Weekly Chat #12 Ch 1 & 2 Club Dead

SarahFaith: *jumps into the room and promptly falls over*

Misty (ssbookclub): LOL careful now

SarahFaith: Hehehe, yeah I don’t need to injure myself anymore. πŸ˜€

Misty (ssbookclub): no you do not. How is your shoulder btw?

SarahFaith: Fully better, thanks for asking. Took about 3.5 weeks but I’m all good finally.

SarahFaith: Oh, and I’m going to be up and down throughout the chat because I have to fold laundry. I’d let the hubs do it but I like my clothes unwrinkled. πŸ˜€

Misty (ssbookclub): LOL I know what you mean.

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Alisha_es: *waves* Hi guys

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SarahFaith: Hi Alisha! πŸ™‚

Dianne (DiannesDishes): Good evening everyone.

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Amy (JustAimer): hola

Misty (ssbookclub): hey everyone ‘

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Dianne (DiannesDishes): hiya

recordcozy: Hi there!

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Beth (lilabitblf): Hello room

Dianne (DiannesDishes): Hi Beth

Beth (lilabitblf): I appologize now for weird tweets… the heat is still out and its tough typing with cold fingers or gloves

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Alisha_es: Oh no! That’s not good. Heat is your friend…

Dianne (DiannesDishes): What happened to your heat??

recordcozy: Ha ha. That’s rough.

Carla (crazygem85): Evening peeps!!

SarahFaith: Harro πŸ™‚

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Dianne (DiannesDishes): Hey Carla

Misty (ssbookclub): ok I am going to go ahead and remind eveyone about the gift exchange

Misty (ssbookclub): we will be opening gifts this FrIday

Misty (ssbookclub): Beth sent everyone an invitation

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Misty (ssbookclub): you need to click on accept in the email

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Misty (ssbookclub): please do this so we know you are phoning in

Misty (ssbookclub): also please make sure you have malied your gift so they will arrive in time

Misty (ssbookclub): Beth what time are we starting?

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Beth (lilabitblf): I have 9 pm EST..

Kris (krisrivera): sup y’all

Carla (crazygem85): Im so excited for friday!!

Misty (ssbookclub): ok so make sure you accept or decline if you cannot call in

Amanda (MCC): if u cant call in wont u miss everything tho?

Carla (crazygem85): we can call in with our cells right? it doesnt have to be touchphone

Amanda (MCC): i dont think i can call in, my kids will still be awake and there is NO peace when they are up

Misty (ssbookclub): no because we will be tweeting as well

Misty (ssbookclub): my tcups will be awake as well

Beth (lilabitblf): you can call in from your cells

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Misty (ssbookclub): you wil hear them all on the call

Dianne (DiannesDishes): Mine should be asleep

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Dianne (DiannesDishes): Fingers crossed!

jamie: hey guys!

joie: *waves, plops down on couch*

Carla (crazygem85): Ok cool

Amanda (MCC): mine are 5 and 7 you wont hear me over them

Misty (ssbookclub): 5 and 10

Misty (ssbookclub): i feel your pain

recordcozy: Hi jamie.

recordcozy: Hi joie.

Dianne (DiannesDishes): Hi jamie and Joie

jamie: hi record

Misty (ssbookclub): you do not have to call in

jamie: hi dianne

joie: *smoochies* brb, I’m the wrong color lol

Misty (ssbookclub): or you can call in for your gifts only

andiegilmore: I have a bday party, but ill definitely log in from twitter

SarahFaith: I won’t be calling in. Gonna be walking out the door as it starts and won’t be back till after it’s over. 😦

Misty (ssbookclub): yeah we will be tweeting as well

Hallow: Well, I have to say that I feel warm and fuzzy being in a room filled with the Wenches

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recordcozy: πŸ™‚

Misty (ssbookclub): ok my next thing is something different

jamie: I will try my hardest, i think I have something going on that night, but I dont remember what….

Misty (ssbookclub): I would like to remind eveyone that this is a book chat

Misty (ssbookclub): and we are here to discuss the book

joie: *plops down again on couch*

Carla (crazygem85): Hello Hallow

Hallow: *waves*

Misty (ssbookclub): some people are concerned that the side conversations have become to frequent

joie: *waves at everyone*

Amanda (MCC): Whoa. Hallow is here! xx

Misty (ssbookclub): so I am going to ask everyone to read the guidelines https://ssbookclub.wordpress.com/the-chats/

jamie: I am grading tests so I will be kinda in and out but I’ll be as attentative and focused and not-pervy as possible

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Misty (ssbookclub): and please move any non book related conversation and all the flirting with eric to twitter so we can concentrate on the book

Kris (krisrivera): Hello my favorite werewitch

recordcozy: Ha ha!

Eric of Area 5: Good evening vikingwenches

Hallow: *blows kisses*

Misty (ssbookclub): and again I want to remind everyone that I will not tolerate name calling

Carla (crazygem85): Eric, a pleasure to see you

Misty (ssbookclub): so no more Bill bashing

Dianne (DiannesDishes): Good evening Eric

Misty (ssbookclub): I will ask you to leave if you cannot control yourselfs

Amanda (MCC): Hello Eric, always wonderful to see you.

recordcozy: “This is my house, and I will not tolerate rudeness!” – Gran. Also Misty.

andiegilmore: good evening sherrif

joie: *smiles* Hello sheriff

Eric of Area 5: Wonderful to be seen as well my dear Amanda

jamie: nice one record

Misty (ssbookclub): we can all have fun without it being 2 hours of name calling and flirting

Kris (krisrivera): *catching kisses in jar*

recordcozy: ty

jamie: hiya Eric

Beth (lilabitblf): agree with Misty

Eric of Area 5: I am not able to stay for the whole chat tonight…duty calls

Carla (crazygem85): Got it Misty!!

Kris (krisrivera): Hello Sexy Viking

SarahFaith: Agreed Misty. I will be good. πŸ™‚

jamie: I will try my hardest to keep the Bill bashing under control

joie: well Sheriff, we are happy to get you for however long you can stay, wanna sit on the couch?

