Weekly Chat #10 Ch 9 Living Dead in Dallas 11/22/09

Jenny_Ap: Happy Sunday Ladies!

Misty (ssbookclub): hey rc

Misty (ssbookclub): hey Jenny I have a question for you

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Misty (ssbookclub): do you prefer jennifer or jenny?

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recordcozy: Hello!

Beth (lilabitblf): smooches to all

recordcozy: Sorry. I was away from the computer.

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(Nicole) truebloodfan001: Hello Ladies =)

Misty (ssbookclub): hello

recordcozy: Hey tbf.

(Nicole) truebloodfan001: Hello RC

Jenny_Ap: I normally go by Jennifer, but Jenny is fine! πŸ™‚

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Nicole (TBF): eric!

Eric of Area 5: Greetings my darlings

Eric of Area 5: Excellent timing Carla *wink*

Carla (crazygem85): I try!! *laughs*

Jenny_Ap: Evening Sheriff!

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Eric of Area 5: Will you be reading my mind again tonight?

Carla (crazygem85): Good evening everyone!

Nicole (TBF): Evening Carla!

Alisha_es: Hello everyone!

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Carla (crazygem85): Eric,remember I dont do that! Purely coincidental!! *laughs*

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smeykunz: Ladies…..

Kris (krisrivera): Hello loves!

RynBlair: Evenin’ ;]

Nicole (TBF): Hello Kris πŸ™‚

Jenny_Ap: Shan! Good to see ya!

Beth (lilabitblf): welcome welcome all!!! πŸ™‚

andiegilmore: Hi all! *waves*

recordcozy: ….And Viking

Eric of Area 5: *raising a brow at Carla* For your sake I do hope it was coincidental.

Kris (krisrivera): TBF!!!!

smeykunz: Hey Jen!

Nicole (TBF): HI!! =)

Kris (krisrivera): Hello Eric – how you doin’

Carla (crazygem85): Eric, you’ve got me nervous now. But I promise, no mind reading here.

Eric of Area 5: Quite excellent Kris, and you?

Nicole (TBF): How it going Eric? πŸ™‚

recordcozy: Are some of our regulars not showing up?

Misty (ssbookclub): eveing all

Beth (lilabitblf): just book chatting tonight πŸ™‚

Beth (lilabitblf): evening Misty

Eric of Area 5: Hello tasty one

Kris (krisrivera): I’m good…I went to see the Sparly Vamps!

Misty (ssbookclub): I would like to take a moment to introduce a few new pppl

Kris (krisrivera): *Sparkly

Nicole (TBF): Evenin, Misty!

Kris (krisrivera): SHAN!

Misty (ssbookclub): We have some Bills Belles here tonight

Carla (crazygem85): Hi Misty!

Nicole (TBF): the bedazzled vamps..hehe.

Jenny_Ap: YAY!

smeykunz: McKris!

Misty (ssbookclub): Smeykunz and rynBlair

Eric of Area 5: *leaning against the back wall while the introductions are done*

Misty (ssbookclub): I still do not know if Mr. Vampire Bill is coming or not

Beth (lilabitblf): Welcom Smekunz and Rynblair!

smeykunz: Howdy ladies, I am primed and ready to discuss my main man!

Kris (krisrivera): McYO!!

Eric of Area 5: *nodding at Smeykunz and rynBlair* Always nice to see new faces

Carla (crazygem85): Hey smeykuny & rynblair!!

Alisha_es: *waves to the Belles*

Nicole (TBF): Evening, Ladies.

recordcozy: Greetings Belles! (Hey RynBlair, I didn’t know you were a Belle!)

andiegilmore: Hi Belles!

smeykunz: Sheriff *nods*

Misty (ssbookclub): so I will make our announcements to give Bill a few more minutes

smeykunz: *cracks knuckles*

Misty (ssbookclub): If you are interested in a trip to NOLA please email Beth

RynBlair: Hey Everybody πŸ˜‰

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Misty (ssbookclub): Beth your email address please

Kris (krisrivera): Wassup Ryn

Desireediaz: Hey girls!!!

Beth (lilabitblf): lilabitblf@vikingwenches.com

RynBlair: trying to stay awake πŸ˜‰

Misty (ssbookclub): and please dm me or cinjudes your gift stuff BEFORE you buy!!

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AphioRogue: hey all

recordcozy: Hiya!

Misty (ssbookclub): I guess we will begin

AphioRogue: what me??

Misty (ssbookclub): So we start the chapter will Sookie still not speaking to Bill

Eric of Area 5: *taking handcuffs out of my pocket and setting them beside me as I sit on the couch*

Misty (ssbookclub): It has been 33 weeks

Misty (ssbookclub): I mean 3 LOL

Nicole (TBF): haha. misty.

AphioRogue: LOL wow I missed something in the books πŸ˜‰

Beth (lilabitblf): dont speed me through time here Misty πŸ™‚

Carla (crazygem85): Do i see handcuffs?

smeykunz: How she resisted him for 3 weeks, may never know.

Misty (ssbookclub): She is tired of vampire stuff

Beth (lilabitblf): Well she needed time to think

recordcozy: As per usual.

Desireediaz: Lol

Kris (krisrivera): Sookie reads in the papers that everything has been covered up in Dallas

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Misty (ssbookclub): which I think is getting old

smeykunz: very…..

Kris (krisrivera): *perks up* did I hear handcuffs?

Beth (lilabitblf): agree she was tired… plus in normal Human relatioship you can have breaks too

Misty (ssbookclub): what the hell ddoes she expect?

Beth (lilabitblf): remember this is her first relationship!

recordcozy: Unicorns and cotton candy?

andiegilmore: I agree, Misty! She knows what to expect by now!

Desireediaz: Lol

Misty (ssbookclub): I think so

AphioRogue: eh – they were new and exciting – now she sees not really diffrent then the crap she hears from the humans on a daily basis

andiegilmore: that’s a gp aphio

Beth (lilabitblf): I sitll feel a sense of imaturity from her in relatioships perspective

smeykunz: He is always exciting, she needs her head examined. Sookie is way immature

Carla (crazygem85): i agree beth

Kris (krisrivera): poor thing

Beth (lilabitblf): gp AR

Desireediaz: True Beth

Alisha_es: Absolutely, Beth.

Eric of Area 5: Poor Sookie *smirk* trying to come to grips with her destined reality

Misty (ssbookclub): So she knows Bill is back b/c he left her suitcase

Misty (ssbookclub): and some topaz earring

Kris (krisrivera): soooo depressing

smeykunz: the fat lady hasn’t done any singing sheriff *smirk*

Beth (lilabitblf): yes.. which she returns

Carla (crazygem85): I would have kept them

Misty (ssbookclub): I sooo would not return the earring

Desireediaz: Me too Carla!!

Alisha_es: She took the easy way out by returning them in the daytime.

recordcozy: I would have sent them back.

andiegilmore: Bill knows to let her simmer LOL

smeykunz: I would have put them in my ears and written him a thank you note on some part of me

Nicole (TBF): lol

Carla (crazygem85): lol smeykunz!!

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Beth (lilabitblf): lol smekunz… gp Andie

Misty (ssbookclub): she knew she would get back together with him

Misty (ssbookclub): she was trying to get him I think

Beth (lilabitblf): right Misty… she was on break mode

msjamiefrufru: hellohellohello!

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Misty (ssbookclub): She is Rachel & Ros

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TruebieDoobyDoo: Hi, all

Eric of Area 5: *catching Carla’s attention and patting the couch next to me*

recordcozy: Sookie’s always trying to do the right thing, so accepting a gift would have been impolite in the situation.

smeykunz: BREEZY!

andiegilmore: LOL Misty.. So true

AphioRogue: exactly Beth – she thought a vampire would be sooo diffrent and new – but at the same time – she doesnt know dating she might be older – but shes never had a normal relationship – and shes realizing that this might not be it either πŸ˜‰

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smeykunz: SHER!!!!

Nicole (TBF): hello!

Maria (sumerbreez): 2nd times a charm! πŸ™‚

Jenny_Ap: Hiya Truebie!

RynBlair: hey Sher!

Maria (sumerbreez): Shan!! πŸ™‚

Beth (lilabitblf): why do we play mind games with our relationships?

TruebieDoobyDoo: Hiya, Shan, Ryn, Jen!

Misty (ssbookclub): but she has to be getting the gist of the vampire instincts

Carla (crazygem85): *gets up and walks over to sit by Eric* I like it over here, thanks!

Eric of Area 5: *low chuckle*

smeykunz: Because women are stupid

Nicole (TBF): hmm.. good pount beth

Nicole (TBF): point*

smeykunz: and we screw up a zillion times before we do it right

Misty (ssbookclub): oh yeah

Alisha_es: very true.

Maria (sumerbreez): Beth… because we can’t read minds… yet that is why Sookie has better relationships with vamps

AphioRogue: but its so diffrent for her too – because she CANT tell what they are thinking

Desireediaz: Lol

Beth (lilabitblf): exactly… but when we get it right πŸ™‚

Misty (ssbookclub): But is was so sweet that he bought her something to match a dress

smeykunz: some of us

smeykunz: LOL

Beth (lilabitblf): agree with Misty

recordcozy: That was probably all bloody, right?

Carla (crazygem85): Bill can be a romantic sometimes

recordcozy: Like, hello. Gunfight. Blood.

