Sumerbreez’s date with a Viking

Here are the details of @Sumerbreez’s date with @Ericnorthman

@EricNorthman:Preparing to meet @sumerbreez.

@EricNorthman:@sumerbreez *knocks*

sumerbreez@EricNorthman ACK!! Just a minute… *running around looking for other shoe* Shit!!!

sumerbreez@EricNorthman *running to door as I tie my shoe and hoping he thinks I am hot*

@EricNorthman:@sumerbreez *laughs and waits to be asked in*

sumerbreez@EricNorthman Ummm hi come in… uhhh excuse the mess… I am always like this!

sumerbreez@EricNorthman *twirling around* You likey my outfit?

@EricNorthman:@sumerbreez Stunning!

sumerbreez@EricNorthman *kicking magazines out of the way* Ummm I didn’t have time to clean… umm I’m a bit of a hoarder

@EricNorthman:@sumerbreez Would you like to go to Fangtasia first, or straight to Paris?

sumerbreez@EricNorthman So you know I was thinking… why travel when we can take in the culture here in Bradenton… do you mind?

@EricNorthman:@sumerbreez This is most unusual, but your wish is my command.

@EricNorthman:@sumerbreez You prefer your own town to Paris? *grins* If that is what you wish…

sumerbreez@EricNorthman Now I know you are used to driving in style so I pulled out the classic car. jump in and I’ll drive!

sumerbreez@EricNorthman Or we could go to Pareeeee 😉

@EricNorthman:@sumerbreez Lead the way, my pet

sumerbreez@EricNorthman YAY!!!

sumerbreez@EricNorthman First let’s go to the beach!

sumerbreez@EricNorthman *looking over at you while we ride in the old jalopy* So how was your… err… *drowning in yer eyes and swerving all over*

@EricNorthman:@sumerbreez Careful, now. You are mortal. *winks*

sumerbreez@EricNorthman ACK!! *missing curb* STOP LOOKING SO DAMN HOT

@EricNorthman:@sumerbreez *makes silly face* Does this help?

sumerbreez@EricNorthman *looking at yer silly face and still feeling hot under my non-existent collar* DAMN YOU MAN! *pulling into parking area*

sumerbreez@EricNorthman Let’s check out the restaurant over here.. it’s great!

@EricNorthman:@sumerbreez Ah, charming. *grins*

sumerbreez@EricNorthman *pulling you out of the jalopy* Jeez Yer as slow as an old man!

sumerbreez@EricNorthman I know you don’t eat but I am starving…

@EricNorthman:@sumerbreez Oh, I can eat. *licks fangs* Just not here.

sumerbreez@EricNorthman Don’t you go teasin’ me mister! *standing on step to give you a peck on the cheek* There’s more where that came from! 😉

@EricNorthman:@sumerbreez I certainly hope so. After you.

sumerbreez@EricNorthman Umm there’s no fancy falutin’ guy to seat us so let’s hit the deck and eat outside! *pulling you along*

@EricNorthman:@sumerbreez *pushes your chair in*

@EricNorthman:@sumerbreez What are your plans for after you eat the gourmet fare here?

sumerbreez@EricNorthman This one looks good and we can watch the boats pull up… just smell that boat exhaust! Makes me all romanticy n stuff! 😉

sumerbreez@EricNorthman There’s nothing like a little boat exhaust to get you in the mood! *swoon*

@EricNorthman:@sumerbreez And here I thought I was the one making you… romanticky.

sumerbreez@EricNorthman Well I was thinking we’d walk along the beach afterwards… get some ice cream…. do some shots… suck face… what ya say?

@EricNorthman:@sumerbreez I’m always in the mood.

sumerbreez@EricNorthman Now stop that or I might have to have my way with you on the dock right here in front of the band!

@EricNorthman:@sumerbreez I’d say that’s an offer I can’t refuse

@EricNorthman:@sumerbreez *devilish grin* Would that be so terrible?

sumerbreez@EricNorthman no that would be freaking hot as hell but well a girl needs to eat too!

sumerbreez@EricNorthman *waving to waitress* Does she not see me sitting here with the hottest guy around? Sheesh

sumerbreez@EricNorthman *ordering oysters, escargot, mozzarella sticks, and clam chowder to start*

@EricNorthman:@sumerbreez That will smell charming.

sumerbreez@EricNorthman So Eric… might I call you Eric or should I call you Mr. Magnificent?

@EricNorthman:@sumerbreez Call me whatever you like

sumerbreez@EricNorthman Ok… So Honey Bunches of Oats… how does it feel to have such a devoted admirer?

@EricNorthman:@sumerbreez It feels like pink spandex

@EricNorthman:@sumerbreez In a manner of speaking… *grins*

sumerbreez@EricNorthman *laughing and spitting out my drink* HA HA HA HA I am like warm pink spandex around yer gracious plenty!

@EricNorthman:@sumerbreez How does it feel to be a devoted admirer?

sumerbreez@EricNorthman It feels like the biggest softest cloud ever or cotton candy… not sure… but back to you… Tell me something I don’t know!

