Weekly Chat #16 Ch 9 & 10 Club Dead 1/3/2010


Kris (LucysPet): wassup

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Misty(ssbookclub): hola

Rebecca(AphioRogue): made it today

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recordcozy (Alison): It wouldn’t let me join with my regular name for some reason.

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Misty(ssbookclub): yeah it gave me a weird log on screen too

Kris (LucysPet): how is everyone?

Kris (LucysPet): happy new year

Misty(ssbookclub): I am good. You?

Alisha_es: *waves to the room*

Misty(ssbookclub): Hapy new year to you too!

Kris (LucysPet): thanks boo!

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Carla (crazygem85): Hello loves!

recordcozy (Alison): Hi Carla.

Carla (crazygem85): Hey Alison!

Misty(ssbookclub): *wondering where Beth is*

Misty(ssbookclub): ok shall we begin?

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recordcozy (Alison): It’s probably the weird login.

b (lilabitblf: poof

Misty(ssbookclub): *wondering where the winning lottery ticket is*

recordcozy (Alison): Ha ha.

b (lilabitblf: lets see.. my machine deactivated cookie.. hence my delay

b (lilabitblf: nice try Misty πŸ™‚

Misty(ssbookclub): ok so for announcements

Misty(ssbookclub): LOL

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Misty(ssbookclub): please read the newsletter # 2

Misty(ssbookclub): it is on the blog site

Misty(ssbookclub): https://ssbookclub.wordpress.com/

Kris (LucysPet): and please email us your submissions for shitmybookclubsays

Misty(ssbookclub): any one can submit anything for the newsletter

Kris (LucysPet): reading that part makes me rofl every time

Misty(ssbookclub): or book reviews

Misty(ssbookclub): upcoming birthdays

Misty(ssbookclub): anything

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misty(ssbookclub): also if anyone else would like to host book chat let me know

misty(ssbookclub): it does not have to be me all the time

b (lilabitblf: ok

misty(ssbookclub): tomorrow I will post a poll to vote for when we have the jan party so be looking for that

misty(ssbookclub): anyone else have anything?

b (lilabitblf: I think you have covered it πŸ™‚

Rebecca(AphioRogue): #10 is gone *sobs* –

misty(ssbookclub): #10?

b (lilabitblf: yeah? #10?

Rebecca(AphioRogue): Doctor Who

Rebecca(AphioRogue): LOL she siad ANYTHING

misty(ssbookclub): never seen it

b (lilabitblf: LOL Rebecca πŸ™‚

misty(ssbookclub): ok so we begin with sook & alcide getting ready to go to club dead for the last tme

misty(ssbookclub): sook is feeling detached

misty(ssbookclub): and so she thinks of Arlene

b (lilabitblf: which struck me as an odd choice, but makes sense

Rebecca(AphioRogue): she thought of her as her best friend

recordcozy (Alison): Poor Sookie.

misty(ssbookclub): yeah I think of arlene when I think of garters too LOL

b (lilabitblf: and Arlene is a live in the moment kind of woman too…

Rebecca(AphioRogue): with friends like Arele …

recordcozy (Alison): That was pretty funny,

b (lilabitblf: *snorts* Arlene and garters

misty(ssbookclub): so she goes out to meet alcide and he gives her a gift

Rebecca(AphioRogue): LOL

Kris (LucysPet): he’s a sweetie πŸ™‚

Carla (crazygem85): such a gentleman here. so thoughtful

Rebecca(AphioRogue): aww

b (lilabitblf: i guess the point is to dress to enjoy yourself and you will exude the confidence for anything (back to the garters comments)

misty(ssbookclub): and she cries

Alisha_es: It was cute that he was nervous about it

b (lilabitblf: I love it when he does this…

misty(ssbookclub): which makes me so sad for her. No one ever gives her gifts

b (lilabitblf: and i agree Alisha

Carla (crazygem85): His nervousness showed his complete sincerity in giving her the gift

Rebecca(AphioRogue): poor alcide made her cry again – yup doesnt even cross someones mind to give her gifts

Alisha_es: exactly

b (lilabitblf: i know… it drove that pont home that she is isolated

misty(ssbookclub): and he felt that he owed it to her but she says now she owes him

b (lilabitblf: again.. Alicide is good

recordcozy (Alison): She never lets anyone do anything for her without feeling guilty or obligated.

misty(ssbookclub): she really doesnt

b (lilabitblf: that is a good point Alison…

Kris (LucysPet): Alcide’s mama taught him right

Rebecca(AphioRogue): because shes never had anyone do anything for her that doesnt come with strintgs attaached

misty(ssbookclub): yeah she did

Rebecca(AphioRogue): besides her gran

b (lilabitblf: and it is also a different locale for Sook that she is finally growing into her own a bit

misty(ssbookclub): i meant that for his momma

HeavenLeigh123: I think Sookie has also been brought up to always immediately return a kindness and to be proud and strong and able to do for herself.

