A Bookie recap of TrueBlood S3E1

As a bookie I am often comparing the show to the books. So I thought I would share my thoughts with you and I would love your feed back.

Just let me start by saying I am not fond of the whole marriage proposal thing. In the books Sookie is constantly saying that no one has ever asked her, which cracks me up. I think it changes the relationship way too much and makes it much more serious tha it was. I do however love when the waitress is pissed that vampires are always trouble. And the drainers eww just gross. They are so stupid they deserved what they got.  Jessica and Sookie driving to Mississippi in one night and finding Bill’s car was a bit much, and how does this affect Alcide helping her. In the books she drove in with him with him as her cover story. 

I did find dirty, aggressive Bill much more appealing. I like to see his vampire nature coming out more.  But I am also glad he did that grandma a solid. That is pure Bill Compton. I love how the episode ended, the wolves look beautiful. And Bill looks really good in that old grandma’s shirt.

I think that the Jason murder thing is a great story line for Jason, it may show him in a more emotional way. Perhaps he will become a little less self-centered.  I mean if he can’t get it up perhaps he will have to find a new hobby. And maybe now Andy and Jason will become BFF’s. LMAO at why did you tell a story with holes in it. Andy is such a jackass in the books and thing he does in the show is an improvement. 

Same with Bud and the entire BTPD, idiots in books and in the show.  I am surprised there is not more crime since the entire police force is a bunch of freakin idiots.

The kidnapping and Sookie knowing about it right after it happens irks me because it changes the entire story line of book 3. In the books he leaves willingly, is planning on leaving Sookie to be with Lorena, and is betrayed by Lorena. Him being kidnapped and never having a choice completely cuts out that betrayal. Perhaps it will be worked in some other way and I will be less irked.

I do like the Tara storyline, and her crazy ass mother. The books mention her alcoholic parents so it fits in with that. It does give her more of a story although Tara may need some therapy for years after they finish pumping her stomach. I do think she is freaking hilarious when she is mad. When she goes off on Arlene, love it. I do wonder if Tara will still live with Sookie after trying to kick her ass?  

 Arlene is too me about the same as she is in the books. A worthless friend, only worried about her self.  She does have some funny lines though. I do hope she is pregnant because I would love to see how Terry handles that one. He does give a great pep talk.

Jessica is one of my favorite characters and since she is not in the books I can just freely love everything she does. Poor girl failing at saving the trucker, still loving Hoyt, and being a fucking freak of nature GPS is golden.  Hoyt is so cute with his badass haircut.  Love his character n the show much more than the book.

Lafayette is also one of the best in the show. He really does have the best lines and gives them with the best delivery. I am soooo glad they kept him in.  I love the way he talks to Tara’s mom.” Bitch, you me bridged ain’t gonna never mother fuckin happen” When he steal the bottle from the bar, hilarious.

Aw my Pam. I love her so much in the show and the movies. I love when she tries to stop Sookie. LOVE IT!!! Pam checking out Yvetta was great.  I love when she shimmys when being called by Eric. I love her scene with Lafayette. She is so funny ” You picking up what I am putting down?” I love the too much pink line. Pam can do no wrong as far as I am concerned.

Now we all know I love Eric. I love the stamina comment. How could you not?  But I have to say I do love the way he tells her Bill is gone in the book better. I love the way he almost hates to hurt her in the books, and how he still lets her know he wants her.  I do think book Eric is a bit more of someone who Sookie could fall for. Show Eric, not so much. Not at all actually. He is too ruthless for her. His attempt to kidnap Bill, while to “take care of him” for knowing about the blood trade, would have cleared the path so he can have Sookie . I don’t think Eric would want to win that way, it would have been too much like admitting defeat. I also think blowing off Pam was a bad idea.  I love seeing him in the robe, and let’s be honest, I LOVED the nude scene.

Sam is much meatier in the show than in the books. I like him trying to find him parents. I like that he is not just spending his days pining after Sookie. I do wonder why his family is in hiding. Or pretending not to be themselves. I also loved the Bill/Sam parts. The water is very hard. Love it!!!

Sophie Anne is the most irritating, annoying character on the show. I hate the way she talks, the way she seems so whiny, and the fact that she is a giant kiss ass. She is a terrible actress. Or she is given terrible lines, either way I hate watching her. In the books she is a bit immature since she is 15 but since the show has the Queen as a grown woman, shouldn’t she act a little bit older? And why would she let Yvetta stay? Even if she does want to do bad things to her, why would she let a human hear all of that. A spy perhaps? It seems in the books at least Eric had a respect for the Queen, not a complete loathing. 

 I love the Magister, he is great. He is what I pictures the Kings to be like.  Since he was not in the books, I have nothing to compare.

All in all I loved this episode and I am dying for more.  Let me know what changes you like, what you don’t like, what should have been left in, and what should have been taken out.


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  1. *claps* Bravo, Miss Bookie, bravo!!!

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