Weekly Chat #17 Ch 11 & 12 Club Dead 1/10/10

recordcozy (Alison): Ugh. I got that funny message again.

recordcozy (Alison): Just me?

Alisha_es: I got in okay

Eric of Area 5 from x.x.x.165 joined the chat 4 seconds ago

Beth (lilabitblf): hey!

Eric of Area 5: Greetings pets

recordcozy (Alison): I’ll have to check it out then. Hm.

Beth (lilabitblf): i was able to login but i logged in under my chatzy account

Alisha_es: Hello Eric

recordcozy (Alison): Hi!

Beth (lilabitblf): Hello eric!

Eric of Area 5: Ah my beauties are here *wink*

recordcozy (Alison): How do you log in under your chatzy account? Because that’s what mine says, that someone’s already using my name.

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recordcozy (Alison): Or something like that.

jaithefae: hello my dears

Eric of Area 5: Has your new year been prosperous thus far?

Amanda (MCC18): Hello everyone

Beth (lilabitblf): So far its been a busy year… and its only 10 days old

Beth (lilabitblf): Hey Amanda

recordcozy (Alison): Hi Amanda.

Alisha_es: Well, my employer told us we were getting raises this year (unlike last.) So yes! So far so good.

Beth (lilabitblf): And Hi RC, Alisha, Jai πŸ™‚

recordcozy (Alison): πŸ™‚

jaithefae: new year has been busy not sure about properous. Tho I did write 1000 words or so today

Amanda (MCC18): I could so use a raise, lol

Beth (lilabitblf): dont we all… and heat.. cold freeze in NA is not to my liking

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Eric of Area 5: Welcome Carla

recordcozy (Alison): Yeah. It’s cold here in PA as well.

Carla (crazygem85): Hey guys!! Got distracted, sorry.

Alisha_es: Heat would be very nice

Carla (crazygem85): Thanks Eric πŸ™‚

Beth (lilabitblf): Si…

recordcozy (Alison): Hey Carla.

jaithefae: hi Carla (and anyone else Ive not said hello to)

Beth (lilabitblf): it is now a little after 9 are we ready to get started?

recordcozy (Alison): Sure

Amanda (MCC18): No Misty tonight?

Beth (lilabitblf): Misty is not feeling well this evening so I will be your lady in red for tonight.. she will try to drop in if she feels a little better

recordcozy (Alison): Aw. Poor Misty.

Amanda (MCC18): Since I’m sure she’ll read this later…Hope you feel better soon Misty! x

Beth (lilabitblf): For anouncements… a reminder about the newsletter πŸ™‚

jaithefae: stink about misty she needs some ubermegahealinghuggles again

Beth (lilabitblf): If you have a book review or something that would be grea for the shitmybookclubsays section please let us know

Beth (lilabitblf): the us would be either Misty, Carla, Kris, or myself πŸ™‚

Beth (lilabitblf): Shall we begin?

Carla (crazygem85): lets

recordcozy (Alison): Yep.

Beth (lilabitblf): Our chapters start with Sookie sneaking out of the mansion.. with some larceny πŸ™‚

jaithefae: Iyep

recordcozy (Alison): It’s cute how she feels guilty for taking the jacket and blanket. Like vampires ever want for anything, right?

recordcozy (Alison): Not like they’d miss it.

Beth (lilabitblf): Curly had lent her some clothes…and slippers!

Alisha_es: But thankfully she gets over it!

Beth (lilabitblf): it was needed.. i for one was gret full she had slippers and not needing to walk arouind inher heels

Eric of Area 5: There are always things we…want

Carla (crazygem85): I’m sure a jacket is not one of those things

Alisha_es: Yep, better then nothing.

jaithefae: sometimes she can almost be too sweet for her own good

Beth (lilabitblf): she is not only carry those items and her personal stuff.. but the stake also…. must have a weapon just incase

recordcozy (Alison): Ha ha. Sure. Maybe wanting that.

Carla (crazygem85): good thinking on her part getting that stake out of the trash

Amanda (MCC18): that’s part of Sook’s charm…sweet and naive…yet she can hold her own for the most part.

Alisha_es: I am surprised she took the stake though. I wouldn’t have wanted to even look at it again.

Eric of Area 5: she is an enigma of sorts

recordcozy (Alison): When she’s all pissed off and defensive. Yes. Sookie gets it done.

Alisha_es: Yes she does

Beth (lilabitblf): I like the idea of the stake… she was going into a dangerous situation…

Amanda (MCC18): But when surrounded with vamps and such that she’s not familiar with I’d think grabbing that stake was well done on her part.

Beth (lilabitblf): Sook starts making her way through the compound.. with Bubba’s directions πŸ™‚

recordcozy (Alison): I don’t know that I’d expect any vamps to be walking around if I were her.

Beth (lilabitblf): and makes her way to the garage… she calls it a “magic time”

recordcozy (Alison): Even Eric had a hard time when he had to move around (later) and Lorena’s not even as old as him.

recordcozy (Alison): I almost want to call plot hole on that one.

Amanda (MCC18): If you think about it though…she’s seen a lot of weird shit in the last few months…she’s probably thinking ANYTHING is possible at this point.

Beth (lilabitblf): a time when the most vamps should be sleeping… and the were’s tired from the full moon

recordcozy (Alison): Definitely cautious, but almost unreasonable, when I think about it more.

Beth (lilabitblf): the stake?

