TrueBlood Barbie Twitter Tuesday

 When we last left our hero @SookieBarbie she was told her lover @PaleAssBill had been vampnapped and is being held in Jackson MS  So @SookieBarbie has teamed up with a very handsome @HairyAssAlcide to fo undercover to Club Dead, a supernatural bar.At Club Dead they hope to discover @PaleAssBill‘s whereabouts. However vampires may not be @SookieBarbie ‘s only enemies.@SookieBarbie handsome escort has a wickedly hot bod and a wickedly bitchy ex-girlfriend to match. And she may want her man back!!And this is where our story begins. @SookieBarbie &@HairyAssAlcide sitting in Club dead with @DebbieTBBarbie across the room……
 *running my hands through @HairyAssAlcide plastic hair pretending to be his woman. *
What’s your problem, Twitter? Is this body too hot for you? *flexes both plastic yet hairy arms
*seeing @DebbieTBBarbie walk up to our table, pretending to ignore her*

 *head turns 360* Well, look what the pup dragged in *starts straight leg walking to @HairyAssAlcide and the fake looking blond*

 @SookieBarbie Hum, you also rub my very hairy chest, Sookie *opens shirt to reveal numerous dark plastic chest hairs*
 @HairyAssAlcide Well helloooo, sunshine. Who is the new toy?

   *raising eye brow at the plastic of @HairyAssAlcide showing* *thinking yum*

 @DebbieTBBarbie *turns plastic head and flashes plastic pearly whites* No toy here, sweetie. I got myself a bona Fide plastic blond.

@HairyAssAlcide *rubbing your plastic chest hairs to irritate @DebbieTBBarbie *

 @DebbieTBBarbie a very good friend *kisses @SookieBarbie plastic cheek*

 *giggles when @HairyAssAlcide kisses my cheek and plastic eye glare at @DebbieTBBarbie *

 @HairyAssAlcide *pouting* I remember when you said you wouldn’t have another friend if you can have me

 @HairyAssAlcide *growling* Did you borrow her for the evening?

 @DebbieTBBarbie Borrow! *flashes plastic pearly whites* No, sweets, this one’s a keeper! You never rubbed my plastic chest hairs!

*runs plastic hand through @SookieBarbie plastic platinum blond hair* Your hair is perfectly crunchy, Sookie!

 *Oh no blondie didnt* *raising perfectly formed brow* REally? *mutters why isnt he morning not being with me*

What can I say, @DebbieTBBarbie? @SookieBarbie just rubs me the right way!

 *rubs @HairyAssAlcide even harder*

 *whispers into @SookieBarbie plastic ear* Let’s do a plastic Eskimo kiss just to irritate her!

*plastic eskimo kiss with @HairyAssAlcide *

*head spinning round and round and round at the sight*

 *stops spinning and smirks* @SookieBarbie Oh sweetie what do you think of the cute birthmark *gotcha blondie*

   @DebbieTBBarbie *Big haha bitch smile* Oh I love bunnies! especially brown hairy bunnies

*reaches down and caresses @HairyAssAlcide plastic butt*

Big brown hairy bunnies *tightens plastic buttcheecks* @SookieBarbie: @DebbieTBBarbie

*whimpers at sight of @hairyassalcide butcheeks clenching

 *Sings and twirls * I’m too sexy for this body… RT @DebbieTBBarbie: *whimpers at sight of @hairyassalcide butcheeks clenching*

 @SookieBarbie *Grrrrrrr* Ok Blond *dont care what your name is* I see you’ve been to Janice’s salon,,,

Oh, baby! Keep rubbin’ RT @SookieBarbie: *reaches down and caresses @HairyAssAlcide plastic butt*

@SookieBarbie She doesn’t seem to leave anyone in this century *smirk*

Well @HairyAssAlcide what do you think of my hair? * blond valley girl hair flip*

@SookieBarbie I think it’s lovely, Hon * runs plastic hands through platinum hair and takes off an entire chunk of hair.* Sorry, sweetie

*sputtering* @SookieBarbie I can tell you’ve been borrowed and not rented

*grabbing drink from table and chokes on the plastic*

*stunned at my new lack of hair. i should kidney punch him for this. *@HairyAssAlcide

Twitter, you’re not rubbing me the right way *growls*

@HairyAssAlcide @SookieBarbie Whoops, shouldnt have said that. Just forget *whips out memory eraser from MIB*

@DebbieTBBarbie *thinking Oh no you didn’t. Dont make me go Jerry Springer up in here but remains calm*

*BIG…. flash*

Pictures… Nice! *flashes pearly yet plastic whites* RT @DebbieTBBarbie: *BIG…. flash*

 @SookieBarbie *sings* Have I told you lately that I love you? *slaps plastic hair back on slap with a glob of glue*

@DebbieTBBarbie *mocking laughter, rubs your leather pants with my red nails* are you wearing Cousin Ellsie? Biatch

@HairyAssAlcide *laughing so hard my head pops off onto the table*

*mutters* Elsie??? How did she know I borrowed Elsies clothes?

@HairyAssAlcide *whispers thanks now can you put my head back on? *

*trying to sweep head of table so i can jump on it. Damn not movable arms*

Crap! I’ll get the glue RT @SookieBarbie: *laughing so hard my head pops off onto the table*

*spins on my perfectly balanced toes and sashays away* *muttering* Elsie? Ill show her…

*Slaps head back into body* Perfect! Who needs a neck @SookieBarbie: *whispers thanks now can you put my head back on? *

@HairyAssAlcide Lets go dance and really make @DebbieTBBarbie jealous!!

@SookieBarbie honey, you took your heels off? You look so much shorter! Shall we boogie?

*dancing with @HairyAssAlcide thinking I sure showed @DebbieTBBarbie *

*watching @HairyAssAlcide and @sookiebarbie start dancing* I’ll get you my pretty, and your little SHAW too!

*one last glare back at @HairyAssAlcide and @sookiebarbie* Sniff

*grabs @SookieBarbie and leads her to the dance floor* Plastic Alcide time! *does MC Hammer moves*

*heading to the coat room and Sniffs out @sookiebarbie‘s shawl and aims MIB thingy set to burn at it* Burn baby burn *laughin like Dr Evil*

And that is the end of tonights TrueBlood Barbie Twitter.

 And where exactly is @HairyAssAlcide birthmark?

Tune in next time to find out if I even find @PaleAssBill

Will I ever have a normal date?

Will @DebbieTBBarbie get her man back?

I’m always at your service *plastic wink*

You ladies want more? *glances at @DebbieTBBarbie direction * here it goes! *rips off plastic pants to reveal short and tight biker shorts*

*waves like the Princess that I am to my adoring crowds*

 *thinkng* I knew @SookieBarbie didnt know! Ha

Thanks to @lilabitblf and @mriverapardo for their performances tonight! *plastic waist bow*

In a very hairy place! *plastic wink* RT @SookieBarbie: And where exactly is @HairyAssAlcide birthmark?

More like an evil step mother RT @DebbieTBBarbie: *waves like the Princess that I am to my adoring crowds*

@SookieBarbie *rapid eye blinks that wont seem to stop* Missing the plastic… why isnt snookums built that way?

At your service, ladies! *lifts shirt to reveal a very well defined plastic and hairy six pack*


~ by ssbookclub on November 18, 2009.

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