a vampire first
Amanda: Bill is different as in…?? Wussy?
kmrosebrock: Sookie liked Bill because he gave her rest in the
blankness of his thoughts
Lilabitblf: Different as in not human
misty: Hey I said in my post no mane calling if the charaters.
Andi: Bill is different becasue he hasn’t been on a nest so he isn’t
as nasty
trailtroll: bill comes off a bit more wussified in the book than he
does in the shoe.
misty: I mean name calling
Amanda: sorry misty, just trying to clarify
andiegilmore: I dont think so
trailtroll: show (shoe, chick on emmy’s just referenced her shoes)
andiegilmore: Bill never appologizes for his vampire needs in the book
Andi: I don’t think so.. I just think in the books he is trying to be
Elina: I think it’s because she doesn’t see him as her vampire yet.
She says she’s waiting for her own vampire. That doesn’t mean the
first one that walks in is hers.
trailtroll: sorry misty … passive, hows that
Lilabitblf: is he suposed to apologize for being what he is?
misty: passive is much better.
trailtroll: dr. horrible just hijacked the emmys
recordcozy: I don’t think that he’s wussified in the books.
Andi: He knows what he is and it trying to not be scary
Amanda: GOOD!! Go Dr. Horrible!
andiegilmore: lol no, I like that he doesn’t
Lilabitblf: Mainstreaming
Andi: I think Bill is the hopeless romantic,
riverdragon169: woo hoo Dr. Horrible! Go Joss!
Lilabitblf: trying to blend in to human society…
JustAimer: I thought Bill was more interesting in the book than in the
show personally – less of a pussy in the book… LOL
trailtroll: buffering! LOL
JustAimer: sorry – not to compare the two…
misty: so when sookie goes to bills and Diane & crew are there I kept
waiting for her to get bit by diane
Carla: Bill still has some of that old time charm
recordcozy: OH GOD. I need to pause for Dr. Horrible.
trailtroll: me too … laughing to hard to type
kmrosebrock: Diane and Liam were charmers
Lilabitblf: ehhh
Andi: yes I think the plan for Diane was to suck her blood.. They seem
to notice that something is different about her right away
Lilabitblf: she smelled sweet
riverdragon169: love NPH
Carla: I was surprised that Diane didnt
kmrosebrock: They noticed she was a blood virgin, too
misty: yeah it seems that all the vamps notices she is different right
Andi: just like Sookie sees the vampires differently..They seem to
smell or see her differently
trailtroll: that was great
Lilabitblf: love the forshadowing
JustAimer: Interesting that Bill refrained from acknowledging that
Sook was different…
Andi: Don`t understand the Emmy stuff.. I am in Australia and it isn`t
airing untill tonight
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JustAimer: adds to the mystery around him
Lilabitblf: but why would he want to to that crowd
Carla: its great when you go back and see the foreshadowing. you’re
like, right now i see it
recordcozy: Okay. I’m done spazzing over Dr. Horrible.
kmrosebrock: Bill didn’t want them to know about her gift
misty: He did ask what are you. It implies something different.
trailtroll: different … biting my tongue
JustAimer: totally Carla!
Lilabitblf: forgota word!!! why would he want to around that crowd
Dianne: I think they just showed up at his house. I don’t think he
invited them.
Andi: Not trying to give anything away..But Bill is there for a
reason.. And Sookie is there for a reason
Dianne: Just sort of they were in the area and popped in.
misty: If they knew her gift they would kidnap her in a second. keep
her as a pet.
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Lilabitblf: they didnt… otehrwise he would not have wanted her to
stop over
joie: back
recordcozy: This is hard without spoilers!
kmrosebrock: Vamps, humans, anyone would use her if they could
Dianne: very hard
JustAimer: the sassy vamps also gave us an early view into Bill’s vamp
Andi: yes and that wouldn`t be good…. It is VERY HARD!!!