Amanda (MCC18): But a stake will still pierce human flesh too…so it’s still a weapon of sorts no matter who the attacker it.

Amanda (MCC18): is*

recordcozy (Alison): Like, Lorena can fight, even though she’s not that old. During the day.

Beth (lilabitblf): and she had proof that thing can cause damage

Alisha_es: A stake wouldn’t be the best weapon against a were though. And she was much more likely to come against a were. But it was the only thing available. It’s not like she could go grab a knife or bat or something.

recordcozy (Alison): I guess I buy the stake.

Amanda (MCC18): It’s better than nothing at all lol

Alisha_es: I do too, but it could have turned out very badly.

Beth (lilabitblf): so we are finding a little more plot holes…

Beth (lilabitblf): right Amanda

recordcozy (Alison): That’s a gp Alisha. There’s other things in a house, I dunno. It’s knitpicking, I guess.

recordcozy (Alison): Ha ha.

Beth (lilabitblf): and right Alisha

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Beth (lilabitblf): so Sookie finds the garage and the car the Eric got for her

AphioRogue from x.x.x.15 changed name to Rebecca (AphioRogue) 2 seconds ago

Rebecca (AphioRogue): finally

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Beth (lilabitblf): and after stowing her stuff in it and prepping the trunk .. she goes to find Bill…

Eric of Area 5: *sitting back and listening*

Beth (lilabitblf): now up to this point she had mixed emotions about everything…

recordcozy (Alison): Eric knows all the best people, right? Ha ha.

Eric of Area 5: I make it a point to do so RC

recordcozy (Alison): Handy. πŸ™‚

Beth (lilabitblf): yeah.. a car that didnt need a paper trail πŸ™‚

Beth (lilabitblf): But Eric made sure there was some True blood in teh trunk … excellent idea

Amanda (MCC18): I’ve come to the conclusion that I need an Eric in my life…and not just for the obvious reasons *wink*

Alisha_es: Yes, very good thinking.

Eric of Area 5: I did not want Sookie to become a meal…again

recordcozy (Alison): Not by Bill, anyhow.

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Rebecca (AphioRogue): I definetly need an Eric

Eric of Area 5: Exactly, RC

recordcozy (Alison): Don’t we all, Amanda…

dryaslereth: I AM IN!!! WOOOO HOOOOO!!!

Beth (lilabitblf): so Sook goes into the Garage and finds bill and he has been tortured…

Carla (crazygem85): Agreed Amanda!

Carla (crazygem85): Hey you!!

recordcozy (Alison): Hi dry!

Beth (lilabitblf): i agree as well *sigh*

dryaslereth: I totally agree Amanda

dryaslereth: Hey, love muffin

dryaslereth: Hi Alison!

Eric of Area 5: Good evening dry *wink*

jaithefae: must be so hard to see someone you care for tortured even if you are having “issues” with them

Alisha_es: The whole description of the room was very vivid for me. CH did a good job with it.

dryaslereth: Good evening Eric*Smiles back*

Beth (lilabitblf): and by trortured… we mean cut, burned, starved… and under alot of silver chain

recordcozy (Alison): That part was gross. Yeah. Crusty things. Nasty.

Carla (crazygem85): I agree jai! Its got to bring up some very mixed emotions

Beth (lilabitblf): me to Alisha.. painfull to a point

Beth (lilabitblf): same here Jai

Amanda (MCC18): Agreed Alisha

recordcozy (Alison): It seems that Sookie is always having mixed emotions about Bill. I guess that goes back to the constant hospitalizations etc etc since she met him and all that.

Beth (lilabitblf): the ton of silver chain causes trouble since its alot and it makes noise too…

Beth (lilabitblf): that is true RC… it is an up and down relationship for sure…

jaithefae: lol Alison, constant hospitilisations will do that to a girl

dryaslereth: Well, that and the fact that hes so secretive with her

Carla (crazygem85): so true RC

Beth (lilabitblf): gp AJ

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dryaslereth: I’d definately have a problem with the secrets. Could handle anything but that

Beth (lilabitblf): So while Sook is working on untieing Bill as quietly as possible… so not to wake the sleeping Were’s in next room

dryaslereth: Hey, Mel!

Mel (TrueFanatic): Hi all, sorry I’m late.

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recordcozy (Alison): Hi Mel.

Rebecca (AphioRogue) from x.x.x.15 joined the chat

Beth (lilabitblf): Welcome all!

Alisha_es: Hi Mel

Amanda (MCC18): *waves*

Carla (crazygem85): Hey Mel!

jaithefae: Hi Mel

Beth (lilabitblf): yeah AJ.. i am not big on secrets either

Carla (crazygem85): Me too AJ. Secrets do not work for me in a relationship

Rebecca (AphioRogue): cant stand them either

Alisha_es: Vampires do like their secrets…..

dryaslereth: But shes such a good girl to help him even though hes that way with her.

Amanda (MCC18): Even Eric has secrets though…..*coughs*

Mel (TrueFanatic): She still loves him even though he’s lied to her

Carla (crazygem85): It just shows her loyalty to those in her life

recordcozy (Alison): But Eric’s not such a… Bill… about it.

Beth (lilabitblf): yes.. her mixed emotions in this chap got simplified that she needs to Help and save Bill

dryaslereth: Well, yes Eric does. But he seems very open about other things. A lot of things in fact

Eric of Area 5: I do not see the need to reveal everything Amanda

Amanda (MCC18): lmao @ “such a …Bill” Well said!

