Weekly Chat #5 Dead Until Dark Ch.9-10

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Sarah (Scaniano): Hi Misty πŸ™‚
Misty: Hey
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truebloodfan001: Hey Misty πŸ™‚
Misty: hey. how are you ladies tonight?
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Sarah (Scaniano): Pretty good. Hard to type with cheetos fingers. How are you?
Misty: so @ericnorthman was supposed to join us tonight but I have not heard from him so I am not sure if he is coming
Misty: I send him 2 DM’s but have had no response 😦
truebloodfan001: im alright, how are you?
MCC18: *waves*
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truebloodfan001: aww, sad.
Sarah (Scaniano): Huh, well let’s hope he shows.
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Carla (crazygem85): Hey guys!
MCC18: is @Eric_ofArea5 going to come sometime? or just @EricNorthman?
Sarah (Scaniano): Hiya πŸ™‚
truebloodfan001: hey carla
MCC18: Hai Carla
Misty: Eric of area 5 was thinking of coming tonight but U didnt want 2 Erics so I asked him to come another night since I made plans eith@ericnorthman weeks ago
Desireediaz: Hi girls..!
MCC18: gotcha
Carla (crazygem85): Hey Desiree
MCC18: wait… 2 erics? like that’s a bad thing? lol
truebloodfan001: lol..
Carla (crazygem85): im with MCC…you can never have 2 much Eric!! lol!!
Misty: well Eric does have a bit of an ego. I dont think Chatzy can handle all that
Carla (crazygem85): lol!! so true Misty
truebloodfan001: a ‘bit’
MCC18: < would be happy to take one off chatzy's hands *eyebrow waggle*
Misty: LOL
Carla (crazygem85): lol
truebloodfan001: LOL
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andiegilmore: hi all
Jenny_Ap: Ladies!
Carla (crazygem85): Hey Andie!!
Jenny_Ap: Sarah LOL! Got your message!
Sarah (Scaniano): πŸ˜€
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Misty: I may not be in top form tonight. is fo please forgive me & help pick up my slack
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Carla (crazygem85): we got ya misty!!
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Sarah (Scaniano): It's cool, Misty. We all have off days. πŸ™‚
Dianne (DiannesDishes): Hey guys.
Alisha_es: *waves* Hi there! This is my first time here….
Beth (lilabitblf): Hello room
andiegilmore: welcome alisha!
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Desireediaz: Here I am again πŸ˜‰
Kris (krisrivera): what's up my sistaaaassss
recordcozy: Hello hello!
truebloodfan001: *waves* i shall keep my bill awsomeness in form tonight, missy πŸ˜‰
Misty: And I want to thank all of you for your love & support
Carla (crazygem85): welcome alisha!!
MCC18: Hello everyone who came in while I blinked O.O
Beth (lilabitblf): *waves* HI MCC!
Desireediaz: So happy to chat with you all tonight
MCC18: *waves* good to have you back tonight Beth πŸ™‚
Misty: wher is balou? he is always late
Sarah (Scaniano): <— not typing much at first cause I have cheetos fingers πŸ˜€
andiegilmore: well, it's not 9 yet πŸ™‚
Beth (lilabitblf): balou needs a smack already
andiegilmore: lol
truebloodfan001: hehe..i can take care of that
Misty: starting of f with a smack is not good
Carla (crazygem85): He enjoys getting smacked
Kris (krisrivera): ooh cheetos…great idea BRB
andiegilmore: so, today we can talk about Eric all we want? πŸ™‚
Misty: yes he does
MCC18: he has 1 minute
Desireediaz: πŸ™‚
truebloodfan001: πŸ™‚ lol
truebloodfan001: πŸ™‚ lol
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Misty: yes you can talk about Eric all night
Michelle (mherr1979): Hi everyone!
Sarah (Scaniano): Hiya!
MCC18: *waves*
andiegilmore: hi there!
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Darling_Vamp: Hiya wenches! :o)
Desireediaz: Yayyyy eric all night lol
recordcozy: <Not typing much because of chocolate-covered pretzels and Nada Surf… snacks are awesome.
Kris (krisrivera): hello Darling!!
recordcozy: Hey DV.
Misty: Ok time to start
Beth (lilabitblf): i think we have been waiting for this night for a while
Carla (crazygem85): chocolate covered pretzels….yum!!
MCC18: Balou is officailly late
Darling_Vamp: mmm.. choco covered pretzels… my fave
Desireediaz: Lol
recordcozy: Quick! Someone say something inappropriate!
Misty: So we find our Sookie being taken to meet Eric and she in not happy about it
MCC18: I am apologizing in advance for any typos i make. i will not be correcting them as i am too tired to be bothered. kthnx*wink*
Misty: I did laugh when she put on a silver necklace
Desireediaz: Silly sookie
Kris (krisrivera): poor Sook has no idea the whammy she is in for….
Carla (crazygem85): I laughed too
truebloodfan001: sook, sook, sook
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andiegilmore: lol and a scarf in her bag to hide bite marks, if necessary
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Michelle (mherr1979): Me too, girl is clearly not thinking
AphioRogue: made it!
andiegilmore: she's nothing if not prepared
recordcozy: She wishes Eric was dead. Tsk tsk.
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balou8900: hola all uhhh
Carla (crazygem85): balou…youre late
Misty: wouldnt a cop aske her to remove the scarf?
andiegilmore: you're late!
recordcozy: Where's the smack?!
Misty: smacks balou
Michelle (mherr1979): you would think so, Misty
Jenny_Ap: Late!
Sarah (Scaniano): I'd think so Misty.
Dianne (DiannesDishes): I think the cop would
recordcozy: ty, Misty, ty.
AphioRogue: now what color do I need to have read all
Carla (crazygem85): a cop def would ask that. she wasnt really thinking
Desireediaz: Hola balou
Sarah (Scaniano): Purple = read all the books
Beth (lilabitblf): yes a cop would… but it was more for her mental state of mind
Misty: purple if you have read all
Alisha_es: I was really waiting for one of the vamps to comment about the necklace…
MCC18: Charlaine wasnt thinking lol
truebloodfan001: smack…oops im late
balou8900: Hey now! MCC…dawgonit…I was waiting for you to come carry me in here. I was in my most manly man-maid outfit even
andiegilmore: oh! I didn't know we had color codes
andiegilmore: I'm so behind
Dianne (DiannesDishes): lol
balou8900: I was on time…well just not in this time zone
Misty: so she gets dressed, Bill arrives having just fed and she is mad about that
Darling_Vamp: nice try balou….
truebloodfan001: <>
Kris (krisrivera): lol balou
Darling_Vamp: another smack? lol
balou8900: Misty…I smooch you despite your smack
AphioRogue: ah ok – was I late?? I am so confused – thsese time zone thingys
MCC18: lol @ manly man maid outfit…if it was pink spandex….
AphioRogue: thought I was ontime
Darling_Vamp: tb fan.. i like ur thinking
Misty: You smooch me b/c you love my smack
balou8900: lol truebloodfan
andiegilmore: and he has a pink glow to him, so she can def tell he’s fed
Beth (lilabitblf): lol tbfan πŸ™‚
Carla (crazygem85): I can admit, id prob be a little jealous too
recordcozy: I want to point out an interesting thing Bill said near the beginning.
Michelle (mherr1979): I kinda get why she’s mad, but really what did she expect would happen?
Sarah (Scaniano): SO would I.
Misty: I too would be jealous
Beth (lilabitblf): she also catches a scent
fusillimary: hey everyone! I’m a newbie so bear with me please!
balou8900: is your smack slang for sumthin’ else? If not…wrong!
truebloodfan001: OOH BILL…LOL LOL
MCC18: Billy wasnt all too happy about going to see Eric either…
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Liz (MsLizS): Hellooooo everyone
andiegilmore: I would be too, even knowing it’s his nature
Misty: the scent made me laugh b/c Bill is always talking about her scent
Beth (lilabitblf): Iexactly Misty
Dianne (DiannesDishes): Super smell!
recordcozy: Bill says Eric “will” enjoy touching Sookie, not “would.”
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recordcozy: So is he resigned to the fact that he’ll have her?
Beth (lilabitblf): caught that too…
Dianne (DiannesDishes): I noticed that too recordcozy
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Kris (krisrivera): because Bill knows exactly how Eric is
Sarah (Scaniano): Or at least put his hands on her.
MCC18: I think Billy knows how persuasive Eric can be
andiegilmore: he knows Eric wants to, and he can’t stop him from touching her
Alisha_es: hmm. Interesting.
Misty: i think he knows is a def possibility
Michelle (mherr1979): I think so, RC. Who can compete with Eric?
Beth (lilabitblf): vampire polotics at its best
recordcozy: True, true.
MCC18: Like anyone can possibly continue to deny that man!!! sheesh.
Beth (lilabitblf): right MCC
Kris (krisrivera): seriously. just look at him.
recordcozy: And I also enjoyed the fact that he uses a mallet to stake LS.
Desireediaz: The chat room isn’t really working today I don’t know why
Michelle (mherr1979): I know, MCC! Sookie’s got more self-control than me
andiegilmore: but at this point, she’s more scared of him than anything
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Beth (lilabitblf): wait we jumped…
recordcozy: Oops.
Misty: So they drive to the bar and Pam answers the door
AphioRogue: i am so confused today
balou8900: I could offer a list of who could compete with the viking, but that would take us into other stories yet to be told πŸ™‚
Michelle (mherr1979): Yay Pam!
Beth (lilabitblf): Well Sook is being exposed to a whole new world… we all would be cautious
Kris (krisrivera): first impressions of pam?
Carla (crazygem85): Love Pam!!
truebloodfan001: lol balou
balou8900: Pam rocks!
Misty: Love Pam
MCC18: I loved seeing Pam
andiegilmore: Pam doesn’t trust Sookie yet
recordcozy: I can’t think of any people for that list, balou.
Kris (krisrivera): LOVE PAM
Michelle (mherr1979): She is made of awesome
Misty: She is what I would be like if I was a vamp
recordcozy: Sarcastic as hell?
andiegilmore: yes! she’s got style
Carla (crazygem85): Nice Misty!!
balou8900: lol
Darling_Vamp: *idolizes pam*
MCC18: she’s got mad style!
Alisha_es: It took me a little while to warm up to Pam, but now she’s one of my favs.
Misty: Love sarcastic as hell
balou8900: Pam does NOT smack peeps
andiegilmore: she sure would, balou!
Kris (krisrivera): but she could
Misty: I bet she would if she met you
Michelle (mherr1979): NO she just drains them dry
Beth (lilabitblf): Pam doesnt need to smack peeps
Darling_Vamp: yeah, she’ll just rip your head off!
recordcozy: lol
andiegilmore: she’d smack you as she rolls her eyes
AphioRogue: ;P LOL
MCC18: i have to admit i wasnt too keen on her at the beginning either. i thought she was going to be trouble for sook
Darling_Vamp: and drain ya
balou8900: that is just so cold…accurate…but cold
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Darling_Vamp: andie – ur prob most right!
recordcozy: Oh, Pam’s awesome. I understood her, I guess.
balou8900: Pam, despite being turned by Eric, seems to keep his act together…just sayin πŸ˜‰
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Misty: I like when Sookie said that Erics presence dominated the entire room
MCC18: I think they complement one another very well
truebloodfan001: true balou
recordcozy: Definitely. She’s like his mommy. (Flashforward to towels…)
Darling_Vamp: Pam’s so loyal to Eric and definitely respects him for sure
andiegilmore: yes…I think she keeps him in check
Beth (lilabitblf): she(Pam) tries to keep him to the old ways (ok i jumped slightly)
balou8900: okay…we have an issue that isn’t too far ahead of where we are, but is interesting to me. She read Eric…Sookie that is.
Beth (lilabitblf): Misty… i like her reaction too
Carla (crazygem85): Me too! Cuz we all know thats the efect Eric has on everyone. He commands attention
Kris (krisrivera): and i love her message on the machine at fangtasia
Michelle (mherr1979): She’s probably the only one he’ll listen to
MCC18: i did too Misty…it really sets the stage for Eric, imo
recordcozy: Yeah, like snakes!
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MissCoreyAnn: hello! first time here
Beth (lilabitblf): Eric has the natural leader pressence
recordcozy: Hi CoreyAnn.
andiegilmore: well miss coreyann!
MCC18: Hello all newcomers!
Michelle (mherr1979): It’s a Viking thing
Carla (crazygem85): Hi MissCorey! Welcome!
Beth (lilabitblf): Hi coreyann!
Kris (krisrivera): hello miss corey
Darling_Vamp: Hi MissCorey
andiegilmore: ops, meant welcome
Desireediaz: Mmm
balou8900: welcome aboard Corey Ann…viking lovers to the right…all others sit over in the rocking chair beside me πŸ™‚
Misty: I think he would dominate any room he was in
recordcozy: I think I have to say that now. “It’s a Viking thing.”
Kris (krisrivera): agreed Misty
Sarah (Scaniano): Yes, he would.
MCC18: Well he could certainly dominate me….erm i mean yes i agree misty!
andiegilmore: agree misty. He has that much presence
MissCoreyAnn: i’m definitely a viking lover…Eric in particular
Carla (crazygem85): Agreed Misty!!
andiegilmore: lol MCC
Jenny_Ap: LOL MCC!
Liz (MsLizS): Welcome CoreyAnn
Beth (lilabitblf): *sigh*
Darling_Vamp: its ok misty, we feel the same way.
Dianne (DiannesDishes): lol
Michelle (mherr1979): lol
recordcozy: You’re in good company!
Misty: *whispers* he could dominate me .
Carla (crazygem85): MCC…i was thinkin the same thing LOL!!
balou8900: This rockin’ chair is gettin’ lonely *pouty lip* πŸ™‚
truebloodfan001: *laughs* misty
Kris (krisrivera): no need to whisper Misty
Desireediaz: Lol recordcozy you’re so right
Sarah (Scaniano): *pats balou*
Beth (lilabitblf): to Misty *whispers* i think he already has…
balou8900: *wags tail*
truebloodfan001: woah, so much eric love…lol
Kris (krisrivera): HE COULD DOMINATE ANY OF US….
Misty: I think you are right Beth
Michelle (mherr1979): Gladly
recordcozy: I wouldn’t do that if I were you, Sarah!
MCC18: lol Beth
Misty: Ok so what did you think he called Sookie for
recordcozy: I want to talk about the gift girl!
Carla (crazygem85): Im gonna let Eric dominate me tomorrow night…TMI?? Sorry lol!!
Beth (lilabitblf): really.. to get her to a place where he is
andiegilmore: He wanted to see her power first hand
recordcozy: I forgot that part in Merlottes.
balou8900: while y’all are drooling…can I ask again about Sookie having read Eric?
truebloodfan001: LOL CARLA.
Liz (MsLizS): LOL Carla
Jenny_Ap: Rub it in Carla! πŸ˜‰
recordcozy: Ask away.
Misty: in am minute balou
truebloodfan001: yes, feel free to move on..
truebloodfan001: LOL
balou8900: I’ll only crack the window a little so I can’t hear all of that going on Carla…just the good parts
Michelle (mherr1979): Eric definitely wanted to see her “gift” in action
andiegilmore: Eric wants to see her again, but he also wants to see her power
Carla (crazygem85): lol Balou!