Misty (ssbookclub): I love you all and I do not want to lose anyone but I have lost some of my original book chatters because of all the side side going on

Misty (ssbookclub): and all the flirting

Misty (ssbookclub): and I want this to remain a book chat

joie: *pouts* to no flirting

Misty (ssbookclub): so now onto the book

Carla (crazygem85): I will leave the flirting with Eric to twitter, Promise

Misty (ssbookclub): thank you carla

joie: lol lol

Misty (ssbookclub): we begin the book with Bill hunched over the computer

Misty (ssbookclub): and Sookie wanting some nookie

recordcozy: Yay Club Dead!

Misty (ssbookclub): but Bill is ignoring her

Kris (krisrivera): I felt awful for Sookie

Eric of Area 5: **nods at joie and sits on the couch*

Kris (krisrivera): I felt her pain

andiegilmore: Bill has become a book geek

Beth (lilabitblf): teh begining definitely left me feeling cold

Carla (crazygem85): poor girl wanted hot vamp sex all day & he was not having any of it

Misty (ssbookclub): I know. waiting all day for some nookie and getting ignored

joie: *giggles* and listens

Beth (lilabitblf): I dont know about being a book geek.. just more distant

Misty (ssbookclub): I wonder if he is on a deadline

recordcozy: Especially by someone prized for his libido, right?

joie: a man and his computer, up to no good

Beth (lilabitblf): typically, nookie would pull anyone fromt eh computer… no matter what deadline

Kris (krisrivera): and let’s face it, no one expects to be ignored by a vampire

Kris (krisrivera): becuase said vampire is on the computer

Amy (JustAimer): the honeymoon is over…

Kris (krisrivera): i will be full of typos this evening.

Eric of Area 5: you must remember that the queen would deal with him if he did not finish his project

Carla (crazygem85): yes he has orders, but does not mean he shld ignore his girl

Misty (ssbookclub): yes i think he is scared of the Queens wrath

Misty (ssbookclub): so Sook looks over his shoulder

Misty (ssbookclub): and sees a pic of a vamp

jamie: did it hit anyone that even if the whole Lorena factor wasn’t there the relationship was on the down slope?

Beth (lilabitblf): yeah… but you would expect more of a response… you started feeling the clock ringing on everything

Misty (ssbookclub): and I have to admit iI wondered if charlaines vamps would photograph

Dianne (DiannesDishes): It was a total change of the way he had treated her before.

recordcozy: I think the Lorena thing had already started by this point.

Dianne (DiannesDishes): Definitely a sign of things to come.

Amanda (MCC): i wondered that too misty. was glad to see they did

Carla (crazygem85): it was a complete 180. he was a different man

Misty (ssbookclub): yeah he was definately different towards her

Kris (krisrivera): all work and no play makes Bill a grumpy vamp

Amanda (MCC): You have to wonder if he’s a differnt man or was he a different man with Sookie. This could be the REAL Bill

recordcozy: Did they talk about the mirror thing in Dead After Dark, or was that just TV? I forget.

Dianne (DiannesDishes): gp amanda

Carla (crazygem85): gp amanda

Misty (ssbookclub): I think that was just tv

Beth (lilabitblf): I am not sure Misty… on the pics… I guess i am used to not all myths being applied when reading any vampire book

Alisha_es: I think he also knew he was becoming a target. And therefore Sookie too. He was worried about that

jamie: I knew it had, but just the distance in general

Misty (ssbookclub): I think he was worried too

Misty (ssbookclub): so we also learned the word of the day libido

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jamie: haha

Carla (crazygem85): lol

recordcozy: Oops.

Misty (ssbookclub): and his was not up

jamie: hey Celly!

andiegilmore: lol poor Sookie

thecelsa: Hey sweetie! Greetings everyone!

Carla (crazygem85): its a bad day when the labidos not up

Kris (krisrivera): Bill tries to glamour her…

jamie: well,Bill is very devoted to his ‘work’

joie: yes it is carla lol

Eric of Area 5: Bill is trying to get in tight with the queen

jamie: i guess now that it’s not Sookike, shes not the focus

Misty (ssbookclub): so when he realizes she is reading he blanks the screen

Alisha_es: That throws up all kinds of red flags!

jamie: he spazzes out

Beth (lilabitblf): he tried glamoring her?

recordcozy: I missed that.

Dianne (DiannesDishes): I must have missed the glamor…

Alisha_es: I missed it too…

Kris (krisrivera): he looks at her and says “you didnt see what you just saw”

Misty (ssbookclub): and we learn he is working on a secret project

jamie: which I wonder if he was trying to protect her or save him

Beth (lilabitblf): yeah.. Bill was playing politics for sure… it also circumvents his reporting to Eric on stuff

Alisha_es: Ah. I think that was just a warning. Not a glamour

Carla (crazygem85): secrets, the doom of all relationships

Misty (ssbookclub): yeah I think he sure wished he could glanour her

Misty (ssbookclub): glamour

Dianne (DiannesDishes): I would think at this point he wouldn’t even try to glamor her anymore.

Kris (krisrivera): like i said – tried

jamie: but so much of their relationship is based in lies or half truths

Dianne (DiannesDishes): But like Misty said he wishes he could.

thecelsa: There’s no point. He knows that she can’t be glamored by him. He did so in the beginning, if I’m not mistaken.

jamie: control issues again?

Misty (ssbookclub): yes he really does keep to many secrets

Beth (lilabitblf): but then… when you are distracted you fall backt o what works for you in teh past… i am still not sure he tried to glamour her in CD

Alisha_es: She also knows when someone tried to glamour her. I think she would have been pissed if he’d tried.

Misty (ssbookclub): I know he is trying to protect her but he needs to just tell her

jamie: maybe he thought if he caught her off guard?

Kris (krisrivera): lucy needs to be let out again – brb

recordcozy: I agree it was just a warning.

Beth (lilabitblf): I dpnt get that he was fully trying to protect her though…

andiegilmore: well, vampires sare v. protective of their stuff too

recordcozy: He’s distracted at this point.

jamie: but telling her may lead to too many questions that he’s not prepared to answer

thecelsa: I think that he was trying to protect himself, more than anything.

andiegilmore: *are

Alisha_es: I think it was because powerful vamps would want his project. The more Sookie new, the more trouble she’d be in

Beth (lilabitblf): Agree with thecelsa πŸ™‚

recordcozy: gp thecelsa.