recordcozy (Alison): Exactly. She needs that distance to grow a bit.

misty(ssbookclub): I agree with both of you

b (lilabitblf: gp Heaven

b (lilabitblf: and his gift was thoughtful too

Kris (LucysPet): very thoughtful…

Kris (LucysPet): there is no better kind of gift

Rebecca(AphioRogue): her brother, arlene, even sam all want somthing from her when they :do: somehting for her

recordcozy (Alison): Right.

b (lilabitblf: and it will keep her warm…

b (lilabitblf: right Rebecca

Kris (LucysPet): and it means so much more because it was the evil debbie that ruined her other one

misty(ssbookclub): so they go to the club hoping for a night where no one gets hurt

misty(ssbookclub): and it is a full moon

b (lilabitblf: ha! a bit of forshadowing with that line

misty(ssbookclub): so what could possibly go wrong?

misty(ssbookclub): the owner warns them ha he wants no trouble

b (lilabitblf: IS Mr Hob the owner or just the manager?

Alisha_es: Which annoyed me! It wasn’t their fault!

recordcozy (Alison): We don’t know. Well, Sookie doesn’t.

recordcozy (Alison): She thinks he probably is.

Alisha_es: They hinted he was the owner. At least that’s what I got out of it.

b (lilabitblf: I agree Alisha… but like everything else… who ever is in the minority in the situation tends to be resposible

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misty(ssbookclub): They said he was the owner didnt they

misty(ssbookclub): when she pondered him naming it

b (lilabitblf: or thought of as the resposible party for any trouble

b (lilabitblf: I dont think they did name the owner at this point… I have always assumed it was Russel

misty(ssbookclub): i will look into that later

misty(ssbookclub): so she sees her friend Tara when she gets to the kings table

b (lilabitblf: I can just hear the squeals πŸ™‚

misty(ssbookclub): ok on page 94 alcide says the vamp that owns it calls it jospehines

Rebecca(AphioRogue): I think Hob is just a bouncer I thought one of the weres owned it – whats her name… dang – shes in a later book too

Rebecca(AphioRogue): LOL or not

b (lilabitblf: Rebecca I think you are thinking of a different bar πŸ™‚

misty(ssbookclub): ok moving on to Tara

b (lilabitblf: Sook was thinking on her feet once she realized TARA was there

misty(ssbookclub): she rushed her into the bathroom and tells her not to sy anything about Bill

Kris (LucysPet): she almost asks about Bill – bet Sookie was happy right then that she is a telepath

misty(ssbookclub): or bon temps

b (lilabitblf: this was a good strong move on Sooks part to think on her feet..

Carla (crazygem85): us women are always going to the ladies room to freshen up, so it wasnt suspicious at all

misty(ssbookclub): yes it was! that was a close one too

b (lilabitblf: exactly C!

Rebecca(AphioRogue): CARLA!

misty(ssbookclub): I am surprised Tara did not pump for more details/

misty(ssbookclub): I would of

Kris (LucysPet): i think Tara is a smart cookie

Carla (crazygem85): Rebecca!! πŸ™‚

misty(ssbookclub): I am a nosy woman

Carla (crazygem85): I would have asked ?s too

b (lilabitblf: i dont know… or Tara is just used to secrets

Rebecca(AphioRogue): Tara still recovering perhaps?

misty(ssbookclub): or she is not all there

Kris (LucysPet): as am I but I don’t think I would be asking questions about vamp business

Kris (LucysPet): it just seems like a death wish

misty(ssbookclub): true Kris

misty(ssbookclub): but i would anyway LOL

b (lilabitblf: gp Kris.. esp in the middle of such an ilustrious gathering

misty(ssbookclub): so we meet Franklin Mott

Kris (LucysPet): ya – don’t ask don’t tell

Kris (LucysPet): Italian Stallion]

misty(ssbookclub): and sook pumps talbot for info about the bars spells

recordcozy (Alison): Ha ha. Nice, Kris.

misty(ssbookclub): and we find out that the supe is responsible for the human they bring

Kris (LucysPet): thanks RC lol

misty(ssbookclub): and has to kill any one that talks about fight club

misty(ssbookclub): I mean to bar

misty(ssbookclub): the bar

Alisha_es: LOL!

b (lilabitblf: Talbot.. looks cute and harmless… looks can be decieving

b (lilabitblf: *snorts*

misty(ssbookclub): yeah he is a bit too happy about the killing part

Rebecca(AphioRogue): has he been cast yet do we know??

misty(ssbookclub): I have not heard

b (lilabitblf: Talbot?

Alisha_es: I thought Talbot was cast…

Kris (LucysPet): lolzzz on the Fight Club (i’m slow today)

recordcozy (Alison): I thought he was too.

misty(ssbookclub): so if the supe does not kill the human bounty hunters are called in

Carla (crazygem85): He was cast. Click here http://true-blood.otavo.tv/theo-alexander-cast-as-talbot-on-season-3-of-true-blood

recordcozy (Alison): Ha ha. I just looked it up too.