Carla: They would definitely have taken her. she is too special
Lilabitblf: recordcozy… your telling me
JustAimer: I agree Recordcozy!!! LOL
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imthegoodone: I am having a hard time too
misty: he said he went by the bar but she had already left
Andi: Sookie has to be carefull around any subs…
Andi: supes I ment
kmrosebrock: Many of us have read all the books so we have to bite our
smargypants: Interesting that Malcome didn’t say different? “But there
is something rare about this one. Maybe she has rich blood.”
Dianne: And she doesn’t have a cell so he couldn’t call her
recordcozy: She’s all la-di-da when she’s getting in trouble.
recordcozy: Not used to it.
Andi: yes vamp speed I think he was going to warn her not to come..But
why did Malcome and his crew stop byÉ
kmrosebrock: When that book was written, lots of people didn’t have
Lilabitblf: how la di da?
Dianne: that’s true
recordcozy: Like, oh, lemme go visit Bill when there’s a strange car
recordcozy: I don’t hear anything going on in there.
recordcozy: Oh wait. EVIL VAMPIRES.
misty: I wondered how long it has been since Bill hung out with them
trailtroll: she was stopping by to take the electrical contractors
information to him.
imthegoodone: she assumed it was vamps
Carla: I wouldnt have hesitated b/c there was a strangers car. I still
would have gone to tthe door
Lilabitblf: yeah and her reasoning was “I was invited”…
Jenny_Ap: But isn’t that part of who she is…i don’t want to say
imthegoodone: and even decided she was invited so she went on to the
Andi: Yes but Sookie was born and raised out on the property, and
probably never had to worry about anything… She even mentioned later
on about not locking the doors..
kmrosebrock: How do you like the Fang license plate?
JustAimer: plus, there was probably that allure of meeting more Vamps
Lilabitblf: southern custom too
trailtroll: with the bumber stickers and vanity plates on the car, it
would have been hard to no think they were vamps
misty: I would og gone to the door as well but I am super nosy.
Scaniano: And also the only vamp she’d ever met was Bill and he was
nice to her.
recordcozy: I like Eric’s better πŸ˜‰ That’s half a spoiler.
Lilabitblf: recordcozy!
Lilabitblf: πŸ™‚
Andi: yes she has no reason to distrust vamps yet
trailtroll: recordcozy … *snickering*
Carla: True, her 1 vamp experience was a good one
kmrosebrock: By the end of the 2nd chapter she knows better
recordcozy: I just mean how she’s just so used to knowing everything
that she doesn’t even think about the danger.
Andi: recordcozy… I agree but we aren`t suppose to do this`
JustAimer: it’s all very new to her
JustAimer: the whole Vamp thing…
Lilabitblf: she was spoiled by being able to read ppls minds
misty: she is very naive
JustAimer: probably exciting
JustAimer: and def. naive
Lilabitblf: I agree on naive…
Dianne: And I think because she is used to knowing everything she’s a
little more fearless
JustAimer: agreed
Scaniano: after life in Bon Temps anything new has to be really
kmrosebrock: She barely has any friends outside of work
Andi: yes why would she be worried about people when she could read
their minds… True enough
Carla: I agree Dianne. Fearless indeed.
Jenny_Ap: fearless is agood word for her!
recordcozy: I meant Eric’s license plate earlier (btw.)
imthegoodone: southern people expect others to have their same manners
misty: She is used to being able to read the intentions of everyone
JustAimer: Record – argh, I forgot what it was! LOL…
Lilabitblf: i know
Andi: Sookie definatly has the odds against her when it comes to the
vamps…But that is what makes it good.. She is who she is..And they
want her becuase of it..
imthegoodone: so I think she thinks that since bill was nice that they
would be too
misty: Yes Southern people do have a diff set of manners
recordcozy: Yeah, exactly. I think it’s a good way to set up a lot of
imthegoodone: yes we do
trailtroll: and being that she can’t read vamps would be another
indication that she’d know there were other vamps visiting.
recordcozy: I mean that she doesn’t read the situations.
misty: She probably thinks if they are Bills friends they cant be too
recordcozy: Creates a lot of conflict.
