Weekly Chat #13 ch 3 & 4 Club Dead 12/13/09


SarahFaith: Harro πŸ™‚

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AphioRogue: hey rememberd this week!! πŸ™‚

SarahFaith: woohoo!

Misty (ssbookclub): hello ladies

SarahFaith: Hiya πŸ™‚

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Alisha_es: Hi everyone!

SarahFaith: Hiya!

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Misty (ssbookclub): howdy

SarahFaith: *tackles Beth and smooches her on the nose*

Beth (lilabitblf): well hello to you too πŸ™‚

SarahFaith: lol

Misty (ssbookclub): wow that is one hell of a greeting!

SarahFaith: Hehehe

Beth (lilabitblf): told ya.. its me being cute.. irresistible…

SarahFaith: *nods*

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Jenny_Ap: Hello!

SarahFaith: heya!

Beth (lilabitblf): hey Jenny

Misty (ssbookclub): hey!

Beth (lilabitblf): smooches to Misty and AR πŸ™‚

Alisha_es: Hi!

Jenny_Ap: Took a nap again…I need help! πŸ™‚

Beth (lilabitblf): so I am over prepared for this week.. read 3,4,5

SarahFaith: Hah! Think there’s a Nappers Anonymous chapter near by? πŸ˜‰

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Jenny_Ap: I will look into it! πŸ˜‰

SarahFaith: Manwench!

Jenny_Ap: Julie!

balou8900: scuse me…can someone tell me where the ladies room is? *monobrow wiggle*

SarahFaith: lol

Beth (lilabitblf): Hello Julie!

balou8900: Sarah! πŸ™‚

Alisha_es: lol. Hi Balou

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Carla (crazygem85): I’m here πŸ™‚

SarahFaith: Hiya Balou *huggles*

SarahFaith: Yay Carla!

balou8900: Hi Alisha

AphioRogue: yeah I fell asleep on the couch earlier why tyhe littles teacup was watching cartoons

Jenny_Ap: Carla!

balou8900: *manly return huggle*

Carla (crazygem85): Hey ladies and balou!

Misty (ssbookclub): I do that a lot AR

SarahFaith: I do like a manly huggle.

balou8900: then let me do that again

balou8900: *man huggle*

SarahFaith: Mmmm, thanks! ❀

Misty (ssbookclub): ok shall we begin?

SarahFaith: Sure thing!

balou8900: since I like, missed the last two weeks…what chapter we on for the discussion that my dog ate my homework of?

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Misty (ssbookclub): we are on chapters 3 & 4

balou8900: wow! we rock!

Misty (ssbookclub): I have no annoucements to day

Amanda (MCC): When is the next party?

Misty (ssbookclub): But I do want to thank everyone for all my gifts & for making the exchange so much fun

Beth (lilabitblf): wow.. we have nothing coming up soon?

SarahFaith: Yay, Kindle!

balou8900: if I wasn’t so shy I would’ve talke more *innocent look*

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Misty (ssbookclub): well we have a few things in the works but they are a secret

Kris (LucysPet): whats up y’all

SarahFaith: Heya Kris πŸ™‚

Carla (crazygem85): oh, secrets!!

balou8900: hey Kris πŸ™‚

Carla (crazygem85): hey lucyspet πŸ™‚

Misty (ssbookclub): And Barbie Twitter is on Tuesday if anyone wants to play DM me

Jenny_Ap: Hi Kris!

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Amanda (MCC): Secrets! tsk tsk

Kris (LucysPet): HELLO ALL!!!!

Misty (ssbookclub): You will love me for it later Amanda

smeykunz: McKris!

SarahFaith: I have secrets but they have nothing to do with the book club. O.o

Jenny_Ap: Shan!

Misty (ssbookclub): LOL

smeykunz: Jen!

Carla (crazygem85): hey shan!!

Misty (ssbookclub): as for the next party it will have to be in Jan because I am too damn tired

smeykunz: hey Carla baby!

Jenny_Ap: Don’t blame ya!

balou8900: you promised you wouldn’t tell them, sarah! *Pam-like eye roll*

Beth (lilabitblf): January is the next party month anyway πŸ™‚

Kris (LucysPet): McShan!

Misty (ssbookclub): so we will begin

SarahFaith: lol Balou, I didn’t tell anything. πŸ˜€

Misty (ssbookclub): we start the chapter with a sad sookie

Misty (ssbookclub): bill is missing and she is heart broken

SarahFaith: Sad Sookie makes me sad too.

AphioRogue: again – poor thing

Beth (lilabitblf): I want to cry at the begining of this chapter.. reading depression not a good thing

Carla (crazygem85): no lie, it breaks my heart

Kris (LucysPet): agreed B

Misty (ssbookclub): I know I feel so bad for her

balou8900: she needs a good old fashioned poorly timed erection to cheer her up

Beth (lilabitblf): well, we have all gone through it and all empathize with her

Misty (ssbookclub): just sleeping

Misty (ssbookclub): lol balou

Carla (crazygem85): yes we have B and it sucks

SarahFaith: hah, balou

Beth (lilabitblf): that is when you need a friend to kick you in the but to get moving.. sook doesnt have that support system

Misty (ssbookclub): so trueB

Carla (crazygem85): but she does have eric πŸ˜‰

Alisha_es: sure she does! They’re coming!

Misty (ssbookclub): it makes you realize how alone she really is

Misty (ssbookclub): no one to eat ice cream & shop with

Carla (crazygem85): which is def needed when heartbroken

Misty (ssbookclub): a must!!

SarahFaith: I think it makes her stronger though. She really has to pull herself up by her bootstraps.

Jenny_Ap: I thought that was chocolate….

smeykunz: I’m getting depressed and he isn’t even my boyfriend….he should be, but anyway…..go on.

Carla (crazygem85): poor girl doesnt even have twitter friends

Kris (LucysPet): i related to her so much during these scenes….

Alisha_es: I’m surprised Arlene didn’t come over for her.

balou8900: she hasta put on her big girl panties and face the world *sympathetic sigh*

Jenny_Ap: LOL Carla!

Kris (LucysPet): and it made me SO depressed

Misty (ssbookclub): I am not Arlene is worthless

smeykunz: I’m not, Arlene is selfish

Alisha_es: Not yet she isn’t.

Carla (crazygem85): agreed, arlene is no friend

Misty (ssbookclub): LOL carla

smeykunz: she just hasn’t shown us as much yet

Beth (lilabitblf): she doesnt think to call Arlene either… insight on her relationship with Arlene

AphioRogue: start of showing Arlene really doesnt care for her

Misty (ssbookclub): that is true

Kris (LucysPet): gp B

smeykunz: Good point B

Alisha_es: Actually, I’m surprised Sookie didn’t call her. But you’re right, it does show their relationship

Alisha_es: Cause you’re right, Arlene wouldn’t come over on her own.

Misty (ssbookclub): so when she does get up she checks the hidey hole

Carla (crazygem85): not unless arlene needed something from her

SarahFaith: Not unless Sook promised to babysit the kids or clean her trailer.

balou8900: unless she needed a babysitter

Misty (ssbookclub): and the computer is there

SarahFaith: Ahh, yes. So Bill must have come in sometime and put it there before he left.