Alisha_es: Darn. You beat me to it Carla. Good find!

misty(ssbookclub): and he starts to say something bout the were that grabbed her

Rebecca(AphioRogue): wow – that was fast – thanks!

b (lilabitblf: Book… Were… Questions…

misty(ssbookclub): and he calls sookie plucky and tara buts in

misty(ssbookclub): and then Tara and Sookie dance

Kris (LucysPet): oh wow he’s cute – nice eyes

b (lilabitblf: he does call her plucky cause the image she was presenting this night was different from the night before

Rebecca(AphioRogue): alicde is not happy with the dance

Carla (crazygem85): tara was great here in changing topics. its always nice to have a friend to back you up

Kris (LucysPet): this dance part I could have lived without

Alisha_es: Me too

b (lilabitblf: Tara.. was… tipsy?

misty(ssbookclub): alcide is pissed about the dance

Rebecca(AphioRogue): eh I think Tara was just trying to say – hey looky here at me

misty(ssbookclub): because we wants the sookie nookie

Carla (crazygem85): only b/c he wanted to get it on with her and couldnt

misty(ssbookclub): and knows he aint gonna get it

recordcozy (Alison): I love the Eric part after the dance though.

Alisha_es: Alcide was pissed. But Eric wasn’t…

recordcozy (Alison): It was worth it.

b (lilabitblf: the dance not needed… but another connection to Eric

misty(ssbookclub): his You sure arent looking for bill very hard” comment was way too harsh

Carla (crazygem85): it was very harsh, i prob would have slapped him

Alisha_es: Yeah, they hadn’t been there very long. It’s not like the night was almost over.

Kris (LucysPet): Alcide flipped ont he douche switch

b (lilabitblf: yes and as Sook thought… Alcide was going through his version of the time of the month

Kris (LucysPet): BUT the way the vamps stared him down was priceless

Alisha_es: Which made me giggle.

b (lilabitblf: this is why men cannt handle PMS

Carla (crazygem85): yes it was Kris

b (lilabitblf: agree Kris πŸ™‚

misty(ssbookclub): that us the truth B

Carla (crazygem85): so true B, lol!

misty(ssbookclub): so they pretend to make up and she sees Eric

misty(ssbookclub): and he did enjoy the dance

Rebecca(AphioRogue): yup they were all like – dude wahts wrong with you – your girl was just up there dancing sexy

misty(ssbookclub): because he too wants the Sookie Nookie

b (lilabitblf: for a cold man.. he sure gives off the heat

misty(ssbookclub): lol

Rebecca(AphioRogue): he is so hot

b (lilabitblf: and we see his master plan at work… sook is thinking fondly of him πŸ™‚

b (lilabitblf: and as Misty said.. it all leads to Sookie Nookie

recordcozy (Alison): He he. “Your girl was just up there dancing sexy.”

Rebecca(AphioRogue): see LOL

recordcozy (Alison): If vamps and weres were bros.

misty(ssbookclub): so she starts to listen to the peeps and she hears the crazy

b (lilabitblf: Crazy is an apt word

misty(ssbookclub): and there she is going right to the source

misty(ssbookclub): she was smart to not stop him right away

misty(ssbookclub): she would of totally given her self away

b (lilabitblf: this is where sook drove me nuts with indecision… on how to stop him though

Rebecca(AphioRogue): cause she cant stay away from the crazy ..

Alisha_es: so true.

Carla (crazygem85): very smart. it would have been a bigger disaster if she did

b (lilabitblf: it probably was the best split decision… but i am still torn…

Alisha_es: She wouldn’t have made it out alive if the other vamps found out.

misty(ssbookclub): so she screams as soon as he pulls out the stake

misty(ssbookclub): and I laugh that the were just move aside

b (lilabitblf: hey.. they think its not their fight

Kris (LucysPet): they know what to do lol – let the vamps take care of it

Alisha_es: I loved that mental picture. All the weres moving to the walls with the vamps ready for battle in the middle

Rebecca(AphioRogue): eh – whats it going to do to them – give them a nasty splinter?

b (lilabitblf: it also could be a cultural thing…

Rebecca(AphioRogue): just – oh its a stake – lets move – let the vamps hndle thier business

Kris (LucysPet): me too! except in my head it played out like a cartoon

b (lilabitblf: and why the vamps think so little of the Weres

Kris (LucysPet): and WHO does Sookie seeeeeeee?????

misty(ssbookclub): I think it was more like let them have their fun


Rebecca(AphioRogue): MR CRAZY HIMSELF

b (lilabitblf: the bugger

Kris (LucysPet): Misty or B – feel free to censor me when you post on blog πŸ™‚

Alisha_es: Well… and as soon as a were starts bleeding, the vamps may not be able to control themselves.

Carla (crazygem85): the douchebag is always causing trouble

b (lilabitblf: moi… sensor?

Alisha_es: I enjoy Steve Newlin so much.

