Weekly Chat #3 Dead Until Dark Ch. 5-6

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Rosie: hi

Rosie: whats ur twitter names?

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Misty: I am ssbookclub

IckyCandy: hihi

Misty: hola

Misty: truebloodfan are you going to help me sheriff tonight? That
what the blue color means.

truebloodfan001: Oh, I dont know. Sure. I thought i would join in this
evening. πŸ™‚

IckyCandy: later today im going to reread the Vampire Academy series

Misty: If you havent read these yet please do

Misty: I have not read the vampire academy series yet. Is it good?

IckyCandy: its great

IckyCandy: in those books there are 2 types of vamps

Misty: I will add it to my reading list then.

IckyCandy: the end is so sad πŸ˜₯

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Misty: I am glad we have a belle is here. Most of the time its all
about Eric

Misty: Hey starfury

Starfury: Hiya

truebloodfan001: Okay. I read the rules πŸ™‚

truebloodfan001: Yes, I am a belle.

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Misty: Hey Suz

Suz: Hi everyone!

recordcozy: Hello.

Misty: Hey recordcozy!!

Starfury: *waves*

Misty: How is everyone tonight?

truebloodfan001: Hello Everyone

recordcozy: Fine. Sleepy.

Suz: wonderful!

Suz: This is my first chat, which book are we discussing?

Misty: we are discussing book 1 chapters 5-6

recordcozy: Wait. I just read back, what’s wrong with all about Eric?!

recordcozy: Ha ha ha.

IckyCandy: haha

Misty: Nothing is wrong with all Eric. I am just glad Bill will be
represented a well

Misty: Did you see my conversaton with Eric the other night?

recordcozy: No!

IckyCandy: I didnt

recordcozy: What was it?

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Misty: It is here

truebloodfan001: yes, Bill will be represented tonight.

atalija: hey yall

recordcozy: Hey.

Misty: During the week I have asked @VampireBill & one of the Erics
@Eric_ofarea5 to join our chat

Misty: Neither could this will but both have promised to make an
appearance soon.

atalija: awesome

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Misty: hey atalija

atalija: oh, not so awesome then, still cool

Misty: hey beth

Beth (Lilabitblf): hey misty!

recordcozy: HAHAHA. Geez Misty.

Suz: ok had to go get my book to catch up…I read it so long ago.

truebloodfan001: @vampirebill will be represented tonight.

atalija: Hey Misty, recordcozy, Beth πŸ™‚

recordcozy: That was so funny. It was all, what, book club? Oh, let me
fang you.

recordcozy: Eric’s all lusty for books.

recordcozy: I like it.

IckyCandy: lol

Beth (Lilabitblf): lol

Beth (Lilabitblf): Hey ata!

Misty: I asked all of the Belles to join. I like to get all points of

Misty: he was hot for the bookclub

recordcozy: Well, they’re good for this one! A little Bill love. Aw.

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Misty: Hey scaniano

Sarah (Scaniano): Hello people πŸ™‚

Beth (Lilabitblf): Hey Sarah!

truebloodfan001: Hello everyone. πŸ™‚

IckyCandy: hi

Misty: I think it is also good to have a belle as a sheriff

Misty: LOL

recordcozy: Hi!

recordcozy: They should have another name! Like Bill’s General or

truebloodfan001: LOL

recordcozy: Sheriff is a VK word!

Beth (Lilabitblf): Misty LOL…we did good last week πŸ™‚

recordcozy: Yeah, when Misty didn’

recordcozy: talk about sniffing Eric.

Misty: That true. What do you want to be truebloodfan?

recordcozy: hahaha

Misty: I sniffed Eric?

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truebloodfan001: hahaha…

Misty: hey mcc

recordcozy: You talked about how he smelled like something and started
a frenzy of VK spazzing!

MCC18: *waves regally*

Beth (Lilabitblf): i will need to reread last weeks chat πŸ™‚

recordcozy: Hi there mcc!

Misty: I like my men to smell good

truebloodfan001: well, who dosent.

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Beth (Lilabitblf): *shuddering at the thought* oh yeah

MCC18: I’m gonna get this outta my system right now so I dont veer off
subject tonight….I REALLY LOVE ERIC.

Jenny_Ap: Ladies! Hi!

Misty: Hi

MCC18: *breathes* ok feel better.

Beth (Lilabitblf): Hey Jenny!

MCC18: Hi Jenny

Sarah (Scaniano): Hiya πŸ™‚

Jenny_Ap: Hiya Beth, Sarah , MCC & Misty!

truebloodfan001: Okay, let me get this straight..everyone here is an
Eric lover

Sarah (Scaniano): I am.

Suz: Amen!

Misty: you see what I mean.

Jenny_Ap: me too

Misty: But I also love Bill

recordcozy: That’s right. Don’t mention anything about naked Eric or
you’ll be typing GBOT like crazy…

Beth (Lilabitblf): are we sounding off for the wenches?

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truebloodfan001: Okay, just so i know. phew.

Misty: I am neutral. I love them both for diff reaseons

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MCC18: Great the whole naked eric thing already…I’m doomed !!!

Dianne (DiannesDishes): Hello everyone!

Jenny_Ap: lol

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Misty: balou as a sheriff? Arent you the reason we have sheriffs?

Beth (Lilabitblf): dang 4 sheriffs/mods tongiht

recordcozy: Sorry. Preliminary spazzing only.

Jenny_Ap: Hey Dianne

MCC18: *waves @ Balou*

balou8900: I gave you ladies a head start so I could come and put
things back into perspective. πŸ™‚

recordcozy: Ha ha ha.

Suz: It is going to be hard to keep the book seperate from the show…

Dianne (DiannesDishes): lol

MCC18: I agree Suz

Beth (Lilabitblf): Suz, it is but it can be done πŸ™‚

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Jenny_Ap: I think we have done pretty good do far

Jenny_Ap: so far

balou8900: Evenin’ all. I’d imagine cold showers were in order for all
after these two chapters? *waves @MCC18*

recordcozy: Well, we’re sort of similar for a lot of this part.

Amy (JustAimer): hi room!

recordcozy: For the show.

Beth (Lilabitblf): I had tears during reread of 5

Dianne (DiannesDishes): Hi Amy

Sarah (Scaniano): Hi hi πŸ™‚

Misty: hey amy

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Jenny_Ap: Hi amy

Beth (Lilabitblf): Hola Amy!

DethRose: Hallo.

Misty: hey dethrose

andiegilmore: hi all. I missed last week’s chat…so if there’s any
new rules I should be aware of, please let me know! =)

recordcozy: Hi.

truebloodfan001: evening y’all. Alright eric lovers, i will do my best
to not um, well ya know go on a rampage.

MCC18: Hai DethRose

DethRose: Hey.

balou8900: Yes..one rule..no matter how ridiculous my comments, ya
can’t thwap me…hehehe

MCC18: Hi Amy!

Misty: I can

andiegilmore: LOL darn

recordcozy: tbfan, I don’t think Bill was too bad this time. So you
don’t have to worry that much.

balou8900: Misty can but she can’t send the cabana boys over to do it

MCC18: lol @record

recordcozy: There was no neck grabbing or the like this time.

Suz: so who is going to get things started?

Beth (Lilabitblf): umm…

recordcozy: It’s not 9 yet. Or whatever time you are.

truebloodfan001: alright..

Dianne (DiannesDishes): I love Eric, but I like Bill to. So no

Dianne (DiannesDishes): too even

Suz: oh sorry…got ahead of myself

Misty: Well I was waiting for 1 more person but I guess they are not

balou8900: I will…I think Sookie and Jason need sensitivity training

Beth (Lilabitblf): I am for who ever makes Sook happy

MCC18: I like Bill too ( for now at least) *cough*

Misty: So to start I thought we could have announcements or updates.

recordcozy: We’re mostly allowed to like him now.

truebloodfan001: I love Bill eric has his moments..

Misty: Like one of our members had a baby today so congrats to

Beth (Lilabitblf): woo hoo!

Jenny_Ap: Awww!

Beth (Lilabitblf): ther future reader

andiegilmore: agreed, record. Bill is okay for now.

balou8900: I love Sookie, even if she takes forever to choose what
she’s wearing

recordcozy: Aw! Awesome.

Dianne (DiannesDishes): Aww!

MCC18: W00t!

Sarah (Scaniano): Ohh, that’s great!

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Misty: I have added a likn the the google group for other tb site,
fanfic & ebooks

Carla: Hey guys!

Beth (Lilabitblf): Carla!

MCC18: *waves to Carla*

recordcozy: Hi Carla!

Misty: anyone can go and add their recommendations to the links

Sarah (Scaniano): Hiya Carla πŸ™‚

andiegilmore: do we have link to the audio books?

Misty: ans on a sad note @svandergaast lost her daughter last night so
keep her family in you thoughts

MCC18: Am I the only person that cannot stand that woman’s voice in
the audio books?

Dianne (DiannesDishes): Oh that is sad

truebloodfan001: sad.

Misty: the ebboks are for some anne rice & jr ward & the sookie books

Carla: Thats terrible 😦

MCC18: Oh man, so sorry to hear that

Beth (Lilabitblf): we are… its a terrible loss

Sarah (Scaniano): That’s such a shame.

Misty: and I cannot type today

balou8900: wow…that’s terrible

andiegilmore: very sad. will pray for them…

atalija: Links to the audiobooks: http://atalija.com/2009/09/15/the-southern-vampire-mysteries/

Suz: ok

andiegilmore: thanks atalija!

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MCC18: yay for ata!

Kris: What’s up guys?

Misty: So to start. Ch 5 starts with Sookie still mad at Bill for his
hot.cold drama

MCC18: hey Kris

recordcozy: AAAAH distracted by GIFS!

balou8900: any link the the full color photo copy of the books? πŸ™‚ I’m
just sayin’…

truebloodfan001: Okay, starting now.

Carla: I hate that hot and cold crap. So frustrating

atalija: Glad to help. he blog is in Portuguese, but the links (and
the audiobooks) are in English

Misty: And Andy is trying to get sookie to react to him gross thoughts

recordcozy: That was so low.

Sarah (Scaniano): I despised Andy for that.

Beth (Lilabitblf): IAndy made me blow my gasket…

recordcozy: I wish she’d slapped him.

atalija: Oh yeah, gross.

Beth (Lilabitblf): it was a form of abuse

balou8900: Andy is a really creepy dude

Misty: In Bills defense he was cold b/c he did not want to move to
fast for her imo

MCC18: Andy’s a dope. That whole bit was just frustrating, seemed
pointless almost (at least to me)

truebloodfan001: Andy bad.

andiegilmore: He deserved to get his drink poured on him

andiegilmore: and more

Carla: Andy really pissed me off there. I would thrown a drink on him

Jenny_Ap: She needs to slap him…very mean

Misty: Yeah I def would of slapped ANdy

Dianne (DiannesDishes): Andy was way out of line!

truebloodfan001: andy needed a slapping

Amy (JustAimer): was reminded of why I am not a big fan of book Andy

Misty: That is so gross!!!!!

Misty: Book Andy is a huge ASS!!!

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Carla: He really is

Beth (Lilabitblf): Sams reaction was intriuging though

Kris: That’s exactly how I feel Amy

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andiegilmore: yes. He’s also way younger though

andiegilmore: in the books, I mean

Misty: So then Sookie & Sam go outside & Sam is pissed!!!

Misty: I love Sam!!!

MCC18: I think that’s why I have such a hard time warming up to Andy
on the show…I have book Andy in my head

Carla (crazygem85): Sam was so protective

recordcozy: Sam’s adorable.

Beth (Lilabitblf): I like Sam is this mode

Misty: What did you think of sams reaction?

Suz: me too

balou8900: Sookie and Jason have some lessons to learn in Dealing With
Dead Folk For Dummies though, not to make Andy any less creepy

recordcozy: I forget what he did.

Carla (crazygem85): I loved his reaction. Really showed how much he

Misty: he tols Andy that he had to sit somewhere else & I think he was
about to kick his ass

andiegilmore: He told Andy not to sit in her section…that seemed
like it wasn’t enough, I think

Beth (Lilabitblf): Sam started cursing and shocked Sook out of being
totally despondent

Beth (Lilabitblf): I agree it wasnt enough. but it was what Sook
needed at the time

recordcozy: Oh. Okay. Yes. I just remembered the asking her out part.

Beth (Lilabitblf): but Sam is emotionally challenged too

andiegilmore: yes he is!

DethRose: Yeah he is.

Misty: yeah sook would of freaked out if sam hit him

Dianne (DiannesDishes): That he is

balou8900: he’s just a shy ‘n bashful shapeshifter

Carla (crazygem85): She would have, but I would have loved it

Beth (Lilabitblf): but we dont know that yet Balou

recordcozy: XD Carla.

Dianne (DiannesDishes): That hasn’t come yet

balou8900: I mean shy and bashful bartender/boss dude
then….hehe…my bad

Dianne (DiannesDishes): lol

Beth (Lilabitblf): thats better πŸ™‚

Misty: so ten sam asks her out

balou8900: that was his big brother instinct more than date though

poppyfrost: i was kinda creeped out by sam the first time i read this

Beth (Lilabitblf): he stepped up to the plate finally!

Misty: I was thinking that was going to be the big love triangle of
the series

recordcozy: Well, it is for this book.

Dianne (DiannesDishes): I think he was just a little too late though

Beth (Lilabitblf): I agree Misty…

Misty: big brother?? He loves her & wants to have puppies with her.

andiegilmore: But he doesn’t stand up for himself enough to be in a
love triagle

Carla (crazygem85): I thought so too

Sarah (Scaniano): I had issues with Sam asking her out. Too little,
too late. Why did he wait so long? She’d been working for him for

andiegilmore: triangle

recordcozy: Ha ha ha Misty.

