Weekly Chat #2 Dead Until Dark Ch.3-4

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Hi everyone!
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Suz: so where is everyone?
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hello everyone πŸ™‚
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sashasbliss: am I early? late?
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Starfury: hi
sashasbliss: hello
Starfury: i think we’re early lol
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JessMcC: Hi all, Im early lol πŸ™‚
Starfury: hey πŸ™‚
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Scaniano: Hi people πŸ™‚
Starfury: hi
sashasbliss: does it start 8pm central time? LOL
Scaniano: Yeppers, we have about 22 minutes.
sashasbliss: oooo
sashasbliss: damn Dexter starts then too LOL
Scaniano: Well it’s only 6pm here so I won’t miss it but I Tivo it
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MsLizS: Hellooooooo
Scaniano: There she is! Hiya MsLiz πŸ™‚
sashasbliss: oh I’m on the East coast
MsLizS: πŸ˜€
sashasbliss: I totally didnt even realize it started at 8pm central
time. Ooops
Scaniano: Yup, I’m in Vegas so Pacific time for me.
MsLizS: hey she had enough sherrifs for the night right?
MsLizS: err I can’t spell
Scaniano: I saw earlier that she only had one but haven’t seen
anything since then.
sashasbliss: whats a sherrif in this chat? it’s my 1st time here. Is
it like a Mod?
MsLizS: See I am on the east caost and thought you were getting a
milkshake kinda late… your a few hours behind so that explains it
Scaniano: Hehehe, yeah.
Scaniano: Sasha did you read the chat info thing misty put out this
week? I think that has some stuff about the sherriffs, lemme see if I
can find it.
Scaniano: Nice!
MsLizS: I had it open
MsLizS: I had to remember what color I was supposed to be lol
Scaniano: hehehe, I didn’t but only because it’s my favorite color. πŸ˜€
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MsLizS: lol
sashasbliss: I saw the posting…but I didn’t really see what Sherrifs
were…besides Blue
Scaniano: You’re right, it doesn’t really explain what they do.
Scaniano: I guess they’re like mods. Making sure people stay
respectful and that sort of thing.
sashasbliss: Ah gottcha
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Scaniano: Hey there Lila πŸ™‚
Lilabitblf: Hiya!
sashasbliss: ok I’m so not trying to do 20 questions…but is there a
guide/plan for what will be discussed, or is it free book chat? =]
MsLizS: Hi Lila!
Lilabitblf: Yes the Sheriff are mods πŸ™‚
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Scaniano: This week we’re discussing chapters 3 & 4 of Dead Until
Carla: Hi all!
MsLizS: Hi Carla
Scaniano: And don’t worry about the 20 questions. I’m happy to help if
I can.
Scaniano: Hi Carla πŸ™‚
Starfury: Hi πŸ™‚
MsLizS: Hey Star!
Scaniano: Last week we discussed chapters 1 & 2. next week it’ll be 5
& 6 and so on.
MsLizS: I believe she is going to keep the discussion more on track
Lilabitblf: yes she is
sashasbliss: Thanks Scaniano! πŸ™‚
Scaniano: Sure thing!
sashasbliss: and Ms LIZ
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MsLizS: U r welcome! πŸ™‚
Scaniano: Hey Misty πŸ™‚
Lilabitblf: hola Misty
MsLizS: There she is! Hi Misty!
Starfury: Hi Misty πŸ™‚
Misty: Hello !!
Misty: Wow that red really does stand out!
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recordcozy: Hiya people!
Carla: Hey Misty!
MsLizS: Hey recordcozy!
Scaniano: Hey recordcozy πŸ™‚
Lilabitblf: well Red is a Prime color πŸ™‚
Carla: Hey!
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Misty: So Carla as the only pink so far how far into to series have
you read?
Jenny_Ap: Hello Everone!
atalija: night yall!
MsLizS: Hey Jenny and atalija!
Carla: I’m on the 6th book
MsLizS: Misty, you were good on sheriffs tonight right?
Carla: Trying to spread them out cause I dont want them to end
Misty: atalija did you read the guidelines? I am supposed to be the
only red sweetie
Jenny_Ap: Hello Msliz! πŸ™‚
Scaniano: Guidelines:
sashasbliss: I hear ya Carla
sashasbliss: but everytime I re-read them I pick up new things
Misty: I have one sheriff so far. We will see how it goes any less
anyone wants to volunteer
Carla: Yeah, I’ve noticed that with just rereading the 1st one
atalija: oh, sorry!
Misty: It ok!!
recordcozy: I don’t want to be a sheriff, I want to maul Sheriff
Northman πŸ˜‰
Scaniano: amen!
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Misty: LOL!!! Me too!!!
Lilabitblf: recordcozy i think we all do
Jenny_Ap: who doesn’t?
recordcozy: I know. I pander. Not that I don’t share the affection. πŸ™‚
Lilabitblf: Carla… excelent Idea!
Lilabitblf: Misty, if you need me to change color just let me know
sashasbliss: oh yes, we all do recordcozy!!
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Dianne: Hey everyone
Carla(crazygem85): with you there recordcozy
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recordcozy: He he. Yes. We are soooo vikingwenches.
Jenny_Ap: Hello Dianne
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Beth (Lilabitblf): speaking of Mr Northman… have we voted the last
10 mins?
Misty: Ok my sheriff is here in blue. Thanks Dianne!!
Liz (MsLizS): lol I’ll join in
Sarah (Scaniano): Ooo, good call, voting now.
Jenny_Ap: Good reminder!
Sarah (Scaniano): http://tweeterwall.mallplace.com/tw/worldwide/ultimate-world-mr-twitter
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Carla(crazygem85): I voted
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seconds ago
JustAimer: hey everyone!
Liz (MsLizS): Yeh aMisty if you need another helper I’ll be glad to
Dianne: No prolem!
Liz (MsLizS): must vote
Atalija: Good thing about having a unusual name: you don’t need to
come up with a nickname
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Sarah (Scaniano): Heya JustAimer πŸ™‚
Carla(crazygem85): I love that you all are following my trend πŸ™‚
joie: hi everyone here for a bit
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Greetings all. Scuse me if I’m a wallflower for awhile as I get a
handle on the chat room thingies.. πŸ™‚
Sarah (Scaniano): Hiya joie πŸ™‚
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Hey I made it this week!
joie: what trend carla?
joie: *waves*
Liz (MsLizS): you are a trendsetter Carla! πŸ™‚
stacy: LOL @ atalija
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Sarah (Scaniano): Make sure ya’ll click the ‘join chat room’ button in
the lower right corner of your screen….that way you don’t have to
refresh. πŸ™‚
Misty: Gina are you signing in as a sheriff?
Beth (Lilabitblf): Carla, good ideas move very quickly πŸ™‚
Carla(crazygem85): just adding name and nickname thats all
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Gina: i put off delivering my baby to be here
Drea (Starfury): Teehee
Gina: just kidding
Liz (MsLizS): lol Gina
MCC18: LOL glad i hit Join Chat. *palmface*
Gina: the doctor is making me wait another week so here i am, YAY!
Carla(crazygem85): lol Gina
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recordcozy: Am I going to be totally against everything if I’m just my
username? I’m going to be lazy.
Misty: Wow gina that is devotion!!
joie: *confession* I didn’t read *palms face*
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Gina: lol indeed Misty πŸ™‚
recordcozy: You’re purple, you can wing it, joie.
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MCC18: I didnt either Joie, but I’ve read them 3 times alread lol
recordcozy: Unless you tell everyone.
MCC18: already*
joie: lol I’ll do my best!
Gina: So we were supposed to read up to chapter 4 right?
Misty: well to summarize chapters 3& 4 are basically when we get to go
to fangtasia & meet Eric & Pam
Dianne: Chapters 3 and 4
Gina: I’m almost done with the book I cant put it down. LOL I’m in CH9
MCC18: Misty, I’ll brb, I’ll change my color
joie: its addictive Gina
Misty: Chapter 3 is when sookie finds dawn dead in her apt
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Gina: I love the language used by the author
Misty: So the first thing I notices is that I did not really notice
Rene being at the crime scene before
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And our first introduction to Pam at Fangtasia, whose babies I wanna
have someday…hehehe
MCC18: I didnt pay much attention to him the first time around either
recordcozy: Yeah. I made a note of that. “Mine were the only
Gina: Are you thinking about the show Misty?
recordcozy: In the pollen.
Carla(crazygem85): Same here . I found I noticed him more after
rereading it
Dianne: I think Sookie even mentions something about him living across
the street.
Misty: Now that I know he is the killer he is everywhere
Gina: I noticed him right off while reading.
Gina: Yes he is everywhere
Amy (JustAimer): I agree Misty
Beth (Lilabitblf): I knew he was there, but i thought he lived near by
Dianne: I didn’t pick up on that the 1st time I read the book, but did
others times I’ve read.
MCC18: That whole bit with him watching Sookie kinda creeped me out to
be honest
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Gina: I’m assuming he was at the crime scene since Arlene lives right
across the street from dawn
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Amy (JustAimer): I agree MCC – I was curious that Sook didn’t get
creeped out as well…
37ft2in: hello wenches
Carla(crazygem85): It was a little creepy especially after knowing who
he really is
joie: Didn’t he live down the same street or apts?
Amy (JustAimer): hola
MCC18: *waves*
Stargirlie713: Hi everyone
Dianne: And the peek into his head, with his thoughts scrambled was
unsettling too.
Misty: And the way sookie described his thoughts as angry I am
surpirsed she didnt think more of it
Jenny_Ap: He was acting a little nervous wasn’t he?
joie: *waves*
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I was surprised reading this book after having watched Season 1 and 2
at how close Alan Ball played Season 1 to the book.
swinka: hello everyone!
Amy (JustAimer): Hi Swinka!
joie: *smoochies* swinka swine
Dianne: Maybe she didn’t think more of it, since she had her sheilds
down and was being bombarded by everyone’s thoughts at once.
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37ft2in: yeah balou – I was thinking the same thing
swinka: Hello Amy and Joie and truebiedoebydoo!
Beth (Lilabitblf): I think all the men were nervous
Sarah (Scaniano): And she couldn’t really read Sam either so maybe it
just didn’t click for her.
Misty: Yeah me too
Liz (MsLizS): But then he said Sam should come do his own dirty
work… trying to set Sam up?
recordcozy: I like JB. Amusing. Feeling Sookie up at a crime scene.
Beth (Lilabitblf): they all seemed to have slept with Dawn and did not
want to be connected
swinka: what is the subject?
Amy (JustAimer): CH 3 Swinka
Misty: Ok since you brought up Sam , if sam can shut her out do you
think they could have a realtionship
Beth (Lilabitblf): JB… simple soul but yummy to look at
swinka: OK got it
Amy (JustAimer): When Sook found Dawn’s body
Dianne: I think
Carla(crazygem85): JB cracked me up
Sarah (Scaniano): Yeah, Misty. I think they could.
MCC18: Wouldnt you think she would have started putting pieces
together tho? She couldnt read Sam, Rene and Bill…and Bill being
dead, wouldnt that have made you start wondering about the others?
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The subject is: If you were asking Bill out on your first date, what
night club would you take him to? πŸ™‚
Beth (Lilabitblf): I dont think they could have a perm relationship
(Sam and sook)
judybopp: Hello all! I’m new to ssbookclub but I’m no stranger to True
Blood! and I’ve read all SS books, last was Dead and Gone, just pre-
ordered Touch of Dead
Dianne: I’m not sure if they could or not. Sometimes i think they
could, and others not so much.
Misty: balou dont make me smack you that is not the subject yet
Amy (JustAimer): welcome Judy
swinka: LOL … does Bill dance … I mean night club dance?