Jenny_Ap: True…
kmrosebrock: The writing is so good, doesn’t it suck you in right
Lilabitblf: but since she hasnt met any other vamps she is not used to
reading for vamps
Andi: yes it works against her that she can`t read thier minds.. But
it keeps the stories good
andiegilmore: And she’s in Bill’s house, so they wouldn’t attack her
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Carla: If I trusted Bill, I would trust his friends too. Until I get
to know them anyways
Lilabitblf: cause manners would protect her
trailtroll: probably thought that to start with … till they opened
the dorr.
trailtroll: door.
joie: wait, what chapter are we on?
JustAimer: (thanx recordcozy, for the twit dm!)
recordcozy: 1-2
Lilabitblf: still on chap 2
Dianne: Capter 2
Dianne: Chapter even
Andi: Yes that is true and right away when the need arises he tells
then that she is is.. and that is vamp for stay the f*”k away
recordcozy: Oh, I should. Hold on (Just Aimer)
joie: okay thanks
misty: So off topic I am getting messages that the chat room is to
hectic for some.
Andi: Can you imagine though if you were a vamp and you never had to
cut your hair or anyting
Lilabitblf: misty … i saw it too
trailtroll: too hectic for those of us trying to watch the emmys for
stephen. he he
JustAimer: der – sorry – it was scaniano that DM’d me – lol
imthegoodone: that would be awesome
misty: I would love never having to shave again,
andiegilmore: It would suck to be stuck with the same hairstyle
forever LOL
Pao: andi i would be happy πŸ™‚
Carla: I dont think its too hectic. Just gotta pay attention to what
everyone types
Lilabitblf: NOOOOOOOO…. changing my hair is important
Carla: Never having to shave again would be awesome
kmrosebrock: Misty, it goes very fast, might help if moderator asks
questions w/time to respond
Andi: me too… But being stuck with one hairstylef forever would suck
recordcozy: Yeah, it’ll be better when I’m not doing 14 things at
once. Emmys!
trailtroll: ha ha … you’d have to make sure you shaved BEFORE they
turned you. giggle
misty: I think you can change your hair style. Maybe not the lenght
imthegoodone: I agree…we should have 1 question then let people
throw in their thoughts
Dianne: Or what if you forgot to shave and were stuck that way for
Andi: yes someone to question would be good…
MsLizS from x.x.x.194 left this message:
Good evening all!
MsLizS from x.x.x.194 joined the chat
JustAimer: hi msliz
misty: I am so bossy I would demand to shave first. I would be like
Scaniano: hi MsLizS πŸ™‚
MsLizS: oops didn’t have it on chat lol
misty: Hey
Dianne: LOL
imthegoodone: I did the same at 1st
Scaniano: Me too, there’s no way I could live forever with hairy legs.
trailtroll: I like that misty!!! I’d probably do the same thing.
misty: What about when they take a walk. Pros/cons?
Darling_Vamp: I think having a list of questions / discussion topics
ahead of time would be good.
Andi: hairy legs would be the worst..
Jenny_Ap: LOL
Lilabitblf: sorry … took emmy break…
imthegoodone: Gran was so excited about that
Darling_Vamp: This is all new to alot of us, so we’re kind of winging
imthegoodone: the walk that is
Scaniano: I like the walk though I think some of the things they got
upset about were a little silly.
Lilabitblf: do Vamps have it easier you think?
Andi: Question lists that is a great idea.. Good thinking darling_vamp
Pao: hahahaha youre right Misty i would be like Pam too!
Darling_Vamp: Lots of chapter for lots of practice to get it right!
Dianne: They seem to get very intense very quickly on that walk.
