#VikingWenches + NOLA = …..

Ask yourselves a question, what do you get when you have #VikingWenches and NOLA (New Orleans, LA)?

Answer.  An EXCELLENT time together.

That is correct! The #VikingWenches are looking to meet in NOLA for a fabulous long weekend in March/April timeframe. This will be a great opportunity for us to put a face with the twitter name and some good times just being together (Hello French Quarter and Bourbon St!!!). As there will be drinking, we will need to keep this trip to the 21+ attendees

Imagine it, walking this historic town, the lights, the music, the thrum of N’awlins! A possible vampire siting? Who knows, in this city anything can be possible

I have been in contact with a few hotels and prices look to be averaging around $255/night before taxes (prices vary between establishments) for rooms with 2 double beds. We would be able to sleep 4 to a room to help share the costs (if you would prefer to sleep in a bed alone, your cost of the room will cover the differences). If we have enough of us going, we might be able to get a group rate.

As most of us will need to fly to get to NOLA, we would need to coordinate our travel arrangements. Again, depending on the number of us going, I am not averse having a travel agent step in to help plan the flights.

So who is interested? 🙂

To say YES, YES! I want to be NOLA Bound or if you are interested but need to think on it; please email me at lilabitblf@vikingwenches.com by Nov 11, 2009 with #VWGW NOLA in your subject line. I ask to have responses by Nov 11th so i can see if we do qualify for a group rate.

(NOTE… for those who are interested but need to think about it I will need a final answer early December)

Your email should include

Full name/twitter name:

Location you would be traveling from:

How you will be traveling:

Prefered weekend (choices are 3/19 -3/22, 3/26-3/29, or 4/9-4/12). This would depend on if we are looking F-M, F-Su, or Sa-M for our weekend. Depending on the responses will determine some of the festivities.

If you would like to please include sleeping preferences (single, or sharing).

I hope you are as excited as I am and I hope to meet y’all real soon!

Laissez Les Bon Temps Rouler!!


Woo hoo! I received RSVPs for 15 “Yes” and 4 who are interested.

We have passed the RSVP deadline of Nov 11 and will not be able to accept anymore inquiries as lodging negotiations are taking place based on the current number.

After looking at the prices for the the weekends and your responses, we are looking to be in NOLA the last weekend in March (25th-29th).  This is so those who are flying can take advantage of the cheaper flights on Thursday. It will be fine if you are driving and arrive on Friday, though it will be great if you can arrive on Thursday 🙂

On an excellent recomendation from Cindy and Cat, we have been reserching houses to rent for our weekend. This will help cut our costs a bit  (now looking to be around $70 per night per person)  and we are also guaranteed to be together. I hope to have housing location locked down by Dec 1.

Please let me know if you need to change your mind or have any questions


~ by B on November 1, 2009.

2 Responses to “#VikingWenches + NOLA = …..”

  1. Oh this sounds so fun but I will be in Europe!! Aaahhh! Maybe I’ll be back and meet up with #vikingwenches at ComicCon!!

  2. This does sound like an awesome adventure! Unfortunately, I can only fly out for one event each year and I’m already summoned to ComicCon as well! Whomever does go to NOLA, I’m so sure you’ll all have a blast! It’s outrageous meeting everyone you’ve formed connections with!

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