Beth (lilabitblf): agree w Alisha

jamie: cel, this this is why we’re friends

Misty (ssbookclub): I think he did not want her to know anything to protect her

Dianne (DiannesDishes): And at that point I don’t think anyone knew about the project but Bill and the Queen

Beth (lilabitblf): in part both

Amanda (MCC): Like the girl doesnt find enough trouble on her own…she falls into it like it’s the norm.

Misty (ssbookclub): or so he thought no one else knew

Alisha_es: lol Amanda. True

Beth (lilabitblf): but Dianne… the walls have ears…

Dianne (DiannesDishes): That’s true

recordcozy: And gets hits by blunt objects, fists, bitten.

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Carla (crazygem85): so true amanda

Jenny_Ap: Hello everyone, sorry I am late!

jamie: if he wanted to protect her *spoiler* why is she supposed to hide the laptop?

recordcozy: Hi Jenny.

SarahFaith: Heya Jen πŸ™‚

Misty (ssbookclub): so we learn about the queen

Carla (crazygem85): Hey partner in crime πŸ™‚

recordcozy: So no one comes into get it, like rival vamps.

Misty (ssbookclub): and that is who he is working for

thecelsa: I really believe that although he tries to maintain some level of humanity and normalcy, he’s just not truly capable of doing so.

jamie: still puts her in danger

Amanda (MCC): If he wanted to protect her that would be indicative of him caring about her. So not everyone will agree as to why he was keeping secrets.

recordcozy: And Sookie laughs. XD

Misty (ssbookclub): because they cannot go into her house uninvited

joie: *smoochies* hey jen

thecelsa: He’s far too overrun by vampiric bureaucracy.

Beth (lilabitblf): but they can still burn houses

Carla (crazygem85): I would have laughed too

jamie: but they can still hurt her

recordcozy: Well, they all have weres and shifters working for them.

jamie: or her family and friends

Misty (ssbookclub): so we learn that Eric does not know about this project

jamie: duhduhdunnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

Eric of Area 5: and I was not amused with that little fact

Amanda (MCC): ^

Misty (ssbookclub): when Bill says go to Eric and hide my computer if he is not back in 8 weeks

recordcozy: Really doesn’t know. *coughAlanBallcough*

Misty (ssbookclub): she was upset that he was hiding it from eric

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recordcozy: I missed that.

Misty (ssbookclub): she knew that would come back to bite him in the ass

Dianne (DiannesDishes): And possibly her too

Beth (lilabitblf): yes she was… and she could also tell he was lyting to her… which hurt her more

Alisha_es: Yeah, but what could he do if the Queen said not to tell?

Carla (crazygem85): Yes, one does not want to piss Eric off

jamie: she really is obsessed with that phrase…

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Dianne (DiannesDishes): Very true Carla

thecelsa: You have to admire Sookie because even though she knows that there’s an ulterior motive, she’s always considering what’s best with the relationship.

Beth (lilabitblf): I think she was more confused on Eric not knowing… this goes to how much in teh dark on vampire politics she really is

Amanda (MCC): He had to follow the Queen’s orders.

Misty (ssbookclub): what I dont get is if Bill can tell how she feels how could he let her leave like that?

Misty (ssbookclub): he did not even try to comfort her

Eric of Area 5: It showed Sookie that Bill is not all on the up and up thought…by him keeping things from me

recordcozy: Yeah, Bill always “has” to do everything. Lorena. Football game funsies…

jamie: because she’s naive

Beth (lilabitblf): well it wasnt just the queens orders… the human population was fully embrassing the idea of vampires

Dianne (DiannesDishes): gp Eric

Amanda (MCC): Bill’s ability to “feel” her never seems to come into play when it’s needed the most….

Carla (crazygem85): gp eric

joie: yes you did sheriff

Misty (ssbookclub): that is true amanda

Beth (lilabitblf): gp eric.. it was a prime example

jamie: gp Sheriff

Beth (lilabitblf): gp Amanda

Dianne (DiannesDishes): That’s a gp too Amanda

Carla (crazygem85): yes Amanda

Misty (ssbookclub): so Bill says he is going to Seattle

jamie: I wonder how much of it he feels and how much he ignores

Misty (ssbookclub): an she know he is a liar

Amanda (MCC): To see Edward, lol

Dianne (DiannesDishes): And she senses something is off with his story

Misty (ssbookclub): LOL

Dianne (DiannesDishes): lol @ Amanda

Amanda (MCC): that’s all I could think of when he said Seattle

jamie: Smart Sookie

recordcozy: Ha ha.

Beth (lilabitblf): yes she did.. the pregnat pause …

Beth (lilabitblf): *pregnant

Carla (crazygem85): He was not a very good liar there

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jamie: Starbucks? over caffinated blood?

Misty (ssbookclub): no he was not

joie: lol jamie

Misty (ssbookclub): lol

Misty (ssbookclub): so she leaves

Beth (lilabitblf): *snorts*

Kris (krisrivera): back

Kris (krisrivera): fingers frozen

Misty (ssbookclub): feeling rejected

Carla (crazygem85): poor thing was in tears

Alisha_es: maybe he wants her to know something is up? Any vamp worth his salt can lie better then that.

Amanda (MCC): Which is odd, Bill’s lying abilities never seemed so subpar before *whistles innocently*

Alisha_es: exactly

jamie: poor Sook!

jamie: nice one Amanda

SarahFaith: Maybe because he feels guilty.

Mel (TrueFanatic): i hate being rejected

Beth (lilabitblf): I think we all bonded with Sook on this…

Alisha_es: Or he knows he’s not coming back to her?

Misty (ssbookclub): so the next day to torture herself she drives past the Bellfluer place

Misty (ssbookclub): getting all pretty

recordcozy: HA. Yes mcc.

Misty (ssbookclub): I was always mad that Bill did not ever offer to help her

andiegilmore: that’s the worse…spending all his money on them and nothing on Sook

Misty (ssbookclub): or buy her a new car

Carla (crazygem85): I was too Misty

SarahFaith: Another great annoyance I have for Bill in that he didn’t/wouldn’t take care of Sook better but the Bellefleur’s he lavishes money on.

Alisha_es: She wouldn’t have accepted it though.