Carla: I agree Scaniano
kmrosebrock: During walk, she kind of pursued him, didn’t she? But
wouldn’t let him talk dirty
Andi: The walk answered question for sookie and for bill.. It was
necisary to get the info out
Dianne: And Scaniano is right about the things they get upset about
imthegoodone: let us know more about them
misty: It did get giv us a lot of info
misty: Like bills previous life
Carla: She was definitely pursuing him
Scaniano: Yeah, it was a lot for exposition but it didn’t flow right
for me.
misty: Wife,kids
joie: sookie was not shy on that walk, not at all
trailtroll: emmy break
misty: I thought the hair thing was kinda weird
imthegoodone: she was on the pursue from the minute he came in the bar
the 1st time
Scaniano: Then again, what would you talk to your first vamp about?
Andi: And she took the lead in the conversation…. And in the ending
kiss..(for the most part)
recordcozy: I like how she’s sassy like that.
trailtroll: will swenson was on the emmys!!!
misty: You know that kiss totally rocked her world
Andi: Yes and as things progress I think Sookie is gaining her
smargypants: The hair thing was really bossy.
Pao: on the walk is when bill learns that he cant glamour sookie
Jenny_Ap: Very gutzy!
imthegoodone: to me it seemed odd that she took the lead since she
hadnt really talked much to men 1 on 1
kmrosebrock: They give each other some important information on that
Lilabitblf: remember this was Sookie’s first attempt at going after
kmrosebrock: And the kiss really arouses him, so he has to back off
Scaniano: I’m sure it’s very freeing to not hear what her ‘date’ is
thinking. It’s got to be just about the best thing in the world for
her at that time.
misty: Or makes him hungry
Andi: And she couldn`t just read his mind to get the answers she
wanted, So she had to ask
Lilabitblf: how is that walk different from what we do in chat rooms,
or internet dating?
andiegilmore: I love that their fangs come out when they’re turned on!
recordcozy: He is a gentleman for real then.
recordcozy: Not the fangs. Lol
recordcozy: .
JustAimer: me too andieg…
Andi: Yes LOL Bill did the backing off.. I am not sure he knew what to
do there
Pao: well it was the first guy that she couldnt listen to his thoughts
Carla: And shes not used to having to ask questions, so she just went
for it
kmrosebrock: Couldn’t hear that recordcozy
misty: I think he wanted to bite her so he took off
trailtroll: i love tivo …
smargypants: Or maybe he backed off to not scare her away.
trailtroll: paused on will swenson in mid air … ahhhhhhhh
kmrosebrock: yes, he wanted to bite her…and other things
recordcozy: He was like, you should get to bed, Sookie. Gentlemanly.
misty: I cant imagine what it would be like to hear everyones
recordcozy: He wasn’t like attacking her.
kmrosebrock: She found out how old fashioned he was
Lilabitblf: or he backed off casue its a practice move to make her
want to see him a gain????
imthegoodone: i think so too
Pao: toooo noisy!!! and not very friendley i think misty
Andi: no wouldn`t that ending be more like a `I only want to be
misty: I like the short dresses convo. It makes me laugh,
recordcozy: Oh ho ho. Good call, Lilabitblf.
Jenny_Ap: Me too!
kmrosebrock: A lot of folks do think Bill is underhanded
imthegoodone: brb
Lilabitblf: well he has been around for how many years?
recordcozy: At this point he’s not too smitten.
Carla: They always say leave them wanting more.
recordcozy: Not like her.
Carla: And she definitely wanted more after that night
trailtroll: i’m out .. see yall next week?
misty: So did I
kmrosebrock: Well she wasn’t having any luck with humans
Andi: But Bill is an old fashioned gentlemen… and so far that is all
kmrosebrock: Bye trailtroll
misty: yeah if you have any suggestion dm me please
recordcozy: He he he. That’ll make any girl aggressive.
Lilabitblf: and he was trying to act human
Lilabitblf: bye traitroll… next week!
Carla: I know i wanted more
Dianne: I think act is the operative word there
kmrosebrock: Sookie was afraid to like Sam too much. Bill was it.
