A Bookie Review of True Blood S3E2

Well I just gotta say I love this season so far. Every episode is full of action, drama, and heart.

I will start with the characters that are not in the books since there is nothing to compare. I really thought Lafayette stole the show. I love that he takes care of Tara in his own way. The scene with him mom and him trying to keep Tara from ending up that way is really touching, and to know that he is working his ass off to pay for his mom’s care was unexpected. And broke my heart a little bit. I was glad he told off Tara’s mom because that woman is a mess.  I cannot wait to see the relationship between Lafayette and Jesus!

Jessica story is great as well. I absolutely love Jessica. When she comes home and finds dead trucker gone her reaction is priceless. I hope that Pam and Jessica have more scenes together. I would love to see Pam mentor Jessica. There is a lot of speculation on the man she killed being an important character so I am anxious to see if that is true. I am dying to know who took the body and why. Was it Franklin or was it Pam?  Both would be a good story line. I also hope that Jessica and Hoyt can work things out. I really do love Hoyt in the show. He is not mentioned much n the books , other that being Jason’s friend so I am glad he has a good story line.

Terry, even though he is in the books, is another scene stealer. I freaking love his list. I was laughing so hard, I cried. I really hope we get the hear the rest of the list sometime. I also like when his military training just kicks in like second nature when he is I the woods with Sookie. I also laughed when he is talking about seeing things.  I personally think he is too good for Arlene, but that’s just my opinion.

I think we are starting to see more and more of Eric’s softer side that we get to see in the books. I love that he is affected when she cries. I love this scene on the porch, and just FYI he totally had me distracted with his nasty talk. *sigh*  We see that he actually does care for Sookie and does try to protect her. I love the flashback with Godric, because I love show Godric. I like that there is an ongoing history between the wolves and the vamps. That is somewhat hit on in the books but it is just a general dislike that is never really explained. I would like to know why they hate each other. I hope we get to see more Godric this season. I also really want to see Eric kick that wolf’s ass.

The whole Russell riding in on a white horse cracked me up. A were named Cooter is too funny and I loved that Bill mocked him. And that Bill kicked their ass. Talbot is barely mentioned in the books, but he was great in the show. The food was divine, especially when he has to go drain the second course. Russell is just how I expected him to be. I am still wondering how the whole story is going to unfold since it is completely different in the books. I the books Russell does not know who Sookie is so she is able to get herself invited to his house to save Bill, so since he does know it will be different. Of course Bill was there because he trusted Lorena in the books and is chained in a garage being tortured so that is way different that the fancy dinner and comfy bed he has now. 

I am also dying to know if Bill really torched Lorena or is he was just daydreaming it. I find it hard to believe Lorena would not be fast enough to move out of the way. But who knows. Or course that would be a huge change since in the books it is Sookie that kills Lorena, freeing Bill in the process. So if Lorena is dead, then Bill is not able to betray Sookie with Lorena. Which is why Sookie ends up leaving him. So that drastically changes that outcome. And again I wonder if the real book reason for Bill being in Bon Temps of gonna come out soon. And with Franklin digging around in Bill’s house and seeing all that research on Sookie’s background…..

Franklin and Tara are in for a bumpy ride for sure. I am glad they are keeping that the same as the book, since that was a learning experience for Tara. It is funny that show Tara has been so hard on Sookie for dating and vamp then she turns around and dates one. I also wonder if they are going to have Mickey in the show.

Andy is a complete and total jackass to the Stackhouse family for the entire book series, so I am glad to see him making friend with Jason. I wonder how long it will last. Jason seems to be a bit jealous that Andy is getting all the praise for killing eggs, so I am sure Jason will do something to screw it up.

 I am not happy with them making Hot Shot a meth lab, I really don’t like Calvin being introduced as a bad person. In the books he is always kind and helpful to Sookie so this is not good. I think it is interesting that Jason in meeting Crystal so soon. They are really moving things up in the show. I did think it was funny when Jason tackled the guy.

I am glad Sam is doing something in the show other than pining away for Sookie. It seems like he wa better off not knowing who his family is though. That brother is a pain in the ass. So I am curious to see how that turns out. I do wonder what all the scars on his back are from.

As for Sookie she is going along as expected. I am glad she offered to stay with Jessica and she did give Terry and Jessica great advice. I am glad she let Eric in and I am hoping she shot the were and not Eric. I am glad to see that she is finally getting Gran’s house clean, and that her and Jason are getting along better. She is the same stubborn, devoted, and determined character in the show as she is in the books.

Also if you have HBO in demand you should watch the Mythology specials they have. They are about 4 minutes each but they are entertaining. Much like the postmortem episodes.

 I cannot wait to see how the rest of the season unfolds. Let me know what you think. And your prediction for the rest of the season.


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