Weekly Chat #15 Ch 7 & 8 Club Dead 12/27/09

SarahFaith: Howdeeeeeeeeeeee πŸ™‚

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poppyfrost: hey guys

SarahFaith: hiya

Misty (ssbookclub): hello!!!!!

SarahFaith: How’s your world, Misty?

Misty (ssbookclub): good. Tired but good. You?

SarahFaith: Doing great. Got some new books for Xmas so I’ve been reading like a crazy person.

Misty (ssbookclub): I have not even had time to read any of my books that I got. What did you get?

SarahFaith: Ice by Linda Howard, Heartsick by Chelsea Cain, Kill Me Twice by Roxanne St. Clair and Storm Front by Jim Butcher.

Misty (ssbookclub): Well let me know if they are good.

SarahFaith: Ice is meh, skimmed it mostly. Kill Me Twice was good enough that I ordered the rest of the series after finishing it. Heartsick is good so far, only 70 pages in. πŸ™‚

Misty (ssbookclub): I have not heard of any of those

poppyfrost: bbl, when does the chat start?

Misty (ssbookclub): in 7 minutes

SarahFaith: 8 minutes

SarahFaith: eep, I was one off!

poppyfrost: lol

Misty (ssbookclub): lol

SarahFaith: πŸ˜€

Misty (ssbookclub): did you get your tank set up yet?

SarahFaith: Oh no, not yet. Got too much studying to do before I do that. I’d kill the fish in a day at this point, lol.

Misty (ssbookclub): LOL that is good. I would of set it up and killed everything

SarahFaith: hahahaha

Misty (ssbookclub): I had already told the tcups that we are out of the pet business when these die

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recordcozy: Hey everyone.

Misty (ssbookclub): hey!

SarahFaith: lol Misty

SarahFaith: heya RC πŸ™‚

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Beth (lilabitblf): Hello room πŸ™‚

recordcozy: Hi Beth.

Misty (ssbookclub): hey B

SarahFaith: Hey B

Beth (lilabitblf): Hey RC, Misty, Sarah, and Poppy

Beth (lilabitblf): wait… we are killing pets now?

SarahFaith: lol, I’m trying not too

SarahFaith: *to

Misty (ssbookclub): not killing just not replacing

Beth (lilabitblf): ok.. whew…

Misty (ssbookclub): ok shall we begin? It looks like it will just be a few of us tonight

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Carla (crazygem85): Hello loves!

SarahFaith: Hey Carla

recordcozy: Hi Carla.

Beth (lilabitblf): Hey C

Misty (ssbookclub): Ok for announcements

Misty (ssbookclub): Barbie Twiiter will be on Tuesday

Misty (ssbookclub): and Beth needs to know by tomorrow if you are going to NOLA

Misty (ssbookclub): so let her know if you have not

Misty (ssbookclub): if you do not let her know then your room will be given away

SarahFaith: Yay NOLA!

Beth (lilabitblf): very very true

Misty (ssbookclub): in Jan we will start planning the trip and talking roomates

Misty (ssbookclub): so if you snore please let me know now

Misty (ssbookclub): just kidding

SarahFaith: hah!

Carla (crazygem85): lol

Beth (lilabitblf): and smoking (not kidding)

SarahFaith: <—- smoker but will not smoke around others

Misty (ssbookclub): can you smole in hotels?

Misty (ssbookclub): smoke

SarahFaith: I won’t be smoking in the hotel at all.

Misty (ssbookclub): i forget

recordcozy: So of them, I think.

recordcozy: Some*

Carla (crazygem85): depends on the hotel

Misty (ssbookclub): i used to smoke but quit long ago

Beth (lilabitblf): this one they have smoking areas … just not in the rooms

Misty (ssbookclub): ok

Misty (ssbookclub): anyone else have anything before we begin?

SarahFaith: Not I.