MCC18: i figured he needed her gift
Beth (lilabitblf): agree Michelle… but i think it was 2fold… so she sees him too
Misty: so he tells her want he wants and she makes the deal
Carla (crazygem85): Yeah, i thought he wanted to see her to see what her gift was all about
Misty: I did not think he would stick to the deal
recordcozy: He likes playing with Bill, though. He probably didn’t really need Sookie to talk to some guy who’s ready to piss himself.
andiegilmore: I didn’t either
Michelle (mherr1979): Here we go with the deal
Sarah (Scaniano): Does he ever really say yes to the deal?
andiegilmore: and I was shocked at her guts of demanding a deal
Sarah (Scaniano): Doesn’t seem like it.
Carla (crazygem85): She forever promised herself to him. I mean helping him
recordcozy: He was cracked when Sookie got to him, already.
Misty: and that is when she reads his mind
Beth (lilabitblf): Sarah… he did say yes
MCC18: but…why couldnt Eric have questioned Belinda himself and gotten that information?
Beth (lilabitblf): to both deals
Michelle (mherr1979): well he does want to remain as aboveboard as possible…
Darling_Vamp: that surprised me, that she’d do it anytime…
Sarah (Scaniano): Thanks Beth, must have missed it.
balou8900: Plus they normally would have just taken care of all the humans instead of find the one they thought guilty.
recordcozy: That’s what I’m saying, mcc.
andiegilmore: and that she wouldn’t bargain her and Bill’s protection somehow
recordcozy: Like he just wanted to have her there, not really because he needed her.
Misty: hey good help is hard to find. you dont want to kill them all
Beth (lilabitblf): DV… it doesnt suprise me.. think of Sook and the innocences she has
MCC18: i agree RC, and it was a good cover for getting her tehre
Sarah (Scaniano): MCC, I think it’s because torture is unreliable. At some point people will say anything to get the pain to stop.
Beth (lilabitblf): That is what i am say RC
andiegilmore: lol Misty
IcyBlueEyes: *leaning back and listening*
Sarah (Scaniano): And also he wanted to see Sookie again.
balou8900: It was an excuse for Eric to bring Sookie back to figure out the unspoken attraction
Darling_Vamp: true… she’s always jumping in headfirst
MCC18: no, he could glamor Belinda into telling the truth
Jenny_Ap: Agree with Sarah!
Beth (lilabitblf): echo Sarah!
recordcozy: Woot. All on same page. Or we all just want Eric to be lusty for Sookie.
Alisha_es: He could have glamored any of them to answer truthfully.
Carla (crazygem85): He used this as an excuse to bring Sookie there
Beth (lilabitblf): so she reads his mind πŸ™‚
Carla (crazygem85): He knew Bill could not say no to bringing her
Kris (krisrivera): eric was curious and intrigued by sookie….and he wanted to know why imo
andiegilmore: do you think he meant for her to read his mind?
Misty: I felt sorry for Bill.
balou8900: yeah, wassap with that mind reading the mighty vike?
Michelle (mherr1979): No way
andiegilmore: like he was projecting into her mind, somehow
Carla (crazygem85): I did too Misty
balou8900: I like your thinking Beth πŸ™‚
Beth (lilabitblf): I hope it was that and not my theory /fear
Misty: I he knew she could read him she would be dead
recordcozy: Maybe her reading Eric’s mind shows that they have some kind of connection?
Beth (lilabitblf): thx balou
Michelle (mherr1979): I didn’t, but I’m kinda mean too…
Beth (lilabitblf): i know RC
Carla (crazygem85): good point RC
balou8900: or that her gift is stronger than she realizes still
andiegilmore: That’s what I was thinking too RC
MCC18: Do any of you think she can read his mind because of the blood she has had from Billy?
Jenny_Ap: Wouldnt she also be able to read bill then?
Misty: but she has read other vamps
Beth (lilabitblf): that is my fear… that will go Mayfair on us
recordcozy: Good point, Misty.
Beth (lilabitblf): Misty… i dont think she has
Jenny_Ap: Has she?
Carla (crazygem85): I dont remember that Misty
Jenny_Ap: When?
recordcozy: That’s later though, and after she’s had more blood of more vamps.
Kris (krisrivera): nope can’t read vamps
andiegilmore: not at this point, but in a point in the future she does
Dianne (DiannesDishes): In later books she does
balou8900: I think she can ready anyone when she realizes and opens more to her gift
Misty: in other books she caught glimpses
Beth (lilabitblf): I think Eric was the first Vamp she could read and it scared the bejesus out of her
IcyBlueEyes: Reading a vampire would be a death sentence if it were known.
Kris (krisrivera): yessir beth
Misty: it was scare me
recordcozy: He was, Beth.
Beth (lilabitblf): later on Misty… after more blood from anohter doner
balou8900: yeah, she couldn’t ready Beeeeuuulll
Michelle (mherr1979): me too misty
recordcozy: RIGHT, balou.
truebloodfan001: lol balou
Desireediaz from x.x.x.185 joined the chat 4 seconds ago
balou8900: or she’d have smacked him by now πŸ™‚
recordcozy: Hint, hint.
andiegilmore: yes, definitely scary
Kris (krisrivera): she knows that she would be dead in an instant if the vamps knew
balou8900: just sayin’…
MCC18: I think it’s from Billy’s blood that she’s getting the ability to peek into their minds
Misty: ok so she read the accountant & I kept waiting for him to pee himself
Michelle (mherr1979): who would want to know what Bill’s thinking?
Carla (crazygem85): Poor guy…he was really freaked
Liz (MsLizS): interesting thought MCC
Beth (lilabitblf): It would shock her if she could read bill 4sure!
andiegilmore: I was surprised at Bill in that scene. How he just stood there
Beth (lilabitblf): I dont think so MCC
MCC18: Me too andie!
Desireediaz: He was freaked !!
recordcozy: I love the part afterwards. I was so mad they changed the whole scene.
AphioRogue: bill does a lot of standing there
Michelle (mherr1979): Me three
Beth (lilabitblf): I dont think his blood is strong enough…
Misty: Vampire politics What could Bill do?
recordcozy: (in the show.)
Michelle (mherr1979): nothing really
Carla (crazygem85): Bill had no choice but to just stand there
balou8900: Bill is NOT a very animated dude
Beth (lilabitblf): I agree RC…
Kris (krisrivera): exactly misty…
MCC18: He certainly could have protected what was “his”
andiegilmore: lol balou
truebloodfan001: it was scare suckeehh if she could read beeeuul
balou8900: and she smells funny πŸ™‚
Dianne (DiannesDishes): lol
andiegilmore: LOL Stop defending him, Misty!
balou8900: he
recordcozy: XD
Beth (lilabitblf): LOL MISTY!!!
Liz (MsLizS): lol
Sarah (Scaniano): lol
recordcozy: She just wants to say HE IS VAMPIRE.
Misty: If he did anything Eric would of killed him
Michelle (mherr1979): But he’s not a very good vampire
Beth (lilabitblf): Misty is trying to be an unbiased mod right now πŸ™‚
recordcozy: It’s not about Beel.
IcyBlueEyes: Bill knows his place and is wise not to overstep them
andiegilmore: but he didn’t even seem to be trying to reasure her
Michelle (mherr1979): And by good I mean good at BEING a vampire
balou8900: so he says I am vampire and shows fangs..sookie says, I am not and shows tooth gap. I can dig that
Misty: I am in the state of mind I was in when I read the 1st book. Before I knew how things progressed
recordcozy: He’s probably scared.
Beth (lilabitblf): Adie… well she wasnt looking at him either…
Desireediaz: Girls I’m sorry seems that today I don’t have luck at all the chat isn’t working just when I write someting I see you writing something else
Michelle (mherr1979): lol balou
Carla (crazygem85): Im trying to be in that state of mind too Misty
MCC18: Billy was more into lusting after the blood than making sure she was ok
recordcozy: (Book Sookie doesn’t have a tooth gap, balou.)
recordcozy: (That we know of.)
balou8900: it’s implied in the book, lol
andiegilmore: lol
Jenny_Ap: πŸ™‚
Beth (lilabitblf): how balou?
recordcozy: lol
truebloodfan001: lol
recordcozy: Because Annie Paquin is magical.
Dianne (DiannesDishes): it was?
Misty: I am wondering if IcyBlueEyes is who I think it is
balou8900: by not saying she doesn’t have summer teeeef πŸ™‚
Sarah (Scaniano): And now I’m wondering too.
Beth (lilabitblf): Misty πŸ™‚
Carla (crazygem85): Misty you have me intrigued!! Who is it??
Alisha_es: hmmm.
balou8900: okay, so it’s not…but I can’t separate Anna from the book since the TV version was first I saw.
Darling_Vamp: could it be???
truebloodfan001: i am the same way..
Misty: There is no Anna only Sookie
andiegilmore: Ooo!
Sarah (Scaniano): I can’t either balou and I read the books first.
recordcozy: I was going to say, everyone was blood lusty and lusty lusty after that. So, Bill has an excuse.
MCC18: I understand Billy knowing his place in vamp politics, yada yada yada, but it still surprised me how he acted through it all
MissCoreyAnn: grrr first night here and my kids won’t leave me alone, lol. i’ll have to try again next weekend. have fun! hope to get to know everyone better
Desireediaz: .
Misty: So then in comes ginger
Dianne (DiannesDishes): I see them all now when I read the books.
balou8900: Bite your tongue misty…there is AnnaSookie πŸ™‚
recordcozy: That was to mcc.
IcyBlueEyes: Who might you think?
Sarah (Scaniano): Ahhh, screaming Ginger, lol.
recordcozy: ‘s comment.
Dianne (DiannesDishes): Poor Ginger
andiegilmore: lol ginger is priceless
balou8900: Ginger was pretty cocky for someone coming into a tense environment
Misty: Ginger cracks me up screaming like that
andiegilmore: She’s been glamoured one too many times
Sarah (Scaniano): Me too!
Desireediaz: Poor Ginger lol
IcyBlueEyes: Misty, please go to your Twitter DM for a moment
truebloodfan001: Ginger.
Carla (crazygem85): That she has andie!!
balou8900: No, I’m fairly certain she inhaled a few too many times
recordcozy: I like Belinda better, for a fangbanger.
Carla (crazygem85): lol Balou!!
Beth (lilabitblf): the Sheriff of Area 5?
AphioRogue: LOL
Misty: I will just wonder IcyBlueEyes
Michelle (mherr1979): Me too, RC
andiegilmore: Me too. Belind is very matter-of-fact
recordcozy: She’s a nerdy fangbanger.
Alisha_es: You know, I wonder if Eric didn’t already know none of the humans took the money. That he just needed Sookie to see which vamp it was.
Dianne (DiannesDishes): I like Belinda better too
riverdragon169: i wondered how Ginger was before all of the glamoring???
truebloodfan001: LOL BALOU
balou8900: welcome IcyBlue, btw
Carla (crazygem85): True alisha
Michelle (mherr1979): Oh, I like that theort Alisha!
andiegilmore: That’s a good question Alisha
andiegilmore: makes sense
Beth (lilabitblf): I think i like that Alisha
Alisha_es: Cause I can’t imagine he didn’t already question them.
Kris (krisrivera): hmmm didnt even think of that one alisha…
MCC18: I’m sure he figured none of the humans were smart enough to take it from him πŸ˜‰
balou8900: Ginger and Arlene could probably double date
Jenny_Ap: Eric seemed surprised when sookie suggested it could have been a vamp
balou8900: before fangbanging was fashionable
Michelle (mherr1979): Again though, couldn’t he just glamour the humans into telling him?
recordcozy: But really, he has the power to do whatever he wants with his area vamps. He didn’t need someone to help him.
MCC18: that’s what i think Michelle
Sarah (Scaniano): All the vamps did. I was worried Sookie was going to get smacked.
Carla (crazygem85): I think Eric was more surprised the she suggested that it could be a vampire
andiegilmore: And what human would be crazy enough? They’re all terrified of Eric
Misty: I think Eric was surprised it was vamp
Jenny_Ap: What if they were already glamoured to forget?
Desireediaz from x.x.x.185 joined the chat 2 seconds ago
Liz (MsLizS): true Jenny
Michelle (mherr1979): Sookie couldn’t tell who glamoured Ginger
Alisha_es: Well…. he sure was “ready” when Sookie exposed LongShadow
recordcozy: Who, the fangbangers?
Misty: Can I out you Icy?
balou8900: Pretty amazing that just discovering it was a vampire didn’t set off the attack on sookie, I thought
andiegilmore: I don’t know that he had time to react to the news. LongShadow was on Sookie so fast
recordcozy: With his mallet!
MCC18: I just loved that Eric had a mallet
recordcozy: Old school.
andiegilmore: lol
MCC18: it’s sooooo old school
IcyBlueEyes: *laughing* Of course my dear
Jenny_Ap: Agree MCC
Misty: who carries a mallet?
Beth (lilabitblf): waiting Misty…
Michelle (mherr1979): Mallet FTW!
MCC18: whoa.
Sarah (Scaniano): Hehehe
MCC18: lol RC
Kris (krisrivera): LOL michelle
Alisha_es: Someone who’s ready to stake a vamp…..
recordcozy: Definitely, Michelle.
Dianne (DiannesDishes): That was an awesome scene
balou8900: walking around with a stake isn’t terribly fashionable either
Carla (crazygem85): Eric protecting Sookie was super hot
Dianne (DiannesDishes): lol
truebloodfan001: laughs
Michelle (mherr1979): Plus…sharp
Dianne (DiannesDishes): Agreed Carla
Darling_Vamp: unless you are wearing a swinkaa
Liz (MsLizS): Yeah it was Carla
andiegilmore: Yes, Carla!
recordcozy: It’s probably like Sam’s baseball bat under the till, but for vampires πŸ™‚
Jenny_Ap: Echo Carla!
Michelle (mherr1979): Yep!
Kris (krisrivera): it was suuuper hot carla
andiegilmore: Except them he just bled all over her…yuck!
Misty: Ok our guest Icy is actually @eric_ofarea5
balou8900: I noticed that sookie’s silver necklace turned out a bit pointless when attack time came
recordcozy: SECRETS.
joie from x.x.x.175 joined the chat 3 seconds ago
Kris (krisrivera): well helloooooo Icy
Carla (crazygem85): Yay!! Eric is here!!
Beth (lilabitblf): welcome Sheriff!!!
joie: *waves* sorry I’m late!
Sarah (Scaniano): Well, well. Good evening, Sheriff! πŸ™‚
Jenny_Ap: Welcome Sheriff!
Darling_Vamp: *claps* yeah! Welcome BlueEyes
Dianne (DiannesDishes): Welcome!
Liz (MsLizS): Well helloooooo Sheriff! πŸ™‚
IcyBlueEyes: That tiny bit of silver would merely be a nusiance
Misty: hey joie
Desireediaz: Girls I’ll go to sleep I can’t see in real time your messages I hope it’s my iPhone tweet you all tomorrow sorry 😦
Michelle (mherr1979): Welcome Sheriff!
andiegilmore: welcome sheriff
joie: sheriff? OMG he’s here *pants*
balou8900: welcome eric…holler if the ladies overwhelm you and I’ll laugh from the other corner of the room πŸ™‚
IcyBlueEyes: Good evening ladies
riverdragon169: ahhh blue eyes! πŸ™‚
Dianne (DiannesDishes): Yes, the necklace wouldn’t have been much help I wouldn’t think.