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Ooh, Misty gets bonus points for my first official smack threat of the
young chat evening
Misty: I wondered why andy introduces himself if its a tiny town
recordcozy: Moderator police! Scary!
Drea (Starfury): Lol swinka, can you imagine?
Jenny_Ap: LOL
Gina: ok what are we talking about now?
recordcozy: I think Andy is coming back or something?
Misty: Wouldnt Sookie & Andy already know each other?
swinka: I’m trying to see him Lambada or Lady Gaga … hee hee
Gina: rene at the crime scene or
Beth (Lilabitblf): hey all GBOT
recordcozy: He tries to be a city cop and fails, I think. (I’m
Dianne: GBOT
Sarah (Scaniano): I thought that was odd too, Misty. He doesn’t feel
comfortable being a detective around the people he grew up with.
Gina: my husband came down to distract me
Carla(crazygem85): I thought they would have too. Everybody knew
everybody there, or so I thought
Dianne: Andy wants it to be something it’s not. He wishes he didn’t
know the people on the scene.
Misty: we have moved on fro creepy rene to creepy andy
Beth (Lilabitblf): Agree Dianne
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Andy was the strong silent type in school. So he is pretending he
doesn’t know Sookie despite her being a hot, bosomy babe *ducks
potential official smack*
MCC18: I always thought it was a fairly small town…so Andy
introducing himself seemed odd
Gina: I think it was because Andy might have been a nobody as well in
high school
Dianne: Plus Andy thinks he is above Sookie because of his family
recordcozy: Like I said, I think Andy came back into the “social
scene.” He’s tried to be a real city cop.
Misty: But if there is only 34 cops in town you would thing they wold
know everyone
Gina: yeah.
Sarah (Scaniano): Maybe he was doing it to set the tone of the
interview. So she’d look at him as a cop, not the guy she knew all her
Misty: I meant 3 or 3 not 34
Gina: i wonder whats up with the bellefleur name
joie: brb dinner is here
Beth (Lilabitblf): Andy is trying to establish himself as above
everyone in a social stratusphere
Gina: it seems to make bill cringe and like he knows something about
that family
Dianne: I agree Beth
Misty: Sarah that is a good thought
Gina: maybe the boy that his friend tried to save is a bellefleur
Jenny_Ap: Isn’t one of his problems that he gets no respect, or the
respect he thinks he deserves
Gina: during the war…
Atalija: Gina. He IS.
Beth (Lilabitblf): Yeah Jenny Good Point
Misty: Well he certainly is quick to acuse everyone.
Carla(crazygem85): Very true Jenny
Gina: I have awesome deduction skills thanx atal!
Beth (Lilabitblf): Andy wants to be the hero with as little work as
Misty: He cant get respect pointing the finger at everyone a
MCC18: But that’s just Andybeing a cop…he wants to plant that seed
of doubt in everyone,
Carla(crazygem85): So true Beth, he does not want to have to work hard
Drea (Starfury): I agree Jenny, he seems keen to establish a more
official approach given the seriousness of what’s started happening in
Sarah (Scaniano): He wants to be a good cop but he’s hampered by how
people see him in the town…and have always seen him.
Gina: andy has that weird inferiority complex, he was a nobody so he
goes out and gets a important seeming job to force people to give him
Drea (Starfury): Could be seeing it as his road to earning more
Carla(crazygem85): But acting the way he does will not give him the
respect he so desires
Gina: that he hasnt really earned or deserves
Dianne: Which if you grew up in a small town (like I did) not matter
what you become, you’ll always be what you were growing up. I don’t
think he can move passed that.
judybopp: If I were to ask Bill out to a night club…hmm…besides
Fangtasia in Shreveport, I guess I’d ask if he wanted to go somewhere
in Monroe…
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I like how Sookie calls her mind reading a disability yet
subconsciously uses that as her protector to get Andy off her case and
others too.
recordcozy: Can we talk about Fangtasia now? *jumping up and down*
Sarah (Scaniano): That’s exactly it, Dianne. People in small towns
have long memories.
Stargirlie713: lol
Misty: yes they do
Dianne: And they hold grudges too! LOL
Jenny_Ap: Good point Dianne!
Beth (Lilabitblf): yeah Sarah, in town he is always Mrs Caroline
Holiday Belfluer’s grandson
Gina: i’m from a big city but i can see what you mean, the people in
the community i grew up in still see me as the skinny little girl with
Misty: Hold on recordcozy I am trying to go in order
MCC18: Ain’t that the truth Diane lol
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I’d ask him to Fangtasia because: 1. Bill’s just not my type pending a
sex change and 2. Pam’s really hot and I could help her check ID’s or
somethin’ πŸ™‚
Sarah (Scaniano): Oh yes, they never let you forget all the stupid
stuff you did growing up. I imagine Andy has a hard time with that.
MCC18: GBOT let’s finish this about Andy
Misty: And his grandmother & sister belittling him all the time
Dianne: He’s hen pecked
Sarah (Scaniano): Definitely.
Misty: ok let move on to Sookie & sam
Carla(crazygem85): That definitely does not help him in establishing
MCC18: Andy just wants to be the star quarterback after all these
Gina: so sookie and sam…
Misty: What did you think about her telling sam that he isnt human
Beth (Lilabitblf): Sook and Sam?
Gina: YES!
Jenny_Ap: Loved it!
Gina: I loved it’
Dianne: His reaction was a hoot
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*taps mic* this thing on?
Dianne: She really threw him off!
Beth (Lilabitblf): It shook his world for sure
MCC18: I love Sookie’s bluntness…
smeykunz from x.x.x.85 joined the chat
Carla(crazygem85): Loved it, so glad she told him that
Sarah (Scaniano): I thought it was right on. Interesting that she
doesn’t think that about herself thought.
Sarah (Scaniano): though
smeykunz: clearly I have no idea what I am doing LOL
Amy (JustAimer): dont think she realized how on point she was
Misty: But she has no idea about him yet so it seemed weird to me
Gina: I wonder if she’s basing that on the way he thinks
Amy (JustAimer): foreshadow…
Gina: Or the fact that he can shut her out
Carla(crazygem85): I think she said it to see how he would react
Dianne: I wonder if perhaps she “knew” more than she wanted to admit
to herself.
Beth (Lilabitblf): Sarah, well look at the world now… we have
psichics and empaths all over… how different is a telepath?
Sarah (Scaniano): For her to jump right to that assumption? Yeah, that
is odd.
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Jenny_Ap: I think she knows something is up when he shuts the mental
door on her
Carla(crazygem85): his reaction would let her know if she was on point
or not
Misty: I totally misssed him shutting her out the 1st time i read it
judybopp: I’ll talk about anything that involves Eric!! Did u know
Fangtasia scenes were partly filmed in Long Beach, CA at a bar called
Alex’s Bar?? Coincidence??
Liz (MsLizS): Hi Smeykunz
Misty: Ok fine lets go to fangtasia
Amy (JustAimer): I missed it too – but in my defense, I was watching
S1 at the same time πŸ˜‰
smeykunz: hola!
MCC18: lol Misty
Atalija: lol
recordcozy: Why does Sam smell Sookie before she leaves for Fangtasia?
Sarah (Scaniano): I can see that, Beth.
balou8900 from x.x.x.25 left this message:
It surprises me that she doesn’t pursue finding out how and why he can
shut her out. She moves back to others actions and thoughts so quickly
Beth (Lilabitblf): I admit I missed it to πŸ™‚ thank goodness for
Amy (JustAimer): maybe so he can find her if she gets in trouble
Misty: But I have to say I love Gran telling Bill not to drink too
recordcozy: Is he just trying to track her if it gets messy or does he
just think she’s hot?
Amy (JustAimer): he’s got her “scent” now…
Jenny_Ap: Huh…good question recordcozy!
Gina: I think he smelled her to get a good memory of her scent and to
get an idea of her mood and what’s going on with her
Amy (JustAimer): I think it’s to track her
recordcozy: I was a bit eh for that.
Sarah (Scaniano): And because he wants her.
Carla(crazygem85): me too, I love Gran and everything she says
Gina: you know dogs and animals and their complex senses
MCC18: I hate to admit it but i thought i was kinda weird that he
smelled her…i was like wtf?
Misty: I think he does want her scent & he loves her
Dianne: I love Gran. She is the epitome of a good old southern woman!
Misty: He is probably think he may have to track her
Sarah (Scaniano): I think it was also to give us a little insight into
what he might be.
Amy (JustAimer): upon first reading – def. weird – upon 2nd reading &
knowing what I know… curious…
Beth (Lilabitblf): she also looked good and was very dolled up
balou8900 from x.x.x.25 left this message 2 seconds ago:
Pretty bold move getting her scent. I’d figure on getting thwapped if
I tried that on a lady
Gina: i agree with sarah’s last statement
Amy (JustAimer): good call Sarah… more foreshadowing I completely
missed first timea round
MCC18: I think you’re right Sarah, but reading it the first time
around it was like huh?
Gina: yeah but it was way forward of him to sniff her like that
Carla(crazygem85): Very true sarah, but we only see that now cuz we
know what he is
Jenny_Ap: a combo of both Sarah and Amy’s comments..agree!
Sarah (Scaniano): I missed it too the first time around. πŸ™‚
Beth (Lilabitblf): agree with Sarah too… but how many times has
anyone caught your attention by cologne or perfume?
Misty: I am surprised she didnt ask him about it. Or slap him
Amy (JustAimer): this is what makes re-reading it pretty fun πŸ˜‰
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judybopp: Are we in Book 1? Or Season 1 in this discussion? Sorry I’m
new and feel a little lost…
recordcozy: Well, of course it’s obvious after the fact.
Dianne: Book 1
Amy (JustAimer): maybe because she didn’t want to treat him as tho he
was weird – like peeps treat her?!?
Beth (Lilabitblf): book 1 πŸ™‚
recordcozy: Book 1 Ch. 3-4
Gina: i am trying to make sure i dont blur the two…the show and the
Misty: We are discusing book 1 chapters 3 & 4
Amy (JustAimer): Book 1
Sarah (Scaniano): That’s true too, Beth. Some people just smell
Gina: while i read sometimes i’m anticipating things from the show to
Gina: ol
Atalija: She knew there was something more to it. Kinda scared her out
to make a bold move then?
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Book 1 and season 1 are very close to the same
Misty: I would sniff Alex
MCC18: it’s difficult to keep the two separate sometimes
Amy (JustAimer): lol Misty
Atalija: Misty, so would I
recordcozy: GBOT Misty!
Amy (JustAimer): erm… Eric
Beth (Lilabitblf): darn it misty
Amy (JustAimer): ha ha Record
Carla(crazygem85): Me too Misty
Jenny_Ap: LOL
Misty: Sorry
Liz (MsLizS): lol
MCC18: Let’s just say I’d do more than sniff *clears throat*
Sarah (Scaniano): lol Misty
Gina: lol i’m sure we’d all do some pretty fwd thigns to eric
Gina: lol
Carla(crazygem85): lol MCC18
Beth (Lilabitblf): ah hem
Dianne: LOL
Amy (JustAimer): #vikingwenches flying OT
Beth (Lilabitblf): hehe
Misty: Getting back on track what about sookies outfit
recordcozy: You can’t open up a discussion like that in a room of
joie: *listening and chewing*
Liz (MsLizS): <—- mind wandering to Eric/Alex now lol
Darling_Vamp: It’s okay! I’m imagining kittens and rainbows (what
someone said AS smelled like!)
Gina: ok before we get back on subj
Dianne: The outfit she wore to the bar?
judybopp: Season 1 show diverted from the books a lot
Misty: I dont think I would wear a dress to a bar like that.