Beth (lilabitblf): yes it is..

balou8900: if she was a shifter she’d prolly be a vulture

Beth (lilabitblf): is sook written as a light sleeper?

Jenny_Ap: LOL Balou!

Kris (LucysPet): so sad…it’s the vamp equivalent of finding your exes tshirts amongst your things….

Beth (lilabitblf): wait.. who is a vulture? Alrene right?

Misty (ssbookclub): When she was sad b/c there was no way to tell Bill she hid it I was so so sad

SarahFaith: Not that I remember, B.

Kris (LucysPet): *tear*

smeykunz: Bill could sneak in quietly enough I think, or maybe she was at work when he did it?

Beth (lilabitblf): exactly Kris!

Misty (ssbookclub): at least she knew he had faith in her

Carla (crazygem85): this whole scene has me in tears. i felt like it was my heaert breaking the first time i read it

balou8900: never found those…women just leave their jewelry….like one earring so they have to come back and find it πŸ˜€

smeykunz: exactly, he loves her

Alisha_es: True misty

Kris (LucysPet): balou youre incorrigible

Beth (lilabitblf): Faith and love are different things.. Shan..

balou8900: hehehe

smeykunz: He can have both

SarahFaith: I wasn’t pleased about the computer. All I thought was, ‘Oh boy, now Sook is in a heap of trouble’.

Carla (crazygem85): so true B

smeykunz: I firmly believe he thinks he does at that point

Misty (ssbookclub): I also think he loves her at this point

Jenny_Ap: You are right Srah, He did put her in a difficult position

Jenny_Ap: I mean sarah πŸ™‚

Alisha_es: I agree. I think he loves her.

SarahFaith: I just don’t know if he loved. I go back and forth on that.

Misty (ssbookclub): I think he fell in love with her some time ago

Amanda (MCC): i have a hard tome making myself belive that…sorry

Carla (crazygem85): i agree misty. though he has a weird way of showing it simetimes

smeykunz: All men do

Kris (LucysPet): I think he loves her but i agree with sarah…this puts her squarely in the middle of vamp shit

Beth (lilabitblf): ok.. i have to admit when i read aboutthe computer being there I wasnt surprised… it was a natural fit to the “drama” of the story line

balou8900: he loves her cuz he can’t have her πŸ™‚

Misty (ssbookclub): I agree Kris

Misty (ssbookclub): she seems to find her self in the middle of vamp shit with r without him though

smeykunz: She tends to write that way beth, makes sense though

SarahFaith: True

Beth (lilabitblf): i agree with that too

Carla (crazygem85): she really does

Misty (ssbookclub): she is a vamp shit magnet

SarahFaith: lol

smeykunz: she is destined for vamp shit

Jenny_Ap: Yup!

AphioRogue: LOL

Beth (lilabitblf): LOL

balou8900: supe shit magnet

Kris (LucysPet): for realz

smeykunz: RIGHT!

Kris (LucysPet): as in if I ever meet Sookie I would probably run the other way

Amanda (MCC): i have wondered why it’s taken two years for the vamp shit to find her tho

Beth (lilabitblf): that is a good question amanda

AphioRogue: only been out for 2 years right

balou8900: I wouldn’t…I’d hide my thoughts then ask her out πŸ™‚

Alisha_es: Cause there haven’t been any vamps in BonTemps

Beth (lilabitblf): though tech.. Sam has been there for 5

Amanda (MCC): right, but since she’s such a magnent, why hasnt it found her til now? just because no vamps are around, there’s nothing keeping them from coming to BT

Kris (LucysPet): yes balou but I only swing that way on twitter. not in RL.

AphioRogue: its a tinly lttile town – right but hes been hidden too – not bothering anyone so no one bugs him

balou8900: we can teeter totter then πŸ˜›

Misty (ssbookclub): she would be in it regardless sooner or later, the queen would of found her one way or another

Amanda (MCC): i just hope CH explains things more before she ends the series

Misty (ssbookclub): thanks to Hadley

SarahFaith: Agreed Misty.

Carla (crazygem85): so true misty

smeykunz: Me too!

Beth (lilabitblf): true misty

Kris (LucysPet): LOL Balou

Beth (lilabitblf): and Agree Amanda!!

AphioRogue: which is why vamps go to bon temps in the first place

Kris (LucysPet): oh yeah I totally forgot about Hadley…

Misty (ssbookclub): yep cuz of Hadleys big mouth

Beth (lilabitblf): but we dont know that yet…

Misty (ssbookclub): but we are skipping ahead

balou8900: Hadley plays a pretty significant part for someone’s who’s dead times two

Misty (ssbookclub): So Sook goes bad to bed

Kris (LucysPet): which is exactly what i do…

Beth (lilabitblf): naps are good.. esp the way she wakes from this one

SarahFaith: Me too

AphioRogue: LOL sorry —

balou8900: wanna teeter?

Misty (ssbookclub): and all I can think of is when we did this scene for barbie Twitter

Carla (crazygem85): and i want to wake up the way shes woken up πŸ™‚

Amanda (MCC): naps are the bees knees

SarahFaith: Yes, please.

balou8900: lol Carla

Jenny_Ap: Hello? Can I wake up from a nap that way! πŸ™‚

Misty (ssbookclub): so she wakes with relief

Misty (ssbookclub): Bill is back!!

Beth (lilabitblf): I know Misty πŸ™‚ and it was a good Twitter Barbie too πŸ™‚

Misty (ssbookclub): she feels his cold hard body and immediately goes for the pants

Misty (ssbookclub): thanks B

SarahFaith: Poor thing thinks that Bill’s there. That feeling sucks so bad when you realize it’s not who you think or wanted.

balou8900: gotta remember to sneak into bed cold…they react more favorably for some reason

Carla (crazygem85): i would have gone the same. girl knows what she wants

Alisha_es: She was half asleep anyway!

Kris (LucysPet): so true sarah so true

Beth (lilabitblf): i agree with Sarah

Misty (ssbookclub): LOL Balou

Misty (ssbookclub): so she notices he smells different

balou8900: sarah…you’ve had that feeling of realizing it wasn’t who you wanted crawling into bed? *perk*

Beth (lilabitblf): but why was her door unlocked… small town mentatlity?

Misty (ssbookclub): probably

SarahFaith: Lol Balou, not that specifically, darling. πŸ™‚

Alisha_es: I think so, Beth

SarahFaith: Would a locked door keep Eric out?

Alisha_es: We never locked our doors when I lived in a small town.

Misty (ssbookclub): you would think she would be more careful since people are trying to kill her

Carla (crazygem85): prob not sarah

balou8900: I was gonna see if I could stop over for coffee after you go to bed hehehe

Amanda (MCC): god i hope not πŸ˜‰

Alisha_es: And no. Locks wouldn’t keep Eric out.