Alisha_es: Hello Sheriff!
Sarah (Scaniano): Goodnight Desiree. πŸ™‚
truebloodfan001 from x.x.x.11 left the chat 2 seconds ago
Misty: joie IcyBlueeyes is @eric_ofarea5
Carla (crazygem85): You would find a way around ithat silver , wouldnt you Eric?
andiegilmore: well, he didn’t bite her neck after all
Michelle (mherr1979): Plus Longshadow bit her ARM not her neck
Darling_Vamp: But it is fashionable! lol
IcyBlueEyes: There is always another way
balou8900: Nice to have you join the chat
joie: *squee* thanks misty
Beth (lilabitblf): well the silver was only on the neck
MCC18: Welcome Sheriff *winks*
Carla (crazygem85): Good evening IcyBlueEyes!!
Misty: yeah next time she needs to wear silver braclets
Alisha_es: LOL
Jenny_Ap: LOL MIsty
andiegilmore: or a silver armor lol
Dianne (DiannesDishes): Or a silver suit! ;oP
Kris (krisrivera): LOL Misty
Sarah (Scaniano): I always wondered why Bill didn’t protect Sookie….was it politically motivated?
truebloodfan001 from x.x.x.11 joined the chat
AphioRogue: :LOL Misty
balou8900: I think you need silver waist chain, as I recall…just sayin’
recordcozy: Well, he was going for the neck, though. Sookie just armed him.
IcyBlueEyes: Shall I change my chat clothing for you or remain IcyBlueEyes?
andiegilmore: maybe Eric was just faster?
Misty: I think Eric was just faster than Bill
joie: misty are you being bad? lol
Dianne (DiannesDishes): I think it was because he was too low on the totem pole
recordcozy: Eric was closer.
Desireediaz: Bye bye
MCC18: iceeblueeyes was my yahoo handle many moons ago lol
Liz (MsLizS): change clothing what?
Carla (crazygem85): Eric has much greater speed than bill
Misty: I am always bad
joie: *smoochies* des
Sarah (Scaniano): Lol Liz.
recordcozy: Is there naked chat clothing?
MCC18: clothing is OPTIONAL lol
joie: *giggles*
Dianne (DiannesDishes): And he was standing right there
Michelle (mherr1979): True Carla
Beth (lilabitblf): Eric was expecting trouble…
andiegilmore: lol RC
balou8900: I don’t have enough hands to cover all the ladies eyes if your changing clothes eric
truebloodfan001: optional..
IcyBlueEyes: It is also my responsibility to deal with matters like Long Shadows
balou8900: you better vamp speed that one
Beth (lilabitblf): *whispers* good idea MCC
joie: Nakey! YAY! I’m in
Carla (crazygem85): True, you are the sheriff
Sarah (Scaniano): Ahh, that’s true too. Didn’t think of that.
Liz (MsLizS): I’ll cover my eyes *peeks*
joie: lol balou
truebloodfan001: lol balou
Misty: thats a good point. I think Eric would also get into less trouble than Bill
joie: *watches and drools*
Michelle (mherr1979): Cover your eyes? Blasphemy!
recordcozy: This is an important scene, though.
Beth (lilabitblf): ok.. GBOT *softly*
Liz (MsLizS): Balou why you blocking?
recordcozy: Do we have any not up to 5 people here?
MCC18: i think so too RC
Jenny_Ap: LOL Liz
Dianne (DiannesDishes): Very important. The 1st time Eric saves Sookie.
recordcozy: Book 5, I mean?
Misty: thank you Beth
Carla (crazygem85): Very important scene
recordcozy: More than that though.
andiegilmore: very important
Beth (lilabitblf): It is an important scene.. sook publically drank vamp blood.. and Eric saved her
recordcozy: Can I talk freely about later?
balou8900: So let me throw the stumper question Icy…why was Sookie invited to read the potential theives instead of you taking care of it? Your desire for her or other reason?
andiegilmore: and then everyone is lusty…she has blood on her lips
recordcozy: I want to talk set-ups for later plots here, is it okay, Misty?
joie: oh yeah Eric wanted some of that too
IcyBlueEyes: If I answered that it would be giving away secrets I hold
Beth (lilabitblf): blood lust and lust/lus intertwined
joie: guh
recordcozy: Can I?
Jenny_Ap: Even if it was Vampire blood?
Darling_Vamp: so tru beth
truebloodfan001: hm
Misty: sure go for its a free for all tonight
recordcozy: Awesome.
Dianne (DiannesDishes): Very true
Jenny_Ap: Was a little confused on that part
balou8900: Liz…I didn’t mean to block…much. πŸ™‚
recordcozy: This scene is so important because of Book 5 and the whole Charles Twining deal.
truebloodfan001: you can block me…
Michelle (mherr1979): you are evil, balou
truebloodfan001: jk
Beth (lilabitblf): where are you going with this RC?
andiegilmore: you’re right RC
Liz (MsLizS): I’ll let it slide this time Balou!
Jenny_Ap: Yes Record
Misty: I thought it was weird they way Bill is just staring at Eric
recordcozy: So like, it’s important that it’s Eric.
Sarah (Scaniano): True, RC.
andiegilmore: but at this point I didn’t see any importance to it
andiegilmore: except that it proved Eric’s interest in protecting Sookie
Carla (crazygem85): Who wouldnt stare at Eric??
balou8900: awww…I re-read that 10 times too and now you took it back. πŸ™‚
Michelle (mherr1979): Bill confuses me
Jenny_Ap: Exactly Carla!
recordcozy: Because then, they’ve already had the whole romance, and he’s willing to go through this stuff.
Beth (lilabitblf): Bill is out of his league
Misty: Like Sookie had the blood on her why is he staring at Eric and not rushing her out
Liz (MsLizS): lol carla
truebloodfan001: me. –carla–
recordcozy: So, if it’s Bill (ALAN BALL) you’ve effed up the entire plot for 4 books.
Dianne (DiannesDishes): I think he was too caught up in the blood lust himself.
IcyBlueEyes: *removing my shirt* I will be right back
Sarah (Scaniano): I agree Dianne.
Jenny_Ap: OMG!
andiegilmore: ah! I see where you’re going with this now RC
Beth (lilabitblf): gulping… hurry back
AphioRogue: LOL
Sarah (Scaniano): *fans Jenny*
MCC18: dear me, let me reread that a couple times
Alisha_es: *swoon*
recordcozy: So, I love how this is set up.
Carla (crazygem85): Whoa!! Cant breathe now
Beth (lilabitblf): still need to read RCs comments before commenting
Misty: but sookie had blood on her
Eric of Area 5 from x.x.x.170 joined the chat 2 seconds ago
Jenny_Ap: Yeah, I need air!
Eric of Area 5: Ah, much better
MCC18: Welcome back!
recordcozy: So, I love how this is set up. It’s perfect.
Carla (crazygem85): Yes, much better!!!
balou8900: I never wear a shirt into the chat room..saves time. πŸ™‚
andiegilmore: lovely color on you, sheriff
Dianne (DiannesDishes): Much better! ;oP
MCC18: I agree RC, it was perfectly done
truebloodfan001: LOL balou
Dianne (DiannesDishes): lol @ balou
Sarah (Scaniano): hahaha balou
Carla (crazygem85): should we all go shirtless?
Misty: wiat rc tell me what you are talking about refresh ny memory of book 5
truebloodfan001: oh carla…LOL
andiegilmore: that’s why we don’t sit next to you Balou!
joie: I never wear *shifty eyes*
MCC18: lmao Carla
andiegilmore: j/k πŸ™‚
balou8900: I…uh…well…HELL YEAH!! hehehe
joie: neer mind
Misty: lol andie
recordcozy: Charles Twining is sent to avenge LS’s death. By killing Sookie.
recordcozy: Because Eric killed him.
balou8900: I need some manboob development exercises or somethin’
joie: why not carla
Misty: oh yeah ok got it
Beth (lilabitblf): gotcha RC!
Michelle (mherr1979): that;s right! Grrr, Alan Ball
andiegilmore: But lots of things will have to change in the show if AB wants to keep Bill as a central character, RC
Misty: see so many things changed in the show. I dont like it
truebloodfan001: i like alan ball.
recordcozy: So, definitely one of the more masterful scenes of the series, I think.
Dianne (DiannesDishes): I agree Misty
recordcozy: I KNOW.
Eric of Area 5: It was a cowardly choice to send Twining. A real vampire would have confronted me themself.
joie: hey they cast our man so he ain’t all bad πŸ™‚
Alisha_es: I think it could still work. Alan Ball could twist it a little bit to have Twining still show up.
Sarah (Scaniano): I just try not to think about what AB is going to do with the show. I’m trying to keep hope alive for book 4.
recordcozy: That was to andie.
Misty: ok back to the story
Michelle (mherr1979): Now that I’ve read the books I’m not thrilled either Misty
Misty: I loved the area rug comment
Beth (lilabitblf): grrrrthat is true Sheriff…
AphioRogue: well hes changed central story points
andiegilmore: LOL Sookie and her ice breakers
recordcozy: Sookie’s so cool.
Sarah (Scaniano): Yeah, Sookie can be quite funny.
recordcozy: Hehehe
Carla (crazygem85): Yeah, alan changed way too much. He better not ruin eric/sookie relationship
recordcozy: Sorry pun.
truebloodfan001: *angry cough*
recordcozy: I didn’t know that was going to happen.
Eric of Area 5: Nothing will change my relationship with Sookie
Alisha_es: I am a little worried that AB said he didn’t understand everyone’s attraction to Eric.
recordcozy: That’s right, Eric!
balou8900: What’s the relationship with you and Pam apart from you having turned her, Eric. She seems to have a lot of authority.
Misty: Ao no one can tell me why Bill is staring at Eric? Aside from the obvious hotness
Eric of Area 5: I am holding the writers in my basement to insure that . *evil grin*
Beth (lilabitblf): at this point of the stroy we have not seen enough of him….
recordcozy: She’s his second in command.
andiegilmore: Bill is shocked that Eric staked one of them, I think
Carla (crazygem85): Nice Eric!!
Dianne (DiannesDishes): lol
AphioRogue: cause hes just angry
Michelle (mherr1979): Eric has blood in his hair
joie: bill is seeing the lust in eric’s eyes for sooks
Alisha_es: Or Bill just sees Eric getting all hot for Sookie.
Michelle (mherr1979): Just kidding
joie: pissed him off
joie: i think lol
Darling_Vamp: lil michelle
Misty: maybe that is is andie
recordcozy: Hell yes, he does, Michelle!
balou8900: lol Eric
Beth (lilabitblf): Bill is still a young bird… plus Eric saved sookie and not bill
Alisha_es: I agree joie
Carla (crazygem85): maybe joie
Darling_Vamp: lol that is
Kris (krisrivera): maybe because Bill knows the repercussions of staking another vamp
Eric of Area 5: Pam is my child and as stated, my second in command
AphioRogue: cause eric reacated and he didnt
dryaslereth from x.x.x.12 left this message:
Hello, ladies. Its my first time in chat so bear with me. I type 1 fingered!
MCC18: Billy is just seeing the beautiful Viking god in front of him…that’s all…
Beth (lilabitblf): Agree Joie!
dryaslereth from x.x.x.12 joined the chat
Michelle (mherr1979): lol MCC
joie: thanks beth
andiegilmore: and Eric is lusting after Sookie, and he’s trying his best to stand up to him
Carla (crazygem85): agreed MCC
Sarah (Scaniano): Heya dryaslereth! πŸ™‚
truebloodfan001: *holds back eric comments*
recordcozy: We can share that feeling now, mcc…
Michelle (mherr1979): Bill is woefully outclessed
andiegilmore: good thing he didn’t yell Sookie is MINE!
Misty: I did want to barf when Ginger comes in and was rubbing all over Eric but it was a smart move on Sookie part
balou8900: Well..MCC could be right since we did have Bill kissing a dude last week πŸ™‚
Dianne (DiannesDishes): I love how she sort of maneuvers herself and Bill out of the room.
Michelle (mherr1979): I did too Misty
Carla (crazygem85): sookie really knows how to think on her feet sometimes
Sarah (Scaniano): True, had to find some way from distracting him from jumping her.
Alisha_es: Exactly. I’m not sure Sookie would have escaped otherwise.
Dianne (DiannesDishes): True Misty
recordcozy: Ha ha ha. I would have preferred a “Take me now you big Viking.”
Beth (lilabitblf): as I said Misty Blood Lust and Lust Lust intertwined viloence begets sex
joie: oh gawd me too!
joie: such a little ho
Misty: yes she does have her moments
Dianne (DiannesDishes): lol @ rc
Liz (MsLizS): lol rc
Michelle (mherr1979): lol RC
Alisha_es: I found it interesting that Pam was able to snap out of it so easily.
joie: he gave sookie that look before he kissed ginger
andiegilmore: me too rc
joie: *Squee*
Carla (crazygem85): lol RC
Misty: that true Beth
MCC18: It was very smart of her to get out of there but I was starting to get really angry with Billy for not snapping out of his lust state
recordcozy: Pam’s really rational, for the most part.
Dianne (DiannesDishes): Me too
joie: bill has no control
Misty: Pam is a woman, she has that reflex
balou8900: He was stunned before blood was flowing though
Beth (lilabitblf): yup Joie … ” This isnt over” look
recordcozy: Eric’s more passionate. He he.
Jenny_Ap: Agree MCC
joie: *sighs* eric
Beth (lilabitblf): echos misty!
Carla (crazygem85): Bill annoyed me this whole scene, and yes i know he couldnt help it but if i were sookie i would have been irritated
andiegilmore: when he says “I’ll see you again”
Misty: I was angry at Bill as well. I am surprised Eric did just take her then and there
Dianne (DiannesDishes): Pam is awesome! Love her.
andiegilmore: I could die
Beth (lilabitblf): agree Misty
Sarah (Scaniano): lol andie, agreed.
Alisha_es: That would have been hot Misty……
Carla (crazygem85): I would have let eric take me then and there
MCC18: It made me wonder about the whole “I love you” bit
Dianne (DiannesDishes): Ditto to Misty
andiegilmore: agree, Misty. That’s what I was saying before..Bill does nothing
Michelle (mherr1979): Me too Carla!
Dianne (DiannesDishes): lol @ Carla
joie: This is putting me in my needing period. wait, different book
balou8900: I guess the question, could Bill have been the one staked for stepping in and protecting Sookie comes to mind
Beth (lilabitblf): Carla… remember to share
dryaslereth: got it figured out, I think.
recordcozy: No, he wouldn’t have been staked, not in bookworld.
Carla (crazygem85): I’ll share…or at least ill try
Carla (crazygem85): lol
recordcozy: LS was the bad guy here.