Gina: he’s in lady gaga’s new video
Amy (JustAimer): I liked the description of her outfit
Sarah (Scaniano): I love her outfit! She wanted to look nice and not
like a fangbanger.
balou8900 from x.x.x.25 left this message 3 seconds ago:
Ya..but the Viking wenches wouldn’t have flinched if Eric
sniffed…they’d have him do it again to make sure he got it right πŸ˜‰
Misty: I would wear jeans in case I have to run
MCC18: It’s that darn neck porn…it’s too much sometimes *le sigh*
Amy (JustAimer): very vivid, I could totally picture it
Gina: ok back to the dress, yeah i liked sookies outfit
Darling_Vamp: It was one of the cutest she’s worn on the entire series
Atalija: kittens and rainbows? to me he smells like red wine and
cinnamon candles
Amy (JustAimer): though a little hoochie
Carla(crazygem85): I definitely would have been a little more
Liz (MsLizS): you got that right Balou lol
Beth (Lilabitblf): but Bill said “do me proud”
Dianne: I think she was trying to dress up for Bill since he told her
to “make him proud” or however he phrased it.
Misty: I would not want to attract attention
Beth (Lilabitblf): which is an out right challenge
Jenny_Ap: But that could mean alot of things!
joie: Well Sookie isn’t from the “city” so maybe she thought she’d
dress up for the occasion
Carla(crazygem85): But she also felt like it was a date, so a part of
her wanted to look smokin for bill
Darling_Vamp: that’s just what i’ve heard; I;ll have to go sniff him
out myself someday!
MCC18: Bill wanted her to look nice tho, most likely to impress
recordcozy: I have a couple of weird Bill moments I want to point out
when we’re ready.
Misty: I guess, she wasw thinking about Bill
Gina: yes but bill told her specifically what he liked
Gina: and she kinda wore the opposite
Dianne: That’s true
recordcozy: Oh and a question that I’ve never quite gotten. For after
they leave the raid.
MCC18: Bill wants petticoats and long sleeves tho, lol
Darling_Vamp: Gran gave him hell because he didn’t compliment her to
her standards! I liked that when he picked her up.
Misty: So what did you think about meeting pam & eric
Beth (Lilabitblf): dumdidumm
Jenny_Ap: LOVE Gran
recordcozy: I ❀ that scene. The flirting begins!
Carla(crazygem85): Its interesting because Eric demands attention
right away
Sarah (Scaniano): I loved meeting them but mostly cause I adore Eric.
joie: K, this is where I totally get TB in my head
Dianne: I love when Eric tells her she is sweet and she tells him not
MCC18: TBH Pam scared the bejesus outta me the first reading…but
I’ve since fallen for her
Amy (JustAimer): ah..Eric
Beth (Lilabitblf): Flirting did begin in the book
recordcozy: I also got really SQUEE when I knew there would be Eric.
Dianne: Eric steals the scene from the moment he comes on the page
joie: great banter btwn them
Amy (JustAimer): me too Record
Misty: Do youthink that Eric wanted her b/c she was with Bill?
Beth (Lilabitblf): jeans boots and black vest
Atalija: Dianne: so true
Amy (JustAimer): I don’t think so Misty
Gina: hm,
Dianne: I think he wanted her because he could tell she was something
more than human.
Amy (JustAimer): He sensed she was a different breed
Carla(crazygem85): I think that was part of it, but there was also a
true attraction
Beth (Lilabitblf): Sookie was described as “Vampire Bait”
Sarah (Scaniano): Yes, Misty and because she looked like ‘a candle in
a coal mine’.
recordcozy: No, because she acts differently than the other humans.
Dianne: She intrigued him and she stood up to him. He’s not used to
Darling_Vamp: I think he’s drawn to her otherly scent
judybopp: I imagine Alex to smell like sprIng grass, ocean breeze, and
a touch of Bvlgar Black cologne… But that’s just me*winks*
Gina: i dunno if he wanted her because she was with bill or because
she was new and fresh and that something about her that no one can
Jenny_Ap: Pam and Eric noticed that “special” something sookie had
Carla(crazygem85): She intrigued him from the moment he saw her
Beth (Lilabitblf): and what record cozy said
MCC18: I think he can sense her “difference” and that intrigues him
Gina: that too sarah
Amy (JustAimer): Yeah – she wasn’t a fangbanger type like they were
used to
Beth (Lilabitblf): she had manners
Gina: the candle in the coal mine…she was herself and all the other
people in the club
Misty: Maybe she smells different
Amy (JustAimer): plus her sweet smell
Gina: were posers trying to be what they thought a vampire or vamp
groupie should be
recordcozy: My favorite flirt line: “I had a psychic once. It was
incredible.” “Did the psychic think so?” (111)
Beth (Lilabitblf): I think he starts noticing she is different after
the intro and he tries to glamour her twice
Misty: I thnk getting her from Bill would be a huge bonus
Atalija: I think the fact that wasn’t “into him” aso intrigged him.
Men and their hurt pride.
MCC18: Is it foreshadowing ?
Beth (Lilabitblf): exactly Atalija
Misty: I love when she feels him trying to glamour her
recordcozy: Oh, and that Eric laughs when everyone’s all tense and
expecting him to be mean.
balou8900 from x.x.x.25 left this message 2 seconds ago:
I agree with Misty about the smells different besides her standing up
to him.
Amy (JustAimer): he was interested in the chase – she wasn’t giving in
to him – not an easy catch – made him want her more
Carla(crazygem85): So true Atalija, men like the chase
Beth (Lilabitblf): thank you amy!
Misty: always want what you cant have
Gina: concur with amy
Jenny_Ap: Agree misty! love the line about him staring at her so hard
he was counting her eyelashes
joie: aman sister
Dianne: I think Eric likes a challenge too and Sookie definitely would
be a challenge.
Amy (JustAimer): I think it was a combination of things that sparked
his interest in her
recordcozy: I like how he tries to glamour her.
judybopp: And when she said in S1 when Eric said “aren’t u sweet”
Sookie said “not really” and that showd him she was different
Jenny_Ap: Agree with Amy on the combo of things
Amy (JustAimer): me too Record – and that he tried a couple times…
recordcozy: Like, yeah, I tried it. I’m a Viking.
balou8900 from x.x.x.25 left this message 2 seconds ago:
I think it helped that she didn’t wear Gran’s optional sweater to the
bar πŸ™‚
Amy (JustAimer): slightly OT – it’s really hard for me to reread and
not picture the show…
Carla(crazygem85): That line cracked me up judybopp
Misty: when she says “what am I suppsed to do kick bill in the shins
recordcozy: Can we talk about how Bill is like in love with Eric?
Beth (Lilabitblf): ur right Balou
MCC18: balou if you click Join Chat at the bottom you wont have to
Atalija: Amy, I KNOW! I have the very same problem.
Sarah (Scaniano): Me too, Amy. It’s so difficult to separate them in
my head.
Gina: bill’s not in love with eric
MCC18: I agree with Amy and others
Beth (Lilabitblf): how is Bill in love with Eric
Gina: i think he’s very respectful of him
balou8900 from x.x.x.25 joined the chat
Misty: I was waiting for Pams vault to come up & it never did
Amy (JustAimer): not that I mind picturing Askars as Eric while
Dianne: Or terrified of him
MCC18: there ya go balou!
Amy (JustAimer): me too Misty
recordcozy: He’s all, “I understand sex with him is incredible.” “He’s
better looking than me.”
balou8900: Wow..I could’ve had a V8. Thanks..didn’t see that before.
Amy (JustAimer): she’s not the door chick in the book tho
Gina: guys are like that record
Dianne: I think those comments were more from jealously than anything.
recordcozy: No, not that’s he’s in love with him, but he sets Sookie
up to agree.
Beth (Lilabitblf): I think he is in Awe of him, not in love with him
Atalija: I think Bill is ultimately jealous of Eric’s power, but
respects him. Well, feras him.
Gina: he’s baiting her to see where he stands with her
Amy (JustAimer): she was sitting next to Eric…
Atalija: *fears him
balou8900: don’t make me defend the gender, Gina. lol
Carla(crazygem85): Definitely Dianne
Misty: Okay that cracked me up. Bill saying all that good stuff about
eric. WTF>>
Sarah (Scaniano): I think he’s trying to see where Sookie’s mind is on
Eric. Fishing for information.
Beth (Lilabitblf): But hBill was in a pissy mood then
Beth (Lilabitblf): exactly Sarah
Jenny_Ap: Bill was just stating the obvious
Gina: lol balou you know guys can get insecure in a situation like
Beth (Lilabitblf): and Sook was huffy about the Fbangers hitting on
Drea (Starfury): Felt like such an awkward attempt to have Sookie
dismiss his insecurities
judybopp: Oh Carla thx, I loved that scene when Eric is on throne.
judybopp: Oh Carla thx, I loved that scene when Eric is on throne.
Sarah (Scaniano): Definitely
Misty: no man bashing please
Gina: the guy is obviously hotter and he is trying to see if she’d
jump ship for the stronger prettier vamp
Beth (Lilabitblf): and how “it was not a date”
Gina: which is what a typical fangbanger probably woudl do
balou8900: Bill comes across as a normal male: not overly broadcasting
his emotions and that drives Sookie nuts. But fascinates her cuz she
can’t read him
recordcozy: Obviously I kid. He’s just tying his own noose.
Dianne: The fangbanger would probably go with the more powerful vamp
too if they had the chance.
recordcozy: Like when women ask if they look fat.
balou8900: man bashing is fine…we can take it πŸ˜‰
Gina: oh not bashing guys…i think guys are awesome but just like
women we all have some common traits
MCC18: I think Bill is actually just testing her, to be honest.
Beth (Lilabitblf): yes, and remember, this is Sooks first foray into a
relationship with someone she cant read
Carla(crazygem85): Bill purposely tries to make it difficult for her
to read him, just like all guys do
Atalija: Bill totally gives the gold away talking about Eric like
that. Preparing her the future ahead, maybe? Oh Gosh! Is he thinking
ahead the whole running away thing?
Carla(crazygem85): They like to keep you guessing
Misty: I agree with MCC18
recordcozy: Yeah, Bill’s testing is kind of a not cool move.
Atalija: Maybe Bill, by then, was strictly sticking to his “mission”
Beth (Lilabitblf): forshadowing?
balou8900: Yes, we do…but it rarely works because we are guessing
about the woman too.
Misty: I thought it was weird that sookie just calmly tells Bill that
the cops are coming
judybopp: I don’t mix Alex and Eric different personalities but I sure
imagine Eric looking like Alex when I’m Reading the newer books…
It’s kinda hard not to
MCC18: You have to wonder if it was foreshadowing or not…I think he
has genuine feelings for her by now but…with Bill it’s tough to tell
Carla(crazygem85): I loved that she didnt overreact though
balou8900: They all left pretty calmly like it’s a nightly ritual to
have cops raid the place
Beth (Lilabitblf): me too
Misty: I would be way more nervous.
Dianne: I thought so too. You would have though that would have
freaked her out a bit more.
Jenny_Ap: Agree with MCC18
Amy (JustAimer): I love that Sookie is a master at concealing her
Misty: Since she is so naive and sheltered
Carla(crazygem85): She definitely could have created a huge scene, but
instead stayed calm
Beth (Lilabitblf): But how many drinks has she had by then too?
Carla(crazygem85): Which the vamps definitely respected
Atalija: She did nothing wrong, though. Would’nt ave a thing to fear.
Jenny_Ap: Two…I think
Dianne: Did she have more than one drink?
recordcozy: 2
Beth (Lilabitblf): I think so
balou8900: Kinda ironic that she calls out the bartender as last
rescue before raid too in the scheme of the story
Carla(crazygem85): A master indeed Amy
Sarah (Scaniano): She also probably has some experience with cops
because she works at a bar.