Beth (lilabitblf): secrets get caught out in the end

Carla (crazygem85): lol @ RC

Mel (TrueFanatic): LOL “Such a …Bill” I’ll use that from now on

recordcozy (Alison): Hello, No-Name-Calling Rule…

Amanda (MCC18): Nor do I Eric. Just reminding folks that Bill isn’t the only one with secrets πŸ˜‰

Beth (lilabitblf): so while untying Bill… in walks Lorena…

recordcozy (Alison): It’s okay to play Devil’s Advocate. Ha ha. Someone has too keep us balanced.

dryaslereth: OHHHH, I’ve missedyou Beth, LOL!!!

Beth (lilabitblf): I will be honest my notes say IN WALKS THE BITCH.. with dried blood on her hands

Amanda (MCC18): lol B

Carla (crazygem85): LOL @ B

Alisha_es: lol!

recordcozy (Alison): Am I the only one who kind of wished they made Lorena blonde in the show, like the book?

jaithefae: I imagined her as dark in the books cause I came to the books after the tv

recordcozy (Alison): I liked that because it showed that Bill sort of had a type.

Amanda (MCC18): I’m not overly fond of the show Lorena. She just didn’t seem right to me.

Beth (lilabitblf): that would have been cool RC..

dryaslereth: I agree with that Amanda

Beth (lilabitblf): ehh.. minor character for me…

Amanda (MCC18): God forbid AB keep things the same as the book…. /sarcasm

Carla (crazygem85): RC, There are a lot of things I wished they did like in the book

Mel (TrueFanatic): I think in the book Bill liked Lorena in the show it was contrast.

Alisha_es: I saw show Lorena first so I prefer her that way.

Beth (lilabitblf): Oh geez here we go again πŸ™‚

dryaslereth: lol

recordcozy (Alison): Exactly, Carla. I feel like that about a lot. What are you going to do? Oh, well.

Beth (lilabitblf): ANYWAY

Mel (TrueFanatic): Well we book fans aren’t important, right

Carla (crazygem85): Nothing we can do, but sit back and enjoy the show

Alisha_es: Indeed, Carla.

Amanda (MCC18): lol Mel

Beth (lilabitblf): Lorena attachs Sookie…

recordcozy (Alison): He seems to hate that, Amanda. Indeed. He he.

Beth (lilabitblf): Sookie has the stake in her hands…

dryaslereth: And, oh how Eric kinda steals the show…..

Beth (lilabitblf): 1 1 = ……

Eric of Area 5: *raising a brow*

Beth (lilabitblf): 1 1=…….

recordcozy (Alison): The fight was so quick.

Carla (crazygem85): indeed he does AJ

dryaslereth: Sookie Kills her bitch ass….

Beth (lilabitblf): the plus sign is not working for me

recordcozy (Alison): I love that line. Oh, Sookie.

Amanda (MCC18): is that code for something? 1 1 = ….

Beth (lilabitblf): ding ding ding!!!

Beth (lilabitblf): I was trying for a 1 plus 1 equeals

Eric of Area 5: A shame I couldn’t see her kill Lorena

Beth (lilabitblf): damn plus sign wasnt agreeing with me

Amanda (MCC18): ah

Beth (lilabitblf): Eric, you needed your rest…

Carla (crazygem85): You would have enjoyed that Im sure Eric

recordcozy (Alison): I was going to say Eric would have brought the nachos to that one, but he doesn’t eat. Tru Bloods, then? Ha ha.

Amanda (MCC18): It was a lovely moment Eric. I think I may have kinda cheered a wee bit.

Mel (TrueFanatic): I cheered a lot. Eric, you would have loved seeing it.

Alisha_es: It wasn’t that good of a fight scene though. Although a longer fight between the two wouldn’t have been realistic, I guess.

Beth (lilabitblf): I think we all did.. cause torture is not a nice form of persusion

Carla (crazygem85): I think we all would have cheered!

Eric of Area 5: Indeed I would have

recordcozy (Alison): Eric was with Curly at this point, right? When does he leave there? I forget.

Beth (lilabitblf): the fight scene was a matter of luck…

Eric of Area 5: the snack could be had after the fight *sly grin*

Beth (lilabitblf): we never know RC.. when Eric leaves

dryaslereth: *smirks at Eric*

Mel (TrueFanatic): Eric got a hickey from Curly…

Carla (crazygem85): lol @ Eric

Eric of Area 5: I had to stay long enough so as not to arouse suspicion

Eric of Area 5: The things I do for Sookie

dryaslereth: Thats right!!! LOLOLOLOL!!!

Mel (TrueFanatic): LOL Eric

Beth (lilabitblf): yes… you do look out for our girl

Carla (crazygem85): LMAO @ Eric

recordcozy (Alison): Ha ha. He was cute as a bunny, though!

Alisha_es: LOL Eric

Beth (lilabitblf): Curly? … RC

jaithefae: LOL Eric

Eric of Area 5: I do what is necessary my dears

dryaslereth: Bernard, right?

recordcozy (Alison): Yeah. Doesn’t Sookie say that at the club? Cute as a bunny.

Alisha_es: It was a sacrifice for you, I’m sure.

Beth (lilabitblf): Bernard and Curly are the same

Mel (TrueFanatic): No man has ever sucked another mans neck for me 😦

dryaslereth: right

Beth (lilabitblf): RC.. I thought she was talking about Talbott at the club

Alisha_es: LOL, Mel!

