Weekly Chat #4 Dead Until Dark Ch. 7-8

Sarah (Scaniano) from x.x.x.149 joined the chat 16 minutes ago
Sarah (Scaniano): Helloooooooooooo
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Desireediaz: Hiiii!!!
Sarah (Scaniano): Hiya πŸ™‚
Desireediaz: ;D
Desireediaz: It’s my first time here!!
Sarah (Scaniano): Welcome aboard! It’s great to have you. πŸ™‚
Desireediaz: Awww thank you!!!
Sarah (Scaniano): Everyone else should start trickling in soon.
Desireediaz: Yeah I think too so where are you from?? I’m from Italy
Sarah (Scaniano): The US. I live in Las Vegas.
Desireediaz: Cool
Sarah (Scaniano): I think Italy is probably cooler. πŸ˜€
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Desireediaz: Mmm not so much I wanna live in the US
Andi (dylemma02): Hello all…
Sarah (Scaniano): Hiya Andi πŸ™‚
Desireediaz: Hi!!
Andi (dylemma02): Am I way early.. It is hard to figure out the time
difference.. Being in Australia.. One day I am early the next I am
Sarah (Scaniano): You’re about 13 minutes early, no biggie.
Andi (dylemma02): oh then not too bad this week.. last week I was 1/2
hour late
Desireediaz: I’m from Italy and here it’s like 3am
Andi (dylemma02): Just need to write down the time this week cause it
will always be the same..
Andi (dylemma02): Wow you are up late then to do this.. I am luck for
me it is 10:48am on Monday.. So no biggie to participate
Sarah (Scaniano): Yeppers
Desireediaz: Yep!! But I’m a really night person I always go to sleep
really late
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Jenny_Ap: Ladies!
Sarah (Scaniano): Hiya Jenny! *hugs*
Desireediaz: Hii!!
Andi (dylemma02): hey there Jenny_ap
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Jenny_Ap: *hugs back* Sarah!
Sarah (Scaniano): Hi Misty!!
Andi (dylemma02): Hello Misty..
Misty: Hello everyone
Jenny_Ap: Andi and Desiree, Hello!
Desireediaz: Hi misty
Jenny_Ap: Hi MIsty!
Desireediaz: πŸ™‚
Jenny_Ap: Our Fearless leader!
Misty: Thats me πŸ™‚
Jenny_Ap: Thanks for all your work this week!
Jenny_Ap: You have been super!
Sarah (Scaniano): Amen!
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recordcozy: Heeeelllllooo.
Misty: No problem. Its been fun
recordcozy: I dunno why I just did that.
Jenny_Ap: Hey Record!
Sarah (Scaniano): Hiya recordcozy! πŸ™‚
Andi (dylemma02): hi there recordcozy
Desireediaz: HiiCHoi
Desireediaz: Sorry my iPhone wrote another thing lol
Misty: So Lord Barren is threatening to show up in chat
Sarah (Scaniano): lol
Jenny_Ap: Oh no!
Sarah (Scaniano): That would be…..interesting.
Misty: yes it would
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Jenny_Ap: Interesting to say the least!
andiegilmore: good evening, ladies!
Sarah (Scaniano): Hi andie! πŸ™‚
Jenny_Ap: Hey Andie!
Misty: so is everyone here familiar with & on the VW list?
Andi (dylemma02): helo andie
recordcozy: Hi Andie.
recordcozy: Yep.
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Sarah (Scaniano): Hi MCC! πŸ™‚
Misty: If you see someone that needs to be added please let me know
Andi (dylemma02): I am not sure if I am on the VW list… hwere do I
do that
MCC18: Yo! πŸ™‚
andiegilmore: Hi MCC!
Sarah (Scaniano): Will do, Misty.
Andi (dylemma02): hey there mcc
recordcozy: Hi mcc!
Misty: http://tweepml.org/Vikingwenches/
Desireediaz: I’m not on the list but I would love to be on it
MCC18: can we PLEASE talk about Eric tonight? *winks*
Melissa (melliemel6) from x.x.x.193 joined the chat 4 seconds ago
Sarah (Scaniano): hehehe
Misty: ok if you want to be added tweet me so I can get your twitter
name & I will do it after chat
andiegilmore: lol yes! let’s have us some Eric
Melissa (melliemel6): Hiya! I’m finally able to chat tonight!! Yay!!
Sarah (Scaniano): Yay, Melissa! πŸ™‚
MCC18: Yay!
Desireediaz: Ok misty
Misty: Speaking of Eric on of the Twitter Erics was going to join us
tonight but had to cancel
Jenny_Ap: Hey Mellie!
Sarah (Scaniano): Awww, that’s a shame.
recordcozy: WHAT?! Sadness.
andiegilmore: aww
Jenny_Ap: MCC18 Hey my music guru!
Misty: He has promised to make it up to us
Melissa (melliemel6): Hi!! =]
Sarah (Scaniano): Heh, I’ll just bet he will. *snickers*
MCC18: < Guru Musiconous
Jenny_Ap: LOL
Amy (JustAimer) from x.x.x.102 joined the chat 2 seconds ago
Misty: Anf if you arent already follow @eric_ofarea5
Misty: He does have a treat in store for us already
Sarah (Scaniano): Hi Amy! πŸ™‚
Andi (dylemma02): k Misty I am now folling everyone.. Does that mean
that I am added to the list now???
Jenny_Ap: Amy, Hi!
andiegilmore: I’m not on the list, Misty, but I’d love to be added! =)
Misty: ok tweet me & and I will add you after chat
Andi (dylemma02): hey to all that have joined lately…
Amy (JustAimer): hi all!
andiegilmore: ok!
MCC18: Ok, so not to be THAT person…but is Eric_ofArea5 a chick
doing the RP?
andiegilmore: hi amy!
Misty: I have no idea MCC
Andi (dylemma02): Thanx Misty.. Will do
recordcozy: Hi Amy.
Misty: I dont know about anyone on twitter
Sarah (Scaniano): <—– girl
Carla (crazygem85) from x.x.x.56 joined the chat
Jenny_Ap: Why do you ask that MCC?
Carla (crazygem85): Hey guys!!
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Misty: LOL
Darling_Vamp from x.x.x.163 joined the chat 2 seconds ago
Jenny_Ap: CARLA!
Sarah (Scaniano): Hey Carla! πŸ™‚
andiegilmore: lol sarah
Andi (dylemma02): hey Carla
MCC18: I think the other one is
andiegilmore: hi carla!!
Darling_Vamp: Hi Ladies.
recordcozy: Hi Carla!
mherr1979: Hey everyone!
Melissa (melliemel6): Hey Carla
Misty: I think most of the RPers are girls
recordcozy: Hello!
Jenny_Ap: You mean @ericNorthman?
Desireediaz: Hi to all!!
recordcozy: I think so too, Misty.
Andi (dylemma02): I think most of the RP are girls..
andiegilmore: hi vamp
Jenny_Ap: Probably!
Sarah (Scaniano): That casts things in a whole new light, lol.
Misty: ok so I have a few announcements
Melissa (melliemel6): lol
MCC18: Alright, I was just checkin πŸ˜‰
Misty: One is I have created a blog in the last week for the book club
Jenny_Ap: Woo hoo!
Liz (MsLizS) from x.x.x.194 joined the chat
Misty: I want it to be for everyone so anyone can send me stuff to
post & I will post it
Liz (MsLizS): Hellooooooooooooooooo there
Andi (dylemma02): sound great.. You do so much work Misty
Carla (crazygem85): Love the blog πŸ™‚
andiegilmore: me too, great pics!
Jenny_Ap: Hey Liz!
Melissa (melliemel6): Awesome!
andiegilmore: hi liz!
Andi (dylemma02): Hey there Liz
MCC18: BTW, Hello everyone *waves*
Desireediaz: Yay!! Really great pics
Misty: MCC18,crazygems84, darlingvamp, and balou8900 are helping me
Misty: so you can send stuff to the as well
Carla (crazygem85): Hey Liz!!
balou8900 from x.x.x.91 joined the chat
Andi (dylemma02): Thanx to everyone that is helping then.. You all do
great work
Misty: my email is mistysunsh@vikingwenches.com
balou8900: Evenin’ ladies and ladies πŸ™‚
Jenny_Ap: What Andi said!
Andi (dylemma02): Love the e-mail address
Misty: I know sweet email huh thanks to darlingvamp
MCC18: it’s like magic…you say Balou and BAM he’s there
Sarah (Scaniano): Awesome email address!
andiegilmore: hi balou!
Jenny_Ap: Hey Balou
recordcozy: IS THAT A REAL EMAIL?!
balou8900: I typed that in a higher voice to fit in
MCC18: *waves @ Balou*
Andi (dylemma02): hey there balou
Misty: It is a real email & I love it
recordcozy: Hi Balou.
Jenny_Ap: LOVE The email!
recordcozy: AAAH jealous.
Misty: you can email or tweet me anything to post
Darling_Vamp: Hi Balou – your email is ready too!
Carla (crazygem85): my email is crazyge@vikingwenches.com
mherr1979: that is the best email ever.
balou8900: Hi Jenny and mcc and andi and recordcozy
Misty: if you want to be a contributor let me know & I will add you
MCC18: I hope mine will be MC@vikingwenches.com
balou8900: Thanks Darling…I will log in tonight to get set up
recordcozy: I think I have to just to get the sweet address…
Misty: also I created the vikingwenches list
Liz (MsLizS): OMG Awesome email address lol
Andi (dylemma02): LOL mcc
Liz (MsLizS): What’s the blog site?
Darling_Vamp: MCC18, check your dm later.. πŸ™‚
Misty: if you have not been added let me know on twitter & I will add
MCC18: w00t!
Misty: here is the blog site https://ssbookclub.wordpress.com/
joie from x.x.x.175 joined the chat 2 seconds ago
Darling_Vamp: and www.ssbookclub.vikingwenches.com
joie: *waves hi*
balou8900: My first blog post Eric the Viking: man stud or sellout to
testosterone kind? hehehe
Sarah (Scaniano): Hi joie! πŸ™‚
joie: πŸ™‚
MCC18: *waves @ joie in her cute pink tutu*
Jenny_Ap: Hello Joie!
Andi (dylemma02): hi joie… *waves*
Misty: here is the list http://tweepml.org/Vikingwenches/
andiegilmore: hey joie!
Carla (crazygem85): Hey joie!!
Desireediaz: Hi joie
Misty: Also a bunch of us are going to go to comic con next year
joie: *smoochies*
Jenny_Ap: WOO HOO!
recordcozy: Now I regret having not checked the blog in a week… Holy
joie: awesome
Misty: we want as many of us as possible to go so we can all meet in
Desireediaz: I added on Twitter all the people on that list πŸ˜‰
balou8900: *takes pic* girls smooches are hot πŸ™‚
Sarah (Scaniano): Woot, Comic Con!
Darling_Vamp: Geez, now I’m thinking of going; Calif in July wasn’t
calling, but hmm… would love ta meet the wenches!
Andi (dylemma02): OMG I would love to go.. But being in Australia..
makes it a little hard.. But I do hold some hope for next year
Carla (crazygem85): Comic Con….yeay!!
Liz (MsLizS): Yay! Comic-con!
Misty: So in the next 10 months let me know if you are going so we
know who to look for
Amy (JustAimer): I’m thinking about going with some gal pals from work
– would be xtra special to meet many of you!!!