Beth (lilabitblf): Balou.. i think that is part of the Politics… ref to book 5 and Mickey
Eric of Area 5: Had I staked Bill then it would have saved me a lot of trouble but not made for much in the reading department
Misty: well if Eric went for Sookie and Bill interferes maybe Eric would stake him then
MCC18: Eric is smarter that that tho. He knows there is something about Sookie a mere”human” that he wants…he’s not going to just go all vinking on here and pillage her…
recordcozy: Right, Beth.
joie: yes carla, jump into that vikings body and wrap your legs around him *Squee*
Misty: LOL Eric
truebloodfan001: if you had staked bill…..
MCC18: LOL Eric
Misty: LOL joie
Liz (MsLizS): LoL Eric
Carla (crazygem85): given the opportunity i def would joie πŸ™‚
MCC18: Would have gotten us to Book 4 quicker *nods*
Beth (lilabitblf): I dont know Eric… would have been more of you then… but we need the natural progression
balou8900: Not that you would stake him, but might that be why he would lay back and not be up front to guard her
truebloodfan001: >:-| lol.
joie: me too! lol
recordcozy: Yes, thank you Eric for not killing Bill? Am I saying this?
Jenny_Ap: LOL MCC
andiegilmore: was just thinking that MCC
Beth (lilabitblf): LOL RC
joie: lol
recordcozy: Please don’t smack me…
Eric of Area 5: It did cross my mind though
Pam_Ravenscroft from x.x.x.76 joined the chat 2 seconds ago
recordcozy: WHAT?!
balou8900: MCC…Book 4? There was a Book 4? hehehe
MCC18: Yay! Pam
Carla (crazygem85): Pams here!!
Misty: Hey Pam
recordcozy: BEST CHAT EVER.
andiegilmore: well, hello Pam!
Jenny_Ap: PAM!
Liz (MsLizS): Hi Pam!
Darling_Vamp: wow, Welcome Pam!
Carla (crazygem85): Hey Pam!! Welcome!
MCC18: Ditto RC!
balou8900: Okay, now we’re rocking. My fave vampire babe is here
joie: OMG bk 4!!!!
recordcozy: It’s like effing Fantasia!
riverdragon169: hey Pam
Michelle (mherr1979): PAM!
Sarah (Scaniano): Hi Pam, πŸ™‚
Beth (lilabitblf): *smack* to balou… not funny
joie: *smoochies* pam!
Misty: Man we have Pam & Eric here tonight whoo hooo
balou8900: Welcome Pam
Dianne (DiannesDishes): Welcome!
dryaslereth: heya, Sarah, lol. I got booted!
Darling_Vamp: Pam RULES!
Alisha_es: Hi Pam!!!
Misty: Pam feel free to smack Balou he likes it
Liz (MsLizS): Our turn to block Balou! lol
truebloodfan001: Pam.
Kris (krisrivera): Pam and Eric???? I’m going to have a heart attach
MCC18: lol Liz, right?
dryaslereth: hello, Pam
Eric of Area 5: *nods at Pam*
Kris (krisrivera): *attack
balou8900: Points out open chair for Pam πŸ™‚
dryaslereth: lol, Kris
Misty: Too bad Pam just missed all of our praises
Beth (lilabitblf): (i cant believe how calm we are… hmmm)
Pam_Ravenscroft: Eric *nods*
Michelle from x.x.x.221 joined the chat
recordcozy: I just had the nerdiest moment ever. This is so awesome!!!
joie: lol balou and why is that chair, YOUR LAP LOL
MCC18: it does boggle the mind doesnt it Beth? lol
Eric of Area 5: Whenever possible I will attend your chats. Only fair that I can give my point of view on matters and answer your questions.
andiegilmore: lol joie
Jenny_Ap: LOL Joie
Carla (crazygem85): lol joie
Kris (krisrivera): i am not calm *heart palpitations*
balou8900: We can re-praise her now that she’s here. Shhhh…joie..she might not have noticed that! πŸ™‚
Misty: ok so Pam has called in Ginger. Eric is *barfs in mouth* kissing her
Liz (MsLizS): LOL Joie
MCC18: Thank you Eric!
Carla (crazygem85): We love your visits here Eric! Thank you
Pam_Ravenscroft: As promised I have dropped by, my appolgies for being late.
Liz (MsLizS): We ❀ you Eric! πŸ™‚
Jenny_Ap: Thank you Sheriff!
Kris (krisrivera): yeah…the Ginger thing…ew-ness
andiegilmore: Ginger is pathetic at this point
Beth (lilabitblf): but Misty… he gave Sook and important look… we can foget the kiss πŸ™‚
joie: I'm flushed, I need a drink
balou8900: We're glad to have both you and Pam anytime. Thanks to ya both
Sarah (Scaniano): Thanks Sheriff! It's wonderful to have you here. πŸ™‚
MCC18: BTW, Eric…Really loved your today *wink*
Dianne (DiannesDishes): He did give her that look
joie: well she is a fangbanger
Dianne (DiannesDishes): Exactly Beth
Michelle (mherr1979): I try to pretend it didn’t happen
Eric of Area 5: Ginger has always been pathetic. I will never understand how we ended up hiring her.
balou8900: Ginger is a more slutty version of Arlene
Beth (lilabitblf): right Joie.. a body is a body
Liz (MsLizS): lol
Jenny_Ap: LOL Balou!
Kris (krisrivera): LOL balou
Dianne (DiannesDishes): lol
MCC18: Does she work for free?
Misty: agreed Balou
Carla (crazygem85): Glad to hear you feel that way Eric
truebloodfan001: LOL
joie: I know Eric, why did you hire her?
andiegilmore: Me either, Eric! She seems like a liability
Beth (lilabitblf): i like it balou… recinding smack
Misty: I think she works for bites
Kris (krisrivera): I agree Misty…fangbanger at heart
balou8900: I’ll just keep that get out of smacking free card in my back pocket
andiegilmore: lol misty
Beth (lilabitblf): Misty… so no tax forms you think?
joie: I could get a black tutu and work for you WTH
recordcozy: And campy harem outfits, too.
Jenny_Ap: LOL Beth!
Misty: nowages to report
Pam_Ravenscroft: I must admit, I hired Ginger.
andiegilmore: I’d work for bites…as long as they’re Eric’s!
balou8900: then you wouldn’t need an accountant to later interrogate
Carla (crazygem85): getting bit by eric and no taxes?? now thats a job i need
Kris (krisrivera): for your personal entertainment pam?
joie: PAM!
Eric of Area 5: I’ll keep that in mind
balou8900: really bad for books, but great IRL
Misty: why Pam why?? She has no fashion sense
MCC18: Please tell me she had good shoes when you hired her at least
Sarah (Scaniano): lol Carla, so true.
riverdragon169: But it must be good that Ginger is not too bright so she does not ask too many questions??
joie: she’s sorta plain too, I mean really
recordcozy: You’ve created a new job title, balou. Bite accountant. Awesome for recessions.
Eric of Area 5: Yes Pam, which is why you get to deal with her.
andiegilmore: Yes, Pam, you have better taste than that
Kris (krisrivera): LOL MCC L-the-eff-O
balou8900: lol recordcozy
Pam_Ravenscroft: Hardly, Ginger is quite pathetic these days
Kris (krisrivera): L
joie: she seems clingy
Pam_Ravenscroft: She does however heel well.
balou8900: Just don’t ever turn Ginger…she scares me enough as a banger
Misty: I always wondered if the accountant did quit
joie: lol
MCC18: *whispers to Joie* wouldnt you be clingy with Eric too?
Sarah (Scaniano): Amen, balou.
Dianne (DiannesDishes): I’m sure he did.
recordcozy: Yeah, she sure throughs out the “masters” and “servers.”
Kris (krisrivera): and (in the show) her bite mark are nasty…infected or something
Carla (crazygem85): true MCC
Beth (lilabitblf): Pam… so she is a good pet?
joie: ssshhhhh mcc, not so loud
andiegilmore: agree kris
MCC18: < shushes
andiegilmore: and she's such a loud screamer
andiegilmore: screams at everything
Sarah (Scaniano): lol
joie: screaming can ne fun
Sarah (Scaniano): I love that.
joie: be fun
balou8900: she looks better after a few true bloods πŸ™‚
Beth (lilabitblf): lol… andie.. i read that twice
Eric of Area 5: *taking a seat next to Misty*
Carla (crazygem85): if i were with eric id be screaming loudly too
Misty: ever hear that Perry Ferrell song "pets" ?
Kris (krisrivera): ear-splitting, andieg
joie: exactly my point!
Carla (crazygem85): sorry, again tmi!! lol
Liz (MsLizS): LOL Misty
joie: after all must we say GP! lol
Kris (krisrivera): yeah
Michelle: sorry, joining very late
andiegilmore: lol carla!
balou8900: *mental note* joie is a screamer
andiegilmore: me too πŸ˜‰
Dianne (DiannesDishes): lol
joie: *giggles*
Misty: *blushing* Is it getting hot in here?
MCC18: Sookie would not want to be around all of us with Eric here…just sayin
Pam_Ravenscroft: Ginger is far from my pet *laughs*
Darling_Vamp: Lucky girl Misty…
Sarah (Scaniano): *fans Misty*
andiegilmore: ops..that me too was for Carla, not Balou!
joie: *jealous*
Jenny_Ap: Yeah it is!
Michelle (mherr1979): true, MCC
Misty: LOL balou
Beth (lilabitblf): *whispers* dont worry misty… we have water for you too
recordcozy: lol andie.
Misty: thanks
Michelle (mherr1979): She'd want to throttle all of us
Darling_Vamp: *wiping the drool from my keyboard*
Liz (MsLizS): lol andie
Pam_Ravenscroft: *Thinking a chat room full of Eric fans is sure to inflate his already huge ego*
Misty: agreeing with Pam
balou8900: I know Pam is hot, Darling_Vamp, but drool does fry a keyboard πŸ˜‰
recordcozy: We're Pam fans too!
MCC18: Pam, do you need a pet? If so, do you share with your maker? *sign me up!*
Sarah (Scaniano): You're totally right, Pam.
dryaslereth: Pam, isn't that the point?lol
Jenny_Ap: Absolutely!
Kris (krisrivera): oh pam, there are so many things we would like to inflate on eric it's not even funny
Darling_Vamp: only for Eric… worth it for sure
Pam_Ravenscroft: *rolls eyes*
Carla (crazygem85): lol kris!!!
andiegilmore: LOL Kris!!!
Liz (MsLizS): lol kris
recordcozy: Yay!
Misty: to qoute joie I get girl wood for Pam
Jenny_Ap: LOL But can't argue with Kris!
andiegilmore: this chat is getting R-rated!
dryaslereth: I think, without a doubt, we are all Eric lovers!
Eric of Area 5: There is a whole world full of my fans dear Pam, why would a chat room inflate my ego?
Carla (crazygem85): me too misty…lol
Darling_Vamp: ROTFLMAO
joie: I don't know if it need inflating though
joie: LOL
dryaslereth: Me Too Misty!
Liz (MsLizS): LOL
Liz (MsLizS): oh we're going to the gutter real fast
Carla (crazygem85): prob not joie…lol
balou8900: It's okay, Pam. We all know without you he'd get nothing done. hehehe
joie: lots of lady wood in the room tonight
Beth (lilabitblf): Liz… we were already there
Kris (krisrivera): yes. totally. i would go lesbo for pam.
recordcozy: Oh gawd, joie.
Darling_Vamp: *thinks we've trained balou well*
Misty: ok ok back to the book!!!!
Eric of Area 5: I see Pam has been glamoring balou8900
balou8900: me too Kris
Jenny_Ap: The Gutter!
Liz (MsLizS): Book?
Michelle (mherr1979): there's a book?
andiegilmore: Book 4, already?
Kris (krisrivera): hilarious balou
balou8900: lol Eric..and thanks for not smacking me…the ladies do that enough as it is
joie: balou, you have totally yielded to us with that statement
Carla (crazygem85): right, were here to talk about a book…sorry
joie: lol
Misty: So now they are in the car and Bill start licking her
dryaslereth: I was late, which book?
Beth (lilabitblf): good idea Misty
recordcozy: Right there with ya, Liz.
Pam_Ravenscroft: How true balou, how very true
MCC18: *whispers to Eric* It wouldnt take much glamoring for balou to be all puppy-eyed lol
Beth (lilabitblf): GBOT evryone πŸ™‚
recordcozy: Dead Until Dark Chapters 9 and 10.
Sarah (Scaniano): Still a bit overcome with the bloodlust was Bill, I think.
joie: sookie wants no sexing from bill
Kris (krisrivera): weirdness at the licking…but also very very hot
joie: he wants to go home
balou8900: book? there's a book? πŸ™‚
Beth (lilabitblf): he jumps her
Alisha_es: I really was worried for Sookie at that point! I didn't think she could pull Bill out of it.
andiegilmore: ok…so Sookie and Bill leave Fangtasia…. πŸ™‚
Misty: I would of slapped Bill for licking me while I was so freaked out
recordcozy: She's always pulling people's ears.
Beth (lilabitblf): agree with Misty
MCC18: TY Sarah, and I was upset with Billy for not snapping out of his bloodlust stupor
Dianne (DiannesDishes): I would too
recordcozy: Anyone else notice that?
Michelle (mherr1979): Me too, Misty
Kris (krisrivera): its recycling misty
Carla (crazygem85): I think i would have too misty
andiegilmore: agree, Misty! She was making too many excused for him
Alisha_es: Well, it seems to work!
andiegilmore: *excuses
Beth (lilabitblf): Kris… its not… no wait.. your right
joie: I was still upset that Eric was with Ginger at this point
balou8900: Sookie was kinda like those people who ignore the words "get out" from the haunted house. I'd have run out the door immediately.
joie: LOL
Misty: I know he was excited but so was Eric and if I was him I would want to get her away from Eric
Liz (MsLizS): lol balou
Beth (lilabitblf): but balou… running brings out the hunter more
Kris (krisrivera): agreed balou…run like the effing wind
recordcozy: True, Misty.
Kris (krisrivera): but i lack sookie's metaphorical balls
recordcozy: He is one sexy Viking.
balou8900: only if they can catch ya, Beth
recordcozy: You are, Eric.
balou8900: the only thing that would slow me any would be the wetting of myself
Beth (lilabitblf): vamp speed… human speed…
joie: LOL LOL LOL balou
Michelle (mherr1979): bill's lack of control is a preview of things to come, I think
Carla (crazygem85): Yes his instinct should def have been to get sookie away from that smokin hot viking
dryaslereth: LOL balou
Misty: I want to thank you Balou. I really did just LOL and I really needed that today.
Alisha_es: I agree Michelle
andiegilmore: I agree Michelle
MCC18: It made me questions Billy's feelings for Sookie. If Eric could be brought back from the blood lust by Ginger…then surely the woman you love should be able to snap you out of it? No?
Beth (lilabitblf): agree with Michelle
balou8900: as long as you didn't shoot soda at your monitor, it's all good Misty
Kris (krisrivera): yup…Eric is the Angelina to Bill's Jennifer Aniston
recordcozy: Good point, Michelle.
Jenny_Ap: It should MCC
Misty: exactly MCC
Beth (lilabitblf): good point MCC
andiegilmore: lol kris
Carla (crazygem85): so true MCC
Michelle (mherr1979): lol, Kris and very true
Dianne (DiannesDishes): I agree MCC
joie: mcc vary good point
recordcozy: Can I just say I almost abbreviated Good Point with GP. I think that has to be official now.
