TrueBlood barbie Twitter Tuesday 11/03/09

And now introducing TrueBlood Barbie Twitter Tuesday.

The cast:

 SookieBarbie ( played by ssbookclub)

 PaleAssEric (played by Sumerbreez)

 PaleAssPam (played by MCC18)

PaleAssChow (played by MCC18)

 Tonights story begins with @PaleAssBill telling @sookieBarbie he’s going to “Seattle”

@PaleAssBill tells her he is on a secret assignment from the Queen Of LA. If something should happen to him he wants her to hide his compter

@paleAssBill tells her that if he is gone for more than 8 weeks to tell @paleasseric everything and give him the computer.
 Soon after Bill leaves Bubba shows up to protect @sookiebarbie and kills a Were that attacks her. Bubba is very proud of himself. Go Bubba
 @PaleassPam shows up and explains that @paleassbill has gone missing. Sookie cannot handle all the info so she goes home to get some peace
 The next day@sookiebarbie checks the hidey hole and Bils stuff is there. She goes back to bed and that is where our story starts
 *in bed alseep. Feels @palessbill cold, hard body next to mine. Start to undo pant. He smells different. Opens eyes * WTF?????!!!!
 It’s me. *evil grin*
 *plastic eye roll* @paleasseric what are you doing here?
 *snuggling @SookieBarbie
 @PaleAssEric You SOB I thought you were @paleassBill I thought he was back!!!
 *removing arm and beating twitter* Oh.. *replacing arm and pretending to sniff for the human’s sake* Sookie, you need a shower!
 *smells armpits* What???!!!!!!
 *hides stinky breath* Its not like I care what you think
 *nudging @SookieBarbie* Go get up *leering at her Barbie butt as she stumbles out of bed
 Why? You’re not the boss of me. *feels him looking at my plastic butt*
 *refuses to get out of bed to defy @PaleAssEric *
 *glaring at @SookieBarbie* You must.. because we have to talk and I am pretty sure you do not want to have a long conversation in bed with
 me. Not that I have an objection to being in bed with you *pressing my gracious plenty toward @SookieBarbie*
 but I’d enjoy it more if I were with the hygienic Sookie I’ve come to know *evil grin*
 *jumps out of bed almost vamp speed. Showers, dress, throws brush, curses Bill. Goes back into bedroom wearing ugly ass Chritsmas sweater. *
 sitting on @SookieBarbie‘s porch thinking about the gorgeous pair of plastic Jimmy Choo’s I bought earlier on eBay…*
 *Glares @PaleAssEric still n my bedroom
 *waiting for @PaleAssEric to get @SookieBarbie and checking out my awesome tats…and no I’m not the guy from GLEE* … *fangs*
 *sitting here looking delicious* Oh @SookieBarbie Can @PaleAssPam & @PaleAssChow come in?
 *walks downstairs into living room and tells @PaleAssPam & @paleassChow to come in. Warm up True Bloods for them. Gran raised me right.
 *looking around @SookieBarbie‘s house thinking she could really use a trip to IKEA* This is, quaint.
 @SookieBarbie *nods*
 *pulling off leg and stabbing twitter*
 *sits at table* Have you found out anything else about @paleassbill? *notices Pam & Chow staring at everything.*
 A little. *looking @SookieBarbie and wondering when I will have her* I know Bill has been kidnapped
 *attempts shocked face but face is still a huge plastic smile* Who by?
 @PaleAssEric Let me at them. If they are human I will find out. Or I will melt them.
 *thinking of what @SookieBarbie looks like without that granny robe on* If they were under our dominion that would be the logical thing 2 do
 *chugs Tru:Blood
 *pasting smile suitable for human consumption* But, unfortunately, they’re not. *showing serious face*
 *thinking* @SookieBarbie could really use a new table and chairs. *makes a muffled sound of disgust* This thing is older than @PaleAssBill
 they are under the King of Mississippi
 I heard he was a gnarly dude too *wondering why I sound like Malibu Ken suddenly*
 *giggles* Did you say the King Of Mississippi? For real? A king? *picturing Burger King Guy*
 *grabbing @PaleAssPam‘s expensive pump and stabbing twitter again and again and again*
 *flexing my muscles admiring my tattoos while Twitter continues to #fail*
 @PaleAssEric HEY! Those were the ones you bought to replace the OTHER ones you ruined! *scoffs*
 *still giggling* are you the King of Louisiana? * Pictures @PaleAssEric as the Burger King guy*
 *standing with plastic arms almost on plastic hips* Oh no I am the Sheriff of area 5. The US is divided into Kingdoms & then areas.
 *eyeing @PaleAssPam* Like you can keep them on your feet anyway!
 @PaleAssEric So @PaleAssBill was vampnapped during the day?
 *raises plastic eyebrow @PaleAssEric* When you keep beating Twitter with them, how am I supposed to keep them on?
 *nods @SookieBarbie*
 @PaleAssEric so the vampnap was witnessed by people who live in his kingdom? Does he control them?
 *wondering why @PaleAssPam and @PaleAssChow are staring at everything I own*
 *turns head around 360* checking out this museum*