Hallow: You could feel the knife going in her heart when she drove by

Mel (TrueFanatic): I know, Eric always help her with her every need.

thecelsa: Not to sound like a golddigger, but that’s a slap in the face.

Alisha_es: She’s freaked out on him for offering her gifts/money.

Misty (ssbookclub): I think she would of accepted it if it was a genuine gift

Dianne (DiannesDishes): I think she would have too

jamie: I have to confess, this was the book I stayed up all night reading, did not put it down and was bawling through the majority of it

thecelsa: To feel like someone values people people more who really rue him instead of her.

Misty (ssbookclub): but yeah she does get weird about that stuff

recordcozy: gp Misty, Mel.

Beth (lilabitblf): but… and i cant believe i am saying this… sook has spurned the gifts .. or use of the clothing store.. he wouldnt be sure how she would react for monitary help with the house

Dianne (DiannesDishes): And if Bill hadn’t made a big deal about it. Eric never does when he does things for her.

jamie: that was one point where I teared up

recordcozy: Bill never does it the right way.

Kris (krisrivera): gp B

Alisha_es: yeah, no, Sookie wouldn’t have actually accepted a big gift like that from Bill

Eric of Area 5: There are always way to make sure gifts are accepted

Misty (ssbookclub): but that spurn was atributed to the maenad remember

Beth (lilabitblf): yes.. but it still happened and it was a memory… then we have the earings too…

Amy (JustAimer): I found sook to be a little hypocritical about Bill helping the Belfleurs

jamie: theres a difference between ‘I’m going to take care of you’ gifts and ‘this allows me to take advantage of something’ gifts

Misty (ssbookclub): true but the earring were in mid break up

Beth (lilabitblf): right… but another gift spurned..

joie: they weren’t great earrings

Misty (ssbookclub): I honestly dont know if hse would of accepted but I thin khe still should of offeres

Amanda (MCC): She needs to make up her mind…accept Bill’s gifts or not be jealous of the Bellefleurs. just my opinion

Alisha_es: Yeah, he def should have offered.

Misty (ssbookclub): I always find her to be hypocritical

Carla (crazygem85): im with you amanda

jamie: I think some of the hurt from the Belle Rive deal was because Bill was being distant and leaving her

jamie: i dont know if its hypocritical or bitterness

Misty (ssbookclub): true jamie

Beth (lilabitblf): she can be.. but as Eric and Jamie implied… it is how the gift is pressented.. there are some presented in ways you cannt say no to

Eric of Area 5: My dears, sadly I need to bow out of the chat now. I look forward to reading your comments once the chat is posted

Amanda (MCC): Jamie, you’re probably right.

Dianne (DiannesDishes): Or a little of both

Kris (krisrivera): farewell Sheriff!!

Dianne (DiannesDishes): Good night Eric

Misty (ssbookclub): good night eric

Alisha_es: Good bye Eric!

Kris (krisrivera): we shall miss you and your sexy tank top

jamie: good night sweet Sheriff

Carla (crazygem85): Good night Sheriff!!

recordcozy: Bye Eric!

Mel (TrueFanatic): Night Eric

Eric of Area 5: Duty calls *winks and disappears*

Amanda (MCC): Bonsoir Eric xx

Beth (lilabitblf): gnight!

joie: *smoochies* night sheriff

Hallow: Goodbye Mr. Northman

Misty (ssbookclub): so the next day Bubba comes to town

Carla (crazygem85): Love Bubba

Mel (TrueFanatic): Oh I love Bubba

Misty (ssbookclub): and says he was sent to protect her

Alisha_es: And scared Sookie!

recordcozy: I agree with mcc here. Like she does have this irrational thought process. But I guess it’s Need vs. Want. Yes? She needs money to live, doesn’t want earrings and clothing stores, etc.

recordcozy: Bill doesn’t get that.

Beth (lilabitblf): I love Bubba.. she did jump high when she saw him

jamie: i’m just saying, if my boyfriend was getting me ankle deep in vampire mess again and then was flaunting how much he could help someone else

jamie: i’d be ticked

Misty (ssbookclub): i agree

Dianne (DiannesDishes): I adore Bubba.

Kris (krisrivera): i love that Bubba is wearing a tank top…the visual of that gave me the giggles

Misty (ssbookclub): me too kris

jamie: ok… Bubba… who is awesome dispite an affinity for cat blood

Misty (ssbookclub): so she takes Bubba to work in her tiny little car

andiegilmore: lol agree Jamie

Amanda (MCC): I had to make myself think about pre-fat Elvis tho…otherwise the tank top made me nauseated.

Carla (crazygem85): lol Amanda

Dianne (DiannesDishes): lol @ Amanda

jamie: but fat elvis had a certain charm!

andiegilmore: lol amanda me too

Beth (lilabitblf): becasue she couldnt get him to agree to wait at the house for her

joie from x.x.x.175 joined the chat

joie: oops

jamie: and what Southern doesn’t like Elvis!

Misty (ssbookclub): good thing Bubba is stubborn

Amanda (MCC): Fat Elvis holds no kinda charm in my world, lol

Misty (ssbookclub): so she goes into the bar

Misty (ssbookclub): to explain to sam

Beth (lilabitblf): exactly Misty.. but i love how she starts tryin gto explain to sam

jamie: haha! who wants a fried peanut butter and ‘naner sandwich

Mel (TrueFanatic): Sam has to keep Bubba, LOL

jamie: hahaha… poor Sam!

Misty (ssbookclub): I do wonder how Sam would of reacted

jamie: everyone loves to babysit a drug addled vampire

Beth (lilabitblf): but she never got around to the why… Sam was very focused on his normal day to day and Sook was beating around the bush

Carla (crazygem85): lol jamie

Misty (ssbookclub): then a man appears

Misty (ssbookclub): and is about to punch her

Misty (ssbookclub): when she drops and Bubba steps in

Beth (lilabitblf): and Sook drove home why it is never good to assume you know who is behind you

Kris (krisrivera): the vampire blood helps her out…

jamie: uh huh huh huh *snarls lip*

Mel (TrueFanatic): Helps to do V

Misty (ssbookclub): and Bubba Kilt him

Carla (crazygem85): no lie kris

Kris (krisrivera): HILARIOUS

Dianne (DiannesDishes): bubba to the rescue!

