My review of Dead in the Family

I had several questions I needed answers to going into this book. I was going to be very upset if they were not answered.  I won’t post spoilers here but I will let you know that my questions were answered.   My biggest question, where the hell was Eric when Sookie was being tortured, was answered and when Eric tells Sookie the reason it makes me  love him even more.  I got answers to questions I have had regarding Bill for awhile now and I think things are going to change in Bills life in a big way.   I also am happy with Pam’s new phrase. As you all know I am a huge Pam fan so anything with Pam in it makes me happy. Jason surprised me in this one. Sam made me proud.  I still want to slap the majority of the Bon Temps police force.  Maybe even slap Andy twice. There is a lot of intrigue, drama, and of course traitors to keep the story going. There are political issues to deal with. And of course there is the infamous Sookie Nookie.  All in all I was very happy with this book. I was glad the story keeps moving forward and I am looking forward to the next one. If you liked the other books you will certainly like this one.  I am looking forward to discussing this one in book chat!!!

Let me know what you thought of it! Leave me a comment!


~ by ssbookclub on May 5, 2010.

One Response to “My review of Dead in the Family”

  1. So far, I’m liking it and I’m on page 53. What’s really surprising to me though is Sookie’s new developing, stone cold attitude when it comes to actually *wanting* to see a few people dead. I’m not entirely surprised, considering after what happened with the Fae War. I am sad to see that Claudine is not alive anymore; she was really becoming one of my favorite characters. Jason’s new attitude, him being a womanizer and all, left me a bit speechless to say the least. I can’t post a full opinion of Dead in the Family until after I’m finished, but because the plenty of negative reviews it’s getting so far, I’m hoping I won’t be disappointed.

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