SarahFaith: My husband owns a shotgun, prolly not the best idea. πŸ˜‰

Misty (ssbookclub): and eric ” It’s me”

balou8900: that would be an unwelcome cold thing under the covers for sure

Misty (ssbookclub): he cracks me up Like he expects her to say oh ok

Alisha_es: I loved his “snuggling” line!

Beth (lilabitblf): i know really!

SarahFaith: I know, right? He makes me cackle.

Carla (crazygem85): me too alisha

Misty (ssbookclub): me too Alisha

Beth (lilabitblf): but she started realizing it wasnt him cause he smelled different too

Carla (crazygem85): im sure hes not used to women saying no

Misty (ssbookclub): Then you need a shower

Beth (lilabitblf): snuggling… yes.. good

Kris (LucysPet): why eric cracks me up: “your hair is dirty and your breath could knock down a horse”

Kris (LucysPet): hilarioussssss

SarahFaith: That’s what I like about him, he’s so honest even to the point of pain.

Misty (ssbookclub): yes he is

Beth (lilabitblf): well it also pricked her temper away from finding him in her bed

Beth (lilabitblf): a little

SarahFaith: True, it was a nice way to distract Sook.

Amanda (MCC): i think that’s why Sook likes him too…he’s brutally honest. she knows with him it wont be wishy washy answers

Kris (LucysPet): agreed amanda

Alisha_es: I agree, Amanda

Carla (crazygem85): i agree amanda. I think she appreciates the honesty

balou8900: The voices in my head are singing, why do good girls, like bad guys

AphioRogue: – back – sorry having comp issues

Beth (lilabitblf): she is also more “herself” with him too now

Misty (ssbookclub): and the “proof” of not objecting to being in bed with her is LOL funny

Carla (crazygem85): true B

SarahFaith: And hot

Beth (lilabitblf): hot

SarahFaith: I’m sorry, it would have been very difficult for me to turn him away after that. Yes, I’m a hussy.

balou8900: *perk*

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Carla (crazygem85): sarah, i know i would not have turned him away

Beth (lilabitblf): then the comment of the hygenic sookie kills me everytime

SarahFaith: Easy Balou. πŸ˜€

Amanda (MCC): the GP has mad an appearence!

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Misty (ssbookclub): so she rethinks rescinding his invitation while she stomps off to shower

Mel (TrueFanatic): Hi all, sorry I’m late.

Beth (lilabitblf): more like an honorable mention at this point Amanda πŸ™‚

SarahFaith: Hi Mel πŸ™‚

Beth (lilabitblf): but i like her thoughts on why she doesnt

Alisha_es: But good thing she remembers why Eric may need to enter quickly…

Kris (LucysPet): lol lol lol on the GP

SarahFaith: Me too, B. Very smart of Sookie.

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Misty (ssbookclub): I think that is the first smart thing she has thought in awhile

Kris (LucysPet): JAI!

Beth (lilabitblf): that is true Misty

AphioRogue: snicker LOL misty

jaithefae: *sneaks quietly in as not to disturb proceedings*

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Misty (ssbookclub): so she throws a brush yells You bastard!!! then showers

Beth (lilabitblf): revolving door tonight Misty?

Carla (crazygem85): hey jai!!

Misty (ssbookclub): yes I have problems

Beth (lilabitblf): hey Mel and jai

jaithefae: hi πŸ™‚

Misty (ssbookclub): after she showers & dresses she sees that Eric is dressed

Misty (ssbookclub): and has made the bed

Misty (ssbookclub): an he asks if Pam and Chow can come in

Alisha_es: which was sweet of him.

Kris (LucysPet): “this bloods for you” *snickers*

AphioRogue: such a nice guy

Misty (ssbookclub): yes it was

Carla (crazygem85): the guys i date never make the bed

Beth (lilabitblf): hey.. that was the first bit of her reacting to everything.. that scream… she moved tot the next stage of grief

Misty (ssbookclub): that is true B

Misty (ssbookclub): so in come Pam and Chow

Beth (lilabitblf): backing up to the Bed comment…guy making the bed… surprising…

Misty (ssbookclub): and we learn all about Chow’s tats while Pam & Chow absorb every detail of her house

SarahFaith: I love how they look around her house, like it’s shocking and amazing or something. πŸ˜€

Beth (lilabitblf): Chows tats are wow

balou8900: *mental note…can be Carla’s first bed maker…sets down pencil* πŸ™‚

Kris (LucysPet): i know B!!

Kris (LucysPet): I so wanted show chow to be Yakuza

Carla (crazygem85): lol balou!

SarahFaith: Me too Kris.

Alisha_es: You have a pencil for a mental note, balou? lol

smeykunz: side note, why does a japanese guy have a chinese name?

Alisha_es: I agree, Kris. That woudl have been so cool

AphioRogue: still a bit annoyed about that -= there are plenty of actors who could have looked more like him

Misty (ssbookclub): good point shan

Beth (lilabitblf): I think chow is a nickname

SarahFaith: Good question, maybe a Charlaine mishap?

smeykunz: show chow was a phone in

balou8900: it’s a mental pencil

smeykunz: they could have so cast that better

Kris (LucysPet): lol

Misty (ssbookclub): I agree Kris and so not hot

smeykunz: with a hotter guy

balou8900: in my visual, the reason we don’t make the bed is we are taking the sheets off cuz the night was so hot they need the laundry *monobrow wiggle*

Carla (crazygem85): they really shld have shan

Kris (LucysPet): balou!

Carla (crazygem85): omg balou!!

balou8900: okay, I’ll put the pencil down again….geesh

Kris (LucysPet): lol lol lol lolzzzzz

Beth (lilabitblf): i am ignoring balou for the moment…

Misty (ssbookclub): So here we get the Alice In Wonderland with fangs remark which I love

Carla (crazygem85): one of my fave remarks

Kris (LucysPet): my pammy is soooo dreamy

Misty (ssbookclub): so they start to fill Sookie in with the details

Misty (ssbookclub): Bill has been vampnapped

SarahFaith: lol Misty

Carla (crazygem85): poor sook, she does not need anymore heartbreak, but i know she needs to hear it

Beth (lilabitblf): vampnapped… good term

smeykunz: I know most Belles think Eric is lying telling this story, but I TOTALLY think it’s true.

SarahFaith: I agree

balou8900: and if she needs to hear it, why not with a hot viking in her bed

Misty (ssbookclub): thanks

AphioRogue: Eric doesnt lie

Kris (LucysPet): lucy is here. she says ‘arf!’ which i think means hello

smeykunz: all of it, and that’s not just because I adore TB Lorena, I have always thought so.

Misty (ssbookclub): think he is lying about what?

Beth (lilabitblf): i dont think he was lying… not after sending the body guard to protect her

Alisha_es: Eric wouldn’t have needed to lie. He just keeps quiet if he doesn’t want you to know.

smeykunz: Bill willingly going to Lorena. I think it’s totally true

Mel (TrueFanatic): I think Eric is telling her the truth here.

balou8900: had he said, Sookie…Bill is missing…you mind getting this one last bullet outta me.. Then I’d doubt his sincerity

Beth (lilabitblf): we dont know at this point that she was his maker..