Kris (krisrivera): “kilt”

Misty (ssbookclub): he was sp proud

Beth (lilabitblf): Bubba was happy about this.. he did his task well

jamie: hahaha! wonder if her had his Army duds? πŸ˜‰

Beth (lilabitblf): not at this chappy πŸ™‚

jamie: Bubba is just too precious

Misty (ssbookclub): he earned his pb and banana sandwich that night

Carla (crazygem85): that he did

recordcozy: I love proud Bubba. “Miss Sookie”…

Kris (krisrivera): alas, Bubba only wants pb and cat sammies….

Beth (lilabitblf): Sam had a lot to take in…

jamie: I went to the Memphis airport and that’s all I could visualize

Misty (ssbookclub): LOL

jamie: I’m a sad individual

Beth (lilabitblf): a man was just killed in his office and he knows that Elvis still walks the earth

Misty (ssbookclub): so yes Sam is quite shocked

jamie: lol! pb and cat!

jamie: nice

Mel (TrueFanatic): LOL Beth

Misty (ssbookclub): it is a lot to take in

Misty (ssbookclub): then Kevin tries to come abck there

Kris (krisrivera): *bows* thank you Miss Jamie

Beth (lilabitblf): why does kevin seem to have a noes about something fishy going on??

Dianne (DiannesDishes): The stalling of Kevin amused me

jamie: I had a friend dress up like Elvis for halloween, I kept calling him Bubba

Misty (ssbookclub): yeah I am wondering what Kevin is up tp

jamie: no one thought it as funny as I

recordcozy: HAHA Win.

Misty (ssbookclub): so they give the bathroom story

Kris (krisrivera): which is hilarious

Beth (lilabitblf): which should be believeable

Kris (krisrivera): and gross

Misty (ssbookclub): and Sam realized the guy is a werewolf

Misty (ssbookclub): and sook ask if he followed her in

Kris (krisrivera): the description of the were is awful

Misty (ssbookclub): and bubba says yes

jamie: guys, I unfortunately have to go. I HAVE to finish grading these tests.

Kris (krisrivera): the guy was B-U-S-T-E-D

jamie: however, why is Harris so into bathrooms? they occur all too often…

Beth (lilabitblf): Night jamie

Mel (TrueFanatic): Night.

Carla (crazygem85): bye jamie

Misty (ssbookclub) from x.x.x.130 joined the chat

Mel (TrueFanatic): And poor Sookie is wondering why

jamie: anywho… night guys! talk to you Friday in some form!

Beth (lilabitblf): what else happend in BRs?

Dianne (DiannesDishes): Goodnight Jamie

Kris (krisrivera): g’night Jamie!

recordcozy: Night jamie

Misty (ssbookclub): so Bubba says the guys car has rope and tape

Beth (lilabitblf): that she is Mel… but then she reemmbers that Eric knew something was up and she needed a body guard

Mel (TrueFanatic): What else happened in BR – shower scene!

Beth (lilabitblf): that yes.. but we are not there yet …

Misty (ssbookclub): so they move the guy out to his car while sook mops

Misty (ssbookclub): and then she lets Kevin in

Beth (lilabitblf): and bubba was singing

Kris (krisrivera): and Bubba licks his fingers…

Misty (ssbookclub): and man he is nosy

Misty (ssbookclub): ok yeah I forgot the finger lick

Carla (crazygem85): he really is

Kris (krisrivera): LOL at the finger lick – waste not!

Mel (TrueFanatic): Have to get my son’s to bed. I hate leaving this is so good tonight. 😦

recordcozy: Charlaine always has to remind you, THEY ARE VAMPIRE.

joie: *smoochies* mel

Beth (lilabitblf): lol RC

Misty (ssbookclub): yes she does

Beth (lilabitblf): Night Mel!!

Carla (crazygem85): g’nite mel!

Misty (ssbookclub): so Sook goes to work

Dianne (DiannesDishes): Goodnight Mel!

Misty (ssbookclub): and she talks to Arlene

Beth (lilabitblf): ahh alrene

Dianne (DiannesDishes): Arlene…Ugh

Carla (crazygem85): my favorite person……..not

joie: *smoochies* night jamie

Misty (ssbookclub): she asks if Bill has called

Beth (lilabitblf): she proved she is a hopeless romantic and not the sharpest tool in the shed… love sooks thoughts on this

Misty (ssbookclub): he did 3 days ago

Misty (ssbookclub): oh wait that was Pam nevermind

Misty (ssbookclub): arlene tells her that a guy was looking for her

Dianne (DiannesDishes): And then Arlene told him exactly who she was

Kris (krisrivera): arlene is still clueless…

Misty (ssbookclub): and then Arlene realizes the guy did not really know her

Dianne (DiannesDishes): and when she’d be there

Carla (crazygem85): Yeah, dumb arlene tells a complete stranger where to find her friend

Carla (crazygem85): think arlene, think

Misty (ssbookclub): with friends like that ….

Amanda (MCC): I have a hard time reading any part with her in it now…am i the only one?

Beth (lilabitblf): who needs enemies?

Dianne (DiannesDishes): I’m the same way Amanda

Beth (lilabitblf): you are not alone Amanda

Misty (ssbookclub): no me too amanda

Kris (krisrivera): nope amanda not alone

Amanda (MCC): i honestly want to skip it.

Amanda (MCC): it’s like she’s dead to me lol

andiegilmore: definitely not…Arlene is awful

Misty (ssbookclub): her and Jason

Carla (crazygem85): me too amanda

Misty (ssbookclub): so Pam shows up which is a shocker

Carla (crazygem85): yes, lets not leave jason out on this

Pam_Ravenscroft from x.x.x.76 joined the chat

Amanda (MCC): ❀ Pammy

Amanda (MCC): whoa.

Pam_Ravenscroft: *thinking I just heard my name*

Amanda (MCC): that was like freaky.

