TrueBlood Barbie Twitter Tuesday 12/01/2009

We now begin this evenings edition of TrueBlood Barbie Twitter

Deep VoiceGuy *shuffling papers*

Deep VoiceGuy *in deep radio announcer voice reads* A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away *cues Star Wars theme*

Deep VoiceGuy WAIT!!! Wrong Intro *grins sheepishly while reshuffling papers*

Deep VoiceGuy *using Radio Voice over voice* Welcome to TB Twitter Barbie Tuesdays!

Deep VoiceGuy Our Barbie players @SookieBarbie, @PaleAssEric, @PaleAssBill, @PaleAssLorena, @BellesBarbie are ready to entertain! To enjoy the show, you must follow all, we will have dual stories for your entertainment ..

Deep VoiceGuy Tonights show will take us back to the events after the bombing of the Dallas Nest and the infamous bullet sucking. @SookieBarbie and @PaleAssBill are coming to grips that she will be attracted to @PaleAssEric with their new found connection. We find @SookieBarbie & @PaleAssBill in bed dreaming… but not of eachother…and so our show begins… in the most salacious Barbie manner possible – in @SookieBarbie‘s Bed….

PaleAssBill PaleAssBill:    *Rolling over in bed, dreaming*

PaleAssEric PaleAssEric:   *running my hands over your plastic body* @PaleAssSookie finish your sentence…

PaleAssBill PaleAssBill:  *Dreams that I am climbing out of bed, plastic on plastic hip joint squeak*

Sookie BarbieSookieBarbie: @PaleAssEric *plastic shivers* What was I saying? *thinking I dont have a plastic brain is this plastic head*

PaleAssEric PaleAssEric:  *I hope @SookieBarbie knows what a sentence is*

PaleAssEric PaleAssEric:   @SookieBarbie You were telling me why you’d be a terrible vampire and I was disagreeing.

PaleAssBill PaleAssBill:  *walking to the bathroom scratching plastic butt* Wow, how convenient! Plastic molded on underwear. Mattel thinks of everything

Sookie BarbieSookiebarbie:  @PaleAssEric Well I dont feel right with out a plastic tan coloring. Its is a factory special.

PaleAssEric PaleAssEric:  @SookieBarbie *ROARING PLASTIC LAUGHTER*

PaleAssBill PaleAssBill:  Hmmm…..perhaps I’ll take a shower *turns around, revealing huge fangy grin*

Sookie BarbieSookieBarbie:  @PaleAssEric : It’s true. Aaanyways – I’d rather  be alive than undead and then y’all are always killing.

PaleAssEric PaleAssEric:  @SookieBarbie but you’ve killed a man. I’ve killed a GI Joe. Whats the difference?

PaleAssBill PaleAssBill:   *reaching out to turn on the water* Oh @BellesBarbie….I know you are there watching as you often do *grins*

PaleAssEric PaleAssEric:  plastically wondering* where is the mirror in the house? Barbie Dream House MY ASS

Sookie BarbieSookieBarbie: @PaleAssEric *plastic defensive pose* Hey that was for self defense not lunch. He was going to melt me.

BellesBarbie:  Oh Bill!*swoon*

PaleAssBill PaleAssBill:  *stretching unnecessarily and gratuitously

PaleAssEric PaleAssEric: @SookieBarbie oh you will adapt, and your arms will move, your toes will no longer point all the time..

PaleAssBill PaleAssBill:    *plastic hip squeak*

PaleAssEric PaleAssEric:  @SookieBarbie you’ll trade the plastic sun for the polyurethane moon and stars.  *looking for mirror*

Sookie BarbieSookieBarbie:  Not me I want it all. Sun, Moon ,Stars , and that new pink Jeep I saw that fake bitch Skipper driving.

PaleAssEric PaleAss Eric:  *rubbing @BarbieSookie‘s arm and thigh* squeak, squeak (plastic on plastic)

PaleAssBill PaleAssBill:  *standing under the water letting it cascade in between my perfectly molded shoulder blades* @BellesBarbie enjoying the show

BellesBarbie:   Oh @PaleAssBill, you are so handsome and strong *swooning*

Deep VoiceGuy PaleAssNarrator:  *sqirms* bettween the shower and the pillow talk… who isnt looking for a cold one….