Liz (MsLizS): I have my ticket already lol
Misty: less than 10 months but whatevr
balou8900: I think we need to do a vikingwenches car wash to raise
funds for all of us to go
MCC18: I have to convince the purse-strings (AKA hubster)
joie: girl kisses lol
Sarah (Scaniano): Me too, lol and hotel reservations. πŸ˜€
MCC18: lol balou!
andiegilmore: I’ve talked to my bf about going too…have to see if we
can get some money!
Darling_Vamp: LOL Balou!
Carla (crazygem85): I have my ticket too…impulse buy but glad i did
andiegilmore: balou, let’s do it! lol
Liz (MsLizS): Oh dang…. I don’t have hotel res yet… where are you
staying Sarah?
MCC18: Darling, you have a DM πŸ™‚
Andi (dylemma02): I am trying to get my BFF to go.. but it is very
expensive from here.. But am trying..
Misty: so list,comiccon, blog I think thats is
Jenny_Ap: Misty The shirts!
Misty: Oh the shirts
Sarah (Scaniano): At the Hawthorn Suites but you don’t want to stay
there….no cancellation policy. Better to stay where Carla and Jenny
are staying.
Liz (MsLizS): I bought my friend a ticket.. she may not go… I’m
going either way lol
Misty: We have 2 diff shirt designs for wenches
mherr1979: definitely have to talk about the shirts!
Desireediaz: Mmm it would be beautiful to come but from Italy really
Andi (dylemma02): The shirts are great… I was looking while waiting
for the chat to start..
Liz (MsLizS): Thanks for the heads up! Carla and Jenny where are you
Misty: Darling vamps & cinjudes links will be on the blog & are on
Carla (crazygem85): Yes we are staying at the 4 points its about 160 a
balou8900: which one is the man-wench design? I’ll place my order…
Sarah (Scaniano): It’s only about 2 miles from where I’m staying
MCC18: Y’all taking roomies Carla?
Jenny_Ap: 129 actually…even cheaper!
Misty: Wow Liz you are nice. I wish I had a firend that would buy me a
Carla (crazygem85): The more the merrier
Andi (dylemma02): OMG Sarah.. I am sooooo jealous!!!
Darling_Vamp: I’d go with the text Balou!, unless you want a Buxon
woman on your chest *laughs*
balou8900: I like your thinking, MCC πŸ™‚
Carla (crazygem85): right 129, even better lol!!
balou8900: I’ve always wanted a buxom woman on my chest!
MCC18: Balou: the only male Wench.
Sarah (Scaniano): lol
Misty: LOL *smacks Balou*
Andi (dylemma02): But it makes Balou special!!
Darling_Vamp: i knew as soon as I hit send.. i set my self up for that
balou8900: I should’ve seen that smack coming…
Liz (MsLizS): lol Misty… it was an early Christmas present… if she
doesn’t go I can return the ticket
mherr1979: you are a brave man, balou!
recordcozy: Smack Count: 1
Misty: He is definately specail
joie: we have a male wench?LOL
MCC18: lol record
Liz (MsLizS): We should just get a huge room and all stay there!
Misty: I am hoping I will also get one for Christman
balou8900: *waves male wench hand* hey!
Liz (MsLizS): We might get into too much trouble though lol
MCC18: maybe we could rent a home?
Sarah (Scaniano): I would Liz but it would freak my poor husband out,
MCC18: like on the beach!
joie: *waves at male wench* lol
Misty: Thats what I was thinking MCC
Melissa (melliemel6): We should just get a huge room, Liz haha
Jenny_Ap: Or he might like it Sarah!
Sarah (Scaniano): lol
Carla (crazygem85): Thats a good idea MCC
Misty: ok we have a lot of time to work out CC
Liz (MsLizS): LOL Sarah
Darling_Vamp: The west coast gals will have to help out with the
accomodations info (judy bopp if from Ca)
balou8900: beach house full of viking wenches…I am definitely buying
more powerball tickets this week
Liz (MsLizS): OOhhh MCC good idea
Melissa (melliemel6): MCC that is a good idea!
MCC18: btw, i’m totally blowing off writing my paper to be here!
Darling_Vamp: Craigs list also has lots of stuff too
Darling_Vamp: rentals and such that is
Liz (MsLizS): I Haven’t finished my HW either MCC lol
joie: Mcc18 LOL
andiegilmore: me either!
andiegilmore: we’re so irresponsible LOL
Misty: Lets get to the book shall we?
recordcozy: I have no classes tomorrow πŸ™‚
joie: lol balou
mherr1979: Homework is overrated!
Carla (crazygem85): book talk, right thats why were here lol!!
MCC18: it really is.
Sarah (Scaniano): Yep, yep. Lead on Misty πŸ™‚
Melissa (melliemel6): lol
MCC18: and it’s a pain in my arse!
joie: *palms face* I’m winging it, been doing stuff
Liz (MsLizS): Oh yeah yeah the book lol
balou8900: and a fine book it is…
Andi (dylemma02): Yeah we were way off topic.. But it was good.. I now
have a dream..
Misty: Ok so we start with Sookie wondering about Bill’s flowers
balou8900: as a hush filled the room…
Misty: And it pretty much jumos into the Uncle Bartlett stuff
mherr1979: Bill and his flower fetish? Eeeee.
joie: flowers on the sheets lol lol lol
Sarah (Scaniano): Yeah, icky Uncle Bartlett. Not sad he’s dead.
Carla (crazygem85): flowers on the walls
Carla (crazygem85): flowers flowers everywhere
joie: thats just sick! no tutus
Andi (dylemma02): No one will miss Uncle Bartlette
joie: nope, never miss that man
andiegilmore: nope!
Misty: it made me love gran even more b.c she was the only one that
belived her
Carla (crazygem85): He deserved to die
Jenny_Ap: Her retelling her story to Bill, made me really sad!
Andi (dylemma02): Gotta love Bill and his idea of what is romantic…
He is trying
Carla (crazygem85): Thats what makes Gran so awesome
andiegilmore: yes, kinda sad her mom wouldnt believeher
joie: i felt the seame too misty
balou8900: Bill might be a traitor to testosterone kind…all these
flowers and doing sookie’s hair…
Desireediaz: You’re right andi πŸ˜‰
Sarah (Scaniano): Yeah, Gran was probably the best person of all.
Misty: I was totally pissed about her parents not believing her
Andi (dylemma02): Gran is the best… She was an incredible worman..
Who didn’t need to die
mherr1979: I miss Gran
Melissa (melliemel6): Yeah, Gran was the best!
Jenny_Ap: It happens though…I am glad she had Gran!
Carla (crazygem85): Me too and Jason was kind of a jerk about it too
Misty: Yes she was
joie: yeah i want her for a gran
andiegilmore: and Jason’s so insensitive about the whole thing
Desireediaz: I miss her too
mherr1979: Jason’s almost always a jerk though
Andi (dylemma02): Yes what kind of parents don’t atleast look into
what their kids are saying… Sad 😦
Jenny_Ap: Jason! What did he say, “get over it”
Misty: I felt so bad For Sookie when she said she had to “hear” Uncle
thinking about her like that
Sarah (Scaniano): Again, just goes to show that Jason’s only concern
is what concerns Jason.
Amy (JustAimer): we certainly didn’t get to have gran around long
MCC18: you have to wonder tho misty…what would you do if your child
did that? i’d say i most likely freak. not to be mean but because that
kind of thing “doesnt” exist
Jenny_Ap: He sucks!
Andi (dylemma02): But he did nothing to Jason.. And really Jason is
only about himself..
Carla (crazygem85): They always thought she was messed up in the head,
they didnt even look into it. so wrong
MCC18: whoa, i’m a tad behind
andiegilmore: but it’s his sister
andiegilmore: you’d think he would be at least a little upset
balou8900: I do still believe Jason’s character is foreshadowing
though, but yes…total jerk to his sister unless he can benefit from
Misty: I personally would believe my kid. I dont see why a kid why lie
about that
MCC18: oh wait.
MCC18: nnm, im on the wrong train of thought
MCC18: i was thinking about her “ability”
Andi (dylemma02): I would atleast look into what they were saying not
just blow it all off.. That is so wrong..
Jenny_Ap: Didn’t she say it was because her mother didn’t speak of
things like that
Misty: I am still on Sookie telling Bill about it
Sarah (Scaniano): But he loves himself more than anyone, Andie. He
only cares about how things affect him.
joie: she made it up in her head, honestly!
Misty: You guys are jumping ahead πŸ™‚
joie: oopsie
Sarah (Scaniano): Sorry, Misty.
Sarah (Scaniano): πŸ˜€
andiegilmore: ops. Sorry.
recordcozy: Yeah, Bill: Mood Killer.
mherr1979: sorry Misty!
recordcozy: That’s kind of a weird thing to talk about.
Misty: I knew when I read it the first time that Bill was thinking of
killing him
Misty: What man wouldnt
Jenny_Ap: Yeah me too
recordcozy: Bill has a lot of strange family stories.
Sarah (Scaniano): Ok, so we are on Sookie telling Bill about it. I
find it interesting that she didn’t realize he was fishing for info on
Uncle B.
andiegilmore: yes, and all the details he kept asking her
Andi (dylemma02): Oh yeah.. Bill was so the hero for getting rid of
Desireediaz: Yeah
andiegilmore: but why do you think he didn’t just do it himself?
Sookie says he had someone else do it
recordcozy: She thinks.
Sarah (Scaniano): I guess Sookie was so far into her own pain at the
point she was blinded.
Andi (dylemma02): But funny how sookie felt so comfortable telling
Bill such a person thing
Misty: I think he did it
Liz (MsLizS): well Bill asked if he was still alive and she gave out
lots of info like where he lives and stuff
Jenny_Ap: Yeah, I thought so too
Sarah (Scaniano): I think he did it, too.
recordcozy: She didn’t feel comfortable, he forced it out of her. She
had her funny smile.
Misty: It was probably the first time she told anyone since gran
Melissa (melliemel6): I think so too
Carla (crazygem85): He definitely did it.
Andi (dylemma02): He may never admit it.. But he so did it
mherr1979: I thought so too. I think Sookie was just trying to make
herself feel better about it.
Desireediaz: Yep
Andi (dylemma02): yes I agree Misty… IT wouldn’t be something you
ran around telling everyone
andiegilmore: I guess you’re right. Plus, she wanted to think he spent
the whole night with her
Jenny_Ap: You can tell.. she tensed up quick when he brought it up
Carla (crazygem85): I’m kind of glad she told him. She needed to start
opening herself up to people.
Sarah (Scaniano): Good call, Mherr. I think you’re right. She still
has blinders on where vamps are concerned.
joie: hidey hole *giggles*
Misty: I am glad too. It is good to have someone to talk to about that
Andi (dylemma02): yes I agree Carla.. She isn’t very trusting of some
people and she is letting that go and she can not read Bill’s mind
MCC18: Sook has blinders on when it comes to Bill …. a lot
Sarah (Scaniano): True, MCC.
Misty: dont we all when we are in love?
Andi (dylemma02): Yes agreed mcc
Carla (crazygem85): Well I would have had blinders on too with him. He
is a charmer
Jenny_Ap: especially the 1st love
Andi (dylemma02): yes so true Misty
Sarah (Scaniano): The first love? Oh definitely.
