Eric Northman Day

This is just a reminder that tomorrow, the 30th, is Eric Northman Day!
We’re planning on a massive return to Charlaine’s Eric thread for just one day to celebrate support our favorite Viking.
The idea is to post all positive things – maybe the moment you first liked Eric, your favorite scene, favorite quote, etc.
We realize that there will be negative posters there who will challenge our love for the Viking, but we have agreed NOT to engage them in any fashion. Just post as many times as you want during the day, and simply ignore any negative posts to keep the thread light and positive. The mods’ rules for what can and can’t be posted are listed on the first page of the thread. Lets get our Viking love posted!!

This is for BOOK Eric.

Hoping to see hundreds of posts tomorrow! Feel free to spread the word to people I’ve missed, but to only true Eric Northman fans.

Where & How to Post:


2) log in – then click on Sookie Stackhouse thread in the column on right

3) post your love in the Eric Northman in thread ONLY

(Charlaine takes a dim view of TB love on her own site)


~ by ssbookclub on January 29, 2010.

One Response to “Eric Northman Day”

  1. Can I also add to the above –

    No going on and on about the shower scene or how hot Eric is in bed 😉

    The idea is acknowledge Eric’s character, not his sex abilities.

    Eric’s attraction and popularity as a character is often written off by some as being all about his playboy-like nature. We really want to show that what is attractive about him is what lies beneath 😉

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