Misty (ssbookclub): whoa that was weird

Beth (lilabitblf): its the hypocrassy of them both.. they are the ppl who are supposed to be the closest to us that tend to betray her the most… yes i jumped a little

Kris (krisrivera): Pam = sexiness

Misty (ssbookclub): makes me love Pam even more

Pam_Ravenscroft: *wink*

Carla (crazygem85): Crazy

Carla (crazygem85): Hi Pam!! πŸ™‚

Misty (ssbookclub): so Pam asks if she has heard from Bill

Misty (ssbookclub): and sook says he called 3 days ago

Dianne (DiannesDishes): I loved the scene with Pam

Amanda (MCC): Bonjour Pam! x

Misty (ssbookclub): and them Pam tells her Bill is missing

Dianne (DiannesDishes): Hiya Pam!

Misty (ssbookclub): and Sook is obtuse (another Word of the day)

Amy (JustAimer): Pam’s the best πŸ™‚

recordcozy: Pam! Ha ha. Good timing.

Dianne (DiannesDishes): Sookie sort of juts shuts down

Misty (ssbookclub): saying no he is in Seattle

Kris (krisrivera): poor sookie

Carla (crazygem85): i felt so bad for sookie

Dianne (DiannesDishes): just even

andiegilmore: she doesn’t wanna think he’s in trouble

Kris (krisrivera): yeah andie – denial!

andiegilmore: lol absolutely

Beth (lilabitblf): i do feel bad for Sook.. this is where she has to look at the mirror of the relationship

Misty (ssbookclub): yep she certainly is

Misty (ssbookclub): so Pam just says He lied to you

Carla (crazygem85): love her bluntness

andiegilmore: those vampires…no subtlety!

Jenny_Ap: How did Eric /Pam know where Bill was, is he was working on something they weren’t suppose to know about?

Beth (lilabitblf): pam is very blunt.. whis is good and bad at the same time

Kris (krisrivera): pam is alway straight to the point

Dianne (DiannesDishes): Pam always gets right down to business

andiegilmore: she’s honest, at least

Beth (lilabitblf): esp when you are not ready for the emotional baggage sook was goin gto get hit with..

Misty (ssbookclub): He called them Jenny

Beth (lilabitblf): i know

Carla (crazygem85): I think honesty is best in these cases. No need to beat around the bush

Misty (ssbookclub): because he told them he was coming back to settle things with sook

andiegilmore: settle things, as in, give her some money and break it off

Dianne (DiannesDishes): There is no way to tell someone something like this where it is less what it is. Better to just get it out there.

Beth (lilabitblf): pensionher off

Kris (krisrivera): which is god-awful

Pam_Ravenscroft: Blunt, that I am. Especially when it comes to Sookie…that girl just does not get it. *sighs*

Misty (ssbookclub): but that is in the next chapter

Amanda (MCC): Everyone needs someone that can beblunt in their life. it may not be easy to swallow, but i like when i dont have to get my BS meter out.

andiegilmore: oh. sorry.

Carla (crazygem85): Agreed Amanda

Misty (ssbookclub): so she tells Sook he is missing and that they are looking for him

Dianne (DiannesDishes): True Amanda

Misty (ssbookclub): and that they think hey may come after sook

andiegilmore: agree Amanda

Carla (crazygem85): Well they think shes important to him , so makes sense

Misty (ssbookclub): and sam tells her about the were

Misty (ssbookclub): Pam is surpirsed it happened so fast

Beth (lilabitblf): which actually startle Pam…

Carla (crazygem85): They wasted no time going after her

Misty (ssbookclub): they were quick

Beth (lilabitblf): but witht he technological age… it is earier to mobilize

Misty (ssbookclub): that is true

Carla (crazygem85): true B

andiegilmore: gp beth

Beth (lilabitblf): look how fast they coordinated protection for Sook too

Misty (ssbookclub): so Pam tells her Bill was supposed to be home tonight

Carla (crazygem85): Which shocked the hell out of sookie

Misty (ssbookclub): sook is in chock

Misty (ssbookclub): shock

Misty (ssbookclub): Pam calls Eric

Kris (krisrivera): and can you imagine hearing from another person the whreabouts of your bf?

Beth (lilabitblf): it did.. cause then it drove home he wasnt in Seatle eitehr

recordcozy: They really are always business-like. Especially early on. Endlessly practical.

Carla (crazygem85): I know I would have been pissed and very hurt

Beth (lilabitblf): I know Kris.. this is when danger bells really start to go off for her

Kris (krisrivera): it must have been heartbreaking B

Amanda (MCC): brb i have the munchies.

Misty (ssbookclub): So Eric tells her that they will avenge Bill

Beth (lilabitblf): wait.. we jumped slightly…

andiegilmore: Eric is already assuming the worse

andiegilmore: maybe he’s preparing sookie for the worse too

Beth (lilabitblf): yes avenge Bill but Pam makes a comment that Eric didnt want her to make

Misty (ssbookclub): no that is coming up

Misty (ssbookclub): he says he wil avenge Bill

Misty (ssbookclub): and Sook knows he thinks Bill is dead

Misty (ssbookclub): and he says he will protect Sookie day or night

Beth (lilabitblf): yes,,,,

andiegilmore: Eric, our hero!

Misty (ssbookclub): then Pam says that Bill had bad news

Beth (lilabitblf): that is what i was going for

Misty (ssbookclub): and Eric telss her to tell Pam to shut up

Carla (crazygem85): Pam wanted to be the one to tell her it seemed

recordcozy: Always honorable, that Eric. Viking ideals. Er… mostly.

Kris (krisrivera): and Eric tell Pam to SHUT UP

Misty (ssbookclub): I think she thought she deserved to know the truth

andiegilmore: I agree Misty

Misty (ssbookclub): She does not tell Pam to shut up

andiegilmore: and she has less interest in the matter than Eric

Beth (lilabitblf): she does need to know the truth.. but then they needed her to do something for them now

Kris (krisrivera): Sookie may be dense but the chick is not suicidal

Misty (ssbookclub): She is to shocked to pump Pam for more info

Misty (ssbookclub): LOL kris

Beth (lilabitblf): that she is.. it has been a long night for her.. vamp body guard.. needing to hide a body… now this phone call

Misty (ssbookclub): or is she Kris? She leaves all protection and drive home alone

Kris (krisrivera): which is loco

Misty (ssbookclub): Not her smartest move

Carla (crazygem85): gp misty

Kris (krisrivera): but we already knew that huh? Sookie is loco.