Beth (lilabitblf): *snorts* … same here Mel

Amanda (MCC18): Mel, lol.

Carla (crazygem85): me neither Mel *sobs*

Amanda (MCC18): Quite honestly, I think I could pass on that….I’d much prefer him to suck on my neck.

recordcozy (Alison): I forget. Sookie looks at a lot of dudes in this book.

Carla (crazygem85): so very true amanda *sighs*

dryaslereth: I agree with Amanda

Beth (lilabitblf): onwards…

Mel (TrueFanatic): You’re right Amanda.

Beth (lilabitblf): So Lorena is dead… and now we have another dead body to hide πŸ™‚

dryaslereth: Yeah!!!

Amanda (MCC18): Ding dong the witch is dead!

Beth (lilabitblf): but first… Sook decides to get Bill in the trunk… then take care of hiding the body

dryaslereth: The wicked witch, the wicked witch!!!

Beth (lilabitblf): I thought that too Amanda πŸ™‚

jaithefae: Lol Amanda

Beth (lilabitblf): hell i think charlaine thought it too… i think she said something similar in this section

Beth (lilabitblf): with Bill safely in the trunk… covered by the blanket πŸ™‚

Beth (lilabitblf): Sook now has the hide the body…

Beth (lilabitblf): now how would any of you taken care of this?

Alisha_es: It was a VERY good idea to use the pool.

Carla (crazygem85): im an expert at hiding bodies, so…j/k. no clue, but the pool was smart thinking

Beth (lilabitblf): I thought so too…

recordcozy (Alison): This makes me wonder how exactly the vamps die. Like doesn’t she describe them as sort of ashy?

jaithefae: well if Lorena would meet the sun like Godric I would have just thrown her out into the daylight

recordcozy (Alison): There’s blood too though.

Beth (lilabitblf): but on this morning.. there was no direct sunlight… it was actually raining a bit

jaithefae: oh true

jaithefae: nm *blush*

recordcozy (Alison): Sookie’s still able to carry her a bit, but she’s somewhat wilting or something… right?

Alisha_es: I probably would have thrown her in one of the other cars, if it was open.

Beth (lilabitblf): no blushing jai… the sunlight would have been my idea too

Alisha_es: But thank goodness for the pool.

Mel (TrueFanatic): Yea, would have left the Bitch to rot in the sun if I could

dryaslereth: shes ashing apart

Beth (lilabitblf): yup RC… she is tired but still has the added benefits of Erics blood in her

Beth (lilabitblf): thanks AJ

recordcozy (Alison): Okay. I always wonder if I’m picturing that part correctly.

dryaslereth: yup yup

Beth (lilabitblf): our Sook.. carries (quietly) the body to the pool πŸ™‚

Rebecca (AphioRogue): blech

Amanda (MCC18): I thought the rain didn’t matter. It was the fact that the sun had risen that a vamp would “die” if out in the daylight?

Eric of Area 5: *sly smile at the mention of Sookie having my blood in her*

Beth (lilabitblf): and lifts the pool cover single handedly… and hides the body and silver chain

Beth (lilabitblf): i dont know amanda.. but at dawn.. and rain covering… ive read in other books.. you have a little more time too

Alisha_es: Amanda, my guess is that it would have just taken a little longer. Filtered light, kind of thing.

Rebecca (AphioRogue): could have been tired from her fun of keeping Bill awake and what not

Alisha_es: Cause Sookie still had to cover Bill with the blanket

Mel (TrueFanatic): I think she was trying to hid Lorena’s body so she picked the pool. probably a good choice.

Rebecca (AphioRogue): could have had an effect on her if she was staying awake to stay/see in the torture too

Beth (lilabitblf): and the pool is a good choice since no one would use it for a couple of months.. atleast

recordcozy (Alison): I agree with Amanda here, I think that Lorena was way too mobile, even with the conditions.

recordcozy (Alison): But they were indoors for the fight anyhow, so I dunno if that makes a difference.

Beth (lilabitblf): I agree RC… though i went with the suspention of disbelief for this part

Amanda (MCC18): This is the problem with reading too many vamp books. Authors can make up their own rules and I can’t keep them all straight.

Beth (lilabitblf): gp Amanda…

Carla (crazygem85): so true Amanda. You get them all mixed up

Amanda (MCC18): I need a cheat sheet ffs

Alisha_es: lol!

Beth (lilabitblf): onward… after clean up detail Sook gets in the car and makes her way to the gate to leave

Mel (TrueFanatic): Bill dead in the trunk

recordcozy (Alison): One of those cheat sheets exists, I think. I forget where I saw it.

Mel (TrueFanatic): Great title for next book

Carla (crazygem85): lol @ Mel

recordcozy (Alison): lol. It works.

Beth (lilabitblf): where the Were’s let her pass.. after asking her if she will be back for the crusifixyion

dryaslereth: LOL!!! Beth, spelling please!!!

Beth (lilabitblf): i really cannt spell… crucifixtion

Mel (TrueFanatic): we get the point

dryaslereth: It shows….