Misty (ssbookclub): ok then

Misty (ssbookclub): so we begin with Sookie getting back to Alcides apt from the Salon

Misty (ssbookclub): we has some presents and he looks like he has done something

Misty (ssbookclub): but is not sure if he should have

Beth (lilabitblf): he doesnt have a poker face

Misty (ssbookclub): and they start discussing janice

recordcozy: That was so cute.

Misty (ssbookclub): it was cute

Misty (ssbookclub): every page makes me love him more

Carla (crazygem85): me too. I love Alcide here

recordcozy: Yeah. I’m an Alcide fan. If there was no Eric, of course. GASP.

Beth (lilabitblf): yeah… we are supposed to love him..

SarahFaith: As do I.

Misty (ssbookclub): and that Janice is so cool about everything

Misty (ssbookclub): and so nice to sookie

Beth (lilabitblf): yes..

Beth (lilabitblf): he is the “perfect” situation..

recordcozy: It’s always nice when Sookie gets to have real friendly interactions. I like to see her treated well.

Beth (lilabitblf): but perfect has a funny way of not working out…

Misty (ssbookclub): xcept for the crzy ex

Beth (lilabitblf): right RC…

SarahFaith: Amen Misty.

recordcozy: Geez. Yes. That causes a lot of problems.

Misty (ssbookclub): so then Janice’s hubs comes over

Carla (crazygem85): those exes get ya everytime

Misty (ssbookclub): and what an ass

SarahFaith: What was up with that guy? Sheesh.

Beth (lilabitblf): yeah

Beth (lilabitblf): small mindedness of the South…?

Misty (ssbookclub): how iare they married?

Beth (lilabitblf): how are Janice and Tom married?

Carla (crazygem85): they seem like such opposites

SarahFaith: I guess but I never met a Southern man that would treat a woman like that. He’d keep his trap shut in front of a lady.

recordcozy: Maybe he’s just super protective of his son.

recordcozy: There’s a lot of that going around.

Beth (lilabitblf): right Sarah.. but he thought she was immoral… staying with Alcide and all

Misty (ssbookclub): yeah but what does he think he is protecting the son from

Misty (ssbookclub): a hooker?

recordcozy: From a hussy.

recordcozy: Ha ha.

SarahFaith: You’re right B but still, I wanna smack him and tell him to act right.

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Misty (ssbookclub): alcide did

Misty (ssbookclub): and sook got him too

Beth (lilabitblf): i know we all did… it is also another crack in the “perfection” of a relationship with Alcide

Beth (lilabitblf): she quoted the bible back to him and wasnt stuck by lightening

Misty (ssbookclub): lol

SarahFaith: hah

Carla (crazygem85): i laughed when she quoted the bible

Beth (lilabitblf): i did too πŸ™‚

Misty (ssbookclub): I did too. Reminded me of Gran

Misty (ssbookclub): so rude hubs leaves

Misty (ssbookclub): and they play some scrabble

SarahFaith: That was so nice. I loved it.

Beth (lilabitblf): scrabble is such an innocent game

recordcozy: Love the Scrabble.

Misty (ssbookclub): yes it is

Carla (crazygem85): im not gonna lie, i love scrabble so that made me happy

Misty (ssbookclub): I do too

Beth (lilabitblf): it also shows he thought she was more then a barmaid… she has a brain too

Misty (ssbookclub): I am sure she doesnt get to play it very often

SarahFaith: Good point, B!

Beth (lilabitblf): thanks

Misty (ssbookclub): so then when she goes to put the game up

Misty (ssbookclub): and he is looking for a dead rat

Beth (lilabitblf): heehee

Misty (ssbookclub): she finds a dead were instead

SarahFaith: Surprise, corpse!

Beth (lilabitblf): the body count is adding up here…. lol

Beth (lilabitblf): sorry not really morbid

Misty (ssbookclub): and the fact that he is waiting for her to freak out cracks me up

recordcozy: I feel like Show Sookie would have screamed.

SarahFaith: I agree, RC.

recordcozy: Not Book Sook!