PaleAssBill PaleAssBill:  @BellesBarbie *plastic fang pop

PaleAssEric PaleAssEric:   *more squeaking…. NC-17 squeaking*

PaleAssBill PaleAssBill:  *grabs ridiculously small doll house soap, drops it* *GROWL* If I had kung fu grip like GI Joe vamp, this wouldn’t happen.

BellesBarbie: *feeling faint* I do declare, Bill.  *watching Bill lather up his plastic butt*

PaleAssEric PaleAssEric: @SookieBarbie *PLASTIC LAUGHTER* oh greedy greedy my lover…I like this side of you…but remember the sun melts us all *knocks own arm*

Sookie BarbieSookieBarbie:  Yeah, I am plastic I know. But I still want it all. And a bag of chips. *admires Eric’s plastic arms*

PaleAssBill PaleAssBill:  *bends at waist trying to grab soap*

BellesBarbie:  I need to twitpic this and post in on the BellesBarbie blog!

PaleAssBill  PaleAssBill: Maybe this shower was a bad idea *shakes water from hollow plastic torso*

BellesBarbie: holding a towel* Need help Bill

PaleAssEric PaleAssEric:  @SookieBarbie I have arranged for that Bitch Skipper to meet the sun my lover…by this time tomorrow she will be a puddle…

PaleAssEric PaleAssEric: *calls @PaleAssPam* YO YO YO YO PAM!!! I need for you to smite and melt this chick…her name is Skipper…yes, you can drain her….

Sookie BarbieSookiebarbie: *thinking Yes I am so getting her Jeep but I must keep up my innocent darling act* Oh no How could you?

PaleAssEric PaleAssEric: @SookieBarbie it is done. The pink car is yours. Worry not about the details *thinking who is she kidding with the innocent act*

Sookie BarbieSookieBarbie: @PaleAssEric *High five* I am going to love that new jeep!!

PaleAssEric PaleAssEric: @SookieBarbie yes my lover….I will have a guidance system installed *because @SookieBaribie has a LOT of plastic in her head*

BellesBarbie: *twirling tightie whities in the air* Need these?

PaleAssBill PaleAssBill: @BellesBarbie You Belles are very naughty *plastic fangs descend* I can’t seem to be able to scrub anything but my knees. Damn this lack of elbow joints!

PaleAssEric PaleAssEric: @SookieBarbie *flexes plastic arms* you have the right temperament for a vampire…is temperament too big a word for you?

Sookie Barbie SookieBarbie:  @PaleAssEric browsing through Word O’ The Day Calendar* Nope! I know exactly what it means! …

PaleAssBill PaleAssBill: *Bends over in front of @BellesBarbie on purpose*

BellesBarbie: *looking through BelleBag and pulling out cameraphone* CLICK! The Belles will love this!

PaleAssBill PaleAssBill: @BellesBarbie Are you using your mobile web? *ROARING PLASTIC LAUGHTER

BellesBarbie: @PaleAssBill T-Barbie Mobile but the reception sucks in my Barbie House! *plastic wink*

Deep VoiceGuy PaleAssNarrator: *thinking its a good idea i confiscated @Bellesbarbie‘s handcuffs before the show*

Sookie Barbie SookieBarbie:  What, I’m high-maintenance, bloodthirsty and old as a Raggedy Ann doll

PaleAssEric PaleassEric: @SookieBarbie bloodthirsty yes….old ass Raggedy no. I have standards my lover. I do not rub plastic with Rags of any kind

PaleAssBill PaleassBill: *rotates at waist and flexes arm, SQUEAK* How is this ladies?

BellesBarbie: Oh. My. Lawd! Bill! *reaching out plastic arm toward his scrumptious plastic butt* It’s enough to make a grown Belle cry or whimper! *swoon*

PaleAssEric PaleAssEric: *shudders at thought of Raggedy Ann* she was one crazy ass bitch!