Beth (lilabitblf): notes.. keyboard.. monitor.. i missed a key

dryaslereth: *evil giggle*

Amanda (MCC18): LMAO @ Dead in the Trunk for the next book title.

dryaslereth: awesome title

Beth (lilabitblf): i get that now.. nice titel πŸ™‚

Beth (lilabitblf): so Sook leaves… and gets lost…

Amanda (MCC18): Someone needs to send that on to CH

Beth (lilabitblf): Amanda.. she does talk on her forum πŸ™‚

Rebecca (AphioRogue): poor sookie – i feel her pain – i get lost a ot too

Beth (lilabitblf): me to Rebecca… hence my GPS unit

Eric of Area 5: *is not going to the be one in the trunk*

Rebecca (AphioRogue): err lost a lot

recordcozy (Alison): I can just see her saying that “I’ve got a vampire in the trunk” to that one. Ha ha.

Beth (lilabitblf): it didnt help that she was tired and stressed with the past 24 hrs

recordcozy (Alison): one lady*

recordcozy (Alison): I wish she did.

jamie from x.x.x.168 joined the chat 2 seconds ago

Beth (lilabitblf): i know.. she was a basket case at that point

jamie: hey guys, long time no chat!

recordcozy (Alison): Hi jamie.

Beth (lilabitblf): Sook some how makes it back to Alcides apartment building and parks in the garage

Eric of Area 5: hello jamie

Carla (crazygem85): hey jamie!

jamie: sorry, exam time

Alisha_es: Hi jamie

Amanda (MCC18): It better not be Eric…or I swear I’ll burn every book CH has ever written. Ugh. Just the thought makes me 😦

Beth (lilabitblf): hey jamie πŸ™‚

dryaslereth: Heyla jamie!!!

jamie: and one of my kids has club dead to do her exam project on

recordcozy (Alison): OH MY GOSH. I would start a riot, Amanda. A riot.

Carla (crazygem85): Me too Amanda. The thought just makes me sad 😦

Beth (lilabitblf): Amanda.. no book burning… dont think bad thoughts

recordcozy (Alison): That’s like Top Ten reason I hate Bill, just saying.

Amanda (MCC18): I’ll be there with ya Alison!

recordcozy (Alison): reasons*

Beth (lilabitblf): i know.. that is why i am trying to avoid talking about hte trunk as much as possible

jamie: hello Eric, I hope everyone’s favorite Sheriff is doing well

Beth (lilabitblf): its a tough scene for me

Amanda (MCC18): I need to say…I absolutely hated this part of the entire series….everything else I can take but this bit in the trunk……….

recordcozy (Alison): I just hate how no one recognizes how insanely wrong that was of Bill, and they reason it away.

Beth (lilabitblf): deep breathe..

Carla (crazygem85): This part just made me angry. When I think of Bill, this part pops in my mind

recordcozy (Alison): Let me just say that if it was Eric, I don’t think he would have lost control like that.

jamie: I agree Amanda, however it does a fantastic job of causing a perminent riff between the two

Eric of Area 5: Quite well…jamie

Beth (lilabitblf): after parking Sook decides to check on Bill in the trunk and gets pushed and locked in

recordcozy (Alison): Right, Carla.

jamie: but eric has 800 years experience

Eric of Area 5: 800?

jamie: and the way Sookie handles it shows what a truly good woman Sookie is

Eric of Area 5: *points up*

dryaslereth: 1000

Carla (crazygem85): Eric is a bit more experienced, a lot more strength

jamie: Eric = over 1000, Bill = around 200

Beth (lilabitblf): he does… but luckily Eric was not captured… or hiding int he trunk

Amanda (MCC18): I think she meant 800 more years… since Bill is 200ish and Eric is 1000

Mel (TrueFanatic): But Bill lost control in the past. Graveyard scene was a step away from let me be raped or killed.

recordcozy (Alison): I think Sookie’s really good at blocking a lot of things out. That has nothing to do with her goodness.

jamie: I teach English, so forgive me if my math is off

Alisha_es: I think any young vampire would react the same way

dryaslereth: LOL, Jamie

Beth (lilabitblf): i do too Alisha..

recordcozy (Alison): There’s other times where Bill shows a lack of restraint when he isn’t all messed up.

jaithefae: this scene was pretty nasty. I really felt for Sookie

Carla (crazygem85): so true RC

Mel (TrueFanatic): There is no excuse for loosing control if you care for someone.

jamie: yeah I did… after proof reading 140 essays, I’m brain dead

Amanda (MCC18): Bill has a poor track record of making good decisions….

dryaslereth: GAHHH!!!! Poor Jamie

jamie: but I do have a ‘wall ‘o’ True blood in my bed room now

Mel (TrueFanatic): Amen to that Amanda

Beth (lilabitblf): Mel.. i know.. but another side is you have been tortured and starved.. your animilistic tendancies come to the forefront

recordcozy (Alison): I just didn’t like how they just sort of move on from it, when realistically it was a big deal.

Beth (lilabitblf): I am not condoning.. i just understand it.. after re reading a million times

Mel (TrueFanatic): I don’t think Eric would have behaved that way, not with Sookie.

Amanda (MCC18): I’ve really had to wonder what CH was trying to prove when she wrote this scene. I can’t believe that she wanted people to hate Bill for it all…but damn, she went there with the scene and no apologies.

jamie: true Beth, it shows the ‘I am vampire’ preditory nature

Alisha_es: I agree Beth

recordcozy (Alison): Alcide recognizes what happened and Sookie just falls back on her silent way about those things.

recordcozy (Alison): Exactly, Amanda. Like how am I supposed to forgive that?