AphioRogue from x.x.x.15 joined the chat 4 seconds ago
Beth (Lilabitblf): very true
judybopp: I’ve always liked Eric character when I started reading the
books, I only got cable/HBO this year to watch the True Blood show!!
Jenny_Ap: She has mentioned to hide her emotions ver well since she
hides “her disabilty” from folks
beckyvtx from x.x.x.55 joined the chat 4 seconds ago
Misty: It just made Eric want her more
Beth (Lilabitblf): agree with Misty
recordcozy: Did anyone notice the weird possessive Bill stuff
especially this time?
Carla(crazygem85): so true misty
Jenny_Ap: He mentions he has one before, right?
recordcozy: Like grabbing Sookie by the neck and stuff?
balou8900: I agree Judy. I’m not obsessive compulsive but two seasons
made me have to read all the books and short stories, lol
MCC18: < DID!
Misty: What do you mean recordcozy?
Atalija: Bill started to annoy the hell out of me right then
Misty: Yeah the neck grabbing would irritate me
Beth (Lilabitblf): I did Recordcozy
Dianne: I acctually noticed it the first time I read the books.
recordcozy: On 100 and then in the car after the raid too.
Amy (JustAimer): I def. noticed Bills possessiveness upon 2nd reading
Amy (JustAimer): more than 1st
Jenny_Ap: Yeah, me too
Carla(crazygem85): so did i. i think i overlooked it a little the
first time but i felt the attraction she felt
recordcozy: I noticed, before, but it’s just easier to add up with the
MCC18: I agree Amy, the first time you are just so intent on turning
the page that those little things kind of fade to the background
Gina: this is my first time reading the book and i noticed the
possessiveness too
Carla(crazygem85): *because, not but ,sorry
Misty: Yeah I overlooked it the first ime as well
recordcozy: Good point, Carla.
Beth (Lilabitblf): very good point
AphioRogue: ITs one of the reasons I stopped liking Bill as a
character (Hey all btw) — he is VERY possesive – and hardly ever
lets her have her say
Misty: I wonder is the majority f her attraction is just b/c she cant
hear him
Dianne: I think it might be.
recordcozy: It so is. And because he’s shiny and new.
Sarah (Scaniano): I think that’s part of it….and she’s had his
Jenny_Ap: part of it
Dianne: That is very refreshing for her. Not hearing what he is
balou8900: Naw, cuz he looks good in jeans πŸ™‚
recordcozy: I mean, she’s never been able to have that.
Carla(crazygem85): Reading it the 2nd time, I def feel thats where the
majority of the attraction stems from
Beth (Lilabitblf): At fist… then i think its the floence nightingale
Misty: Oh yeah having his blood too
balou8900: Oh wait, she said Sam does too..nevuh mind
recordcozy: That comment didn’t read the same under the bit about the
Misty: he does look good in jeans
Darling_Vamp: The possessiveness is also probably a part of the
Southern Gentleman…. it was the way from his day…
Beth (Lilabitblf): Florence Nightingale… she saved him before the
MCC18: *coughEricLooksBettercough*
Liz (MsLizS): Yeah the blood is a big thing Misty
judybopp from x.x.x.126 joined the chat 2 seconds ago
balou8900: lol MCC
AphioRogue: as someone who has been in a relationship like that – was
just like get away from that Sookie!!
Darling_Vamp: as were the petticoats he so prefers…
Jenny_Ap: LOL MCC18
Sarah (Scaniano): lol MCC18
Liz (MsLizS): lol MCC18
Carla(crazygem85): lol
Dianne: LOL
Misty: that is true. Men did act like that in his day
Beth (Lilabitblf): echo
AphioRogue: πŸ˜› LOL MCC
MCC18: sorry…*slaps hand to stay on topic*
Amy (JustAimer): *coughagreewithyouocough* πŸ˜‰
MCC18: lol
Sarah (Scaniano): They did and it seems that Bill hasn’t changed very
much from the time that he was changed.
Misty: do i need to hand out cough drops?
AphioRogue: but Eric is even older – and he doesnt treat her that
way … he wants to hear what her opinions are
recordcozy: He’s isolated himself for the most part. Bill.
Carla(crazygem85): I don’t think he’s changed much at all
Dianne: He’s younger in terms of vamps too.
balou8900: I’ll pass unless we start talking about Pam and Sookie in
recordcozy: Eric’s his own animal.
MCC18: bill not changing his outlook on women seems kind of weird when
he’s made the comment that he doesnt feel very human anymore
Darling_Vamp: Grrrr
Amy (JustAimer): yeah, it is weird that Eric seems more open minded,
and is much older than bill
recordcozy: Pam wouldn’t wear jeans!
Misty: okay balou say what you want about pam.
Dianne: He’s seen more
Darling_Vamp: sorry, thinking of the *animal*
joie: Eric kept up with the times, took clases at Jr. college LOL
Beth (Lilabitblf): I cant say waht i think till the end of the book
about Erics openmindedness
judybopp: One of the fuuniest lines was end of S2 “god bless whoever
made them jeans, I’d wear him like a scrunci” lmao!!
Jenny_Ap: Agree with amy, especially since Bill is Mainstreaming
Amy (JustAimer): lol joie
recordcozy: Yes. I love that.
recordcozy: Jr. College.
Atalija: Eric has actually interacted with the world around him. He’s
been observing and learning the many ways humans act, so he can outact
them. The man is a sponge.
balou8900: Pam is hot because the TV version is imprinted on me before
the book. So they are one and the same now.
joie: sponge, good one!
Misty: Eric is better at knowing how to get what he wants
Amy (JustAimer): Bill mainstreaming should = he’s more with the
current vibe..not stuck in the ol’ fuddy duddy past
Sarah (Scaniano): True, Amy but if he just started mainstreaming, then
maybe not?
recordcozy: He’s only recently mainstreamed though.
recordcozy: Like super recently.
Dianne: And Eric actually listens from time to time too. He may do
something wrong, but he listens when Sookie tells him what she didnt’
joie: bill is just plain old fashioned and not willing to change his
ways/Eric is old and bored and willing to learn as he goes
Misty: Eric knows how sookie wants to be treated so thats what he does
Gina: i think bill likes to go back and forth
recordcozy: Like since you know when.
Beth (Lilabitblf): guys
judybopp: LOL at Joie…Eric taking classes at Jr College
Beth (Lilabitblf): are not there in the books yet
Carla(crazygem85): Its like he uses his southern gentleman ways as an
excuse to act like he does
Gina: he uses his old southern charm but he also has his cunning
vampire wits
joie: *giggles*
Carla(crazygem85): I don’t think he wants to change. He likes his old
Gina: yep
Sarah (Scaniano): I agree.
Gina: balou are you the only guy here?
Gina: lol
Beth (Lilabitblf): agree
recordcozy: Bill’s got a sweet set up. There’s no reason for him to
change if Sookie’ll accept anything.
balou8900: *elastic snap…sets down remote to type* Yep πŸ™‚
Darling_Vamp: I think it’s easier for him not to change than for
MCC18: ^
Misty: Balou i love Pam too
Carla(crazygem85): So true recordcozy
Atalija: Carla, but he’s immortal! He should know that he’ll
eventually have to change. He’s just plain stubborn.
Darling_Vamp: Eric is so old that he had to change to survive
MCC18: LOL balou
Beth (Lilabitblf): Sookie telling him not to talk dirty to her and
treat her like the lady she is when they first meet prob has somthing
to do with Bills aditude too
Misty: yeah sookie does seem to accept all of bills controlling
Carla(crazygem85): I think he knows he should, He just doesn’t want
to. So yeah, stubborn
balou8900: I’d have thought Bill would have begged Sookie to get his
electric going sooner. He’s missed a lot of ball games waiting…
Dianne: For a while anyway
Darling_Vamp: The things of Eric’s world are long gone, where as Bill
is much younger and can stay closer to his true former self
judybopp: Southern men can be very possessive and controling, I lived
in GA for 25 yr and dated quite a few choice gems!!
Sarah (Scaniano): Well it is her first relationship and she’s caught
up in the wonder of that, I think.
Gina: i think that has a bit to do with sookie’s upbringing too
Beth (Lilabitblf): Vampires like baseball?
joie: adapt and defeat your apponent
MCC18: I wonder if Bill’s behavior is just to try and not get him to
become too attached?
recordcozy: Sookie’s needy. Like her relationship with Arlene. She’s
not used to a real partnership.
Dianne: LOL Beth
Carla(crazygem85): I agree Sarah. They say love is blind
Gina: she’s got that southern belle mentality, damsel in distress but
strength when she needs to be …but like to take a back seat to a
strong guy
Dianne: She’s used to people taking from her
Beth (Lilabitblf): agree Sara and Carla
Atalija: Beth, Twilight vamps do. LOL
Misty: Oh good point Mcc
balou8900: baseball and hockey might be scary from the stake
factor…football…heck yeah!
Amy (JustAimer): yea, esp during a thunderstorm – oh wait, that’s
Beth (Lilabitblf): I know Atalija πŸ™‚
Sarah (Scaniano): lol Amy
Amy (JustAimer): I can’t spell sorry
Carla(crazygem85): Never thought about that mcc18. Good point!
Beth (Lilabitblf): good point MCC
AphioRogue: she gets much stronger as the books progress – and Eric
never treats her with disrespect in the books that I can recall
Misty: Are we going for 1 or 2 hours tonight?
Amy (JustAimer): ah – maybe that’s it MCC
recordcozy: I don’t think that explains his weird possessive moments.
Sarah (Scaniano): Yeah, MCC. Knowing what we know, that seems very
MCC18: Obviously I can say that now after rereading the books lol
Atalija: i don’t wither
Atalija: either
Misty: Eric doesnt disrespect her but he does trick her
Beth (Lilabitblf): agree REcordcozy
MCC18: Bill does too tho
Atalija: can you blame him?
MCC18: if you really think about it
joie: but he also never lies to her like bill does
AphioRogue: at least hes up front about trickery – unlike bill who
Beth (Lilabitblf): where in Chapt 4 does Eric trick her?
AphioRogue: LOL joie πŸ˜‰
Sarah (Scaniano): Bill’s possessive moments may just be part of his
Misty: no he doesnt lie
recordcozy: Eric’s upfront though. And he really does care about her
deep down.
Amy (JustAimer): except when he has her suck bullets out… lol
Misty: thank you beth we are getting ahead of ourselves
Gina: i havent seen bill lie yet and i’m in ch9
joie: i hate possessive men, she isnt a dang toy
Gina: i think he just leaves things out
Atalija: Amy that’s when he cares the most! LOL
balou8900: Eric lusts her up front..and from behind for that matter,
joie: lol
Misty: lol
joie: lol
Amy (JustAimer): we are straying to later books…
Beth (Lilabitblf): lol
Carla(crazygem85): lol!
recordcozy: Eric can lust wherever he wants.
Gina: on the subject of eric lying to sookie, why would he have to,
he’s not in a relationship with her and he has nothing to loose by
telling her the truth
Beth (Lilabitblf): i think the same thing Amy
MCC18: amen record
Misty: back to chapter 4
Amy (JustAimer): by ch4, we don’t know much about Eric
Beth (Lilabitblf): yes Chap 4
Amy (JustAimer): except he’s hot… lol
Dianne: But I think if Sookie were honest with herself she was
attracted to Eric right off the bat too.
balou8900: He has nothing to gain by telling her anything though
Amy (JustAimer): and mysterious
AphioRogue: oh are we supposed to stick to one book??