Beth (lilabitblf): why Kris.. why go there πŸ™‚
dryaslereth: Thats a good way to put it Kris
Misty: are you spying on me? I just took a drink of my coke
Dianne (DiannesDishes): Could it be because Eric is older?
joie: LOL LOL
Sarah (Scaniano): I blame a lot of things on Bill's youth as a vampire but I'm always unsure if that's the only reason.
balou8900: lol..I'll never tell
joie: GP comes up in several of my meetings too lol
Eric of Area 5: *wondering how they can compare Bill's ability to control himself with mine when there is no comparison*
recordcozy: It's appropriate. It's like a reward for being right!
Kris (krisrivera): Cuz it's true Beth πŸ˜‰
Beth (lilabitblf): thanks for Clarifying RC (i almost did that too)
Carla (crazygem85): I think Bill uses his vampire youthness as an excuse for a lot of things. Gets old
andiegilmore: but Bill was showing a lot of control when they were inside..so maybe he just couldn't hold it anymore
Pam_Ravenscroft: I am sure you ladies realize by now Bill Compton is not the sharpest Vampire, age aside.
Carla (crazygem85): Well Eric, obviously nothing compares to you
Michelle (mherr1979): yes it does. carla
Misty: because he was just staring at Eric
joie: yeah bill likes to throw around how "old" eric is any chance he gets
Beth (lilabitblf): Eric, sir… its not intentional…
joie: *sings* nothing compares to you
Jenny_Ap: Could it be politics too?
Dianne (DiannesDishes): Good point Jenny
balou8900: How about your attraction to Sookie, Pam? Because of Eric or your own curiousity?
Misty: I would think her safety would be top priority
Jenny_Ap: Can't offend the Sheriff
MCC18: But love is an all powerful thing….the things we do out of love usually trump those everyday things that we do…shouldnt the power of love be enough motivation for self control?
Beth (lilabitblf): also… bills reaction could be the fight or flight reaction
Misty: GP MCC
Michelle (mherr1979): Way to go to the heart of the matter, balou
Jenny_Ap: It should MCC, you are right
Carla (crazygem85): Sookie should be bills top priority, but there are so many times when she is not
recordcozy: AWESOME.
andiegilmore: But instincts sometimes speak louder than reason
balou8900: only if there is breakfast the next morning involved MCC
andiegilmore: but you're right, Carla
Beth (lilabitblf): in this case infront of the other Vamps he has no idea how to react and froze?
joie: but does bill really love sookie
Eric of Area 5: Bill is more concerned with protecting Sookie than he is with Sookie herself
MCC18: Cant have brekkie with a vamp lol
Michelle (mherr1979): Which is why Bill is a douche
recordcozy: GP mcc. YAY!
Michelle (mherr1979): Im my humble opinion
Dianne (DiannesDishes): But you can BE brekafast! lol
andiegilmore: lol michelle
dryaslereth: And if Bill truely loved her, why didn't he just tell her about the queen ordering him to seduce her? Honesty is the best policy, right?
Carla (crazygem85): I agree Eric
Misty: hey no name calling we do have Bill lovers here
Pam_Ravenscroft: Curiousity. Sookie is….different.
andiegilmore: Being possessive does not equal love
balou8900: lol
Jenny_Ap: Good Point Sheriff!
truebloodfan001: *cough*
Michelle (mherr1979): Sorry, Misty
Beth (lilabitblf): shhh dryaslereth… *whispers* we are not there yet in book club
Carla (crazygem85): yes, andie!! possessiveness def is not love
MCC18: I agree 100% Eric
dryaslereth: OOps! sorry!
joie: me too
balou8900: I believe it's more of the foreshadowning of future book Bill though
Eric of Area 5: If he truly looked at Sookie he would see the strength within her
Kris (krisrivera): i dont doubt bill loves sookie…he has been a vamp for so long, he has forgotten how to be human
Michelle (mherr1979): I agree, balou
MCC18: You're right Andie…but he claims to love her…and that's my issue with Billy right now
Dianne (DiannesDishes): Very well put Eric.
joie: rrrawwwrrrwwrr Eric you are such the man!
Jenny_Ap: Another good point Eric
balou8900: I agree, Eric. Seems that others notice something in Sookie's eyes, beyond knowing she can read their minds
Carla (crazygem85): Couldnt have said it better myself Eric!!
recordcozy: Sookie's so vulnerable with Bill though. Like when she calls him because she thinks someone's outside.
Dianne (DiannesDishes): Ok, my stomach virus is catching up with me. I'm going to have to call it a night. Catch you all next week!
Beth (lilabitblf): *nodding* agreeing with everyone
andiegilmore: agree MCC.. I don't know if he believes he loves her though
Sarah (Scaniano): I doubt that he loves her at this point just as I doubt her love for him.
Carla (crazygem85): good night Dianne!!
recordcozy: But then, she says she's ashamed of herself for calling him.
andiegilmore: bye, dianne, feel better!
joie: feel better dianne
Darling_Vamp: night dianne.
recordcozy: But she doesn't say that to Bill.
MCC18: Nite Dianne x
Liz (MsLizS): nite Dianne
Sarah (Scaniano): Night Dianne! Feel better. πŸ™‚
Beth (lilabitblf): bye dianne… stay away from teacup human!
Jenny_Ap: Feel Better Dianne
balou8900: Pam, can you unglamor the ladies after Eric speaks? I'm just sayin' hehehe
Carla (crazygem85): like i said last week, they said i love you way too fast
recordcozy: Goodnight Dianne.
joie: its just sex, i dont think its love
Misty: ok so they leave the bar & drive home
Eric of Area 5: Exactly recordcozy. She calls him because he is convenient, not because she really loves him
dryaslereth: Drink lots of fluid and get rest Dianne
joie: she just thinks she loves him
balou8900: Take care Dianne
Michelle (mherr1979): Bill springs that love thing when he senses he's loosing her
truebloodfan001: eric, sookie may not actually love him, but i do. πŸ˜‰
recordcozy: Right, and she even says that he isn't going to leave even if she hadn't asked him,
balou8900: Eric, give her some love before she goes to heal her!
Beth (lilabitblf): RC.. like an old security blanket?
MCC18: it's all so new to her…she really doesnt know what to think
joie: well bill is sorta using sookie
Carla (crazygem85): lust and love can be easily confused
Eric of Area 5: I do not deny Bill his devoted fans
Misty: And she starts her I am off vamps crap again
balou8900: I'm gonna get vamp-smacked yet πŸ™‚
andiegilmore: she's attached to him because he was her first
recordcozy: Wait, what Beth?
joie: yes
Beth (lilabitblf): right MCC.. she doesnt know how to handle a relationship yet
Jenny_Ap: LOL Misty!
Sarah (Scaniano): First love is all consuming and usually blind.
joie: she got a taste, and lets face it she liked it
balou8900: her first of either human or vamp for that matter
Eric of Area 5: Who is leaving?
andiegilmore: I love when she's like, I can't be a vamp, I don't want any tomato juice
Carla (crazygem85): i think once you go vamp, you dont go back
Jenny_Ap: Good point Sarah!
Pam_Ravenscroft: Balou, you must realize after all of these years I am quite accustom to women swooning after Eric. It is highly amusing…for me at least *smirks*
Misty: Dianne is leaving
MCC18: Dianne left
recordcozy: Sookie's always talking about food.
andiegilmore: She is indeed RC
joie: she has a food fetish o.o
andiegilmore: but I can relate πŸ™‚
Eric of Area 5: *meeting Dianne at the door before she leaves I lean down and gently kiss her cheek* Rest well and dream my dear
balou8900: Yeah, Pam…gotta admit it is pretty fun to watch. Wouldn't want floor mop detail tonight.
recordcozy: Me too. Ha ha.
dryaslereth: theres nothin wrong with food,lol
Michelle (mherr1979): I think she sees food as one of the things that makes her human
MCC18: Lucky Dianne!
Misty: So she is off vamps, hair is lighter and she goes to work the next day
Pam_Ravenscroft: Sookie needs to take my advice and stop shopping at WalMart *disgusted*
joie: lol balou
Carla (crazygem85): Eric, you are so sweet!! That will def make her feel better
Kris (krisrivera): Eric is the sweetest…
recordcozy: Do we get bitten if we stay the whole meeting, Eric?
MCC18: lmao Pam!
recordcozy: hahaha
Beth (lilabitblf): (balou… you love us… admit it!)
balou8900: lol Pam
Jenny_Ap: LOL Pam!
andiegilmore: lol RC..I think that's a valid request
Liz (MsLizS): lol
Carla (crazygem85): good ques RC
Carla (crazygem85): lol Pam!!
Kris (krisrivera): Pam…take her shoe shopping..
Beth (lilabitblf): nice RC πŸ™‚
truebloodfan001: lol
joie: yes pam you have style
balou8900: I do Beth…just no getting tongue piercings by kissing Eric. That would be soooo wrong πŸ™‚
recordcozy: Bill hasn't pimped out Sookie's wardrobe with Tara's store yet, Pam. It's sad.
Eric of Area 5: Perhaps you should start a lottery at these meetings to see who gets bitten *wink*
MCC18: I need a vamp to let me drink from them…would save me a helluva lot of money in highlighting for pete's sake!
Misty: I am going to spank all of you if you dont get back to the books
Jenny_Ap: LOL MCC but agree!
andiegilmore: I thought it was weird how Sam and Sookie almost kissed again
Alisha_es: LOL Misty!
Beth (lilabitblf): well MCC it was her 3 dossage too
recordcozy: Or Eric-bite Bingo? Yahtzee?
Eric of Area 5: *returning to my seat*
Carla (crazygem85): Sorry misty
balou8900: promise, Misty?
Darling_Vamp: lol MCC! i agree
Liz (MsLizS): *getting $$ out for lottery tickets*
Jenny_Ap: Was it the influence of the blood that got her "hot" for sam?
MCC18: Charlaine nees to stop that whole Sam/Sookie thing. it gets old
joie: *bends over waiting for mah spankin'*
truebloodfan001: Dont make me high five y'alls faces..
Michelle (mherr1979): Yes, MCC
Beth (lilabitblf): agree Andie! but now it became animal attraction… damn pheromones
recordcozy: Sorry, ahem. lmao at Misty.
Sarah (Scaniano): I think so Jenny and the fact that she was always a little attracted to him.
dryaslereth: *puts both hands on wall and leans but out* I've been a baaad girl!!!
Misty: *spanks all around*
Darling_Vamp: can't we break out the dollar bills?
andiegilmore: she gets hot for him a lot though
Beth (lilabitblf): Joie…
Carla (crazygem85): seriously, i do not get the whole sam/sookie attraction
andiegilmore: it's weird
Alisha_es: No! I like Sam/Sookie!
Alisha_es: I think it's cute.
balou8900: Sam is a shifter with poorly timed erections…there must be meds for that
Misty: I agree with Sarah.
Darling_Vamp: Not for lottery tix either *smirks*
Pam_Ravenscroft: I would of found it amusing for Eric to receive sloppy seconds after the Shifter *smirks*
MCC18: me neither carla
Beth (lilabitblf): *rubbing where i smacked*
Darling_Vamp: lol balou!!
Carla (crazygem85): lol balou!!!
Michelle (mherr1979): The idea of Sam/Sookie makes my skin crawl
Misty: LOL Pam
joie: loo poorly timed erections
andiegilmore: LOL Balou!!!
joie: thanks misty, that was nice
Pam_Ravenscroft: "Puppy breath" *laughs*
Eric of Area 5: For a shifter Sam has surprisingly good taste, at least when it comes to his attraction to Sookie.
joie: Sams like brother material
MCC18: lol @ Pam
Beth (lilabitblf): LOL Pam
Carla (crazygem85): I have never and will never see anything more than friendship between the 2
Beth (lilabitblf): agree with Joie
Misty: your welcome joie
Michelle (mherr1979): I agree Carla
joie: *smoochies*
Alisha_es: lol. Apparently I am in the minority for liking those two.
Jenny_Ap: Agree Carla!
andiegilmore: Me either…esp bc every time they kiss it's so out of the blue
andiegilmore: no romance, no "mood"
Misty: I thought that she might go for Sam since she was tired of the vamp drama
recordcozy: What about Tina? Good thing Sookie dug that hole. Convenient.
joie: it was like so unromantic
Pam_Ravenscroft: balou, poorly timed erections are one of the reasons I no longer bed human men.
Carla (crazygem85): but if she went with sam it would have been settling
Sarah (Scaniano): Yeah, Misty. If Charlsie hadn't interrupted them, who knows?
Carla (crazygem85): she does not truly want him
Kris (krisrivera): LOL Pam
joie: *snorts* good one Pam
recordcozy: Aw, Pam don't break his heart!
balou8900: lol Pam
Beth (lilabitblf): I dont know Misty…
Misty: so the kiss is interrupted so she starts listening to people
andiegilmore: LOL Pam
MCC18: Can I just say how much I love Pam being here?
Carla (crazygem85): lol Pam!!
joie: Yup Pam's great
Carla (crazygem85): Me too MCC. Love you Pam!!
recordcozy: It's pretty much made my life. I think. Pam should be everywhere.
balou8900: I'll work on my timing during the lottery, lol
Misty: I cracked up at Lafayette thinking working with Sook is getting creepy
Eric of Area 5: Now who's ego is getting inflated? *laughing*
Pam_Ravenscroft: *fangy grin* @MCC18
joie: LOL LOL
MCC18: I daresay that's as close to a bite as I'll get from either of them lol
recordcozy: And Eric should be whereever Pam is. Which is everywhere. But also he should be naked.
Liz (MsLizS): lol
recordcozy: Balance restored.
balou8900: Pam should be too, record
balou8900: equal time
andiegilmore: I don't think Pam would like that very much
Carla (crazygem85): lol RC!! Eric should always be naked πŸ˜‰
Beth (lilabitblf): ok all moment of sanity… gbot? *whimpers*
MCC18: Laffy's reaction to the whole lemon and lime thing was toooooo funny
Misty: getting my paddle ready to spank again
joie: the GP needs to be experienced by all *faints*
Beth (lilabitblf): yes Laffy!!!
Eric of Area 5: *looking at Misty* Are they always this way?
Jenny_Ap: LOL!
Michelle (mherr1979): Ok, back to Sookie listening to peeps
andiegilmore: oops! ….back to Laffy, he's funny
Pam_Ravenscroft: What would I like?
recordcozy: Okay. I'm talking about the book now. Pose a question, Misty. Something interesting.
Carla (crazygem85): apparently misty we all love to be spanked
Carla (crazygem85): getting back on track now, sorry misty
joie: yes we do *smiles*
Misty: no they usually behave a bit better. Not much. Your name seems to get them off track at record speed
recordcozy: Ahem. By me.
Sarah (Scaniano): lol
truebloodfan001: no kiddin
Liz (MsLizS): can you blame us? lol
Beth (lilabitblf): *nodding* we normally are not this bad
joie: *wets self*
Liz (MsLizS): LOL Joie
MCC18: In our defense…it is the first time we've been able to talk about Eric during out meetings…other than that other brief moment
recordcozy: Let's talk about Tina!
andiegilmore: We are a little excited tonight with our special guests
Carla (crazygem85): so true MCC
Alisha_es: Poor Tina….