@EricNorthman:@sumerbreez I learned how to knit in the 1840s.

sumerbreez@EricNorthman *smiling at you with my twinkling eyes* So do you believe in long, slow, deep, soft, wet kisses that last three days?

@EricNorthman:@sumerbreez I believe in – and excel in – every kind of kiss

@EricNorthman:@sumerbreez All in good time. *sips TruBlood*

sumerbreez@EricNorthman *munching on oysters and escargot* Damn this is good… do you miss eating? *telling waitress to add some grouper & fries*

sumerbreez@EricNorthman *watching your mouth as you talk in very slow motion and thinking about the good night kiss* Where’s the ticket! Let’s go!

sumerbreez@EricNorthman *squirting ketchup and swirling fries around in it* So what would you like to know about me? *munching on fries*

@EricNorthman:@sumerbreez Tell me about your work

sumerbreez@EricNorthman Well that is a touchy subject. Right now I work as an accounting manager for a family business & also run the computer network.But soon the family business will be closing and I will be looking for work. i would love to get back into web design again

sumerbreez@EricNorthman I do freelance some though 😉

@EricNorthman:@sumerbreez I see

sumerbreez@EricNorthman And then there is the whole @EricNorthman Devotion Center 😉

@EricNorthman:@sumerbreez I look forward to seeing that completed. *grins*

sumerbreez@EricNorthman Well it was supposed to be open already but damn the county and their permits!!! But it will open soon!

sumerbreez@EricNorthman If you could have one wish fulfilled tonight, what would it be?

@EricNorthman:@sumerbreez Perhaps a kiss from my most devoted admirer?

sumerbreez@EricNorthman *slow smile* Oh really? *grabbing Colgate Wisp and running to the ladies room at almost vamp speed and back to table* Now?

@EricNorthman:@sumerbreez Not here

sumerbreez@EricNorthman *bright eyes* Where?

@EricNorthman:@sumerbreez You mentioned a walk on the beach…?

sumerbreez@EricNorthman Yes. Let’s blow is popsicle stand! *rubbing hands together* Have I mentioned lately that I adore you?

@EricNorthman:@sumerbreez *escorts you out*

sumerbreez@EricNorthman *walking along the beach listening to the tide ebb and flow* So glad it’s not ride tide! Dead fish aren’t as nice as dead men

@EricNorthman:@sumerbreez Are you saying that I’m nice? Because I’m not. *smiles*

sumerbreez@EricNorthman You’re not? I don’t believe it for a second!

@EricNorthman:@sumerbreez Oh, believe it

sumerbreez@EricNorthman *looking up at you with my twinkling green eyes* I don’t

sumerbreez@EricNorthman Or maybe it’s my skin that is twinkling not sure

@EricNorthman:@sumerbreez *draws very very close* What would I have to do to convince you?

sumerbreez@EricNorthman *taking your hand and walking along the beach*

@EricNorthman:@sumerbreez Really? *moves in closer* No idea?

sumerbreez@EricNorthman *slowly moving head back and forth* Ummm… *slight smile* No….?about 3 hours ago

sumerbreez@EricNorthman *feeling weak in the knees as I stare into your eyes* Wha.. uhh..*sucking in air* What … I don’t … I can’t imagine…

@EricNorthman:@sumerbreez *draws back suddenly* Oh well, then. Maybe I’m nice after all. *devilish grin*

sumerbreez@EricNorthman *punching you in the arm* OH YOU

@EricNorthman:@sumerbreez *keeps grinning* Something wrong, my pet?

sumerbreez@EricNorthman *pouting* YES! You see I was hoping… no actually I visited a voodoo queen in NOLA and got a kiss spell! It’s not working

@EricNorthman:@sumerbreez A spell? You don’t need that. *pulls you closer* You only have to ask.

sumerbreez@EricNorthman Mother may I.. Ummm Simon Says You should give @sumerbreez one flippin’ earth-shattering toe-curling hair-straightenin’ kiss!

@EricNorthman:@sumerbreez *does just that*

sumerbreez@EricNorthman *opening my eyes as I float back down to the ground* Why Mr. Northman you aren’t a bad guy… but I won’t tell too many people

sumerbreez@EricNorthman *looking up at the man in the moon* Well it’s almost time for my coach to turn into a pumpkin

@EricNorthman:@sumerbreez Yes. I will say good night to everyone here and take you home

sumerbreez@EricNorthman One last request before we get back on the jalopy… Can you call me pet again? 😉

@EricNorthman:@sumerbreez Of course, my pet. *winks*

sumerbreez@EricNorthman *flying down the road in the old jalopy to my house* Well my dear, the night must end. *frown*

  EricNorthman:@sumerbreez It was my privilege.

sumerbreez@EricNorthman *whispers* Next time, Paris 🙂

@EricNorthman:@sumerbreez Absolutely

 sumerbreez Retiring with @EricNorthman (because what you do in Florida) *wink*


EricNorthman:Spending the remaining time with @sumerbreez.




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