Liz (MsLizS): that is true Misti
MCC18: That’s true
Desireediaz: True misty
Melissa (melliemel6): definitely true.
andiegilmore: yes…and he behaves well around her LOL
joie: *thinking about first love*
joie: done and done
MCC18: that doesnt bode well for Eric then…she never wears blinders
with him
Misty: Then she wakes up the next morning and has her “nevers” list
Jenny_Ap: I do think she started thinking about the things she
couldn’t do with him, him being a vamp!
poppyfrost from x.x.x.31 joined the chat
Jenny_Ap: LOL
joie: yeah like breakfast
Andi (dylemma02): yes that was brought out when she woke up and Bill
was gone
joie: that was sad
andiegilmore: Eric is very much himself, all the time
Carla (crazygem85): Those are thoughts we all would have
Misty: or pick up the milk thats a big one
andiegilmore: nothing to be fooled about when it comes to him
Andi (dylemma02): Eric is Eric.. and he doesn’t try to be something he
mherr1979: I personlly think the nevers list if overrated. But that’s
just me…
balou8900: yeah, I would too if he was a she and stuff πŸ™‚
Carla (crazygem85): Dont you jsut love it when your guy drops by and
brings you lunch
mherr1979: *is
Carla (crazygem85): its those little things we all would miss
Andi (dylemma02): Yes there would be so much that you couldn’t do if
you only saw your partner in the night.. It would be sad
MCC18: I’d prefer him to cook me dinner, lol
Jenny_Ap: This is where the title of the book is refernced.
Misty: I think the “nevers” list is too big of a deal too
mherr1979: Carla, I would if I had one. 😦
recordcozy: That stuff’s overrated when you have this awesome vampire
guy. It’s just a different kind of love, that’s all.
Melissa (melliemel6): The little things are always the best
Jenny_Ap: referenced
balou8900: I better add that cheesy kiss up trick to the mental
notebook: bring the girl lunch and she loves ya forever…there…got
Misty: You have to comprimise for every relationship
Carla (crazygem85): I dont have one eitherr mherr 😦
mherr1979: Amen, Misty!
Carla (crazygem85): compromise is key, but its also natural to have a
mini freakout when u fall so hard for someone
Andi (dylemma02): that is true there are pros and cons to every
MCC18: Thing is you dont do things with your sig other 24 hrs a day
anyway…just switch those things to night time and it’s all good
Misty: I would give up safety & amazing sex for “pick up the milk” any
MCC18: amen Misty
recordcozy: lol Misty.
mherr1979: Sometimes you just need a little alone time
Misty: wait reverse that
Carla (crazygem85): Amen misty
MCC18: i’ll get my own damn milk
Jenny_Ap: hmm….
andiegilmore: lol misty!
balou8900: LOL!!!
Sarah (Scaniano): Amen, Misty!
Jenny_Ap: Amen MCC
recordcozy: Yes. Daytime with vamps πŸ™‚ Awesome.
Andi (dylemma02): So true Misty… The vamp is better then Milk anyday
joie: see balou you can get some tips in this chat!
recordcozy: Be a vampire…?
Misty: oh trust me joie he does
Sarah (Scaniano): lol
joie: lol mcc18
MCC18: I’d become lactose intolerent if that was the case! Milk Vamp
Milk Vamp….
Desireediaz: Amen mcc lol
balou8900: I’ve got the encyclopedia britanica worth of notes now πŸ™‚
Misty: so after the list Jason comes over
Darling_Vamp: Screw the milk…
Liz (MsLizS): lol MCC
Darling_Vamp: :o)
mherr1979: I ahte milk anyway!
Misty: and is a complete ass
Carla (crazygem85): at least he brought her coffee
joie: I like soy milk anyway
mherr1979: *hate
Jenny_Ap: The uncle is dead!
andiegilmore: Jason tells her to get over it. Jerk
Andi (dylemma02): Jason is always a complete ass.. Always making her
feel bad
recordcozy: Yeah, from the gas station. Ew.
joie: ding dong the witch is dead
Sarah (Scaniano): About Uncle B. he was but he was okay about her
dating Bill.
mherr1979: I can not spell tonight, sorry
Misty: I wanted to slap him when he told her to get over it
joie: its the booze spelling
MCC18: book jason kills me. i want to like him but….i.just.cant.
balou8900: yeah, but Jason could care less about that stuff…he’s
trying to cover his butt again with sookie’s help
Jenny_Ap: Kick him more like it
Carla (crazygem85): Me too he can be such an ass
Andi (dylemma02): yeah cause you always just “get over” things…
mherr1979: I’m not fond of book Jason either
recordcozy: You’re not really meant to like book Jason, he’s just the
Misty: i hate book Jason
andiegilmore: Jason’s unable of being sensitive
Jenny_Ap: me too
Carla (crazygem85): book jason is a rat
Andi (dylemma02): Book Jason is an ass.. and he is suppose to be…
Sarah (Scaniano): Yeah, he’s kinda like the anti-Sookie, in the books.
MCC18: i know…but later on i feel a bit of compassion for him and it
irks me that i do
balou8900: yeah, it’s in Jason’s jeans, hehehe
joie: jason isn’t too smart, we just have to excuse him
Misty: I would of dumped the coffee in his lap
andiegilmore: lol misty! You’re right’
Andi (dylemma02): LOL Misty.. me too!!! *smirks*
Misty: and hoped it was hot
andiegilmore: like coffee could make up for all the crap he brought
Jenny_Ap: scalding!
joie: burned balls
Misty: that would get him where it hurts
Liz (MsLizS): I really like coffee though lol
Liz (MsLizS): maybe a blunt object?
Misty: LOL Liz
Melissa (melliemel6): lol
Andi (dylemma02): yeah never a good idea to talk like that when there
is coffee close at hand
balou8900: okay, we’re definitely going out to cold beverage places if
we meet joie…I’m just sayin’
Jenny_Ap: LOL
joie: lol lol cold beverage it is!
Misty: LOL
Sarah (Scaniano): lol balou
mherr1979: LOL
Misty: I did like the :thanks for the coffee brother” line
Andi (dylemma02): cold beverages are best balou
Melissa (melliemel6): LOL
joie: and I drink my coffee black so you know it would be really hot
Desireediaz: Lol
recordcozy: Stop talking about coffee. It’s making me want some to
drink, not to scald dude’s balls, but still.
Andi (dylemma02): well she had to have something smart to say….
recordcozy: It’s too late, I can’t have any.
Amy (JustAimer): lol rc
joie: lol recordcozy
balou8900: no good trade off here: scalding versus turtle effect
joie: decaf?
Andi (dylemma02): LOL RC.. That isn’t fair
Sarah (Scaniano): Sookie took the whole conversation pretty well. I
was a bit surprised after how she broke down with Bill over Uncle B.
recordcozy: Eh. Oh well.
Misty: SO at work, hours later she figures out that Bill killed
andiegilmore: I think she was more pissed at Jason than really upset
joie: LOL LOL
Jenny_Ap: Maybe that helped her Sarah!
Misty: I wonder how long it was going to take her to figure it out
balou8900: She is a little slow in figuring that out
Andi (dylemma02): yes it was a delayed reaction, when she put it all
MCC18: I swear you could almost see the lightbulb go off
Sarah (Scaniano): Maybe so, Jenny. She can be unguarded with Bill too.
andiegilmore: yes, it’s like dating the godfather. LOL. love that line
Misty: LOL that what I thought MCC
Carla (crazygem85): I feel like that would have been my first
reaction, Oh shit Bill killed him for me
Andi (dylemma02): THat was a great line andie
Misty: me too carla
joie: lol godfather beeeellll
mherr1979: me to carla!\
recordcozy: I like how the vamps all feel weird about pet names.
Bill’s all, “Honey?”
Misty: So she waits for Bill & confronts him
Misty: with the Godfather line
balou8900: who also does your hair as he calls for a hit
Sarah (Scaniano): And that was just a weird conversation.
mherr1979: At least he didn’t deny it
Carla (crazygem85): great line
Misty: I personally would of been happy but…
Carla (crazygem85): Me too, i would have given him a mighty fine
MCC18: I agree mherr…i half expected him to lie about it
andiegilmore: well, it is the 2nd time he kills people for her
andiegilmore: I’d be starting to get a little worried, too
Andi (dylemma02): yeah really she should just remain happy like when
she first heard he was dead
recordcozy: Sookie’s like this super good person, so she’ll feel bad.
mherr1979: Sookie’s “moral code” sometimes drives me bananas
Desireediaz: Lol
Andi (dylemma02): sookie does have a strange “moral code”
Jenny_Ap: yeah, a little!
Misty: me too
andiegilmore: and like someone said last week, Bill has this thing
where he always has to “save her”
joie: kills 3 people in her name, and she is in love with him, strange
Carla (crazygem85): How can one have a moral code and date a vampire?
Im just sayin
mherr1979: Exactly Carla!
Andi (dylemma02): So true Calra
Misty: I think it this case I am with Bill
Andi (dylemma02): Sorry carla
joie: lol lol its called being openminded Carla!
MCC18: but yet she does…it’s ….odd
Andi (dylemma02): I am so on Bill’s side here… This is when I start
liking his character..
Carla (crazygem85): lol
Amy (JustAimer): no kidding Carla…
Jenny_Ap: Some guys would react the same way bill did…maybe not kill
him, but..
andiegilmore: she still doesn’t fully understand the nature of
vampires, though
Misty: I think all molester should be killed
recordcozy: She works Bill into her moral code, like she’s virtuous
because she accepts him.
Misty: painfully
Carla (crazygem85): But if they could kill him they would
andiegilmore: that’s what messes with her moral code
Sarah (Scaniano): Amen, Misty.
Andi (dylemma02): agreed Misty
Jenny_Ap: Agree with misty 100%
MCC18: true RC
Carla (crazygem85): yes Misty very painfully
Andi (dylemma02): YEs I don’t think she knows what all the vamps can
do yet.. She is still learning
Desireediaz: True misty
Jenny_Ap: That’s why they aren’t popular in prison
mherr1979: true, jenny
joie: tru dat (sorry saints fan here)
balou8900: You can’t help but be mad at her mom for not believing
sookie, but it would help to have added some of what we learn in later
books about her and why she might have done that.
Jenny_Ap: and her father too!
Misty: It would definately affect her trusting people
Andi (dylemma02): at this point you are furious with sookie’s mom
balou8900: I know we can’t go into that part now, but I think somehow
it might have made you not dislike her.
mherr1979: seriously
MCC18: (wishesitwasbook4alreadybutdecidesnottosayitoutloudandGBOT)
Andi (dylemma02): and then the Dad isn’t any better.. Let alone her
Desireediaz: Ture balou
joie: lol mcc18
balou8900: She hadn’t told her father from what was in these chapters
Carla (crazygem85): lol MCC18
Jenny_Ap: LOL MCC18 but right there with ya!