Carla (crazygem85): So true Sarah

Beth (Lilabitblf): echo Sarah

truebloodfan001: puppies..lol

MCC18: good point record

balou8900: he wanted to be there so she didn’t drool over Bill’s
presentation…he didn’t ask her to the drive-in, lol

Dianne (DiannesDishes): I guess he thought she’d always be there

Jenny_Ap: Agree with Sarah

Beth (Lilabitblf): I was ignoring puppies

DethRose: Agreed

Kris: people are nore attractive when they already have someone else,
it seems

balou8900: would puppies be teacups still?

Misty: yeah I agree. He was tryingto keeph er from Bill

Carla (crazygem85): I hate it when guys assume youre just going to

Sarah (Scaniano): I agree, Dianne and that’s just a weak way to act.

Kris: *more

Carla (crazygem85): Thats why I agreed with her when she got pissed at

Dianne (DiannesDishes): exactly

recordcozy: Sam is definitely wanting a little more than just to
protect Sookie.

truebloodfan001: i agree

recordcozy: Like he’s got the hots.

Beth (Lilabitblf): agree with Dianne and that is what sucks.. she was
a saftey net to him always there

Dianne (DiannesDishes): And the saftey net thing rarely works out

Misty: Well al least he wasnt banging evert other girl thinking she
would wait

Beth (Lilabitblf): nope

DethRose: True

Carla (crazygem85): lol! true

balou8900: silly man

Dianne (DiannesDishes): That’s true

balou8900: I mean boss/bartender dude

Jenny_Ap: Why did he wait? Was it him beig her boss?

Jenny_Ap: being her boss

Sarah (Scaniano): True, Misty. But geeze, man up already.

andiegilmore: But he does hang on to the big brother thing too much

recordcozy: He’s worried about keeping secrets.

Beth (Lilabitblf): I dont think it was Jenny

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andiegilmore: he doesn’t assert his feelings

Carla (crazygem85): I think it was just him being scared shed reject

Beth (Lilabitblf): Sam is a loner…

Carla (crazygem85): He was scared to act on his feelings

Dianne (DiannesDishes): I don’t think he knows how to tell her his

recordcozy: Plus Sookie doesn’t date and has a reputation for virtue.

Misty: I think he was scared of freaking her out

Dianne (DiannesDishes): Exactly Misty

Misty: and his secret

balou8900: Sam is a loner, true, but sookie does look good when she
forgets gran’s sweater

recordcozy: So he backs off.

DethRose: Well that is a big secret tokeep

poppyfrost: if sookie doesn’t end up with a vamp…

Beth (Lilabitblf): I think he was scarred of freaking anyone out

MCC18: But I think part of Sam’s hesitation was due to him being her
boss. Then when he totally figured out his feelings, knowing he was
jealous of Bill he said to hell with it and faced his feelings

andiegilmore: I guess that’s true… and he is her boss

poppyfrost: could you see her with sam?\

DethRose: No

Misty: I agree with MCC18

andiegilmore: lol exactly MCC

recordcozy: At this point, yes.

truebloodfan001: no

Amy (JustAimer): I couldn’t see her with Sam…

Misty: Hi lokeey

Dianne (DiannesDishes): MCC is on to something

Carla (crazygem85): Agreed, MCC18

Lokeey: Hello all

recordcozy: Why not?

Beth (Lilabitblf): I have to disagree, I know

Amy (JustAimer): First time reading book 1 I was way into Bill…

Carla (crazygem85): So was I amy

Sarah (Scaniano): Me too Amy.

Dianne (DiannesDishes): I think she and Sam are more like brother and
sister in the long run.

Beth (Lilabitblf): only disagree with the Boss part

truebloodfan001: i never thought that sam and sookie would be anything

Amy (JustAimer): now I’ve read all of ’em so even more so I don’t see
her and Sam 2gether romantically

MCC18: Me too Diane

atalija: Same here, Amy

recordcozy: Yeah, but we’re speaking here and now.

Amy (JustAimer): Close friends – def

Carla (crazygem85): I agree with the bro & sis thing

Misty: Ok you guys are skipping way ahead

Jenny_Ap: I think at this ver point, I could Sam with her

Misty: no spoilers please

Jenny_Ap: very point

poppyfrost: oops

Beth (Lilabitblf): ppl in blue πŸ™‚

Misty: so she agrees to the date

atalija: I so couldn’t

Jenny_Ap: OMG I can’t type!

Dianne (DiannesDishes): GBOT ;oP

andiegilmore: I don’t think Sookie would have patience to deal with

Amy (JustAimer): that was my opinion first time around – and now –
where we are at in book 1 – I see them as close friends

recordcozy: Yes. He really cares about her, and at this point, it’s

andiegilmore: he’s just not assertive enough

Kris: reading it the first time, I never discounted Sam as more than
just a friend…

truebloodfan001: At this point–friends only

MCC18: Beth, you dont think he hid his feelings for her because of
their working relationship?

Dianne (DiannesDishes): And now their date

Beth (Lilabitblf): they had a slight spark… slight

Carla (crazygem85): I think part of the reason she agreed to the date
was to make bill a little jealous

Misty: on a side note & laugh everytime I read antebellum now thanks
to BillBelles panties

Amy (JustAimer): absolutely Carla – I thougt the same thing

DethRose: I agree w/ Beth

truebloodfan001: Lol

Beth (Lilabitblf): WHAT?

Jenny_Ap: LOL

andiegilmore: lol what?

recordcozy: I mean it’s not like they’re all over eachother, but he’s
thinking of her that way for sure. And she him, a little.

Misty: so they go to the speech

Beth (Lilabitblf): (we are speeding along)

Amy (JustAimer): I do think there is some sexual tension btwn Sook and

Misty: what did you think ofsam telling sook she doesn’t know how to

truebloodfan001: i was loling the side note

truebloodfan001: The truth

balou8900: Where Sookie give those, your body says no but your eyes
say yes, look at Bill as he speaks

MCC18: I think that sexual tension is on Sam’s part more than anything

Dianne (DiannesDishes): Me too

Jenny_Ap: She always has her guard up

andiegilmore: I love that Gran is excited that Sookie found a human

Misty: me too

Dianne (DiannesDishes): Sookie does sort of need to relax.

Jenny_Ap: Aww Gran!

Misty: I love Gran

Beth (Lilabitblf): Sookie doesnt know how to let go

Carla (crazygem85): Gran is the best!!

Sarah (Scaniano): Me too.

MCC18: Gran slays me. She is so hysterical without even trying

truebloodfan001: I agree balou8900

DethRose: Gran is awesome.

Misty: Sookie has got to be so tense all the time!!!

recordcozy: Sookie’s definitely noticing Bill. She says she didn’t
hear what Maxine Fortenberry says because she was thinking of him.

andiegilmore: yes, she’s adorable

Carla (crazygem85): She’s always trying to block out peoples thoughts.

DethRose: That would put stress on anyone.

Beth (Lilabitblf): agree Carla.. its her second nature

balou8900: Maxine should be Andy’s mom πŸ™‚

Jenny_Ap: Love the way she describes him in his suit!

Misty: I would never be able to relax

recordcozy: And credits Gran for it, too.

truebloodfan001: Sook tries not to focus on Bill but cant help herself

Dianne (DiannesDishes): It would be hard to I think

recordcozy: The suit, I mean.

Amy (JustAimer): silence?

poppyfrost: yeah sams got no chance

Misty: The speech was really good

Amy (JustAimer): weird… the chat feed froze for me – sorry for the
side note

Carla (crazygem85): It was. Bill knows how to leave an impression

Beth (Lilabitblf): the speech was heatbreaking

recordcozy: I found it a little boring the first read. Now it’s not so
bad, but not my fave.

Jenny_Ap: It captured everyones attention

Misty: I thought is was weird they sam & sook dont even talk until
they leave

Jenny_Ap: mine too

andiegilmore: and it made him very human

truebloodfan001: it sure captured me.

Beth (Lilabitblf): it brought him into the town coincious as Bill and
not the Vampire

Misty: I felt so bad for him

Jenny_Ap: LOL TBfan001

DethRose: I kinda skipeed through the speech when I first read the
book. Lol.

MCC18: You’re right andiegilmore it did

Misty: watching his friend die

balou8900: I agree

recordcozy: Well, if she and Sam talked during his speech, Bill would
have heard. @ Misty.

Carla (crazygem85): Very heartbreaking

Beth (Lilabitblf): death is a powerfull motivator

poppyfrost: it gives some really good insite into bills character

Misty: thats true I didn’t think of that

Beth (Lilabitblf): good point RC

Amy (JustAimer): not to mention it would have been a little rude o’
them to chat while BIll was divulging his past… πŸ˜‰

andiegilmore: it really does, poppyfrost

Misty: I liked that it made the townspeople accept him more

recordcozy: I don’t understand why these dudes keep asking about other
dudes on their dates with Sookie!

Carla (crazygem85): Yeah i guess it would have been rude

Amy (JustAimer): I agree – they didn’t see him as just a vamp…

truebloodfan001: Bill made himself seem very human

Misty: But they didnt even talk while waiting other than the relax

recordcozy: Like Sam asks about Bill. Kill the mood, much?

Amy (JustAimer): probably didn’t chat because Sook was too busy
thinking about Bill – lol

Carla (crazygem85): True, there was a lot of silence

Beth (Lilabitblf): hmmm

andiegilmore: it was probably awkward, taking your date to see her
somewhat ex give a speech

recordcozy: Do men need that much reassurance?

MCC18: even though it gives some insight to Bill’s character, he’s
still such an enigma at this point. My second reading through I was
like who is this guy? first time around i was like i luvre you bill

Amy (JustAimer): and it was awkward 4 her to be out with her boss

balou8900: only the insecure yet alluringly aloof dudes as those q’s

Carla (crazygem85): Good point andie

Misty: yeah i would think you would try to get her mind off of the
other guy

Beth (Lilabitblf): its when you have the date and you know u are going
no where fast

Sarah (Scaniano): Yeah, not the best date idea ever.

poppyfrost: not such a great idea for firsrt date

Beth (Lilabitblf): he conceded

truebloodfan001: Yes, Bill had me from the beginning

DethRose: The date in my opinion was awkward.

recordcozy: It sort of was.

Carla (crazygem85): Would not have been my pick for a 1st date

Beth (Lilabitblf): agree DR

Jenny_Ap: Maybe he was trying to see what chance he had by bringing up

truebloodfan001: it had to be awkward

poppyfrost: awkward……

Jenny_Ap: ?

Dianne (DiannesDishes): Maybe not the best idea, but big for Bon Temps
when you look at the town overall

Misty: Well the date was doomed from the start. You do not start a
date going to see the ex

MCC18: it was more like hey i dont want to go to this alone…come
along and suffer with me?

Amy (JustAimer): sook probably felt like she had to keep her guards up
so she couldn’t read Sams mind –

Dianne (DiannesDishes): And akward too

andiegilmore: that’s true, dianne

balou8900: this was a weak “date” to begin with…sam invited himself
along to where Sookie was already going

Beth (Lilabitblf): LOL MIsty

recordcozy: Sookie didn’t plan on going until he asked her.

Beth (Lilabitblf): balou… sook wasnt going

Carla (crazygem85): Yeah that should be rule #1 for 1st dates, No
going where the ex is.

Dianne (DiannesDishes): I don’t think Sookie planned to go until Sam
asked her

DethRose: BRB

andiegilmore: lol carla!

truebloodfan001: i am glad sook went were the ex was

Misty: I would of taken her somewhere else she wasnt going anyway

balou8900: she wouldn’t have missed Bill’s speech for her

Carla (crazygem85): Yeah, she said she wasnt attending

Jenny_Ap: She was upset with Bill still, right?

Carla (crazygem85): She was still upset at him

Dianne (DiannesDishes): She was still mad at him

Beth (Lilabitblf): good point balou

recordcozy: Yes. She had a good excuse.

Misty: she said she wasnt going

andiegilmore: she was definitely put off after meeting all the other

balou8900: her mouth said no, but her eyes said yes? hehehe

Misty: tbfan you crack me up!

truebloodfan001: i try

Misty: I am glad they did go. you get to see Bills softer side & it
made gran happy

andiegilmore: yes…good for us readers, bad for Sam

truebloodfan001: A good sexy sensitive side of bill

poppyfrost: i %u2665 gran

Jenny_Ap: a glimpse of his former life

Beth (Lilabitblf): that is why i agree with Balou’s first point she
would have ended up going

poppyfrost: whoa

Carla (crazygem85): Yes, I liked this side of Bill.

andiegilmore: lol I don’t know about sexy

Misty: so onto the kiss?

DethRose: K. Back

truebloodfan001: about that..

recordcozy: Sure.

Beth (Lilabitblf): lead on Misty πŸ™‚

balou8900: *makes mental note that the sensitive dude thing must
work..will have to try that* dabs tear from eye

Misty: I dont see how Sam thought that was a good time to kiss her

Carla (crazygem85): The kiss. Shes pissed at him and he kisses her.
Why? Didnt like it

Sarah (Scaniano): Yeah, his timing with Sookie always seems off.

Beth (Lilabitblf): His timing has always been off with her… hence
doomed to start

atalija: Misty, exactly!!!

andiegilmore: Well, she did fall ino his arms sorta

Misty: smack balou

Jenny_Ap: that was…um..weird timimng

Dianne (DiannesDishes): His timing was way off!

andiegilmore: *into

truebloodfan001: bad horrible timing

Carla (crazygem85): Timing is everything. And he is not good with it.

atalija: I mean, seriously, the whole night was a fiasco for Sam. The
kiss just made things worst.

MCC18: Sam just keeps messing up with Sook…it’s funny, yet sad at
the same time.