Beth (lilabitblf): i know amanda…

Amanda (MCC18): I am vampire and Sookeh is MAHNNN

recordcozy (Alison): I’m sorry, but I never understand the Bill people and their reasoning there.

jamie: I dont think she wanted people to hate Bill, but to show some deeper things in there personalities

jamie: *their

Amanda (MCC18): I don’t either Alison. The scene isnt really one you can just kinda forget, lol

jamie: damn I’m tired

jaithefae: I can understand why he did it but I still don’t like it

Mel (TrueFanatic): It’s a scene that sets the tone for how we feel about Bill for the rest of the series.

recordcozy (Alison): It’s good that she shows that Bill has more than one side, true jamie.

Beth (lilabitblf): it isnt.. but as we all have freedom to like who we want…

Alisha_es: I think CH was trying to show how dangerous vampires can be. That they have predator instincts that they can’t always control.

Beth (lilabitblf): I agre Alisha

recordcozy (Alison): But it’s not vampires, it’s Bill.

Carla (crazygem85): gp alisha

Mel (TrueFanatic): Exactly Alison

jamie: as a survivor of that kind of situation, it really didn’t set well with me, but it makes Sookie’s survivor skills more realistics

Carla (crazygem85): But if shes going to do that, you cant just brush it aside. You need to talk about it some

Beth (lilabitblf): it is Bill.. it could have been maxwell or a George…

Alisha_es: It’s just that we only see Bill. Sookie hasn’t been with anyother young (ish) vampires.

Mel (TrueFanatic): I’m not a Bill Basher but what he did was wrong and I don’t think Eric would have done it with Sookie.

recordcozy (Alison): But it couldn’t have been another vamp. The fact that it was Bill made the scene so much more meaningful.

Alisha_es: But I do agree that they needed to talk about it. Not just drop it off.

Beth (lilabitblf): exactly RC…

recordcozy (Alison): I agree, there should have been more talk.

jamie: its easy to show that she can survive being staked or attacked by a crazy naked woman in the woods, but the trunk scene makes her more real

Beth (lilabitblf): her ractions… ok i get chills from her ractions…

jamie: sorry, I’m ranting again

Amanda (MCC18): I’m not sure I could handle ever being around him again. But that’s just me.

Beth (lilabitblf): its ok.. this is a tough scene.. and i think we should move on

Mel (TrueFanatic): I agree Beth

jamie: that shows Sookie’s kind and forgiving nature

dryaslereth: ractions? Beth?

jamie: she doesn’t forgive the actions, but the reasons

Beth (lilabitblf): Bill comes to and realizes what he did to sookie… she also lost alot of blood here

Beth (lilabitblf): sorry AJ reaction

dryaslereth: shes smarter and more intuitive than most people in the same situation

Amanda (MCC18): And here comes Leif…er, Eric πŸ™‚

dryaslereth: thanks for clarifying Beth

Carla (crazygem85): I love Leif πŸ™‚

jamie: Dun DUn DUn DUNNNNNNN! can we get him a cape since he saves her so often?

dryaslereth: I so agree muffin!:)

Amanda (MCC18): It must be hot pink.

dryaslereth: LOl Jamie

Beth (lilabitblf): Sook is drifiting away.. Bill punches a hole in the trunk… and Eric comes and rips the trunk off to let them out

jamie: I just bought some hot pink satin !

Beth (lilabitblf): Sookie passes out and comes to in Alcides apartment…

dryaslereth: * eyes half lidded thinking about hot pink spandex*

Beth (lilabitblf): surounded by Eric, alcide and Bill.. and starts giggling…

Alisha_es: Okay okay! I have a question about this part… Was it implied that they force fed Sookie the TruBlood or that she got even more vampire blood? The bottles were by the bed and a pitcher or glass.

recordcozy (Alison): NGL, my thoughts went there too, dry.

Amanda (MCC18): just one more reason I need an Eric…to rescue me when I need rescuing

Carla (crazygem85): I’d be all giddy if I woke up to “The Three Musketeers” lol!

jaithefae: ditto Carla

Beth (lilabitblf): Alisha.. i took it that they gave her trueblood

recordcozy (Alison): I think they fed the TB.

Alisha_es: Okay%u2026. Why exactly would a human *drinking* TruBlood replenish their own blood supply. I think CH has mentioned this a few times during the series. I never understood it.

Beth (lilabitblf): I know C.. i love her thoughts during that sequence πŸ™‚

jamie: i think it was vamp blood, the TB was to replenish them

jaithefae: does True Blood help her heal or were they for them to drink and then they give her their blood?

dryaslereth: LOL Alison

Alisha_es: Wouldn’t they need to give it to her through an IV?

recordcozy (Alison): I guess because it has the same nutrients?

Eric of Area 5: I must bid you all farewell for the evening my dears… I have someone waiting for me

dryaslereth: Me too muffin!

jamie: ingesting normal blood doesnt work for humans, I don’t think

Amanda (MCC18): But it’s not vamp blood…which is what makes her heal

Carla (crazygem85): Good night Eric!!

Amanda (MCC18): Goodnight Eric…take care x

recordcozy (Alison): Bye Eric!

jamie: *sigh* farewell sheriff

dryaslereth: Good bye

Alisha_es: Good bye Eric!

jaithefae: Fare thee well Eric πŸ™‚

Beth (lilabitblf): good night Eric, thank yhou for joining us tonight!

dryaslereth: Goodnight Eric!!!