Carla (crazygem85): i laughed at that too misty

Beth (lilabitblf): you are right RC… but

Misty (ssbookclub): she has seen more dead people than his whole pack I bet

Carla (crazygem85): i agree RC

Beth (lilabitblf): yup Misty πŸ™‚

Beth (lilabitblf): its bad that she is becoming a little desensitized

Misty (ssbookclub): yeah I wonder if show sook will have a big drama queen scream

recordcozy: Well, it just shows she’s calm and resourceful.

Beth (lilabitblf): we will have to see in June

Beth (lilabitblf): that she is RC

Beth (lilabitblf): and she gets practicle too

Misty (ssbookclub): so they debate calling the police

recordcozy: Exactly. Ha. Vampiric.

Misty (ssbookclub): I always laugh at that because they never do

Misty (ssbookclub): so why even bring it up?

SarahFaith: Heh

Beth (lilabitblf): i know… if the police knew what Sook knew..

Carla (crazygem85): i think the same thing. they always just end up hiding the body

Beth (lilabitblf): Habbit…

Misty (ssbookclub): yeah I would hate to have to explain club dead

Beth (lilabitblf): why would they?

Beth (lilabitblf): glamour… fixes everything

recordcozy: I was just thinking that!

Beth (lilabitblf): if glamour doesnt work… they could just take a long overdue trip…

Misty (ssbookclub): yes that it true

Beth (lilabitblf): but Club dead … doesnt it already have anti human charms?

Misty (ssbookclub): yes it does

Misty (ssbookclub): so they decide not to call police

Misty (ssbookclub): and they work out their plan

Beth (lilabitblf): shower curtain πŸ™‚

Misty (ssbookclub): and the big green burrito

Carla (crazygem85): and duct tape

recordcozy: Burrito. Ha ha. Yes.

Misty (ssbookclub): yes all real men carry duct tape

SarahFaith: lol

Beth (lilabitblf): Charlaine got alot of good one liners in this chapter

Misty (ssbookclub): yes she did

Carla (crazygem85): she really did

Misty (ssbookclub): so they wrap him up

Misty (ssbookclub): and she goes to the elevator

Misty (ssbookclub): and Mr. Chatty shows up

Beth (lilabitblf): *snorts*

Carla (crazygem85): nosy neighbors always around when u dont want them to be

Misty (ssbookclub): yes they do

Beth (lilabitblf): exactly C

Beth (lilabitblf): and never seem to shut up

Misty (ssbookclub): so she pulls the forgot my keys bit

Misty (ssbookclub): and the when the coast is clear they get him to the elevator

Misty (ssbookclub): and down to the truck

Beth (lilabitblf): she played that very well

Misty (ssbookclub): past the argument I am sure i will be having with my daughter soon

SarahFaith: Yep, she thinks well on her feet.

Beth (lilabitblf): she has had practice

Misty (ssbookclub): and into the truck the were goes

Misty (ssbookclub): and then she gets paraniod.

Misty (ssbookclub): thinking people are staring at them

Carla (crazygem85): i’d be paranoid too

Beth (lilabitblf): well wouldnt you be stared at?

Beth (lilabitblf): she is doing something wrong… its like murphys law everyone is going to stare and know what is going on…

Misty (ssbookclub): that is true

Misty (ssbookclub): so they get out of town

Misty (ssbookclub): and to the dump site

Misty (ssbookclub): and she says it is an appropriate day for dumping a body

recordcozy: I like how Alcide just already has a body dumping site picked out.

Beth (lilabitblf): she has had practice

Carla (crazygem85): got to love her sense of humor

Beth (lilabitblf): I was thinking about that RC… on how he picked that place

recordcozy: Saving it up for a special occasion…

Misty (ssbookclub): yeah I thought that was weird too RC

Beth (lilabitblf): could that be one of the grounds they run on during the full moon?