RynBlair: Misty, Bill is just sweet πŸ˜‰

AphioRogue: shes never had that before — shes always known what someone else was thinking – so shes not used to people /hiding/ things from her

Desireediaz: Sometimes

smeykunz: Thats because Bill is sweet and old fashioned

Beth (lilabitblf): right AR

Nicole (TBF): sometimes? lol

Kris (krisrivera): Bill is old-fashioned and proper and shit

msjamiefrufru: if you’re into having your forgiveness bought off

Carla (crazygem85): lol Kris

Nicole (TBF): haha kris

recordcozy: The dress, I mean. Good dry cleaner?

Eric of Area 5: *likes the way msjamie thinks*

Beth (lilabitblf): I get a kick out of the political angst from Dallas in the paers πŸ™‚

smeykunz: I am into that…..that and a bunch of other shit he is welcome to do to me at any time

Misty (ssbookclub): I think he bought them before

Beth (lilabitblf): *papers

Kris (krisrivera): B! the quote be Garza is hilarious

Misty (ssbookclub): yes so the papers

Kris (krisrivera): *by

Carla (crazygem85): I dont know Misty. I think he thought it would solve all the problems

Beth (lilabitblf): agree with Misty… timing was never right to give them

recordcozy: Oh. That makes sense.

Misty (ssbookclub): no I think he was interrupted at the Hotel

Kris (krisrivera): “death by vampire is supposed to be painless”

msjamiefrufru: the hubby bought me an eric northman tshirt yesterday at hot topic

Beth (lilabitblf): I know Kris πŸ™‚

Carla (crazygem85): good hubby msjamie

Alisha_es: lol Kris. That was one of my favorite lines

smeykunz: He probably had something planned, but she got kidnapped yadda yadda right?

Misty (ssbookclub): I love the death b vampire thing

andiegilmore: I think he didn’t want it to seem like he just dropped off her bags and walked away..he wanted to show her he was thinking of her

Nicole (TBF): as long as the vamp isnt bedazzled kris.

Kris (krisrivera): eek…

msjamiefrufru: still working on the blonde wig and the fangs thing though…

Kris (krisrivera): i see sparkle and i’m running the other way…

Carla (crazygem85): lol msjamie

Beth (lilabitblf): and the TV and news bites about hate crimes… Sooks thoughts on it echo mine\

smeykunz: Thats because he always is Andie *grins*

Desireediaz: Lol Kris

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Carla (crazygem85): lol Kris

Nicole (TBF): hehe kris

dryaslereth: good evening ladies!!!!

Carla (crazygem85): glad you made it!!

Desireediaz: Good evening

Kris (krisrivera): Hey!! Welcome!!

Misty (ssbookclub): I do agree that it should be a hate crime

msjamiefrufru: if I see sparkle i’m staking!

Nicole (TBF): evenin.

Kris (krisrivera): Of course it should….vamps are people too

Beth (lilabitblf): or it might be how CH wrote it that lawmakers being pressed to pass laws that will never come to pass concering hate crimes against vamps

Carla (crazygem85): it def ishld be a hate crime

Beth (lilabitblf): it is a hate crime

msjamiefrufru: anyone see an allegory there?

Misty (ssbookclub): another homosexual parrallel

Beth (lilabitblf): i do jamie

AphioRogue: I dont know – I think Bill is used to pretty trinkets solving arguments

Alisha_es: nods

Eric of Area 5: hate crimes against our kind are fairly common

Misty (ssbookclub): all men use trinkets

AphioRogue: oh def – Misty!

AphioRogue: to both statements even πŸ˜‰

smeykunz: Pretty trinkets work, that’s why.

Beth (lilabitblf): Si they do…

Carla (crazygem85): I’m sure they are Eric.

Kris (krisrivera): hello bright colors Shan

msjamiefrufru: hate crimes are far too common regardless of who or what you are

Misty (ssbookclub): that is true jamie

smeykunz: then again, I am easily bought off by hot antebellum ass

Carla (crazygem85): hate crimes make me sick. I loathe hatred

Kris (krisrivera): amen ms jaime

Desireediaz: True msjamie

Beth (lilabitblf): very true… its a vicious cycle

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Nicole (TBF): ahh bright green,

Misty (ssbookclub): so the dallas vamps are maryrs

msjamiefrufru: as long human (or supe) nature allows elitism and hatred they always will

Kris (krisrivera): that we all buy into at some point

recordcozy: lol smeykunz. Nice wordage.

Misty (ssbookclub): law are suggested

Beth (lilabitblf): dont forget the Humans Misty πŸ™‚

Misty (ssbookclub): and human

Misty (ssbookclub): so sook goes to work be with humans

Kris (krisrivera): ha!

Misty (ssbookclub): and sam is not paying attetion to her

msjamiefrufru: and a sense of normalcy

Kris (krisrivera): that’s funny

Kris (krisrivera): sam is being a baaaaad boy

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Beth (lilabitblf): which hurts her… i guess she had him on the back burner too

msjamiefrufru: aka he’s being a brat again….

Misty (ssbookclub): she always wants it both ways with sam

Eric of Area 5: *hands the cuffs to Carla*

Desireediaz: Lmao Kris

Carla (crazygem85): Ok, cuff me Eric!!

Beth (lilabitblf): you beat me Kris πŸ™‚

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andiegilmore: She does! Deep down she likes all the attention Sam gives her

Kris (krisrivera): πŸ™‚ B

Beth (lilabitblf): and agree with Misty

Misty (ssbookclub): and we find out sam is dating

smeykunz: She wants her cake and eat it too

Kris (krisrivera): which is so weird

Alisha_es: “dating” uh huh… or something.

smeykunz: same as usual with her

Beth (lilabitblf): the maenad

andiegilmore: lol alisha

Carla (crazygem85): so true smeykunz, which to me tells me she doesnt know what she wants

Nicole (TBF): yea.”dating”

Misty (ssbookclub): it is her usual she is like that with sam

Eric of Area 5: An unusual pairing

AphioRogue: cause sam is /safe/ and she expected him to always be there

Misty (ssbookclub): and with bill

Desireediaz: He’s running in the woods lol

Beth (lilabitblf): your right Alisha

msjamiefrufru: having naked cuddle time

andiegilmore: naked hunting time!

Carla (crazygem85): naked cuddle time not a bad thing, but not with a maenad

Eric of Area 5: *again, liking the way msjamie thinks*

smeykunz: She’s only 25, she shouldn’t know what she wants other than hot vampire sex for the time being

Desireediaz: Yep Carla

Beth (lilabitblf): which aparently is the first time sam got any in a while

Alisha_es: I don’t think the maenad has a whole lot in common with Sam. Can’t imagine what they would talk about.

smeykunz: I don’t think they talked

Nicole (TBF): lol smeykunz

Carla (crazygem85): I think just about everyone would want hot vampire sex

Alisha_es: exactly. lol

msjamiefrufru: dont think there was much talkng

msjamiefrufru: *talking

Eric of Area 5: If the naked cuddle time is done properly they would not have to talk *wink*

Carla (crazygem85): so true Eric

Alisha_es: lol Eric. Very true!

smeykunz: I want hot vamp sex…so I get the concept

Beth (lilabitblf): lol

msjamiefrufru: agreed!

Misty (ssbookclub): ok so then we get to Big Giant Ass Jason

AphioRogue: well yes πŸ˜‰

Desireediaz: Me too lol

Kris (krisrivera): So jason drops ny the house

Eric of Area 5: *fanged smile*

Kris (krisrivera): *by

Carla (crazygem85): Eric, do you want to show me how its done properly? *grins*

Beth (lilabitblf): Ahem…

Kris (krisrivera): and asks “whats with you and bill”

smeykunz: Who doesn’t love Jason? He brings things back to earth.

Kris (krisrivera): so tactful

Carla (crazygem85): sorry, gbot

AphioRogue: cause hes so bright πŸ˜‰

Nicole (TBF): oh jason

Misty (ssbookclub): and she says bill borke a promise to her

andiegilmore: lol AR

Kris (krisrivera): and he drops a bombshell

Misty (ssbookclub): what was the promise?

msjamiefrufru: if a tree falls in the forest, it’s still a tree aint it?

Beth (lilabitblf): not to kill anyone?

Carla (crazygem85): yeah, i never heard any promise

Kris (krisrivera): to take care of her first

Kris (krisrivera): he went off to feed and didnt take care of her first

Carla (crazygem85): but the not killing part shouldn’t include when theyre being attack

Kris (krisrivera): after the explosion

andiegilmore: was that the promise?

dryaslereth: I never saw that promise

Beth (lilabitblf): right Kris… unspken vow of the relationship.. we come first

Alisha_es: I wasn’t exactly sure what she was talking about there. I don’t remember an actual promise.

Kris (krisrivera): that’s what i interpreted the promise as

msjamiefrufru: to be a decent boyfriend and not a total DB?

smeykunz: Excuse me Sook….HE’S A VAMPIRE!!! DUH

Misty (ssbookclub): I dont remember a promise either

Desireediaz: Well Eric taked care of her well lol

Beth (lilabitblf): Ahem …

AphioRogue: wasnt it not to kill?? or hello he just LEFT her there and ran off

AphioRogue: didnt see if she was ok

Eric of Area 5: *chuckle*

Kris (krisrivera): i didnt see a promise but i feel like B said, it’s an unspoken one

andiegilmore: yeah it was pretty reckless of him to leave her…whatever the promise was

msjamiefrufru: prolly got a booty call from lorena

Nicole (TBF): lol eric. he left to feed first.