 @PaleAssEric So the King wont let you question them?
 Yes, Russell Eddington. *scratching plastic butt* sum will giv me info 4 a price *walking across room, rt leg falls off* Pam! Call Mattel!
 *whips out Plastic BlackBerry and VampSpeed Dials Mattel
 *still trying to replace leg, jumping around on one leg* Havent asked yet. *falling to floor* Bill may have been taken on his orders.
 *Scribbles notes down while on the phone with Mattel but finding it GD difficult to hold this pen without a working thumb*
 @PaleAssEric How can I get to them, If I want to.
 @SookieBarbie We have a way but it is risky. They don’t know who you are yet but If Bill breaks he will tell them.
 If Bill breaks they wont need me
 Just give me the whole story. *plastic head in hands*
 *closes phone* @PaleAssEric You’ll have a new leg in about 4 hours. *grins*
 *picks invisible plastic lint off my sweater* Well, @SookieBarbie it seems that someone switched @PaleAssBills coffin with Betty Jo Pickard
 *sitting on the floor with just one leg but still looking delectable while @PaleAssPam tells her story*
 She is Edgington’s 2nd in command. Apparently @PaleAssBill‘ss coffin was left alone for 10 mintues and someone took it.
 We think there Anubis Air thought it was Edgington’s and Edgington’s thought it was Anubis’. And yes papers were checked
 However they were Betty Jo’s papers and at the time there was a fire under the tail of the plastic Anubis plane so there was melted plastic
 *listening to @PaleAssPam tell story while wondering how I will seduce @SookieBarbie with just one leg* Ahhh… my gracious plenty!
 everywhere…and the smell distracted everyone, even though we can’t smell anything since we are dolls *eye roll*
 @PaleAssPam an intentional fire? *scared of the melting plastic*
 *bending arm up and down and listening to it crack, spinning head around* Linda Blair was a hack!
 @SookieBarbie I think it was intentional, yes.
 Why would anyone want to kidnap @PaleAssBill. Other than @BillsBelles or @BubbaLives of course
 It seems so @SookieBarbie. Vamp telepathy to @PaleAssEric You’ll have your leg in 3.5 hours.You can commence your seduction unhindered then.
 *realizes that @PaleAssEric bent the snot out of my plastic heal trying to harpoon the Twitter Fail Whale*
 @SookieBarbie Well @PaleAssBill has been working on a “project” *serious plastic stare* Do you know anything about this?
 *raises plastic eyebrow waiting for @SookieBarbie‘s answer*
 *thinking that my hollow plastic head has anew appreciation for the TrueBlood Twitter Thrusday folks and the #failwhale*
 @PaleAssEric Project what project. I don know anything,it not like vamps spill their guts to humans. @PaleAssBill IS A VAMPIRE!!!
 WERD! RT @PaleAssEric: *thinking that my hollow plastic head has anew appreciation 4the TrueBlood Twitter Thrusday folks and the #failwhale*
 @SookieBarbie So we should believe that @PaleAssBill didn’t tell you anything? We could torture U but U are still a useful. doesn’t matter
 *oh Shit face* I am not happy about being tortured. *imagines a lighter at my legs* I want to know the rest of the bad news
 *perks and puts down the odd looking plastic knick knack* Did someone say torture?
 *plastic fangy grin* That got a reaction.
 @PaleAssEric She is leaking again. She needs to know before she goes. If she has been keeping secrets for @PaleAssBill this will…
 You two go outside *looking @PaleAssPam & @PaleAssChow*
 *looks at @SookieBarbie* Don’t you do it *puts hand over her perfect plastic hands*
 *looks @PaleAssEric and nods, then grabs @PaleAssChow‘s arm, pulling it off* Oopsie, let’s go @PaleAssChow
 *nods @SookieBarbie and @PaleAssEric then picks up arm and beats @PaleAssPam over the head with it*
 *stares at @PaleAssEric hands wondering if he has a manicure*
 *bending at the waist* I do not enjoy u being afraid of me, I’m very fond of you *placing hands almost on each side of @SookieBarbie‘s head*
 *hoping my head doesnt pop off*
 Plus I want to fuck you. *sexy plastic look* When we kiss its very exciting. *hears multiple sighs and pushes fang button on my back* fangs!
 And that will end TrueBlood Barbie Twitter Tuesday. Always good to end with Eric wanting to fuck someone.
 Tune in next time to find out what will Sookie say? Will Bill Be okay? Will Eric fuck Sookie? Will Pam keep her shoes on?
 @SookieBarbie I knew you were my kind of girl! *wishing I could jump you but I am still missing a leg*
 *yells from the front porch* It will be here in 3 hours!
 *sitting on floor in @SookieBarbie‘s house wondering what to do for 3 hours*
@PaleAssEric *picks you up and tosses you out onto the porch with Pam and Chow
 I would like to thank @sumerbreez for playing the part of @PaleAssEric . @MCC18 for playing @PaleAssChow and @PaleAssPam . Great job ladies!

~ by ssbookclub on November 4, 2009.

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