Misty: Sookie is listening in on people. Where you surprised by Bud's thoughts?
andiegilmore: you're right MCC!
Michelle (mherr1979): Poor Tina
Beth (lilabitblf): Its tough to lose a pet… but to fine her that way
recordcozy: When, Misty?
balou8900: *rolls eyes*
Misty: we are not to Tina yet
joie: swinging on the fan
Carla (crazygem85): what was bud thinking again? im drawing a blank
joie: lol
Beth (lilabitblf): Bud… not really small town sheriff
recordcozy: I'm confused. Where are we?
MCC18: Bud totally creeps me out…both in the book and the show
joie: where are we?
andiegilmore: Everyone pretty much decided Jason was the killer
Misty: He was thining the girls were bottom feeders
joie: at Merlottes
Jenny_Ap: Oh About Jason?
Sarah (Scaniano): Not really surprised by Bud's thoughts. It's not an un-heard of opinion among some men in the south.
Carla (crazygem85): thats right, i remember now
Beth (lilabitblf): i agree with Sarah
balou8900: I was surprised Sookie didn't pour a drink or meal on him
Alisha_es: Oh yeah. I'm not surprised at Bud's thoughts either. A lot of people feel that way…
dryaslereth: Bud definately creeps me out too
Jenny_Ap: and he also was glad it wasn't his daughter
MCC18: I liked Portia's thoughts about Jason lol
Carla (crazygem85): yeah, i was not surprised at all. kind of figured he felt that way
Carla (crazygem85): me too MCC
andiegilmore: lol yes..Portia was totally right about Jason
Misty: I am always amazed that she can keep her cool when hearing something like that. My Irish temper would get me in trouble!!!
Beth (lilabitblf): ehh MCC
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andiegilmore: I am always amazed she can take orders and serve drinks
Beth (lilabitblf): Well she has had practice getting a game face
Sarah (Scaniano): Well she just slaps on the crazy smile and goes on. I'm sure she's heard much worse over the years.
Carla (crazygem85): Sookie has amazing self control when it comes to that
andiegilmore: when she hears so much shit
Kris (krisrivera): years of practice misty
Alisha_es: Actually, I think Sookie probably hears things like that all the time. But it hurt her to hear it from someone she knows.
joie: all that with her fake smile plastered on her face
Michelle (mherr1979): Girl's got nerves of steel
andiegilmore: Agree, Michelle
Misty: but those are personal attacks on her & her family. My momma bear instinct would kick in
balou8900: And someone who is suppose to be the town's neutral authority figure
Beth (lilabitblf): agree with Alisha
Carla (crazygem85): i guess you have to be able to act that way when youve been dealing with it all your life
Eric of Area 5: Yes Michelle, an admirable quality in a human
Beth (lilabitblf): I know Misty
recordcozy: She'll do something if it's that bad, like with Andy before when he was messing with her.
Beth (lilabitblf): but again fight or flight reaction
Sarah (Scaniano): With Jason being the way he is she's probably heard it all before.
Misty: I am still mad at Andy for that
Carla (crazygem85): There is no such thing as neutral in bon temps
MCC18: Sook's dealt with it all her life tho, she is used to ignoring the ignorant.
Michelle (mherr1979): I greatly dislike Andy
Beth (lilabitblf): would her dumping a drink of the Sheriff on Bon Temp affect his thining of Jason?
andiegilmore: She has to control herself so she can keep hearing other people
Alisha_es: I have no love for Andy….
Misty: probably would not help
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balou8900: Jason is kind of a magnet to bad thoughts with his own actions being the cause
Misty: I did wonder who the girl that was hot for her is
Michelle (mherr1979): Well, then everyone would think she's a clutz on top of crazy
recordcozy: Well, Jason doesn't really try to make friends.
Beth (lilabitblf): Andy and bud… not who i want coming to my recue
Alisha_es: We never find out, do we?
MCC18: wb tbf
recordcozy: Nope.
andiegilmore: what girl?
Jenny_Ap: Don't think so
Alisha_es: just some random girl, apparently
Carla (crazygem85): me too misty. i was hoping we'd find out
Beth (lilabitblf): what girl?
Misty: she said a lot of guys were more attracted to her & one girl
recordcozy: She mentions that one woman finds her attractive.
balou8900: Me too *monobrow wiggle*
andiegilmore: oh..didn't remember that
Beth (lilabitblf): that Girl
recordcozy: She says that a lot, like about Alcide, later.
Misty: and the guys that were part of the fire were upset that they blew their chance with her.
Alisha_es: I thought that was funny.
recordcozy: Right.
Michelle (mherr1979): Ugh, hypocrites
Carla (crazygem85): i know. it annoyed me that they thought that
balou8900: She still doesn't nail the dudes for the fire…glossed over that again
Alisha_es: Stupid men. lol
Beth (lilabitblf): again Small town in the South
Carla (crazygem85): some guys are so clueless
recordcozy: Bon Temps must not have very many hotties.
Misty: ok so she hears nothing important go home. Comes back that night
Michelle (mherr1979): lol, RC
andiegilmore: those guys are just dumb
truebloodfan001: stupid men
recordcozy: Except for the few people that are around Sook.
recordcozy: Coincidently.
andiegilmore: must be weird coming back to your work place as a custumer
Jenny_Ap: and she starts drinking with Jason
balou8900: Dumb or smart, they all taste the same when you drain them for killing vamps. Right, Eric?
Carla (crazygem85): she comes back and bill shows up with another girl
Beth (lilabitblf): Jasons reaction was priceless i have to admit
Misty: When she gets to the bar & Jason is an ass again I wanted to slap him again
andiegilmore: Jason's face when he saw her.. love it
recordcozy: Oh yeah! I love that. I forgot about it.
Eric of Area 5: There are differences in taste depending on blood type and what they have ingested
recordcozy: The girl thing.
Sarah (Scaniano): Me too, Misty. He's so darn full of himself.
Misty: I am tasty right Eric?
Carla (crazygem85): Jason really pisses me off sometimes
recordcozy: He buys her drink, though.
joie: What do you like your *clears throat* doners to eat before you taste Master Eric
Jenny_Ap: Sometimes?
dryaslereth: Jason is an idiot
balou8900: Buy Jason an I'm With Stupid tee, with the arrow pointing up
Eric of Area 5: You are very tasty Misty.
andiegilmore: he buys her a drink bc he's doing her a favor
MCC18: *sighs*
Misty: he buys her a drinl b/.c she tells him she is there to help him
andiegilmore: it's the least he could do
Misty: *smiling*
Beth (lilabitblf): he buys her a drink after railroading her for being a his sister in a bar (when shs not working)
dryaslereth: lol, balou
recordcozy: Eh. I should not try to defend Jason.
riverdragon169: lol balou
Michelle (mherr1979): it really is the LEAST he could do
Carla (crazygem85): Jason is selfish, thats all thereis to it
Misty: LOL balou
Kris (krisrivera): yup yup Carla
andiegilmore: yes, Carla. He's just selfish
Misty: I was surprised he even cared enough to be mad when Bill comes in with the girl
truebloodfan001: lol
Beth (lilabitblf): again how Sook and Jason are related… *shaking head*
balou8900: Is it time for Beeeull and his gift from Eric?
recordcozy: He's always scoping too. Like check the new woman out.
Misty: yes balou
andiegilmore: me too Misty
Beth (lilabitblf): Misty… in a weird way it could look bad for him…
dryaslereth: That was suprising, Misty
truebloodfan001: yes, beeull πŸ™‚
MCC18: i think jason was more pissed that that girl was with Billy and not him
Jenny_Ap: Yeah, why did he do that?
recordcozy: "Special Vintage."
andiegilmore: at least he drove the fangbanger home!
Pam_Ravenscroft: balou, I believe Jason would still put that shirt on backwards…
Alisha_es: No, I picture Jason as liking to fight. He'd be all up for it.
Jenny_Ap: LOL! Good one Pam!
Misty: he drove her home to bang her
Carla (crazygem85): Me too misty, but i think he was only mad because a vampire was upsetting his sister not because his sister was upset
Misty: LOL pam
balou8900: lol, Pam…yes he would
Darling_Vamp: you are so right Pam… *smiles*
Beth (lilabitblf): yup Misty
recordcozy: He did. That Jason.
Beth (lilabitblf): Jason= man whore
Kris (krisrivera): bless his heart, jason is just clueless
Jenny_Ap: Good Point Carla!
dryaslereth: lol, pam
Carla (crazygem85): exactly misty
Beth (lilabitblf): LOL Pam
truebloodfan001: Jason is a man whore
andiegilmore: GP Carla
balou8900: I really believe Charlane is a man-hater…apart from Eric of course πŸ™‚
Misty: Jason is an ass
recordcozy: Charlaine's just a woman, balou.
Beth (lilabitblf): take that back Balou
recordcozy: Sorry to break it to you.
balou8900: we're all man whores trueblood…just some of us hide it better than others πŸ™‚
Beth (lilabitblf): Charlane is not a man hater
MCC18: well, book jason is…i have a hard time disliking him in the show…
Misty: i agree with Balou
andiegilmore: Charlaine is just realistic
Jenny_Ap: Yeah agree with you MCC
recordcozy: Right.
Alisha_es: I like the changes they made to the show Jason.
balou8900: okay…but all her man characters have major character flaws…and constant poorly timed erections
Misty: I wonder if Jason was mad b/c Bill interrupted Sook doing him a favor
andiegilmore: but she doesn't seem to care much about small characters
Carla (crazygem85): how could she be a man-hater when she created the perfection tht is Eric?
recordcozy: She hates on certain woman as much as men.
Beth (lilabitblf): echos the agreements
Jenny_Ap: LOL Carla!
Pam_Ravenscroft: *rolls eyes* @Carla
balou8900: so I take it back, Beth πŸ™‚
andiegilmore: good point, Misty
Eric of Area 5: Perhaps she had a little help in the dream department *winks*
Beth (lilabitblf): *stumbles*
joie: *sighs* carla, she created every woman's fantasy *faints*
MCC18: i dont think Jason gave it two thoughts once he figured out he could get in that chicks pants
Carla (crazygem85): Im inflating his ego again, arent i Pam?? sorry, i just cant help myself
recordcozy: Motivations to write novels? Eric dreams…
andiegilmore: could get in her pants…again, right
Michelle (mherr1979): agreed, MCC
recordcozy: Not the Belles, joie!
joie: on noes! ERIC!
balou8900: it wasn't his ego you were aiming at inflating, me thinks hehehe
Beth (lilabitblf): Joie… a whole new vein of Fanfic πŸ™‚
andiegilmore: I'm sure even the Belles…secretely πŸ™‚
dryaslereth: lol balou
Eric of Area 5: You must ask youself, did she create me or have I always existed and merely made myself known to her?
AphioRogue: sorry guys – life just isnt letting me chat to much tonihgt
Carla (crazygem85): lol Balou!! hey yor not supposed to tell everyone that
Jenny_Ap: A very good question Eric!
joie: hhmmmm I'd prefer to think you really existed lol
Alisha_es: LOL Eric… good question
joie: like a real live Santa Claus
Beth (lilabitblf): Eric… that is a very thought provoking quesiton πŸ™‚
recordcozy: There hasn't been a SQUEE yet! I think that question deserves one. SQUEE!
Michelle (mherr1979): I think it's the latter, Sheriff!
Carla (crazygem85): Excellent question Eric!! In my dreams you have always existed πŸ™‚
Eric of Area 5: Then you would be correct joie
joie: *squee*
andiegilmore: You're too much for one woman's imagination, Eric. We'll all have to think about you. I mean, think about it.
Liz (MsLizS): just no leaving out cookies and milk
Darling_Vamp: *giggles at joie*
joie: and yes, I *pinked* when he said my name
recordcozy: So did Eric poison this chick, or is Bill just being a drama queen and Eric is marvelous and generous?
balou8900: So..Pam…while there all discussing dreams…wanna grab a beer? My treat. πŸ™‚
Pam_Ravenscroft: Joie, present tense dear…we both still exist. *winks*
MCC18: who doesnt? lol
balou8900: they're even..doh
joie: I stand corrected Pam *bows*
Beth (lilabitblf): *whispers* Balou… offer your neck or a Tru blood…
Misty: I did skip 2 things that made me feel bad for Sook. 1 she has no friends & 2 she has to hear about her brothers sex tapes
Michelle (mherr1979): I vote for drama queen
Alisha_es: Eric does like giving gifts… and I think he just did it to make Sookie mad at Bill.
balou8900: I don't do that on the first date, Beth. I learned that from you ladies. hehehehe
recordcozy: I think so too.
andiegilmore: Yes…no friends and nowhere else to go but her workplace
Carla (crazygem85): i woudl die if i had to hear about my brothers sex tapes….ugh
truebloodfan001: lol,
Beth (lilabitblf): lets not think about the sex tapes… for Sookies sake…
MCC18: Having Jason as your brother….would you REALLY be shocked to find out about sex tapes?
recordcozy: With Pam you do! (Or Eric, cough cough.)
Pam_Ravenscroft: Offering me a TrueBlood is a sure way to loose my attention. I find it insulting *snorts*
Misty: not shocked but not wanting to know
Jenny_Ap: You are Right Misty! She had no one to talk to about her night in Fangtasia
recordcozy: That was to balou, btw.
Misty: Balou offer her a vein
andiegilmore: Would you prefer we offer you a neck, Pam?
Beth (lilabitblf): agree with Misty
joie: wrist?
MCC18: *offers Eric my neck*
joie: only the juicy ones for eric
balou8900: mom always said aim high, but aiming low might be a winner πŸ™‚
joie: *giggles*
recordcozy: Hey hey hey, mcc. How'd you win the lotto?
Carla (crazygem85): yes, eric deserves the best
truebloodfan001: *laughs* @balou
MCC18: i rigged it lol
Pam_Ravenscroft: I would prefer the inside of your thigh personally *grins* It is quite convenient.
Beth (lilabitblf): ok… i know i started it… gbot…
Misty: back to special vinteage
balou8900: Pam better draw the winner for this lotto
Carla (crazygem85): lol MCC
Kris (krisrivera): pam…there's a certain carotid vein on the thigh…
balou8900: Yes, Pam…I find that quite convenient too *adjusts halo*
recordcozy: Femoral artery, Kris.
recordcozy: He he he.
Beth (lilabitblf): right everyone Special Vintage
Eric of Area 5: Be careful what you ask for, Sookie it battling anemia from my bites.
Darling_Vamp: femoral actually… but we know what u mean! *Smiles*
Liz (MsLizS): LOL
Pam_Ravenscroft: *laughs* @Eric
andiegilmore: seems like a cheap price to pay, sheriff
Beth (lilabitblf): *note to self send Sookie vitamin enriched food*
Kris (krisrivera): sure, femoral…carotid…you can have them both
Alisha_es: Anemia is a small price to pay
recordcozy: Nice save, Kris.
Misty: I think the gift was to test Bills loyalty
Darling_Vamp: any bite is a good bite, right?
Liz (MsLizS): Agreed Alisha!
