A Wenchy Christmas

It is that time again! Time for a Wenchy Secret Santa Gift Exchange!!! Fill out your info here http://holidayexchange.vikingwenches.com/  or go the events section of www.vikingwenches.com .  After you sign up you can leave a link to your amazon wish list in the comments to give your secret santa some shopping tips. The fill in will be up until the 19th. I will send you your person sometime during that weekend.  

 I will have a poll set up for the night we open gifts later this month. 


~ by ssbookclub on November 5, 2010.

16 Responses to “A Wenchy Christmas”

  1. Her is my Amazon wish list. I am so excited!!!! Yeah I even leave comments for my on blogs. LOL
    I also love itunes and anything vampire related

  2. OMG- Luv the Eric under the tree pic!!!
    Can’t believe it’s Xmas time again!

  3. Love this time of year!!! Heres my wish list. Still adding things to it, cuz Im a slacker.


  4. hey girls!!! I really want to partecipate too!! I just need some time because I don’t always have the internet connection in here where I’m stays at my dad’s house
    hope to make everything in time

  5. This is my wish list, but I really would love anything and everything that comes from my Secret Santa´s heart *giggles*

  6. My wishlist, im still adding *giggles* 🙂

  7. Okay, let’s try this again. My wishlist. 🙂


  8. its @lilabitblf, here is my wishlist… posted with out any prodding 🙂 🙂

    of course feel free to be creative. surprises is the spice of life 🙂


    *coughs* of course anything Eric *coughs coughs*

  9. A very Wenchy Christmas to all!! I so can not believe it is Christmas time again!! Time flies!! Here is my Amazon Wish List 🙂

    Boppy #Bootysmacks and Love to all the VikingWenches!

  10. hey girls!!!! so happy for this time of the year!!!
    i just wish I could meet you all with me being for the first time in the USA!
    but well I’m so happy for this!
    so here is my amazon wish list I’m sorry it’s really long ahah I put everything I like in it because I forget what I want sometimes lol


  11. okay – now that I’m back in my own house I can finally post this, Cannot wait for the exchange – it was so much fun last year.
    my list is here http://amzn.com/w/2JWWF1I0MTO2I – my stuff is the main list – the other two are the kids.

    • by the way for those that dont know my twitter is @aphiorogue – trying to do too much at once again 😉

  12. http://www.amazon.com/gp/registry/wishlist/8SSDQE3T3A6A/ref=lst_llp_wl-head

    Of course this wish list cannot contain me….or something like that 😀


    PS Naked Men always accepted! (Well hot ones anyways!) 😉

  13. Here’s my Amazon Wish List. Apologies for the lateness!



  14. Heres my Amazon wish list

  15. Here’s my list ya’ll

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