Misty (ssbookclub): so Bill was taken and the witnesses are unclear

Mel (TrueFanatic): gp Beth

Beth (lilabitblf): shoot me

smeykunz: Most Bill Lovers say he was telling her what he wanted her to hear, but I TOTALLY believe he and Lorena had a sick twisted relationship and Eric’s story is way true

Misty (ssbookclub): and Sooke cant get at them b/c they are under the King of MS dominion

Mel (TrueFanatic): That

Mel (TrueFanatic): That

Misty (ssbookclub): I agree Shan, and I think he was trying to keep Lorena away from Sookie too

Mel (TrueFanatic): type much…Interesting Shan.

Kris (LucysPet): i totally believe that when the maker beckons he has to go

Misty (ssbookclub): I do too Kris

AphioRogue: cause lorena is bat****

Carla (crazygem85): i do too kris. the power is too great to deny

Kris (LucysPet): why else would he go?

Beth (lilabitblf): I have to agree witu you shan… cause another vamp mentioned Vamps dont normally hook up for more then a night together

balou8900: but a very hot bat****

Alisha_es: Okay, question about Eric telling Sookie about how the US is broken up into kingdoms/areas… Why did Eric trip up over saying the kingdom of Texas??? and turn it into ” in Texas?”

Misty (ssbookclub): just FYI you guys are skipping ahead.

Beth (lilabitblf): I think trying to make it more not fuedal

Alisha_es: sorry! Don’t have my books in front of me! *sitting quietly*

Beth (lilabitblf): i know misty.. that was why i said please shoot me πŸ™‚

AphioRogue: trying NOT to start a war i think

SarahFaith: And also trying to keep Sookie from getting hysterical again, she was laughing pretty hard.

Amanda (MCC): I hate to bail out early but I’ve got a wee one that’s not feeling well…I’ll see you all later x

Mel (TrueFanatic): Poor Sookie can’t take anymore

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Misty (ssbookclub): I am glad Sookie laughed because Eric would probably be mad if Bill had told her all that

SarahFaith: True

Beth (lilabitblf): that is true

Misty (ssbookclub): it cements her story that she knew nothing

Carla (crazygem85): it def does

Beth (lilabitblf): again true point..

Misty (ssbookclub): so we get to hear the background on kingdoms

Mel (TrueFanatic): I wonder why Bill never did tell her

Misty (ssbookclub): and how there were fewer vamps back in the day because the ride over was too long

Mel (TrueFanatic): He seems more open and honest with her AFTER the break up

SarahFaith: I think it’s a need to know kind of thing with the vamps.

smeykunz: damn I drop that kick ass Belle that backs eric line and my kids go haywire and I miss it all. CRAP! Ok, sorry

Misty (ssbookclub): I think he thinks the less she knows the better

AphioRogue: I agree with Sarah

Kris (LucysPet): I thought this info was fascinating

SarahFaith: I don’t for one second think Eric would have told her anything if it weren’t necessary.

Misty (ssbookclub): no he wouldnt

Alisha_es: agreed

Carla (crazygem85): i agree sarah. its a need to know only

smeykunz: Bill is an omitter, he leaves shit out and Eric answers what he is asked everytime.

Misty (ssbookclub): ok so she wants to know how to get at the humans

Beth (lilabitblf): well it is also a way to curry favor if he is the one providing the info, she would go back for more right?

Misty (ssbookclub): and Eric says she should be ok unless Bill breaks

Misty (ssbookclub): exactly B

smeykunz: Of course, he’s smart that way

Misty (ssbookclub): So Eric explains how the switch was made

Mel (TrueFanatic): Interesting that Eric lays her safety in Bills hands

Misty (ssbookclub): and about Betty Jo

Misty (ssbookclub): Eric is not thinking of her safety, he wants to please the Queen

Beth (lilabitblf): agree with Misty.. he even says his hide is on the line too

Kris (LucysPet): Betty Jo is a ridiculous name for a vamp

smeykunz: LOL

Misty (ssbookclub): yes it is Kris

SarahFaith: lol Kris

Mel (TrueFanatic): LOL, yes it is.

Carla (crazygem85): agreed

Kris (LucysPet): i would have changed it asap

Misty (ssbookclub): so then Eric mentions the specail project

smeykunz: She was turned when her husband was on MadMen LOL

Kris (LucysPet): LOLZZZZZZZZ

Misty (ssbookclub): and the vamps do not believe she knows nothing

Beth (lilabitblf): and Pam and Chow are watching for reaction…

SarahFaith: But they can’t tell either way and I like that about Sookie.

Beth (lilabitblf): its like the Vamp version of the 2 way mirror

Misty (ssbookclub): lol B

Mel (TrueFanatic): But Eric does get a reaction

AphioRogue: I think Pam does too

Misty (ssbookclub): so then Eric decided to play no more mr nice vamp

Misty (ssbookclub): and threaten to torture her

Alisha_es: Not cool of Eric. But very vampire of him.

Beth (lilabitblf): but his reasons for not wanting to go that route…

Misty (ssbookclub): which would scare the crap out of me

SarahFaith: Me too

Carla (crazygem85): i was scared

Beth (lilabitblf): ok.. again i wasnt.. cause i looked at how much of the book was left to read

Mel (TrueFanatic): I think he was just explaining his situation. Like I should do this but I won’t because I want to F*** you.

Misty (ssbookclub): and his behind their back comment

SarahFaith: You’re so smart, B. I get so into the books that I can’t think past what’s happening right then.

Misty (ssbookclub): he should not of felt that way imo

Beth (lilabitblf): that is the comment that gets the reaction.. the behind the back

Misty (ssbookclub): he would of done the same thing if the queen wanted him too

Misty (ssbookclub): Bill was following orders

Kris (LucysPet): and her reaction after B ‘oh shit’

Misty (ssbookclub): what did Eric expect bill to do?

Alisha_es: I think he would have tortured her if he didn’t have another way to use her.

Beth (lilabitblf): i dont know

Misty (ssbookclub): I do too

Kris (LucysPet): eric had no idea bill was following orders right?

Misty (ssbookclub): if he didnt want to screw her so badly

Beth (lilabitblf): Eric did now he was on a project

Beth (lilabitblf): and it burned him

Misty (ssbookclub): he knew the project was for the queen

Carla (crazygem85): he jsut didnt know what it was exact;y

Kris (LucysPet): ok

Beth (lilabitblf): well.. it does prove Sex is cure for everything…or the thought of sex…

Mel (TrueFanatic): That would PO anyone, having someone under you work on a secret project

Misty (ssbookclub): so sookie starts crying

Kris (LucysPet): Pam – “she’s leaking again” I ❀ her

Mel (TrueFanatic): Gotta love Pam

Misty (ssbookclub): and blames it on missing Bill

Beth (lilabitblf): that is a classic pam line πŸ™‚

Misty (ssbookclub): And Pam insists they tell Sook everything

Carla (crazygem85): that line cracked me up

Kris (LucysPet): again I ❀ Pam

Mel (TrueFanatic): I wonder if Eric put her up to that…

Kris (LucysPet): she’s right. Sookie deserves to know the truth

Misty (ssbookclub): I dont think so he is pissed at Pam

SarahFaith: And I find that very interesting about Pam.