Carla (crazygem85): Maybe he knew Eric had everything under control

Beth (lilabitblf): but I get his point about being Vampire… instincts tend to take over at times

Eric of Area 5: As I always do

Misty (ssbookclub): ok so Jason tells her Bill is with Portia

smeykunz: He’s a Vampire, they tend to have those urges. She needs to deal.

Misty (ssbookclub): I loved the Hillary Clinton line

dryaslereth: Yeah, as possesive as he is with her you would think he’d be all over her in a crissis

Jenny_Ap: Agree with Shan! We do forget that vampires have a different nature

Beth (lilabitblf): Which is hte second Blow to her self esteem

Carla (crazygem85): Instincts take over for all of us at some point

msjamiefrufru: who gives up taking care of their girlfriend to ther rival/boss?

Desireediaz: Me too misty

Beth (lilabitblf): me too Misty…

smeykunz: Agreed!

Kris (krisrivera): WTF JASON

Nicole (TBF): i did to misty

msjamiefrufru: age does not equal intelligence

AphioRogue: exactly – one time she MIGHT need him to be all /sookie is mine/ and he runs off

Misty (ssbookclub): I also loved the Jason turn into Satan line

smeykunz: Well, Bill WAS a democrat LOL

Beth (lilabitblf): though Demecrats in the 1860’s are what we call REpublicans today

msjamiefrufru: ok, done ranting

Alisha_es: I think he knew she was being taken care of.

Eric of Area 5: I would make sure of that Alisha

Nicole (TBF): lol beth true that.

AphioRogue: he had no clue at that point if she was alive


msjamiefrufru: i dont expect my husband to bail on me and leave helping me to his boss even though we’re friends

Alisha_es: *grin* I know.

Misty (ssbookclub): and that they go to symphonies

Carla (crazygem85): I think i could understand sookies reaction initially, but once she thinks about it I thought she would have understood

smeykunz: Yeah, your hubs is a human

Kris (krisrivera): and shit. symphonies and shit.

TrueFanatic: had more computer problems than i deserve.

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Alisha_es: Yes, Carla. I agree.

andiegilmore: Portia is deff Sookie’s opposite, but not in a good way

andiegilmore: she’s a snob

msjamiefrufru: so far as I know…. he growls a lot

smeykunz: ROFL!

Kris (krisrivera): Portia sounds like a man with a wig

AphioRogue: well sometimes growling can be good πŸ˜‰

Desireediaz: And sookie wants to go there too

Alisha_es: I do not like Portia at all.

Beth (lilabitblf): agree Andie

Misty (ssbookclub): yeah I do not like Portia

Nicole (TBF): hehe kris

Nicole (TBF): does anyone ike portia..no.

dryaslereth: LOL kris

msjamiefrufru: oh… I do not complain….

smeykunz: I love you McKris!

Misty (ssbookclub): andy does

Beth (lilabitblf): Well Kris.. she and Andy do look a lot a like

AphioRogue: Andy

Desireediaz: Does anyone like her!? I don’t think so

Carla (crazygem85): Portia is way too uptight

andiegilmore: lol Beth!

Kris (krisrivera): Andy is biologically obligated to do so…I mean I love my brother too…

Alisha_es: Andy has to. Family and all.

AphioRogue: her grandma probably πŸ˜‰

Kris (krisrivera): I think I like McKris…

Misty (ssbookclub): so they discuss the charges against Andy

msjamiefrufru: but isnt memaw bellefleur half senile?

smeykunz: She probably was in the same sorority as Selah

Beth (lilabitblf): possible charges against andy πŸ™‚

Kris (krisrivera): there are romurs about a sex club

Kris (krisrivera): rumors*

msjamiefrufru: chicka chika bowbow

Beth (lilabitblf): and Sook starts speculating “why Portia?”

Eric of Area 5: *perks up*

Misty (ssbookclub): and Jason is sure he would be invited

smeykunz: McKris is workin’ for me

Kris (krisrivera): jason is a McFucker

smeykunz: That kills me!

andiegilmore: lol but he’s right

Carla (crazygem85): lol kris!!

Nicole (TBF): lol kris

andiegilmore: he’s the town horn dog

msjamiefrufru: hahahaha!

recordcozy: *Noticing Eric is very appropriately colored for this topic…*

Beth (lilabitblf): Jason… 2 track mind… sex and himself

smeykunz: If there was a sex club, they’da called me

Alisha_es: Which, even though Jason doesn’t do vampires, I’m surprised he wasn’t invited. I mean… really!

Kris (krisrivera): right on B

dryaslereth: LMAO, McKris

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msjamiefrufru: maybe since he’s too notorious for his exploits

Misty (ssbookclub): And they think Laf was whacked for breaking the first rule of fightclub

Desireediaz: I was too Alisha

Carla (crazygem85): Jason sleeps with anything that walks, so he def shld have been invited

andiegilmore: me too Alisha

Alisha_es: I guess…

msjamiefrufru: too well know

Misty (ssbookclub): I mean sex club

AphioRogue: but he says he doesnt do weird stuff

msjamiefrufru: *known

Beth (lilabitblf): wait.. sook has a good point on why he wasnt invited

Kris (krisrivera): I love how surprised Sookie is that jason is making logical arguments

andiegilmore: and he doesn’t like gays either

Eric of Area 5: *makes a note to add a little something to the new club*

Beth (lilabitblf): He is also Homophobe too

Nicole (TBF): jason and logical in the same sentance?

andiegilmore: that Jason. Such an upstanding citizen

smeykunz: He was too white bread, they like the kinky shit. Poor Jay

Alisha_es: Sex parties, Eric??? lol

smeykunz: Good point Beth and they were digging that

Eric of Area 5: *fanged smile at Alisha*

Carla (crazygem85): Eric, whats this about a new club?

Eric of Area 5: Later Carla

Maria (sumerbreez) from x.x.x.157 joined the chat 98 minutes ago

Misty (ssbookclub): so Jason gay bashes

Nicole (TBF): new sex club? hehe.

Kris (krisrivera): retarded

Alisha_es: *swoon* Thanks Sherrif.

Misty (ssbookclub): and we move along to sook driving along

Carla (crazygem85): ok Eric πŸ™‚

Beth (lilabitblf): he does and he tries to turn in on Liz;s parents.. but sook turns it back on him πŸ™‚

Misty (ssbookclub): and she sees Bill and Portia

Kris (krisrivera): I think I would have fainted

AphioRogue: and her heart breaks — again

msjamiefrufru: *mumbles bill bashes under breath*

Carla (crazygem85): I know I would have lost it

andiegilmore: I might have slapped her! She needs a good slap in the face

Desireediaz: She wants to kill someone

Beth (lilabitblf): yeah it is hard… hearing about it and seeing your sudo-ex out with someone is a dagger

AphioRogue: I thought she did quite well – better than I would have

Kris (krisrivera): Yes!

Nicole (TBF): i would have issues.

Kris (krisrivera): OMG yes!

andiegilmore: absolutely AR

Carla (crazygem85): I prob would have crashed into their car

Kris (krisrivera): I would have drained her

msjamiefrufru: i’m a crazy puerto rican…. bill wouldve needed stitches

Eric of Area 5: Sookie is used to repressing her feelings in public

dryaslereth: me too carla

Beth (lilabitblf): gp Eric

TrueFanatic: I know I would have bitch slapped her

AphioRogue: LOL

smeykunz: I love how she has the nerve to get jealous after she left him

Eric of Area 5: Another quality that would make her a good vampire

smeykunz: I hate that

Carla (crazygem85): very true Eric

andiegilmore: she was the better person though. We should be proud of her

andiegilmore: lol

Misty (ssbookclub): I know she left him

Nicole (TBF): true eric.

Kris (krisrivera): never even thought of it that way Shan…gp

Carla (crazygem85): Yeah, but we all react that way

msjamiefrufru: in addition to perpetual hottness Eric?

AphioRogue: so he goes right out and is with someone else – that minute

Misty (ssbookclub): but I still would of been jealous

Carla (crazygem85): we dont choose to get jealous, it just happens

msjamiefrufru: cuz he’s a DB!

andiegilmore: yes…especially with it being Portia

AphioRogue: she feels that means she meant nothing to her and she was right

andiegilmore: someone they both disliked


smeykunz: This may sound unbelle like, but eric can have her and I’l just take one for the team and Bill can have me.

TrueFanatic: Good Point

Carla (crazygem85): how thoughtful of you smeykunz

andiegilmore: lol smeykunz!

Misty (ssbookclub): LOL Smeykunz

Kris (krisrivera): so what’s her revenge? she goes to her football game

Beth (lilabitblf): lol smeykunz!

smeykunz: I try and give back

TrueFanatic: LOL Shannon

Alisha_es: LOL smeykunz

RynBlair: Shan.. im not so sure how thst is thoughtful πŸ˜‰

msjamiefrufru: that happened to me once n college… he got a concussion, she got a busted lip

Desireediaz: JB

Beth (lilabitblf): Kirs not her revenge… she just wants to be around ppl and not alone moping

smeykunz: I’m a people pleaser that way

Misty (ssbookclub): so she goes to work and Andy is there

Carla (crazygem85): but kris the football game is the big social event of Bon temps

Eric of Area 5: Even being a vampire cannot give perpetual hotness it if did not already exist @msjamie

Kris (krisrivera): amen Eric!!