Misty: she just told him she had feelings for Bill

truebloodfan001: Sam is bad with timing

Beth (Lilabitblf): its a trainwreck we cant not watch

recordcozy: It’s his last chance in his mind. No more dates for Sammy.

andiegilmore: that’s true

Dianne (DiannesDishes): I’m not sure why he thought that wast he bes
time to lay one on her

Carla (crazygem85): Seriously, it hurts to watch

Jenny_Ap: brb

Misty: I agree carla

andiegilmore: maybe he was trying to turn the night around

Beth (Lilabitblf): on why he kissed her… sexual attraction always a
good motivaor

DethRose: Lol!

atalija: he was thinking more like a dog

Misty: I am surprised she did not react more

MCC18: what was there that happened last week that we said was bad

andiegilmore: lol

balou8900: true…dogs will lick your face any time for no apparent

Carla (crazygem85): I probably would have slapped him. I;ve been know
to do that lol!

Sarah (Scaniano): Hmm, I don’t remember MCC.

poppyfrost: lol

Misty: or hump your leg

Beth (Lilabitblf): GBOT

balou8900: I’m relieved he didn’t do that, lol

Misty: I think it was telling her to read his mind mcc

Misty: So sam leaves and then she discovers Gran

MCC18: i thought it was with Bill

MCC18: oh well, nvm

Beth (Lilabitblf): *moment of silence*

truebloodfan001: poor gran.

Sarah (Scaniano): Oh, poor Gran. That just broke my heart.

Amy (JustAimer): that scene where she finds gran was horrifying

Kris: so sad

Carla (crazygem85): Broke my heart. Seriously had tears in my eyes

Misty: I was so mad about Gran!!!!

recordcozy: I thought the Sookie laughing at Bill’s t-shirt was

Carla (crazygem85): RIP gran. We miss you

recordcozy: I didn’t really notice that before.

atalija: poor poor Gran

poppyfrost: i couldn’t believe that happened

Beth (Lilabitblf): agree RC πŸ™‚

Jenny_Ap: Gran! :*(

atalija: I really didn’t see that coming

Andi from x.x.x.208 joined the chat 21 hours ago

Misty: Sookie does laugh at really inappropriate times

Beth (Lilabitblf): Greatful Dead shirt

recordcozy: He’s wearing a “Grateful Dead” t-shirt, and she laughs.

Dianne (DiannesDishes): That broke my heart

andiegilmore: me neither

andiegilmore: poor gran

balou8900: Yeah, Sookie is a little ADD in the death scene…as is

Sarah (Scaniano): I might have laughed too, it is pretty funny.

recordcozy: It was kind of nervous laughter.

MCC18: it’s just a nervous reation on Sookie’s part

Kris: was not expcting that AT ALL

Amy (JustAimer): i was just going to say that RC

Beth (Lilabitblf): she just had a shock… her reactions are going to
be off

Dianne (DiannesDishes): I have a friend that reacts to things like
that and laughs

andiegilmore: yeah, she was in shoc

Misty: I dont see how Bill missed it

Dianne (DiannesDishes): It’s a defense mechanism with her

Carla (crazygem85): You react in odd ways when youre in shock.

Misty: Or how he didnt hear it

Beth (Lilabitblf): its a defense reaction.. like she smiles when she
is tense

andiegilmore: I agree Misty

recordcozy: Exactly.

Jenny_Ap: True Misty

Dianne (DiannesDishes): I agree Beth

MCC18: exactly beth

andiegilmore: how did he not hear someone in the woods?

Beth (Lilabitblf): Bill miss what?

truebloodfan001: agreed

Sarah (Scaniano): You know, Misty….I never thought about that
before. How did he miss it?

Misty: Or smell them?

atalija: Misty, yup! Hard to swallow.

balou8900: the killer wasn’t in the woods then?

Andi: agree with Beth.. It is all defense

Amy (JustAimer): perhaps Sam was too distracted

MCC18: that’s always been a question i had, how did he not hear or
smell something

Andi: I think Bill always knows more then he lets on..

Misty: He vamp speeds home to change and in that time some one
violently attacks her and he hears nothing?

andiegilmore: Right!

recordcozy: Kind of out of this part, but how many times does Bill go
out to check for people? It is a bit strange he wouldn’t.

Misty: I think Charlaine should of changed that

andiegilmore: And you would think the killer was already inside at
that point

balou8900: he had to use the little vamps room before…he’s allowed
to not be listening

Amy (JustAimer): maybe Bill was also distracted – by Sam being around,
as well as he and Sookie’s issues?!?

recordcozy: It’s hard to keep the supernatural stuff out of the real
murder mystery. It could all be too easily solved.

Misty: I think the killer would be in the house or in the woods Bill
would of sensed him

poppyfrost: its to throw the reader off, get us to suspect bill

DethRose: That could be it

andiegilmore: maybe

Carla (crazygem85): Yeah, it always confused me that Bill didnt
suspect anything

Sarah (Scaniano): Maybe he was trying not to hear because she was on a
date with Sam.

Jenny_Ap: True poppy

Kris: thats a good point,,,

Amy (JustAimer): totally setting up Bill as a potential killer…

Misty: I never did suspect Bill

truebloodfan001: CH wanted to confuse the readers

MCC18: i think bill would have smelled the killer

Beth (Lilabitblf): the red herring

Carla (crazygem85): I guess to set him up in our minds, but I never
thought he was the killer

recordcozy: Neither did I.

Dianne (DiannesDishes): I never supsected Bill

Amy (JustAimer): I never suspected him either – too obvious

Andi: Bill was completely upset about Sookie being out with Sam

Amy (JustAimer): Sam should have sensed something was off, as well…

Misty: He was too obviously being set up as the killer

MCC18: i never did either misty…prolly cuz he had me under the same
spell he has Sookie under lol

Amy (JustAimer): so both “men” weren’t tuned into dead gran in the

Andi: And well you have to not know who thekiller is at this point it
would wreck the whole book…

Misty: Yeah cant dogs smell fear?

Beth (Lilabitblf): I never suspected him.. it was to easy an answer

balou8900: not if upwind…

Amy (JustAimer): you’d think they could also smell blood – prey…

Beth (Lilabitblf): dogs are very sensitive to our emotions though

Misty: LOL balou

poppyfrost: if i didn’t know there were other books, i may have
suspected bill…

recordcozy: Sam left for a little bit and quickly. Fleeing the scene
of the bad date?

Sarah (Scaniano): Since she was already dead, maybe there was no fear
left. I would have thought he would have smelled the blood though.

atalija: Andi, if that’s a reason for him to kill Gran, he needs some
anger management program asap

Carla (crazygem85): Yeah, Sam def should have been able to smell the

Andi: Yes there were too many people to suspect but some were way too

poppyfrost: but prob not

andiegilmore: yes… many plot holes in this scene

Beth (Lilabitblf): I think to RC

Misty: I think both of thenm should of smelled or sensed something

recordcozy: Yeah, if Sookie could smell the blood, he should have been
able to. Good point.

Beth (Lilabitblf): or both were distracted by Sookie in general

Amy (JustAimer): I think they were both too distracted by Sookie to

Misty: But gran was already dead and bleeding everywhere. Sam would of
smelled it

balou8900: He did and found gran before sookie though

truebloodfan001: both guys were prob distracted

andiegilmore: no… Sookie found her first

Sarah (Scaniano): Or maybe it was foreshadowing things that we can’t
talk about yet. πŸ™‚ *zips lips*

Carla (crazygem85): Sam was definitely distracted. His hormones were a

balou8900: he was in there and covered her mouth as she screamed

Dianne (DiannesDishes): Sookie found her first

recordcozy: Yeah, Sookie found her.

Amy (JustAimer): Sook found her, Bill came in to find out what was

Misty: Sokkie found her then Bill was a second later

recordcozy: Then Bill comes, then Sam.

Dianne (DiannesDishes): Bill came in after

Beth (Lilabitblf): and Jason

atalija: Sarah, you lost me

recordcozy: And also, Sookie figured out that she was the target.

truebloodfan001: Sookie finds gran, bill finds sookie, than sam comes

Misty: Yeah I gues if sam sensed her it would give things away

andiegilmore: and Bill probably was trying not to be around when sook
came in with Sam

recordcozy: Unlike in the show where Bill is given the credit for

Misty: but that doesnt explain bill

Carla (crazygem85): Good detective work on Sookies part

Sarah (Scaniano): I can’t really say….I was just thinking ahead
about what I know but we haven’t read that far yet.

Andi: Nothing explains Bill..

Beth (Lilabitblf): sook scared me that she was that level headed at
the moment

recordcozy: Sookie’s really smart, and perseptive.

truebloodfan001: when sook wants to be..she is smart

atalija: Book Sookie.

Carla (crazygem85): She definitely does not get enough credit in that
department, but she is really smart and insightful

DethRose: lol

Misty: I agree tbfan

Dianne (DiannesDishes): She can be smart, but she can also be niave
about things too

Andi: Sookie is very smart.. But also verynieve

recordcozy: Book Sookie’s almost always smart.

MCC18: i love how tbfan stated that lol

Misty: Bok sook is much smarter

andiegilmore: She reacts on her instincts

Beth (Lilabitblf): agree Misty

Andi: Book Sookie is definatly much smarter

Jenny_Ap: LOL Tb fan! Agree though

Misty: So then she calls Jason

Sarah (Scaniano): Ugh Jason

Beth (Lilabitblf): Jason is an a$$

Misty: I wanted to kill Jason for the way he acted!!!

Jenny_Ap: Ah! Jason!

DethRose: and Jason is…busy.

recordcozy: Jason’s such a hothead.

MCC18: this part with jason really ticked me off

Dianne (DiannesDishes): When Jason hit her I wanted Bill to snap him
like a twig!

Carla (crazygem85): He was such a jerk

truebloodfan001: Jason..

andiegilmore: Jason is aweful

Andi: Jason is very into himself in the books… Which isn’t true in
the show

andiegilmore: awful

Sarah (Scaniano): He’s so careless with everyone, even his own sister.

Jenny_Ap: Sharp contrast of how both him and sookie handle the grief

truebloodfan001: Jason has his..moments.

balou8900: Yeah, Jason is a senseless studmuffin for sure

Amy (JustAimer): Jason was HORRIBLE during that scene…

andiegilmore: I can never understand how they can be brother and

Beth (Lilabitblf): Jason is also very materialistic

Misty: I was glad that Sam hit Jasons head on the ground

andiegilmore: nothing in common

Sarah (Scaniano): Just goes to show that Jason cares about himself
more than anything.

Carla (crazygem85): Go sam!

Dianne (DiannesDishes): Me too Misty!

Beth (Lilabitblf): exactly Sarah

Andi: Yes someone needed to knock Jason down a few

Sarah (Scaniano): Me three Misty. He should have hit him again. πŸ˜€

Jenny_Ap: agree sarah

atalija: Book Jason is pretty awful, let’s face it. ZERO charisma.

Beth (Lilabitblf): i picked up something Bill said in this scene that
raised a red flag

Sarah (Scaniano): True, atalija.

Misty: what?

Carla (crazygem85): Oh, what??

balou8900: what was that beth?

Sarah (Scaniano): What was that, Beth?

MCC18: I think Jason’s “ways” are a foreshadowing of things to come.

truebloodfan001: which would be

Jenny_Ap: Yeah Beth?

atalija: c’mon Beth

Beth (Lilabitblf): Bill started discussing how he took a psychology
course to study humans

recordcozy: Waiting…

Sarah (Scaniano): Ohhh, that’s right.

recordcozy: Hahahaha. I read that.

Jenny_Ap: Ah yes!

Misty: that was weird

Carla (crazygem85): I caught that in this read too. Didnt pay much
attention to it 1st time around.

andiegilmore: Yes, that was interesting

truebloodfan001: oh yea, odd.

Andi: oh yeah… Like I said Bill knows more then he lets on..

Sarah (Scaniano): Gah, there’s so much I can’t say.

andiegilmore: And Sookie’s commnts

Misty: I thought Sooks prey comment was right on

recordcozy: Not really. The vamps are up on the community college. πŸ˜‰

Carla (crazygem85): Definitely grabbed my attention this time

atalija: that was bizarre! it’s not like he’s been dead for 2000 years

Jenny_Ap: Agree Misty

MCC18: lol RC

Beth (Lilabitblf): RC we dont know that yet πŸ™‚

Beth (Lilabitblf): agree Misty

Misty: If I was a vamp I would study humans

recordcozy: Well, it’s trivial and pertinent!

Sarah (Scaniano): I would too.

recordcozy: If that’s possible.

andiegilmore: But you used to be one L

Amy (JustAimer): as would I Misty…

Jenny_Ap: yup

andiegilmore: LOL

truebloodfan001: Lol “study” humans..

Carla (crazygem85): They do have loads of time on their hands

balou8900: before, during or after feeding, Misty?

Andi: you have lots of time on your hands to get to understand the
humans if you are a vamp

Misty: Survival

MCC18: But Bill was human…I don’t understand why he’d have to study

atalija: i’d find more interesting things to do, honestly

Misty: all three balou

DethRose: lol

Amy (JustAimer): I could also see – that when Bill was human, he
really didn’t have the chance to futher his education like he does

DethRose: Yes

Beth (Lilabitblf): Vamps do have oodles of time

recordcozy: Good point.

Dianne (DiannesDishes): And things have changed a lot since then too

Carla (crazygem85): Very true Amy

Amy (JustAimer): so now he takes advantage of educational
opportunities? Night school? lol

truebloodfan001: But things were different than.

andiegilmore: Who needs psychology when you have glamor?