Misty: I dont think anyone in her family was good to her except gran
Andi (dylemma02): she told her dad later on in the chapter
MCC18: they all thought she wa a freak
Carla (crazygem85): I dont think so either
Misty: yes she did balou
Carla (crazygem85): Gran was her rock
Andi (dylemma02): And then good old Gran believes her right off the
balou8900: oops, my bad…thanks for correcting that
Misty: I love gran
Sarah (Scaniano): Yeah, her whole family was a bunch of tools.
mherr1979: I don’t get why she’s so loyal to people who treat so badly
MCC18: poor girl, that’s gotta be tough living with.
andiegilmore: her parents definitely weren’t perfect. Hard to think
that Sookie and Jason come from the same family
Andi (dylemma02): LOL andie.. so true
Carla (crazygem85): so true andie, they are so different
Misty: I cannot imagine having to hear what he was thinking about her
MCC18: mherr because some people love unconditionally
Sarah (Scaniano): Mherr, I think it’s cause she’s looking for love and
andiegilmore: and they’re all she has
Jenny_Ap: Well Jason was never considered the freak like she was
Carla (crazygem85): exactly mcc18
Andi (dylemma02): yes mherr family is what is wants to have and that
is what she got
Misty: no jason was the star of the town
MCC18: it’s not freakish to be a horn-dog lol
Andi (dylemma02): LOL mcc
mherr1979: I still think they suck
Andi (dylemma02): yes Sookie was the one they were worried about..
balou8900: horndogs rock
Jenny_Ap: and that is why they are different, they were treateed
brittanyy from x.x.x.115 joined the chat 4 seconds ago
Andi (dylemma02): very true Jenny
andiegilmore: that’s true
Misty: ok so then Bill & Sookie exchange I love you’s
Desireediaz: Right Jenny
MCC18: jason is used to the attention and thrives on it…sook just
wants OUT of everyones attention
andiegilmore: a weird time to say I love you!
MCC18: *waves @ brittanyy*
Carla (crazygem85): The i love yous happened so fast
Sarah (Scaniano): Yes it is.
brittanyy: Hey everyone, I’m joining in a little late. In the process
of moving everything. :] And I’m iamtomsawyer.
Jenny_Ap: Again, her 1st time
MCC18: i agree carla, i was like whoa.
Misty: I love you lets take a break was weird for me
Andi (dylemma02): yes it is strange timing for the I LOVE YOUs
andiegilmore: hi brittanyy!
Desireediaz: I agree with Carla
mherr1979: it relly did
Carla (crazygem85): hey brittanyy
Jenny_Ap: Agree Misty
Darling_Vamp: Hi Brittany, was wondering if you were real or some porn
brittanyy: Hello. :] And this is my first chat. Haha.
Sarah (Scaniano): I love you but please go away….just odd.
Jenny_Ap: LOL Darling Vamp!
Andi (dylemma02): so true Misty… Why I love you… Let’s take a
break.. How strange
brittanyy: And I really hope I’m not a porn bot. ;D
andiegilmore: LOL kitchenbitch once thought I was a bot too
balou8900: hi brittany..damn..she’s not a porn stalker πŸ™‚
Darling_Vamp: *claps @ brittanyy* yeah!
MCC18: I love you, and now I need space, kthnxballs
recordcozy: Didn’t someone mention Eric soon after that moment…?
andiegilmore: people are so suspicious! lol
Misty: And lets take a break,but dont see anyone else
recordcozy: Can we mention Eric at this one…?
andiegilmore: lol RC
mherr1979: Cause that makes sense
Carla (crazygem85): that was so weird the kind of breakup
Misty: it was very weird
joie: *squee* fanfic update, sorry had to look
andiegilmore: yes it was weird
Andi (dylemma02): yes the funny things that people think.. lets take a
break but no one else it suppose to take my place either
Misty: But I did like the “F**K you so hard you faint line
Carla (crazygem85): loves that line
Sarah (Scaniano): Oh yeah, that was pretty sexy. πŸ˜€
Carla (crazygem85): loved* oops
andiegilmore: yes! how could you take a break after someone says
MCC18: I like to pretend Eric says that
Jenny_Ap: Oh yeah!
Liz (MsLizS): That line was classic
Andi (dylemma02): Well Bill is a funny vamp.. The line just makes you
laugh when he says it
brittanyy: It’d be better if he did.
Jenny_Ap: LOL MCC
Carla (crazygem85): i wouldnt have been able to walk away
Andi (dylemma02): LOL mcc
Liz (MsLizS): lol MCC
mherr1979: Me too, MCC
Darling_Vamp: mmm… *thoughts run to Askars*
Carla (crazygem85): i would def have given in
recordcozy: Okay *secretly* loves that line… and I was just about to
type what mcc just did. Yes. Wishes Eric said it.
Andi (dylemma02): No me eiterh Carla…
Misty: I would of put him to the test on that one
Desireediaz: Omg I loved him when he said that!!!
Sarah (Scaniano): Me too, Carla.
Darling_Vamp: Slaps self back into reality
andiegilmore: LOL me too, misty
balou8900: raise of hands ladies, how many have so hard they faint? πŸ™‚
*takes out mental notebook again*
joie: thinking of Viking
Sarah (Scaniano): lol balou
MCC18: I do love that line tho…it’s quite RWAR
Carla (crazygem85): balou lol
Darling_Vamp: Balou!!
recordcozy: I think it only works when you imagine Eric says it…
andiegilmore: lol but we never had any vampire sex balou
Misty: yeah it is MCC
joie: *blushes*
Carla (crazygem85): i love the passion and intensity there, really hot
Darling_Vamp: I think not many human men could accomplish such a feat!
Andi (dylemma02): definatly better if Eric said it!!!
mherr1979: yep, no sparkly vamps saying that line!
MCC18: Amen DV!
joie: *pinkage*
MCC18: lmao mherr
balou8900: *mental note* only happens in vampire sex… got it Andie
Misty: yes but Eric is not really in the story at this point
Carla (crazygem85): so true mherr
joie: lol balou
recordcozy: Sssshhhh Misty.
Andi (dylemma02): no but he is working his way in
Andi (dylemma02): but that is next chapter isn’t it
Misty: I did not give Eric another thought when I first read it
joie: we know misty, but he consumes our every thought!
MCC18: i guess i’m the only one that reads twilight too?
Sarah (Scaniano): I do too, MCC.
Andi (dylemma02): NO mcc.. I read them all
Misty: no I read twilight
brittanyy: No, I do.
joie: I dont read that mcc18
Liz (MsLizS): I do too MCC.. you are not alone lol
Jenny_Ap: Nope read them
Andi (dylemma02): Right now reading carpathian series.. *so good*
mherr1979: I read it, MCC. But I do like mocking it every now and
Carla (crazygem85): i do too mcc
recordcozy: I read them all, but have ditched them since reading SS…
MCC18: *whew* god, i feel so much better now
joie: I’m the only one that doesn’t lol
Liz (MsLizS): lol
Melissa (melliemel6): I’ve read Twilight
andiegilmore: nope…sorry, twilight is too PG for me
Misty: so she gathers her will power and leave him on the porch
Andi (dylemma02): I am all about the vampire types now
recordcozy: Yes, exactly andie.
Carla (crazygem85): how she did that I will never know
Jenny_Ap: That willpower!
brittanyy: To fix my SS withdrawls, I had to find something. And then
someone got me into Gossip Girl, which I always said I would never
read/watch. Haha.
Misty: A week goes by until he comes in with Harlen
Desireediaz: I readed them all before I started the sookie books
Andi (dylemma02): Can you imagine walking away from that line.. No
matter which vamp said it…
mherr1979: I know I couldn’t have
Carla (crazygem85): crazy willpower, that i do not have apparently
MCC18: me neither…i woulda been all like, you wanna what me until i
what? repeat that part pls.
recordcozy: I like the part with Harlen. It’s so cute, Sookie’s all
Sarah (Scaniano): Did she really think Bill was having sex with
andiegilmore: and Harlen is quite the bitch
Andi (dylemma02): LOL rc
balou8900: Harlen, I’d like to point out…MN Boy. I’m just sayin’
Misty: I thin she did think that Sarah
Andi (dylemma02): Harlen is strange..
Carla (crazygem85): She def thought that
Sarah (Scaniano): That’s just so weird to me, Misty. I would have
never jumped to that conclusion.
Misty: And Malcolm is a legend?!!
andiegilmore: especially because he brought him to the bar
Sarah (Scaniano): Sometimes the way Sookie’s mind works is really off
to me.
Jenny_Ap: Me neither Sarah
recordcozy: Those chainmail shirts work wonders, Misty!
recordcozy: Right…
Sarah (Scaniano): Yeah and what’s Malcolm a legend at??
Misty: I would think that he was trying to show me that there are
others out there that want him
mherr1979: agreed, sarah!
Andi (dylemma02): yeah Sookie doesn’t follow any rules in her thinking
Jenny_Ap: I re read it to see if I missed something
Carla (crazygem85): true Misty
andiegilmore: yes, he was trying to make her jealous. And he got what
he wanted
Andi (dylemma02): Yes he wanted Sookie to know there were others out
recordcozy: *CoughCoughNotAsMuchAsEricCoughCough*
Sarah (Scaniano): Misty! I never thought of that before. Great
Misty: but not that they had slept together yet.
Andi (dylemma02): oh RC…LOL
brittanyy: I’m trying to get my Mom to read them. And only because
she’s team Bill.
brittanyy: I said I’d disown her. Haha
Desireediaz: Lol
recordcozy: lol brittanyy.
Misty: I do wonder why she didnt pull Bill aside to warn him
Misty: I would of
Carla (crazygem85): I wondered that too
Jenny_Ap: Yeah, me too
mherr1979: me too, misty
joie: payback
Carla (crazygem85): I feel like I def would have said something
recordcozy: It would sort of expose her secret if she did that, I
Andi (dylemma02): I would have thought she would have.. But I think
something in her told her not to
andiegilmore: I do too. Maybe she didn’t want to let the other people
in the bar know that she knew about their plan
mherr1979: logic thy name is not Sookie
Misty: yeah she was pissed
Carla (crazygem85): I mean you love him, so you warn him if hes going
into danger
Andi (dylemma02): and then she regreted not doing it…
balou8900: It was implied that she didn’t believe they could really do
that which Sookie let herself believe instead of act
Misty: or she thought they would be able to do it
Misty: I mean would not
balou8900: But she did try to call Bill later too
andiegilmore: and she thought maybe the other vamps deserved it, I
recordcozy: She can’t just be like, “Oh, HEY BILL I HEARD IT IN THEIR
BRAINS! RUN!” They’d revolt or something.
Carla (crazygem85): Maybe, but I was kind of annoyed she didnt say
Andi (dylemma02): Yeah I don’t think she thought they would be able to
get rid of vamps.. Cause so far no one has tried…Other then other
Misty: But she could og taken him outside
Jenny_Ap: Why couldn’t she pull him aside? Her pride?
Andi (dylemma02): I think he pride was a big part of it…
balou8900: She didn’t confront the one she knew best of those plotting
though, Rene
andiegilmore: deff her pride. And he anger
Andi (dylemma02): and well there is no love loss between her and the
famous 3
andiegilmore: ops. Her anger
MCC18: Well, they WERE on a break, right? lol
Carla (crazygem85): But you put pride aside if you think your loved
one is walking into danger
Misty: She did not know Rene was behind it though
Jenny_Ap: I thought she couldn’t tell whose idea it was
Misty: Alright Ross
MCC18: LMAO! Misty I love you for getting that!
balou8900: She knew he was part of it though
Andi (dylemma02): at this point no one really knows Rene is doing
Carla (crazygem85): lol MCC18
andiegilmore: lol at Ross!
Carla (crazygem85): Good friends reference there
Misty: the whole bar was part of it
Andi (dylemma02): Love the Ross comment
joie: LOL ross nod
Andi (dylemma02): she couldn’t narrow anyting down other then everyone
was thinking about it
andiegilmore: and it was a growing rage between all the bar people.