Misty: I was laughing at the mental image of Sookie hitting Bill
recordcozy: We know he’s not so uptight.
joie: lol
Gina: i dont think sookie is really attracted to eric yet in ch4
MCC18: by chapter 4 we just know he’s the boss and has long hair and
has become the object of my attention lol
Sarah (Scaniano): And he tried to glamor Sookie even though Bill
declared she was his.
balou8900: He could just take her. *longingly daydreams of caveman
Beth (Lilabitblf): he tried to glamour her twice
Gina: she sees that he’s attractive and all and somewhat scary and
facinating but she really seems to be interested in bill
Misty: I think he is also dreaming of caveman days
joie: I think there was a bit of attraction to Eric, she may have felt
a twinge or two, i can’t recall lol but i would have
Dianne: Not in the I want to jusmp your bones sense, but she notices
his attractiveness.
Beth (Lilabitblf): in Chap 4 we start learning Vampire Hierchy
recordcozy: Sookie’s loyal.
joie: loyal to a fault
recordcozy: So even if this hottie’s chatting her up, she’s going to
say no.
Beth (Lilabitblf): echo Dianne thoughts
Sarah (Scaniano): So Eric is hot, old, and a little wicked and
intrigued by Sookie a little….according to the books.
Atalija: i don’t either. but i think is mainly because she’s still
trying to figure out her realtionship with Bill. the whole thing is
new to her. there’s a lot to get used to.
Misty: She is loyal. too loyal sometimes
balou8900: Pam’s loyal too by waiting to see if Eric answers
Beth (Lilabitblf): agre Misty
Carla(crazygem85): She tries to ignore any attraction there may be b/w
her and Eric. She really does try and focus all that on Bill
MCC18: She’s loyal because she’s in the dark about too much
Gina: i concur with record and sarah
Beth (Lilabitblf): Pam wilted once Eric answered sooks questions
Misty: Yeah I think Pam was pissed about Eric giving Sookie so much
recordcozy: Well, see. That’s something they have in common.
balou8900: She made her earn it. She’d be an expensive date πŸ™‚
Dianne: I think it shocked her.
MCC18: Oh she did not like that one iota!
AphioRogue: not pissed –
AphioRogue: surprised
Dianne: She wasn’t used to Eric answering a human’s questions.
Atalija: shock, definitely.
recordcozy: Pam’s like, Psh. Humans. Sookie’s just another at this
AphioRogue: hes been with her for centuries – and not cared anything
for humans
Beth (Lilabitblf): exactly
Carla(crazygem85): Pam was very pissed. She was like “who is this
Jenny_Ap: agree with Dianne
MCC18: I got the feeling she didnt like someone else getting her
maker’s attention like that
Beth (Lilabitblf): I didnt see she was pissed…
Gina: yep
judybopp: Oh I wouldn’t have hesitated sucking ‘bullets’ from Eric
*wicked smile*
Dianne: I didn’t either Beth, just very surprised.
Gina: judy you’re talking about the show again! lol
balou8900: I think Bill missed a good swap opporunity. I’m just
Misty: So what did you think about the ride home?
Sarah (Scaniano): Yeah, I got shocked off Pam and that she was
wondering why would he answer this particular human.
MCC18: lol *shakes head @ balou*
Atalija: wait, let’s talk about the bar itself
Carla(crazygem85): pissed may have been a little strong, def
AphioRogue: nah not pissed == cause Pam and Eric dont have :THAT: kind
of relationship = surprised – shocked … not pissed
recordcozy: This is when some of the things Bill says isn’t possessive-
bad, but possessive good.
Atalija: i could picture the whole thing so clearly
Beth (Lilabitblf): agree with Sarah
recordcozy: Like appropriate in the situation.
balou8900: Bar is more colorful on TV. Guess black and white isn’t
good for cable
Beth (Lilabitblf): the Bar πŸ™‚
Carla(crazygem85): I loved that he pulled the car over and kissed her
so passionately
Misty: Pam loves Eric
Beth (Lilabitblf): not good for cable
Gina: i feel like he might as well have peed on her
Atalija: the bar is red on the show, right?
Beth (Lilabitblf): but black and gray is good for shadows
Gina: he was totally marking his territory
Atalija: i missed the wall posters
AphioRogue: totally agree Gina
balou8900: They only do that on cable, not in the books, Gina πŸ™‚
Beth (Lilabitblf): Misty…
Beth (Lilabitblf): Pam is loyal to eric
MCC18: there’s a bond between them, so she will be possessive of her
judybopp: I think Pam likes Sookie more than she has any other human
in centuries but she’s too proud to say she needs a friend
Gina: do what balou?
Dianne: But that comes later
Misty: That is not until later
Atalija: judy: Pam doesn’t like Sookie then
balou8900: pee on her…wait, that’s on cable later at night then True
Blood. Not that I watch…late..at…nevuhmind
AphioRogue: I still want one of those Red Fangtasia shirts
Dianne: I don’t think that she didn’t like Sookie, I jsut think that
Sookie was surprising for everyone she encountered that night.
MCC18: me too Aphio
recordcozy: I agree.
Gina: lol dork! –> balou!
Beth (Lilabitblf): me 3…
AphioRogue: I never got the idea that Pam didnt like Sookie
judybopp: Pam has to be loyal cuz Eric is her maker but she chooses to
be loyal bcuz she wants to! That’s in the books
Dianne: I didn’t either
balou8900: and I’ll thank you now for not smacking me, Gina hehehe
MCC18: I always thought Pam was just rather unimpressed with
her…kind of like she is with everything else lol
Amy (JustAimer): I don’t think Pam ever disliked Sookie…
Jenny_Ap: Agree with Aphio
recordcozy: Yeah, Pam’s just being Pam. She’s not showing hate
specifically to Sookie.
Riverdragon169 from x.x.x.166 joined the chat 2 seconds ago
Amy (JustAimer): just not sure about her
Gina: next time you[re getting CDP…thats a cyber double punch. lol
Amy (JustAimer): Pam is kind of aloof
AphioRogue: Pam is indiffernet
Darling_Vamp: Yeah, pam just thinks all humans are cattle
balou8900: Pam has Bill’s temperament in the beginning
Dianne: Like a cat
judybopp: hey AphioRogue: HBO.com sells those Red Fangtasia shirts
Atalija: I think Pam was ust… underwhelmed?
Gina: i agree with amy
Atalija: not even that
Amy (JustAimer): like a cat is a good description…
AphioRogue: I know – if my new job comes thru I think thats my present
to myself πŸ˜‰
Jenny_Ap: I thought she was indifferent
Beth (Lilabitblf): intrigues Balou
recordcozy: That’s Pam.
Gina: ooh i want to try that trueblood soda
Beth (Lilabitblf): never thought Pam and Bill had the same temperment
AphioRogue: someone here told me about that thru twitter – i was
thrilled πŸ˜‰
MCC18: that stuff is rediculously expensive
Dianne: I don’t think Pam thinks too much of Bill.
balou8900: *balou remains aloof in the true Bill and Eric way* πŸ™‚
Misty: explian that one balou
Atalija: I don’t think anyone thinks too much of off for that matter.
Except Sookie.
AphioRogue: the shirts = not the soda – been reading the books since
they first came out – just finally saw the series this month …
Atalija: *too much of Bill
AphioRogue: LOL
recordcozy: Like I said, they’re not as uptight as Bill. They’re like,
where’s the fun, Bill?
balou8900: Pam hides any like or dislike of Sookie in the initial
meeting. Her reactions to give info appeared to be toward Eric only, I
judybopp: Gins, me to I want to try TB soda, it’s Bloodorange soda & I
love bloodoranges!!
Misty: Anything else about the bar that needs discussing?
Dianne: Me too.
Gina: i dont want the shirt atalija, lol. i want the soda
Gina: i’m over the bar misty ready to move on..
MCC18: PSA: Y’all go vote for Mr. Twitter (and not G’ingBOT)
Misty: Ok onto the ride home
MCC18: now* silly typos
Riverdragon169: the TruBlood soda reminds me of orange soda
balou8900: That soda is more expensive than most of the top ticket
beverages at the liquor store, lol
recordcozy: I like that Sookie bites him. She’s gutsy.
joie: oh this was petty hot
Misty: I was put off when Bill said it may happen whether she wants it
or not
Gina: me too
Sarah (Scaniano): I thought it was sexy but odd….Bill’s timing, I
Jenny_Ap: Tried the soda, a little on the sweet side for my taste, but
it was pretty good
recordcozy: See, I accepted that as appropriate in the moment.
AphioRogue: think he was again saying – you are mine – this will
happen,, Totally Agree Misty –
balou8900: *makes mental note not to use the whether she wants it or
not line on next date*
Misty: It seemed a bit too much
Gina: i was surprised because he seems to be so in control of himself
most times
Misty: lol
AphioRogue: NEVER approrpiate
Beth (Lilabitblf): Bill’s timing was off the whole night
recordcozy: Well, it depends on how you read it.
Carla(crazygem85): I liked it. It showed intensity and passion i
Beth (Lilabitblf): he saw her in the DRESS
Misty: I was into it until her said that
Jenny_Ap: Agree Misty, very agressive
recordcozy: I don’t think it was a GRR thing.
Misty: I mean he said thtat
Liz (MsLizS): I agree Jenny.. it is a tad bit sweet
Dianne: But he’s kind of always like that though
balou8900: aloof and sporting wood = good whether she wants it or not
= bad…okay, got it now
Dianne: Or it seems like that to me
joie: it was very cavemanish, but still kinda ooohhhh
Dianne: LOL
MCC18: So that’s where AB got the idea of “bad timing” for the finale
Jenny_Ap: Probably better with Alcohol! πŸ™‚
Beth (Lilabitblf): horomonse
recordcozy: This is not the place to pick up dating tips, balou!
Sarah (Scaniano): I agree, Misty but I think he’s also trying to show
her that vampires aren’t nice….like she things.
joie: i know im a bad girl, but i liked that whole scene
Sarah (Scaniano): thinks.
Atalija: I don’t know if I’d feel flattered or suffocated
Misty: There are a 1000 things he could of said to get his point
Carla(crazygem85): I did too joie
joie: thanks carla!
balou8900: such as? tell me while my notebook is still out
judybopp: I got 2 shirts from HBO I “%uE022” Eric & Peace Love
Vampires, love them!!
Beth (Lilabitblf): joie not bad…
recordcozy: I think the reason that scene worked was Sookie’s part in
Misty: by biting him you mean?
recordcozy: She initiated, so it showed her independence, not Bill’s
Beth (Lilabitblf): waitSookei didnt initiate
recordcozy: manlyness?
Jenny_Ap: Did she?
judybopp: Oops I guess u can’t see my icons I type it was I “heart”
Eric tshirt
recordcozy: masculinity?
Jenny_Ap: I Missed that
balou8900: he let her, showing his gentlemanly-ness
recordcozy: Okay, reciprocated and took it up a notch.
recordcozy: Yes. Biting.
Beth (Lilabitblf): thats it
Jenny_Ap: Oh okay
Misty: She did stoke the fire
Carla(crazygem85): I think he knew she was attracted to him and he was
to her. He took initiative and i thought it was hot.
Beth (Lilabitblf): till the windows fogged up
Misty: til the red & blues flashed in the window
joie: till the cops came
Gina: lol
Beth (Lilabitblf): that too
Gina: i’m going to go you guys
Jenny_Ap: I know! LOL
Beth (Lilabitblf): cops… kill joy
Atalija: fogged up? that’s so Titanic
Dianne: Which was amusing
recordcozy: I like how the cops all, “I know you’ve been messing
around a little.” Perv.
MCC18: sookie must put off a lot of heat…considering bill’s dead and
cold lol
recordcozy: How long was he there…?
balou8900: yeah, never a cop around when ya need ’em…like at murders
and stuff…but one hot make-out moment and BOOM
Gina: yeah the cop was soo off key
Misty: I have never met a cop that did not ask the man the questions
Dianne: Me either
Gina: yea misty
Beth (Lilabitblf): plus Sookie had to do all the talking
Jenny_Ap: Of course!
