Secret Santa Gift Exchange!!!

Its the Secret Santa Gift Exchange!! You guys know how this works. Now here is the other fun part. We want to open the gifts together!  So please vote for a date from the list below. Its going to be fun!!


~ by crazygem85 on November 8, 2009.

4 Responses to “Secret Santa Gift Exchange!!!”

  1. I think the 11th is good because it will leave people time to buy and then send the gifts. And time for the gifts to arrive.

  2. I need time to find the present lol!

  3. […] Misty: so go vote for the day […]

  4. Did we settle on the date… Fri Dec 11th at 9:00pm EST to open gifts??
    Sorry my fellow wenches, been at home sick for past 2 days and work has kept me INSANE!! I work in Advertising and I’m supervisor for the Ad Dept that places all the ads for my cient JCPenney…in 1,500 newspapers nationwide…needless to say, my head is spinning!!
    Forgive me for not being up to speed on things 😦

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