Beth (lilabitblf): but when you are hurting… are we really acting smart?

Carla (crazygem85): i thought that was incredibly stupid of her

Misty (ssbookclub): it really was!!!

andiegilmore: lol she wants to believe she can take care of herself

Misty (ssbookclub): and poor sam gets stuck dealing with a dead body in his bar

Misty (ssbookclub): with Pam and bubba to help

Beth (lilabitblf): where did everyone go?

Carla (crazygem85): At least he had hot pam to help him

Misty (ssbookclub): That bar has seen more dead people that the morgue

Amanda (MCC): I took a nutella break, sorry.

Dianne (DiannesDishes): Sorry guys got sucked in to this movie Jamison is watching!

Kris (krisrivera): i was just wondering the same thing…

Beth (lilabitblf): lol Misty

Hallow from x.x.x.147 left the chat 15 seconds ago

andiegilmore: lol misty

Carla (crazygem85): mmm nutella, Im almost out 😦

Misty (ssbookclub): so Sookie goes home and wishes for Bill

Misty (ssbookclub): to have a concersation with him about normal stuff

joie: nutella? did I hear nutella?

Amanda (MCC): I wish for Eric everynight…and so far all I get is the hubs, lol

Beth (lilabitblf): that is right.. she is very confused…

Misty (ssbookclub): and we learn that Jason the Big Giant Ass is not going to be a daddy

Carla (crazygem85): my heart really does break for sookie here

Dianne (DiannesDishes): lol @ Amanda

Alisha_es: Sorry guys… I’ve had a couple phone calls come in. I’ve got to go. Sorry I couldn’t chat much tonight. See you later!

Beth (lilabitblf): Sook fears rejections…

Dianne (DiannesDishes): Goodnight Alisha

andiegilmore: Bye alisha!

Amanda (MCC): bonsoir alisha

Misty (ssbookclub): mine too Carla

recordcozy: See ya Alisha.

Carla (crazygem85): bye alisha

Beth (lilabitblf): night Alisha

Misty (ssbookclub): you can feel her heart break

Misty (ssbookclub): and her dissappointment in no more vamp nookie

Carla (crazygem85): shes never had a real relationship before and this one has always been so intense. and then to be hanging like this, it has to be so hard

Beth (lilabitblf): that is a side issue… no vamp nookie..

recordcozy: I thought you guys were talking about nutella with the heartbreak. I feel your pain, Carla. XD

Beth (lilabitblf): C said what i wanted to say next

Carla (crazygem85): lol RC

Amanda (MCC): lmao RC

Misty (ssbookclub): so that is where we end the chapter

andiegilmore: lol rc! that’s pretty sad too!

Misty (ssbookclub): I guess my no flirting scared everyone off

Carla (crazygem85): lol Misty

Beth (lilabitblf): hmmmm

Amanda (MCC): Eric included, lol

recordcozy: I’ll admit, I read ahead to the snuggling.

Kris (krisrivera): the last sentence – wow

recordcozy: One of my favorite scenes. πŸ˜€

Dianne (DiannesDishes): I like the scene too rc

Misty (ssbookclub): so what were the best parts of the chapter?

Beth (lilabitblf): i dont know misty

Amanda (MCC): thats a great scene, i hope AB doesnt eff it up

andiegilmore: Bubba πŸ™‚

recordcozy: Yeah, Bubba.

Carla (crazygem85): I guess bubba, though most is pretty sad

Misty (ssbookclub): I kilt him

Beth (lilabitblf): I have to agree bubba is my fav part of the chapter..

Dianne (DiannesDishes): I’m sure he will amanda (I’m not an AB fan at ALL!)

Kris (krisrivera): Bubba and Pam. But ya’ll know i’m biased…

Misty (ssbookclub): me either Dianne

Misty (ssbookclub): and the worst?

Beth (lilabitblf): Sooks pain..

Misty (ssbookclub): her heart break

Carla (crazygem85): sookies heart breaking….broke my heart

Kris (krisrivera): the way sookie felt.

andiegilmore: yes, poor sookie

Dianne (DiannesDishes): Sookie being so heartbroken definitely the worst

recordcozy: Bill. *whispers* Beel…

Misty (ssbookclub): ok so I guess that is all for this week

Beth (lilabitblf): hell.. having to hide a body

Dianne (DiannesDishes): That too

Misty (ssbookclub): chapters 3 and 4 next weel

Amanda (MCC): i know some of u arent Twilight fans, but her heartbreak was nothing like Bella’s was when Edward left.

Carla (crazygem85): true amanda. bella lost it

Beth (lilabitblf): i know Amanda…

recordcozy: That’s because Sookie’s not a teenage girl.

Misty (ssbookclub): And whoo hoo gift exchange on Friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Amanda (MCC): i lost it too…i cried the whole book ffs

andiegilmore: RC I was just thinking that! lol

Carla (crazygem85): YAY!!!! cant wait to open these packages

Misty (ssbookclub): yeah bella really lost it

Beth (lilabitblf): yay gift exchange

Amanda (MCC): but it’s her first love RC, it’s the same intensity, imo

Carla (crazygem85): its been torture staring at them

recordcozy: Not the same hormonal crazy, eh?

Misty (ssbookclub): and bella did not sleep with every guy that came along afterwards

Amanda (MCC): sook itsnt that old is she?

Carla (crazygem85): lol misty

Amanda (MCC): lol Misty

recordcozy: 25.

recordcozy: I think.

Beth (lilabitblf): Sook is 25/26

andiegilmore: sook is 25

Pam_Ravenscroft: *looks at her secret santa gift at least twice a night* Pure torture.

Amanda (MCC): 25 is still quite hormonal…at least i remember it being so lol

Misty (ssbookclub): did you get mine Pam?

Kris (krisrivera): MWaHAHHAAAA

recordcozy: Ha ha ha. Dually noted.

Misty (ssbookclub): I was worried about the post office being able to deliver it

Pam_Ravenscroft: Yes Misty…and I didn’t even have a chance to speak to the mail man. lol

Amanda (MCC): the USPS sucks.

Misty (ssbookclub): ok good LOL

Misty (ssbookclub): all of you should have one from me. I hope you get it. My mail man is stoned halfthe time

Dianne (DiannesDishes): I got mine

Carla (crazygem85): a stoned mailman, nice!