Gina: i noticed that too, since he was the driver
Dianne: It’s a power trip thing
balou8900: that wouldn’t have happened in Gran’s sweater
Gina: lol
Carla(crazygem85): i thought that was odd too misty, esp since he was
the driver
Misty: LOL
Gina: lets make gran’s sweater a trending topic
Dianne: LOL at balou
Beth (Lilabitblf): also in the South… they defer to the man in the
Misty: yes they do
Dianne: That’s true Beth
MCC18: wasnt it because of his fangs being out ? or am i mixing show
and book?
judybopp: SO TRUE!! balou8900: yeah, never a cop around when ya need
’em…like at murders and stuff…but one hot make-out moment and BOOM
Gina: but good thing she did answer since his fangs were still out.
joie: sookie was talking cause bill’s fangs were out
stacy: LOL @ Gina
joie: he was aroused lol
recordcozy: They’re out but he’s keeping his mouth shut.
Misty: but a cop would not let that slide
Beth (Lilabitblf): exactly Misty
Dianne: no they wouldn’t
MCC18: ok, just making sure i’m not mixing stuff up
Atalija: so what his fangs were out? is it a crime to be a vamp?
Beth (Lilabitblf): could Bill have been Glamouring?
Carla(crazygem85): no matter what I feel like he should have said
something to Bill
recordcozy: Maybe he just wanted to interrupt something, not that
concerned about the vampers.
Dianne: Since they came from the vamp bar the police were looking for
Misty: No because to glamour bill would have to talk to him
Gina: no its not a crime to be a vamp but the cop would have given him
a harder time since they were raiding a vamp bar around the corner…
joie: cops prejudice against vamps
recordcozy: It is when you’re fleeing a raid, Atalija.
Dianne: I think he’d have to speak to glamour
MCC18: Ata, i think for a vamp alone with a woman in the car, seeing
their fangs out might have lead to a bit of a problem
Beth (Lilabitblf): Its not a crime to be a vamp… but a bar was being
raiding very close by
Beth (Lilabitblf): a vampire bar
Dianne: Exactly
balou8900: Or cop was checking that BIll wasn’t about to drain her
like the bar they were raiding?
joie: he didn’t have a foot to stand on, asking them if they were at
the bar, honestly
Gina: exactly balou
Dianne: No but often they ask questions even if they shouldn’t
Misty: or the cop was hoping they were further alon in their fooling
balou8900: Like talking to her first to give her chance to say HELP
Beth (Lilabitblf): right on MCC18… its like social profiling
recordcozy: The only way they can do anything to shut down Fangtasia
would be if they found someone there feeding.
judybopp: Not a crime to be a vamp but they frown upon feeding from
humans & remember “V” is considered illegal drug
Carla(crazygem85): true joie, but he would have kept them there longer
and who knows what bill would have done then
Atalija: True, true. My bad. I’m too distracted thinking of Eric.
recordcozy: Not driving away, really.
balou8900: *rolls eyes* viking wenches hehehe
Misty: I laughed when the cop checked Bills neck too
AphioRogue: they can check on things when there is a raid in a near by
bar – if they are concerned
Gina: lol yeah
Jenny_Ap: Yeah me too
recordcozy: I know! Who’s the vampire?!
recordcozy: They can’t even tell.
Gina: i guess the cop couldnt really tell or he was being polite lol
Dianne: Maybe he thought since Sookie was doing all the talking she
was the vamp
joie: lol i forgot about the cop checking bill’s neck lol
Gina: nah
Atalija: or he could just be scared
balou8900: Cop was very different from Andy. Andy believes all parties
guilty until proven jailed
Gina: i dont think anyone would suspect sookie of beign a vamp
AphioRogue: yeah = book scene a bit difffrent
Atalija: cautious
Beth (Lilabitblf): LOL Balou
Misty: so onto the drive home when sookie think bill doesnt want her
recordcozy: She’s too tan, I guess. But Bill would be harder to tell
if you didn’t know.
Gina: well i’ll see you guys later. i have to go upstairs, i believe
my kids are tearing the house apart…time to put them to bed.
Liz (MsLizS): Nite Gina
Sarah (Scaniano): night Gina! πŸ™‚
Jenny_Ap: Bye Gina!
balou8900: It’s a kid’s job and they do it well. Take care Gina
Dianne: Goodnight Gina
recordcozy: Goodnight Gina.
AphioRogue: night gina –
Atalija: Ciao, Gina!
MCC18: TC Gina
Gina: thanx all gnight πŸ™‚
Carla(crazygem85): Goodnight Gina
Beth (Lilabitblf): night Gina!
judybopp: Goodnight Gina
Gina: ciao tutti
balou8900: Teacup human alert..everyone check your upstairs
Atalija: LOLOLOL
Gina: lol i heard tht
joie: good night Gina
MCC18: my teacup humans are asleep
Dianne: I can hear my human teacup squirming around upstairs too
joie: lol
joie: i have a teacup dog
Darling_Vamp: God natt!
balou8900: lol…works for Bubba
AphioRogue: LOL – mine are asleep – littlest was made cause I was
doing my bookchat and not going to snuggle him longer
Beth (Lilabitblf): night DV πŸ™‚
recordcozy: Sookie’s always prone to think she’s undesirable. (Car
Dianne: She always sort of thinks the worst of herself most of the
Amy (JustAimer): I have two not so teacup cats…
Beth (Lilabitblf): yes she does
Misty: She really does have self esteem issues
Dianne: That’s sort of a southern upbringing thing too.
Amy (JustAimer): both sleeping – shocking, I know..
Atalija: And so does Bill
balou8900: Sookie, I think, is that way from being treated as freak
all her life for her “disability”
joie: lol
Jenny_Ap: Her lack of relationships, right? All thinking she is a
AphioRogue: comes from knowing what everyone thinks about you all the
Dianne: That too
recordcozy: I guess in that way Bill is good for her, but I think Eric
would have done better.
Carla(crazygem85): Exactly what I thought balou
MCC18: I think her’s is stemmed from lack of experience AND too much
mind reading
recordcozy: He’s not ready yet either though.
Misty: she thinks he wants evertone but her. even Longshadow
recordcozy: Yeah. Well, she has a lot of proof. Like geez fangbangers.
balou8900: okay, let me wipe that Longshadow visual out of my head now
joie: lol
Dianne: LOL
Carla(crazygem85): I thought that was funny that she thought he was
attracted to longshadow. Nothing happened that made me even consider
that thought.
Atalija: balou, oh please!
Beth (Lilabitblf): i missed somthing… what?
Dianne: Insecurity and inexperience combining there
Jenny_Ap: Carla, I know!
recordcozy: She’s thinking anything can happen.
recordcozy: With Bill and his love life.
Beth (Lilabitblf): he is an older gentleman πŸ™‚
Beth (Lilabitblf): (sorry)
joie: o.o
Misty: We skipped my other favorite part. When in ch 3 she tried to
hit Bill after he says he would not defend dawn
AphioRogue: well shes 25 and not even had much experience even with
Jenny_Ap: She is still getting to him and other vampires as well and
the difference between the two
recordcozy: What? So that makes him a sex perv?
MCC18: Well she met those vamps at his house in the previous chapters
and she knows they arent really all that picky about gender, so…..
Jenny_Ap: Know him
balou8900: He’s inexperienced and scared. One wife and then the first
woman he meets sucks the life out of him. I’d be cautious too. πŸ™‚
Sarah (Scaniano): That makes sense also because he’s really the first
person whos mind she can’t read. She has no idea what’s going on in
that head of his. Especially because Bill isn’t very forthcoming.
Dianne: Vamps are more open in their views on sexuality
Amy (JustAimer) from x.x.x.102 joined the chat 5 seconds ago
MCC18: lol balou
Misty: LOL balou
Dianne: LOL Balou
joie: LOL balou lol lol
Carla(crazygem85): Vamps definitely seem to have zero inhibitions in
the sex department
recordcozy: I wouldn’t call Bill unexperienced.
balou8900: women are evil…but the alternative is
Longshadow…so..yeah, women rock! πŸ™‚
Dianne: They are open to anything
Atalija: don’t even start with Lorena
recordcozy: inexperienced*
Beth (Lilabitblf): Agree Dianne
MCC18: Just using what Sookie knows about vamps preferences and her
lack of being able to hear his thoughts…she’s bound to think things
off the charts anyway
Misty: that is true mcc
recordcozy: Yeah, the ultimate control freak situation.
Jenny_Ap: Good point MCC18
recordcozy: Know everything, know nothing.
MCC18: two new territories for her too
Beth (Lilabitblf): true πŸ™‚
balou8900: Naw, she’s playing hard to get. She knows if she puts out
neck on the first date he’ll never call her again. hehehe
Dianne: I don’t think she reads peoples expressions because she has
always just heard what they are thinking.
Misty: He was sweet with her when she was beating him up.
Dianne: Body languge doesn’t mean much to her.
recordcozy: He treats her like a toddler throwing tantrums.
recordcozy: Okay, calm down.
recordcozy: Soothing puppy.
MCC18: She’s learned to ignore people pretty well so I think she’s
just oblivious to a lot of things sometimes.
Dianne: Which is sort of how she was acting
Misty: I am sure she has seen a person body language say one thing
while they are thinking something else
recordcozy: She does do that a lot.
Carla(crazygem85): Agreed mcc18
Dianne: That’s true too
Atalija: Dianne, not sure about that. She knows when people are lying
by watching their actions while reading their toughts. That’d make her
a pro in body language. She masters it herself.
Misty: She was throwing a tantrum that time
Jenny_Ap: She was
joie: she is naive and untouched
balou8900: She is also at the stage of spending more time trying to
block out thoughts then take them in.
joie: too bratty for me
recordcozy: She goes there very quickly. Like she can’t handle any
little emotional spike.
Jenny_Ap: She had a moment
Sarah (Scaniano): See, I didn’t see it as her throwing a tantrum. I’m
crazy demonstrative when I’m angry. I thought she was just being
Misty: Yeah she doesn have the concentration for body language
Beth (Lilabitblf): or the practice
MCC18: I’m not sure about that Atalija…I think seeing the body
language and hearing the lies would make it difficult to corellate the
Dianne: true
Beth (Lilabitblf): not if your not used to it
MCC18: but how would you know what it truly meant if it was normally
tied to a lie?
MCC18: maybe i’m looking at this wrong
Carla(crazygem85): I think i agree with mcc18. I know that I try and
focus on what i want my body language to say while my words say
something else.
recordcozy: She’s starting from scratch, so it’s going to be hard for
her. Vampires don’t emote well anyway.
Beth (Lilabitblf): forget my last comment… i think i misread
balou8900: *makes mental note to watch Carla’s body language*
Misty: So you are an expert liar carla? LOL
Carla(crazygem85): And that statement makes me sound like a compulsive
liar…lol!! Whichh i am not
MCC18: lol @ Carla
Jenny_Ap: LOL Carla
recordcozy: But you might be lying.
AphioRogue: she has no idea how to go – this is completly new
territory – PLUS for the first time in her life she CAN let her guard
Beth (Lilabitblf): lol
MCC18: we cant tell by her body language either!
recordcozy: So you’ve ruined you reputation.
recordcozy: your*
Carla(crazygem85): lol!! so true. you guys will never know
balou8900: she can but she intentionally doesn’t…I’ll gladly listen
for the women’s perspective of that mixed signal
recordcozy: Well, it’s just force of habit. She probably forgets she
recordcozy: Like when Sam tells her she can relax. “I thought I was.”
Jenny_Ap: What let her guard down?
Misty: yeah she def does not know how to relax.
balou8900: and aloof Bill forgot to remind her of that
joie: *shakes head* carla your body language is different from your
AphioRogue: cause she doesnt have to watch what she says
Atalija: this whole mind reading thing reminds of the flashes of
eric’s thoughts in the future. I KNOW it’s completely off topic, but
I’m thinking about it now.