Andi: I wanted more too..But Sookie I think was a little hurt thenΒΈ
Scaniano: Yeah because remember him talking about the artery in her
thigh the first night? And now he’s all gentlemanly?
misty: If you think about how much of a change the revelation is for
the vamps. Its gotta be hard to get used too
Dianne: Exactly!
Andi: And sookie was afriad of wrecking things with Sam..Where as with
Bill she can just leave him alone if things don`t work out at this
Lilabitblf: (misty) and they became the hunted
misty: I wonder if sam wasnt her boss….
Dianne: Maybe he was testing boundaries by talking about the artery to
see how far she’d go?
smargypants: Why would you want to see her slip and not kiss her?
Andi: I wonder that too..cause the character loves her soooo mucj
recordcozy: She probably wouldn’t have approached him at all then
Lilabitblf: (andi) I agree with Sookie…. why didnt Sam say anything
Scaniano: Yeah, Dianne, I think so. Finding out what she was like.
kmrosebrock: Sam had some “animal magnetism for her”
recordcozy: She says she didn’t even think of him that way until he
touched her.
misty: Just think. You have spent 140 years covring yur existence and
now everything is out in the open
Carla: I think things would be different b/w sam and sookie if he
wasnt her boss
Andi: I think Sam should have said something much earlier
andiegilmore: but the mind reading thing would still be a bit of an
issue between them
Andi: I think all supes are attracted toher in someway..
Dianne: I think Sam waited too long and missed his boat.
Carla: He definitely should have
Lilabitblf: (andi) I agree… but its like 2 ships passign in the
misty: sam def should of told her before.
kmrosebrock: Gonna have to go soon. I’ve enjoyed this, Misty.
recordcozy: Is there a time limit thing?
Andi: yes this is true (liabitblf)
misty: She doesnt read sams mind like everyone elses though
Lilabitblf: Sam actually took her for granted taht she would never
find someone
recordcozy: Did we set that?
Carla: Thats what I thought too Lilabitblf.
misty: No time limit but we can make it an hour.
Andi: I think that is exactly right lilabitblf.. I think he just
always assumed she wouldn`t date beucase he knew her giftÉÉ
andiegilmore: and she was always around too, working in his bar
misty: I agree. He thought she would always be there
Carla: He never saw her getting serious with anyone and probably
thought she’d be there willing and waiting
recordcozy: Okie dokie.
Andi: And she was always dependable… Sam took too many thing for
LiteratiGirl: nite all…see you next week.
misty: SO to wrap it up. Pros.cons
kmrosebrock: Just want to say Poor Maudette! She had a heavy jaw &
square bottom, pretty hair and husky shoulders. Sounds like me.
Dianne: And women don’t like to be taken for granted.
Carla: Nite LiteratiGirl
Lilabitblf: I thought it was 2 hours?
Pao: ok leaving for today is 10 oclock here bye all!!! see you next
week, thanks misty!!
JustAimer: lol km
Andi: LOL kmrosebrock
Lilabitblf: we most definatly do now
recordcozy: Pros: Dancing, joking Sookie. The dress talk πŸ™‚
JustAimer: I thought iwas 2 hrs as well, but ok with one hour-ish
Scaniano: My only con is the massive exposition on their walk. Other
than that everything else was great.
imthegoodone: remember…we can post in pages on the different books
smargypants: Sookie called Maudette “lumpy” : ( How mean.
Dianne: LOL kmrosebrock me too
misty: I said 2 hours on facebook but most people have to leave so
Andi: I don`t care how long this is but everyone is in different time
MsLizS: Sorry for not being more active in the chat, I have like 20
things going on tonight lol
Carla: I dont really have a con at this point
Jenny_Ap: Yeah, too early for a con
Darling_Vamp: night all; will make sure I do my homework for next
week! VuuV
Andi: Idon`t have any cons at this point either.We are stil learning
misty: Ok. Pors & cons of the chat?
misty: I mean pros
Dianne: I think the cons come later.
