Secret Santa Wishlist

Please leave your wishlist and any links to Amazon or any other wishlists you may have. Please post your Twitter name so we know who you are. If you would like to send a gift to someone other than your Secret Santa person please let me know and I can get you their address, so it will be a surprise. If you want to surprise me you can get my address from @crazygem85, @Darling_Vamp, @SarahFaith74, or @lilabitblf. 

 And please DO NOT open your gift until we are all together. Any questions DM me.Thanks, @ssbookclub


To ensure there are no duplicate gifts purchased we now have a Gift Master! Please email or DM ssbookclub or cinjudes what you are planning on purchasing and cinjudes will keep track of who is buying what for whom. I know that if you purchase something on Amazon it will notfiy you that you are making a duplicate purchase but some things are much cheaper somewhere else. So please let us know before you buy so we can tell you if that has already been purchased for that person. No one wants to end up with 12 copies of the same book. Cinjudes will be keeping track of all gifts purchased so you can DM her your requests, DM her to get her email, email your requests to me & I will forward it to her, or DM me for her address. You should all have my email address,  but if you dont it is  All gift purchases hat are made FOR cinjudes need to come to me. I also have everyones address so please email or DM me any address requests. Any questions DM me or Cinjudes. Thanks, ssbookclub


We will open our gifts on Dec. 11th so please make sure you purchase and mail them so they will arrive by the 11th!!!


~ by ssbookclub on November 10, 2009.

33 Responses to “Secret Santa Wishlist”

  1. @kgmoll

  2. Ok here is my Amazon gift list. Thanks all. @ssbookclub

  3. Here’s mine! Thanks all! @mherr1979

  4. Here’s mine! Thanks! @sunshine81274

  5. @DiannesDishes

  6. @mriverapardo would like These are my picks from Amazon: Supernatural: Origins ISBN-10: 140121701X and/or Supernatural: Rising Sun: ISBN-10: 140121701X

  7. Here’s mine! @37ft2in

  8. My Amazon wishlist. *smooches* @cinjudes

  9. @desireediaz it should be this one lol

  10. My wishlist 🙂 @crazygem85

  11. Here’s my wishlist too. *hugs* @SarahFaith74

  12. My wishlist: *hugs* @andiegilmore

  13. My wishlist: – @MellieMel6


    Here’s my list. Ignore all the expensive things, my family uses this to buy Christmas/Bday presents.

  15. Took me 80 years to update it! 🙂 In no particular order, her is my wish list: – @jenny_ap

  16. This is my wishlist! 🙂

  17. I promise I will keep updating it!

    Also, feel free to shop around for better prices!!! Also, any of the Fangtasia or Team Eric swag is great too (2xl works great for sleepware)

    Beth @lilabitblf

  18. Okie dokie, here’s mine. Now I must sleep.

  19. Just a few things I added to my list for my Secret Santa in case u needed some hints; Surprises are always great though! *claps hands* @Darling_Vamp

  20. Oy, so it only took 10 years for me to post. I’ll probably still keep updating it 🙂

  21. @IthacaWaits

  22. Okay here is mine – should be all updated – @aphiorogue

  23. Here’s my list y’all SMOOCHIES

    Finally made my list. Haha. :] As you can see I’m a huge Venture Brothers/Office fan.

  25. I want to find out how to leave a list and give a gift.

  26. […] Misty (ssbookclub): Please read this blog about the wishlist and the gift master […]

  27. Sorry I’m late with this…didn’t have an account. Just created one today. Here is my wish list..

    If whoever pulled my name already got my gift…no worries, I’m good to go with whatever because it came from a VikingWench!

    love to all…judybopp

  28. YAY!!! I figured it out!! This is my list. I’m pretty easy to please. I’m late with it so if my gift is already gotten, I’m good.

  29. Sorry I haven’t responded to this sooner. I put a few things so it would still be a surprise. I like earrings too, or anything True Blood-related obviously if you want to get creative. Thanks!
    – @recordcozy (Alison)

  30. @bartist would like

  31. Now I really feel stupid. Duuuuhhh! This is how you post on the blog! LOLOLOL

  32. One more thing, anything True Blood (mug, tshirt,etc.) is also on my wish list :o) bartist8

  33. Heres my wishlist:
    Please let me know if theres a problem with the link, thanks< Chrissy

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