Alisha_es: I don’t think so. I think Eric wanted her to go in it without knowing

SarahFaith: That she would care enough to tell Sook all of it? Or is it a ‘caring’ thing.?

Misty (ssbookclub): because if she knew she may not agree

AphioRogue: Pam wants her to know the truth

AphioRogue: thinks Sookie is – interesting – for a human πŸ˜‰

SarahFaith: I don’t understand Pam’s motivations for spilling but I guess it’s not necessary.

Beth (lilabitblf): Mel, the guys didnt want Sookie to know

Mel (TrueFanatic): But it could be a way for him to win her trust…

Carla (crazygem85): yesh, eric thought she would never agree to so this if sookie knew everything

AphioRogue: eric thinks she might just let bill rot –

Beth (lilabitblf): but he wants her to be motivated to find Bill… if she knew the truth…which we are discussing… why would she want to do a favor to help bill

Alisha_es: Sookie would have been totally pissed when she found out later. I bet it would have hurt her ability to trust Eric.

Misty (ssbookclub): so Eric kicks Pam & Chow out

Jenny_Ap: Honestly, I don’t now why Pam would care if she knew or not

Misty (ssbookclub): Pam is still a woman

Mel (TrueFanatic): That

balou8900: yes she is πŸ™‚

AphioRogue: right misty – she knows what its like to be a woman

SarahFaith: But she’s a vamp, they don’t seem to care too much about how people feel.

Mel (TrueFanatic): That’s what I’m saying Alisha

Jenny_Ap: Shw has been a vampire for much longer

Misty (ssbookclub): I think she kinda has a soft spot for Sookie

SarahFaith: I dunno, it seemed out of character but maybe she likes Sookie.

AphioRogue: but for some reason she likes sookie – she has intregured her

Kris (LucysPet): I think that Pam is all about laying the cards on the table

Misty (ssbookclub): that too kris

AphioRogue: and pam is all about honesty

SarahFaith: True

Beth (lilabitblf): I dont know about the soft spot for her yet

Misty (ssbookclub): so they leave and eric starts to hold her hands

Misty (ssbookclub): preparing her for the news

Alisha_es: Which is a little weird for him, I think.

Mel (TrueFanatic): Anyway, I love how Eric touches Sookie. He’s like a cat. I love cats *winks*

SarahFaith: Which I loved him for, even though he’s always wanting to touch Sook.

Alisha_es: I don’t picture Eric as a hand holder.

Carla (crazygem85) from x.x.x.146 joined the chat 3 seconds ago

Misty (ssbookclub): he says he doesnt enjoy seeing her scared of him

Beth (lilabitblf): well.. he did say he likes to snuggle

Carla (crazygem85): eric really does have all the right moves

AphioRogue: CARLA πŸ™‚

Misty (ssbookclub): and that he is fond of her

Beth (lilabitblf): that to Misty

Misty (ssbookclub): and the kissing is exciting

Kris (LucysPet): *THUD*

SarahFaith: Hehehehe, he’s so damn honest. πŸ˜€

Mel (TrueFanatic): And she has to admit it is.

AphioRogue: anyway — i do – Eric seems to be about affection when around sookie

Mel (TrueFanatic): He’s very sensual

Misty (ssbookclub): and she says the torture does not make her feel sexy

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Beth (lilabitblf): i cracked when i read that

Alisha_es: good call, sookie… lol

Misty (ssbookclub): and we learn Chow likes the torture

Beth (lilabitblf): that we do..

SarahFaith: Which totally squidges me out about Chow.

balou8900: There’s something very wrong with chow

Misty (ssbookclub): me too Sarah

Beth (lilabitblf): which is a good thing he is not a Sheriff

Kris (LucysPet): agreed B

Carla (crazygem85): so true B

AphioRogue: first time I think Ive agreedwith Balou πŸ˜‰

Mel (TrueFanatic): LOL

Misty (ssbookclub): so she finally asks if he is her friend of foe

Mel (TrueFanatic): Which I found funny because I don’t think he would tell her if he was a foe…

Misty (ssbookclub): no they usually dont

balou8900: I’ll refrain from picking up my mental note pencil just yet πŸ™‚

Alisha_es: Ha! Probably right, mel!

Mel (TrueFanatic): Well future lover you really can’t trust me at all…

Beth (lilabitblf): his Fangs were out during this discussion too

Misty (ssbookclub): so Eric tells her he is a friend, does not want to ruin her skin

Carla (crazygem85): which i totally loved B

Alisha_es: which made me laugh.

Mel (TrueFanatic): That was funny

Beth (lilabitblf): right Misty.. he has plans for that skin..

Carla (crazygem85) from x.x.x.146 joined the chat 2 seconds ago

Misty (ssbookclub): yes he does

Beth (lilabitblf): which he didnt tell her about yet

Carla (crazygem85): He will see all of it one day *sighs*

Misty (ssbookclub): so he tells her Bill was summoned by a female

Misty (ssbookclub): and that vamps dont mate with each other because of the bonnds and power over each other

Beth (lilabitblf): which is the dagger

SarahFaith: Poor Sookie, I’m glad he told her but oh that really sucks.

Mel (TrueFanatic) from x.x.x.220 joined the chat 2 seconds ago

Mel (TrueFanatic): I would have been floored.

Misty (ssbookclub): she asks what her name is

Misty (ssbookclub): and he anwers Lorena

Kris (LucysPet): dun dun DUN

Misty (ssbookclub) from x.x.x.130 joined the chat

Beth (lilabitblf): exactly Kris

Mel (TrueFanatic): Why did Bill tell Eric about his love life.

balou8900: lol

Misty (ssbookclub): so he tells her that Lorena was in MS but he is not sure why

Misty (ssbookclub): she is from Seattle

Kris (LucysPet): bc she lives in Seattle…

SarahFaith: And that clicks for Sook.

Beth (lilabitblf): i dont think he did Mel… but there relationship was very rare in Vamp society

Beth (lilabitblf): *their

Misty (ssbookclub): yes to be together for so long was rare

Kris (LucysPet): poor sookie

Beth (lilabitblf): exactly Poor Sook

Misty (ssbookclub): so Bill was entralled with Lorena

smeykunz: I think vamps new since it was a weird deal they had, they were one of those Ewww couples….damn I love them…

smeykunz: *knew

Mel (TrueFanatic): I mean he told Eric he was with Lorena in MS and leaving Sookie.

Misty (ssbookclub): and was coming back to arrange for Sookies future care

Beth (lilabitblf): ohh that part Mel.. i gotcha

Kris (LucysPet): that would have made me snap

Beth (lilabitblf): yeah that was weird.. but not really

Mel (TrueFanatic): I believe he was following orders and not enthralled.

SarahFaith: OH how I hated that! I’m still angry about it 6 books later.

Beth (lilabitblf): also, Vamp politics when you relocate…

Carla (crazygem85): I would have been pissed. Like setting me up financially makes it ok to rip my heart to shreds

Misty (ssbookclub): yeah he never tries to help her financially until he is leaving her ??