Misty: If you are going to glamour ppl it would be a valuable asset

Amy (JustAimer): what better than human psychology…

recordcozy: It’s either that or soap operas πŸ˜‰

Amy (JustAimer): exactly Misty…

Amy (JustAimer): lol RC

DethRose: Passions. Lol

atalija: andie, so true

Beth (Lilabitblf): LOL!!!

balou8900: lol

Beth (Lilabitblf): agree with Andi

Carla (crazygem85): lol!

Andi: and well I think sometime when they become vamps then foget what
it is like to be human… They don’t have the same peramiters

Amy (JustAimer): he’s been vamp long enuff 2 forget some human

Sarah (Scaniano): and even humans have to study psychology

Jenny_Ap: Agree with Andi..You would give in to your vampire

truebloodfan001: yea, they forget stuff…which is why it takes bill
time to work his way back to humanity..

Andi: yes very true Sarah

MCC18: So did he take that course so he would be better at

Jenny_Ap: LOL Sarah, but true

Misty: agree with sarah . we study humans

Beth (Lilabitblf): human psychology though… it would change up the

recordcozy: That doesn’t make that much sense though. Obviously you
still have to be around people if you’re feeding (and other things)
from them all the time.

atalija: he sure uses that knowledge to lure Sookie if you think ahead

recordcozy: You shouldn’t forget that much.

Jenny_Ap: But in isolation, record

Dianne (DiannesDishes): But you don’t think like they do

Misty: yes he does atalija

DethRose: but you’re looking at humans on a different way.

recordcozy: But you’re still looking at them.

andiegilmore: yes, and it doesn’t change Sookie’s perception that it
feels like the predator studying the prey

Andi: but don’t don’t have to interact the same.. Unless you are
hiding the fact that you are a vamp.. They only just came out… And
they were only food before that

andiegilmore: it’s a little creepy

Misty: If you are trying to figure out how to live among humans

MCC18: and observing them as prey…just that alone is better than any
psychology class

recordcozy: They were never just food, though. Like cows, but cute.

Misty: without being noticed as being different you would have to
study their behavoirs

Beth (Lilabitblf): but if your a Vamp… how boring would it be just
to glamour someone day in and day out… variety keeps it fresh

truebloodfan001: Bill wants to live with humans and not just eat them

recordcozy: That’s true. So it’s not their behavior, it’s his.

Andi: yes Bill is differnent then most of the vamps

Jenny_Ap: Well, now

recordcozy: Or his mimicking.

Carla (crazygem85): True. You would want to know how to live with them

Andi: that could be treu RC

Misty: Just like if you are going to visit a foreign country, you
study it before you go

atalija: all i have to say about this whole Bill Bill Bill topic is
that I miss Eric

truebloodfan001: its been over 140 years, it would be hard to remember
how to live with them if all u do is eat them

Jenny_Ap: LOl Atalija

Sarah (Scaniano): lol atalija

Beth (Lilabitblf): (eric is in chp 8)

Jenny_Ap: Me too! πŸ˜‰

recordcozy: Me too. I just didn’t want to get General smacked.

andiegilmore: lol quite the tangent we found ourselves in

Misty: Sorry Eric is not in this part of the books

Kris from x.x.x.150 joined the chat 21 hours ago

Andi: I agree atalija.. I am an Eric fan..But so far most of the book
is about Bill

truebloodfan001: Book 1 is about bill.

Misty: so then they have the funeral

Dianne (DiannesDishes): Eric comes later

truebloodfan001: thats the way it is.

atalija: I know, that’s why I’m not complaining, just sayin’

Misty: GBOT

Misty: funeral for gran

truebloodfan001: The funeral

Amy (JustAimer): the funeral scene – I was expecting to see uncle
whats his name there – lol

DethRose: ?

atalija: may we all dress in black now

truebloodfan001: bartlet

Beth (Lilabitblf): no no no Uncle Bartlett

Amy (JustAimer): tv invading my reading

DethRose: What does GBOT mean?

recordcozy: I thought it was interesting that in the show they say
Jason invited Uncle Bartlett, when it’s just a nosy lady.

Amy (JustAimer): thx tb fan

recordcozy: At the end.

Amy (JustAimer): Get Back On Topic

Beth (Lilabitblf): Get Back on Topic

truebloodfan001: get back on topic

Dianne (DiannesDishes): Get back on topic

Misty: get back on track

Andi: yes Uncle Bartlet… But he knew how much Gran didn’t like him

DethRose: Thanks.

Sarah (Scaniano): I liked the turnout at the funeral. I’m glad that so
many people came to say goodbye to Gran.

Carla (crazygem85): The whole town loved her

Amy (JustAimer): me too Sarah – was a touching scene

Misty: I was also glad so many people were there

Beth (Lilabitblf): it was a Famlly business why they didnt like him

atalija: She was a beloved woman

truebloodfan001: it was sad. everyone loved her

balou8900: who was that nosy lady though…she seemed to know family
biz for such a mystery person

Andi: everone loved Gran… And really who wouldn’t??

Beth (Lilabitblf): we readers loved her

Dianne (DiannesDishes): It’s a small town thing. Everyone knows
everything about everyone else

Misty: In a small town everyone knows too much

andiegilmore: agree and

andiegilmore: *andi

Beth (Lilabitblf): so true about small towns

DethRose: It’s true

Andi: it was most people didn’t know why the family didn’t like him

truebloodfan001: small town life

recordcozy: That creeps me a bit. I’m too much an urban girl.

recordcozy: I don’t even like it when my professors know my name.

Carla (crazygem85): Yeah, I would not like that. I like my privacy

Andi: true about small towns.. and I think in small communities people
do come out for funerals and such things

Misty: I was glad he was not at the funeral in the book

Dianne (DiannesDishes): I was too

truebloodfan001: Yea.

Beth (Lilabitblf): me too

Misty: sook had enought to deal with

DethRose: Me too.

Amy (JustAimer): me too Misty

andiegilmore: me too, it would be so disrespectful

atalija: true

Kris: seriously

Misty: with jason the jackass

Carla (crazygem85): Me too

recordcozy: I was just trying to figure out why AB made Jason do that,
as well as the smacking.

recordcozy: Or hitting.

Andi: yes he was not needed there.. but it did add something to the

Carla (crazygem85): It really upsets me that Sookie did not have her
brother to lean on

truebloodfan001: because Jason is kind of a jackass

Misty: Me too carla

Beth (Lilabitblf): Sookie is the more mature one of the Sookie Jason

Misty: That should of been the one tme Jason took care of her

Dianne (DiannesDishes): Jason has never grown up

recordcozy: They’re not really a close family besides her and Gran.
And Jason and Gran.

Beth (Lilabitblf): well he missed that boat

Andi: But Jason is all about Jason.. And I am not sure he cared… He
knew Bartlet had money and he liked him. He did nothing to him

recordcozy: There’s not this family unit.

andiegilmore: it’s a little weird how book Sookie has no friends

Carla (crazygem85): It definitely should have. He needed to step up

Misty: I mean he didnt even see how Gran lookedl But Sook found her

Amy (JustAimer): it’s kind of sad that she doesn’t have any friends

Dianne (DiannesDishes): And then he just lashed out

Amy (JustAimer): nobody to really lean on…

recordcozy: She has Tara (later).

Amy (JustAimer): no wonder why she drifts towards the supes

Carla (crazygem85): She doesnt because she knows too much and b/c
people find her odd wth her power

Andi: Yes but I think book sookie.. Everyone is scared of her.. and no
one wants her to know everything they are thinking

atalija: she had Gran 😦

Kris: it is impossible for her to have friends. thats why bill is so

Jenny_Ap: Well, she sorta has Arlene, right? to a point

Dianne (DiannesDishes): She scares them

recordcozy: They definitely admire her from the get-go and that’s got
to be flattering.

recordcozy: The supes, I mean.

Beth (Lilabitblf): Arlene was a user

andiegilmore: right…she guards herself a lot, too

Misty: It is sad that Arlene is her closest friend

MCC18: Arlene always came off as one of those friends that was a
friend when she needed something

Andi: Yes Arlene only does things for her benifet..

balou8900: Make me wonder if Jason’s wild outbursts are foreshadowing
too, the more I think about it

Dianne (DiannesDishes): Arlene is one of those friends who isn’t
really a friend, she just uses her to her own devices

andiegilmore: yes

recordcozy: Arlene was so terrible. Like Lisa wants you to babysit.

Misty: yeah a babysitter or someone to work for her

DethRose: And she turned oout to be a Bi***

Carla (crazygem85): Arlene is a half friend. Not always there when

Andi: yes Book Arlene is horrible… but that is later..

Misty: at least she helped her pack up grans stuff. since jason did

Andi: right now it is just for convience..

Beth (Lilabitblf): Arlene is very supportive in helping Sook pack
grans stuff

Carla (crazygem85): True misty. Sookie needed that

Beth (Lilabitblf): i’ll give her that

Jenny_Ap: Yeah Arlene kinda sucks, but she has her moments, helps her
with Gran’s stuff

recordcozy: She was a little insensitive.

Dianne (DiannesDishes): YEs, that was nice of her. It surprised me a

Andi: that is true.. Arlene is trying to help becuase Sookie needs

truebloodfan001: very true

andiegilmore: yes, she’s better than Jason at this point

recordcozy: And judgemental, but at least she was a little

Beth (Lilabitblf): and Arlene knew she said something wrong

Jenny_Ap: True Andie!

balou8900: and Arlene could use a few of those things Sookie doesn’t
wanna keep of gran’s

atalija: balou: that’s what I thought

Andi: yes that is true balou

Misty: I always did wonder if she really took everything to goodwill

recordcozy: I didn’t even think of that. Good call.

Beth (Lilabitblf): πŸ™‚

Carla (crazygem85): Sad but true balou

Andi: there is always an underlying motive with Arlene

Jenny_Ap: OMG! I would hope so!

balou8900: She could easily shapeshift into a vulture

Dianne (DiannesDishes): I could see that

truebloodfan001: Arlene is just…Arlene.

Beth (Lilabitblf): if we could ever see Arlenes place

Dianne (DiannesDishes): lol @ balou

recordcozy: I guess at that point you’re not too suspicious of her. In
retrospect, it seems obvious.

Kris: Arlene is just lost

Andi: yes agree rc

Misty: so the stuff is gone. fed & showeres & now Bill comes over

Carla (crazygem85): Good point. Def didnt think these things 1st time

truebloodfan001: Bill stops by

Jenny_Ap: The ggos tuff, Misty!

recordcozy: Uh-oh, TBfan, get ready!

Andi: Arlene is a sad case married 4 times and has the kids… Just
needy.. And well I don’t think she has many friends either

Carla (crazygem85): Things get a little hot!!

Misty: No tbfan he comes

balou8900: and what anyone who lost someone close to them will
do…they get overcome by their hormones πŸ™‚

recordcozy: OH SNAP. Misty!

truebloodfan001: LOL.

Jenny_Ap: LOL

truebloodfan001: he comes..;)

Carla (crazygem85): Lol @Misty

andiegilmore: LOL Misty!

Dianne (DiannesDishes): lol

Andi: LOL misty

MCC18: lmao

Amy (JustAimer): lmao

Carla (crazygem85): And so did Sookie

Carla (crazygem85): Yay for Sookie!!

Andi: true enough carla

truebloodfan001: i loved this scene

Misty: So I loved the whole scene.

Dianne (DiannesDishes): No more innocent little Sookie

andiegilmore: he’s so tender brushing her hair

Sarah (Scaniano): I didn’t.

Andi: LOVED IT!!!

Misty: I loved how he was so sweet with her.

Jenny_Ap: I bet ya did

Beth (Lilabitblf): *fanning*

Dianne (DiannesDishes): That was really sweet of him

truebloodfan001: LOVE

MCC18: i think the first time i read the book i reread that scene like
3 times lol

Andi: Bill really is what Sookie needs then

Misty: How he was flattered to be her first

recordcozy: I always thought it was a little weird that he’s talking
about his sister before they get hot and heavy.

DethRose: lol

Beth (Lilabitblf): it was a subtle seduction

recordcozy: Like eeee…

Carla (crazygem85): Loved this scene! He was so caring and sweet

balou8900: I’m certain that Bill was the smiley dude in the enzyte
commercial ad for vampires

Kris: lol

Beth (Lilabitblf): felt the same RC

andiegilmore: LOL RC

DethRose: LMAO

truebloodfan001: sexy bill

andiegilmore: I didn’t like all the talking

Andi: Bill definatly has his god qualities

andiegilmore: asking him if she’d be sore…who does that?

Misty: I would of never thought of “healing” that

Beth (Lilabitblf): wait! Bill talking about his sister… who is
dead… gran just died… building a connection

MCC18: i think he was just trying to get sookie’s mind off everything
else, since he cant glamor her lol

Jenny_Ap: Sookie apparently ANdie

Carla (crazygem85): Me neither Misty. That part definitely shocked me
a bit

truebloodfan001: he was trying to relax sook

Dianne (DiannesDishes): I think so too

Jenny_Ap: Yeah the healing was …umm…

Beth (Lilabitblf): the healing???

recordcozy: Yeah, I don’t want to hear about those kind of connections
before… those kind of connections. fyi.

truebloodfan001: yea, the healing..um..

balou8900: *makes mental note* mourning woman, distract her out of her
clothing and console her..