BellesBarbie: *rummaging through BelleBag for my trusty second set of handcuffs* Here they are!

PaleAssBill  PaleAssBill: @BellesBarbie Is there something in your plastic eye? *plastic fangy grin*

Sookie Barbie SookieBarbie: @PaleAssEric * Bats plastic eyelashes* I am not bloodthirsty!!! What would Gran say

PaleAssBill PaleAssBill: *turns around letting the hot steamy water trickle down to my plastic underwear covered groin area

Sookie Barbie SookieBarbie: Cant believe he got me a Jeep!!! @PaleAssEric does some from a really good looking mold

PaleAssEric PaleAssEric: @SookieBarbie everyone just thinks you are as sweet as a Cabbage Patch Kid, don’t they? *plastic chuckling*

Sookie Barbie SookieBarbie: @PaleAssEric *plastic blush* I am as sweet and I don’t have the ass tattoo.

PaleAssEric PaleAssEric: *thinking that the rubbing on the bed would be more productive if we were anatomically correct

Bellesbarbie: @PaleAssBill *rubbing plastic eye with stiff plastic hand* Nothing in my eye… yet.

PaleAssEric PaleAssEric: *rub rub* *squeak squeak*

PaleAssBill PaleAssBill: *wondering why there are never shower doors on these Barbie house showers*

BellesBarbie: @PaleAssBill So the Belles can see you better!

Sookie Barbie SookieBarbie: @PaleAssEric wondering if plastic on plastic action causes friction

PaleAssEric  PaleAssEric: @SookieBarbie *PLASTIC FANGS

Bellesbarbie: watching @PaleAssBill* Do you need help with your back.

PaleAssBill PaleAssBill: @BellesBarbie Actually yes, since I cannot reach it. My knees are very clean though. Do you have a plastic loofah?

PaleAssEric  PaleAssEric: @SookieBarbie Yeah, but you’re ruthless when it comes to people you LUV. You’ll do anything for them.

PaleAssEric PaleAssEric: @SookieBarbie Do you need the definition for ruthless lover?

PaleAssBill PaleAssBill: The @BellesBarbie cannot get enough of this showering, it is better than plastic glamour.

Sookie Barbie SookieBarbie: @PaleAssEric Not that was last Tuesdays word of the day. *laughs at being called ruthless* Little ole me?

BellesBarbie: @PaleAssBill *rubbing your back with plastic loofah* Oh my! *rubbing and rubbing and rubbing and rubbing* Does that say Mattel back there

PaleAssEric  PaleAssEric: *inspecting @SookieBarbie‘s ass for tattoos* Made in China? What the Eff?

Sookie Barbie   SookieBarbie: @PaleAssEric Hey I am an international model. Eyes up here mister

PaleAssEric PaleAssEric: *eyes not up*

PaleAssBill PaleAssBill: @BellesBarbie *plastic fang pop* Be careful, my Belle, You will rub a hole in my plastic sculpted deltoids

PaleAssEric PaleAssEric: @SookieBarbie you protect your brother even though he clearly has manufacturer’s defects…you protect your friends

BellesBarbie: @PaleAssBill *reaching around and rubbing loofah on your big ole strong plastic chest* So manly Rawr

PaleAssBill PaleAssBill: *shakes more water from hollow plastic torso*

PaleAssEric PaleAssEric: @SookieBarbie you even try to protect me, which is silly because I have an Eternity Guarantee *smiles*

PaleAssBill PaleAssBill: @BellesBarbie *deep plastic chuckling* *thinking* Does @BellesBarbie ever take a break?

Deep VoiceGuy PaleAssNarrator: And to interrupt the sublime friction that is plastic skin on plastic skin comes an angry ex-girlfriend who will just. Not. Take. A. hint

Lorena Barbie PaleAssLorena:  @SookieBarbie *whispers* @PaleAssBill

PaleAssEric PaleAssEric: *rub rub* *squeak SQUEAK*

BellesBarbie: @PaleAssBill *putting plastic hand close to my plastic forehead* I do declare, Bill! when you deep plastic chuckle, it makes my Belle ring!