Mel (TrueFanatic): Yea me too Sarah, I love Bill but he really did Sookie wrong

Beth (lilabitblf): that pissed me off more then the stores

smeykunz: Yeah, that was uncool, but think about it…prbably very old fashioned idea

AphioRogue: yup -= first time i really disliked bill –

SarahFaith: I’m sorry but tell me the truth and leave me broke, I’ll be happier.

smeykunz: I hated him in that part

Kris (LucysPet): I think he had good intentions – but it’s insulting

balou8900: *mental note…leave…her…broke* got it…

Kris (LucysPet): and infuriating

SarahFaith: lol Balou, you are such a goon. πŸ™‚

Carla (crazygem85): i have a hard time thinking he had good intentions. it sounds like something one does to make themselves feel better

Beth (lilabitblf): bad note Balou…

Mel (TrueFanatic): LOL Balou. That’s what women like *winks*

Beth (lilabitblf): gp carla

AphioRogue: no taking their money balou

Misty (ssbookclub): so eric tells her he is sorry his words her her

SarahFaith: I think he’s sorry cause it might hurt his chances for future Sookie Nookie.

Kris (LucysPet): i think he’s old fashioned and that in modern times it doesnt translate. it’s why i think a lot of the things he does are effed up

Mel (TrueFanatic): But this gives Eric room to move in later

Carla (crazygem85): i can kind of see that kris

Misty (ssbookclub): Sookie Nookie should really be a more common phrase,

SarahFaith: lol

Misty (ssbookclub): she does it enought

Alisha_es: I agree Kris.

balou8900: and all others sporting appropriately timed…nevermind…

Beth (lilabitblf): who Kris?

Kris (LucysPet): bill sorry

Beth (lilabitblf): LOL Misty… sookie Nookie

Misty (ssbookclub): I agree Kris

Beth (lilabitblf): and I agree Kris

Misty (ssbookclub): so Eric tell her he is sending a were

Beth (lilabitblf): with disdain

Misty (ssbookclub): that wil get her in with the humans to pick their brains

SarahFaith: I agree with that Kris but it frustrates me that it doesn’t seem that he’s made an effort to learn this stuff since he’s dating Sook.

Mel (TrueFanatic): OK, Bill is old fashioned but only 200 yrs old. Eric is more modern and 1000 yrs old. What the heck…

Alisha_es: Yeah, it’s no excuse, but I think it’s the truth with Bill.

Carla (crazygem85): It seems Eric is way better at adapting to the changing ways

Misty (ssbookclub): AndEric wonder why Lorena was even there in MS

balou8900: Eric didn’t start out trying to be sweet…so it’s Bill’s change that is the problem

SarahFaith: I dunno, Mel. Maybe Eric has been trying to mainstream longer. Bill seems a little stuck in the past to me.

Beth (lilabitblf): Bill is also in the area of his birth… fall back into old habits and manerisms maybe? Mel

Kris (LucysPet): I agree with you on that Sarah

Misty (ssbookclub): and tells Sook that if this doesnt work he will have to vampnap & start a war

Beth (lilabitblf): gp Sarah

Mel (TrueFanatic): Exactly Beth. Which is why he thinks it’s OK to pension off a woman

SarahFaith: Gah, vamp war….now that gives me the frights.

Misty (ssbookclub): and that Sook & bill can be together again is she wants too

Mel (TrueFanatic): The big IF

Beth (lilabitblf): Vamp war would not help the public opinion of the Vamps.. to many humans involved in this one

Carla (crazygem85): major if

Misty (ssbookclub): then Eric makes the statement that ifeel realy sums up his entire true nature

SarahFaith: Agreed

Alisha_es: Vamp war is big time scary.

Misty (ssbookclub): that he will be her friend as long as it doesnt negatively affect him

Alisha_es: Yes, Misty. 100% Eric.

Kris (LucysPet): yes misty!

Carla (crazygem85): the definition of eric

Beth (lilabitblf): that does nail his personality

Misty (ssbookclub): and that has been with me through all the books

Mel (TrueFanatic): That’s how he feels right now. He doesn’t love her

Misty (ssbookclub): I think he still feels that way in book 9

SarahFaith: True, he just wants to do her.

Alisha_es: It takes Eric a long long time to love her.

Misty (ssbookclub): but that is jumping

Alisha_es: true.

Beth (lilabitblf): well if we are allowed to jump… πŸ™‚

Kris (LucysPet): eric loves eric first and foremost

Mel (TrueFanatic): I don’t think so Mist. I think his feelings have evolved.

balou8900: don’t do it!!!

Carla (crazygem85): exactly kris

Kris (LucysPet): it’s why kris loves eric.

Misty (ssbookclub): so Sook asks why the queen is not looking for him

balou8900: phew…saved in the nick of time

Misty (ssbookclub): lol kris

Misty (ssbookclub): and e says the queen does not know and she will be PISSED if she finds out

Kris (LucysPet): like homicidal pissed

Beth (lilabitblf): yeah

Mel (TrueFanatic): So Eric hasn’t told the Queen and Sookie knows that if she gives Eric the Computer he’ll stop looking for Bill.

Carla (crazygem85): queen angry scares the bejeebies out of me

balou8900: homicidal pissed women scare me

SarahFaith: me too Carla

Kris (LucysPet): and i know that i digress with this – but i was once again disappointed with AB casting on the queen

Beth (lilabitblf): right Mel

Misty (ssbookclub): so s asks e to promise to take L out if she doesnt make it

Misty (ssbookclub): me too kris

Mel (TrueFanatic): She takes the major hight road here because if it were me I’d hand over the program and wish him the best.

Beth (lilabitblf): agree with Kris

Kris (LucysPet): sin my mind the bitch is scary and ERW is just not

Carla (crazygem85): me too kris

Kris (LucysPet): *in

Misty (ssbookclub): she still loves him

Misty (ssbookclub): she is still going to try to save him

Carla (crazygem85): a better woman than i would have been

Beth (lilabitblf): she does but is unsure of her feelings at the moment…

Kris (LucysPet): sookie is a lot of things, amongst them loyal

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Misty (ssbookclub): yes she is

Beth (lilabitblf): that she is

Kris (LucysPet): i never thought she would habd over the computer

Misty (ssbookclub): so E leaves

Alisha_es: Sookie generally does the exact opposite of what she’s told.

Mel (TrueFanatic): I’m just saying I would’ve. LOL

SarahFaith: Bye E, love youuuuuu! πŸ˜‰

Kris (LucysPet): listen, my benadryl kicked in so there might be a crap load of typos from here on out

Beth (lilabitblf): but he asks her what would have happend if Lorena was a human and did this

Misty (ssbookclub): and she goes to pavk

Misty (ssbookclub): then goes to bed

Misty (ssbookclub): oh yeah sorry I am skipping now

Misty (ssbookclub): and she says she would take care of L herself

Kris (LucysPet): can we go back to where eric rubs against her cheek like a cat?