Misty (ssbookclub): and andy tells her to take him back

TrueFanatic: Andy is rooting for the home team

Nicole (TBF): lol smeykunz

Kris (krisrivera): Andy is…drunk

AphioRogue: shes tired of feeling alone – and wants to be around friends

Nicole (TBF): woo eric.

Carla (crazygem85): Agreed Eric

msjamiefrufru: uhhh, its sookie Eric, she’s pretty hot

AphioRogue: *sigh* poor drunk Andy

Kris (krisrivera): and Andy drunk makes me think of one thing –


TrueFanatic: LOL Kris

msjamiefrufru: blad spots?

Alisha_es: LOL

Misty (ssbookclub): lol

msjamiefrufru: *bald

RynBlair: lmao Kris

Beth (lilabitblf): LOL KRIS πŸ™‚

Nicole (TBF): LOL kris

Desireediaz: Lmao Kris!!!!!!!

Carla (crazygem85): lol Kris

msjamiefrufru: Quinn is rubbing the computer

andiegilmore: lol kris!!!

Misty (ssbookclub): so she goes to the game

msjamiefrufru: the kitten just knows!

Kris (krisrivera): that was awesome AB – thanks…

Misty (ssbookclub): and sits with Tara, Eggs, and JB

TrueFanatic: Just to be with friends

Kris (krisrivera): JB!

andiegilmore: it’s nice to see Sookie having some normal social time

Nicole (TBF): praise to AB for that moment.

Eric of Area 5: *imagines Sookie from my dreams* yes, she is…hot *wink*

Alisha_es: I really like JB.

TrueFanatic: She can’t help JB is hot

Kris (krisrivera): the gorgeousness

msjamiefrufru: and herrrrrrre comes Bill

dryaslereth: HMMMM JB

Beth (lilabitblf): Ahem … Jamie

TrueFanatic: Bill doesn’t like it thrown back at him

Desireediaz: And she gives jb a little kiss

andiegilmore: Hot and dumb. Just they way I like ’em

smeykunz: Being sexy ass Bill

Carla (crazygem85): Sexy JB

msjamiefrufru: sorry

Misty (ssbookclub) from x.x.x.130 joined the chat 102 minutes ago

Nicole (TBF): Bill.

Kris (krisrivera): BEEEEELLLLLLL

Carla (crazygem85): JB is so sweet, but poor thing has no brains

dryaslereth: Hes got the nerve to stare at her becuase shes enjoying herself

Kris (krisrivera): smoldering

Misty (ssbookclub): and Jb is talking about the doc while flirting with sook

TrueFanatic: And alll she can think about is bend me over. OOOPS

andiegilmore: he’s jealous!

Kris (krisrivera): he is smoldering

smeykunz: and immediately she thinks of him plowing her under the bleachers

RynBlair: no brains at all..

smeykunz: since that’s what farmers do

Misty (ssbookclub): he is starting at her because he can feel her lust

Kris (krisrivera): lol lol lol

msjamiefrufru: no we don’t!

Carla (crazygem85): Sookie was phening for some hot sex

Alisha_es: lol

Beth (lilabitblf): *whispers* initially for JB

Desireediaz: He’s jelous because soooookeeeh is miiiiineeee

Misty (ssbookclub): yes she was

msjamiefrufru: there are some places grass dosent belong!

Misty (ssbookclub): she saw Bill and got hot and Bill felt that

Beth (lilabitblf): lol Jamie πŸ™‚

Nicole (TBF): lol

TrueFanatic: Exactly

Carla (crazygem85): I would have gone for some hot sex under the bleachers too

Beth (lilabitblf): visual stimulation a memories can get you all the time

Kris (krisrivera): I thought the whole thing wa H-O-T

msjamiefrufru: she has noooooooo shame!

AphioRogue: Eric knows how to make us jealous πŸ˜‰

Nicole (TBF): well..its bill. smoking

smeykunz: I would let him do that under the bleachers, but I have no Bill shame

TrueFanatic: She know’s it’s all about Bill

dryaslereth: Well, hello! would you have shame with hot vampires all around you?!!! LOL

Eric of Area 5: *raising a brow* I know how to make you…a lot of things

Misty (ssbookclub): I kept thinkin of the do bad things to you song

Nicole (TBF): hehehe. Eric

Beth (lilabitblf): I love how she doesnt pay attention to the game anymore πŸ™‚

Carla (crazygem85): Oh Eric, such a tease

Nicole (TBF): i wanna do bad things with you.nah nah nah

msjamiefrufru: i hate the whole ‘Byronic hero’ mess…. maybe that’s why I hate Bill so much

Carla (crazygem85): Would you pay attention to the game? I think not

smeykunz: Who could? It’s football and he’s Bill

Beth (lilabitblf): i know Misty… that is why the song drives me …

dryaslereth: Did she ever pay attention to the game?

msjamiefrufru: dont think so

Beth (lilabitblf): no she didnt

recordcozy: Too much booze and brooding.

recordcozy: Distractions.

Misty (ssbookclub): so she drives JB home, stops to get some gas

Beth (lilabitblf): RC she didnt drink did she?

msjamiefrufru: personally, I love football, but naked cuddles are first

Desireediaz: And goes home

smeykunz: *knows the good part is coming….pardon the pun*

Misty (ssbookclub): and then she gets home

Carla (crazygem85): I want to be welcomed home the way she was every night

TrueFanatic: And Bang!

Kris (krisrivera): talks to Arlene…boring boring boring

Nicole (TBF): lol smeykunz

msjamiefrufru: lol smeykunz!

Misty (ssbookclub): and BAM Bill is kissing her

recordcozy: No. But that was all she talked about (@ Beth)

andiegilmore: no kidding Carla

Beth (lilabitblf): uh huh Carla

smeykunz: OMG Carla no shit!

Desireediaz: Me too carla!!

Kris (krisrivera): and WHAM

andiegilmore: that was hot

Beth (lilabitblf): couch sex is always hot

Carla (crazygem85): So hot!

Alisha_es: way hot

Kris (krisrivera): the mother of all make-up sex

smeykunz: That was SMOKING HOT!

Misty (ssbookclub): they get into the house

Nicole (TBF): smokin hot.

Carla (crazygem85): It was rough & passionate. The way I like it

Misty (ssbookclub): he turns her to face the couch

Misty (ssbookclub): and just like she imagained

Nicole (TBF): awsome make up sex.

andiegilmore: Bill knows how to bring on the hot sex

andiegilmore: first the graveyard, and now this

msjamiefrufru: she’s had better make up sex …. later on… in my humble opinion

TrueFanatic: I wonder if he knew

Beth (lilabitblf): she looses more clothes… rips

Misty (ssbookclub): bra in pieces

Kris (krisrivera): as it should be

smeykunz: Props and love to @VampireBill but I am kinda glad you aren’t here so I can say the crap I am about to say *smooch*

Carla (crazygem85): Bill can be a naughty naughty boy.

Eric of Area 5: *low laughter*

Kris (krisrivera): he was the Tasmanian Devil

Nicole (TBF): naughty bill

TrueFanatic: This was one of the best sex scenes in my opinion

Misty (ssbookclub): and as she almost collapses he bites

msjamiefrufru: anyone else think ‘ouch’?

Nicole (TBF): rough. m.

Beth (lilabitblf): i loved that line Kris when i read it in the book

smeykunz: Bill is the hot sex go to guy, no schmoopy snuggling crap!

dryaslereth: Definately one of the hottest

Beth (lilabitblf): nah Jamie… orgasmic haze

AphioRogue: bras are expensive to be ripped like that πŸ˜‰

Misty (ssbookclub): Then he undresses her and remove all scent of JB

Kris (krisrivera): def B….the visuals I got were outstanding

Beth (lilabitblf): Jealousy.. aphrodisiac

Desireediaz: I don’t know I wouldn’t like to have sex with a Tasmanian devil lol

smeykunz: Who cares! He owns a store! Let er rip Bill baby!\

msjamiefrufru: I read this one on my honeymoon… i was distracted

recordcozy: I wasn’t into it. This is one of those times where Bill makes me go eee. He doesn’t listen to her at all.

Beth (lilabitblf): he did say that to Shannon

Nicole (TBF): lol beth

recordcozy: I think he got too carried away.

Carla (crazygem85): He was rough, but I know she was totally digging it

smeykunz: What beth? I missed that?

andiegilmore: lol smeykunz so true

Alisha_es: The visuals I get of “removing all scent of JB” actually makes me laugh. and he does get a bit carried away.

Misty (ssbookclub): I think it was so hot I read it 3 times

Kris (krisrivera): I would consider ripped undies and bra the greatest compliment

Beth (lilabitblf): whoops.. forgot an “o” meant *too

Nicole (TBF): im sure she liked it like that

msjamiefrufru: if you get into the symbolism it was the claiming again just from the position

Kris (krisrivera): le sigh

Carla (crazygem85): I read it almost as much as a read a certain shower scene

smeykunz: Gee I was getting all excited DAMMIT!!!

