Recast the Spell Contest

•January 30, 2011 • 2 Comments

As you all know we are anxiously awaiting the return of True Blood. We all tuned in for the big “event” two  weeks ago on HBO.  And a lot of us were very…..unfulfilled.  So we started tweeting, as we are prone to do. We thought surely someone could come up with a better teaser for us. Then it hit us! Let’s have a contest! So here it is. Your chance to show all of twitter what you think a True Blood Season 4 teaser should be. We want all video makers and fanart artists to put their talents to good use!

Here’s how it works…create a video or a promotional poster promoting True Blood Season 4! Send us the You Tube link for the video or the file of the poster and email us! We will post them and have other Truebies cast their votes for their favorite! The winner will win a great prize pack! There are two categories – therefore MORE winners! We will award the first and second place in each category.

You have 3 weeks to enter! After we receive your entries, we will post them up on our site where fans can cast their votes!  The polls will be up for a length of 3 weeks, after which time, we will determine who are the winners! Sounds good? We hope so too. Deadline for entries is Feb. 20th.

What do you win?

The two first place winners will each win a HBO gift card, a True Blood license plate, and a copy of Dead to the World autographed by @Pam_Ravenscroft and @WerewitchHallow.

The two second place winners will each win a bumper sticker and a copy of Dead to the World autographed by @Pam_Ravenscroft and @WerewitchHallow.

Please read the rules before proceeding.

Contest Rules:

1. Videos may only use stills and/or clips from the show (with music/audio). Max length 2 mins. Must include Vampires, Witches and Weres oh my!
2. Posters must be original, using Photoshop and containing an original tag line. No paparazzi pics are allowed.
3. There are two categories, but you can only enter once.
4. Submit your entry. You have three weeks to enter. Three weeks during the voting process.
5. There will be prizes for first and second place in both the video and poster categories.
6. Email us the You Tube link for video submissions or attach a file of the poster submission and email it to Please include your real name as well as your Twitter ID; so we can announce the winner on Twitter! Your real name will NOT be posted. It is for administration purposes only.

We look forward to your creations!!

Thanks to @VikingWenches and @EricSookieLover for co-hosting this event!


Weekly Book Chat #43 Ch 1-3 From Dead to Worse

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Missed Book chat? here is the transcript from our 1-23 gathering where we started discussing From Dead to Worse?

book club chat 1 23 11

Come join the fun as we next meet on 1/30 to discuss Ch 4-6 of FDTW

When the Fandoms collide…

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When the Fandoms collide, something great tends to rise from the merging. No, I am not talking of a cross over fanfic story (though there are quite a few gems). I am talking about the collaborative efforts of the fandoms to raise money and awareness for the flood survivors of Australia.

As you may have seen, several of the fanfic writers accross several fandoms will be donating their creative efforts by writing stories for a publication. This publication will be sold to raise monies to help those affected by the floods.


It is massive effort and an extreme undertaking. I salute them for what they are doing.


Fandoms Fight the Floods ~ Facebook

Fandoms Fight the Floods ~ Blog

Fandoms Fight the Floods ~ Twitter

Weekly Chat #41 All Together Dead

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Missed book chat? here is the transcript from our chat for chapter 10-12 of All Together Dead… add a comment bellow if you have any thoughts on the chapters.


book club chat 1 2 11

Weekly chat #40 discussion gone wild…

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It was looking a lot like Christmas gone wild in this past weeks chat. Missed out on the fun? Check out our transcript.

book club chat 12 26 10

Due to a delayed start, we only discussed chapters 8 & 9

We will meet again on 1/2 (baring anymore technical dificulties) and discuss 10-12 of All together Dead

Dead Reckoning

•December 20, 2010 • 2 Comments

Greetings Bookies!

Today Charlaine Harris has given us a little early Christmas present, the first chapter to Dead Reckoning  First chapter to Dead Reckoning was posted to her site!

So fellow bookies, tell us what you think!

A Wenchy Christmas Recap

•December 19, 2010 • 2 Comments
Twas the week before Christmas and all through the land, some of the Wenches virtually got together… even “Julie” who sounded like a man.
For what, you ask, are we making such a clatter.
Twas time to open our Secret Santa gifts, shipped over land and water.
We all joined in from near and far. On Con Call, On Twitter with Pictures to share!
We opened our gifts.. all of us giddy. Even though we couldn’t see each other we had squeals of “pretty!”
The presents were opened one by one, and after much laughter we found our time this night done.
Alas we all said our good nights… to dream of a certain Viking Vampire and his bite.
Let it be known that while we are all scattered, as long as we have Twitter we are always together…