SarahFaith: It’s ok, we’re running out of time πŸ™‚

Kris (LucysPet): cuz i LOL’ed

Misty (ssbookclub): which Gran would not like at all

Beth (lilabitblf): i know we are running out of time πŸ™‚

SarahFaith: Heh, I like the part where she asks E to kill Lorena if she doesn’t succeed.

Carla (crazygem85): me too sarah

Misty (ssbookclub): so she wonders if Bill left intentionally

Misty (ssbookclub): but decided he didnt

Misty (ssbookclub): then she sleeps then Alcidecomes over

Kris (LucysPet): mrawr

Beth (lilabitblf): Alcide πŸ™‚

SarahFaith: I do like me some Alcide.

balou8900: I need to slip back out the door. See you all later *waves*

Kris (LucysPet): Alcide is yummers

Misty (ssbookclub): they have a nice breakast that she will never have with Bill

SarahFaith: Later Balou πŸ™‚

Kris (LucysPet): peace out balou!

Alisha_es: I always enjoyed Alcide.

Alisha_es: Bye Balou!

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Misty (ssbookclub): and we learn that he is working off his dads marker

Beth (lilabitblf): I know! Breakfast is important

Misty (ssbookclub): and man that washed his plate is important

SarahFaith: Amen to that!

Carla (crazygem85): i was instantly attracted to Alcide

Kris (LucysPet): that’s when i loved him

Misty (ssbookclub): me too carla

Beth (lilabitblf): that was very very note worthy… πŸ™‚

Misty (ssbookclub): so he asks is she is a guy LOL

SarahFaith: rofl

Beth (lilabitblf): hehe

Misty (ssbookclub): and they discuss the gang of weres that came after her

Mel (TrueFanatic): I just love Alcide

Kris (LucysPet): an he has no idea she’s a telepath

Misty (ssbookclub): and he asks what she is going to do, if she has Superpowers

Beth (lilabitblf): and he asks her why is a gang of weres coming after her

Misty (ssbookclub): she tells him noting yet

Misty (ssbookclub): nothing

Mel (TrueFanatic): Of subject but I can’t wait to see who plays him :0

Beth (lilabitblf): she is playing it close

Beth (lilabitblf): esp since he doesnt know her eitehr

SarahFaith: Me too, Mel. I’m dying to know. πŸ™‚

Misty (ssbookclub): so he mentions th e dress code

Misty (ssbookclub): nice of him

SarahFaith: And hallelujah, Sookie has the clothes!

Mel (TrueFanatic): That was very nice of hime

Mel (TrueFanatic): HIM

Beth (lilabitblf): but he did it in a way it wasnt to bad eitehr

Misty (ssbookclub): he mentions that his girlfriend left him for an owl

Mel (TrueFanatic): LOL

Kris (LucysPet): how embarrasing….

Misty (ssbookclub): and she calls sam

Beth (lilabitblf): it is kris πŸ™‚

SarahFaith: And right there I knew there was something wrong with Alcide’s ex.

Carla (crazygem85): majorly embarassing

Misty (ssbookclub): It was good of Sam to be so concerned

Mel (TrueFanatic): Do you think he know Sam or Sam was just acting like a Dad

Misty (ssbookclub): I know Sook thought the same thing Sarah

Beth (lilabitblf): I dont think he knew Sam…

Beth (lilabitblf): exactly Sarah

Mel (TrueFanatic): OK, I took an Ambien and I’m starting to get sleepy so please excuse my typing…

Alisha_es: I think Sam knew OF him.

Kris (LucysPet): maybe they had heard of each other in the shifter community?

Beth (lilabitblf): that he did Alisha… but then the busines sin Shreveport

Misty (ssbookclub): i think he knew of him too

Beth (lilabitblf): *in

Misty (ssbookclub): so he promised sam he will take care of her

Misty (ssbookclub): and off they go

SarahFaith: The ‘man’ talk was a bit annoying but just like the men I grew up with.

AphioRogue: she goes to bed alot in these chapters πŸ˜‰

Misty (ssbookclub): he tells her all about mating and hereditary genes

Mel (TrueFanatic): He opens right up to her.

Beth (lilabitblf): it does pass the time on the drive

Misty (ssbookclub): and that he does not want to pass the gene on

Beth (lilabitblf): *whispers* I know Sarah

Misty (ssbookclub): so he dates normal girls mostly

Mel (TrueFanatic): I had forgotten that he told her he didn’t want to “mate” with another ware. Interesting.

Beth (lilabitblf): which is why I thought GF left him

Misty (ssbookclub): except for crazy Debbie

Misty (ssbookclub): and we learn about wolf men

SarahFaith: Frickin’ Debbie Pelt. Hate her.

Kris (LucysPet): again, I found all this backstory stuff fascinating

Beth (lilabitblf): she is psycho…

Beth (lilabitblf): Wolf men… this is how we get our urban legens… cracked me up

Misty (ssbookclub): i thought is was funny when Sook asked why he was telling her all this

Mel (TrueFanatic): He said wolf men mostly die. Another interesting fact.

Misty (ssbookclub): and he says he could have Eric memory flashy thing her

Beth (lilabitblf): i know

Alisha_es: Which I thought was a little rude.

Beth (lilabitblf): and i start cracking up again cause like taht will work…

Misty (ssbookclub): he has no idea

smeykunz: flashy thing LOL

Mel (TrueFanatic): But he doesn’t know she can’t be flashed…LOL

Alisha_es: I would not have been amused to have someone threaten to take away my memory. But it could just be me.

Carla (crazygem85): it would have annoyed me too alisha

Misty (ssbookclub): and we learn why the supes dont go public

Beth (lilabitblf): agree Alisha.. but since he thought it could happen… and we know it wouldnt work.. it was the “foot meet mouth” syndrome

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Misty (ssbookclub): I never thought about the supes being put in the zoo

Misty (ssbookclub): hey RC

Carla (crazygem85): i never did either Misty

SarahFaith: You know, neither did I but that sounds about right.

Beth (lilabitblf): hey RC πŸ™‚

Misty (ssbookclub): yes it does

recordcozy: Hi… I thought I could sneak in… Someone forgot about the chat… πŸ˜€

Kris (LucysPet): I wouldnt put it past people to do it

Kris (LucysPet): hey RC

Beth (lilabitblf): but it is something that could have happend… look what we have done over history to other humans… so its not beyond thought

recordcozy: Hi everybody.

Misty (ssbookclub): so they drive past a war place ( I forget what) and she tells him about Gran and the DOTD meeting

Carla (crazygem85): Hey RC

Mel (TrueFanatic): Well, my Ambien is in full swing and I need to go to bed.

Kris (LucysPet): some of the details of that story was TMI

Misty (ssbookclub): and she tells him that Bill is a war vet

SarahFaith: Night Mel! πŸ™‚

Alisha_es: Good night, mel!

Mel (TrueFanatic): Got to get up at 4am. Talk to all my Trubies, wenches and Belle friends tomorrow.

Carla (crazygem85): Nite Mel!