AphioRogue: LOL carla

Nicole (TBF): amen carla

smeykunz: I think I dreamt he said that to me once….or 24,000 times

Beth (lilabitblf): gp Jamie

Desireediaz: The shower is always the better scene

dryaslereth: ALMOST Carla LOL

Beth (lilabitblf): and same here Carla

Misty (ssbookclub): so they sleep

Eric of Area 5: *mildly amused by listening to this conversation*

TrueFanatic: Now I have to take another shower before going to bed.

Kris (krisrivera): she sleeps

smeykunz: No one likes to shower with other people

dryaslereth: lol

Kris (krisrivera): like the dead

smeykunz: someone is always cold

Nicole (TBF): haha.

Alisha_es: Only certain people!

Kris (krisrivera): finally

msjamiefrufru: oh, dear lord, the shower scene is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G

AphioRogue: theyn youve never had a proper shower with someone πŸ˜‰

Carla (crazygem85): Certain people are always more than welcome to shower with me *looks at eric*

Nicole (TBF): amazing might be an understatement jamie.

smeykunz: HEY this is book 2….COUCH SEX….slow down

Misty (ssbookclub) from x.x.x.130 joined the chat 93 minutes ago

Desireediaz: So true msjamie

dryaslereth: AMEN AR

Kris (krisrivera): Eric, wait until we discuss your shower – JUST WAIT

Misty (ssbookclub): wait they dont sleep

Misty (ssbookclub): he does it again

Eric of Area 5: Showers can be most….satisfying when done together

Misty (ssbookclub): this time like the taz devil

msjamiefrufru: can we skip to that one? puhleeeeeeezzzzzeeee!

TrueFanatic: Now it’s getting old…

smeykunz: I am picky about my showers, I have to be warm and shower sex is never good

Beth (lilabitblf): this is where i say i love being a woman… with multis

Carla (crazygem85): Again, rough rough sex. Bill was out of control

Nicole (TBF): okay okay..couch sex.

Carla (crazygem85): I liked it

Misty (ssbookclub): and her first words are be sweet

dryaslereth: *faints* @ Eric’s commemnt

Beth (lilabitblf): ok ppl!!!! GBOT πŸ™‚

AphioRogue: *Grins* well yes then can Eric

Carla (crazygem85): Oh and Amen Eric!!!

andiegilmore: bathtub sex is better

Kris (krisrivera): and he is alll no I AM VAMPIRE

smeykunz: No sweet! She s dumb, be rough Bill. I can take it!

smeykunz: oops!

Misty (ssbookclub): and he says he cant its been too long

andiegilmore: but anyways, back to Bill lol

smeykunz: she can take it

Eric of Area 5: smeykunz…that just means it has never been done correctly *wink*

Nicole (TBF): rough..yes.

Carla (crazygem85): lol Eric!!!

smeykunz: No selling me on that sheriff

Misty (ssbookclub): I loved the branding iron comment

dryaslereth: Woo Hoo, Eric

msjamiefrufru: haha, Eric, I like the way you think!

Beth (lilabitblf): *just looking at the screen laughing right now*

Carla (crazygem85): me too Misty

smeykunz: Water is never a good thing…..moving on

TrueFanatic: Bill is a little possessive.

Misty (ssbookclub): so then they sleep

Nicole (TBF): only a wee bit.

Misty (ssbookclub): when she waks

andiegilmore: all vampires are possessive though

msjamiefrufru: a little? REALLY?

Misty (ssbookclub): they have the talk

Desireediaz: Lmao yeah. Just a bit m

smeykunz: it’s a vamp thing

TrueFanatic: He’s vampire.

Eric of Area 5: Indeed

Carla (crazygem85): yes the dreaded talk

Beth (lilabitblf): yes the talk

Misty (ssbookclub): he explains again the HE IS VAMPIRE

Nicole (TBF): and the talk.

msjamiefrufru: then don’t freakin bail on a whim!

Misty (ssbookclub): and he will have non human instincts

Beth (lilabitblf): and she starts to get it

msjamiefrufru: ugh ok, sorry

Misty (ssbookclub): and I think it starts to sink in

msjamiefrufru: I’m getting heated lol

smeykunz: Misty, it never sinks in, she still doesn’;t get it

Desireediaz: Well sookie you made it it was about time!!

TrueFanatic: Why didn’t Eric have the same instinct to run after the FOTS?

andiegilmore: she doesn’t get it, even though he says it plainly

Misty (ssbookclub): I said starts and then somewhere it gets stuck

Carla (crazygem85): I think he was trying to prov just how much of a vampire he was with that sex session

Kris (krisrivera): she will never get it

smeykunz: LOL

Eric of Area 5: I do not run

smeykunz: Like I said, I get it. Come to momma….

andiegilmore: lol Eric

Misty (ssbookclub): so then she asks about Portia

msjamiefrufru: cuz eric loves a good fight right?

Kris (krisrivera): mrawr Eric

andiegilmore: Eric was thinking of getting advantage of the opportunity

Misty (ssbookclub): and why in the hell would portia know about arms dealers?

Kris (krisrivera): and boy was the explanation an doozy

Beth (lilabitblf): Portia

TrueFanatic: Bill was making Sookie Jealous. Very human of him…

Nicole (TBF): rawwrrr.

AphioRogue: Kris you took the words right out of my mouth

Kris (krisrivera): I didnt think Bill could be so gullible…unless he was pretending to be gullible…

AphioRogue: um – some of her clients were talking ??

andiegilmore: agree Kris

msjamiefrufru: *coughcoughdbcoughcough*

Carla (crazygem85): yes Kris

Misty (ssbookclub): I dont know I think he wanted to make sook jealous

Carla (crazygem85): lol msjamie

Beth (lilabitblf): Bill did say he hoped to make Sook jealous

Nicole (TBF): and it worked.

smeykunz: every chick he is ever with is for that purpose

msjamiefrufru: cuz he’s a jerk

Carla (crazygem85): It def worked

Beth (lilabitblf): it def did..

TrueFanatic: Yea, it worked

Misty (ssbookclub): but before we really get into a conversation Bill starts teasing her

Desireediaz: Cmon with Portia ?

msjamiefrufru: dont kill me belles!

AphioRogue: but did he make her more jealous – or did she make him more jellous

Misty (ssbookclub): and they are having some nookie again

smeykunz: I am an uncommon belle

Carla (crazygem85): love the nookie with sookie

Beth (lilabitblf): lots of nookie this chapter

smeykunz: I do not believe sookie should choose him

smeykunz: He needs a better woman

Misty (ssbookclub): HEY NO NAME CALLING

andiegilmore: lol

TrueFanatic: Nice try Shan

AphioRogue: LOL smeykunz

andiegilmore: like you, smeykunz?

Carla (crazygem85): oh no, she needs a better man

Kris (krisrivera): like you Shan?

Nicole (TBF): like smeykunz..

smeykunz: yes, me

Alisha_es: lol

Kris (krisrivera): LOL

andiegilmore: she can have Bill, as long as we get Eric πŸ™‚

msjamiefrufru: I agree with andie!

Eric of Area 5: *knows that if that happens smeykunz will never know how good a shower can be*

dryaslereth: Like who Carla? LOL

Beth (lilabitblf): we share well

Carla (crazygem85): lol Eric

Desireediaz: I don’t care about bill I care about Eric

TrueFanatic: SmeyKunz is Mehnnn!

AphioRogue: did I miss somting misty??

Nicole (TBF): lmao.

smeykunz: *knows if I have couch sex, I won’t care*

Beth (lilabitblf): OK *WAVING AT ROOM*

Kris (krisrivera): he asks her is she really sucked the bullet out of eric – HELLO!!! the answer is YES

msjamiefrufru: I just want to stare at him, i’m sticking with my hubby

Carla (crazygem85): dryaslereth, i think you know. lol

Beth (lilabitblf): I loved this part Kris

andiegilmore: me too

Misty (ssbookclub): so sookie realized that portia is trying to get invited to the club

Kris (krisrivera): Me too!!!

AphioRogue: he just wants to make her admit it –

Alisha_es: Bill doesn’t seem too upset about the bullet and blood thing.

dryaslereth: yes, yes iI do Carla, LOL

Misty (ssbookclub): and Bill says she should of just told him that

Beth (lilabitblf): right Misty

Misty (ssbookclub): then Bill moves off topic to discuss the bullet sucking

Beth (lilabitblf): again.. games we all play with eachother…

andiegilmore: well Bill pretends he doesn’t understand human manipulation, but I think he does

Nicole (TBF): stupid relationship games.

Beth (lilabitblf): it was a good distraction topic πŸ™‚

Kris (krisrivera): I could practically hear he smacking herself in the head when I read the bullet part

AphioRogue: oh he knows what hes doing

Kris (krisrivera): *hear her

Misty (ssbookclub): me too kris

Kris (krisrivera): i loved it

TrueFanatic: He knows. He’s been around the block a time or two

Beth (lilabitblf): It was a clasic OSM remembering πŸ™‚

Nicole (TBF): as did i

Desireediaz: Me too

Misty (ssbookclub): I love the laying on top of me is not worth getting shot line

Beth (lilabitblf): uh huh

AphioRogue: Hes been MARRIED – he knows what the hell he is doing

Alisha_es: nods

msjamiefrufru: it was very cunning

andiegilmore: agree Misty!

Carla (crazygem85): me too misty

Desireediaz: Lmao misty

Nicole (TBF): lmao misty..agreed.