Carla (crazygem85): well, one never knows when theyre going to have to hide a body. so best to be prepared

Misty (ssbookclub): so they dump him and remove the shower curtain

Beth (lilabitblf): in the Were world… their nature prevails…

SarahFaith: I wondered about that too, B. It was marked and named and all.

Misty (ssbookclub): thanks to discovery channel

recordcozy: I guess it makes sense, it’s just a little disconserting.

Beth (lilabitblf): she watched the Discovery Channel..

recordcozy: I love that.

Misty (ssbookclub): and they head on out to walmart

SarahFaith: woot, shopping!

Misty (ssbookclub): she gets a new curtain and realizes she has no present for Bill

Misty (ssbookclub): and I am wondering if she would still give him a present?

SarahFaith: That was sad. Poor Sook.

Beth (lilabitblf): i was thinking she slipped on the 12 step recovery program

Beth (lilabitblf): 12 steps of grief…

Misty (ssbookclub): I just know he would not be getting a gift from me

Beth (lilabitblf): me either

Carla (crazygem85): me neither misty

Beth (lilabitblf): but then… Sook and the way she was brought up (Gran)…

recordcozy: Me either. That jerk.

Misty (ssbookclub): so they finish the shopping

Misty (ssbookclub): and they try to figure out how done it

Misty (ssbookclub): who done it

Misty (ssbookclub): and only Debbie has the key

Beth (lilabitblf): their version of Clue!

Misty (ssbookclub): and he asks her if she did it

Misty (ssbookclub): I was LOL at that

SarahFaith: Me too!

SarahFaith: She’s great and all but I think snapping that guy’s neck is a little out of her league.

Misty (ssbookclub): I can see Eric doing it or Debbie

Carla (crazygem85): i honestly never thought eric

Beth (lilabitblf): i know sarah πŸ™‚ neck snapping not our girl

Misty (ssbookclub): but he would of if he knew about the blood offense

recordcozy: I didn’t think Eric, but he would do it, I agree.

Beth (lilabitblf): I cannt see Eric doing it.. esp since it was to messy

Misty (ssbookclub): i dont think he would leave the bodu there

Carla (crazygem85): i think he def would have done it, but i didnt think hed stuff it in the closet

Beth (lilabitblf): it would have been more finese than snapping a neck

recordcozy: No. He’s too smart for that.

Misty (ssbookclub): I really thought it was Debbie

Misty (ssbookclub): she is a crazy bitch

SarahFaith: I couldn’t figure out who had done it. Debbie just didn’t click for me because it would put Alcide in trouble.

Beth (lilabitblf): she is… with all her voodoo magic she performs at the full moon

SarahFaith: And she still wants him.

Misty (ssbookclub): and wants to scare sookie away

Beth (lilabitblf): she does still want him… but it could have been her as a way of blackmail control

Misty (ssbookclub): and he asks her if Eric would do i to get in her pants

Misty (ssbookclub): yes I agree B

SarahFaith: True, B.

recordcozy: The real answer does a lot more work in the story as a whole – like the series. Debbie would have been too obvious, I guess.

Carla (crazygem85): gp B

Misty (ssbookclub): yeah she would of

Beth (lilabitblf): right RC

recordcozy: I love that part. It’s so funny when they talk about how much all the boys love Sookie.

recordcozy: She just can’t believe it.

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Beth (lilabitblf): I know!

Misty (ssbookclub): she is so funny about that

Misty (ssbookclub): then when he tells her he likes the hell out of her

Beth (lilabitblf): it is what causes her “innocent” aura

Misty (ssbookclub): I love that line

recordcozy: Me too.

Carla (crazygem85): me too

Beth (lilabitblf): i do too.. i admit.. i melted

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SarahFaith: Yeah, loved him for that.

Beth (lilabitblf): that is when i started worrying why is he being written this way

Beth (lilabitblf): where is the catch…

Carla (crazygem85): i hear ya B. It was like he sounds too perfect

Misty (ssbookclub): I did not put that much thought into it. I am just a dreamy girl

Misty (ssbookclub): I did like the promise to rank Debbie out by the roots

Carla (crazygem85): that was good

Misty (ssbookclub): and they are much better for each other

Beth (lilabitblf): they are…

recordcozy: Well, anybody’s better than Bill.