Kris (LucysPet): On the show he was hilarious

recordcozy (Alison): Why are FotS dudes always so creepy.

misty(ssbookclub): so poor Sookie gets staked

b (lilabitblf: in the books no.. he is an utter crazy

Kris (LucysPet): on Twitter he is next-level hilarious

recordcozy (Alison): Like with creeper staches and stuff.

misty(ssbookclub): and it is a good thing Steve did not out Sookie

b (lilabitblf: Sook is a violence magnet

Kris (LucysPet): lmao RC

misty(ssbookclub): she is indeed

b (lilabitblf: did he recognise her?

misty(ssbookclub): yep

Carla (crazygem85): i feel horrible that she gets staked, but so very jealous that it gets her in bed with Eric

b (lilabitblf: i keep missing that…

recordcozy (Alison): He sort of ninjas out of there.

Kris (LucysPet): it’s the mother of all ironies

misty(ssbookclub): He does from dallas

b (lilabitblf: hmmm

misty(ssbookclub): here is my question

b (lilabitblf: hehe.. RC

misty(ssbookclub): if humans cannot find the bar themselves

misty(ssbookclub): how does Stevie know where and what it is?

recordcozy (Alison): That makes sense.

b (lilabitblf: excellent question!

Alisha_es: Oooooooo. Good question! Unless he followed a were or vamp?

misty(ssbookclub): And how in the hell did he get in if freaking Bubba cant

Rebecca(AphioRogue): I dont think he outed her because he was waiting to make a better move

Carla (crazygem85): good question misty

recordcozy (Alison): I never thought of that. More traitors?

Rebecca(AphioRogue): I think someone brought him there to create more chaos

recordcozy (Alison): Mr. Hob probably doesn’t take bribes.

Alisha_es: plot hole, I think. Unfortunately.

Kris (LucysPet): plot hole!

misty(ssbookclub): but the goblin is always at the door

b (lilabitblf: but who Rebecca?

Kris (LucysPet): I had never even thought of that Misty

Alisha_es: It’s never brought up again, is it?

Rebecca(AphioRogue): um – we find out in book 13? ;p

Alisha_es: lol

misty(ssbookclub): I dont think they ever answer that

b (lilabitblf: and Mr newlin did have a specially designed coat to hide a stake

misty(ssbookclub): I hate plot holes

Alisha_es: that’s why I’m thinking it’s a hole.

Rebecca(AphioRogue): Debbie Im a nut job pelt

b (lilabitblf: i am going with plot hole

Rebecca(AphioRogue): wanting to create more drama – wanted a feast for her engagment party? afterall if a brawl starts its chaos

b (lilabitblf: but Debbie isnt there that night…

misty(ssbookclub): and Tara Call the police

b (lilabitblf: which is a very human reaction

misty(ssbookclub): No i dont think even Debbie is that stupid

recordcozy (Alison): Yeah. Debbie’s elsewhere.

misty(ssbookclub): with her owl

Rebecca(AphioRogue): oh sorry got my nights mixed up – and Misty I think she is LOL shes a down right nutter

misty(ssbookclub): whooooing the night away

b (lilabitblf: hmmm

Rebecca(AphioRogue): does it say who hes there with at all?? (anyoen have book handy?)

b (lilabitblf: wait… unless it is an elaberate trap to out someone asa telepath?

misty(ssbookclub): he is just with the other fanatic

b (lilabitblf: there are fanatics that are Were and Vamp too…

recordcozy (Alison): The one who gets face punched. Skull crushed. Eaten.

Rebecca(AphioRogue): right –they bring him there knowing Bills gf is telepathic –

misty(ssbookclub): they are near betty joe but not iwith anyone

b (lilabitblf: though Godric is probably not a good example as a fanatic

Rebecca(AphioRogue): um – ew – sorry but I really hope we dont see anyone eaten by weres — ///

Kris (LucysPet): betty joe – ridiculous vamp name

misty(ssbookclub): that would be an elaborate plot since they were going to stake betty joe

Rebecca(AphioRogue): OR!! Betty Joe – its the beginning of the trying to overythough the thrown? if Betty Joe goes down they think that will leave the king more vunerable>

Kris (LucysPet): oh I had totally forgotten that it was a full mon that night!

Kris (LucysPet): moon*

b (lilabitblf: i was thinking hte same thing Rebecca

misty(ssbookclub): lol AR conspiracy theory much?

Rebecca(AphioRogue): nah not me πŸ˜‰

misty(ssbookclub): so she is staked, the shifters shift, other chase Stevie

misty(ssbookclub): and Sook tells tara to leave

misty(ssbookclub): and says the tall blond will take care of her

b (lilabitblf: our dark night Alcide… gone

b (lilabitblf: *knight

b (lilabitblf: the tall blond… love it

b (lilabitblf: Mr Mott is in total aggreement to leave quickly

misty(ssbookclub): yep alcide gone I was not happy with him

recordcozy (Alison): Me too! πŸ˜€

Rebecca(AphioRogue): yup – again shes deserted by who shes :with: and Eric is there

misty(ssbookclub): I see another plot hole ( i think) regarding mr mott but i will get to that later

Carla (crazygem85): got to love Leif

Rebecca(AphioRogue): nerdy eric

misty(ssbookclub): so Leif says he will help her and russell offers up his house

recordcozy (Alison): Leif is pretty epic.

