I wanted to say a few things about this Purse Blog stuff that has been going on. Things that I have noticed going on with the viking wenches because of all this.

1. People are starting to be suspicious of each other. Because we are now worried about a spy in the group everyone is starting to wonder who the spy is. The problem with this is that perfectly innocent ladies who only want to hang out with us are not going to be trusted. That’s not going to fly if we want to keep the same demeanor of friendliness that we’ve carried since the inception of the book club. I, for one, would hate to see that happen. Part of the reason I enjoy the book club and viking wenches is that we are all inclusive. Anyone who is a fan of the books and show is welcomed. I don’t want that to end and I don’t think anyone else does either.

2. Because people are becoming suspicious of each other there’s the potential to cause a rift that the book club won’t recover from. This could all fall apart if people don’t trust each other. People get caught up in drama, small or large, and the in-fighting starts. I’m so worried that will happen with all of us. It’s hard to explain what the book club and viking wenches have come to mean to me. To have met and become friends with so many ladies that share my interests and are just great people is a gift that I don’t want to lose.

3. Here’s the thing about the Purse Blog people. Who cares what they think or what they say about any of us? What’s it going to matter 6 months from now, a year, 5 years from now what these catty people said on a blog? What they say doesn’t affect who we are or how we operate unless we let it…..like we’re doing with the suspicion. Yes people can be cruel and mean but only if we pay attention to what they are saying. Because truly, if we ignore them then they can’t affect us at all.

4. So here’s what I propose: In order to keep the book club strong and happy, we ask everyone to stop going to the blog. You can’t get angry about what you can’t see. If some are unwilling to do that then ask them not to put anything about it in the Twitter stream. It only causes all the crap to rise to the surface again and we’ll be back where we started in no time. Myself & others have already decided we’re going to stay away and it’s as easy as that to fix the things that are starting to become problems.

I for one am not protecting my tweets or changing the way I tweet. I am going to be the same tweeter I was two days ago. I am not going to let this ruin my twitter fun. If you do not want me to retweet your tweets please tell me.

When we talked about rifts breaking up groups, kinda reminded me of something similar, I think, just happened to the Belles. Which is not cool! I think we need remind everyone that we as VikingWenches are now out there in the public eye, sorta speak, and like our Belles counterparts and even the RPers not to take the negatively seriously and move on with spirit of the books and the show!

So that’s where I’m at about all this. Please let me know what you think: agree, disagree, or other. 🙂 I just want us all to continue enjoying our Sunday evenings and Twitter chats with each other.


~ by ssbookclub on October 16, 2009.

9 Responses to “Wolves”

  1. totally agree – well put! 🙂 Amy

  2. Hi! Fellow ‘Wench’ here. I didn’t see the blog that dropped but I could tell others in the group were really upset. I agree with your sentiments above and as I said before in my tweets (which you can retweet if you like) “Twitter is a social networking site for people to connect & share comments/laughs with other people who have similar interests. If you are going to follow anyone – be interested in that person/group – read their bio and check it out before you follow.” just sayin’

  3. Agree 100%.
    Love all the VikingWenches!!

  4. I agree wholeheartedly! 🙂

  5. I totally agree with you!!!

  6. Couldn’t agree more. I wanted to say something similar last night about everything and I just didn’t know how to approach it properly. You’ve done a fantastic job of saying what I failed to be able to put to words last night.

    As one of the folks that was quoted on said blog, I’ll admit to being upset, actually I was rather angry for whatever “spying” was going on. However the more I thought about it I realized that those people did not have the entire context of the tweets posted, nor do they have any idea about my personal sense of humour.

    I mean, a female “twisting a mustache” seems a bit tongue in cheek to me (and probably to most of you who know my tweets as well) but to someone who is unfamiliar with me and the general sense of humour of our group I can understand taking things out of context.

    Does this excuse their actions? No. Does it make it any less of a sore spot for those who have been continually singled out in their chats? No. It does however provide us with a chance to become a more solid group, who enjoy each other’s company and allows us to share a commonality, a shared interest.

    I, for one, am so glad to have found you all. You provide an outlet for me to discuss something that I happen to enjoy with others who feel the same. My everyday life has so much BS to wade through on a continual basis and so many serious matters to contend with that it’s a pleasure to forget about them for a few hours a day with a lovely bunch of people.

    I’m sorry to have rambled on, but I, too, would hate to see anything happen to our great group because of all this nonsense.

  7. I have to say too that I’m really happy that I found you all
    2 months ago my life really changed in one horrible night
    I’m so happy to have found sone good girls to spend some time
    with that are funny an lovely I hope to spend even more time with you

  8. Long Live the #VikingWenches! It was so upsetting when all went quiet for those few days, but I’m glad to see we’re putting it behind us and moving forward. I agree that the VW has had an impact on my life. Meeting all the lovely ladies I now chat with has been great. I’m looking forward to meeting some of you in the future!
    And the purseblog? To semi-quote a famous bitch –
    Pashaw…they ain’t worth our time!

  9. I missed everything about this since I’ve been kind of a Twitter ghost lately, but I hope my VW will be there every Sunday so I can spaz with them 😀 We were awesome tonight. GP, Misty. GP.


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