Beth (lilabitblf): they agreed the timing wasnt right for either of them

Carla (crazygem85): agreed RC

Misty (ssbookclub): which is good b.c a rebound would not of been good

Beth (lilabitblf): exactly

SarahFaith: I’m not sure I’d have been able to resist…..Sookie’s very strong against the lusty feelings.

Carla (crazygem85): i hate when the timing is off. but sometimes I want to yell screw timing and go for it

Beth (lilabitblf): i know Sarah

Beth (lilabitblf): not at the expense of yourself

Misty (ssbookclub): I am surprised she did resist

SarahFaith: Amen, Carla, amen.

Misty (ssbookclub): really surprised

Misty (ssbookclub): so they get to cleaning up

Misty (ssbookclub): ans then she takes a nap

Misty (ssbookclub): and wakes up to some voices

Beth (lilabitblf): if Sook said screw it and jumped on bed with him… i think it would have devistated her in the long run

SarahFaith: Probably true and good that she didn’t but I would have, lol.

Carla (crazygem85): i agree but it would have been fun

Misty (ssbookclub): I think it might of helped her get over Bill

SarahFaith: Mmmhmmm, I agree.

Misty (ssbookclub): but I think she would of fallen in love with alcide

recordcozy: I still think that Eric’s offer looks a lot better. Even if it’s a bit pervy.

Misty (ssbookclub): and that would of gone bad fast

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Carla (crazygem85): erics everything looks a lot better πŸ™‚

Misty (ssbookclub): so she hears the voices of the packmaster and alcide

recordcozy: GP Carla.

Beth (lilabitblf): LOL

Misty (ssbookclub): and alcide is explaining what happened

Beth (lilabitblf): she is always hearing oices

Misty (ssbookclub): lol

Beth (lilabitblf): now how did the packmaster not know she was there?

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Beth (lilabitblf): voices…

Misty (ssbookclub): I wondered the same thing

SarahFaith: Maybe he wasn’t paying attention?

Misty (ssbookclub): cant he smell her?

Beth (lilabitblf): he should have been able to smell her

Misty (ssbookclub): or the traces of dead body

Beth (lilabitblf): and she did move around

Misty (ssbookclub): resolve doesnt work that well

Beth (lilabitblf): THANK YOU!!!

Beth (lilabitblf): it does not…

Misty (ssbookclub): Just like when Sam never smells Gran dead all over the kitchen

Misty (ssbookclub): story holes

Beth (lilabitblf): lots of them…

poppyfrost: hi guys

Beth (lilabitblf): hi!

Misty (ssbookclub): so Alcide explains that they have to go back b/c Russell invited them

Misty (ssbookclub): hi poppy

Carla (crazygem85): i see more and more of these holes after i go back and read em a 2nd or 3rd time

recordcozy: Hi poppy.

Misty (ssbookclub): so then he tells alcide to stay away from jerry for awhile

Misty (ssbookclub): I do too C

SarahFaith: I still ignore the holes for the most part unless they’re glaring.

Carla (crazygem85): Hi poppy!

recordcozy: They do become more obvious.

Beth (lilabitblf): i know.. but i still keep my suspention of disbelief with me

Misty (ssbookclub): and the packamster leaves

Misty (ssbookclub): and Eric is at the window

poppyfrost: hey, you are on to book 2 now, i havn’t been here for a while

poppyfrost: 3 i mean

Beth (lilabitblf): but there was a knock on the window

Beth (lilabitblf): yes weare in book 3… ch 7-8

poppyfrost: thanx

Misty (ssbookclub): and he asks if it was bubba in the closet

Beth (lilabitblf): LOL.. when they explained Bubba

Misty (ssbookclub): I hate that Bubba is not in the show

Beth (lilabitblf): i do too…

Misty (ssbookclub): i can imagine Alcide face when she exlains that one

recordcozy: I sort of do too.