Eric of Area 5: *vamp speeds around the room kissing cheeks*

jamie: *giggles like one of her students*

Eric of Area 5: *winks as I disappear into the night*

Carla (crazygem85): *blushes*

dryaslereth: Woo hoo! I’m never washing my cheek again!*swoons*

Beth (lilabitblf): no i am giggling like Sook

Amanda (MCC18): I think he may have just nibble on my earlobe a smidge *swoons*

Beth (lilabitblf): *now

jaithefae: *sighs* I like kisses *giggles*

Rebecca (AphioRogue): i think it just has nutrients… wow Eric kisses- came back in time

recordcozy (Alison): Yeah, that’s my thought.

Beth (lilabitblf): After recovering from her giggle spree.. she mentions she was asked if she was coming back for the crucifixtion…

jamie: alrighty kids. love and adore you, but the bed is calling to me.

Beth (lilabitblf): night Jamie!

Carla (crazygem85): Good night Jamie!

recordcozy (Alison): Bye jamie!

dryaslereth: night, Jamie!!!

Amanda (MCC18): I don’t think a human can drink Tru:Blood to replenish their blood loss. When they drink from a vamp it speeds up the human body’s ability to heal…it’s not the actual blood

jamie: have a great night! *hugs*

jaithefae: bye jamie

Amanda (MCC18): goodnight jamie

recordcozy (Alison): OH.

Alisha_es: No, he said “maybe that was enough blood” It’s just a part that bothered me.

recordcozy (Alison): I see what you’re saying.

Carla (crazygem85): exactly amanda

Alisha_es: Bye jamie

recordcozy (Alison): So like, because she has the vamp blood already, the TB acts like TB to a vamp…?

Beth (lilabitblf): ARGH… this is where i wish i had not read this one fanfic… they discuss this

recordcozy (Alison): Is that it?

Beth (lilabitblf): it could be RC and Alisha…

Beth (lilabitblf): so after discussing it.. they realize… BUBBA is in trouble

Amanda (MCC18): I understood the scene to be that the TB was for Eric and Bill who probably let her feed off them to heal.

Beth (lilabitblf): we will never know since sook was passed out

recordcozy (Alison): Oh. I never thought that because they mention that one prostitute that drinks TB. And then they make her drink TB later. Sookie, that is.

Mel (TrueFanatic): unfortunatly my kids are calling me to tuck them into bed. I must go now. I am MOMMY.

Alisha_es: OKay, we can move on. I just wanted to see what everyone else thought

Amanda (MCC18): Goodnight Mel

Carla (crazygem85): good night mel!

recordcozy (Alison): Night Mel.

Alisha_es: Bye mel!

Beth (lilabitblf): book.. and after bouncing ideas around.. it is decided that Sook will call the Mansion of Doom to try to save Bubb

Beth (lilabitblf): night Mel

Mel (TrueFanatic): Thanks. and Poof.

dryaslereth: I got the impression it was for Bill, since he was a mess….*shruggs*

Beth (lilabitblf): Bubba

Carla (crazygem85): Poor Bubba. I was sad they got him

Beth (lilabitblf): me too..

Rebecca (AphioRogue): must save Bubba

Beth (lilabitblf): and the reaction when she calls… Betty Joe “You mean he is real???”

Beth (lilabitblf): and she runs to get him out of harm

dryaslereth: Wait!! Eric is tickled by Sookie saying she killed Lorena

Beth (lilabitblf): yes he was AJ πŸ™‚

Carla (crazygem85): yes AJ! Loved his reaction

Beth (lilabitblf): he kept grinning as he heard that story

Amanda (MCC18): Sorry to leave early folks, but my head is killing me. Love to all. xx

dryaslereth: he was all proud of her…

Amanda (MCC18) from x.x.x.39 left the chat 2 seconds ago

Beth (lilabitblf): night amanda

dryaslereth: night Amanda

Carla (crazygem85): Good Night Amanda!!

Beth (lilabitblf): that he was.. how often do you hear a human kills a vamp in a fight?

dryaslereth: Yep, Carla, it wasso Eric!!! LOL

jaithefae: Night Amanda

dryaslereth: Right!

jaithefae: I could so picture him grinning

Alisha_es: I gotta run too… Good night everyone! I’ll see you around!

dryaslereth: Me too

Beth (lilabitblf): and the Vamp reaction to Alcides admiration…. mademe laugh

Beth (lilabitblf): night Alisha

Carla (crazygem85): His reaction was just one more reason I love him so πŸ™‚

dryaslereth: night Alisha

recordcozy (Alison): Bye Alisha.

Beth (lilabitblf): it was a good Eric moment πŸ™‚

Carla (crazygem85): Good night Alisha!

jaithefae: ciao Alisha

dryaslereth: So very Eric,LOl

Beth (lilabitblf): so.. the call comes in time… Bubba is saved… and after trying to kill him.. the MS vamps want to keep him and have him sing

jaithefae: well I think Id want to have him sing too if I had him lol

dryaslereth: Alright, dang it!! I’m gonna have to bug out too. 3am comes very early! Smooches to everyone! Goodnight!

recordcozy (Alison): Night.

Beth (lilabitblf): After some instructions from Eric (in an english acent) the negociate Bubbas performance

jaithefae: sweet sleep hun

Beth (lilabitblf): night AJ

recordcozy (Alison): To dry. Ha.