Misty (ssbookclub): so he explains how Eric can feel her now

Kris (krisrivera): Word Of The Day alert!

Misty (ssbookclub): and she uses refute

smeykunz: Any man that has been married possesses that coping mechanism

Carla (crazygem85): lol

Misty (ssbookclub): to get back to the portia line of questioning

Kris (krisrivera): I think that this is when i started to really really like Eric – I like his style\

dryaslereth: LOL

Eric of Area 5: Yes, I can feel her *sly grin*

Desireediaz: Me too Kris

Misty (ssbookclub): so they agrre that he will not sleep with Portia

Beth (lilabitblf): uh huh Kris… he has style πŸ™‚

AphioRogue: i like that Eric stayed to protect her and didnt run off

smeykunz: You enjoy being manipulated McKris? *yes, I said it

Beth (lilabitblf): “I would never bed a Belfluer”

Desireediaz: Me too aphio

msjamiefrufru: cuz Eric’s awesome!

AphioRogue: realized that as a human that she might be in danger here moreso then then sups

Beth (lilabitblf): AR … ch 9 now πŸ™‚

Eric of Area 5: I protect what is important to me

Kris (krisrivera): Shan – that man can do anything to me he McWants

Carla (crazygem85): Eric, this is 1 of many reasons we love you

AphioRogue: LOL I didnt start it πŸ˜‰

Alisha_es from x.x.x.114 joined the chat 78 minutes ago

Carla (crazygem85): same here kris. anything!!

smeykunz: I feel the same way about Bill baby…..all night if necessary.

Desireediaz: True Carla

Kris (krisrivera): “As if I would ever bed a Bellefleur” – GREAT line

Misty (ssbookclub): so I wondered if he was going to continue seeing portia

dryaslereth: Good job @ chapter patrol Beth, LOL

AphioRogue: yup

Misty (ssbookclub): because they just said no sleeping with her

Nicole (TBF): good line.

Beth (lilabitblf): Thanks πŸ™‚

smeykunz: good thing he didn’t bone her because later …..ewwww

Beth (lilabitblf): i dont think that came up… becasue it was almost day break

Kris (krisrivera): Bill finds something “honorable” in her – ew

dryaslereth: Welcome!

Misty (ssbookclub): so sook tells bill he owes her some bras

Desireediaz: *hugs Beth * you’re good Hun

TrueFanatic: HMM, Eric’s manipulative????

Nicole (TBF): ew..

Carla (crazygem85): seriously smeykkunz….ewwww

Beth (lilabitblf): I know Shannon.

Kris (krisrivera): and a sweater

msjamiefrufru: but he’s manipulative in a fun way!

Maria (sumerbreez) from x.x.x.157 joined the chat 77 minutes ago

Nicole (TBF): fun manipulation.

Misty (ssbookclub): and Bil never wants to see her with JB again

AphioRogue: like Bills not??

Eric of Area 5: and most effective with my manipulation

Beth (lilabitblf): Misty.. which is 180 from when she first heard about the store πŸ™‚

Alisha_es: That wasn’t cool of Bill…

Kris (krisrivera): and he says “that’s why I bought a womens clothing store…so I could rip if the spirit moves me”

Misty (ssbookclub): again Beth she wants it both ways

Kris (krisrivera): another great line

Carla (crazygem85): good line bill

msjamiefrufru: he needs to get one of those T-Pain chains that says “MAHN” for her to wear during the day

msjamiefrufru: it’ll save him time

dryaslereth: I love that line Kris

smeykunz: Damn, McKris beat me. I’m drinkng though

TrueFanatic: I loved that line

Beth (lilabitblf): agree Kris:) which is better then the line when he first told her about hte store

Carla (crazygem85): i want a man with that kind of thinking. Cuz im like rip away, its more fun

Kris (krisrivera): Ha! I’m on McFire!

andiegilmore: agree Misty

smeykunz: I almost put that on some panties in the Belle shop

AphioRogue: only if they are willing replace

dryaslereth: LMAO Kris

Kris (krisrivera): you should even I would buy that

Nicole (TBF): lmao

smeykunz: then I realize, he would never rip them off me and I would just be bummed

Misty (ssbookclub): so the next day at work

AphioRogue: LOL

Beth (lilabitblf): work…lol

Kris (krisrivera): Mr. last Word put the earrings back in before he left,,,

Misty (ssbookclub): Mike Spencer and i imagine Mike from the show YUCK

Nicole (TBF): yes…work..

AphioRogue: work stinks

smeykunz: I like Mr Last word

Misty (ssbookclub): asks her to join the party

smeykunz: and topaz

dryaslereth: EEWWWWW

Alisha_es: Oh god yes Misty. yuck.

Carla (crazygem85): gorss Mike

Beth (lilabitblf): Double EWWWW

Misty (ssbookclub): oh yeah I forgot the earrings

Misty (ssbookclub): loved that

smeykunz: brb….I have human needs

Nicole (TBF): ewwww..

Carla (crazygem85): *gross. cant type tonight

Kris (krisrivera): Yeah – can we talk about how traumatizing the orgy scenes were for me this season?

Beth (lilabitblf): Misty… how could you forget the earings πŸ™‚

andiegilmore: ewww indeed Creep

AphioRogue: OMG I KNOW!

Alisha_es: LOL. I know what you mean Kris.

msjamiefrufru: that was slick … i’ll give billy that much πŸ™‚

Eric of Area 5: Season 3 will make up for that Kris

Misty (ssbookclub): tcup was talking to me

Kris (krisrivera): why cant attractive people do shit like that?

Kris (krisrivera): HELLO TCUP!!!!

Beth (lilabitblf): he was a friend of her father…. her FATHER

Carla (crazygem85): Good to hear Eric

Kris (krisrivera): OMG vomit B

dryaslereth: NO! Lets not talk about them Kris! Gag reflex….. GAH!!!

Kris (krisrivera): I hope so Eric…it hurt my virgin eyes

AphioRogue: mine are in bed arleady – yeah …

Beth (lilabitblf): *happy dance at S3*

Nicole (TBF): yes eric!! *happy dance*

AphioRogue: yeah season 3!

Eric of Area 5: Having the writers in my basement had some advantage

Alisha_es: LOL Eric.

Misty (ssbookclub): and sook plays dumb about the party

msjamiefrufru: omg, can’t wait for how a certain scene will play out since theres no bubba in TB

dryaslereth: Virgin my tooshie, Kris

Carla (crazygem85): Always thinking eric

Nicole (TBF): lmao eric.

AphioRogue: *sniff* I miss Bubba

andiegilmore: Sookie has some amazing self control here

Beth (lilabitblf): ok GBOT *smacks self too*

msjamiefrufru: hope thats no spoiler, sorry if it was

Eric of Area 5: That my dear, would be why I am the sheriff

smeykunz: Yay to season 3 because I m the only belle that actually LIKES Lorena

Misty (ssbookclub): and sookie is amazed at tara being there

Alisha_es: I miss Bubba too, but I understand why they wrote him out. It wouldn’t translate well.

Beth (lilabitblf): yeah.. why Tara??

Alisha_es: Book Tara is kind of all over the place.

andiegilmore: Tara always shows up at the oddest places..Sookie clearly doesn’t know her as well as she thinks

smeykunz: but Bruce Campbell would have ROCKED. So sad

Desireediaz: I miss bubba too

dryaslereth: PINK SPANDEX!!!!!

AphioRogue: sorry – but I do — why Tara? cuase they needed to just through her in somehwere?

AphioRogue: I KNOW! we didnt get that either!!!

Beth (lilabitblf): AHEM…off S3 for min

Misty (ssbookclub): so she agrees to go to the party

Kris (krisrivera): Tara is a nit-wit

msjamiefrufru: went to memphis, not bubba sightings

Misty (ssbookclub): then when she I think goes to talk to sam about it

Misty (ssbookclub): he tells her that Luna called

smeykunz: Beth you are awesome in chat police mode LOL

Beth (lilabitblf): She wasnt planning to talk to Sam about it

Misty (ssbookclub): I thought she might be thinking about it

Misty (ssbookclub): but maybe not

msjamiefrufru: she’s a good foil for sookie

Kris (krisrivera): and Sammy Boy drops it on her – he’s doing the maenad

Beth (lilabitblf): Sam is intruiged by the phone call

Eric of Area 5: Where is Balou with is poorly timed Sam comments?

Alisha_es: ugh. yuck Sam.

msjamiefrufru: tara shows the not glorious side of the same world sookie is involved in

AphioRogue: had an agrument with a friend last night about shifters vs weres

Desireediaz: Yep

smeykunz: Doggie style

Carla (crazygem85): A least Sam is getting some

dryaslereth: Sam needs love too

Misty (ssbookclub): and I love the blood ribbons line

Beth (lilabitblf): we are missing our manwench

AphioRogue: poor sam

Nicole (TBF): we have no one to smack this evening..LOL

msjamiefrufru: *fights making a dog and bone comment*

Eric of Area 5: Although I am not complaining, I can appreciate a room full of women

Misty (ssbookclub): i will gladly smack someone

Desireediaz: So true Nicole lol

Carla (crazygem85): We know you can Eric

AphioRogue: LOL I know – its so diffrent

msjamiefrufru: i’m the only perverted on in here tonight! no fun!