Beth (Lilabitblf): she knows Bill is different in her mind
Dianne: It’s probably just second nature to her at this point
MCC18: she makes that statement about always keeping those walls up in
her mind. sometimes i get the feeling she doesnt know how to NOT keep
that guard up when she needs to
recordcozy: At this point, Bill doesn’t care about her tension.
AphioRogue: because she doest have to watch reacting to something
someone hasnt said outloud
Beth (Lilabitblf): I know Ata I know πŸ™‚ must wait though
recordcozy: He’s not reminding her.
Misty: I think she is always on gaurd
recordcozy: Exactly, Misty.
Beth (Lilabitblf): its ingrained in her daily life
Atalija: Beth, I know, I know. πŸ™‚
balou8900: Do vampires take cold showers after a PG rated date ending?
MCC18: i know there’s been times wheer she says the thoughts just all
come flooding in and pummel her…but i dont think that happens often
recordcozy: They bite someone.
Misty: LOL balou I wondered that too
Beth (Lilabitblf): who bites?
joie: I don’t think it would work, they are already cold
MCC18: pick me pick me *raises hand*
Beth (Lilabitblf): besides the vamps
recordcozy: Vampires after PG dates.
Atalija: balou I think they turn on SexyFangs on TV
AphioRogue: but when she is just around the vamps she doesnt need to
be cause there isnt that buzzing of extra vocies around her (forgoth
waht book it says that in )
recordcozy: lol Atalijia
Misty: Well she is also scared she might “hear” a vamp
balou8900: hehe…I really need to add channels to my satellite box
recordcozy: Aaah typos.
joie: become hand jockies for the night
MCC18: right Aphio, but that’s all new to her so i wonder if she fully
understands the freedom of that yet
Beth (Lilabitblf): Misty I would too
Dianne: Because she knows they might kill her for that
AphioRogue: i think so — its why she is so drawn to bill right away
Atalija: Misty, I don’t think she even considers the possibility of
hearing them by then
Atalija: Or does she?
Misty: Me too. I would run away like Barry
Beth (Lilabitblf): Its also what she might hear… if she could
recordcozy: I can’t see Bill doing that. He’s got the ladies throwing
themselves at him. He doesn’t have to have to cheat by more than
biting. And the result’s the same.
balou8900: Barry just needed the lovin’ of a good vampire woman to
mend his ways
Beth (Lilabitblf): but Biting is a part of their life.. its feeding
MCC18: poor Barry lol
Misty: An d who knows if Bill is faithful at this point.
Beth (Lilabitblf): not just sex
recordcozy: That too.
Misty: He has made no promises to her yet
Dianne: And they don’t seem to mind being bitten themselves at all.
Dianne: Well except for maybe Bill! ;oP
Beth (Lilabitblf): very true…
Jenny_Ap: Yup
MCC18: He cant really ever make promises to her…yanno the whole
“maker” bit
Carla(crazygem85): True, theres no way of knowing if he is or not at
this point
balou8900: But this wasn’t billed to be a vampire booty call…she
asked the gentleman out
Beth (Lilabitblf): and it was a fact finding mission
beckyvtx from x.x.x.55 left the chat 4 seconds ago
Beth (Lilabitblf): but that lead to their argum,ent on the drive
home πŸ™‚
Dianne: That’s true
Misty: that is true. It wasnt a date
recordcozy: The danger and Eric-glarefesting made it into the perfect
setup for a vamp booty call if you’re Bill.
Beth (Lilabitblf): by Faithfull… are we saying biting faithfull or
Misty: that is true recordcozy
recordcozy: I think monogamy.
MCC18: *makes note to always go on fact finding missions with a vamp*
balou8900: it was too…she used fact finding as her method of asking
him out. Nobody seems to shook up that a couple deaths have happend,
Misty: lol mcc
balou8900: *makes mental note to skip fact finding missions as a vamp
and always go straight the vamp booty call date*
Beth (Lilabitblf): they havnt come out of the coffins yet in our time
yet πŸ™‚
Misty: LOL balou
Dianne: LOL
Liz (MsLizS): ol
Atalija: OT: I’m on air with my radio show right now. I’d send yall a
huge shout out, but the show is in Portuguese, so I think it would be
a little weird. πŸ™‚
Liz (MsLizS): lol even
Misty: I keep hoping that they will beth
Beth (Lilabitblf): wow… thanks Ata
balou8900: you on blogtalk, Atalija?
Dianne: Wouldn’t that be interesting
DethRose from x.x.x.79 joined the chat 2 seconds ago
Atalija: balou: no, radio radio. like… radio.
Carla(crazygem85): Me too misty
Misty: hey we have members from all over the world
Beth (Lilabitblf): we can keep hoping Misty
DethRose: Totally forgot about this. Sorry.
Carla(crazygem85): i would love it if they did πŸ™‚
balou8900: cool! have fun and accept my shout out back, albeit in
english and on a computer screen *SHOUT* πŸ™‚
Liz (MsLizS): Sleeping next to a vamo would cut down on my A/C bill
joie: lol
Dianne: LOL Liz
Beth (Lilabitblf): LOL Liz
Liz (MsLizS): vamp even
MCC18: lol @ no, radio radio, like….radio. that made me laugh like a
fool for some reason
Carla(crazygem85): that it would Liz
Misty: yeah it would!!! I love in south texas. I need a n ac break
Jenny_Ap: LOL Liz
balou8900: sleeping next to one puts a whole new perspective to cold
feet in bed during winter though
Liz (MsLizS): <—- in south FL… hot and humid as heck down here
Misty: ok so is there anything else we missed abot ch 3 & 4
Dianne: We’re having lovely fall like weather here in MD and I’m glad!
Beth (Lilabitblf): umm … more Eric?
Atalija: i don’t think any Vamp would survive here in Brazil.
balou8900: Might have already said it but I loved Gran’s double
meaning of Don’t drink too much line she said to Bill
Carla(crazygem85): I’m in MD too and its very nice right now
Dianne: I agree Beth! ;oP
recordcozy: Woot!
recordcozy: That was for more Eric!
Misty: didnt someone say they have a question about bill that has
never been answered/
Dianne: Carla, I’m a big fan of fall
Beth (Lilabitblf): i know RC
recordcozy: That was me. I changed my mind.
Liz (MsLizS): I think we may need a seperate Eric chat on another
night… or every night
balou8900: I’m in MN so I’d like to point out that I AM the only
Viking in the room *thrust out chest proudly*
Misty: me too balou
Dianne: LOL Balou
Carla(crazygem85): Beth, me too!! Its a great time of year
Liz (MsLizS): lol balou
Misty: that was for the gran comment not the viking comment
MCC18: Chapters 3 & 4 left me feeling like I did after the
finale…wanting more Eric *sigh*
Beth (Lilabitblf): dont we do that on tweets anyway? Eric all teh
Atalija: balou, I tink you might be in danger now
Atalija: *fangs out*
recordcozy: I feel bad for the only Viking in the room next to Eric.
Carla(crazygem85): I always want more Eric!!!
Liz (MsLizS): lol true Beth
MCC18: lol record
balou8900: dang…gotta time that Viking comment better next time *yet
another mental note..overloading on mental now*
foxxy23 from x.x.x.110 joined the chat 5 seconds ago
MCC18: *patsthe top of balou’s head* it’ll be ok, i promise.
balou8900: Teach me *fangs out* in portuguese πŸ™‚
Sarah (Scaniano): The only thing that struck me about 3 & 4 that I
didn’t mention was that I loved the mental image of the pine pollen on
Dawn’s porch. It made me think of home. πŸ™‚
recordcozy: lol
Beth (Lilabitblf): where is Home?
recordcozy: I mentioned the pollen earlier but no one noticed.
Sarah (Scaniano): North Carolina, the mountains.
recordcozy: I was wondering about that.
Dianne: Sarah, that reminded me of growing up in TN
Atalija: oh. it made me wonder ig JB would play a big part in Sookie’s
life later on.
MCC18: that pine pollen image made me shudder thinking of April here
in SC….man that stuff is awful
Beth (Lilabitblf): in GA pollen is very very bad… and i mentally
ignore it
joie: lol balou well then I am an angel of sorts cause I’m a saint!
balou8900: consider this a deja vu moment recordcozy πŸ™‚
recordcozy: Sookie says her footprints were the only ones in the
pollen, but Rene was already there.
Sarah (Scaniano): Sorry recordcozy, I was fixing food. I missed it. πŸ™‚
Atalija: Sarah, I LOOOVE Maggie Valley.
Misty: I cant find who had the bill question
recordcozy: I had the Bill question, but I take it back. I think we
covered it.
joie: maybe they left
Beth (Lilabitblf): but Dawn had been dead long enough for flies
Sarah (Scaniano): Me too, Atalija. It’s a lovely place.
Atalija: Beth, does your nose also mentally ignores it? Mine couldn’t.
amethyste from x.x.x.207 joined the chat
Beth (Lilabitblf): i wish…
balou8900: JB must be a sound sleeper…or watch a lot of porn so
those moans and screams didn’t phase him
Misty: yeah dawn was dead long enough for pollen to cover the pario
Beth (Lilabitblf): when GA becomes the land of yellow.. i want to die
recordcozy: Okay.
Dianne: And in that heat too
recordcozy: I wasn’t sure. So Rene’s just like hanging out in front of
this chick’s house and no one notices?
Misty: I think JB thought it was a regular dawn date
Atalija: Ok, Lady Gaga’s Paparazzi on MTV Hits now. Oh, Eric… I
mean! Alex… *sighs*
Dianne: Because she liked it rough
Misty: I think rene lives near there
recordcozy: Some small town. They must think Dawns a big hussy.
MCC18: The pine pollen covering the porch doesnt mean diddly….that
stuff would take 3.4 seconds to cover most anything here when it’s in
season lol
Jenny_Ap: Doesn’t Rene live across the street
joie: LOL dawn date RBS!
balou8900: I need more exciting neighbors..I must not be livin’ right
Beth (Lilabitblf): I am not sure were Rene lives
Dianne: I think Rene lives across the street
joie: yes across the street
Carla(crazygem85): I think you’re right Dianne
recordcozy: Thanks for the pollen expert advice, mcc. We don’t have
that stuff up north πŸ™‚
recordcozy: Or me north.
Misty: must be nice to not have pollen issues
Amy (JustAimer): I’ve never seen it either RC (I’m in WI)
recordcozy: PA for me.
Misty: it is hell on sinuses
Amy (JustAimer): We have pollen issues of a different sort – can’t see
it, but ya can feel it…
Beth (Lilabitblf): but we dont have snow down here πŸ™‚
Jenny_Ap: How about Dawn going to see bill? That got me off guard
MCC18: We had it in northern NY but not nearly as bad as it is
here…it’s a cloudy yellow haze for about 2 weeks
Atalija: I lived in SC for 2 years and I’ve seen for a life time!
balou8900: That must be the video my daugher called me into the room
to confirm it was Eric on the music video, lol
AphioRogue from x.x.x.15 joined the chat 2 seconds ago
Liz (MsLizS): I didn’t have allergy issues in NY… but when I moved
south forget it
Misty: Yeah Dawn was pretty brave to go see Bill
AphioRogue: ack – blue screen of death – waht ddid I miss??
Misty: Talk about an ego
balou8900: pollen issues and a waffle house on every highway exit as I
MCC18: me neither Liz
Jenny_Ap: I know, huh?
Beth (Lilabitblf): Dawn… gain… ego
Misty: Hey my 1st job was at waffle house
recordcozy: Dawn hits Bill’s chair with her hips. Ugh.