It’d be hard to tell who started it
Misty: she said she could not figure out who was fanning the flames
Andi (dylemma02): No one that was there liked those vamps.. So
everyone was thinking of getting rid of them
andiegilmore: even Sookie couldn’t stand them
Misty: for good reason
Carla (crazygem85): Yeah, they all wanted them gone
Jenny_Ap: But she should have guessed something was going to happen
Andi (dylemma02): they certinly made no friends.
MCC18: the way i took it was that there was just too much information
at once for her to really take it all in. she said when people were
angry their thoughts are jumbles and disconnected
Andi (dylemma02): But not all thoughts happen…
Andi (dylemma02): Haven’t you ever thought about killing someone but
then never did it
MCC18: jumbled*
andiegilmore: true, and she was used to seeing people think awful
Carla (crazygem85): True andi
MCC18: god knows i have *shifty eyes*
Misty: And when they are drunk its harder to hear them
Andi (dylemma02): and the thoughts aren’t always in words which would
be hard to translate
Misty: I know I have andi
Andi (dylemma02): and for sure Misty…
brittanyy: Ahh. Sorry to cut it short but I have to run to the store
for cold medicine. :[ Things will be a lot easier when I’m moved into
my place next week. :]
MCC18: that’s right misty…she said they tend to think in pictures
when drunk so she wasnt hearing some people, just seeing their
andiegilmore: she still could have warned Bill a bit more clearly
MCC18: tc brittanyy
Misty: and most drunks talk a lo then go pass out somewhere
balou8900: we need to do the chat room by cam so MCC can demonstrate
shifty eyes πŸ™‚
Andi (dylemma02): she could have but I think she was to pissed about
andiegilmore: bye brittanyy!
Sarah (Scaniano): later brittanyy πŸ™‚
Liz (MsLizS): Bye Brittanyy
Carla (crazygem85): bye brittanyy
Andi (dylemma02): Later Brittany
Misty: I think she was pissed too
balou8900: take care brittanyy
brittanyy: Later! :]
recordcozy: Bye brittanyy.
Andi (dylemma02): LOL balou
joie: byes brittanyy
MCC18: lol Balou
Desireediaz: Bye brittany
mherr1979: I agree, Misty
Carla (crazygem85): She was angry and we all do things we regret when
were mad
Misty: So she doesnt warn Bill in person but calls him later. Then
goes to sleep
Misty: I would not of been able to sleep
andiegilmore: nope!
mherr1979: me neither
Desireediaz: Well she was tired lol
Andi (dylemma02): no me either…. Sleep would be the last thing I
could do
Jenny_Ap: Yeah me neither
Carla (crazygem85): Me neither, I would have been up all night
andiegilmore: but she didn’t want to go chasing him, either
Sarah (Scaniano): I would have called and called until the sun came
Andi (dylemma02): no she needed to stand her ground with the whole
breakup thing
Misty: Well she can t chase him if she does know where they live but I
would of been up worried all night
Jenny_Ap: This is when you need a cell phone!
Misty: And Jason’s call *shakes head* again an ass
andiegilmore: I think she knew where they lived, just not the number
to call there
Andi (dylemma02): and she only knows they are outside of Monroe at
that point
MCC18: I wonder if that tells us something about her actual feelings
for Beel?
balou8900: I’d have to figure bill to be like superman and able to
take care of himself from the low-life guys in the bar and slept fine
MCC18: If you truly loved someone and knew they were about to be
hunted like an animal, would you sleep?
Misty: just because you tape an S on your chest Balou
Carla (crazygem85): Not at all MCC18
mherr1979: I wouldn’t
Misty: nope
Jenny_Ap: me neither
Andi (dylemma02): I would never be able to sleep
Liz (MsLizS): I wouldn’t be able to
andiegilmore: lol misty
joie: holy hell they are showing crazy pics in twitter room, where’s
the hose
MCC18: after rereading the books when i got to that part i was like
andiegilmore: it all goes back to her wondering if they were really
gonna do it or not, I think
andiegilmore: she was trying to convince herself she was worrying too
Misty: So Jason tells her a bout the fire & says “hope your wasn’t
joie: she should have slept
mherr1979: True, Andi. Vamp vs. a bunch of rednecks? I’d bet on the
Carla (crazygem85): so sensitive that jason
Misty: Jason is an ass
Misty: again
Sarah (Scaniano): And again Jason shows his douchebaggery.
andiegilmore: no shock at this point!
balou8900: not everyone can tape those on Misty *monobrow wiggle*
Misty: I like that Sarah
mherr1979: yep
Sarah (Scaniano): Heh
balou8900: wouldn’t ya want web cam chat for that one, MCC? πŸ™‚
Darling_Vamp: He needs a big D on his chest…
Andi (dylemma02): can you imagine Jason saying hope yours wasn’t in
there… OMG SMACK for him
Carla (crazygem85): i love using the term douchebag
Darling_Vamp: Super Douche!
MCC18: Oh yes please Balou!
Misty: lol
joie: i like douchebag too carla
mherr1979: If my brother did that I’dkick him into next week!
Misty: I was glad to see that Sam was there at the fire for her
Darling_Vamp: he needs to be bitchslapped.
recordcozy: lol DV
balou8900: poor Jason will never make babies if y’all get your way
with him
Carla (crazygem85): Jason definitely would have gotten kick or slap
from he
balou8900: coffee, kicks, biotch slappin…geesh
Misty: I would of already disowned Jason
Sarah (Scaniano): I adored Sam in this part. He was what a brother/
friend should be.
Andi (dylemma02): Oh yeah.. Jason would not be walking for a week
Misty: Me too I loved sam for taking care of her
andiegilmore: Sam was so kind
Carla (crazygem85): Yes, Sam pulled through here
Andi (dylemma02): Yes This is really when Sam steps up for Sookie..
Darling_Vamp: Yup, sam was great. Too bad they left it out of the
show… she just cleaned alone, right?
Carla (crazygem85): He did what any good friend would do
Misty: And her for kicking the fireman for the fired vamps comment
Jenny_Ap: Made up for what he did in the last chapter
balou8900: I still think this is where Sam continues showing what he
always is…a real big bro, not a lover
MCC18: I hate that I get so irritated with Sam, I want to love him but
I find myself beyond frustrated with him.
Carla (crazygem85): I agree Balou
Andi (dylemma02): no not really made up for.. But definately made
Misty: he is there b/c he loves her
mherr1979: Me too, MCC!
andiegilmore: Sam is a good friend, if nothing else
Carla (crazygem85): same here mcc
mherr1979: Sam needs to find some nice shifter or something
Andi (dylemma02): I think he is just trying to show her he loves her..
But she can’t see that.. She only has eyes for Bill right now
joie: we all need a sam
Andi (dylemma02): absolutely Joie
Misty: yes we do joie
balou8900: I need a samantha
Carla (crazygem85): so true joie
Liz (MsLizS): Let Sam pull a F*** you till you faint line… things
may change lol
andiegilmore: sam…always the bridesmaid…is there a male equivalent
to that? lol
Misty: LOL
Andi (dylemma02): LOL Liz
MCC18: No offense but I hope she never sees sam as anything more than
a big brother
Desireediaz: Lol Liz
joie: you like sushi balou?
Misty: Sam should just once pull a line like that
Jenny_Ap: Agree MCC
balou8900: lol Liz
Andi (dylemma02): so true andie…. He is always in the back of it
mherr1979: I agree, MCC. He annoys me.
balou8900: depends…your name samantha? πŸ™‚
joie: lol nope lol
andiegilmore: I agree, MCC.
balou8900: yeah, not much for sushi, by golly…
balou8900: I was leaning for a second though
Misty: So she kicks the fireman, Sam has her clean all day
Andi (dylemma02): Ah Sam is sweet.. But I am not sure he could really
be good for Sookie
Misty: then the graveyard happens
andiegilmore: he kept her busy
balou8900: Yeah, what is UP with these men? A hairdresser and a maid
Jenny_Ap: That Graveyard!
andiegilmore: Ooo. Hot graveyard sex!
Andi (dylemma02): he kept her mind of off Bill…
Sarah (Scaniano): Ahhh, the graveyard.
mherr1979: The graveyard was kinda gross
Carla (crazygem85): The graveyard scene, A little dirt never hurt
joie: sushi is excellent btw omg are we at graveyard sex! O.O
Sarah (Scaniano): Mherr, I’m right there with ya.
Andi (dylemma02): The graveyard.. OMG that was hot
Misty: yes graveyard sex
joie: yup, dirt in the giftbox is a-okay
Desireediaz: Really hot
Carla (crazygem85): I love the graveyard scene
Darling_Vamp: hot and dirty… speaking of douches…
Sarah (Scaniano): No dirt in the hoo-hoo, thanks.
Darling_Vamp: sorry,… gross
MCC18: *mumbles* it hurts when that dirt is sand. just sayin
Sarah (Scaniano): lol DV
Darling_Vamp: but true
andiegilmore: LOL Sarah!!
Andi (dylemma02): LOL sarah
balou8900: just sex on the beach…minus the beach
Carla (crazygem85): lol mcc
joie: I live on the beach lol I’m used to sand!
andiegilmore: it was a hot moment, no doubt about it
Andi (dylemma02): me too Joie
Liz (MsLizS): LOl DV
joie: *high five* andi!
andiegilmore: and he was nice enough to give her a bath afterwards
balou8900: you do joie? I love sushi!!! hehehe
Liz (MsLizS): lol MCC
Sarah (Scaniano): I couldn’t get past the dirt, it was never sexy to
Carla (crazygem85): such a gentleman, let me f u like crazy and then
ill clean u up
mherr1979: Agreed, Sarah!
MCC18: lmao carla!
Andi (dylemma02): oh dirt won’t kill you.. The vamp might but not the
Misty: LOL carla
Andi (dylemma02): LOl carla
Darling_Vamp: lol Andi…
Sarah (Scaniano): Eh it wouldn’t kill me but….yuck!
joie: LOL balou lol yes, but different coast than samantha lol
Desireediaz: Lol Carla
Liz (MsLizS): LOL Carla
Darling_Vamp: I’m with Sarah
joie: LOL carla
Liz (MsLizS): Yeah I was having issues with the dirt… in the heat of
the moment who cares though right? lol
MCC18: i’m not sure that i wanna f*ck you til you faint line woulda
worked when he was diggin himself out of the ground, lol
Misty: Was anyone worried he was going to seek revenge?
joie: i thought it was great
joie: exactly liz
mherr1979: I was
balou8900: *sigh* they always live on different coasts. Never knew so
many coasts existed.
Jenny_Ap: um…sorta
Carla (crazygem85): prob not mcc
andiegilmore: Not like you’d be able to say no. Oh Bill, please don’t
ravish me, it’s so dirty. Not likely!
Andi (dylemma02): well he will have to think about it..
joie: LOL
Misty: I thought is was a great distraction from him anger
Andi (dylemma02): LOL andie
MCC18: < doesnt live on a coast, but can drive to one in under 2
hrs πŸ˜€
Andi (dylemma02): It was a great distraction.. and it worked if only
for a bit..
Sarah (Scaniano): I was worried he might kill Sookie though because he
was so angry.
Darling_Vamp: angry sex,… grrroowwwl.
Sarah (Scaniano): Or not kill but hurt badly.
Carla (crazygem85): angry sex is sometimes the best
andiegilmore: and so animalistic too. Sookie says he was full vampire,
no ounce of human left
Liz (MsLizS): good way to die?