Andi: He was just trying to be nice… and making her feel better is
top of the list

truebloodfan001: he was being sweet

Beth (Lilabitblf): I hate to admit.. i wasnt shocked by the healing

Misty: I thought is was great when he told her she could never be
better that she already was

Jenny_Ap: Very thoughtful indeed

recordcozy: He was trying to go at it again.

balou8900: he was a perv….c’mon…fess up ladies, lol

andiegilmore: he was a gentleman

Andi: yes that was very thoughtful

MCC18: lol RC

Misty: Well she wanted it again as well rc

truebloodfan001: gentleman

Beth (Lilabitblf): its all about getting more too

truebloodfan001: she wanted bill

Carla (crazygem85): That she did. I would have wanted more too

Andi: yes again and again and again πŸ™‚

truebloodfan001: who wouldnt want more..i would

DethRose: More more more!

recordcozy: I guess. It just seems like Bill’s always, oh, let me help
you Sookie…

recordcozy: Take off your pants.

truebloodfan001: LOTS MORE πŸ˜‰

Misty: At that time she needs someone the help her. I think

DethRose: lol!

balou8900: lol

andiegilmore: lol RC

Beth (Lilabitblf): not always RC… but for future discussion πŸ™‚

Andi: RC he is all about wanting to get in her pants

Beth (Lilabitblf): Sex is the reaffirmation you are alive too

Misty: HE IS VAMPIRE!!!!!

Beth (Lilabitblf): Sook needed that

Andi: that is true Beth…

Jenny_Ap: LOL MIsty!

balou8900: Based on the reaction to Bill’s advances, I will not leave
this chat until I have addresses and phone numbers from all the
ladies. I’ll be calling for a datea or to mourn togethe or something

Beth (Lilabitblf): not in refernce to him.. to Sook

Dianne (DiannesDishes): And Vampires are very sexual creatures.

truebloodfan001: pretty much all of the men in the series want to get
into sookies pants

Carla (crazygem85): Once she gets it, she wants it a lot too

atalija: or reaffirmation that you are NOT, Beth

Andi: yes vamps are very sexual.. Never thought of that with Bill

Misty: my number is 976-babe

MCC18: well, he’s alive at night when they have sex, technically?

truebloodfan001: lol balou


Dianne (DiannesDishes): lol @ misty

atalija: LOL Misty

Carla (crazygem85): lol @Balou

recordcozy: I think that Sookie needs it, she wants it, I just don’t
like how Bill goes about it.

balou8900: wow, that was YOU Misty?

truebloodfan001: lol misty

Misty: it was

truebloodfan001: HAHAHA

balou8900: I mean…I mean..oh nevuhmind *blush*

Jenny_Ap: LMAO

Beth (Lilabitblf): well to the vamps and sex… what else was there to
do at night before electricity?

recordcozy: He seems to always project this gentlemanly thing that I
don’t think he lives up to.

Misty: what dont you like rc?

atalija: balou, it’s going to be a VERY long distance call for me, fyi

DethRose: Lol

Dianne (DiannesDishes): lol beth

Carla (crazygem85): So true Beth

Carla (crazygem85): its the best thing to do to pass the time

truebloodfan001: lol..oh Balaou8900 HAHA

balou8900: I’ll learn vamp speed though…well not in ALL things

Misty: Rc can you explain how

recordcozy: Bill always acts like he’s doing Sookie a big favor.

Beth (Lilabitblf): Agree with RC

andiegilmore: I think he cares for Sookie at this point, RC

Carla (crazygem85): I agree andie

truebloodfan001: I know he cares for sook at this point

atalija: rcord, thanks, took the words right out off my… fingers

andiegilmore: and he’s just trying to make it memorable for her

Misty: I did not get that from this scene.

recordcozy: hehe

Jenny_Ap: Yeah. me neither

Andi: I think Bill truely loves Sookie already…But is it because he
has to???

recordcozy: Maybe not this scene, but in other parts.

Misty: what exactly does he do that gives you that impression?

balou8900: they haven’t even had a real date yet…how ya get that he

MCC18: I think he’s starting to care for her, but i think he’s mostly
intrigued by her. i dont think he has deep seeded feelins for her

atalija: i don’t think he looooooooooves her, but he definitely has
feelings for her

Misty: LOL balou

recordcozy: Okay on 155, he’s all, “Did you miss me?”

Dianne (DiannesDishes): I don’t think he knows what he feels at that

balou8900: I’m calling it like I see it…vampire booty call!

recordcozy: Again the need to boost his ego.

Andi: How he is always trying to do things for her…And trying to
make her feel better

truebloodfan001: he has alot of feelings for sook..and me πŸ™‚ lol

Sarah (Scaniano): I’m fully with recordcozy.

truebloodfan001: sorry had to throw that in

Beth (Lilabitblf): MCC it brings me back the the Psych 101 class

Misty: I think he was joking

recordcozy: And he just shows up, and expects her to fall all over

recordcozy: She does, because she feels like someone wants her.

Sarah (Scaniano): Shows up when she’s vulnerable.

recordcozy: I think she just doesn’t know better.

atalija: Misty, I don’t thinks he has that ind of sense of humor

Beth (Lilabitblf): agree with RC!!!!!

Andi: I think Bill also needs to know that he is a good vamp.. He is
so different from the others

atalija: *kind

Carla (crazygem85): She falls all over him because hes really sweet
and attentive to her at this point

balou8900: If Sam had better timing this would be a whole different
book series

MCC18: I just wonder how true his intentions are so soon into the

andiegilmore: I think he’s being playful, I agree with Misty

Beth (Lilabitblf): she doesnt know any better… she is issolated from
breathers cause they are scared of her

andiegilmore: lol at breathers

Misty: I can see Eric saying the exact same line

Jenny_Ap: Agree with Misty and Carla

Andi: If Sam has just spoke up earlier I think Sookie may have given
him a chance…

Carla (crazygem85): But at this point, I dont doubt his motives. I
only question them now b/c of what I know hapens later

Dianne (DiannesDishes): True

Jenny_Ap: True Misty

atalija: Misty, my point made

recordcozy: I didn’t see it like that. He’s not asking about her, he’s
asking about himself. Ah, but Eric admits he’s in love with himself.

truebloodfan001: I dont think so about sam.

recordcozy: I just don’t like how Bill claims to be all about Sookie
and then worries about himself.

Andi: I agree Carla… But trying not to say anythikng

Misty: I think all vamps are selfish. They have had to be to survive

truebloodfan001: true misty

Misty: But i think to me Bill was just flirting.

Beth (Lilabitblf): its not just the vamps who are selfish

recordcozy: Bill’s an inferior flirter, then.

DethRose: Yeah

Beth (Lilabitblf): we all have to be to survive

Dianne (DiannesDishes): I think supes in general are slightly selfish

Andi: Yes Eric doesn’t try to hide his love for himself… He is very
selfish.. But you gotta love him πŸ˜‰

Dianne (DiannesDishes): And people too

balou8900: Flirting with a woodie…or was that rigamortise in his

Jenny_Ap: But also couln’t it be that he truly wants to know…sookie
is not the most forthcoming person regarding her feelings either

Misty: well he hasnt flirted in 140 years LOL

truebloodfan001: everyone is selfish

MCC18: inferior flirter, i like that

Carla (crazygem85): so true Misty

andiegilmore: though, I have to say, I don’t like how he tries to
teach her so much what to do

Carla (crazygem85): you dont use it, you lose it

truebloodfan001: lol. true

recordcozy: That doesn’t stop Eric!

Beth (Lilabitblf): disagree πŸ™‚

atalija: Misty, we’re not sure about that, are we?

Misty: She wants him to teach her

MCC18: i’m sure he has Misty…he’s not been around 140 years and not
gotten a lil tail here and there

recordcozy: Bill has to flirt a little to get blood, yes?

truebloodfan001: oh, gosh here we go..

atalija: exactly

Carla (crazygem85): shes nervous and thinks shes doing it wrong.

atalija: he has flerted

Misty: no he was with other vamps but i dont hink they flirt with each

Carla (crazygem85): He tells her shes not and gives her a few pointers

Misty: he would just glamour a human

Andi: and well Sookie has never done this with anyone.. Doesn’t
everyone want a teacher at sometime??

andiegilmore: sure, but it’s very much the older, experience guy,
trying to teach the young girl

truebloodfan001: its her first time, with a vampire so its got to be
more difficult than a regular human

MCC18: we dont know that he’s not had any other relationships with
another human, do we?

recordcozy: I guess. But pre- TB, he’d have to open up with some
pretense of romantic stuff, right?

balou8900: wait a second…rewind…before Sookie gives it up..don’t
we have Bill kiss a boy vamp at Merlottes?

Carla (crazygem85): Its difficult period b/c its her 1st time

recordcozy: Like to lure away his victims? He can’t just glamour
people in a crowd.

Beth (Lilabitblf): mcc i think he said he had other realtionships

Carla (crazygem85): Thats after balou

Misty: no boy kiss yet

Beth (Lilabitblf): Balou, what???

Beth (Lilabitblf): dont remember that

MCC18: that’s what i thought, so there has to be some flirting
involved there…

Misty: he glamoured the dead meeting

Andi: yes not yet..LATER

truebloodfan001: woah, what!?

atalija: naughty bill, i forgot about THAT kiss

andiegilmore: he does say Sookie was the only virgin, other than his

recordcozy: He’s talking about Malcolm at Merlottes.

Carla (crazygem85): remember those vamps from before go to merlottes

truebloodfan001: oh yea.

recordcozy: He did? Not literally, right?

Sarah (Scaniano): Oh yeah, Malcolm kissed him on the mouth.

balou8900: I thought that was before…my bad

Carla (crazygem85): the one plants a kiss right on bills lips

Beth (Lilabitblf): i missed that

recordcozy: The glamour thing, I mean.

MCC18: he glamored the dead meeting?

Dianne (DiannesDishes): I didn’t realize he did that

recordcozy: Was that a joke? I feel dumb.

balou8900: Thank God no tongue!! πŸ™‚

Misty: ok so Bill is not the best flirter but I think he does care for

Dianne (DiannesDishes): The glamouring at the meeting

Misty: the decendents of the dead meeting

atalija: i thik so too

truebloodfan001: He flirts okay with me…lol sorry again.

Beth (Lilabitblf): I dont want to think he glaoured the meeting

Dianne (DiannesDishes): I wasn’t aware they could glamour on that

Andi: Well I think he does…But is it for the right reasons???
Started out no… But Sookie is special

Carla (crazygem85): I agree tbfan

recordcozy: He didn’t have to, did he?

truebloodfan001: he didnt glamour the meeting

Misty: allin all the 1st time I read it I loved it. I thought Bill was
great with her

MCC18: i dont think he did either

andiegilmore: No, I don’t think so, either

Carla (crazygem85): he got my attention

Dianne (DiannesDishes): I just thought he won them over with his
stories. I would be cool to hear about history from someone that was

atalija: he so didn’t glamour the meeting

Sarah (Scaniano): I did too, Misty. I loved Bill and didn’t see
anything wrong with anything Bill did.

recordcozy: I thought so too Dianne.

andiegilmore: I thought the conversation was a little forced, but yes
you can see he cares

Jenny_Ap: Yeah, agree with Dianne

Misty: sook said she thinks he glamoured the crowd b/c of the way
maxine is acting

Beth (Lilabitblf): agree w Dianne

MCC18: Agreed Diane. Those people were so entralled to have a civil
war vet with them they were just in awe

Carla (crazygem85): I was totally in love with Bill at this point

balou8900: she wondered if, not knew if he did

Beth (Lilabitblf): Sook was still miffed with Bill at that point too

Sarah (Scaniano): Me too, Carla.

truebloodfan001: I am totally in love w. bill

Misty: then the stories won them over

truebloodfan001: lol

Misty: anyway

balou8900: Malcolm is hotter, lol

Andi: These people just loved his stories..But this was what they
liked to talk about.. And Bill was there how many oppertunities woul
they have to hear them first hand

MCC18: balou lol

recordcozy: I thought Sookie was just idly saying that.

Misty: onto the next morning

Beth (Lilabitblf): well in the South… history rules..

MCC18: i assumed she meant it in jest

Dianne (DiannesDishes): That it does

Misty: I thought Sam was way out of line pulling her shirt collar down

Carla (crazygem85): Sookie was on cloud 9 the next day

recordcozy: Exactly mcc.

Dianne (DiannesDishes): I thought so too.

Dianne (DiannesDishes): He was treating her like a child.

Beth (Lilabitblf): that is when i turned on SAM

recordcozy: He so was! Like none of your business!

Sarah (Scaniano): I totally agree, Misty. I really didn’t like him at
that moment.

truebloodfan001: who wouldnt be on cloud 9 the next day

Kris: he’s super overprotective of Sookie

Jenny_Ap: Sam disappointed me there

andiegilmore: I agree, Misty

Carla (crazygem85): Sam really irritated me

Dianne (DiannesDishes): It was her 1st time and she was on cloud 9.

andiegilmore: he was acting jealous when he had no right to be

MCC18: me too Beth! i was like…oh that is SO over the line
buddy…back it up!

truebloodfan001: i was angry with sam

Jenny_Ap: LOVE Sookie’s comeback

Andi: Yes this is the thing that was a dissapointment from Sam..

Carla (crazygem85): The nerve of him to do that. So wrong

Misty: she waited soooooo long

atalija: dog thinking again

balou8900: But that is why I see his playing big brother more than
that being a date. But they he got the horndog thing going on at good
night time

Misty: and for him to ruin her high like that

Beth (Lilabitblf): soooo long?

Beth (Lilabitblf): gotcha Misty

Andi: And Sam never said anyting untill she showed interest in someone

Carla (crazygem85): I would be pissed. She didnt even get to bask in
that glow for long

balou8900: wow, I really need grammar and spell check at times

Sarah (Scaniano): I think he wanted to shame her so she’d stop seeing

DethRose: True

Misty: Maybe its the want what you cant have

MCC18: Let’s face it Sam has intimacy issues lol

Dianne (DiannesDishes): To say the least!

Carla (crazygem85): He really does MCC18

atalija: MCC right no

recordcozy: Wait. I wanted to ask about something Malcolm said, so let
me know when I can ask.