Pam_Ravenscroft: Misty…OOC my significant other did get a VERY good laugh out of who it was addressed to.

Carla (crazygem85): I got mine too misty πŸ™‚

andiegilmore: I got mine too! Can’t wait to open it

Beth (lilabitblf): LOL really

Amanda (MCC): I got mine too Misty, ty in advance

Misty (ssbookclub): Pam my hubs laughed when he found out I mailed it that way

Misty (ssbookclub): RC did you get yours?

SarahFaith: I got mine from you, Misty. So no worries on the front. πŸ™‚

Misty (ssbookclub): i have been thinking about reading 3 chapters a week any thoughts?

Beth (lilabitblf): there you are!

recordcozy: Not yet, but my school mail’s a bit slower than regular mail. By about a day.

Carla (crazygem85): im ok with that misty

Misty (ssbookclub): we have been finishing early lately

Amanda (MCC): Maybe after thes holiday

Beth (lilabitblf): i think that might be a good idea…

recordcozy: 3 chapters works okay for me.

Kris (krisrivera): I think that if they dont involve Viking nudity that we can do 3 chapters

Amanda (MCC): oops damn keyboard ….maybe after the holidays?

Beth (lilabitblf): but then chap one in this book was very short too

SarahFaith: 3 chapters is fine with me.

Misty (ssbookclub): ok so in Jan we will read 3

Kris (krisrivera): we always seem to get stuck on the Viking parts of the book….

Carla (crazygem85): sounds good

Misty (ssbookclub): ok then I guess meeting adjourned LOL

Dianne (DiannesDishes): That works for me

Amanda (MCC): If im the only one that disagrees i can manage lol

Pam_Ravenscroft: I have a question, this phone chat for the gift opening…is everyone participating?

Carla (crazygem85): but book 4 and the shower scene may need tto be just 1 chap

Dianne (DiannesDishes): I’m going to try to be on the call. I plan to.

SarahFaith: Not I, Pam. I won’t be home. Hubby’s corporate Christmas party is that night.

Carla (crazygem85): I plan on it Pam

andiegilmore: agree Carla!

Misty (ssbookclub): most of the people in book chat are Pam

Dianne (DiannesDishes): Unless Jamison gets called for work or something

andiegilmore: I won’t be home either, but I’ll be sure to make a twitter appearance

Misty (ssbookclub): why?

Kris (krisrivera): i’ll be on the call

Jenny_Ap: I will be late since I will still be on my way home from work

recordcozy: I don’t know if I will yet. I’ll be tweeting either way.

Misty (ssbookclub): I think we will all be tweeting even if we done call in

Amanda (MCC): I’m in the same boat as RC

Misty (ssbookclub): and Beth and i are thinking off posting some of the tweets & the pictures of gifts on the blog

SarahFaith: I’ll try to tweet from the party but I can’t promise anything.

Pam_Ravenscroft: Alright, I was curious.

Pam_Ravenscroft: *wondering if I should call in…*

recordcozy: Great idea! That’ll be cool.

Misty (ssbookclub): Sarah I really think we will still be going when you get home

Carla (crazygem85): Do we get to hear Pams voice?

Beth (lilabitblf): yeah.. so be prepared to email them in πŸ™‚

Dianne (DiannesDishes): Go for it Pam!

Misty (ssbookclub): we have been debating if the call is for opening just SS gifts or all the gifts received

SarahFaith: I hope you will! If you are I’ll try to call. It’ll probably be 2am EST when I get home.

Amanda (MCC): If you are a dude Pam, please don’t call in, lol. That would ruin the visual for me πŸ˜‰

Misty (ssbookclub): LOL

Carla (crazygem85): lol Amanda

Dianne (DiannesDishes): lol

recordcozy: Nice.

Kris (krisrivera): if Pam is a dude, then she’s a gay dude. No straight man knows about shoes like Pam does

joie: LOL amanda That was funny stuff!

Carla (crazygem85): lol Kris

andiegilmore: lol kris

Pam_Ravenscroft: Rest assureed I am all woman. *winks*

Amanda (MCC): LOL Sweet cheeks

recordcozy: lol

Beth (lilabitblf): NICE

Carla (crazygem85): Thank the lord πŸ™‚

Beth (lilabitblf): now where were all of you during book chat?

Misty (ssbookclub): lol

Beth (lilabitblf): πŸ™‚

Kris (krisrivera): donating blood

joie: I was listening

Kris (krisrivera): probably

Amanda (MCC): voting, nutella and i interjected occassionally!

SarahFaith: I was here and doing laundry and helping the hubs cook dinner.

Dianne (DiannesDishes): I’ve been lusting over Hugh Jackman. Sorry, but he’s just hard not to look at! LOL

andiegilmore: I was late calling my mom today (call her every Sunday) and it was hard to pay attention and type and talk

Amanda (MCC): donating, not voting…doh.

andiegilmore: but I was listening!

recordcozy: Tumblr…

Amanda (MCC): Here here Dianne! True words have never been spoken!

Kris (krisrivera): ok guys i’m signing off. See y’all in twitter!

Beth (lilabitblf): ok … i see a lot of multi tasking… guilty of the donating myself,,,

Amanda (MCC): Me too, I need to get more donations in to make the goal…see y’all in TwitterLand

joie: I’ve been lusting over charlie hunnam Dayum!

Amanda (MCC) from x.x.x.39 left the chat

Misty (ssbookclub): ok I am going to donate then go to bed. Night all

Dianne (DiannesDishes): Good night everyone.

recordcozy: Bye everyone!

recordcozy from x.x.x.237 left the chat

Carla (crazygem85): Cya in twitter….peace!

SarahFaith: I’m out too. Later! πŸ™‚

Beth (lilabitblf): by everyone..

andiegilmore: night misty! night all! see some of you back on twitter! πŸ™‚

Dianne (DiannesDishes): What’s the code to leave again?

SarahFaith from x.x.x.149 left the chat

Beth (lilabitblf): bye

Misty (ssbookclub) from x.x.x.130 joined the chat

Misty (ssbookclub) from x.x.x.130 left the chat

joie: *smoochieS*

Beth (lilabitblf): muah!

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  1. Did I miss everything!?

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