The First TrueBlood Barbie Twitter Tuesday

ssbookclub:Are you ready for TrueBlood Barbie Twitter Tuesday? We begin all the way back in season 2. A bomb has just exploded all over Vampire Stans house. We see Malibu@SookieBonTemps on the floor …

sumerbreez:*Fairytopia @SookieBonTemps finds herself underneath PaleAss Malibu @EricNorthman Ken* I can’t breathe… you weigh a ton

sumerbreez:*@SookieBonTemps Barbie calls out for her brother* Jason? Jason?

sumerbreez:*@SookieBonTemps Barbie tries to push PaleAss @EricNorthman off her* UGH!

sumerbreez:*@SookieBonTemps Barbie sees that Jason Ken is okay but still has a big lug of a Viking laying on top of her*

ssbookclub:*PaleAss @EricNorthman Kens doll “I had to shield you” *rolls off of Fairytopia @SookieBonTemps. Cough cough*

ssbookclub:Paleass @EricNorthman rolls off fairytopia@SookieBonTemps points to bloody chest

sumerbreez:*@SookieBonTemps Barbie looks at PaleAss @EricNorthman like he has 4 heads* Heal yourself!

ssbookclub:Pale Ass @EricNorthman says weakly ” I can’t heal myself…. silver” *head falls back eyes close cough cough*

sumerbreez:*@SookieBonTemps Barbie rolls her yes* Yeah right *sees that he is serious* Oh Fudge are you serious? *@SookieBonTemps barbie gets up to get Godric* I’ll get Godric! *PaleAss @EricNorthman grabs her arms*

ssbookclub:*Pale Ass @EricNorthman Ken doll “No time…. you have to suck it out” head falls back again. groans softly*

sumerbreez:*@SookieBonTemps barbie looks around* No @PaleAss @EricNorthman! I can’t that is like grody to the max!!! Totally!

ssbookclub:Pale Ass @EricNorthman Ken doll “Sookie, I am dying

sumerbreez:*SookieBonTemps barbie groans* Oh son of a mother *bending @SookieBonTemps Barbie down 2 PaleAss @EricNorthman, making loud sucking noise*


sumerbreez: *@SookieBonTemps Barbie spits out teeny tiny bullet* Ptooey! Got it!!!

ssbookclub:Pale Ass @EricNorthman Ken doll “Now the other one” Pulls down shirt to reveal a plastic sculpted bloody chest.

ssbooklcub:PaleAss @EricNorthman Ken Doll ” Sookie I AM DYING Please” *Sad puppy dog eyes*

sumerbreez:*@SookieBonTemps Barbie looks @ PaleAss @EricNorthman & considers if she should just let him croak right there but she doesn’t* SUCKYSOOKIE

ssbookclub:Pale Ass @EricNorthman is laying on the ground being sucked by Fairytopia @SookieBonTemps and loving it. Smiles when she is not looking

sumerbreez:*Fairytopia @SookieBonTemps Barbie gags as she rubs her plastic pink lips all over PaleAss @EricNorthman‘s bullet*

ssbookclub:Pale Ass @EricNorthman Ken doll ignores the gags because he know she loves it

sumerbreez:*@SookieBonTemps Barbie keeps suckin’ like a little dirt Devil*

balou8900:pale ass @vampirebill ken doll: What are you doing? *pale ass yet plastic miffed look

sumerbreez:*@SookieBonTemps Barbie looks up at PaleAss @VampireBill Ken as she spits out bullet* I saved him I sucked his bullets out! Saved his life!

ssbookclub:PaleAss @EricNorthman smiles at PaleAss @vampirebill like I own him and smiles “she was superb”

balou8900:pale ass @vampirebill ken doll: Eric was in no danger *plastic pale ass eye roll…still miffed*

balou8900:pale ass @vampirebill ken doll: He was already healing…

balou8900:pale ass @vampirebill ken doll: The bullets would have pushed themselves out *pale ass plastic glare*

sumerbreez:*@SookeBonTemps Barbie looks up at PaleAss @VampireBill* And i didn’t even want to do it!

balou8900:pale ass @vampirebill ken doll: This way, he’s forced you to drink his blood.

sumerbreez:*@SookieBonTemps Barbie turns her head all the way around* He WHAT??? *her head accidentally pops off and I squish it back on*

Balou8900:pale ass @vampirebill ken doll: You’re connected *makes plastic finger circle and pokes it with plastic index finger…eye waggle*

sumerbreez:*carefully turning @SookieBonTemps‘s head back and forth* No No No No *as she screams she also thinks “I could have had a V-8!”*

sumerbreez:*grabbing @SookieBonTemps Barbie and grabbing her head & pointing it toward PaleAss @EricNorthman* Yer an ass & I will never help you again!

ssbookclub:PaleAss @EricNorthman Ken Doll adjusting his shirt over his plastic chest after a good Fairytopia @SookieBonTemps sucking “just a tiny lie”

ssbookclub:PaleAss @EricNorthman is dancing while PaleAss @vampirebill glares at me. “damn my leg fell off” fixing leg. that is so embarrassing!

balou8900:pale ass @vampirebill ken doll: He’ll be able to sense your emotions…

ssbookclub:*Pale Ass @EricNorthman Ken doll smiles* “why Pale Ass Bill I believe you are right. I can believe I can sense her emotions just fine.

sumerbreez:*throwing my Fairytopis @SookieBonTemps Barbie’s head at PaleAss Malibu @EricNorthman Ken* MONSTER!!!!

ssbookclub:Pale Ass @EricNorthman catches Fairytopia @SookieBonTemps head and puts it in my pocket “My little bulletsucker”

balou8900:pale ass @vampirebill ken doll pulls *sand out of hair* which teacup human left me in the sandbox overnight *plastic FANGS*

ssbookclub:PaleAss @ericnorthman Ken doll reattaches leg and dances away. Smiling & singing ” I gotta feeling, that tonights gonna be a good night”

ssbookclub:Thank you all for attending the first TrueBlood Barbie Twitter Tuesday. We hope you enjoyed it. Thanks @sumerbreez & @Balou8900 great job

sumerbreez:And that concludes TRUEBLOOD BARBIE TWITTER TUESDAY.Thanks to PaleAss Malibu @EricNorthman Ken, Fairytopia @SookieBonTemps Barbie, & PaleAss Malibu @VampireBill Ken for giving so freely! 🙂 *standing next to @ssbookclub & @Balou8900 * Thanks you all! *bowing*

sumerbreez:And let us not forget to thank TrueBlood Twitter Thursday and all the TrueBlood Twitterers for giving us inspiration! We hope to have more fun in the future… the Bon Temps Barbies are an talented group! 😉


~ by ssbookclub on October 21, 2009.

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  1. LMAO!

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