Carla (crazygem85): Good night sweets!!

recordcozy (Alison): I love Eric’s disguises.

Beth (lilabitblf): while this is happening Sook realizes they got away with killing Lorean and rescuing Bill…

Beth (lilabitblf): me too RC πŸ™‚

Carla (crazygem85): me too RC

Beth (lilabitblf): while this is going on Alcide gets a call… from Debbie that she is on her way

Carla (crazygem85): the dreaded debbie

Beth (lilabitblf): Alcide freaks out.. needing all of them to hide in the apartment next door.. which is empty at the moment

Beth (lilabitblf): yes.. debbie is a piece of work… much like denise πŸ™‚

recordcozy (Alison): I love this part. πŸ˜€

Carla (crazygem85): very much like denise

Rebecca (AphioRogue): sorrcy – cant stay focused

recordcozy (Alison): Because they’re hos?

Beth (lilabitblf): Debbie arives and she and Alcide start arguing… Bill and Eric are listening at the wall on the other side

Beth (lilabitblf): lol RC

Beth (lilabitblf): i was LOLing when i read that since i so could see them trying to eavesdrop

Carla (crazygem85): i can so see that too B. too funny

Beth (lilabitblf): and like any eavesdropper you hear things you dont want too

recordcozy (Alison): I know. Perks of being a vampire.

Beth (lilabitblf): like after Debbie starts trashing janice and Sookie.. Alcide comes back and says Sookie is the best he had in bed

recordcozy (Alison): Classic.

Beth (lilabitblf): this gets a reaction from both our vamps

Carla (crazygem85): major reaction lol

Beth (lilabitblf): and Sook and Bill move into the other room to start “discussing” their current issues

Beth (lilabitblf): ok arguing…

Beth (lilabitblf): I am seeing alot of red here… hello room πŸ™‚

recordcozy (Alison): Still here. πŸ™‚

Carla (crazygem85): im here

Beth (lilabitblf): good good.. πŸ™‚

Rebecca (AphioRogue): here – just — out of it

recordcozy (Alison): I’m glad Sookie yelled at Bill for being jealous.

recordcozy (Alison): That was such a dick move. Like really, none of your business, Mr.

Beth (lilabitblf): me too

Carla (crazygem85): me too RC

Beth (lilabitblf): and she goes intot he pension off issue..

Beth (lilabitblf): and the project… what the project means…

Beth (lilabitblf): argh… when she got going she got going

Carla (crazygem85): sometimes once you start you cant stop. good for her

recordcozy (Alison): And choking Bill.

recordcozy (Alison): Ha ha.

Beth (lilabitblf): yeah… physical retaliation is good for stress relief

Beth (lilabitblf): aftger their discussion.. Sook is just done…

jaithefae: sorry guys RL is acting up and Ive got a “friend” who is bitching out behind my back like a 16 year old.

Carla (crazygem85): indeed it is B

jaithefae: chat you later

Beth (lilabitblf): and we end our Chapters with Sookie asking to take her home

recordcozy (Alison): Bye jai.

Carla (crazygem85): Bye Jai!!

Beth (lilabitblf): bye jai!

Beth (lilabitblf): correction Sookie asking Eric to take her home

Beth (lilabitblf): that is the end of this weeks reading πŸ™‚

recordcozy (Alison): Good choice, Sookie!

Beth (lilabitblf): So.. what is are favorite parts?

recordcozy (Alison): I liked Sookie asking directions. And Eric after she wakes up.

recordcozy (Alison): And Eric in general.

Carla (crazygem85): erics reaction to sookie killing lorena

Beth (lilabitblf): Sook offing Lorena and Saving Bubba… Erics reaction just made me giddy

Beth (lilabitblf): i was worried that the MS vamps were really going to kill Bubba

Beth (lilabitblf): ok.. I am going to ask… What are are worst parts of the reading?

recordcozy (Alison): I think CH likes Bubba as much as we do. I wasn’t too worried.

recordcozy (Alison): Bill at his worst, I think.

Carla (crazygem85): the incident in the trunk hands down. Plain awful

recordcozy (Alison): The whole situation.

Beth (lilabitblf): the trunk for me…

Beth (lilabitblf): ok… we have successfully completed this weeks chat…

recordcozy (Alison): Yay!

Beth (lilabitblf): Next week I think we are finishing off this book…

Carla (crazygem85): sweet!!

Beth (lilabitblf): which means…

Carla (crazygem85): And then its book 4 *happy dance*

recordcozy (Alison): WOO! Yes. Happy dances, indeed.

Beth (lilabitblf): yup πŸ™‚

recordcozy (Alison): See you all later then!

recordcozy (Alison): Bye

recordcozy (Alison): !

Carla (crazygem85): bye RC!!

Beth (lilabitblf): and this is a wrap… i will go ahead to post this to the Blog

recordcozy (Alison) from x.x.x.237 left the chat

Carla (crazygem85): awesome B!!

Beth (lilabitblf): Misty we love you and see I didnt do to bad πŸ™‚

Carla (crazygem85): you did excellent πŸ™‚

Beth (lilabitblf): thanks C πŸ™‚

Carla (crazygem85): alright hon, cya on twitter πŸ™‚

Beth (lilabitblf): and for those who are reading to catch up… reminder about the newsletter! we do want to hear from you!

Beth (lilabitblf): night C


~ by B on January 10, 2010.

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