Kris (LucysPet): LEIF

b (lilabitblf: i love how she repeats his name over and over… to remember

b (lilabitblf: Leif is such a good friend to take care of the new girlfriend… πŸ™‚

misty(ssbookclub): and Sookie realized that she has never been in the hospital until she met Bill

misty(ssbookclub): now she is beat up all the time

recordcozy (Alison): With his special talents… right.

Rebecca(AphioRogue): sexy nerds = love – thats gonna be nice to see …. yup – in and out of consciousnes

recordcozy (Alison): Take care of her with that is.

Kris (LucysPet): it’s not that she gets beat up – girlfriend got STAKED like WTF

Rebecca(AphioRogue): LOL wheres Balou with the commnets on that one

b (lilabitblf: that she is… violence magne,,,

b (lilabitblf: yes where is Balou…

b (lilabitblf: *magnet

misty(ssbookclub): Balou has been a terrible manwenche lately

Kris (LucysPet): she really is B

Rebecca(AphioRogue): tsk tsk

misty(ssbookclub): so they go to the Playboy mansion for gay vamps

Kris (LucysPet): LOL LOL LOLLLL

b (lilabitblf: i love that comparison

Rebecca(AphioRogue): Misty so glad I wasnt drinking my gingerale just then

Kris (LucysPet): that is EXACTLY what I called it

Carla (crazygem85): the perfect description

Kris (LucysPet): “the vampgirl mansion”

Rebecca(AphioRogue): cause I would have ruined my computer screen

misty(ssbookclub): lol sorry AR

b (lilabitblf: LOL

b (lilabitblf: wait what did she say??? Water water everywhere and nothing to drink

misty(ssbookclub) from x.x.x.130 joined the chat

Alisha_es: And Eric laughed!

misty(ssbookclub): because he gets her

Kris (LucysPet): the greatest phrase ever. Story of my life.

recordcozy (Alison): Because he gets her. AW.

recordcozy (Alison): I love that part.

Rebecca(AphioRogue): yup – its why hes so great – he understands her sense of humor

misty(ssbookclub): but he does not get Gone with the wind

b (lilabitblf: me too… Kris and RC πŸ™‚

Rebecca(AphioRogue): Ive never seen it either and Im no where NEAR as old as Eric ;p

b (lilabitblf: i know misty.. shocking but.. she did think he might have lived through it

misty(ssbookclub): so he tells her she is doped up and reminds her the russel is there

recordcozy (Alison): I haven’t seen it.

misty(ssbookclub): I have seen & read it

b (lilabitblf: ive read the book…

Alisha_es: I have only seen bits and pieces.

misty(ssbookclub): Long story for real!

Rebecca(AphioRogue): dont thinks Ive even done that (read it that is)

Kris (LucysPet): i’ve only seen the movie – Rhett Butler (THUD)

b (lilabitblf: yup… and the sequal… same length

misty(ssbookclub): so she sensed that Bill is there

b (lilabitblf: that she did… and almost slips when talking to Eric… er, Leif πŸ™‚

misty(ssbookclub): and we meet Ray Don and discover his special talent

misty(ssbookclub): so Ray gets to work on healing her

misty(ssbookclub): with some big kissing

b (lilabitblf: i have to admit.. Ray don… name makes me crack up

misty(ssbookclub): and Eric is so totally there for her when she is in pain

misty(ssbookclub): me too B

Carla (crazygem85): same here B

misty(ssbookclub): I was glad she gave in to Eric and floated away

recordcozy (Alison): He’s such a cutie, but still all vampy. It’s weird, but awesome. Eric’s like that.

b (lilabitblf: Eric at this moment… this is when i fell off the cliff.. and i see Sook starting too

Carla (crazygem85): Me too Misty. I fell even harder for Eric here

Kris (LucysPet): thta must have hurt like a motha

Kris (LucysPet): i shudder to think of it

b (lilabitblf: to give up total control to someone takes so much trust

b (lilabitblf: i am ignoring the pain and just looking into his eyes

misty(ssbookclub): me too Carla. This is when I really started to love eric

recordcozy (Alison): Right with you there, b.

b (lilabitblf: I LOVE WHAT HE SAID HERE!!!!!

Rebecca(AphioRogue): so she can be mesmered

misty(ssbookclub): and even more when she wakes up and he is in his silk boxers

b (lilabitblf: hell yes!

Rebecca(AphioRogue): that was supposed to have a question mark

Carla (crazygem85): I would die to wake up next to him.