Carla (crazygem85): Eric, i think we would all be willing to battle anemia to offer ourselves to you
Alisha_es: I agree Misty.
Kris (krisrivera): thanks RC…
Beth (lilabitblf): it was totally a test
Eric of Area 5: Her doctor has her taking iron, somewhat distasteful to me but good for her health
balou8900: low bites mean no turtlenecks on a hot summer day
Beth (lilabitblf): a powerplay πŸ™‚
Carla (crazygem85): thats what i thought too misty
MCC18: i think it was to piss Billy off and sookie
andiegilmore: agree Misty
Jenny_Ap: Or to make him uncomfortable!
Darling_Vamp: *hands out vit b all aroung*
Darling_Vamp: around
joie: I think we should collectively open wide
andiegilmore: and I think it was Eric's little joke too…here's a gift for being such a good boy
Carla (crazygem85): Eric knew what he was doing when he sent Bill that girl
truebloodfan001: I must leave for a while, Good bye, loves. πŸ™‚
Beth (lilabitblf): Eric, will try to get organic so not needing the vitamins
MCC18: goodnight tbf x
balou8900: c'ya true
Carla (crazygem85): Good night TBFan!!
Beth (lilabitblf): night TBF πŸ™‚
andiegilmore: night TBfan!
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dryaslereth: Well, I think I'm going to go get ready for my hubby getting home tonight. Bye all. Happy chatting!!!
Liz (MsLizS): nite TBfan
Jenny_Ap: NIte TB!
Michelle (mherr1979): night!
Carla (crazygem85): Nite dry!!
Misty: And of course Jason leaves with her
Pam_Ravenscroft: What is this lottery you all speak of?
MCC18: nite Dry
Liz (MsLizS): Nite Drya
recordcozy: Bye, dryaslereth.
balou8900: see ya dry
joie: *smoochies* tbf
Jenny_Ap: Bye Dryaslereth
Beth (lilabitblf): night Dry πŸ™‚
recordcozy: The Eric Bites Me Lottery, Pam.
joie: *smoochies* dry
andiegilmore: night dry
Carla (crazygem85): This lottery is for one of us to have the pleasure of being bit by Eric
MCC18: the lotto that i am going to win tonight? just a lil something to choose a winner for Eric's bite
balou8900: 'tis for an affectionate moment with Eric, I believe Pam.
balou8900: They pick the place they want pierced, and he inserts the earring or something like that
Beth (lilabitblf): well we are #vikingwenches…
Pam_Ravenscroft: I see
joie: balou what if you win the lottery,
recordcozy: Aw, that's a nice way to put it, balou. lol
Liz (MsLizS): LOL Balou
balou8900: I am #manwench *tooth gap*
Carla (crazygem85): a little man on man action, balou??
Kris (krisrivera): great euphemism balou
recordcozy: XD
MCC18: if balou wins i'm demanding a recount lol
andiegilmore: lol
balou8900: naw, I'm holding the number bowl for y'all
Beth (lilabitblf): ok.. special vintage?
Liz (MsLizS): lol
MCC18: i bet eric tells that to all his minions…they're all special vintages
Beth (lilabitblf): *realizing Misty is very very quiet right now*
andiegilmore: I don't like when Bill says he has a whole cellar. Sounded disrespectful to Sookie
joie: Only if you like the taste of pink or I'm no good
Carla (crazygem85): i was just noticing that too Beth
Beth (lilabitblf): I know Andie…
balou8900: she must be getting ready to smack someone *ducks*
MCC18: i thought so too andie
recordcozy: I know, like whoa. Geez Bill. Right in front of her.
Michelle (mherr1979): that poor girl thinking she's special vintage
Jenny_Ap: Agree Andie!
MCC18: that whole possessiveness thing
Carla (crazygem85): Very disrespectful that bill
balou8900: Jason thought she was a special one-night vintage
recordcozy: She's in a spanking mood tonight, though. Ha ha. <Misty.
Eric of Area 5: Am I the only one to be served a refreshment?
MCC18: "i love you my wine cellar!"
Michelle (mherr1979): where'd that southern gentleman thing go?
Beth (lilabitblf): is this a part of Vamp society we as humans cant understand or cant understand…
andiegilmore: lol MCC…it's no better than calling her a blood bag
Alisha_es: LOL MCC!
Beth (lilabitblf): gorgive the double typing…
recordcozy: I'm sure balou's up for Pam, Eric. (I threw you an innuendo bone there, balou.)
Darling_Vamp: i'm sure there are plenty of wenches to offer our dear Pam a drink
MCC18: might be Beth…but I'd sure like some insight on it
Liz (MsLizS): I don't think anyone would refuse Pam πŸ˜‰
Carla (crazygem85): I agree DV
balou8900: awww, thanks recordcozy
Beth (lilabitblf): we do need to be good hostess/hosts to our guests..
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balou8900: I just wanna make sure I don't become another of Pam's poorly timed erection stories πŸ™‚
Eric of Area 5: *whispering to Misty* Were you done with your meeting my dear?
balou8900: wb true
MCC18: wb tbf
Pam_Ravenscroft: You are too kind Eric *sarcastically*
Darling_Vamp: unfortunately balou i don't thinkyour chances are any better w/ Pam…
Darling_Vamp: you've still got all of us to contend with
MCC18: It goes until 11, Eric.
Eric of Area 5: I don't want to hear you complaining later Pam.
Carla (crazygem85): Misty, where are you?
MCC18: err, another 10 minutes that is
Misty: not yet
recordcozy: Ha ha ha. Sorry. I read mcc's comment in a Spinal Tap voice.
balou8900: yes, and I like the odds too
Pam_Ravenscroft: *shocked* Me? Complain? Never… *grins*
Misty: so Bill & sookie go talk about how to pry Eric off of them
MCC18: Rc, the wine cellar one?
recordcozy: And Bill's all, EUREKA!
andiegilmore: yes, but he doesn'
recordcozy: No, the it goes until 11, mcc.
Eric of Area 5: *winks at Pam*
andiegilmore: ops..sorry…doesn't tell Sookie his plan
MCC18: ahhh lol gotcha
Beth (lilabitblf): yes RC.. but he doesnt tell sook anything
balou8900: Oooh, we're getting to the part where the only cat killed that didn't have Bubba prints on it dies. πŸ™‚
Misty: I did cringe when Sookie said she wished Eric was dead
Beth (lilabitblf): Which anoys me as a not equal relatioship
Michelle (mherr1979): It's not a very good plan anyway
recordcozy: I know. He's secretive.
joie: me too Misty that was an aweful thing to say
Carla (crazygem85): Me too, such a horribel thing to say
andiegilmore: Yes, Misty, me too! Especially after he saved her life
Beth (lilabitblf): I forgave her eventually
Alisha_es: Too secretive…
Jenny_Ap: Blasphemy!
recordcozy: I actually laughed at that Eric thing. Because she'll change her tune πŸ˜‰
Eric of Area 5: Indeed she will
Alisha_es: But at the time, it was sad to hear!!
MCC18: It seemed really out of character for Sookie…Miss Moral Girl
Michelle (mherr1979): Who could hate Eric that much?
recordcozy: Someone listening to Bill.
balou8900: Saved? If I'm not mistaken…she would not have needed saving if not for is invite. No offense, sheriff
andiegilmore: well, she did hear Eric's thoughts
andiegilmore: and they weren't friendly at that point
Michelle (mherr1979): there is that, RC
Beth (lilabitblf): fear great motivater to make you say dumb things…
Misty: so they talk, she goes home & something hits the door
Alisha_es: Poor Tina!
Eric of Area 5: it was her way of trying to deny what her subconscious already knew
recordcozy: I hate when the animals bite it 😦
Carla (crazygem85): another very sad part of the book
andiegilmore: Poor Tina indeed!
Kris (krisrivera): interesting point eric
Carla (crazygem85): that poor kitty cat, getting strangled
Jenny_Ap: What did the cat do?
Misty: and for the record I would of called him back too
Jenny_Ap: Very Mean?
Beth (lilabitblf): after reading the books I agree with Eric
Kris (krisrivera): it takes major dose of crazy to hurt an animal
recordcozy: Hell, so would I. It's better than death, right?
balou8900: Well, in last week's foreshadowing, Sookie dug the grave already…so it's a short episode of kitty littering.
andiegilmore: I would too…Calling Bill is like dialling 911, but faster
Beth (lilabitblf): no Jenny… wrong place at the wrong time
MCC18: like vamp speed faster
recordcozy: It still took him 2 minutes though. I thought that was a long time for a vamp.
Michelle (mherr1979): poor kitty
Alisha_es: Haha. There are perks to having a vamp next door!
andiegilmore: he was kind, though, helping her bury it
Carla (crazygem85): I know. I was like 2 minutes? Wow hes slow
Misty: but I wonder how bad guy got away &Bill couldnt track him
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Sarah (Scaniano): I wonder that too.
andiegilmore: me too, Misty
Kris (krisrivera): loopholes in the plot…
Beth (lilabitblf): me 3
andiegilmore: maybe tracking is not Bill's special power
Alisha_es: Maybe Bill is just a crappy tracker.
MCC18: same reason the bad guy got away when he killed gran?
recordcozy: I guess he was worried about leaving Sookie, if we're being diplomatic tonight.
balou8900: he knows the killer's scent though
Pam_Ravenscroft: You are correct record. Two minutes was quite….delayed on his behalf.
balou8900: but didn't he already know that from gran's murder?
Beth (lilabitblf): you are in fine form tonight RC πŸ™‚
balou8900: lol Pam
recordcozy: Ty. I try.
balou8900: Bill is aloof, y'all. Just a misunderstood kinda guy
Kris (krisrivera): well it's not like bill can fly…
Beth (lilabitblf): or it could be forshadowing…
andiegilmore: right…what IS Bill's special power?
MCC18: i think that's it beth
recordcozy: Of what?
recordcozy: Bill can hover, at least. We know that.
Michelle (mherr1979): agreed, beth
Eric of Area 5: computers *laughing*
balou8900: lol, Eric
recordcozy: And he's just like a super kiss-ass?
Beth (lilabitblf): many things… a computer program… a call from NO…
Eric of Area 5: Bill's special power is being a hacker
Carla (crazygem85): lol Eric
recordcozy: That too.
Alisha_es: lol Eric. You're right!
Misty: pissing off recordcozy?
andiegilmore: lol Eric. how sad for Bill
MCC18: lol
recordcozy: Touche, Misty.
Pam_Ravenscroft: Bill's special power is being a nerd *snorts*
Beth (lilabitblf): thats it Misty πŸ™‚
Jenny_Ap: Nice one Sheriff!
joie: LOL LOL
Alisha_es: Poor Bill.
Pam_Ravenscroft: …that and having absolutely NO backbone.
Beth (lilabitblf): he did hover for her once
Carla (crazygem85): lol Pam
Misty: ok so thats how it ends. I think there is only 1 chapter left of this book
Beth (lilabitblf): thankyou Pam… we cant get away with saying that
MCC18: He does play a mean game of Yahtzee
Jenny_Ap: 11 & 12
recordcozy: Yep. I just checked.
Liz (MsLizS): lol
Michelle (mherr1979): lol, MCC
andiegilmore: two more chapters
Misty: is there a 12? ok good
Carla (crazygem85): yup 2 more chapters
andiegilmore: lol MCC
recordcozy: Then LDiD! Yay!
Beth (lilabitblf): 1 more meeting for bk 1… wow
Eric of Area 5: *growling inside hearing Yahtzee*
Carla (crazygem85): were that much closer to book 4 πŸ™‚
Sarah (Scaniano): That much closer to book 4. Woot! πŸ˜€
Misty: So what were your fav parts of 9 & 10? Like I dont know
recordcozy: Double YAY!
joie: *shakes head* Yahtzee?
Alisha_es: lol. I always liked yahtzee as a kid.
recordcozy: Eric?
Liz (MsLizS): We can play scrabble instead
andiegilmore: ERIC!
MCC18: *swoons @ the growl*
joie: Erics lust for Sookie
balou8900: I heard we are gonna skip from 3 to 5, Carla. Save 4 for last. πŸ™‚
Jenny_Ap: ERIC!
Carla (crazygem85): NO BALOU!!
andiegilmore: Balou, that's not even funny
Alisha_es: the entire blood lust part.
Sarah (Scaniano): *throws a shoe at balou*
Carla (crazygem85): lol
recordcozy: Yeah, that's pretty much all I got. Eric.
Michelle (mherr1979): ERIC!
MCC18: favorite part? Eric killing LS, i think it serves for so much foreshadowing
Carla (crazygem85): fave part….ERIC
Liz (MsLizS): Balou ate one too many special brownies he lost his mind
Misty: and least favorte?
Beth (lilabitblf): in these Chaps.. i like the Fangtasia sequnce… lays it out for the future… plus the look
balou8900: hehehe
Beth (lilabitblf): Balou*SMACK*
Eric of Area 5: Any time I get to kill something is a favorite of mine
recordcozy: Definitely, that's my fave foreshadowing scene, mcc.
andiegilmore: Jason showing up and being a jerk
Pam_Ravenscroft: *shutters at the thought of 'book 4' Eric…*
balou8900: aren't brownies, teacup humans?
truebloodfan001: i am going to slap you…@balou
Alisha_es: Least fav… Sookie listening to people at Merlottes.
Wicked from x.x.x.217 joined the chat
Misty: Pam would you please smack Balou
joie: No balou!
Michelle (mherr1979): the near kiss with Sam
MCC18: least favorite…having to leave the book chat with Eric and Pam
andiegilmore: and poor tina's death
Carla (crazygem85): least fave is sam and sookies almost moment
Eric of Area 5: Now Pam, it's not like you haven't already seen me in the shower.
Jenny_Ap: Lest fav….Tina!
Beth (lilabitblf): Least Fav Sooks reaction to Sam and his horomones
joie: *toe touch* book 4
Carla (crazygem85): agreed MCC
recordcozy: Least favorite was, Tina's death. I agree. I hate when they kill animals.
Pam_Ravenscroft: Misty I would prefer to spank *wink*
balou8900: wooohooo!
joie: agree tina the worst part
andiegilmore: *enjoying mental image of Eric in the shower*
recordcozy: lmao.
Misty: I sure he would prefer that as well
balou8900: I mean…awww…shucks…I'll be good πŸ™‚
Wicked: evening darlings
MCC18: It's like xmas in october…eric in the shower
Carla (crazygem85): im with you andie
joie: *squee* eric in the shower
Jenny_Ap: Good Evening Wicked
Misty: ok did everyone see the post about the costume party that Eric is throwin us?
recordcozy: Any announcements, Misty?
Kris (krisrivera): *fainting* naked eric yummmmmm
Michelle (mherr1979): SQUEE
MCC18: no….
recordcozy: No.
Jenny_Ap: Ah, nope
Darling_Vamp: Did we have a date picked yet?
Liz (MsLizS): yes Misty… saw it last night
Alisha_es: What costume party?
Carla (crazygem85): Costume Party!! Cant wait
Michelle (mherr1979): Nope
balou8900: costume means, not naked, Kris hehehe
Pam_Ravenscroft: Eric I prefer to leave those images in the past. Unless of course I can use them against you *grins*
recordcozy: Someone link it here?
joie: yes we need a date!