Jenny_Ap: and Eric hooking up with Dawn?
Carla(crazygem85): I spent many a late nights at a waffle house
balou8900: I loved waffle house when I was out there, but was amazed
at how many of ’em there are, lol
AphioRogue: um?? WHAT?
recordcozy: Well, we knew that from the show… which I’m not supposed
to say.
Atalija: jealous
DethRose: Lol!
Misty: I wonder who didnt hook up with dawn. even the cop
joie: lol
balou8900: I didn’t…and she was pretty hot in the TV version *pouty
Carla(crazygem85): Dawn got around, thats for sure
Amy (JustAimer): Andy – Andy didn’t hook up with Dawn… Neither did
Lafyette – LOL
Amy (JustAimer): oops Lafayette
MCC18: Sam didnt, did he?
Jenny_Ap: LOL AMy!
recordcozy: Laffy. Yes, count him out.
Misty: if you were around I am sure she would of balou
Jenny_Ap: LOL Misty
Amy (JustAimer): I thought Sam tapped that … teehee hee
Dianne: I don’t think Sam did
Atalija: did Sam?
recordcozy: That saves Dawns virtue. And from saying she’s slept with
every man in BT.
balou8900: thank you, Misty. I’ll go to bed with a higher self esteem
now πŸ™‚
Beth (Lilabitblf): Sam did not
Jenny_Ap: I didn’t get that Sam did
Beth (Lilabitblf): might be why they had friction
recordcozy: There’s two versions of Sam-Dawn.
joie: exactly
Misty: But why did she yell at sam?
recordcozy: 1 – She wanted him, he said no.
joie: friction *giggles like a school girl*
recordcozy: 2 – She hated him and yelled at him in public.
Misty: that could be recordcozy
Jenny_Ap: She was with someone when she missed work the first time,
Dianne: That’s a good theory
Beth (Lilabitblf): Dawn sex=power over the man she is with
Jenny_Ap: and he came to check on her?
Atalija: that’s plain rude of her
AphioRogue: not sam
recordcozy: That’s one of the consistency problems with the books
people point out.
balou8900: Only if it’s good sex…and waffles for breakfast πŸ™‚
Dianne: Among many others
Beth (Lilabitblf): Recordcozy, how?
Dianne: LOL
Misty: what is
recordcozy: Huh?
Misty: what is a consistency problem
recordcozy: Oh, the consistency problems?
Atalija: yeah, i’m lost
joie: *smoochies* I’m heading out, gotta read new chapter of Picking
Up the Pieces *squee*
Beth (Lilabitblf): i got lost and I admit it
MCC18: nite joie
Misty: bye joie
Amy (JustAimer): I’m gonna call it a night too – sleepy… g’nite
all πŸ™‚
Beth (Lilabitblf): bye joie!
Carla(crazygem85): Night joie!!
recordcozy: I just thought that was one: Like Sam and Dawn had a
thing, Sam and Dawn hated eachother
Sarah (Scaniano): night joie! πŸ™‚
Misty: nite amy
balou8900: I’m just smiling at the screen uncyber slapped
Sarah (Scaniano): Night Amy πŸ™‚
balou8900: G’night joie
recordcozy: I think.
Misty: yeah I agree recordcozy
Liz (MsLizS): Night Amy and Joie
MCC18: Nite Amy
balou8900: c’ya Amy
Jenny_Ap: Sam and Dawn had a thing? Didn’t get that…
Atalija: bye amy
Carla(crazygem85): Nite Amy!
Jenny_Ap: BYe AMy
Dianne: I didn’t pick that up in the show
Misty: I dont think they were together
Dianne: There wast hat picture of them at the bar, but I thought that
was just a friendly thing
Beth (Lilabitblf): i didnt get it in teh books either
recordcozy: I know. That’s the consistency thing. She should have
followed the they had a thing path or they hate each other path, but
she didn’t.
Sarah (Scaniano): I did, but only from a picture of Sam and Dawn on
the wall at Merlotte’s in season 1. They were all huggy.
recordcozy: They forgot to edit or something.
Misty: yeah that should of been clearer
recordcozy: Or I don’t know what I’m talking about. But I feel like
I’ve heard this.
Jenny_Ap: Aww.. I get what you are saying now Record
Misty: Ok so its almost 10.
recordcozy: Yeah, and that’s what they chose in the show, Sarah. The
they had a thing thing.
Sarah (Scaniano): Yeppers, looked that way.
Misty: Can we list any pros/cons of the chat? as it better this time?
recordcozy: Yes. I am getting sleepy.
Dianne: I think it went well
Sarah (Scaniano): I enjoyed myself immensely.
MCC18: Seemed fine to me πŸ™‚
Atalija: 10? it’s almost midnight on my neck of the woods
Jenny_Ap: Echo Sarah
Atalija: πŸ™‚
recordcozy: I think it worked okay, but we have to sprinkle in the
Eric a little more.
Misty: I think we stayed on topic better.
Beth (Lilabitblf): i think it went better tonight! we stayed on point
for most past
Carla(crazygem85): This chat definitely stayed on point. I really
enjoyed it!!
recordcozy: I died during the Andy Bellefleur talk. πŸ™‚
Sarah (Scaniano): midnight? it’s barely 8pm here. πŸ˜€
Atalija: it was awesome
Misty: Any cons?
Liz (MsLizS): It was real good…. I just get caught up reading and
forget to say something lol
balou8900: I enjoyed the chat
Sarah (Scaniano): No cons from this neck of the woods.
Jenny_Ap: I thought I was the only one in the west!
Carla(crazygem85): Honestly, no cons for me.
Beth (Lilabitblf): showing up on time?
recordcozy: Cons: Too much Bellefleur, not enough Eric.
Beth (Lilabitblf): just minor ones really
recordcozy: I don’t have any real ones.
Sarah (Scaniano): Nope, I’m out here too Jenny. πŸ™‚
Misty: I want to thank my sheriffs and everyone that particiapted. And
thanks to balou for being the only viking
Beth (Lilabitblf): more eric soon!!!
recordcozy: lol
balou8900: We need more Pam quality time…hehehe. Yeah, I know she
wasn’t in there much but I’m just sayin…
Sarah (Scaniano): yay balou!
Jenny_Ap: LOL
recordcozy: Don’t let Eric hear you say that, Misty!
Atalija: there will never be enough of Eric honetly
MCC18: Could we skip to book 4 next week *waggles eyebrows*
Atalija: *honestly
Beth (Lilabitblf): LMAO
Carla(crazygem85): lol mcc18
Liz (MsLizS): LOL MCC
Sarah (Scaniano): lol MCC
balou8900: My pleasure and thank you viking wenches for forming my fan
club. Eric who?!! *proud look*
Jenny_Ap: LOL Mcc18
Dianne: LOL
Misty: Ok. As always I will post the chat on our google group page &
if anyone has any comments,questions or anything DM me.
Liz (MsLizS): lol balou πŸ˜›
recordcozy: I second that mcc. Eyebrows!
MCC18: blasphemy balou! lol
balou8900: hehehe
Carla(crazygem85): Thanks Misty!
Beth (Lilabitblf): we wenches know our hero
recordcozy: Woot Misty!
MCC18: Thanks again for setting this all up Misty :)=
Jenny_Ap: Yeah, Thanx Misty!
Sarah (Scaniano): Thanks Misty! πŸ™‚
Misty: And if anyone wants to sheriff next week dm me
Beth (Lilabitblf): echo all!
Liz (MsLizS): Thanks Misty!! πŸ™‚
balou8900: Thanks Misty…nice work getting us all together
Jenny_Ap: Next week 5 & 6, right?
Atalija: i like my sheriff.
Misty: So chapters 5 & 6 for next week
recordcozy: Yep.
Atalija: deal
Misty: You are welcome.
Sarah (Scaniano): Yeppers
MCC18: *snaps fingers* so much for book 4
recordcozy: Don’t let the dream die, mcc!
Sarah (Scaniano): haha
Misty: Book 4 may need a daily chat!!! Or 2 hours for one page
Beth (Lilabitblf): hehe
Carla(crazygem85): We’ll get there mcc
balou8900: Book 4 is for when we are all visibly shaking from lacku
recordcozy: Hahahaha. You’re right.
MCC18: i’ll just reread it 498485 times until then….at least the
shower scene
Liz (MsLizS): lol
Atalija: 2 weeks for the shower scene only
MCC18: lmao Misty, no joke
recordcozy: YES.
Beth (Lilabitblf): amen Ata
Carla(crazygem85): Seriously, book 4 will be some major discussion
Liz (MsLizS): yikes yahoo yum
Dianne: oh yeah
Misty: wow I just got 5 DM’s I am a bit scared
Dianne: LOL
Sarah (Scaniano): Amen, Liz, amen.
recordcozy: Liz. Nice.
balou8900: yes it will and I’ll be there to console the Eric fans..cuz
I’m just that sorta guy
MCC18: balou, the stand in viking
Sarah (Scaniano): *snickers at balou*
Misty: I bet you are balou. Like JB always there to comfort a woman
Jenny_Ap: LOL
Liz (MsLizS): lol
recordcozy: I think the Eric fans will not be able to say anything but
balou8900: lol
MCC18: and wipe drool from the keyboard
recordcozy: Misty. You are the best ever.
Misty: or panty explosion like joie always says
Sarah (Scaniano): Yeah, I get all incoherent talking about Eric.
Dianne: LOL
balou8900: I’ll order you ladies up the keyboard condoms by then
Beth (Lilabitblf): exactly
Misty: why thank you recordcozy
Beth (Lilabitblf): speaking of Eric… go vote!
MCC18: you rawk balou
Beth (Lilabitblf): often
Misty: yeah go vote
Atalija: balu: LOL
Sarah (Scaniano): http://tweeterwall.mallplace.com/tw/worldwide/ultimate-world-mr-twitter
Jenny_Ap: So thoughtful balou
Dianne: Who is that guy in front of him?
recordcozy: AAAAHHHH! SBT/Eric Twitter exchange right now!
Carla(crazygem85): Thats exactly what I just did beth!!!
Jenny_Ap: Chayenne…Latin AMerican singer
recordcozy: Must read and giggle.
Liz (MsLizS): Yes Eric got Pusylover9
Dianne: I’m watching that exchange too.
Beth (Lilabitblf): iwas being good and not following till now
Sarah (Scaniano): Oooo, Eric on Twitter. I’m all aflutter.
balou8900: G’night all…I’m off to do what stand-in vikings do…look
important in front of a computer screen
MCC18: Ok gotta run…i have a paper to finish before midnight…T-
minus 1 hour! Goodnight y’all :)=
Atalija: I’m latin american and I have NO IDEA who this Chayenne is
Dianne: Good luck MCC18
Liz (MsLizS): Nite Balou
Misty: to leave the chat room type /bye
Dianne: I’ve never heard of him.
Sarah (Scaniano): Great chat, night everyone. πŸ™‚
recordcozy: Bye people.
Beth (Lilabitblf): GL MCC18
recordcozy from x.x.x.237 left the chat
MCC18 from x.x.x.25 left the chat 2 seconds ago
Sarah (Scaniano) from x.x.x.149 left the chat
Jenny_Ap: Really? He was more famous back like 10 years ago
Liz (MsLizS): Nite MCC
Carla(crazygem85): Loved the chat!! Night all!
balou8900: bye
Beth (Lilabitblf): bye
Liz (MsLizS): I think my parents listen to chayanne or something
Dianne: I’ll have to Google him.
Atalija: well this was fun.
Carla(crazygem85): bye
Atalija: g’nite yall
Jenny_Ap: Good nite!
Atalija: see yall next sunday
balou8900 from x.x.x.25 left the chat
Dianne: It was fun. Goodnight everyone!
Liz (MsLizS): Nite Dianne


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