Andi (dylemma02): I have to agree wtih Sarah that thought did cross my
balou8900: I’m gonna mental note that angry sex comment, Darling
Jenny_Ap: Yeah…thought that too Sarah
Sarah (Scaniano): lol Liz
Desireediaz: Hahah lol darling
Misty: LOL Liz
recordcozy: Bill needs that distraction a lot, seems like. Maybe it’s
just an excuse to get into Sookie’s pants.
joie: rrrwwwrrraawrrrr angry sex
Misty: going out with a bang
andiegilmore: lol misty!
Sarah (Scaniano): rofl!
Liz (MsLizS): LOL Misty
MCC18: mmmm full vamp, RWAR
Andi (dylemma02): Well that is probably true too RC
Carla (crazygem85): lol! Id be ok with going out with a bang
Andi (dylemma02): Love it Misty!!
Carla (crazygem85): sounds like a good way to go to me, Misty
joie: well it wasn’t rbs, that’s saved for when she hooks up with
eric, oops distracted
mherr1979: Bill’s young still, he gets angry real easy
Liz (MsLizS): lol
Andi (dylemma02): It would be so worth it!!
balou8900: lol
joie: lol
joie: he need to control those anger issues
MCC18: you guys kill me, srsly.
Andi (dylemma02): with age he will.. for now.. I don’t think sookie is
Desireediaz: Yeah bill should go to therapy lol
Misty: no she is not
Carla (crazygem85): I think sookie is kind of turned on by it
andiegilmore: with age? he’s already had over 100 years!
mherr1979: lol vamp therapy!
recordcozy: No, but I am.
Misty: I do too
Andi (dylemma02): Bill needs something that is for sure
recordcozy: Shoot.
balou8900: and sookie shouldn’t? She’s like..cool..you’re alive and
covered in mud, DO ME
Darling_Vamp: angry sex is the f*ck you til you faint kind.. *blushes*
Andi (dylemma02): I agree Carla
MCC18: i think sookie has found that can of proverbial worms and
it’s’s been opened
recordcozy: hehehe I meant I WAS complaining, not turned on… ugh.
andiegilmore: let him vent his anger through sex..why not?
Carla (crazygem85): lol Darling
joie: Wait, was this their 3rd time?
joie: can’t remember
Misty: cant remember either
Jenny_Ap: Lost count
Liz (MsLizS): Ewww don’t mention worms during dirt sex
joie: LOL LOL
Carla (crazygem85): not sure either
MCC18: lol right?
Jenny_Ap: LOL LIz
Andi (dylemma02): Think it was 3 but not really sure
joie: reminds you of dirt cups as a child?
Sarah (Scaniano): lol Liz
Darling_Vamp: ickky, worms…
Misty: ok moving on
mherr1979: The sex thing is the only way you’d know that Jason and
Sookie were related
Desireediaz: Noo worms noo!!
Liz (MsLizS): LOL Joie
Andi (dylemma02): where there is dirt there is worms..
balou8900: that’s not a worm, he’s happy to see her
Liz (MsLizS): I will never be able to make dirt cups with my class
mherr1979: They both take to it like ducks to water
andiegilmore: lol mhrerr you’re right!
Andi (dylemma02): LOL balou
Darling_Vamp: lol balou! roflmao
andiegilmore: LOL balou!
joie: at least there were no gerbils O.O
Carla (crazygem85): lol
Misty: So after all that Bill tells Sook he is afraid they will burn
his house
Liz (MsLizS): lol Balou
andiegilmore: and she wants to protect him
Darling_Vamp: poor Beel….
Misty: and is something happens to him to go to Sam
Desireediaz: Lol balou
Andi (dylemma02): yes he is afraid for himself.. To make her want to
protect him
EricLover1 from x.x.x.194 left this message 2 seconds ago:
My opinion, for what it’s worth, Sookie likes it hot and dirty.
Jenny_Ap: Yeah, what was that about?
EricLover1 from x.x.x.194 joined the chat 3 seconds ago
balou8900: Hey Eric, how’s my second favorite Viking next to Favre
joie: *waves* hi ericlover
Andi (dylemma02): Yeah do you pick a mate for your partner..
Andi (dylemma02): strange
Misty: I think he knows sam will protect her
Andi (dylemma02): Hello Ericlove1
MCC18: Of course Beel is worried about his house…it’s all about Beel
balou8900: lol
EricLover1: Hi all. Sorry I’m late
Carla (crazygem85): hey ericlover
joie: always about beeeel tru dat
Misty: He was worried she would be in the house
MCC18: *waves*
Darling_Vamp: it’s the southern gentleman thing again… making sure
she is ‘provided’ for
Andi (dylemma02): Well Sam will protect her..
andiegilmore: looks like he needs more protection than she does at
this point
Carla (crazygem85): It is kind of sweet
Darling_Vamp: that’s the sort of thing they did in his day i think…
Liz (MsLizS): Hi Ericlover
balou8900: Naw, it’s that pass her to a supe that she already knows
and trusts thing
andiegilmore: hi ericlover
EricLover1: Waves
Misty: I think he just wanted to be sure she would be safe
Carla (crazygem85): the whole southern gentleman thing really gets me
andiegilmore: agree, carla
Darling_Vamp: Well, that too of course… she needs protectin
recordcozy: Right, DV. I prefer the modern thinking.
Jenny_Ap: I don’t know guys…this is the second time he does
it…didn’t he say you can go to Eric if you want to
mherr1979: I agree, Carla
MCC18: no, he knows she wont fall for Sam and his shenanigans, so he’s
a safe bet….if he sent her to eric all bets were off.
EricLover1: I like the southern gentlement thing. It’s old fashioned.
recordcozy: Or semi-modern Viking thinking…
Andi (dylemma02): yes he is worried for her.. I think he knows he can
take care of himself… But he worries for Sookie
Sarah (Scaniano): I agree, Jenny. He’s assuming ownership of her
Darling_Vamp: i think about Gone w/ the wind to get his mind set
Misty: I dont thinh he meant it like that
Andi (dylemma02): yes he does think of her as HIS!!!
mherr1979: I love Gone with the Wind but I don’t want to be Scarlett!
andiegilmore: he doesn’t realize that’s what he’s doing, but it is
Sarah (Scaniano): I don’t think he did either but it just goes to show
his massively outdated mindset.
Andi (dylemma02): but I think it is only ment in a protective and
loving way… Not property
Darling_Vamp: Soookie Is MAAHHNNEE!
Darling_Vamp: sorry, couldnt resist
Sarah (Scaniano): lol
andiegilmore: lol
joie: i don’t like his possessivness
mherr1979: lol
joie: lol darling vamp
Misty: He has too claim her to keeo others from killing her
Darling_Vamp: sidenote…scarlet was a selfish bitch…
Andi (dylemma02): But he is worried about other vamps cause she tastes
so good..
EricLover1: Yea, we all know he has alterior motives.
Carla (crazygem85): Man i need to get me a vampire
Misty: Or biting her
andiegilmore: Misty you’re being too kind
Carla (crazygem85): sorry, getting off track
Jenny_Ap: Me too Carla!
Darling_Vamp: Mee too Carla
balou8900: yeah, but she was hot Darling
joie: a viking vampire carla
andiegilmore: stop defending Beel lol
joie: only a viking
Darling_Vamp: Hell yea, Vivian Leigh…
joie: Beeeelll has gotta go
Misty: If he does not claim her she is bait for vamps
Desireediaz: Me too carla l
Darling_Vamp: sorry… off track
recordcozy: Woot to Viking vampires!
MCC18: If someone finds their nest can you Tweet the rest of us? kthnx
Carla (crazygem85): no problem, i wont keep them all to myself
Andi (dylemma02): LOL mcc
andiegilmore: lol MCC
Carla (crazygem85): ll just keep the viking, lol!!
mherr1979: Did someone say viking?
Misty: ok so then the next day jason asks her to listen for him
MCC18: @MCC18 in case ya forget *wink*
Desireediaz: Thanks Carla lol
balou8900: yeah, they won today πŸ™‚
joie: *squee*
Darling_Vamp: i feel the need… the need for SWEDE!
Andi (dylemma02): Me i’ll stick to viking vamps.. but Bill is needed
in the story
Darling_Vamp: SIGH…
Liz (MsLizS): Hey! I thought we are on a “list” for the viking lol
joie: lol swede dreams
Misty: GBOT
Darling_Vamp: I liked bill in S1
Andi (dylemma02): yes Jason asking a favor again… But that is what
he does best
Carla (crazygem85): i did too darling
Darling_Vamp: BOT
Misty: yes it is. Jason is an ass
balou8900: I sense some Misty smacks comin’…
joie: i only liked bill in the first 2 epis of season 1
mherr1979: I did too, DV
Misty: smacks all around
joie: oops straying off book
andiegilmore: Jason… only admitting to her gift because he can use
it to help him
Carla (crazygem85): jason has some nerve asking for sookies help again
mherr1979: But yes, Jason is a douche
MCC18: jason is an ass then asks for a favour, then he’s an ass and
then asks a favour…it’s a continual cycle for him
Jenny_Ap: yeah he does
joie: douchebag
Misty: jason asking for help after everything he did to her
Darling_Vamp: Jason, being selfish? No, say it isn’t so…
Jenny_Ap: LOL DV
Carla (crazygem85): i would have been like hell no
Carla (crazygem85): but then again i have no moral code
andiegilmore: but Bill was right that she’d be helping herself by
helping him this time
Misty: And totally putting her in danger
MCC18: but they are all they have left of family…it’s just them
Andi (dylemma02): Jason doesn’t care what it may do to her.. As long
as she can save his ass
Misty: at least Bill would try to protect her, jason wouldnt
joie from x.x.x.175 joined the chat
Andi (dylemma02): And yes mcc.. but he is still an ass…
joie: oopsie
mherr1979: Did they forget that there’s a murderer on the loose?
MCC18: wb lol
balou8900: are you forgetting she already is in danger with a killer
on the loose? The one that killed humans
Misty: Sorry MCC I am not a blood is thicker than water person
Carla (crazygem85): me neither Misty
Carla (crazygem85): I stand by those who truly love and respect me
balou8900: we read each other’s minds, mherr
MCC18: neither am I Misty, but I think Sookie is…otherwise why hasnt
she told him to f off yet?
Andi (dylemma02): yes ture balou…
mherr1979: Me neither
Misty: Right balou & if the killer finds out she is listening
balou8900: you aren’t a samantha by any chance? πŸ™‚
Darling_Vamp: book jason wouldn’t protect her, tv jason would.
andiegilmore: sookie really is
joie: yeah, I *rolls eyes* think some of my relatives are cracked
Andi (dylemma02): I am not a blood thicker then water but Sookie is
andiegilmore: and she feels she doesn’t have many close friends and
family to begin with
Misty: With friends like that ….
andiegilmore: she can’t be ignoring the few she has…she thinks
Andi (dylemma02): well becasue of her “Gift” everyone thinks she is a
Jenny_Ap: What about stupid Arlene?