Misty (ssbookclub): So Eric explains that bubba is missing

Beth (lilabitblf): i can too.. the stunned look…

Misty (ssbookclub): and he wants to know why they did not tell him about the blood offense

poppyfrost: they should give bubba a little cameo apperance in the show

poppyfrost: wouldn’t be too cheesy would it?

Beth (lilabitblf): well… there was alpha male posturing the night before and Sook was tired…

Misty (ssbookclub): yes and Eric would of gone after him and started a wat

Misty (ssbookclub): war

Misty (ssbookclub): I dont think so Poppy but Alan ball does

Beth (lilabitblf): yeah… he has said so alot

Misty (ssbookclub): I love that he acts like they are kids. Where is the body?

Misty (ssbookclub): and is surprised they took care of it so well

Beth (lilabitblf): he was proud of her resourcfulness

SarahFaith: Lol, I think he’s always surprised at how enterprising Sook can be.

recordcozy: That’s why he like her so much! πŸ˜€

Misty (ssbookclub): I think it is funny that Alcide is so worried about him being in another vamps territory

Beth (lilabitblf): exactly!

Misty (ssbookclub): or do you think he wants him away from sook

Beth (lilabitblf): she is different from the rest

Beth (lilabitblf): i think he wants him away from sook

Carla (crazygem85): i agree B

Beth (lilabitblf): esp since Sook and Alcide already mentioned that Eric wants inher pants… where alcide wants to be himself

Misty (ssbookclub): me too

Misty (ssbookclub): yep

Beth (lilabitblf): back to the male posturing the night before

Misty (ssbookclub): so he tell them he is going to the club in his disguise

Misty (ssbookclub): and to say he is a friend

Beth (lilabitblf): and sook teases him about his hair

Misty (ssbookclub): and sine the packmaster was there telling Alcide to avoid jerry they probably got away with it

Beth (lilabitblf): yeah…

poppyfrost from x.x.x.139 left the chat 2 seconds ago

Beth (lilabitblf): they did get away with it

Misty (ssbookclub): so he asks to talk to sook alone

Misty (ssbookclub): and then he tells her the bad news

Misty (ssbookclub): he cannot find Bill and he may be dead

Misty (ssbookclub): and her heart is broken again

Carla (crazygem85): my heart broke once more for sookie here

Misty (ssbookclub): I was mad at bill but I certainly dd not want him dead

Beth (lilabitblf): i wasnt happy with how he did it

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Carla (crazygem85): i kind of like that he just told her instead of trying to sugar coat things

Beth (lilabitblf): but then he comforts her.. telling her he was a brute… and it gets her into his arms

SarahFaith: Hmm, I had the opposite reaction B. I liked how he told her, I think it’s better to rip that bandaid off quickly.

Misty (ssbookclub): we could make up a drinking game with how many times i get kicked out

recordcozy: Eric can be a bit cold at times. Early on, anyway.

Beth (lilabitblf): LOL

SarahFaith: lol Misty,we’d all be hammered.

recordcozy: lol

Misty (ssbookclub): yes he can but there is no easy way to say that

Misty (ssbookclub): I am telling you. I would be drunk

Beth (lilabitblf): we all would be too…

Misty (ssbookclub): so he tells her she needs to get an invite to the mansion

Carla (crazygem85): lol @misty

Misty (ssbookclub): it is the only place left to search

Misty (ssbookclub): and he asks about the project

Beth (lilabitblf): and she gets defensive

Misty (ssbookclub): I would too if I was her

Misty (ssbookclub): I would think that was all he was after

Beth (lilabitblf): i think i would too

Carla (crazygem85): me too

Misty (ssbookclub): that and the sookie nookie

SarahFaith: me three

SarahFaith: lol

Beth (lilabitblf): which he admitted back at the begining of the book he wants both

Misty (ssbookclub): yes he did but that was not the time to bring it up

recordcozy: Always honest, that Eric.

recordcozy: Mostly.