Misty (ssbookclub): so sook tells sam she will be more open minded

msjamiefrufru: *one

Kris (krisrivera): all i see is doggy style…


smeykunz: I am very perverted……try me

recordcozy: I’m sneaking out early. See you all next week!

Beth (lilabitblf): uh huh Misty… love how she tells him too

Kris (krisrivera): bye RC!

andiegilmore: bye rc!

recordcozy from x.x.x.237 left the chat 68 minutes ago

msjamiefrufru: every dog needs to bury his bone sometime!

Nicole (TBF): bye RC!

Beth (lilabitblf): Night RC

Carla (crazygem85): Bye RC

dryaslereth: SQUEEEEE!!!!! Sorry, just so excited about whats coming…. * bounces in seat*

Desireediaz: Bye record!!

smeykunz: That’s al I am thinking about McKris

Eric of Area 5: Goodbye RC

AphioRogue: if balou was here hed be making them too

Alisha_es: Bye RC!

msjamiefrufru: ok, its out of my system

AphioRogue: night rc

Nicole (TBF): balou is always perverted. all the time.

Carla (crazygem85): perverted comments are always welcome msjamie

Kris (krisrivera): Word Shan. WORD.

Misty (ssbookclub): I forgot something

smeykunz: McWord

msjamiefrufru: i’m scared i’ll get kicked out

Misty (ssbookclub): Mike also said portia would be there

msjamiefrufru: lol

Beth (lilabitblf): i know Misty

AphioRogue: taht balou was a pervert?? how can you forget that πŸ˜‰

Kris (krisrivera): ewwwwwwww

Alisha_es: Oh yeah! Portia!

Beth (lilabitblf): wait.. did he say that?

TrueFanatic: Ugh. Have to get my tcups to bed. good night all

AphioRogue: he did/?

Carla (crazygem85): nith True!!

Misty (ssbookclub): yep he said your friends tara eggs and portia

msjamiefrufru: night night

Beth (lilabitblf): yeah he did

TrueFanatic: Thanks for being here Shan

dryaslereth: I don’t remember that

AphioRogue: night TF

Desireediaz: Night true!

smeykunz: Of course, I have to represent for the boss man

dryaslereth: night TF

Beth (lilabitblf): pg 237 in PB

smeykunz: Did I just call him that?

Misty (ssbookclub): so when she calls Bill she thinks he may have the same message from portia

Beth (lilabitblf): your right… i missed that again…

Nicole (TBF): night TF

Kris (krisrivera): awww she wanted another erotic ambush

Beth (lilabitblf): she was so… vague in her message

Misty (ssbookclub): dont we all

smeykunz: Um……who wouldn’t?

Carla (crazygem85): i know i did kris

msjamiefrufru: *make mental note to put pink spandex in her hubbys christmas stocking*

AphioRogue: πŸ˜› lol for real

andiegilmore: too vague

Nicole (TBF): pretty much.

Kris (krisrivera): yes. We do misty (ahem, Eric)

Desireediaz: Lmao msjamie

Kris (krisrivera): Bill tells her to stay away from the maenad – she was not happy eating a cow

AphioRogue: I could use an Eric in my christmas stocking πŸ˜‰

Misty (ssbookclub) from x.x.x.130 joined the chat 65 minutes ago

Eric of Area 5: Yes Kris?

Kris (krisrivera): that’s what they gave her right? a cow

smeykunz: Maybe she’s a vegetarian πŸ˜›

smeykunz: a bull

Misty (ssbookclub): a bull

andiegilmore: lol

Eric of Area 5: You would need a very large stocking for me AR

AphioRogue: bull

smeykunz: they should have given her a McRib

Beth (lilabitblf): lol … right Kris… the Chik Fil A cows would be proud

Nicole (TBF) from x.x.x.11 joined the chat 64 minutes ago

Alisha_es: She should have liked a cow…

Misty (ssbookclub): So Bill tells her that Eric will be in town

AphioRogue: maybe she wanted lobster?

Misty (ssbookclub): the maenad is not happy

Kris (krisrivera): Eric – I would like an erotic ambush whn i get home some day

andiegilmore: she prefers a Sam sandwich

msjamiefrufru: speaking of which…. its time for me to spend some time with my hubby and have naked cuddles

smeykunz: King crab

Misty (ssbookclub): and that the dallas shifters are getting greedy

Beth (lilabitblf): which strikes me as wow… telling her Erics where abouts

smeykunz: Grrr jamie grrr!

Eric of Area 5: Isn’t it convenient that I would be in town

msjamiefrufru: hahaha! he made a gracious plenty joke! I have trained him well!

Alisha_es: lol. Have fun msjamie…!

AphioRogue: maybe he was /ordered/ to

Desireediaz: The meaned cold have gone to macdonald

Misty (ssbookclub): me too

Beth (lilabitblf): are we surprised the dallas shifters are greedy?

Beth (lilabitblf): night Jamie πŸ™‚

Misty (ssbookclub): I think he figured Eric would appraoch her

msjamiefrufru: hey! i’m a newly wed! i’m allowed!

AphioRogue: night jamie

smeykunz: Enjoy it baby!

dryaslereth: Woo Hoo, newly wed!

Alisha_es: Congrats!

Nicole (TBF): congrats!!

Misty (ssbookclub): so she calls eric

msjamiefrufru: night guys! behave ! (esp. you Eric)

Beth (lilabitblf): i love this phone call

Kris (krisrivera): And she calls Fangtasia where she hears a certin message by the delectable Pam

dryaslereth: OMGOMGOMGH

Alisha_es: One of the best phone conversations ever.

smeykunz: Pam rocks

Kris (krisrivera): know this: we will find you

AphioRogue: i do too!!

Beth (lilabitblf): i absolutly love this phone call

Eric of Area 5: I always behave *wicked grin*

Carla (crazygem85): Its a sex party, I would have called Eric too

andiegilmore: LOVE pAM

smeykunz: she is SO underused on TB

andiegilmore: Pam

Carla (crazygem85): Love Pam

Misty (ssbookclub): Pam tels her Eric is enthralling the vermin

dryaslereth: OMGOMGOMG!!!! Pink…. Spandex…..

Kris (krisrivera): Pam is MAAAAHHHNNNNN

Alisha_es: lol!

Nicole (TBF): haha kris.

Kris (krisrivera): but i’m willing to share of course

Nicole (TBF): PAM!!!!!

Misty (ssbookclub): Pam asks about Dallas

Beth (lilabitblf): *whispers* not yet AJ\

Misty (ssbookclub): and stan

Kris (krisrivera): “He is enthralling the vermin”

smeykunz: This is the part where the Belles make pizza so you all can fawn…BRB

Kris (krisrivera): I LOVE HER

Misty (ssbookclub): and we find that pam likes the nerdy look

Carla (crazygem85): sexy nerdy stan!!

Beth (lilabitblf) from x.x.x.211 joined the chat 61 minutes ago

Eric of Area 5: It is so easy to do Kris

dryaslereth: Love that Pam relates all of Eric’s actions with relish!!!

AphioRogue: they hve to use her more next seaspn == and still annoyed we didnt get this sceen!!!

Nicole (TBF): more pam!

Kris (krisrivera): Enthrall the vermin? That’s hilarious Eric…

Misty (ssbookclub): Eric answers I am here

Kris (krisrivera): sookie my little bullet sucker

Alisha_es: which makes me laugh.

Beth (lilabitblf): we aren’t considered vermin… right? πŸ™‚

andiegilmore: lol that conversation is awesome

Eric of Area 5: No Beth, you are not

Desireediaz: Lol Kris

Beth (lilabitblf): πŸ™‚

Kris (krisrivera): “Eric, my big bullshitter”

Desireediaz: Lmao

Beth (lilabitblf): my favorite lines in this series πŸ™‚

Eric of Area 5: But she did say “my”

Desireediaz: Yep she did

Alisha_es: awww. Yes she did!

Eric of Area 5: not… the big bulshitter

AphioRogue: LOL yup

Nicole (TBF): yes she did

dryaslereth: The interaction between Eric and Sook is just soooo…..

Carla (crazygem85): indeed she did lol!

Beth (lilabitblf): yes. she did say my big bullshitter

Kris (krisrivera): LOL Eric

Carla (crazygem85): soooo smoldering

andiegilmore: lol she’s warming up to Eric

Eric of Area 5: once again her subconscious speaks

dryaslereth: natural and humorous

Desireediaz: So true Eric

Misty (ssbookclub): She tells Eric she wants him to come help her

Beth (lilabitblf): she is… there was a point when she would not have called him… its a good plan making her comfortable

AphioRogue: just feels so much more — real

Nicole (TBF): so true Eric.

Misty (ssbookclub): He asks if Bill is no longer her bedmate

Beth (lilabitblf): which is a valid question

Alisha_es: I laugh at that line too

Kris (krisrivera): of course! who else but Eric would get a kick out of going to an orgy like that

AphioRogue: right since hes been seen around town with Portia

Misty (ssbookclub): she explains she needs a body guard

AphioRogue: maybe he was hoping to break some news to her πŸ˜‰

Carla (crazygem85): he did lay on top of her once before to protect her

Beth (lilabitblf): at a sex party… body guard at a sex party

Alisha_es: Although an orgie would make an… interesting first date for them! lol

Nicole (TBF): and who wouldnt love that.

Kris (krisrivera): “so you want me to go to a human orgy, where i will not be welcome, and you want us to leave before I get to enjoy myself?”