Kris (LucysPet): the you can hold onto me part b?

misty(ssbookclub): I knew he wore silk boxers

b (lilabitblf: she thought he was a Jockey man

Carla (crazygem85): Like I said, feel terrible she got staked. But look at how its made up to her

b (lilabitblf: yes Kris…

Kris (LucysPet): i pegged him as a commando type

Rebecca(AphioRogue): silk boxers 0 mmmm

misty(ssbookclub): yes Carla

Kris (LucysPet): ME TOO B

Carla (crazygem85): me too Kris

misty(ssbookclub): me too everyone LOL

recordcozy (Alison): HA HA. I love all of these comments.

misty(ssbookclub): so the wound is better

misty(ssbookclub): and she thanks him

misty(ssbookclub): and he wants the sookie nookie

recordcozy (Alison): This part is so awkward, but still sexy. Love it.

Rebecca(AphioRogue): LOL MISTY -sorry just thinking yes she did

b (lilabitblf: and he in Eric fashion… asks how gratefull

misty(ssbookclub): and she says he wouldnt want it that way

Kris (LucysPet): “I dont care why you want to have sex as long as you do it”

b (lilabitblf: akward… for her… but so an eric response

misty(ssbookclub): and he says he wants it anyway

Carla (crazygem85): love that line Kris

Kris (LucysPet): LE THUD

misty(ssbookclub): I hate her sometimes

Kris (LucysPet): Le legs opening

Kris (LucysPet): for sure

misty(ssbookclub): I would of thanked him properly

b (lilabitblf: Le THUD part duexes

misty(ssbookclub): twice

Carla (crazygem85): i would have done whatever he wanted me too πŸ˜‰

Rebecca(AphioRogue): Eric in silk boxers in my bed — um – yes … please?

b (lilabitblf: yes…

misty(ssbookclub): so they get to kissing

b (lilabitblf: and we get some Eric and Sookie cirtus

b (lilabitblf: *citrus

misty(ssbookclub): and some exploring

Carla (crazygem85): The man knows what hes doing, that is for damn sure *sighs*

misty(ssbookclub): and sweet little Bubba pops in the window

b (lilabitblf: and Eric is very tallented… and big hands

Carla (crazygem85): Damn Bubba

misty(ssbookclub): and eric is not happy

Carla (crazygem85): Now thats some very bad timing

Kris (LucysPet): I love bubba

recordcozy (Alison): lmao thinking about this scene again. Charlaine Harris is a genius.

Rebecca(AphioRogue): not happy with bubbas timing

b (lilabitblf: dont damn Bubba… he is just followihng orders

misty(ssbookclub): So we learn that Bubba followed her, couldnt get into the club

b (lilabitblf: I know RC!!!

Carla (crazygem85): I know this B, but come on

misty(ssbookclub): but can get in and out of the compound

Alisha_es: You know, all this hinting and intrupting just makes it SO much better when they finally do get to the nookie.

misty(ssbookclub): I love Bubba and his why are you in bed with Eric?

b (lilabitblf: YES!!!!!!

b (lilabitblf: and this is why i will miss bubba in the show

Kris (LucysPet): “hi my name is Bubba”

misty(ssbookclub): I was ROFL at that one

Kris (LucysPet): me toooo

Carla (crazygem85): So true B. He plays a big part in so many scenes

Kris (LucysPet): I freaking love love love Bubba

misty(ssbookclub): so they tell Bubs to find Beel

misty(ssbookclub): me too B

Rebecca(AphioRogue): we need bubba this season

misty(ssbookclub): and Eric tells sook to take his blood

recordcozy (Alison): Exactly, Alisha. It’s just set up so well.

Alisha_es: I have to disagree. Having Bubba on the show woudl be bad. It would just look cheezy, I think.

b (lilabitblf: agree Alisha and RC πŸ™‚

misty(ssbookclub): and the black eye crap for 3 months was not too cheesy?

Alisha_es: true.

misty(ssbookclub): I would rather have bubba cheese than that

Rebecca(AphioRogue): I love bubba. –

misty(ssbookclub): shudders at the thought of naked Mike Spencer

Carla (crazygem85): lol misty

b (lilabitblf: stop

Rebecca(AphioRogue): yeah much rather see elvis anyday

recordcozy (Alison): I think it’s too late for Bubba.

Alisha_es: lol. I woudln’t have called the black eye stuff cheezy. More like crappy.

b (lilabitblf: dont bring up naked mike spencer… delete from your mind

Kris (LucysPet): more like bo-ring

Alisha_es: *shudder*

misty(ssbookclub) from x.x.x.130 joined the chat

recordcozy (Alison): If he was where he should have been in S1, it would work, but not now.

Rebecca(AphioRogue): STOP Please stop ….