Andi (dylemma02): lol jenny
Desireediaz: True misty
Misty: Ugh Arlene
joie: she’s stupid
MCC18: i dont like arlene…
Carla (crazygem85): good ol arlene
Andi (dylemma02): Arlene and her can you watch the kids but no bill
andiegilmore: poor sookie! she was the worst friends
Misty: What a bitch do me a favor but only on my terms
Carla (crazygem85): friend of the century
mherr1979: I hate Arlene
Jenny_Ap: Exactly Misty
Darling_Vamp: can’t stand her either.
balou8900: Arlene should marry Jason
Andi (dylemma02): Yes Arlene definatly deserves some awards for
andiegilmore: lol balou
Misty: LOL balou
mherr1979: lol
andiegilmore: they deserve each other
Desireediaz: Arlene is really bad
Misty: So now she tells Bill about Jasons favor & he agrees.
andiegilmore: and she digs a hole LOL
balou8900: but we love Arlene or there would never have been teacup
humans in our vocabulary
Misty: And now he tells her that Eric *covers ears from squees* wants
her to go to see him
Andi (dylemma02): but I think Bill wants to know that Sookie is safe..
so if she listens for Jason she would be listening for herslef too
Sarah (Scaniano): Mmmm, Eric.
andiegilmore: finally! Some Eric!
Andi (dylemma02): LOl baou.. I do use that term alot!!
recordcozy: SQUEE
Carla (crazygem85): Did someone say Eric?? *head perks up*
Andi (dylemma02): Yes finally some Eric…
mherr1979: Finally! Eric!
recordcozy: SQUEE!!!!
joie: *SQUEE*
Jenny_Ap: WHat did she say…The big viking vampire!
Andi (dylemma02): Can’t wait for Eric time
joie: Finally some viking studdage!
Jenny_Ap: LOve!
Liz (MsLizS): YAY!!!
andiegilmore: All I heard was Eric…did anyone say something after
Misty: Now I love Eric now after getting to know him but I did not
like him summoning her
Sarah (Scaniano): You ladies and gentleman crack me up!
Liz (MsLizS): *does a little Eric dance*
Misty: If it was me I would of been pissed
Andi (dylemma02): LOL liz…
balou8900: LOL! One mention of his name and the wenches go wild…
Desireediaz: Eric eric Eric yay!!!
recordcozy: Is that like a Snoopy dance, Liz?
Andi (dylemma02): Yes who would like to be summoned…
mherr1979: I can’t believe she didn’t remember him at first.
Carla (crazygem85): Totally would have pissed me off too
Andi (dylemma02): But then again once you know Eric it would be
andiegilmore: Yes, I’d be pissed too
Jenny_Ap: but it’s Eric
mherr1979: WTH? It’s ERIC.
recordcozy: *raises hand* Ummm… Obvious.
MCC18: OMG it’s book 4 time!???!?!?!
andiegilmore: and especially thinking he wanted her for sex
Liz (MsLizS): Hot viking summoning me? Oh yeah
MCC18: oh nvm. *sigh*
Jenny_Ap: Summon me anytime
Misty: But Eric is just a 2 paragraph guy at this point
Carla (crazygem85): I would have been like, Who does this guy think he
is? Summoning me!! Shoot
Andi (dylemma02): Gotta love our Swed…
Darling_Vamp: Theme for comic con 2010… Wenches Gone Wild!
andiegilmore: I like how Bill says “it’s the REALLY OLD vampire
Andi (dylemma02): yes he isn’t a character as to yet…
Carla (crazygem85): lol Darling
recordcozy: And what a lovely two paragraphs they were.
Jenny_Ap: LOL DV
Misty: LOL DV
mherr1979: lol, DV
Andi (dylemma02): We are just learning about Eric…
Andi (dylemma02): Gotta love that one DV
Liz (MsLizS): LOL DV
Misty: So far he is just an older vamp basically ordering her around
Carla (crazygem85): I really thought that was theme, only reason im
Carla (crazygem85): lol
Darling_Vamp: *takes a bow* as should balou
Jenny_Ap: Me too Carla!
Andi (dylemma02): yes and Bill feels that they have to listen to
him… He is important
recordcozy: Nuh-uh. She was totally joking with him before. Or at
least there was something happening.
Misty: Or Eric will send other to get her
Darling_Vamp: Hell Yeah Carla!
balou8900: lol Darling
Liz (MsLizS): lol Carla
andiegilmore: Eric pretty much threattens her if she doesn’t go
Andi (dylemma02): yes I think he would have someone come and get
Liz (MsLizS): Yay! Yankees won! Ok back to Eric
recordcozy: Bill always plays up the”Eric=scary” thing, even when we
know he’s not.
Misty: Its go willingly or be taken
recordcozy: I’m skipping ahead a little. Sorry,
mherr1979: Bill has Eric envy
Andi (dylemma02): and with that as your choices I think you would go
recordcozy: *.
andiegilmore: he is dangerous, though
joie: even in the book, it doesn’t take much for Eric to dominate!
Desireediaz: Eric = sexy
Carla (crazygem85): Well who wouldnt choose go willingly
MCC18: Why is Billy so threatened by Eric? Does he KNOW what everyone
else knows? His hawtness reigns supreme?
balou8900: Did he threaten her or Bill though? He can’t order her
around just yet
recordcozy: Right you are, desiree
andiegilmore: lol MCC
Andi (dylemma02): I think Bill knows once Eric sees Sookie he will
have a hard time keeping her from him..
Jenny_Ap: So True MCC
joie: *pinks* eric and dominate in the same sentence
Misty: He threatend Bill
Carla (crazygem85): lol MCC
Jenny_Ap: He already has
balou8900: I’d wait for Pam’s invite,myself..but that’s just me.
Andi (dylemma02): LOL Joie
joie: I think he does mcc
recordcozy: He can order her around because of his postion, even w/o
andiegilmore: and Bill is aware that Eric has power over him
Carla (crazygem85): lmao joie
Andi (dylemma02): LOL balou
andiegilmore: he can’t just say no
Misty: Eric is the sheriff so he does have power over Bill
Andi (dylemma02): He is sheriff and everyone in his area needs to
listen and do as he says
recordcozy: Or as Sookie says the head of “Vampire Region 10.” hehe
Andi (dylemma02): there is only one higher then Eric… and that is
NOT Bill
Sarah (Scaniano): And since Bill has declared Sookie as his then Eric
has power over her too.
mherr1979: and by extension, Sookie
joie: giddy up sheriff
andiegilmore: exactly. Bill has no choice at this point
MCC18: But Billy has his own power over Eric, which after rereading
the books makes me wonder does he just play it up?
Andi (dylemma02): LOL Joie
recordcozy: hehe Yes, joie.
Misty: no he doesnt
recordcozy: Awesome.
Carla (crazygem85): what kind of punishment is there for not
listening?? handcuffs, shackles?
andiegilmore: not yet MCC
Andi (dylemma02): Bill has no power over Eric
recordcozy: What power?
joie: What? Bill ? Power over Eric?
Misty: If bill doesnt listen Eric will send other to take her
recordcozy: Sssshhhh Carla, you’re with the VW. You can’t say those
balou8900: *pictures the viking wenches all working to get
arrested* πŸ™‚
andiegilmore: I think he couldn be forced out of Area 5 if he doesnt
MCC18: we dont know what he’s doing yet….
joie: spain it lucy
Misty: And Bill will fight them to save her
Andi (dylemma02): Eric will get what he wants…. With or without Bill
Carla (crazygem85): sorry off track again, eric gets me all in a tizzy
joie: cuz Eric=Sex
Carla (crazygem85): RC, i def meant eric
Darling_Vamp: sex on a stick baby!
andiegilmore: lol!
joie: *dies*
Andi (dylemma02): LOL DV
recordcozy: I know. That’s SQUEEville for sure.
Liz (MsLizS): Carla got me daydreaming about Eric and handcuffs lol
joie: he could be mah santa claus *hehehe*
Darling_Vamp: yup, eric pulls rank everytime…
Sarah (Scaniano): And Bill would probably die in the process so it’s
just easier for Sookie to go when Eric summons her.
Misty: What about Bill asking Sook to drink frim him
recordcozy: Dangerous territory, Carla. I expected more SQUEE.
Andi (dylemma02): LOL Liz.. I was doing the same thing
Darling_Vamp: lol joie…
joie: oh hell, bring on the handcuffs!
balou8900: so ya all are just kicking mud and worm wearing
Bill..mister flowers and do your hair..for the still unknown Eric
balou8900: women are so fickle, hehehe
andiegilmore: that was odd! And how she was so easily okay with it
Misty: thank you balou
Darling_Vamp: fuzzy handcuffs…
recordcozy: Bill’s a total one-note. Like every scene ends up the same
Misty: You dont know eric yet
Andi (dylemma02): Bill asking is so they are connected and Sookie is
joie: mercy, we will be troble by the time we get to bk 4
joie: trouble cant spell
Jenny_Ap: Neck, wrist or groin?
Misty: Do you wonder if Bill is also trying to strenghten the blood
Andi (dylemma02): OMG Joie.. that is so true..
MCC18: *perks* someone say book 4?
mherr1979: I was surprised she didn’t fight him more over it though
andiegilmore: lol definitely not groin!
joie: *squee* again
Sarah (Scaniano): I do wonder that, Misty.
recordcozy: He tells Sookie there’s something she needs to do, he
convinces her, there’s sexy times. SAME STORY.
Amy (JustAimer): lol MCC
Andi (dylemma02): Bill just knows what Eric is going to try to do…
He knows Sookie is speical
MCC18: of course Billy is trying to strengthen it
andiegilmore: I think Bill wants to have some power over her, for sure
recordcozy: And not as good as when Eric does it…
Carla (crazygem85): I do think that. He wants a really strong blood
bond with her
balou8900: Bill blew it…he should’ve said the best source for her
strength is groin. πŸ™‚
Misty: I would if I was him
Jenny_Ap: LOL
Andi (dylemma02): yes and he would know about the blood bond as we as
to yet don’t
MCC18: Eric doesnt know that yet tho
Andi (dylemma02): we just know what v does to humans
joie: bow chick a wow wow
balou8900: but he did at least get her to straddle him for the process
so they could discuss the first thing to pop up
Andi (dylemma02): but Eric has heard from his minons *sneakers* what
she can do
recordcozy: Eric knows about blood bonds. I’m sure.
joie: LOL balou
Carla (crazygem85): lol balou
Misty: I do think that Bill wanted her to be as strong as possible
MCC18: i thought Billy explained about the blood connection after the
Rattray fight?
Andi (dylemma02): LOL balou
Desireediaz: Lol joie
EricLover1 from x.x.x.194 left the chat 16 seconds ago
Misty: He id
andiegilmore: and maybe Eric would be able to tell that she had Bill’s
recordcozy: Yeah, he did.
mherr1979: So she could resist the Viking?
Misty: Eric knew already I am sure
balou8900: she always could resist the viking
Andi (dylemma02): yes I think the vamps know when a human has their
joie: blood couldn’t stop be from jumping on that viking
mherr1979: Why would she want to though
Andi (dylemma02): Bill has already told him that she was his
joie: ME ME ME see, cant type
recordcozy: Good point, balou. And that was the moment I ceased to
identify with Sookie…
MCC18: LOL Balou, lets not talk nonesense now! resist the viking!
recordcozy: Not really.
Carla (crazygem85): That makes Eric want her even more
Andi (dylemma02): yes I agree Carla…
balou8900: because he’s some strange vampire who stared at her from
across his club one night and nothing more. πŸ™‚
joie: I think she got a bit twingy over the viking
joie: and I’m being sweet with my wordage
recordcozy: She’s was a bit weirded out by him, really.
Misty: thank you balou again
andiegilmore: she does find him attractive
Liz (MsLizS): Resist Viking? Wth?
balou8900: She connected more with the bartender at Fangtasia than
Eric so far.
Misty: thats true
joie: but right from the get go she basically said he was HAWT!