Beth (lilabitblf): it definitly send Mix signals

Beth (lilabitblf): right on Kris… couldnt type fast enough

andiegilmore: lol great line Kris

Kris (krisrivera): Eric Eric Eric – I LOVE YOU

Alisha_es: Eric is welcome everywhere.

Carla (crazygem85): sookie is always sending mix signals

Nicole (TBF): eric is always welcome!

Desireediaz: Lol

Eric of Area 5: *smiling at Kris*

Misty (ssbookclub): and then she tells him she needs him to be gay

andiegilmore: lol!

msjamiefrufru: back, hubby found something on tv he wanted to watch

AphioRogue: LOL I know – so great

Kris (krisrivera): the icing on the cake misty!!!!

dryaslereth: GAH!!!! PINK>>>> SPANDEX………

Kris (krisrivera): it was awesome

msjamiefrufru: apparently 5 months is when the new and shiny wears off haha

dryaslereth: so awesome

Alisha_es: lol

andiegilmore: kind of amazing that Eric actually agrees to all those terms

Misty (ssbookclub): he asks what time

Kris (krisrivera): i’m smiling right back atcha Eric

AphioRogue: and all that beautiful blond hair

Misty (ssbookclub): and then Pam gets the phone

Nicole (TBF): sexy eric..

Eric of Area 5: why would I not agree?

Alisha_es: Eric woudl agree to anything to go to an orgy with Sookie.

dryaslereth: Love that Pam tells her hes holding his head and shaking it

Kris (krisrivera): and he is not amused – but is shaking his head

Misty (ssbookclub): she asks if he is laughing

msjamiefrufru: i wonder why…

smeykunz: *back and thinking if CH sends Bill to Peru again can she write me in as his love interest?*

Misty (ssbookclub): pam says not that I cam tell

Kris (krisrivera): and Pammy says no LOL

andiegilmore: I just htought you’d be interesting in barganing better terms, Eric!

AphioRogue: i think he was amused somewhat

Misty (ssbookclub): lol shan

andiegilmore: *thought

Nicole (TBF): maybe shan

Misty (ssbookclub): so that ends chapter 9

Eric of Area 5: The fact that Sookie called for my help was win enough

Misty (ssbookclub): what are your fav parts?

smeykunz: I have always wanted to see Machu Pichu at night

smeykunz: Fav part….COUCH SEX

Misty (ssbookclub): couch sex

Alisha_es: Best part was a toss up between Bill/Sookie makeup sex and this last phone call.

Carla (crazygem85): the rough sex

andiegilmore: couch sex, for sure!

msjamiefrufru: the fact that Eric is willing to go to any extent to help Sookie

Desireediaz: The phone call with Eric was great

Nicole (TBF): couch sex..

dryaslereth: the phone conversation between Sook, Pam & Eric

Beth (lilabitblf): i cant pick… lots of good parts

Kris (krisrivera): Fav Part – make up sex and “my little bullet-sucker”

dryaslereth: AND the hot sex

smeykunz: funny thing is, if it were really good vamp sex….we couldn’t handle it

Carla (crazygem85): I loved the phone call too, but that sex scene was HOT!!!

AphioRogue: phone call

Desireediaz: And of course the sex part lol

Carla (crazygem85): oh Shan, I could handle it

Beth (lilabitblf): the “My little bullet sucker/my big bull shitter” favorite

msjamiefrufru: Bill’s just jealous that sookie has sucked more from eric then from bill…

smeykunz: i could too, I lied *wink*

msjamiefrufru: ok sorry, that was dirty

Kris (krisrivera): absolutely B

dryaslereth: LMAO!!!! jamie

Kris (krisrivera): I don’t know if I can handle it – but dammit I’M WILLING TO TRY

smeykunz: Bill should call me if he wants things sucked

Carla (crazygem85): love the dirty jamie πŸ™‚

Eric of Area 5: Bill’s jealousy is only beginning

dryaslereth: *holds up hand* Also willing to try!!!

smeykunz: again……SOOOOOO glad he isn’t seeing this

Beth (lilabitblf): very true Eric

Nicole (TBF): lmao shan.

Beth (lilabitblf): lol Shan πŸ™‚

Eric of Area 5: *will take great pleasure in moving the chess pieces yet to come*

msjamiefrufru: ohhhhhhh I’m enjoying bills jealousy eric…. keep it going

Misty (ssbookclub): ok worst part

smeykunz: Eric, we should talk. Maybe I can help you get him out of the picture.

Carla (crazygem85): we know you will Eric

msjamiefrufru: *needs therapy*

Nicole (TBF): oh yes. eric.

Alisha_es: Mental picture of Mike at the orgy. Yuck. So not cool.

Beth (lilabitblf): same here Alisha

Carla (crazygem85): worst part is Mike involved in an orgy….ewwww

Kris (krisrivera): I was waiting for you to say something like that Shan…

Desireediaz: Yeah Alisha

andiegilmore: ick Mike asking Sookie to party

Eric of Area 5: smeykunz, he is already out and just doesn’t realize it

Beth (lilabitblf): worst part is being asked for the orgy by Mike… Mike!

Kris (krisrivera): Mike asking Sook to party was repulsive

andiegilmore: and Portia trying to use Bill

AphioRogue: That I dont get Eric /// πŸ˜‰ –= oh you mean of the book … yeah that Mike is the one to invite Sookie to the Orgy

smeykunz: In that case, send him over. I already know I can take it.

Kris (krisrivera): straight up dis-gus-ting

Nicole (TBF): nasty.

msjamiefrufru: bill being a db and making her jealous on purpose

smeykunz: *innocently whistling Dixie*

dryaslereth: Ditto on Mike asking Sookie to party

msjamiefrufru: thats the moment i started hating bill

Carla (crazygem85): gross men & orgies, not a pretty picture

Carla (crazygem85): Now eric and orgies, that I could get happy about

Misty (ssbookclub): ok well since we only read one chapter we are finished early

smeykunz: Mike spencer naked frightens me

dryaslereth: thank goodness I havent eaten yet, Carla

msjamiefrufru: i bartended my way through college. gross pervy men dont phase me anymore

Desireediaz: True carla

Carla (crazygem85): Yes good thing hon!!

Beth (lilabitblf): we did finish early tonight πŸ™‚

Eric of Area 5: It has been done Carla, a shame you were not there to invite

Misty (ssbookclub): Next week chpaters 10-11

smeykunz: gross pervy men are how chick \bartenders make good money…..I speak from experience

Nicole (TBF): mike naked nastyness..

andiegilmore: woot!

msjamiefrufru: whoo hoo!

Alisha_es: Fun stuff!

Desireediaz: Ok misty

Misty (ssbookclub): Next week chpaters 10-11 with @ericNorthman & @sookieBontemps

Beth (lilabitblf): cannt wait till next week πŸ™‚

dryaslereth: Eric naked hotness…

andiegilmore: yay!

Carla (crazygem85): Eric that is a shame. If there is a next time, you know who to ask

Eric of Area 5: I presume I am to wear something …appropriate next week?

msjamiefrufru: haha i used to use my DD’s as my mobile tip jar

Misty (ssbookclub): and I want to thank the Belles for coming

Nicole (TBF): yes! ERIC.

msjamiefrufru: ly for 5’s and up though

andiegilmore: *happy the Belles showed up tonight*

Misty (ssbookclub): thanks shan

AphioRogue: woo hoo πŸ˜‰

dryaslereth: Yes please!!!

Misty (ssbookclub): and please come anytime

smeykunz: On behalf of @VampireBill and @BillsBelles, thanks for the invite.

Carla (crazygem85): Yes we love the Belles

Eric of Area 5: Yes, please come again. I won’t bite *wink*

andiegilmore: thanks for coming!

Eric of Area 5: unless you ask very nicely

smeykunz: You’re damn right you won’t!

andiegilmore: ok kiddos I’m heading out! Good night everyone, great chat as always!

Nicole (TBF): or just no clothes..hehe.

Eric of Area 5: I have not forgotten the invitation dryaslereth

Desireediaz: I was thinking the same dry lol

Misty (ssbookclub): ok i love you but I gotta kick you out so I can post the chat

dryaslereth: Yes, officer!!! beth

Carla (crazygem85): *sighs* Ok Eric.

AphioRogue: dryaslereth – you are not the only one πŸ˜‰

dryaslereth: * Cheshire grin* @ Eric

Misty (ssbookclub): when you leave please do this / then type bye or leave

Eric of Area 5: goodbye pets

Alisha_es: I think I’m headed out too. Good night ladies. Sherrif. Great chat!

smeykunz: Night wenches *belle smooch*

dryaslereth: Good night Eric

smeykunz from x.x.x.85 left the chat 43 minutes ago

Nicole (TBF): Goodnight ladies! and Eric. *smooch*

Carla (crazygem85): Good night Eric!!

Beth (lilabitblf): Good night everyone!

andiegilmore: good night Eric!

AphioRogue: good night ERic and fellow wenches

Nicole (TBF) from x.x.x.11 left the chat 42 minutes ago

dryaslereth: Good night ladies* Smooches & gropes*

Desireediaz: Night!

AphioRogue from x.x.x.15 left the chat 42 minutes ago

Misty (ssbookclub): night all

Desireediaz: Night misty you are great πŸ™‚

Misty (ssbookclub): thanks


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