Carla (crazygem85): agree with that RC

misty(ssbookclub): that is true he should of been there from the beginning

misty(ssbookclub): so E tells Sookie to take the blanket. and he will get a car

b (lilabitblf: i know.. but we can lamment on lack of Bubba in the show later…

misty(ssbookclub): she gets ready to take his blood and see right up the leg hole

b (lilabitblf: which i cannt see how she was able too

Carla (crazygem85): hello GP

Rebecca(AphioRogue): lol sorry just love this scene so much and cant imagine it w/out him…

misty(ssbookclub): and I had to stop and fan myself at this point

b (lilabitblf: i was glad she did… her modesty and his laugh

Kris (LucysPet): have I told you I love Eric?

Rebecca(AphioRogue): boxers if they have a wide enough leg … um… yeah

recordcozy (Alison): Hahahaha Carla.

Kris (LucysPet): because I do

b (lilabitblf: i kow that about boxers

b (lilabitblf: but i thought they were laying down side by side…

misty(ssbookclub): she is worried about the blood bond but knows she has too do it

Rebecca(AphioRogue): she graps the blanket and he adjusts position to give her blood right?

Rebecca(AphioRogue): err grabs

recordcozy (Alison): She scooted down so they’re sitting with her in front of him.

recordcozy (Alison): Like back to him, inside his legs.

recordcozy (Alison): Which sounds weird, but you get it.

Kris (LucysPet): I was liking all the detail…it gave me mental pictuers

b (lilabitblf: ok.. i keep missing that point that she scooted down

Carla (crazygem85): i love mental pictures πŸ˜‰

misty(ssbookclub): so they have the blood exchange

Rebecca(AphioRogue): such a nice picture

b (lilabitblf: she does need it.. she will need all the strength she can get

misty(ssbookclub): and Eric really enjoys it

misty(ssbookclub): and she does too even if she wont admit it

b (lilabitblf: hell this exchange is down right erotic from the EPOV

Carla (crazygem85): she knows she does too

Carla (crazygem85): shoot, i enjoyed it. Majorly

misty(ssbookclub): I LOL at adults dont have sex just b/c the person is skilled and pretty

b (lilabitblf: she does know it…

b (lilabitblf: me too

misty(ssbookclub): boy is she wrong about that one

Alisha_es: lol

Rebecca(AphioRogue): *Snicker* memeber shes had 1 partner … sooooo

Kris (LucysPet): truth? i LMFAO when he..uh…finished on her back

Carla (crazygem85): agreed Misty

misty(ssbookclub): me too Kris

b (lilabitblf: grandmother’s upbringing πŸ™‚

misty(ssbookclub): so she hops up to go to the bahroom

b (lilabitblf: same here brain

Carla (crazygem85): no lie Kris. I cracked up

misty(ssbookclub): and curly comes in

Kris (LucysPet): it was classic

b (lilabitblf: she jumps like lightning

Rebecca(AphioRogue): no even grandma aws telling her to go out there and have fun

misty(ssbookclub): with clothes

Kris (LucysPet): and so very human

recordcozy (Alison): Sookie has all the politeness and Eric has none. It works.

misty(ssbookclub): and eyes for Leif

b (lilabitblf: Balance, RC?

Carla (crazygem85): everyone has eyes for Leif

misty(ssbookclub): Share my coffin?

b (lilabitblf: well it is the Gay Playboy(girl) mansion

misty(ssbookclub): I can see balou using that line

misty(ssbookclub): so she showers

Kris (LucysPet): where is he? *stomps feet*

misty(ssbookclub): andd bubba is back when she gets back

recordcozy (Alison): Yes, balance. Ha ha.

b (lilabitblf: and eric is dressed

misty(ssbookclub): he promised me he would be here tonight

Carla (crazygem85): eric is dressed *sad face*

misty(ssbookclub): Bubba founf Bill with 2 men & a woman

misty(ssbookclub): who has been using a knife on him

b (lilabitblf: yeah… i do feel bad about this.. tourture is not cool

Rebecca(AphioRogue): balou is being naughty – good bubba….

Kris (LucysPet): Bubba “scoped out the territory” – again, LMFAO

misty(ssbookclub): i felt so bad for Bill no one should be tortured

recordcozy (Alison): Bubba’s so cute.

b (lilabitblf: hehe

misty(ssbookclub): except maybe Debbie

b (lilabitblf: I know misty

Carla (crazygem85): im a ok with debbie being tortured

Rebecca(AphioRogue): hate her

misty(ssbookclub): so the weres are gaurding him but since it is a full moon hey will be pooped

Kris (LucysPet): I think that CH put that in the make Lorena HORRIBLE to the reader

b (lilabitblf: even when blitzed out of her mind she thought of that

misty(ssbookclub): and Sook decided not to involve Alcide

misty(ssbookclub): I agree Kris

Kris (LucysPet): bc she was (is) his lover and there is nothing that is more horrific than the torture of the person you claim to love

Alisha_es: At least the torture didn’t seem to leave any long lasting… issues… for Bill. That would have made it even worse for me.

