A Date with a Viking

  • Here is Crazygem85 date with EricNorthman. Enjoy!!!

EricNorthman: @crazygem85 *knocks*

crazygem85:@EricNorthman *checks myself one last time in the mirror. deep breath and opens door* Hello there!! You are looking quite handsome tonight!

EricNorthman: @crazygem85 *bends to kiss your cheek and offers arm* And you are looking delectable yourself.

@crazygem85:@EricNorthman *blushes* Why thank you! Im glad you like!

EricNorthman: @crazygem85 I believe the first activity you mentioned was people-watching, but have you eaten supper yet

crazygem85:@EricNorthman Well since you ask, no i have not eaten tonight. What did you have in mind?

EricNorthman: @crazygem85 If you’re hungry, I would be happy to take you to dinner first. Where would you like to go?

crazygem85:@EricNorthman Awww…youre so sweet! There is this great restaurant Ive been dying 2 try. Its called Volt!! I would love it if u took me 🙂

EricNorthman: @crazygem85 Then we’ll go there. *lifts you up* Can you show me the way from the air?

crazygem85:@EricNorthman I believe I can. Its not too far *grabs ahold tightly and smiles*

Crazygem85:Flying through the night sky with @EricNorthman. The view up here is amazing!!

ErinNorthman: @crazygem85 *lands, sets you down, and smooths your windblown hair* Ready to eat? *grins*

crazygem85:@EricNorthman *get chills as he brushes his hand against my head, fixing my hair* Thank you! I am, shall we go inside? *smiles*

EricNorthman: @crazygem85 Order whatever you like. *to the waiter* A TruBlood for me. O pos.

crzaygem85:@EricNorthman Thank u! *to the waiter* a glass of pinot noir please, & ill start with the spinach salad. So how are you this evening, Eric?

EricNorthman: @crazygem85 Astonishingly well for a dead man. *grins* And you?

crazygem85:@EricNorthman *laughs* I’m wonderful! How could I not be? I mean, I am sitting her with you. *blushes*

EricNorthman: @crazygem85 This is true. *laughs* Where did you have in mind for us to people-watch? I am generally unfamiliar with Annapolis.

Crazygem85:@EricNorthman *smiles* I was thinking Main st. Its beautiful there &right by the water & there will be plenty of people to keep us laughing.

EricNorthman: @crazygem85 You wont be too cold?

crazygem85:@EricNorthman I think I’ll be ok. But if i get cold, I’m sure you’ll help keep me warm right?

EricNorthman: @crazygem85 It would be my pleasure. *winks* What will you have for your main course? *sips TruBlood*

crzaygem85:@EricNorthman I think I’m going to go with the lamb. But I admit, I do feel guilty eating in front of u when all u have is a TruBlood

EricNorthman: @crazygem85 Is the lamb good? It looks very tender. I remember the taste of lamb.

crazygem85:Staring @EricNorthman and cannot get this silly grin off my face. And thinking “Man he’s hot!”

crazygem85:@EricNorthman *takes a bite of the lamb* Its delicious! *smiles* Are there many things you miss from your time as a human?

EricNorthman: @crazygem85 I miss the taste of different foods – and beer. *grins*

crazygem85:@EricNorthman Aww, yes! I can see myself missing the taste of beer! Is that all?

EricNorthman: @crazygem85 Every vampire sometimes misses the sun. *smiles* Do you have room for dessert?

crazygem85:@EricNorthman Yes, the sun! I would def would miss those days laying out & getting a tan. *smiles* I think I’ll pass on dessert, but thank u

EricNorthman: @crazygem85 In that case, my pet, *winks*;We’ll be on our way to Main Street. *pays the check and escorts you outside*

crazygem85:@EricNorthman Your pet, huh? I think I like that *winks* Main St it is! It has gotten a bit chilly out here, hasnt it? Oh & thanks 4 dinner!

EricNorthman: @crazygem85 *takes off coat and drapes it over your shoulders* That should help, and I certainly don’t need it. *grins*

crazygem85:@EricNorthman It certainly does help. Thank you *smiles*

EricNorthman: @crazygem85 *picks you up and lifts into the air*

crazygem85:Grabs on tightly as @EricNorthman carries me through the air. *man does he smell good*

EricNorthman: @crazygem85 *lands beside the water and guides you to a bench* Let the people-watching commence!

crazygem85:@EricNorthman Flying through the air with you will never getsold!! I so enjoy the ride! And now its time to people-watch, fun!!

crazygem85:@EricNorthman Do you see that guy to the left of us? He’s like 50 & wearing pink spandex pants!! lol!

EricNorthman: @crazygem85 Did you expect so many people to look at you that way for sitting with one of my kind?

crazygems85:@EricNorthman You know I didnt! Let them stare! They are all just jealous!!

crazygem85: @EricNorthman Does it bother you that these mere humans are staring at us with disapproval? Because i could not care less *smiles*

EricNorthman: @crazygem85 They amuse me, nothing more. Are you ready to fly above the capital

crazygem85: @EricNorthman They sure cant stop staring at you. But i really cant blame them, cuz neither can i *smiles* Flying with you? Im always ready

EricNorthman: @crazygem85 I think we’d be more comfortable atop the Lincoln Memorial, don’t you?

crazygem85: @EricNorthman I’d have to agree. The Lincoln Memorial is a great spot to admire the city! It will be nice being up there alone with you

EricNorthman: @crazygem85 *lands and steadies you on your feet* A magnificent view, isn’t it?

crazygem85: @EricNorthman *looking into Eric’s eyes” Wow you truly are gorgeous. *stutters* I mean the view up here is absolutely breathtaking *blushes*

EricNorthman: @crazygem85 *smiles and offers hand* Walk with me to sit on the edge… unless you’re afraid of heights, of course

crazygem85: @EricNorthman *puts my hand in erics hand and grabs a hold tightly* With you here, heights dont bother me a bit!


EricNorthman Admiring the city from above with @crazygem85 

crazygem85 Admiring the city in the arms of @EricNorthman. This is a good spot to be *smiles*

EricNorthman Enjoying the rest of my evening alone with @crazygem85. Good night, all

crazygem85:Spending the rest of my evening alone with @EricNorthman *winks*


~ by ssbookclub on October 21, 2009.

3 Responses to “A Date with a Viking”

  1. *giggles* I wanna know what happened in private *jealous*

  2. I second joie…

  3. A girl never kisses and tells 😉

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