Beth (lilabitblf): night mel

Misty (ssbookclub): and he asks who brought him over which I think was great foreshadowing

Beth (lilabitblf): his reaction to which war was priceless

Misty (ssbookclub): yes it was B

Beth (lilabitblf): gp Misty… more forshadowing

Kris (LucysPet): loll yes it was B!

Misty (ssbookclub): and i always wondered why she never asked Bill about that. I would of

Misty (ssbookclub): I would of asked him a gazillion questions

Carla (crazygem85): I think it would have been one of my first questions for him

SarahFaith: I think she was so caught up in first love that everything else didn’t matter.

recordcozy: Sookie’s always trying to be polite. It makes her blind to the obvious sometimes.

Beth (lilabitblf): i dont know… the distraction of rising libido? ask questions later?

Misty (ssbookclub): Love never trumps my nosy.

Beth (lilabitblf): gp Sarah

SarahFaith: lol Misty

Carla (crazygem85): mine either Misty.

Kris (LucysPet): she’s never had a bf before…

Misty (ssbookclub): I am nosy to the core!!!!

Misty (ssbookclub): so then she wonders if she can even still call him her boyfriend

Beth (lilabitblf): and we love you for it πŸ™‚

Misty (ssbookclub): and I was sad for her all over again

Misty (ssbookclub): thanks B

SarahFaith: Yeah, me too.

Kris (LucysPet): this book has a lot of sad

Carla (crazygem85): me too

Beth (lilabitblf): yeah.. its tough transitioning your thought pattern with out true closure

Misty (ssbookclub): then she thinks about him giving money to the bellfluers again

SarahFaith: God, B,…that is so true.

Beth (lilabitblf): whish is good and gets her temper up

Misty (ssbookclub): yes it does

smeykunz: I’m with you on that B, that sucks so bad and is so painful sometimes

SarahFaith: It’s better to be angry than sad.

Misty (ssbookclub): so they are at his apt and he has his arm around her

SarahFaith: I would have been all over that like white on rice.

Misty (ssbookclub): and Sookie wants some nookie

SarahFaith: But Sookie’s a good girl and I respect that.

Carla (crazygem85): I wanted her to have nookie with him

Kris (LucysPet): when does Sookie ever NOT want nookie?

Misty (ssbookclub): so she jumps up and offers to make some dinner

Beth (lilabitblf): that she does… its been what.. 2 mos in book time?

Misty (ssbookclub): gp kirs

Misty (ssbookclub): kris

smeykunz: sookie is awfully horny, must be making up for lost time

Misty (ssbookclub): so he says he has to run errands and tell her to go to Janice’s salon

Misty (ssbookclub): i think so Shan

Beth (lilabitblf): vamp blood.. increased sex drive… of course she wants it but she knows not to jump perfect strangers

Kris (LucysPet): hell to the yes Shan

smeykunz: so what’s my excuse? LOL

SarahFaith: I think it’s like she says, once you have great sex you tend to be more aware of sexuality all around you.

Misty (ssbookclub): and he says they are going to eat at the cafe

Kris (LucysPet): i loved alcide for sending her to get all dolled up

Misty (ssbookclub): and they both say they dont drink

Kris (LucysPet): bless him

Carla (crazygem85): come on guys, when we all first had it you know it was the only thing on our mind

Misty (ssbookclub): cause his dad drinks too much sometimes

Beth (lilabitblf): ok.. i am starting to see a lot of forshadowing speculation in this chapter

Alisha_es: lol carla

Beth (lilabitblf): true C

Beth (lilabitblf): and that is a good reason not to drink

Misty (ssbookclub): I agree

Misty (ssbookclub): so that is the end of chapter 4

Misty (ssbookclub): best parts?

SarahFaith: Eric

SarahFaith: ANy Eric, all Eric.

AphioRogue: whole thing

Beth (lilabitblf): plus child always tends to not want to be like their parent.. no matter the age of child

SarahFaith: I think I might be biased. πŸ˜‰

Beth (lilabitblf): the snuggling

Carla (crazygem85): Eric as always πŸ™‚

Alisha_es: Eric being Eric…. πŸ™‚

recordcozy: I think Alcide was a good introduction to werewolves because Charlaine played him so human. He never does any weird stuff. So it’s a way for Sookie to make her own judgements.

Misty (ssbookclub): meeting Alcide and the breakfast scene

Beth (lilabitblf): getting insight to Vamp politics

SarahFaith: I liked meeting Alcide too, he was quite yummy and very nice.

recordcozy: Eric, as per usual πŸ™‚

Kris (LucysPet): i think the only things i liked were alcide and all of the backstories

Misty (ssbookclub): and the worse?

Alisha_es: Depressed Sookie.

SarahFaith: Sookie’s pain and everything that brought it on.

Misty (ssbookclub): me too

Beth (lilabitblf): dpressed sook…

recordcozy: Bill in general. But yes, the aftermath.

Carla (crazygem85): Heartbroken sookie

Beth (lilabitblf): threat of Torture to sook

Kris (LucysPet): both of the chapters were the worst

Beth (lilabitblf): Chow liking Torture

Kris (LucysPet): they were so depressing

SarahFaith: Eeek, Chow is skeevy!

Beth (lilabitblf): ohh.. one for the Best parts.. Pams line “She is leeking again”

Misty (ssbookclub): Alice in Wonderland in fangs

SarahFaith: hehehe

Misty (ssbookclub): ok so chapters 5 * 6 next week

Misty (ssbookclub): and barbie twitter on tuesday

Alisha_es: Fun stuff!

SarahFaith: Okey doke, yay!

Beth (lilabitblf): Si boss!

SarahFaith: Thanks Misty ❀

Kris (LucysPet): YAY BARBIES

Misty (ssbookclub): and be loooking for a new surprise coming to a blog near you

SarahFaith: Mmm, I like surprises!

recordcozy: Mysterious…

Misty (ssbookclub): I need barbie players if anyone is interested

SarahFaith: Okies, I’m heading out. I’ll be off Twitter for a bit, don’t want to be spoiled for Dexter finale.

Misty (ssbookclub): DM me

Carla (crazygem85): i like surprises

Misty (ssbookclub): and thanks for my presents again

SarahFaith: Love ya’ll! *huggles*

Beth (lilabitblf): surprises πŸ™‚

Beth (lilabitblf): night Sarah!

Carla (crazygem85): g’nite sarah!!

SarahFaith from x.x.x.149 left the chat

recordcozy: Night Sarah.

AphioRogue: ok – laters all – sorry was so quite – life/teacups were botherin

smeykunz from x.x.x.85 left the chat

Misty (ssbookclub): I know the feeling

Misty (ssbookclub): ok I am off to bed 5 am wake up call

AphioRogue from x.x.x.15 left the chat 4 seconds ago

recordcozy: See ya./bye

Carla (crazygem85): g’nite misty!

recordcozy from x.x.x.237 left the chat 2 seconds ago

Kris (LucysPet): i’m off too….

Alisha_es: Bye guys! I’m heading out too!

Beth (lilabitblf): ick… gnight!

Kris (LucysPet): love y’all

Carla (crazygem85): cya guys on twitter πŸ™‚


~ by B on December 13, 2009.

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