Misty: And arlene was rude too

atalija: right ON. geez!

Beth (Lilabitblf): all the men do in the book

Sarah (Scaniano): Shame her in front of everyone, that is.

Andi: so true mcc18

Andi: Yes all supes have issues

balou8900: but, as misty pointed out, he didn’t hump her leg

andiegilmore: and everyone pretending they’re just “watching out for
her” Especially Sam

Carla (crazygem85): Why would you have this discussion in front of the
whole restaurant

Dianne (DiannesDishes): Arlene seemed to come around before Sam messed
with her collar though.

DethRose: Lol!

andiegilmore: hate when he throws that line around

Dianne (DiannesDishes): I think Sam just made it worse, when it was
starting to get better

Beth (Lilabitblf): agree dianne

Carla (crazygem85): He really did Dianne. Again, bad with the timing

atalija: i don’t think i got better, but whatever

Misty: I think Sam’s overprotectiveness kinda backfires on him. It
drive her to Bill even more

MCC18: I think Sam might have a touch of Tourette’s too…always seems
to do/say things at the most inappropriate time

atalija: iT*

recordcozy: That’s true, Misty.

Andi: yes agree misty

truebloodfan001: Sam was over the line.

Jenny_Ap: LOL MCC

Andi: LOL mcc18

Carla (crazygem85): lol

truebloodfan001: lol

Dianne (DiannesDishes): So true MCC lol

Misty: She had to defen Bill so much it makes him even bigger in her

Andi: Sam stepped way over the line with that conversation

Jenny_Ap: Good one Misty

andiegilmore: yes. Sam has no self control!

Beth (Lilabitblf): Sam knows he crossed the boundry

Misty: I dont know why her sex life is topic of the day anyway

Sarah (Scaniano): Definitely. She’s going to be more protective of
Bill the more people attack him.

Andi: I don’t think that many supes have self control/..

Carla (crazygem85): Good point misty

MCC18: especially with her BOSS

Carla (crazygem85): Its a small town, they always get into peoples
private business

Beth (Lilabitblf): well, they talk about their sex lives at work

MCC18: but andi right now we dont know about the supes

Andi: yes and at work in front of everyone is definatly not the place

truebloodfan001: bad sam….Bill came into the bar that night right?

Dianne (DiannesDishes): That just goes to show how they view Sookie.
To them she isn’t smart enough to be an adult and make her own
decisions, so they talk about what she does in front of her.

Jenny_Ap: yup

Dianne (DiannesDishes): And I agree with Carla it’s a small town thing

Carla (crazygem85): true Dianne

Andi: well we know about the vamps and Sam… and none of them have
any self control

Misty: yes Bill comes in that night & that is when the other vamps
show up

andiegilmore: you’re right Dianne

Misty: who had a malcolm ?

balou8900: is it a big brother thing though? Although Jason doesn’t
seem to do that job well.

recordcozy: Me.

Beth (Lilabitblf): i have to say i hate those 3

Misty: lay it on me

Dianne (DiannesDishes): Those 3 are toxic

MCC18: me too beth…nasty vamps

truebloodfan001: i hated those 3

recordcozy: He said, “A little bird in Shreveport tells me you were
asking questions at Fangtasia.” or something.

recordcozy: Longshadow’s the bird? Not Eric… right?

Carla (crazygem85): they deserve what comes to them

Misty: right

recordcozy: Or Pam?

Beth (Lilabitblf): OHHHHHHHHHHH

balou8900: they belong as props for Fangtasia on a short leash

truebloodfan001: Both Malcom and diane kiss bill on the mouth

Andi: those vamps are the worst.. Kinda like the scum of the vamps

MCC18: i always took that as longshadow

Dianne (DiannesDishes): I don’t think Eric would have told them

Jenny_Ap: I thought Longshawdow too

andiegilmore: yes, they make all other vamps look bad

recordcozy: That’s on page152.

Misty: I dont think Eric even concern himslef with malcolm’s crew

recordcozy: I thought it was Longshadow, but I wasn’t sure.

Sarah (Scaniano): Hmmm, recordcozy…I hadn’t thought about it. I
don’t think it was Eric (probably because I adore him) but who knows.

recordcozy: Well, why mention that at all.

recordcozy: *?

Andi: Eric would use it against someone for his benefit… So I think
it was Longshadow

Beth (Lilabitblf): they are below his notice as long as they toe the

Misty: I am sure it was longshadow or even one of the fangbangers, Or

Carla (crazygem85): Had to of been longshadow

MCC18: to let him know people talk and pay attention?

Dianne (DiannesDishes): It could have been one of the fangbangers that
overheard something

recordcozy: That’s true. I forgot about them.

Jenny_Ap: There were other vamps there that night too?

truebloodfan001: I laugh at how rene tries to be mr. tough guy

Misty: Eric told her to ask him so why would he tell someone else she
was asking question

andiegilmore: yeah, I think it’s some kind of threat

balou8900: Longshadow was only one asked q’s other than Pam and Eric

recordcozy: I thought power.

Beth (Lilabitblf): power?

MCC18: fangbangers wouldnt have known Bill tho, most likely

Misty: But all the vamos would of heard

Misty: I mean vamps

recordcozy: Like in the structure, when he said that. I dunno why. I
guess just because CH mentioned it.

recordcozy: That’s true.

andiegilmore: I think, too, that he wants to imply Bill shouldn’t care
what happens to humans

Misty: I just dont see Eric talking to them

recordcozy: I never know when to suspend the supernatural rules and
when to apply them.

andiegilmore: and shouldnt betray the vamps to protect humans

DethRose: Sorry peeps, I got to go

Misty: I agree with andie

recordcozy: Like vamps hear everything, vamps mind their own business.

Misty: ok bye

MCC18: nite DethRose

Sarah (Scaniano): later DethRose πŸ™‚

Carla (crazygem85): bye dethrose

Dianne (DiannesDishes): Bye DR

recordcozy: Bye DethRose.

Jenny_Ap: Bye DethRose

Andi: night dethrose

balou8900: Take care dethrose…your number was 1-900- what again?

Beth (Lilabitblf): night DR

andiegilmore: bye

balou8900: *waves*

MCC18: you’re right record…it’s not like they are a very social
bunch always gossiping

Misty: But if any of the vamp knew that he was with her they would of
told him so her could take care od sook

Andi: They are all about the shock value.. and just being nasty…

recordcozy: Wait, what Misty?

Carla (crazygem85): Those vamps are ruthless. Ones you do not want to
hang around

atalija: not man vamps would dare to gossip about something that Eric
was doing, they know their sheriff

Misty: or threaten Sook so she wouldnt tell the police that he was
with the victims

atalija: *many

MCC18: i didnt think most of the vamps condoned, or cared about human

recordcozy: Oh. Like “took care of her.”

Dianne (DiannesDishes): Exactly.

recordcozy: I just got happier that we’re talking about Eric πŸ™‚

balou8900: If Eric is sheriff though, could he have questioned them
about the deaths and that is how they heard?

Misty: but if police are looking for a vamp to pin the murders on

Misty: I dont htink Eric would care enough to

recordcozy: I don’t think that Eric’s that involved yet, possibly?

atalija: balou, hmm, good point

recordcozy: Yeah.

andiegilmore: I agree

Jenny_Ap: agree with Misty

Andi: yes it is a very sore subject for the vamps.. They don’t want
the cops after them

balou8900: Sookie is owed one for getting them out during the raid

Carla (crazygem85): agree misty

Misty: Eric would of told Sook if he did to get brownie points with

Beth (Lilabitblf): (sly RC, but excelent)

andiegilmore: and I don’t think Eric would go around gossiping to his

Andi: No Eric doesn’t concern himself with the small things

Andi: Yes very true Misty

balou8900: If it gets him in Sookie’s shorts though…

Andi: He already want to get closer to Sookie

recordcozy: What’s up with the vamp trio, really? They don’t seem to
go with the area program.

recordcozy: Like they’re not sitting in for bar time.

Misty: but he would of told her that he was helping her

Carla (crazygem85): True, Eric would def use that to his advantage

recordcozy: Everyone else has to.

truebloodfan001: okay, They move to Bills place of residence

MCC18: they seem to be rogue vamps more than anything

Dianne (DiannesDishes): I think they represent the old school vamps

Beth (Lilabitblf): why does their nesting bring out their worst

balou8900: they egg one another on, bill tells sookie

Dianne (DiannesDishes): Because they egg each other on?

Misty: I think of them like a gang. They are always trying to one up
each other

recordcozy: Why doesn’t anyone take them out, then? The higher-ups
don’t go for that stuff.

atalija: surviver thing. happens on the survivor show too.

andiegilmore: mob mentality

Andi: yes they are rogue vamps for sure.. Just trying to have a good
time.. And they don’t really care who gets int heway. I think it would
have gotten them kicked out of most places

MCC18: like bill has mentioned…they lose their human side. maybe
when nesting it’s like being in the wild without rules,being wild and

Dianne (DiannesDishes): Maybe so

Misty: that is probably why they live in small town cajun country

atalija: record, why would another vamp take them out if they don’t
cause them any trouble?

Carla (crazygem85): Agreed MCC18

recordcozy: But if someone doesn’t like what they’re doing, they’re
toast. I don’t get why none of the vamp political peeps don’t off

Misty: so tbfan is ready to move onto Bils hottub

recordcozy: Oh, I guess they’re not too much.

Jenny_Ap: LOL, I bet she is

andiegilmore: lol

MCC18: i think they move around a lot, not staying in one place all
that long, maybe?

atalija: LOL

Andi: lmaas

recordcozy: They’re not good for the image, though.

Carla (crazygem85): I’d take a dip with him in that hottub

Andi: lmao I ment

Misty: agree mss

Misty: I mean mcc

recordcozy: And they don’t follow the program.

Sarah (Scaniano): I do love Bill’s bathroom. So decadent and fabulous.

truebloodfan001: yes i am

Andi: who wouldn’t like that bathroom??

truebloodfan001: he has a great bathroom

MCC18: would his cold body temp cool the “hot”tub down a lot?

Liz (MsLizS) from x.x.x.194 joined the chat 20 hours ago

Liz (MsLizS): *sneaking in*

recordcozy: Only when Show Eric sits in it. Otherwise I’m not

Misty: you are late

MCC18: Hai Liz

Sarah (Scaniano): Hiya Liz πŸ™‚

Carla (crazygem85): Maybe, but they could def heat it back up

Jenny_Ap: LOL Record

Liz (MsLizS): busted lol

Amy (JustAimer): they didnt do his BR justice in the show

MCC18: lmao record!

recordcozy: Hi Liz.

Andi: I agree RC.. But I would love the bathroom

Misty: I love Bills tubs as well

Amy (JustAimer): (erm bathroom = BR)

Carla (crazygem85): hey liz!

Liz (MsLizS): hey guys… sorry I was at a birthday thing at my aunt’s

truebloodfan001: yes, but it was still nice

Liz (MsLizS): we watched the lost boys though.. so had some vampire
time lol

Beth (Lilabitblf): agree amy… that tub was suposed to be ummm ummm

Misty: yeah for lost boys

Misty: I also liked this scene

recordcozy: I was worried about Bill’s plants. Like how do they get

Beth (Lilabitblf): (shhhh Liz πŸ™‚ still havnet seen it yet)

Carla (crazygem85): love lost boys!!!

Andi: gotta love the vamp flicks

Misty: I liked the tub & him asking her to bathe with him

Jenny_Ap: LOL Record, The plants!

balou8900: lost boys rocks!

MCC18: lol @ worrying about the plants

MCC18: love it!

balou8900: I have a guy question?

Liz (MsLizS): lol Beth (I hear Target has it for like $8)

recordcozy: I took Horticulture in high school πŸ™‚

truebloodfan001: lol

Misty: yes balou

andiegilmore: yes. Bill is good with setting up the porn– I mean,
romantic settings

recordcozy: Go ahead.

balou8900: Does brushing a woman’s hair for her mean like instant
nookie approval?

truebloodfan001: psh..best part of the books

recordcozy: No.

Dianne (DiannesDishes): lol

balou8900: *grabs mental notebook* πŸ™‚

Sarah (Scaniano): Lol, No.

Beth (Lilabitblf): funny andi g

Misty: No but it is nice

Jenny_Ap: No

recordcozy: I stand by my statement that that was weird.

Liz (MsLizS): My hair is all curly and does not brush easily… so no

Sarah (Scaniano): In fact, I’d rath brush my own hair. :p

truebloodfan001: lol, no.

Liz (MsLizS): I may do it to get you to stop though lol

balou8900: awww..classic fail then BILL!! You had her at hello dude!!!

Misty: My hair tangles at the slightest breeze so I hate to brush it

andiegilmore: lol yes, something weird going on w brushing the hair

Carla (crazygem85): its nice, but def not a guarantee

MCC18: A bag from Tiffany’s with a shiny baubble in it is about that
only guarantee of instant nookie approval

Beth (Lilabitblf): its the touching… her hair might be one of her

Misty: LOL MCC

Sarah (Scaniano): Mmmm, MCC, you’re so right. πŸ˜€

recordcozy: I can’t fully get into the Bill stuff. I think it’s the
inferior flirting thing. Like I need that Eric impish flair.

andiegilmore: I can’t say I ever had a guy offer to brush my hair

Dianne (DiannesDishes): lol MCC

balou8900: we see him kiss a boy and do hair…I think something more
going on with Bill than we wanna know

Dianne (DiannesDishes): And you’re so right! ;oP

truebloodfan001: i cant brush my hair, if i do i get a fro

Misty: I think anything is her zone b/c she has waited sooooooooooo

Carla (crazygem85): true mcc18

Amy (JustAimer): lol tbfan

truebloodfan001: LOL Balou

Carla (crazygem85): so true misty

Liz (MsLizS): he could have touched her elbow and she would have been
ready to go

andiegilmore: you’re right misty

Misty: well balou they do say vamps cross the lines a lot

recordcozy: lol Liz

Andi: LOL misty

Dianne (DiannesDishes): lol Liz

Andi: Agree Liz

Misty: she was a live wire

truebloodfan001: you could always try it balou..LOL

Dianne (DiannesDishes): She had to have been very frustrated at that

balou8900: those who have waited long are highly encouraged to provide
their numbers at the end of tonights chat. Thank you for shopping
Sookie Chat

Carla (crazygem85): she was just waiting to be touched

Misty: 976-babe

recordcozy: Geez.