Carla (crazygem85): It worked Kris

misty(ssbookclub): I lol at Eric saying it is the worst plan ever

Rebecca(AphioRogue): yup –

Carla (crazygem85): i laughed too, but hes right. It does sound like the worst plan ever

misty(ssbookclub): it does

b (lilabitblf: well he couldnt come up with a better one

Kris (LucysPet): one of the reasons I love Eric – no verbal filter

misty(ssbookclub): and he remindsher not to get carried away

Rebecca(AphioRogue): hes honest

misty(ssbookclub): so sweet of him

b (lilabitblf: he can totally feel her emotions right now

misty(ssbookclub): I am surprised that she is so surprised at the difference in their blood

b (lilabitblf: i dont know about sweet.. if she gets caried away and dies… no sookie nookie

Kris (LucysPet): i also LOL at her description of how she felt

recordcozy (Alison): She’s put Bill up on a pedestal, I guess. Now she’s like whoa… there are other vampire dudes.

Kris (LucysPet): “my hair was floating around my head like an electric halo”

b (lilabitblf: thereare other vamp dudes.. and she did show the interest in Alcide…

Carla (crazygem85): i think we all hold our 1st loves up on a pedestal.

Carla (crazygem85): at least at first anyways

b (lilabitblf: true Carla

recordcozy (Alison): gp Carla.

misty(ssbookclub): so curly comes back and tells E that Russell wants her gone

b (lilabitblf: Curly was so tactfull though

Alisha_es: I enojy Curly

misty(ssbookclub): so Eric goes and gets her a car

misty(ssbookclub): but has to shack up with Curly

b (lilabitblf: without a papertrail πŸ™‚

misty(ssbookclub): and his line before he leaves

misty(ssbookclub): I dont like having feelings

misty(ssbookclub): love it

Carla (crazygem85): *sighs*

b (lilabitblf: le sigh

Carla (crazygem85): love that man

Alisha_es: It didn’t seem to really bother Eric. He just didn’t want to be found there the next night.

recordcozy (Alison): Oh, Eric.

Kris (LucysPet): i echo B

Kris (LucysPet): le sigh

misty(ssbookclub): so that line was my best of. Yours?

Alisha_es: Eric giving Sookie his blood. All manner of hottness.

Carla (crazygem85): That was def my fave line of the 2 chaps

recordcozy (Alison): I love the LEIF.

b (lilabitblf: my best Eric line is the You can hold on to me as long as you want

Kris (LucysPet): nerdy eric rocked my socks

misty(ssbookclub): and the worst?

b (lilabitblf: Alcide leaving her

recordcozy (Alison): Oh man. I hope they put nerdy glasses on The Skars. A lot.

b (lilabitblf: RC… can we handle it? πŸ™‚

recordcozy (Alison): Alcide being a douche after the dance.

Carla (crazygem85): yes RC

recordcozy (Alison): I don’t think we can b, but that’s okay.

Alisha_es: “Not looking for your boyfriend too hard, are you?”

b (lilabitblf: that is an Aclide with out PMS meds

misty(ssbookclub): yes that was the worst for me too! I wanted to slap him

Carla (crazygem85): i agree with you Alisha on the worst. He pissed me off majorly there

Kris (LucysPet): i’m gonna say the staking was the worst

Kris (LucysPet): i swear i felt it as i was reading it

misty(ssbookclub): ok i guess that is all for tonight. Remember send me stuff for the newsletter

recordcozy (Alison): That was hard to read.

b (lilabitblf: staking is a worse.. a very very bad thing to happen

misty(ssbookclub): and is you want to be the moderator for chat DM me.

misty(ssbookclub): LOL is you. I mean if you

b (lilabitblf: her reaction to it(once drigged) its funny that the human got staked in the rooom of vamps

Kris (LucysPet): mm hmm misty gurrrl we get whatchu mean

b (lilabitblf: drugged.. not drigged

Kris (LucysPet): *hair flip*

recordcozy (Alison): Typos all around.

recordcozy (Alison): Ha ha.

Kris (LucysPet): hooray!!

misty(ssbookclub): lol

b (lilabitblf: its catching.. πŸ™‚

misty(ssbookclub): ok then that is all I have. I am super sleepy so I am off to bed

recordcozy (Alison): I just had some too. It’s late. For me. Ha.

Carla (crazygem85): good night misty!

misty(ssbookclub): good night

b (lilabitblf: ok.. good night Misty and RC!

Alisha_es: Good night ladies!

recordcozy (Alison): Good night everybody.

Kris (LucysPet): good night all

b (lilabitblf: actually good night al! see you all in twitter πŸ™‚

recordcozy (Alison) from x.x.x.168 left the chat

Carla (crazygem85): good night everyone. see you on the other side πŸ˜‰

misty(ssbookclub) from x.x.x.130 left the chat 3 seconds ago

Rebecca(AphioRogue): yeah for AS in nerdy glasses up with sexy nerds πŸ˜‰

Rebecca(AphioRogue): gues everyone left while I was dealing iwth teacps – night all


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