PaleAssEric PaleAssEric: *thinking @SookieBarbie is a big plastic FREAK A LEAK

BellesBarbie: @PaleAssBill I am always here for you, Bill! *swoon*

PaleAssBill PaleAssBill: Did I hear something? Besides @BellesBarbie swooning?

Sookie Barbie SookieBarbie: @PaleAssLorena *whispers and looks around as much as a plastic neck will turn* @PaleAssBill where is @PaleAssBill

PaleAssEric PaleAssEric: kissing @SookieBarbie*

PaleAssBill PaleAssBill: @BellesBarbie *fangy grin* Yes, you ladies love me and I adore and appreciate you all

Lorena Barbie PaleAssLorena: @SookieBarbie What do you care? *plastic hissing* You have already abandoned him for @PaleAssEric‘s molded biceps.

Sookie Barbie  SookieBarbie: *kissing @PaleAssEric but seeing @PaleAssLorena out of the corner of my plastic eye*

BellesBarbie: @PaleAssBill *plastic smile* Anything for you!

PaleAssEric PaleAssEric: *thinking that @SookieBarbie needs to upgrade to 100000000 thread count egyptian cotton sheets*

Lorena Barbie PaleAssLorena: What does he see in that plastic human @SookieBarbie? I can see her roots, they look like they have been yellow markered.

Sookie Barbie  SookieBarbie: @PaleAssLorena *stops kissing @PaleAssEric * No I have not!! I love @PaleAssBill and HIS molded biceps.

PaleAssEric PaleAssEric: *rub rub* *squeak squeak*

Lorena Barbie PaleAssLorena: *Looking over @PaleAssEric‘s plastic butt* He is nothing compared to @PaleAssBill. Not my type at all.

BellesBarbie: @PaleAssLorena *wondering that PaleAss Bitch is doing here*

Sookie Barbie  SookieBarbie: @PaleAssEric *thinking you should pay me more if you want 1000000000 thread count sheets. I am a waitress.

PaleAssBill  PaleAssBill: @BellesBarbie *points* You missed a spot.

Sookie Barbie   SookieBarbie: *SIGHS*

Deep VoiceGuy PaleAssNarrator: my its getting hot in here *looking for a fan*

PaleAssEric PaleAssEric: *thinking I have one nice ass pale plastic butt…flexing plastic ass cheeks*

Sookie Barbie   SookieBarbie: @PaleAssEric I used to think you had no sense of humor. I used to think you were madeof cold hard plastic, and empty inside.

Lorena Barbie PaleAssLorena: @BellesBarbie *Plastic hiss*

PaleAssEric PaleAssEric: @SookieBarbie and now my plastic flaxen haired lover?

Sookie Barbie  SookieBarbie:@PaleAssEric *CHUCKLING* Now I know that you’re hollow inside.You’re a big faker. You’re deep. You feel. There’s love in you

PaleAssEric PaleAssEric: coughMadeInChinacough*

PaleAssBill PaleAssBill: *rinsing soap from grooves in hard plastic hair*

BellesBarbie: @PaleAssBill *rubbing the spot* Oh myI do believe my southern sensibilities are tingling! Or maybe my plastic is melting!

PaleAssEric PaleAssEric: @SookieBarbie Only for @SookieBarbie…your plastic is the only plastic I am interested in

PaleAssBill PaleAssBill: @BellesBarbie *plastic grin* You should be careful, I could make you melt. Could you hand me a towel?

PaleAssEric  PaleAssEric: *practicing Kegels* (can men even do that?)

Sookie Barbie   SookieBarbie: @PaleAssEric *wondering why you are clenching in weird places*

BellesBarbie: @PaleAssLorena *plastic glare* You don’t scare me! *looking through Barbie wardrobe for silver prom dress to capture me a PaleAss Bitch*

Deep VoiceGuy PaleAssNarrator: Here comes the jilted lover again…. *sigh*

PaleAssEric PaleAssEric: *kissing @SookieBarbie on her plastic neck, her plastic lips, her plastic arms, her plastic legs, her plastic tummy, her plastic cheeks…*

Sookie Barbie  SookieBarbie: @PaleAssEric *giggles when you kiss my plastic tummy*

BellesBarbie: @PaleAssBill *pulling out towel* Come and get it, my darling, Bill.

