A Date with a Viking (@mriverapardo)

 Twitterprofilephoto_normalEricNorthman: @mriverapardo *knocks*

 Twitterprofilephoto_normalEricNorthman: @mriverapardo Pardon my lateness. I stopped for these. *gives you flowers*

 Lgfp2199_doe-eyes-audrey-hepburn-poster_normalmriverapardo: @EricNorthman how lovely, Eric! How was your trip across the Atlantic? Not too bad, I hope

 Twitterprofilephoto_normalEricNorthman: @mriverapardo I enjoy the salt air. Now were going to employ some Twitter magic and transport to Fangtasia. *winks* Ready?

Lgfp2199_doe-eyes-audrey-hepburn-poster_normalmriverapardo: @EricNorthman I was born ready, Eric! 🙂

Twitterprofilephoto_normalEricNorthman: @mriverapardo Are you sure you want to sit out here among all the fangbangers? We could go into my office for a quiet time together.

Lgfp2199_doe-eyes-audrey-hepburn-poster_normalmriverapardo: @EricNorthman sure, but I would also like to sit in your booth for a bit to see how your minions adore you

 Twitterprofilephoto_normalEricNorthman: @mriverapardo Whatever you like. *guides you into the booth and sits across from you* What will you have to drink?

Lgfp2199_doe-eyes-audrey-hepburn-poster_normalmriverapardo: @EricNorthman well, Im not much of a drinker but I’ll have some Amaretto on ice

Lgfp2199_doe-eyes-audrey-hepburn-poster_normalmriverapardo: @EricNorthman are you familiar with the True Blood telenovela? Theres a character bases on you (@EricNortehombre)

Twitterprofilephoto_normalEricNorthman: @mriverapardo *laughs* I have seen it, yes. I am also amused by the gay version of myself.

Lgfp2199_doe-eyes-audrey-hepburn-poster_normalmriverapardo: @EricNorthman *giggles* I know! But Im certain you're not as fond of Bill as @GayEricNorthman is!

Twitterprofilephoto_normalEricNorthman: @mriverapardo Yes, you may be very certain of that! Is your drink to your liking?

Lgfp2199_doe-eyes-audrey-hepburn-poster_normalmriverapardo: @EricNorthman yes, it is Eric, thank you. Youre not having anything? You should order an A+ True Blood as thats my blood type 🙂

Twitterprofilephoto_normalEricNorthman: @mriverapardo Nothing from the source later? *raises eyebrow*


Twitterprofilephoto_normalEricNorthman: @mriverapardo Very well. *orders a TruBlood* I was hoping to see your teacup human, the one named after me.

Lgfp2199_doe-eyes-audrey-hepburn-poster_normalmriverapardo: @EricNorthman oh, let me show you a picture. And just so you know, his blond hair and blue eyes were caused by seeing you shower many times!

Twitterprofilephoto_normalEricNorthman: @mriverapardo *laughs* Does your husband know that the middle name came from me

  EricNorthman: @mriverapardo Im rather amused by this one. http://twitpic.com/pf1bl Hes very expressive for a teacup. *grins*

Lgfp2199_doe-eyes-audrey-hepburn-poster_normalmriverapardo: @EricNorthman of couse he knows! Thus the jealousy. The deal was that if it was a c-section his first name would Eric.

Twitterprofilephoto_normalEricNorthman: @mriverapardo I wouldnt be surprised if your husband had been waiting behind the door with a stake!

Lgfp2199_doe-eyes-audrey-hepburn-poster_normalmriverapardo: @EricNorthman *laughs* yes, he is. And I’ll always have a piece of Eric with me! Hows your True Blood? I think I need a refill

Lgfp2199_doe-eyes-audrey-hepburn-poster_normalmriverapardo: @EricNorthman oh, but he also shares! Today he got me a really nice T-shirt of you. I tell him he can have Demi as long as I have you 🙂

Lgfp2199_doe-eyes-audrey-hepburn-poster_normalmriverapardo: @EricNorthman Fangtasia is pretty full today. I bet all these fangbangers are envying me and here I am showing you baby pictures! *laughs*

Twitterprofilephoto_normalEricNorthman: @mriverapardo Then you two have a perfect arrangement. *motions to a waitress to refill your drink*


Twitterprofilephoto_normalEricNorthman: @mriverapardo Is there anything in particular you would like us to talk about, while Im yours for the night?

Twitterprofilephoto_normalEricNorthman: @mriverapardo I like babies. *grins* And not only because they’re tasty.

Lgfp2199_doe-eyes-audrey-hepburn-poster_normalmriverapardo: @EricNorthman So tell me, Eric, how are things going with @SookieBonTemps? She should kiss and dream of you more often!

Twitterprofilephoto_normalEricNorthman: @mriverapardo I’ll win her over eventually. I always get what I want. How do you know she dreams of me?

Lgfp2199_doe-eyes-audrey-hepburn-poster_normalmriverapardo: @EricNorthman I’m constantly throwing ambien to @SookieBonTemps in the afternoon. She sleep tweets and has the best dreams about you

EricNorthman: @mriverapardo *grins* That is very pleasing to hear. How long have you been with your man?

Lgfp2199_doe-eyes-audrey-hepburn-poster_normalmriverapardo: @EricNorthman 17 years and counting! He’s my High School sweetie! * hears phone ring* Shoot, it’s the hubby! Do you mind if I get it?

Lgfp2199_doe-eyes-audrey-hepburn-poster_normalmriverapardo: @EricNorthman Um, Eric? There’s a teacup crisis at home? Would you mind flying me back? But before we leave I have 3 wishes to ask you…

Twitterprofilephoto_normalEricNorthman: @mriverapardo So early? As you like. What are the 3 wishes?

3. Whenever we see each other on the stream you, call me Maria

                               2. Please ask Pam_atFangtasia to follow me. I’m a good tweep! 

                                1. A big kiss to all of your #vikingwenches


Twitterprofilephoto_normalEricNorthman: @mriverapardo Done. Next?Sending virtual kisses (and nibbles) to all of my #VikingWenches, per the request of @mriverapardo. You’re welcome. *winks*

Twitterprofilephoto_normalEricNorthman: @mriverapardo It would be my pleasure to call you by your name, Maria.

Twitterprofilephoto_normalEricNorthman: @mriverapardo Shall I take you back now?

 Twitterprofilephoto_normalEricNorthman: @mriverapardo I always have kisses saved for @sumerbreez.

Twitterprofilephoto_normalEricNorthman: @mriverapardo Before I send you back to your home via Twitter magic, I have a request of my own: one goodbye kiss from you.

Lgfp2199_doe-eyes-audrey-hepburn-poster_normalmriverapardo: @EricNorthman as many as you want, handsomest of all! 😉

Twitterprofilephoto_normalEricNorthman: @mriverapardo Just one. *kisses* I dont want to make your husband jealous by taking more. *winks* Good night,Maria, my pet.

Lgfp2199_doe-eyes-audrey-hepburn-poster_normalmriverapardo: @EricNorthman Thanks, Eric, for a lovely evening! Good night!


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