Chat Guidelines

Every Sunday at 8CST we ger together for a book chat. We usually chat for 2 hours. We discuss two book chapters at a time.

Please see the Chat Room  page to access the chat room in Chat Roll.
We also came up with a few guidelins to ensure that the chat will flow smoothly and remain friendly. We are not trying to police anyones thought, feelings, or opinions but we feel these guidelines must be followed so we can all have fun.
The group chat will have one possible two moderators. The moderator will be like the host of a party. The moderator will post the main talking points/questions to get the chat started. Anyone can post any questions/talking points but we are jusy trying to keep 30 people from posting questions and no one having a chance to anwer. We are trying to keep everyone on one topic at a time. There will be time given for others to bring up questions/points that we may have missed. During each meeting we will have Sheriffs(in honor of our favorite Sheriff).  The sheriffs will help the moderator keep things in line.
We have set up codes to use to keep the conversation on track and they are:

GBOT- Get back on track for the times when we tend to wander off topic

ELMO- Enough lets move on- for a topic that have been discussed to its death

NCB!- NO CHARACTER BASHING!! This is the most important one. It is fine if you do not like a character ot a characters actions. That is fine but please do not call the ” good guys” of the stories names. For example no calling Tara a two bit whore or Sam a wussy. You can however call the “bad characters” names. For example you can call Lorena a bitch all day long. But for the sake of the chat we do not want the chats to turn into a fight.
If you continue to get called out for repeated character bashing you will be banned.
If anyone wants to be a Sheriff or has any questions, comments, complaints, concerns, or anything else please DM me @ssbookclub

I hope that these guidelines will help the chat flow smoothly and we will all have a great time. See you Sunday.

UPDATE 10/25/09

Per this past chat, we made a distinction for the use of GP as it has multiple meanings for us all and causes squeeees by all.

GP (in CAPS) references Gracious Plenty

gp (in lowercase) will reference the phrase good point.


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