PaleAssEric PaleAssEric: *still wondering how my hair looks*

Lorena Barbie  PaleAssLorena: @SookieBarbie You don’t want @PaleAssBill his plastic sexiness means nothing to you…..

BellesBarbie: *laughing my plastic head off and watching it roll across the floor* Oopsie! RT @PaleAssEric: *practicing Kegels* (can men even do that?)

Sookie Barbie   SookieBarbie: @PaleAssEric *kissing you so you stop messing with you damn gorgeous hair*

PaleAssBill PaleAssBill: *Thinking @BellesBarbie is a bit more forward than usual, must be my plastic showering prowess*

PaleAssEric PaleAssEric: *rub rub* *squeak squeak* (background music – “The Bad Touch” – Bloodhound Gang)

PaleAssEric PaleAssEric: ah ha! nothing can distract me from my hair

PaleAssBill PaleAssBill: @BellesBarbie *plastic fangs descend, grabs towel PLASTIC VAMP SPEED* You forget, I AM PLASTIC VAMPIRE!

Lorena Barbie PaleAssLorena: @SookieBarbie *narrows nylon eyelashes* You’ll see…@PaleAssBill IS MINE!

BellesBarbie: @PaleAssBill *falling over onto you* Oopsie! Catch me! I am yours!

PaleAssEric PaleAssEric: @SookieBarbie My Plastic Barbie Girl, Living in The Plastic Barbie World, this is only the beginning….

PaleAssEric PaleAssEric: *PLASTIC MOANING*

Sookie Barbie  SookieBarbie: *confused and very sexually frustrated moaning*

PaleAssEric PaleAssEric: Ooh! Found a mirror

PaleAssBill PaleAssBill: *catches @BellesBarbie* You are quite creative tonight *PLASTIC ROARING LAUGHTER*

PaleAssBill  PaleAssBill: *toweling off*

Sookie Barbie   SookieBarbie: *wakes up and has a Life sized barbie freakout*

Lorena Barbie PaleAssLorena: I have been substantially creepy for tonight, my work is done here.

Deep VoiceGuy PaleAssNarrator: *clearing throat to get deep voice back* @SookieBarbie wakes up next to @PaleAssBill and has a Barbie Dreamhouse-sized freak out.

BellesBarbie: @PaleAssBill *SWOON

Lorena Barbie  PaleAssLorena: *PLASTIC FANG POP*

Deep VoiceGuy PaleAssNarrator: Little does our plastic heroine know that @PaleAssBill has been dreams of his own…. **closes Twitter curtains**

Deep VoiceGuy PaleAssNarrator: And that concludes this weeks TB Twitter Barbie episode! We thank you for your patronage and hope you join us next time! Lets give our Twitter Barbie’s a hand! *or a leg*

SSbookclub: Please give a plastic round of applause for @krisrivera as @PaleAssEric , @lilabitblf as @PaleAssNarrator @sumerbreez as @BellesBarbie. And our newest player @smeykunz playing @PaleAssLorena and @PaleAssBill. Great job ladies!

Lorena Barbie   PaleAssLorena: *plastic curtsy*

PaleAssBill PaleAssBill: *plastic squeaky waist bow*

PaleAssEric PaleAssEric: @PaleAssBill kiss-ass PaleAssBill: @PaleAssEric Nonsense, I am a polycarbonate gentleman. You wouldn’t understand.

PaleAssEric PaleAssEric: *PLASTIC FANGS* aaand ::fade to black::

Deep VoiceGuyPaleAssNarrator: Bravo to all!!!


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  1. ROFL! I was channeling my inner Bill. *ROARING PLASTIC LAUGHTER* Can’t wait to do this agin sometime ladies *plastic Belle Smooch*

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