A Viking Christmas

One of our lovely wenches has had a fabulous idea. A Viking Christmas gift exchange! Cinjudes has seen it done on other forums and thought is would be fun and I agree! I know it is a bit early but it may take some time to put this together so I am starting now. If you want to be included tweet me or leave a comment including your twitter name and I will start a list. In early November I will somehow assign names to everyone and let everyone know who they drew. Then we can exchange addresses and have a gift swap. We can set up a date to have the gifts delivered by and all open them at the same time. What do you think? Give me any feedback or suggestions. You have all become my friends and mean a lot to me so I think this is a great way for us to celebrate our new found friendships.


Update: darling_vamp has created a fill in form for us to keep track of the Christmas exchange   http://holidayexchange.vikingwenches.com/

Once you input your info it will email it to me so I can keep track of everything. If you input your address I will only give it to your gift giver. That way who gets who will remain a secret. Please add gift suggestions in the comments box so you get something you like. You can go over the $ limit but I would like to stay in that range. I dont want someone getting a $5 present when they spent $40. If you want a T-shirt or something of that nature please specify a size. I will haveeveryones email so if you have a question about what to get someone let me know. Thanks Darling_Vamp for setting the fill in up. It will make this a lot easier to keep track of.


~ by ssbookclub on October 19, 2009.

24 Responses to “A Viking Christmas”

  1. Love it! Sign me up! Love you back Misty!

  2. As I told @cinjudes this morning I’m in. This is a great idea.

    My Twitter: @mherr1979

  3. I think it’s a great idea!

  4. Count me in

  5. Of course I’m in!

  6. I’m up for it! Twitter :Sunshine81274

  7. I’m in! This will be fun! @DiannesDishes

  8. Me too!! I love this idea

  9. This is a wicked idea! You can count me in! Skål!

  10. I’m game! Does this mean I’ll be getting a viking for xmas? Suhweet! @MCC18

  11. Count me in for sure.

  12. Super fun idea!! Count me in!!

  13. I’m in!! Just an FYI this is @JennDeo but I’ve changed my name again (don’t shoot me)! The new one is @KustardPie !!


  14. I’m in.

    Serious or Gagg gifts? 🙂

    It will be great celebrating with everyone 🙂

  15. I am so in! I need to think up some Viking awesomeness… but I can do it. That’s @recordcozy = me. And AWWW for friends. 😀

  16. Oh how fun!! We #vikingwenches ROCK!! I’m in! Isn’t Twitter the best to unite people with common interests like this!!! Love to all the #vikingwenches!!

  17. I’m totally in. :] I love my fellow viking wenches! Twitter: iamtomsawyer

  18. Count me in! 😀 @ithacawaits

  19. Can I please tell you how much I love the tree?

  20. Love this idea! Just filled in the little form!

  21. I read Kris’ comment as “meat tree.” God. Do I miss True Blood THAT badly?

  22. Im in = off to fill out form

  23. Oooh cool! Sign me up! I’m @paganchick75

  24. Okay, I’m in.

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