JustAimer: pros – of chat – THANKS FOR HAVING IT!!! how fun!
Lilabitblf: what are we Pro/Con about?
Andi: we do need to set up a mediator and try to stick to one question
at a time
Dianne: I liked the chat. I was able to keep up.
recordcozy: I have none.
recordcozy: I mean bad.
Carla: Pros…love talking with people who love this as much as i do
Jenny_Ap: I had no problems either
Scaniano: Con of the chat is that it felt a little unfocused…with
people going off on tangents. Other than that I loved it. πŸ™‚
recordcozy: I don’t know how to dm though…
Andi: Pros…Love to chat to other SS book readers that are passionate
about it
imthegoodone: same here carlsa
JustAimer: me too carla!
Carla: No cons
andiegilmore: I missed some of the discussion, but it might have been
Emmy’s fault LOL
Lilabitblf: same pro as Calra
smargypants: Pro, I second carla.
Jenny_Ap: me three
Dianne: Ditto Carla!
misty: I was mediating & asking set questions
recordcozy: Woot.
Andi: I loved this..And so look forward to doing it again
recordcozy: Me too!
Lilabitblf: me too!
Jenny_Ap: good insights too!
Dianne: You did a good job misty
Andi: it was a great first meeting… We will get it all figured out
Carla: I will look forward to doing this all week
imthegoodone: I think we need to stay foceused on the question we are
discussing before we move to other topics
Dianne: I think tangents are to be expected to a point
andiegilmore: same here Carla
JustAimer: what’s our goal for next week?
Lilabitblf: we actually covvered alot during a first meeting πŸ™‚
misty: Ok so any suggestions dm me or just tweet me.
JustAimer: chapters wise that is πŸ™‚
Jenny_Ap: Thanks Misty! What’s the homework for next week…3 &4?
recordcozy: 2 chapters again?
Carla: tangents will always arise. its what happens when you get a big
group talking.
Andi: and gives you a different way of looking at things
sometimes…Other people bring things to lite that you didn`t think
Dianne: 3 and 4?
Andi: yes I think it went well
misty: Maybe we can try the twibe next week to see how we like it.
misty: Chapters 3 & 4 for next weel.
Andi: you did a great job Misty…
JustAimer: yes, thx Misty!
Scaniano: Yeah, thanks Misty!
smargypants: twibe is fine
Carla: You did Misty!! Thanks for putting this together
Jenny_Ap: Yea Misty!
Andi: How do you twibe… I have tweetdeck… is that about the same
misty: Thanks for coming. I got some great insight
andiegilmore: ditto! thanks a lot!
Lilabitblf: kudos to Misty!!
Carla: whats twibe?
Dianne: Goodnight everyone. It was nice chatting with you!
Andi: Goodnight all that are leaving
JustAimer: G’nite all!
Jenny_Ap: Good Nite!
Lilabitblf: wait!
misty: I will post a tweet telling you how to join twibe
andiegilmore: good night everyone!
MsLizS: nite
Lilabitblf: veryone remember to vote for the boys!
smargypants: nite
Carla: Ok thanks Misty
Scaniano: Night all. See you next week. πŸ™‚
Andi: *clapping* for misty.. you did a great job…
Jenny_Ap: Yes!\
imthegoodone: good nite everyone
Jenny_Ap: Thanks Lila
misty: *bowing* thanks
recordcozy: Night!
Andi: Thanks misty.. I have ssbookclub on twitter and on FB.. So as
long as I get the info
Scaniano from x.x.x.149 left the chat
misty: andi I want you to join the goole group b/c it has more page to
post info on. I can update more info there than I can the other
Andi: ok how do I do that…
Andi: just go to the google page.. you can join from there…
misty: go here http://groups.google.com/group/twitter-sookie-stackhouse-book-club-?h…
and join
misty: I will try to post the chat in the google groups page and any
updates are there
Andi: Thanks…I joined..


~ by ssbookclub on October 12, 2009.

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