Sarah (Scaniano): lol

balou8900: hehehe

truebloodfan001: HAHAHA. πŸ™‚

Carla (crazygem85): lol balou

Beth (Lilabitblf): omg… LOL

Andi: wow this is now a dating chat

Liz (MsLizS): lol balou

MCC18: (happens to feel that way about Eric, he can touch my elbow and
i’d be ready to go!)

Andi: LOL

andiegilmore: 0-800-B*TCH πŸ˜‰

Sarah (Scaniano): Mine is 1-800-myhubbywillkill you πŸ˜‰

truebloodfan001: lol andiegilmore

recordcozy: Eric can blink and we’d all faint.

Liz (MsLizS): Eric could look at my elbow and it’s on

Liz (MsLizS): lol

balou8900: that was my ex’s number..

Jenny_Ap: Agree mCC

Amy (JustAimer): ah…. Eric…

Andi: I agree mcc.. I feel the same

Carla (crazygem85): Eric could just say my name and I’d be ready

Beth (Lilabitblf): ok ppl

truebloodfan001: LOL.

Amy (JustAimer): tee hee hee

andiegilmore: uhmm…yes. Eric just needs to show up

Misty: so that is how the chapter ends. with the bath and sook is all

Andi: LOL Carla.. but probably true..

recordcozy: What are we talking about again?

Dianne (DiannesDishes): He wouldn’t even have to speak! ;oP

recordcozy: Oh yes.

recordcozy: Soap.

recordcozy: Ha ha.

truebloodfan001: yea, they undress each other and take a bath

Andi: LOL Dianne..

Dianne (DiannesDishes): bath time

Carla (crazygem85): true dianne lol!

recordcozy: Now I’ve got the bathtub Eric in my head. Not easy to

Misty: So best parts of these 2 chapter?

Liz (MsLizS): Can we go to book 4 now?

truebloodfan001: and sookie cant gets bills pants undone

Carla (crazygem85): lol liz!!

Sarah (Scaniano): lol Liz

Amy (JustAimer): lol Liz

MCC18: lmao liz!

truebloodfan001: no. liz

truebloodfan001: LOL

Andi: Liz jumping ahead alittle

andiegilmore: boo

andiegilmore: lol

Dianne (DiannesDishes): lol liz

Andi: but I agree Liz..

balou8900: So to recap from my notebook…do it in the dirt, do it in
the tub, kiss the boys and work on your farrah fawcett hair poof
technique. Did I miss anything?

Carla (crazygem85): best part was bill & sookies 1st time together

Jenny_Ap: LOL

atalija: i agree

Andi: Yes I would agree carla…

Misty: agree with carla that was my fav

Amy (JustAimer): definetly Carla

Dianne (DiannesDishes): I agree with Carla

truebloodfan001: Actually i would love to replay TB scenes in my real

andiegilmore: deff Sookie and Bill

Andi: The scene of them the first time…

recordcozy: Sookie being smart, like she should be. That’s my fave.

Carla (crazygem85): me too tbfan

Andi: LOL TBfan

Beth (Lilabitblf): agree… it was a special moment

Andi: who wouldn’t??

truebloodfan001: Hasnt happened yet.

MCC18: i think so too…although i kinda like the neediness in the
makeout session in the car

truebloodfan001: but it will..just call me sookie

recordcozy: I like that better too, mcc.

Andi: My Husband told me he draws the line at fangs…LOL

balou8900: scrolls to see if I got TB and Carla’s numbers *innocent

Carla (crazygem85): lol

Sarah (Scaniano): My fav Bill and Sookie moment hasn’t happened yet.
We’ll just have to wait. πŸ™‚

truebloodfan001: lol balou πŸ™‚

Misty: my least fav is Jason the jackass hitting Sookie

Carla (crazygem85): you havent brushed my hair yet, so no number for
you balou

MCC18: i think it was the whole steaming up the windows bit…cuz
that’s kinda impressive for a dead guy

Liz (MsLizS): I feel bad for th next guy I date… I’ll bite him right
away or something

recordcozy: My fave Bill-Sookie moment involves Eric, so it’s sort of
cheating. And also hasn’t happened yet either.

Carla (crazygem85): me too misty

Jenny_Ap: Yeah agree with Misty

Beth (Lilabitblf): my least fav was finding gran

Andi: oh there are so many more.. Just we can’t talk about them yet

Dianne (DiannesDishes): I agree with Misty on that one. Serioulsy that
was really bad.

truebloodfan001: i feel bad for the FIRST guy i date..cause my
expectations will be really high

Sarah (Scaniano): Mine is a tie between that, Misty and Sam pulling
her collar down to show the fang marks.

balou8900: I’m just afraid to see what happens when you hair gel a

Andi: Jason is a jackass all though this book…

andiegilmore: least fav deff Jason…and Andy being all nasty

Jenny_Ap: Awww… Yeah Beth

Misty: It was bad enough for gran to die but that really was horrible

Dianne (DiannesDishes): HYeah the collar things was really bad too

Dianne (DiannesDishes): And of course Gran dying

Beth (Lilabitblf): again Jason was an A$$

recordcozy: Andy gets my vote for this one too.

truebloodfan001: alot of jackass moments in book 1

Beth (Lilabitblf): these chaps were more negative for me

Carla (crazygem85): Still mad at Sam and Jason. 2 jackass moves

Jenny_Ap: Sam too

balou8900: Didn’t Sookie already say how Jason got the house he lives
in which makes Jason awful greedy to want something of gran’s house

Sarah (Scaniano): Yeah, Andy was a total db.

Dianne (DiannesDishes): I forgot about Andy. His stunt was bad too.

Misty: yeah sam is a close second

Andi: Yes there are allot of jack ass moves in this book

Beth (Lilabitblf): he did balou

atalija: i’d say sam

MCC18: shoulda called the book Jackasses Afete Dark

MCC18: After*

Misty: I expect it from andy but not sam

Misty: LOL MCC

Andi: LOL mcc

Carla (crazygem85): lol mcc18

Dianne (DiannesDishes): lol

truebloodfan001: Jason, Andy, Sam

andiegilmore: lol MCC

balou8900: I think Charlane had some bad man experiences…I’m just

Andi: yes agree Misty.. You expect it from Andy

Jenny_Ap: Lol Balou

truebloodfan001: lol Balou

Andi: LOL balou

Misty: I agree Balou. Jason wanted both houses to be his?

andiegilmore: well, bad man experiences = good drama

recordcozy: Lots of fodder for kickass books, though!

Andi: I think Jason just wants everything..

Misty: or instant lesbian

recordcozy: hehe.

Dianne (DiannesDishes): He’s greedy

andiegilmore: lol misty

balou8900: I’m one sex change away from being a great lesbian

recordcozy: I like when we type the same thing at the same time.

Dianne (DiannesDishes): lol misty

truebloodfan001: oh gosh, i laugh at myself..thinking how my first
date will go..uh oh..HA

truebloodfan001: oh gosh balou

Beth (Lilabitblf): RC its hilarious

recordcozy: It’s worse when you’re expectations are Eric-high πŸ˜‰

Misty: ok so pros/cons of the chat?

balou8900: just remember…no dates to vampire bars unless he asks ya
outo…and no dates to your ex’s lecture series with the boss

Andi: LOL so true rc

Dianne (DiannesDishes): lol rc

truebloodfan001: mine…BILL high.

MCC18: Let’s just say if I stuck to my expectations of finding a Mr.
Darcy I’d still be lookin *whistles innocently*

andiegilmore: I tried to turn on the sound alerts today, and it messed
up with the typing of messages

Liz (MsLizS): Well at the rate of reading and watching TV I will never
get back out lol

Sarah (Scaniano): No cons. It was all good times.

truebloodfan001: to future date..be like Bill. LOL

andiegilmore: dont know if that happened to anyone else

recordcozy: I know. It’s worse with ERIC.

recordcozy: He he he.

truebloodfan001: lol RB

Carla (crazygem85): 0 cons…love the chat

truebloodfan001: RC*

Andi: no cons at all…

Misty: I think the chats run smoother every week.

truebloodfan001: good chat.

andiegilmore: but the chat itself, good stuff!!

Jenny_Ap: Con-Free

truebloodfan001: its because i am here πŸ˜‰

Sarah (Scaniano): I agree, Misty.

Dianne (DiannesDishes): I think it went well.

recordcozy: Nice all around, I think.

Beth (Lilabitblf): no cons… will miss y’all next week!!!!

Liz (MsLizS): con – I wasn’t here for most of it 😦

andiegilmore: we’ve been behaving with the no-spoiler role πŸ™‚

balou8900: I didn’t even get smacked tonight…despite deserving it
multiple times πŸ™‚

MCC18: Agreed Misty

Amy (JustAimer): pros – still love chatting about some of my fave
books with fabulous viking wenches πŸ™‚

andiegilmore: ops rule

Andi: Yes so true Misty..’

Misty: L am glad we have a Belle with us

Amy (JustAimer): I don’t have any cons

balou8900: would that be pro or con…

recordcozy: But we need more Eric!

Dianne (DiannesDishes): I may not be here next week. We’re going to
NYC to celebrate my birthday and I don’t know if we’ll be back in

andiegilmore: yes!

MCC18: Con- Eric didnt show up 😦

Misty: I did smack you!!!

recordcozy: I can’t wait until next Eric!

truebloodfan001: i was being nice to you tonight balou…lol

Andi: We do need more Eric.. But we have to get to different books for

Carla (crazygem85): I look forward to this chat all week. Its so much

balou8900: Well happy bday Dianne..have fun in NYC

andiegilmore: me too, carla

recordcozy: Yes, Misty did smack once!

Beth (Lilabitblf): well Eric in Chap 8 for next week (damm i am not

MCC18: Maybe we could do a separate book club just for book 4? lol

Andi: Definatly looking forward to next week.. This is the highlight
of my week….

Jenny_Ap: Happy B-day Dianne

Dianne (DiannesDishes): Thanks! I’m looking forward to it.

balou8900: I got smacked? I’m gonna have to re-read the transcript to
get the true satisfaction of that

recordcozy: Me too, Andi!

Misty: Both @vampirebill & @eric_of area5 said they will make an
appereance sometime soon

Beth (Lilabitblf): when is it?

MCC18: Happy Birthday Diane!

Sarah (Scaniano): Happy Birthday!

Beth (Lilabitblf): mine is the 10th πŸ™‚

recordcozy: tbfan can have her Bill date!

Liz (MsLizS): Happy Birthday Dianne!

Dianne (DiannesDishes): Mine is the 11th.

Misty: Smacks Balou for forgetting earlier smack

recordcozy: Or bath?

Andi: Yes that would be great Misty!!!

MCC18: @VampireBill better show before the 3rd book lol

Beth (Lilabitblf): holy crap!

andiegilmore: Well, happy bday guys!

truebloodfan001: aww..YAY. my first date ever..with my bill…LOL πŸ˜‰

balou8900: Bring Bill soon…he has some guy kissin’, hair fiddlin’
splainin’ to do Lucy

Dianne (DiannesDishes): So happy birthday to beth too

truebloodfan001: happy b-day

Jenny_Ap: LOL MCC

Andi: They should all play along in here.. and give their opinions..

Misty: Happy Birthday

Amy (JustAimer): Happy bday to Dianne & Beth πŸ™‚

Jenny_Ap: Happy B-day Beth!

recordcozy: That would be awesome!

MCC18: Happy birthday to you too Beth

Carla (crazygem85): so im talking to @ericnorthman and he asked me to
send the info on how to join this chat

Dianne (DiannesDishes): Thanks everyone!

Liz (MsLizS): Happy Birthday to you too Beth!

Misty: Ok so I will post the chat on the google groups page.

recordcozy: WOOT! ERIC!

Andi: Happy Bday to all who has them coming up

Dianne (DiannesDishes): oooh nice!

Liz (MsLizS): YAY Carla!!!

Beth (Lilabitblf): thanks all

Liz (MsLizS): πŸ˜€

andiegilmore: good work, carla!

balou8900: did you tell him that will cost him another kiss and bite,
Carla? lol

recordcozy: Best VK of the Week: CARLA!

Beth (Lilabitblf): i thought @ericnorthman knew about the chat?

Andi: cool thanx for all your work Misty

Jenny_Ap: Carla! Our hero!

truebloodfan001: lol

Misty: Want me to send him the links?

recordcozy: YES.

Dianne (DiannesDishes): do!


Carla (crazygem85): im sending him a link right now

recordcozy: lmao. I love you guys.

Andi: good work Carla

Amy (JustAimer): ah… Eric…

Andi: gotta love @ericnothman

Misty: Oh I have out up a lot of new links on the google groups page.
Go add stuff to then

recordcozy: Quick, someone talk about him naked so we’re spazzing when
he gets here!

truebloodfan001: lol πŸ™‚

Liz (MsLizS): Why do I picture us just cornering him and attacking him
(in the good way of course) lol

Andi: but @vampirebill is great oo

MCC18: does anyone know the folks that are doing the role playing?