Misty: hold on let me find it
Beth (lilabitblf): I thought Friday?
Misty: we need to decide on a night
Darling_Vamp: https://ssbookclub.wordpress.com/2009/10/17/a-special-treat/
joie: Will the party be in Twitter?
Eric of Area 5: I'm sure you'll find something to use them for @Pam
Beth (lilabitblf): *must get copy of Pam's vault*
Carla (crazygem85): friday works for me
MCC18: Can I dress up as Eric's personal bottle of Tru:Blood?
Kris (krisrivera): oh im just imagining eric in the shower is all
andiegilmore: I won't be around this weekend 😦
Misty: thanks dv I am off my game today
Eric of Area 5: MCC, that would not be a way to please me
Darling_Vamp: Friday sounds good; i'm out of town saturday…
Pam_Ravenscroft: @Eric Of course I will *taps temple* The vault, remember.
recordcozy: Awesome.
joie: any date is good for me except the 24th
Michelle (mherr1979): I'm good with friday
recordcozy: Are we doing it Chatzy-style?
Eric of Area 5: I find bottled blood revolting
Beth (lilabitblf): 24th is bad for me too
balou8900: Eric fixing up Fangtasia for the potential arrival of the biggest of the vamps?
Darling_Vamp: *offers neck to the Master*
Misty: Well Eric has not given me a date yet
joie: *squee* its my birthday
joie: friday is better
Kris (krisrivera): of course no bottles for you, eric….you have oodles of willing donors
MCC18: I already offered my neck…I just cant win.
Beth (lilabitblf): to our honored guests here… we do have willing refreshments
Eric of Area 5: Misty, perhaps we will propose more than one date and let the masses decide?
balou8900: see! another thing Eric and I have in common. No bottled blood, dangit! πŸ™‚
Carla (crazygem85): willing donor right here πŸ™‚
recordcozy: Eric gets to choose because it's his lotto. Sigh.
balou8900: happy almost bday joie
andiegilmore: Sorry, did you not see my willing donor necklace?
Misty: ok
Beth (lilabitblf): I thyink chatzy would be good.,.. not in public twitter stream
Carla (crazygem85): whens your bday joie?
Liz (MsLizS): *looking for a femoral artery costume*
Eric of Area 5: We will start the lotto next week. I will have a number prepared and let you guess it
Darling_Vamp: we could use polldaddy and poll the wenches..
joie: aawww thanks balou its coming fast
Wicked: yes Joie, do you have naughty plans for your bday?
recordcozy: Plus it's familiar.
Wicked: I know I have some for you
Carla (crazygem85): lotto!!! yes!!
Misty: but I win by default today
joie: 24th carla
Beth (lilabitblf): Carla *fredericks of hollywood makes them*
joie: *wicked laughter* of course
Eric of Area 5: *wondering why they don't consider dressing as Sookie*
balou8900: better make it a number between 1 and 68..I'm just sayin'…
Liz (MsLizS): lol SEXetary wins
andiegilmore: lol balou
Carla (crazygem85): lol balou!!
Pam_Ravenscroft: *Is dressing as Sookie for Dracula Night this year*
Darling_Vamp: Misty earned her well-deserved bite!
Carla (crazygem85): thanks beth lol
joie: *smoochies* wicked, you are here *huggles*
Misty: LOL Pam
Kris (krisrivera): LOL because we would ALL pick 69!!! good call balou
Darling_Vamp: *claps for Misty* and all her hard work and efforts!
recordcozy: Ha ha ha. Better watch out for him, Pam!
balou8900: lol Pam
Wicked: yes my love I am
Wicked: forgive me if I go a little quiet, you know..vid
MCC18: I did consider dressing as Sookie, but figured that wouldnt go over well. *makes note to buy How To Impress A Vamp For Dummies*
joie: well you have to work on that
balou8900: you read my mind, Kris. Sookie must be rubbing off on ya
Wicked: indeed I do
joie: when is this lotto anyway?
recordcozy: Wait, is it vamp-themed costumes or just Halloween?
Misty: ok so Eric will DM me with some dates, I will post them on the blog and maybe try to set up a voting thing
joie: do we need to wear clothes at all?
Kris (krisrivera): i have a fertile dirty mind balou
Beth (lilabitblf): i thought it was Vamp thememed costumes…
Misty: It is a vampire movie costume party
Carla (crazygem85): lol joie
Darling_Vamp: Awesome theme! luv it.
balou8900: That's why I adore ya Kris
Kris (krisrivera): ❀ ditto
recordcozy: I can work with that, possibly.
Jenny_Ap: Beth The assumption is correct!
joie: vampire movies huh?
balou8900: I believe a dirty mind is a terrible thing to waste, dawgonit
andiegilmore: Great theme!
Michelle (mherr1979): sweet!
Carla (crazygem85): i think i already have a costume picked
Liz (MsLizS): Joie there's naked chicks in vamp movies you are covered!
Liz (MsLizS): lol
Jenny_Ap: Got mine picked out!
joie: so do we have to post what we are wearing for the party lol
Pam_Ravenscroft: I do believe you are right @balou
Misty: did everyone send me their recipes?
joie: me too carla
Kris (krisrivera): hear hear balou!! i know i should use my powers for good…but i cant help but be evil
Liz (MsLizS): recipe?
Eric of Area 5: I must leave now my darlings as I have business to attend to with Sookie.
MCC18: ive been away most of the week packing…what recipes?
joie: do we get kisses Eric?
Sarah (Scaniano): What recipes?
Carla (crazygem85): i send you a few recipes
Kris (krisrivera): not yet misty….computer died today…can i send tomorrow?
Misty: Eric will you DM me some dates
Jenny_Ap: Have a good Evening Sheriff!
Liz (MsLizS): Nite Sheriff *blows kiss*
MCC18: Goodnight Eric xx
recordcozy: Goodnight Eric!
Kris (krisrivera): i'm on a borrowed one now
Carla (crazygem85): Eric, you will be missed!!
Sarah (Scaniano): Goodnight Sheriff. Thanks so much for joining us!
balou8900: Time for me to fly too. Thanks to you both, Eric and Pam. Fun to have you join us and hope you continue.
Kris (krisrivera): Good night Lover
andiegilmore: Have a good evening Eric!
Misty: Thank you for coming Eric
Darling_Vamp: Good Night.
Alisha_es: Good night Sheriff!
joie: *smoochies* much love
riverdragon169: Good night sheriff!
recordcozy: We'll be here SQUEEing.
Eric of Area 5: I will not be far.
Beth (lilabitblf): fair evening Eric! It has been a pleasure talking with you
Michelle (mherr1979): Night Eric!
Sarah (Scaniano): Night balou πŸ™‚
balou8900: I do not squee….well much anyway
Liz (MsLizS): Nite Balou!
Eric of Area 5: I assure you I will attend whenever my schedule allows.
joie: lol balou sure you squee
Jenny_Ap: Nite Balou
MCC18: Thank you for joining us!
Carla (crazygem85): night balou
Kris (krisrivera): night night balou
Darling_Vamp: Night Balou
joie: night balou
MCC18: Nite balou xx
Beth (lilabitblf): Night Balou
Kris (krisrivera): 11:11 make a wish
recordcozy: Bye balou.
andiegilmore: I must go as well! Awesome chat tonight!
Carla (crazygem85): Well we look forward to future visits Eric
Misty: nite balou
balou8900: *kisses to the ladies…high five to the sheriff* c'ya
Kris (krisrivera): *wishing for a naked eric*
recordcozy: *Wishes for more Eric*
riverdragon169: it's only 10:11 for me 😦
Sarah (Scaniano): NIght andie πŸ™‚
Eric of Area 5: *stopping beside Misty to kiss her before leaving* I'll save the bite for later *wink*
recordcozy: lol
Michelle (mherr1979): night balou, andie
Carla (crazygem85): Lucky girl Misty!!
Liz (MsLizS): nite andie
balou8900 from x.x.x.70 left the chat 2 seconds ago
andiegilmore: Night all *hugs*
Carla (crazygem85): night andie
Sarah (Scaniano): lol
MCC18: I need to head out too…will someone email me about the recipe thing? MCC18@vikingwenches.com
joie: *sighs* yes misty is very lucky
Sarah (Scaniano): Night MCC πŸ™‚
Beth (lilabitblf): SQEEEEEEEEE for Misty
Carla (crazygem85): night MCC
Kris (krisrivera): Night MCC
riverdragon169: Night all!
Misty: I need recipes for a fundraiser email me any that you have
recordcozy: Yay for SQUEE.
Jenny_Ap: Nite MCC
Michelle (mherr1979): Night, MCC
Beth (lilabitblf): night MCC
Liz (MsLizS): Nite MCC
Pam_Ravenscroft: I believe Eric's departure is my cue.
joie: okies, I'm heading out of the chat *smoochies* love y'all
Darling_Vamp: @riverdragon Chats are 8 – 10 central
Misty: ssbookclub@vikingwenches.com
MCC18: Goodnight everyone, much love and sweet dreams to you all xx
Pam_Ravenscroft: Thank you for the invitation *fangy grin*
Alisha_es: Good night everyone! I'm heading out too. Thanks for all the fun!
Liz (MsLizS): Nite Pam!
MCC18 from x.x.x.25 left the chat
Beth (lilabitblf): we wish a good Evening Pam and happy hunting!
Sarah (Scaniano): Night Pam!
Misty: Thanks Pam
Kris (krisrivera): good night pa
Liz (MsLizS): Nite Joie *hugs*
Wicked from x.x.x.217 left the chat 3 seconds ago
Kris (krisrivera): m
recordcozy: Yeah, I think we all leave when Eric and Pam do!
Jenny_Ap: Good Nite Pam!
Alisha_es: Good night Pam!
Carla (crazygem85): Pam it was a pleasure having you here tonight
Liz (MsLizS): True RC
recordcozy: So me also.
Liz (MsLizS): nite all
Carla (crazygem85): Nite Joie!!
recordcozy: Goodnight Pam and all!
Sarah (Scaniano): I'm not leaving until I find about about this recipe thing.
Darling_Vamp: Night all!
recordcozy from x.x.x.237 left the chat
Beth (lilabitblf): well it is past our scheduled time
Kris (krisrivera): well, i am happy i got a borrowed laptop….this has been an epic chat
Jenny_Ap: Beth!
Beth (lilabitblf): Jenny πŸ™‚
Michelle (mherr1979): I've got a paper to work on…night everyone!
Jenny_Ap: I almost 99 % it was him
Carla (crazygem85): glad you were able to make it Kris
Misty: Sarah my daughters school is asking for recipes for a fundraiser. If you have any you want to share email them to me & I will really apprecaite it
Kris (krisrivera): me too Carla!!!
Beth (lilabitblf): Its going to drive me buggy!!!
Jenny_Ap: Should we say?
Sarah (Scaniano): Okay, cool, will do. How many would you like?
Beth (lilabitblf): i think we should ask to see if everyone thinks like we do
Sarah (Scaniano): Ask what, Beth?
Jenny_Ap: Did anyone even notice?
Misty: they have not had many contributions & they are trying to put together a recipe book to sell so I need anything i can get
Beth (lilabitblf): Wicked…
Jenny_Ap: Who Wicked was
Beth (lilabitblf): πŸ™‚
Sarah (Scaniano): Ok, Misty. Which email addy?
Kris (krisrivera): no…what did i miss? who is wicked?
Sarah (Scaniano): I saw Wicked…..but was on the phone last half of the convo. Who was it?
Misty: ssbookclub@vikingwenches.com is up now so you can use that
Carla (crazygem85): Yes, who do we think wicked was?
Misty: who is wicked?
Sarah (Scaniano): Ok, great. I'll have some to you tomorrow. πŸ™‚
Jenny_Ap: I think it was @EricNorthman
Beth (lilabitblf): we (jeeny and I) think it was the other Eric…
Misty: thanks
Kris (krisrivera): why?
Sarah (Scaniano): Oooo, why do you think that?
Misty: you think? Why?
Carla (crazygem85): hes on twitter now. ask him
Beth (lilabitblf): unless it was the author from the Wicked books…
Jenny_Ap: Read back what he said and what he wrote to Joie
Misty: no he just dm'ed me
Jenny_Ap: and he said he didn't?
Beth (lilabitblf): who DMed @Eric_of Area5 or @EricNorthman?
Misty: he said its 10 & he just got home & asked if it was over now
Jenny_Ap: Well, okay
Beth (lilabitblf): hmmm
Sarah (Scaniano): Huh, I just read what Wicked posted….it is not something a regular chatter would type.
Jenny_Ap: Still not buying it Beth?
Beth (lilabitblf): ok back to drawing board on who is Wicked and why they joined at 11 EST
Jenny_Ap: EXACTLY Sarah
Beth (lilabitblf): which timezone is @EricNorthman normally?
Jenny_Ap: ???
Misty: but joie seemed to know them as soon as they came in
Sarah (Scaniano): True
Misty: its 10 where I am
Jenny_Ap: I DMed Joie
Jenny_Ap: not heard back
Misty: as soon as wicked came in joie said wicked you made it
Beth (lilabitblf): good point
Jenny_Ap: I don't know
Sarah (Scaniano): It's weird, to be sure.
Beth (lilabitblf): i also think we should not use GP for good point anymore
Jenny_Ap: Well, that is what I thought
Jenny_Ap: Yeah don't like it either
Misty: I had to juggle Erics as it is
Beth (lilabitblf): it is tough working with the Erics…
Jenny_Ap: Agreed! LOL
Kris (krisrivera): alright chickadees i'm turning in for the night
Kris (krisrivera): kisses
Kris (krisrivera): hugs
Beth (lilabitblf): night Kris!
Jenny_Ap: It was interesting to see this Eric interact with the other Pam
Jenny_Ap: Bye Kris
Misty: yes it was
Kris (krisrivera): and inapproprite touches from me to you ❀
Beth (lilabitblf): RPing is fun
Jenny_Ap: Do they do that much?
Beth (lilabitblf): it was ther first time i saw it…
Beth (lilabitblf): but VampHadley seems to be jumping crews too
Jenny_Ap: Really? I thought it was going to be akward
Jenny_Ap: But glad it worked out
Beth (lilabitblf): it normally does… πŸ™‚
Jenny_Ap: So what are the rules to this party
Jenny_Ap: Sorry everything was going so fast
truebloodfan001: people still here?
Beth (lilabitblf): yes we are πŸ™‚
Jenny_Ap: Okay Beth, found out
Jenny_Ap: NOT HIM
Beth (lilabitblf): ah hah ok then
Misty: ok. I have a cried all day headache and am exhausted. I am going to bed.
Jenny_Ap: Feel Better Misty
Jenny_Ap: Again sorry for your loss
Sarah (Scaniano): Hey Misty…..is it alright if I type the recipes in Word 2007 and send them as an attachment?
Beth (lilabitblf): Misty… you did good today…
Misty: that would be perfect b/c I am going to print them and drop them off
Jenny_Ap: Thanks Misty again for everything!
Sarah (Scaniano): Ok. I'm so sorry for your family's loss. Get some rest. πŸ™‚
Misty: thanks for your kind thoughts


~ by ssbookclub on October 19, 2009.

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