Beth (lilabitblf): i think that is why i love him… he is honest.. just doesnt tell you everything

SarahFaith: That’s one of the reasons I love him, for sure.

Misty (ssbookclub): and it was not the time to go into the weirdness of Bill & Lorena’s relationship

Beth (lilabitblf): it wasnt… but it would have been a reminder to her that it happend

Misty (ssbookclub): yes but i really dont think she needed one

Beth (lilabitblf): and subtle mind game that he is there for her

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Misty (ssbookclub): son of a nutcracker!!!!!

Beth (lilabitblf): *downed a shot*

Misty (ssbookclub): lol shots all around

SarahFaith: lol B

Carla (crazygem85): lol

Misty (ssbookclub): so we end the chapter with a look of pity in Erics face

Beth (lilabitblf): yeah we do

Misty (ssbookclub): chat go quickly with only 5 people

Beth (lilabitblf): that it does

SarahFaith: Heh, true.

Misty (ssbookclub): so the best parts?

Carla (crazygem85): that it did.

SarahFaith: Anything with Eric. πŸ˜€

Beth (lilabitblf): and the chappys were short too

Misty (ssbookclub): mine is i like the hell of out you

Carla (crazygem85): i loved them playing scrabble, so damn cute

SarahFaith: I also enjoyed when they got the giggles about the green burrito.

Beth (lilabitblf): what sarah said

recordcozy: Anything with Eric, second that!

recordcozy: I like the scrabble too.

Misty (ssbookclub): and worse part?

Beth (lilabitblf): Erics concern over bubba

Beth (lilabitblf): wait…

Carla (crazygem85): and of course anything with eric was awesome

Beth (lilabitblf): that was for the best part

Misty (ssbookclub): we got it B

Misty (ssbookclub): LOL

Misty (ssbookclub): ok now the worse part

SarahFaith: Eric’s info about Bill was hard on Sook, didn’t like that but what are ya gonna do.

Beth (lilabitblf): worst part.. having to hide the body

Misty (ssbookclub): the dead were

recordcozy: Janice’s husband being a prick.

Carla (crazygem85): worse part was sook thinkin about gettin bill an xmas gift, so damn depressing

SarahFaith: And the douchebag brother in law.

Misty (ssbookclub): and janices hubs

Beth (lilabitblf): worst part… admitting you can only dream

Misty (ssbookclub): brain sharing again

SarahFaith: heh

Beth (lilabitblf): Janices hub i would like to forget about

recordcozy: πŸ™‚

Misty (ssbookclub): ok so I guess that is it for tonight

recordcozy: Good chat.

Misty (ssbookclub): next week chapters 9-10

Misty (ssbookclub): right?

Beth (lilabitblf): that is it.. and next week… will be interesting chappys

recordcozy: (I’ve read ahead. Bad. Club Dead’s my fave though.)

SarahFaith: Mmmm, Eric in bed.

Misty (ssbookclub) from x.x.x.130 joined the chat

Misty (ssbookclub): yes they will be

Beth (lilabitblf): bubba’s line

SarahFaith: lol

Misty (ssbookclub): lol B

Misty (ssbookclub): ok well then I am going to go to bed early then. I am damn tired!!

recordcozy: See you all next week!

SarahFaith: Sleep well! See ya’ll on Twitter! *waves*

Beth (lilabitblf): ok.. trying not to jump ahead of myself with chatting πŸ™‚

Beth (lilabitblf): night all!

SarahFaith from x.x.x.149 left the chat

Carla (crazygem85): good night misty

recordcozy from x.x.x.168 left the chat

Carla (crazygem85): night ladies

Misty (ssbookclub): night

Misty (ssbookclub): good night B

Beth (lilabitblf): gnight misty!


~ by B on December 27, 2009.

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