Beth (Lilabitblf): LOL

Misty: Like fanfic, ebooks, book recommendations

Jenny_Ap: LOL

Carla (crazygem85): whats the password here again?

Liz (MsLizS): sookie01

Dianne (DiannesDishes): sookie01

Jenny_Ap: sookkie01

Beth (Lilabitblf): sookie01

MCC18: sookie01

truebloodfan001: @vampirebill is great and *whispers* @ericnorthman

Jenny_Ap: sookie01

MCC18: damn lag

Carla (crazygem85): thanks

balou8900: what’s this us stuff Liz? πŸ™‚

Liz (MsLizS): LOL

Sarah (Scaniano): Everytime we go on about Eric I hear those three
chicks from Angel that would go ‘Mmmm Angel’ everytime someone
mentioned him. Lol.

Misty from x.x.x.130 joined the chat 20 hours ago

Liz (MsLizS): lol Sorry Balou… you can watch

Andi: LOL sarah

Dianne (DiannesDishes): They were funny!

Jenny_Ap: I remember that Sarah! LOL

recordcozy: You have to partake, balou if you’re a real VW.

Sarah (Scaniano): Hehehe

Liz (MsLizS): LOL Recordcozy

recordcozy: hehehe

Misty: I am still trying to remember sniffing Eric

Dianne (DiannesDishes): lol rc

recordcozy: You did!

recordcozy: Look at the transcript!

balou8900: mine’s an outtie not an innie

truebloodfan001: what is balou watching? πŸ™‚

recordcozy: Us mauling Eric.

Dianne (DiannesDishes): Did I miss something? LOL

Misty: I am looking now

Liz (MsLizS): Naughty things

recordcozy: Minus you?

Liz (MsLizS): Things he may want to forget

Misty: in last weeks chat?

recordcozy: Yeah.

balou8900: I might volunteer to be glamored just to forget what I saw,

Dianne (DiannesDishes): lol

truebloodfan001: lol.

recordcozy: Not if it’s Eric!!!

andiegilmore: aw.. I missed it!

Andi: I missed last week… Too bad, I read the transcript and was
upset about it!!!

MCC18: lol but he might kiss you after glamoring you….just to give
us all a giggle

truebloodfan001: lol

Dianne (DiannesDishes): Now that would be funny

recordcozy: I would just be jealous…

Beth (Lilabitblf): lol!!

balou8900: Great…so I wake up in the mornin’ stinking of malcomb

truebloodfan001: really quickly, why do y’all like eric so much, jw.

MCC18: lol record, i was thinking the same thing

Amy (JustAimer): ah, that can’t be done “real quickly” tbfan – also
not without spoilers

Amy (JustAimer): ;0

Beth (Lilabitblf): why do we like eric? why not πŸ™‚

Sarah (Scaniano): I like Eric because he’s seriously hot and he’s a
bad boy….that’s my personal kryptonite.

Andi: no nothing is quick when you are talking about Eric..

Misty: I like Eric because he goes after what he wants

andiegilmore: Well, all of Book 4, just to start..

recordcozy: I like him because he’s a big flirt, and he’s funny. He’s
also really hot and does nice things for Sookie.

Amy (JustAimer): lol andie

Beth (Lilabitblf): so true… Andi… nothing wuick with Eric

Carla (crazygem85): I like everything about eric. Everything!!!!

Amy (JustAimer): ditto RC

truebloodfan001: okay..lol just so i know.

Liz (MsLizS): Gracious Plenty

recordcozy: He doesn’t treat Sookie like a child.

Andi: He doesn’t pretend to be anyting he isn’t

Amy (JustAimer): there’s nothing I dislike about ERic… nothing

recordcozy: That too Liz…

Sarah (Scaniano): lol Liz!

andiegilmore: lol liz

balou8900: lol…book four seems sooooo far away, doesn’t it andie?

recordcozy: That too Andi!

Sarah (Scaniano): Also he ‘gets’ Sookie, really gets her.

Jenny_Ap: Agree with Amy

Beth (Lilabitblf): andi said it!

recordcozy: I like Book 2/3 Eric best, actually.

andiegilmore: it so does, Balou

truebloodfan001: it would be bad to bring up what some people

Misty: He does treat Sookie like she can think for herself

andiegilmore: though I did just read it again last month…

recordcozy: I was sort of mad when I read book 4.

recordcozy: I wanted real Eric.

Beth (Lilabitblf): why?

truebloodfan001: I love bill, but i did like book 4…..

MCC18: There isnt an eric i dont like…*le sigh*

Beth (Lilabitblf): ohh

Andi: yes he is nice to Sookie…

Jenny_Ap: Kinda agree with ya record

balou8900: I loved that one…and Book 9

andiegilmore: yes, but those things wouldn’t have happened the way
they did if it was real Eric

Dianne (DiannesDishes): I’ve got book for on my iPod.

Beth (Lilabitblf): book 4 was a faccet of his personality

Andi: no there is nothing about Eric that I don’t like…

Beth (Lilabitblf): ok.. we have completely disitigrated πŸ™‚

Andi: LOL Dianne.. I did the same thing this week

truebloodfan001: not going to lie, i would give myself up to both Bill
and Eric..at the same time πŸ˜‰ *giggles*

Amy (JustAimer): I thought book four revealed a side of Eric that had
been buried for a long time – totally enjoyed it, but glad he went
back to his old self

recordcozy: That’s true. ag.

Andi: LMAO TBfan

Dianne (DiannesDishes): lol at tbf

Misty: Yep I said I would sniff Alex

Jenny_Ap: LOL TBfan

Carla (crazygem85): Me too tbfan!! lol!

Liz (MsLizS): And he will tell sook if her breath stank too… lol

Beth (Lilabitblf): TBFan… Sookies thoughts in book 5!!!!

Andi: I agree Amy…

recordcozy: I told you!

Misty: i just think he would smell really good!!!

Misty: It would not be obviuos

truebloodfan001: lol misty..

Beth (Lilabitblf): thx Misty.. sniffing Alex sounds like fun right now

MCC18: book 4 Eric was just such a great let your hair down and be
free kinda moment

Amy (JustAimer): ah…Alex… erm… Eric.. erm.. both of them!

Jenny_Ap: Ah Misty, LOL

Andi: who wouldn’t sniff Alex???

balou8900: wow…metrosexual-vampire

Jenny_Ap: Exactly

recordcozy: I like that he’s kind of flirtacious, but never in a way
that makes Sookie feel weird. Like she always feels better about

MCC18: I wouldnt stop at just sniffing that’s for sure

truebloodfan001: *remembers the dream i had last night about Alex,
Eric, Stephen, and Bill.*

Dianne (DiannesDishes): and enjoy it? ;oP

Andi: I may need to watch re-runs now.. Just to see Eric/Alex

Carla (crazygem85): The things i would do to alex!!

Misty: Just a little deep breatth

andiegilmore: hahaha I would do more than snif him!

Andi: LOL Mcc.. I agree I couldn’t stop there

Carla (crazygem85): sorry, im getting lost in a dream right now

Amy (JustAimer): I have him on my mac wallpaper… *sigh*

Dianne (DiannesDishes): my bf is coming up next week. We’re going to
watch season 1 and 2. She’s never seen the show.

Beth (Lilabitblf): Ive got GK for Alex at the moment…

truebloodfan001: Dianne–fun.

Amy (JustAimer): loves GK!

recordcozy: And…. repeat of the chat last week. Oh, Misty, look what
you do!

Jenny_Ap: Me too!

recordcozy: I LOVE IT TOO.

Andi: I have Eric/Alex.. and then Dexter

Beth (Lilabitblf): LOL

Carla (crazygem85): i still have 3 eps left to watch of gk

balou8900: *mental note* buy stock in everready

andiegilmore: yes to Dexter!

truebloodfan001: again…call me sookie. LMAO

MCC18: GK is fantastic

Liz (MsLizS): lol

Beth (Lilabitblf): side comment GK… EXCELENT!!!

Amy (JustAimer): lmao balou

Jenny_Ap: Balou! LOL

Andi: ok I am behind.. Whaat is GK??

Amy (JustAimer): Generation Kill

Dianne (DiannesDishes): Ok myh brain isn’t processing GK…

Jenny_Ap: Generation Kill

recordcozy: Generation Kill.

MCC18: i love ray in GK he just makes me laugh

Dianne (DiannesDishes): oh!

Amy (JustAimer): HBO miniseries tht Alex was in

Jenny_Ap: Hilarious

recordcozy: It’s the best man candy viewing ever.

Andi: Gotcha.. Should have gotten that one.. It is great

Dianne (DiannesDishes): GK is on my NetFlix list.

recordcozy: And it’s also good.

Amy (JustAimer): b4 True Blood

truebloodfan001: lol.

Carla (crazygem85): he is super sexy in it

Beth (Lilabitblf): litterally just before

andiegilmore: ok guys, this has been great (and steamy!) but I must
make myself go back to work now!

Andi: yes very good… Completely different but great…

recordcozy: And Alex is not all pale and vampy. And sometimes

andiegilmore: see you all next week!

recordcozy: And sometimes pantless.

MCC18: no kidding…and that new pic of alex with trommmmbly taken
from straw dogs is fantastic

Carla (crazygem85): but really when is alex not sexy?? never!!

Dianne (DiannesDishes): bye andie!

Beth (Lilabitblf): loved the pantless

truebloodfan001: very nice.

Jenny_Ap: Best part!

MCC18: tc andie

recordcozy: Right on, Carla.

Andi: yes rc.. always makes for great viewing

Carla (crazygem85): good night andie!

truebloodfan001: Bye!

balou8900: I’m gonna hop through the chat room revolving door…so I
bid you all adieu for now

Jenny_Ap: Bye andie

recordcozy: He’s all GQ, all the time.

Liz (MsLizS): Bye Andie

Amy (JustAimer): g’nite!

Dianne (DiannesDishes): bye balou!

MCC18: nite balou!

Beth (Lilabitblf): night andie!

Andi: bye balou..

truebloodfan001: good bye balou πŸ˜‰

Jenny_Ap: Bye Balou

Andi: ye Andie

andiegilmore: good night! xoxo

Amy (JustAimer): I’m outtie too! G’nite everyone!

recordcozy: Bye Andie, balou!

Carla (crazygem85): bye balou

Andi: bye I ment to Andie

Beth (Lilabitblf): how did we swing so far off topic?

Liz (MsLizS): I’d even take him in zoolander lol

Andi: Bye Amy…

recordcozy: Night night!

balou8900: Was fun again..thanks everyone. See you next time πŸ™‚

Carla (crazygem85): bye amy

Misty: bye balou

balou8900 from x.x.x.144 left the chat 20 hours ago

recordcozy: Everyone else.

Jenny_Ap: Good nite AMy

recordcozy: Is Eric coming…?

Andi: I gotta fly too… Chat with you all next week…

truebloodfan001: because eric was brought up..

Beth (Lilabitblf): night everybody who is leaving!

Liz (MsLizS): Beth someone mentioned sniffing Eric and there it went

Andi: Bye ALL

Misty: I dont think he is coming tonight

recordcozy: He should probably just come next week. Him and Bill.

MCC18: Nite Andi!

Beth (Lilabitblf): dammit

Liz (MsLizS): Record said he should come

Beth (Lilabitblf): not next week

Dianne (DiannesDishes): Figures when I probably won’t be here! LOL

Liz (MsLizS): hehe

Misty: I will DM him & Bill and remind them

Jenny_Ap: Here’s hoping

recordcozy: Bill should come when he’s not on our lists yet πŸ™‚

MCC18: maybe we can get that kiss to happen lol

Carla (crazygem85): thanks misty

recordcozy: hahaha

Jenny_Ap: Yes!

Beth (Lilabitblf): good call… wait i am not here

MCC18: exactly record!

Sarah (Scaniano): Thanks for the great chat. Goodnight all. πŸ™‚

Carla (crazygem85): the kiss!!

recordcozy: Thanks Misty! Awesome, as always.

MCC18: Nite !

Liz (MsLizS): Nite Sarah

Sarah (Scaniano) from x.x.x.149 left the chat 20 hours ago

Jenny_Ap: Thanks Misty

Jenny_Ap: Good nite ladies

Misty: Thanks for coming. Night!

MCC18: Gotta head out too…need to submit this farkin paper…

truebloodfan001: I could make them come…LOL

Dianne (DiannesDishes): Nite!

recordcozy: I’m leaving too! Bye everybody.

Carla (crazygem85): me too mcc18

Liz (MsLizS): Yes Thank You Misty!

Dianne (DiannesDishes): I probably should go too. H ave some work to
do before I can go to sleep.

Carla (crazygem85): i’ve put it off long enough

Dianne (DiannesDishes): Thanks Misty!

recordcozy from x.x.x.237 left the chat 19 hours ago

Liz (MsLizS): Yeah I have a HW assignment that’s due in the
morning : /

MCC18: Goodnight all. xx

Liz (MsLizS): Nite everyone!

Carla (crazygem85): Good night all. Loved the chat!!!

Dianne (DiannesDishes): lol at tbf

Dianne (DiannesDishes): Goodnight everyone. Sweet dreams! ;oP

MCC18: what’s the prompt to leave again?

truebloodfan001: goodnight everyone!

Beth (Lilabitblf): bye?

Dianne (DiannesDishes): Good question mcc

Liz (MsLizS): Alex naked…. last thought for ya’ll

Liz (MsLizS): lol

Beth (Lilabitblf): thanks liz πŸ™‚

Dianne (DiannesDishes): Nice thought! ;oP

Liz (MsLizS): hee hee

Liz (MsLizS): nite

Beth (Lilabitblf): night! bye

truebloodfan001: lol. *has alex laying naked in bed to the left of me,
and stephen moyer laying naked to the right of me.* =)


~ by ssbookclub on October 12, 2009.

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