Carla (crazygem85): true, there is no connection yet b/w eic and
Andi (dylemma02): I Think she is turned off my him at first beucase of
his staight forwardness.. Who would like to be summoned without a
MCC18: <
recordcozy: Ah, attractive, not hot. You can say your dad is
attractive. Not hot.
Liz (MsLizS): lol Joie
MCC18: lol
Misty: I thought her description of what happened when she did drink
his blood was weird
andiegilmore: yes, because he makes no effort to “mainstream” like
recordcozy: I don’t think Sookie was really going for Eric at that
recordcozy: I was, but that’s not saying anything.
mherr1979: But “mainstreaming” is lame. πŸ™‚
Andi (dylemma02): No Sookie really was all about Bill as to yet
Misty: He sits in a chair for tourits eye candy
Carla (crazygem85): I agree RC
balou8900: I felt like her description was what Alan Ball matched up
with the V episodes with Jason’s gf in Season 1. I forget her name
mherr1979: If you’re Eric anyway
MCC18: Sookie was too busy making doe-eyes at Billy
Carla (crazygem85): He wasnt even on her radar yet
Desireediaz: Mmm I really have to go now and get some sleep (just like
a vampire) it’s almos
Desireediaz: Almost 5 here in Italy
joie: its cause she was deflowered by the vamp that loves flowers lol
Jenny_Ap: Agree with balou
Andi (dylemma02): have a good night sleep then desireediaz
MCC18: Sweet dreams Desiree!
recordcozy: Oh geez joie.
Sarah (Scaniano): Night Desiree! πŸ™‚
andiegilmore: bye desiree
Liz (MsLizS): Nite Desiree!
joie: *smoochies* desiree
Jenny_Ap: Nite!
recordcozy: Bye Desiree.
Misty: me too balou
mherr1979: Night, Des!
Liz (MsLizS): lol Joie
Misty: Amy Burlee
Carla (crazygem85): nite des!!
balou8900: Sweet dreams Desiree…love that name. I’ll be right over
to tuck you in, as long as I don’t have to eat sushi. πŸ™‚
Jenny_Ap: Yes! Misty
Desireediaz: Bye bye you are all really sweet!!!
joie: lol balou
Misty: smacks balou
balou8900: owww!
recordcozy: Smack Count: 2
MCC18: sushi is nasty
balou8900: *smirk*
joie: oh noes!
Sarah (Scaniano): lol RC
Andi (dylemma02): on no.. That makes 2 balou.. Better watch it
andiegilmore: sushi is yummy!
Liz (MsLizS): It’s not a chat until Balou gets smacked!
MCC18: blech
Misty: LOL Liz
joie: LOL LOL
balou8900: I’m gonna wear my I’m Not Jason t-shirt to the next chat
Andi (dylemma02): LMAO
Jenny_Ap: Don’t like sushi either
mherr1979: lol balou
Andi (dylemma02): LOL balou, that may help a bit
Carla (crazygem85): lol balou
Misty: ok so next week we will be on chapters 9-10
Sarah (Scaniano): Woot!
recordcozy: YAY ERIC!
Andi (dylemma02): cool… can’t wait…
andiegilmore: yay! we get to play with Eric
joie: great
Misty: And I have a surprise for you all next week
mherr1979: YAY!
Jenny_Ap: Eric!
Andi (dylemma02): FINALLY SOME ERIC TIME!!!
Liz (MsLizS): Woop Woop!
joie: OMG *jumps up and down*
recordcozy: Ahem… we get to do bad things with Eric, andie.
balou8900: You’re bringing sushi?
andiegilmore: Oooo
joie: shalll I wear tutu?
Misty: I hate sushi
Sarah (Scaniano): Ooooo, a surprise. Can’t wait! *happy dance*
Andi (dylemma02): OMG OMG Misty!!!
andiegilmore: LOL
Carla (crazygem85): surprise?? intriguing
Misty: its just wrong
balou8900: that god!
balou8900: thank I mean
mherr1979: I love surprises!
Andi (dylemma02): always bad things with Eric!!
joie: whats wrong?
Darling_Vamp: *dances around to the Carlton Dance* Go Eric, Go Eric
Misty: ok so best parts of the chapters
joie: sushi? neva!
Liz (MsLizS): SURPRISE??? Hee hee
recordcozy: Yes, Eric is god-like…
Liz (MsLizS): LOL DV
joie: *squee* eric!
MCC18: Mmmmm the magic word……….ERIC
Carla (crazygem85): best part, graveyard sex
joie: yuppers
andiegilmore: graveyard sex, for sure!!
Andi (dylemma02): DEFINATELY talking about seeing Eric
Sarah (Scaniano): Best parts of the chapters: Sam helping Sookie get
through the day
Misty: mine too
Andi (dylemma02): Graveyard sex… is up there too.
recordcozy: Woot! Second that, Andi.
Darling_Vamp: agreed Sarah…
MCC18: i’m with sarah on that one
balou8900: naw, the V sex…otherwise you’d still be picking sod out
of your ummm…well there *points*
Darling_Vamp: telling someone you will fuck em til they faint ranks
pretty high too
joie: LOL
andiegilmore: agree DV
Andi (dylemma02): True enough DV
Jenny_Ap: Yes DV
Misty: oh yeah that too DV
joie: omg that was hot, I have to say
Carla (crazygem85): true DV
Liz (MsLizS): LOL I agree DV
Darling_Vamp: just the visual.
Sarah (Scaniano): Yeah DV, that was a good one.
recordcozy: Rates lower because it wasn’t Eric.
Misty: Worse parts
joie: thats enough to give you an orgasm
Darling_Vamp: gives me shivers…
Liz (MsLizS): Jason
Andi (dylemma02): There were lots of ups *no pun intended* in this one
andiegilmore: Jason and Jason
balou8900: anything with Jason
Sarah (Scaniano): Worst part: Jason’s douchebaggery and graveyard sex.
Carla (crazygem85): anything with jason
Misty: jason
joie: yes jason
mherr1979: Jason
Jenny_Ap: Arlene!
MCC18: I’m just gonna pretend Eric said that and not Billy.
Andi (dylemma02): Definatly Jason.. He is such a douchebag
balou8900: although ya really wanna smack Sookie’s parents too
andiegilmore: yes Jenny, Arlene too!
Liz (MsLizS): lol MCC
joie: i know huh mcc
Carla (crazygem85): lol MCC
recordcozy: The Bill making Sookie discuss her childhood traumas while
they’re both naked.
Jenny_Ap: Uncle Barlett!
Misty: Oh yeah her parents too
recordcozy: That was not right.
Andi (dylemma02): LOL mcc Me too
joie: everyman is Eric lol lol
Andi (dylemma02): OH yeah.. Her parents suck
MCC18: Agreed RC. that was really insensitive and creepy actually
Carla (crazygem85): gran was another great part
Liz (MsLizS): I agree RC.. awkward
Andi (dylemma02): Gran is always great!!!
Misty: ok so here are the links again list here http://tweepml.org/Vikingwenches/
& blog here https://ssbookclub.wordpress.com/
Andi (dylemma02): But Talk of Eric is the best!!!
balou8900: because of the TV version, I will always see gran as her
part in the movie Twister in my mind πŸ™‚
Misty: if you need to be added to the list tweet me
Liz (MsLizS): I ❀ this group πŸ™‚
joie: *squee* we’re so cute!
balou8900: I know, I’m weird like that though
recordcozy: We’ll be better for Book 2 and 3. MORE ERIC πŸ˜€
andiegilmore: thanks misty!
Misty: if you want to be a contributor on the blog dm me
Andi (dylemma02): Next week I will be wearing my HBO Eric shirt…
Just to talk about hi,m
MCC18: I wish I could write a paper on Eric, I’d be all over that like
a cheap suit.
Misty: LOL
andiegilmore: LOL MCC. Agree
Misty: If you want to add to the blog tweet me
Carla (crazygem85): me too mcc
Liz (MsLizS): lol MCC
Darling_Vamp: mcc18 – lol
Misty: If you want anything tweet me
Andi (dylemma02): cool thanx Misty…
Misty: just tweet me
joie: I’ll bring my printed version of eric in a tutu thanks to Leia
andiegilmore: I want Eric, Misty
Andi (dylemma02): You are the best Misty
andiegilmore: can you make that happen?
balou8900: that the shirt with the little viking horn on the chest?
Andi (dylemma02): LOL Joie!!!
Jenny_Ap: As always, Thanks Misty!
Darling_Vamp: Thanks Misty!
recordcozy: Thanks, Misty!
Carla (crazygem85): Misty, another awesome chat
joie: okies, I’ll be tweeting y’all *smoochies*
mherr1979: Thanks, Misty!
balou8900: Thanks again Misty
Misty: And I will post this on the google group page aw always
MCC18: Misty, you rawk!
Sarah (Scaniano): Thanks for all your hard work and for keeping us in
line, Misty! πŸ™‚
andiegilmore: indeed! Best part of my Sundays!
Misty: you are all welcome thanks for coming
Liz (MsLizS): Thanks Misty!!!
MCC18: Misty @Eric_ofArea5’s SEXretary πŸ˜€
Andi (dylemma02): Back to tweeting!!! *smooches* for all… till next
week.. Or tweets!!!
Sarah (Scaniano): lol MCC
Liz (MsLizS): LOL MCC
Misty: You can all buy me a drink at comic con
Carla (crazygem85): lol mcc
Sarah (Scaniano): Will do!
balou8900: I never tweet…cuz I’m just too shy and bashful *innocent
Liz (MsLizS): You got it!
Carla (crazygem85): will do misty
Jenny_Ap: Of course!
MCC18: a Tru:Blood!
Misty: oh yeah follow @eric_ofarea5
MCC18: with vodka
joie from x.x.x.175 joined the chat 2 seconds ago
Darling_Vamp: God Natt!
Misty: sweet MCC
joie: oops forgot to say byes, so byes!
Darling_Vamp: Comic Con! Wenches Gone Wild!
Misty: yeah right balou
Carla (crazygem85): bye joie
andiegilmore: bye joie!
MCC18: see you all in Twitter…I have to write this
paper….*grumbles* xx
Misty: we need a shirt for that DV
Liz (MsLizS): Drunken Vikingwenches at comic con
recordcozy: Okies. Bye everybody!
Jenny_Ap: That should be shirt!
Liz (MsLizS): his could be fun
recordcozy from x.x.x.237 left the chat 3 seconds ago
Carla (crazygem85): Cant wait DV!!
MCC18 from x.x.x.25 left the chat 3 seconds ago
Liz (MsLizS): lol
balou8900: I bid you fair wenches adieu
andiegilmore: I’m heading out too. I gotta get some school work done,
andiegilmore: have a lovely evening all
Misty: bye
Andi (dylemma02): bye everyone!!! *kisses*
Sarah (Scaniano): Me three. Talk to ya’ll on Twitter. πŸ™‚ ❀
Liz (MsLizS): Ok off to finish HW then to tweet lol
balou8900: bye all
Sarah (Scaniano) from x.x.x.149 left the chat 2 seconds ago
andiegilmore: *waves*
Carla (crazygem85): bye all
Liz (MsLizS): adios!
Darling_Vamp: Off to catch Dexter and Californication.
mherr1979: Night everyone!
Jenny_Ap: Later Ladies!
balou8900 from x.x.x.91 left the chat 2 seconds ago
Darling_Vamp: C U all next week.


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